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Host June Grasso speaks with prominent attorneys and legal scholars, analyzing major legal issues and cases in the news. The show examines all aspects of the legal profession, from intellectual property to criminal law, from bankruptcy to securities law, drawing on the deep research tools of

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  • lopkhgf nkrxh
    Great podcast despite audio
    When I saw this podcast had 3.5 stars I thought it was weird because it’s a great and informative podcast especially for law students. Sometimes you have to turn up the volume on your phone ? That’s not a reason to rate a free podcast 1 star.
  • Michelle Lecours
    Poor audio on the regular
    Review after review points this out and yet it continues. Invest in this podcast because it could be soooo good 😊
  • TexasTattoo
    Never hear the guest speak.
  • Jxne doeeeeeeee
    this podcast is everything for me
    pls don’t ever cancel this podcast bloomberg🙏. this has been such a useful podcast for staying up to date with cases for university. so thank youuuu and keep it up.
  • Suzannekmoses
    Informative and balanced
    Very high on my mandatory list
  • d.fleish
    Great show and they fixed the audio
    I like learning about the stories and June Grasso is a great host. Some of the guests are very good and some are a little boring but most of these I love to listen to. The audio used to be bad, going from loud to quiet between speakers and always loud when the ads play. They seem to have fixed that. Sometimes the audio gets chopped badly when a chunk is missing or a snippet goes back a few seconds and replays on its own. But that doesn’t happen often.
  • mlatibash
    Fix the audio please!!!
    Content is good but I can barely hear what the guests are saying. Please fix the audio so we can fully enjoy the podcast.
  • arifan1gabi
    Barabara Perry
    I was wondering recently why I listen less to your podcast and then I realized why when I heard the podcast on Bret Kavanaugh. It was so bias it was very difficult to listen to. How many times can one say “ very, very conservative “.
  • pstetz
    Fix the audio!
    The audio quality of the callers is egregious. I can barely hear them sometimes. Otherwise a great podcast!
  • YoungMetalFan
    Please fix the terrible audio!
    Audio quality nearly ruins this pod!
  • lsh2123
    Please fix the sound
    Audio engineering is awful on this podcast, which is such a shame because the content is great. Have to jack up volume for interviewees in almost every episode.
  • NENMRunner
    Informative, but unbalanced views
    Noticeable bias and unbalanced reporting on SCOTUS confirmation hearings. Case content is informative. However, there still remains noticeable unbalanced views.
  • 😁🎨🖌
    F Y I
    I wonder if Bloomberg has the knowledge of Constitutional Law : Deprivation of Rights Title 18 Under Color of Law?? Interesting that so many aren’t aware of that law and the consequences from minor to the most heinous. Audiopedia’s definition of Power Harassment and Family Matters Law group parental rights of unwed parents. The mother has full custody upon birth. If the father, as an example doesn’t go to court to establish paternity then any actions to go near the mother and child is considered very serious including among many other very serious charges attempting kidnapping, bodily harm etc…
  • This Ken
    Interesting but only one side of the dispute is presented
    If all sides agree there is no legal dispute. When they don’t agree there are at least two sides. June Grasso interviews mostly law professors who provide the leftist perspective on the dispute. Since that is not the only perspective the podcast does little to advance understanding. The only way to truly understand a legal dispute is to know all sides of the issue. Lately June has gone so far off the hyper partisan ledge that her show no longer offers any value.
  • ecgator
    It would be nice to hear more than one opinion
    For cases reviewed it would be good to have one conservative and one liberal legal expert to come at an issue from both sides and give the listener better insights into what the court is thinking/doing rather than a biased one sided view
  • Green Kleen
    Why platform white male Fed Soc voices?
    Anthony Oncidi was a terrible guest. No one needs to hear about how mad he is that victims of sexual harassment and assault will get justice. Keep him and other FedSoc bros off this pod, if you want to maintain some semblance of credibility.
  • kompienga
    Bloomberg law
    Best show and true information about the law June Grasso has been doing a great job.
  • nullack
    Listening to episode about the Liz Holmes trial, got an advert by another medical company which seems to have a similar sort of business model loaded with murky buzzwords and lofty promises. It’s hilarious and I love it. This is just our world, the world we’ve created for ourselves.
  • trulifepixie
    Good show bad sound
    As many others have mentioned, the content is great and very informative, however the sound design is terrible. Ads play at 3x the volume of the host and call in guests can barely be heard sometimes. For such a large company this is a shame and easily fixed. I hope they do soon.
  • sparkyal1995
    great content horrible quality sound
    they have guests call in over the telephone and it’s awful. i have to wear headphones to understand them.
  • Ash the nerd
    Fantastic when you can hear it
    Fire your sound person. Or hire a sound person. Just so long as my ears don’t get blown out anymore. It’s a great show with a great host, topics, and guests. But the actual experience is atrocious. EQ is day one intro to production basics.
  • rsnowcat
    Bloomberg “ program bumber music”
    All program introduction and segments bumper music resembles and 60,s Batman episode , live AM radio introduction and segment music are overall loud and over take the content! I personally was an audio technician for local cable network, I bear witness to periodically substituting program introduction sound tracks . Bloomberg has a need for program introduction that is easygoing and program specific recognition, present audio is nothing more than noise , percussion rich loud and non programming specific. I am available ! A long time over the air wave and internet services consumer, will someone please raise this issue with your Program Directors responsible for audio overlay! Batman and Robin sounded ok in 1969 not appropriate today . I will wait for response, I will advise and suggest in person if possible! I support Bloomberg communication company completely! Ted @ my email
  • Ex Cathedra
    Lack of audio equalization
    This podcast has sound effects that are much louder than the content. In the episode about the EU fight with Hungary and Poland, the “woosh” sound between segments was so loud it hurt my ears. They had the same issue with ads. That reflects laziness of the producers. It’s easy to equalize the volume.
  • Jerk10231993
    Awesome, but please turn down sound effects
    This is probably the best podcast available for law. It reaches the best experts around the country for in-depth, comprehensive and yet relatively digestible commentary. But PLEASE ASK THE SOUND ENGINEER to turn down the volume of the sound effects. It’s so loud compared to the voices. Between segments there’s this swoosh sound which makes my ears bleed. Similarly the music at the top is way too loud. But keep doing your thing substantively, it’s great.
  • Conor182
    My favorite podcast
    Very informative, with interesting perspectives on the major legal issues of the day, and I think it’s done so fairly. June Grasso is a phenomenal host; curious and probing, taking the spot of the listener in a way that is just really wonderful. I wish she hosted more podcasts.
  • JadeTLG
    Excellent podcast!
    June Grasso is an experienced host/interviewer. Great guests provide in-depth analysis!
  • 11charlej
    Awesome Legal Content
    Love the content. Surprised to read all the reviews saying the show skews left. I would have said the opposite.
  • gabfanatico
    Informative and Concise! Thank you!!!
  • 20digits
    Uneven and tainted by a political bias
    The analysis of legal issues rarely is balanced which warps the show. Basically a Democratic Party organ
  • ghftdxvnjfcv
    Cannot hear your guest!
    Who was the sound engineer? Sounded like your guest was dialing in from the moon. Couldn’t understand half the things she was saying...
  • Commenter1987
    One error
    The commentator interviewed in « DOJ Wants to Take Over Trump Defamation Defense » incorrectly states that Judge Kaplan is the Chief Judge of the Southern District of New York. That position is currently held by Judge McMahon. Still, five stars.
  • Three Pack
    More biased reporting
    Tried to listen… Unfortunately, Partisan like most Bloomberg podcasts. Duh.
  • Karso53
    Embarrassed, to say the least...
    Yesterday’s episode with Bradley Moss was an embarrassment. When I listen in to Bloomberg, I expect a left leaning bias. But, I think it’s time for Bloomberg to decide whether this show is news or opinion. To sit through 30 minutes of Mr Moss hammering AG Barr was a total waste of time. Please do not have him as a guest again. Totally one sided with no nuance whatsoever. I expect far more from Bloomberg Law.
  • Ginzu Chef
    Excessive TDS
    The takes and choice of legal pundits is too slanted, too TDS.
  • TB_rhino
    At least pretend to be nonpartisan!
    Law podcast gone left!
  • 987362847
    It’s a great way for keeping tabs on current developments.
  • nevdash
    Increasingly Partisan
    The podcast used to cover interesting legal issues in a neutral way, but that changed dramatically over the last few years. Now, June speaks with guests from a singular viewpoint and covers only political topics. She barely asks questions; instead, she makes breathless statements with which the guests then agree. And on top of that, June offers no insightful analysis. I’m not sure if she’s always been a blind partisan without any real insight on the law, but the last few years have certainly revealed her as such.
  • Mhjchiu
    Great content, improve ad presentation
    This is one of my favorite podcasts. Featured guests are very insightful and host asks great questions. Thank you for fixing the audio problems that have been brought up in several reviews
  • 12343431234314
    Finally fixed the audio
    Thank you for fixing the volume problems.
  • WLH1957
    Loved the show - where did it go?
  • Fuzzy Reviews
    Biased toward Democrats
    I’m unsubscribing. This was a decent podcast. But many of the law professors who contribute and now the host operate under the assumption that the Trump administration is guilty before reviewing the facts, law, and evidence. They need to provide the arguments for both sides and remain neutral but they generally do not. Also, the sound quality for the remote guests is pretty awful.
  • Srocknrolly
    Sound equalization is a deal breaker
    The episodes include ads that play unexpectedly mid-episode, without any warning, at almost twice the volume. I should send Bloomberg medical bills for the ear drum and cardiac damage.
  • Pepe Le Piew
    Stop manipulating your volume
    Your manipulative volume setting is going to give me a heart attack one day
  • SusCiri
    What happened to June?
    June was fantastic! Keep it to law, not politics! LOVED this podcast when June hosted. As a practicing litigator, I listened to this podcast daily. She asked pointed questions and covered the legal news. If I wanted politics, I’d listen to a different podcast.
  • g0tspeed
    Stop blasting commercials
    Informative podcast but please stop turning the commercial volume up and lowering it on the actual content. Not a good result through headphones or regular speakers.
  • podstar88
    Ad volume too loud
    Great podcast, please fix ad volume. It’s very annoying to turn up volume to hear guests and then be blasted by an ad.
  • Bill Klop
    DO NOT LISTEN WITH HEADPHONES! Radical increase in volume for ads will hurt your eats. Content is relevant, informative, and thoughtfully interviewed.
  • k1ttykitty
    Please fix ad volume
    The interview volume is too low and the ad is too loud! I don’t mind the ads but can u please not break my ears
  • ThisAintYourGrandmothersApp
    Fire your sound editor
    The only legal podcast that comes with tinnitus. The content is alright, but it’s interrupted with almost comically loud ads. It seems like something easy to catch and fix... Also the guests are sometimes cut-off arbitrarily to end the episode. It’s either awkward, or rude, or right in the middle of interesting discussion. It makes no sense to have an episode that’s 30 seconds shorter if the guest can’t finish their thought about what they are brought on to speak about.
  • grrrlbot.
    Ads too LOUD
    I listen to the podcasts on earphones. The ads are SO LOUD that they hurt my ears. Please stop.
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