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Your Money Briefing is your personal-finance and career checklist, with the news that affects your money and what you do with it. From spending and saving to investing and taxes, the Wall Street Journal’s finance reporters and experts break down complicated money questions every weekday to help you make better decisions about managing your money. Hosted by J.R. Whalen.

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  • Yobyot
    I could only stand one episode…
    …which was the car lease v. buy episode. The personal finance reporter’s description of car acquisition was biased towards leasing (a complex and typically more expensive way to acquire a car), lacked nuance and was unsophisticated. I heard too many things wrong with the reporter’s description to list here. My advice: don’t do anything based on what you hear in this podcast. We should expect more savvy and detail from the reporter for a financial publication.
  • Robert Henry Holtz
    Nice Resource
    Good podcast!!
  • Jon V xyz123
    Stop the repetitive advertisements
    I listen to what’s news, money, and tech news. The same commercial is played at the beginning and end of the podcast. Do you understand how irritating that is? I don’t mind ads but you need to vary them up. I will never support companies that you repetitively advertise.
  • Monty-603
    Great Social Security Brief
    This has the best briefing on Social Security (SS). I have had the same beliefs in SS. I have always approached SS as an annuity to maximize.
  • llaurenbradyy
    Audio needs to improve
    JR Whalen’s voice is consistently quieter than all the guests on the show. Please make sure that the volumes are the same. Also, stop asking cookie cutter questions!!
  • lancee
    Just One Big Ad Read
    This podcast is just shilling things like getting an MBA or investing with Goldman Sachs. This podcast is clearly just one big ad read.
  • 李春天
    You’re welcome
    Can Ann Terguson stop saying “you’re welcome” when being thanked for being on the show? I’ve never heard someone say this before. Other people say Thank you so much for having me or something like that. How self important is she to say You’re welcome to something like that like she’s doing the host a favor. Maybe she is doing him a favor but I can’t imagine someone who is actually popular and widely sought after being so arrogant as to say You’re welcome for something like this.
  • DApple50000
    Are they even researching their topics?
    This podcast uses the format of a host interviewing a “reporter” about a topic. Of course the host and “reporter” have agreed to the questions in advance, so why does the “reporter” have almost no fact-based information to share? There are no actual events or examples, just broad generalizations. And for a rehearsed script, the “reporter” doesn’t seem very prepared to answer the questions. Do your homework! This is the Wall Street Journal. C’mon guys.
  • Coolperson1701
    Great Show
    I’m just getting my feet wet with understanding saving/investing for retirement, homeownership, insurance, etc as a college student, so this show is very insightful. My only complaint is that the theme music sounds pretty antiquated. I know that’s trivial to point out, but it kinda irks me.
  • Boni C
    My Digital Breakfast
    Won’t start my day without it! Thank you WSJ!!!
  • Musicscoles
    Great content. Not great audio quality
    EQing the host microphone would enhance this podcast profoundly. It is a bit distracting to hear muffled and masked speech. Guests sound fine!
  • wildp0wn
    Mostly positive
    Listen to manyof these and they are typically good at summarizing the topics. Sometimes the answers are too simplistic and leave me wanting more. The hosts are all good and knowledgeable And one question. What happened to JR Whalen’s voice. He sounds like he got braces or something. He’s become more distracting for me
  • Jack20000
    Of course unemployment is still high
    Some Democratic office holders, particularly in large states, have withheld reopening. NYC has held off restaurants until September 30 to keep the rehires out of the jobs report until after the election. Until the shut down large states reopen fully, then the numbers will continue to suffer
  • kurshing
    Love the podcast
    Great summary. Favor - please cut off the Facebook ads - I am tired of them and I am tired of their ads. I will help you find another sponsor that contribute positively to the world. Haha
  • jevondracek
    Jim V
    Very nice overview- daily must listen
  • WTF_Actual
    This is one of my daily listens. I love these bite sized briefings
  • norrhshorejefd
    Done with WSJ
    I’m done because of your editorials masquerading as Facebook ads. Let me know when you fire the Brit and return to your roots.
  • MikeDarra
    Well done!
    This is truly good, balanced reporting, and not opinion, masquerading for reporting. Well done! I can hear both sides of the story.
  • J_Jones
    Good News
    This pod cast get right to the point and the right amount of time for busy people.
  • willtri89
    A great way to either end my day or begin it. One of my favorite podcast
  • anthony12275
    Ok podcast.
    I wish this podcast was more organic sounding. It’s as if the host emails the guest the questions. The guest answers each one but it doesn’t sound fluid.
  • N. // A
    Great Podcast
    One of the most informative podcasts out there. So much important info about economic trends, consumer behavior, US economy and financial data. A++
  • Maine Potatoe
    Bill Green in Maine
    It would be convenient for me if you mentioned the Day aloud as financial information is changing so fast you are, at times, actually misadvising people. The financing of a starter home is a good example-if one listened to it a week later. Since these are actually archived, I almost think you risk liability.
  • August Consumer
    Unbearable listening
    Sorry to say it unbearable to listen. I switched to Bloomberg.
    Pretty good
    Decent show but covers basic personal finance topics sometimes that are nothing new
  • 37th try
    Good information overshadowed by adds.
    Far to many adds for such a short program. Content is otherwise well presented.
  • Mark Canfield
    Pamela Yellen
    Her review of 401K plans was way off base and she gave poor advice. Good for employers to offer something to employees to save for retirement. For those employees that are uncomfortable or unwilling to make a selection then an employer has to make the best choice. I am not sure what bubble Ms. Yellen lives in but it is not an ideal world and some people will not take control of their finances. I hope people do not listen to this podcast and opt out of a great savings method.
  • Up your 401k
    Reply to the Pamela Yellen critics
    I think you all missed the point. She told you not to put all your eggs in one basket. Not all in the 401k. And then not all in one fund in the 401k. Ms Yellen for sure has an agenda with whole life insurance. But it is a particular kind she is referring to. Look up “infinite banking”. Personally i believe in using the 401K for everything up to the company match ( but not more). For those who are lucky enough to be able to use it. A Roth is another fantastic bucket. After that, using a life insurance policy as an investment vehicle (not just any whole or Universal life, but one specifically designed around the principles of infinite banking has been very powerful for me. You absolutely don't have to go with Ms Yellen’s solution. I did not ( but i do like her book). You do have to research infinite banking and who offers products that achieve it. And like she said. Its part of the plan. Not the whole plan.
  • GFnotbychoice
    Poorly Screened Guest
    I’m extremely disappointed with the Nov 2019 interview with Pamela Yellen. My BS detector went off when you previously had her as a guest because she seemed to be pitching whole life insurance policies. You then invited her back and she bashed the hell out of target date funds and extolled the virtues of whole life insurance and annuities. Is the WSJ aware that Pamela’s business includes a referral service for life insurance agents? Do you think that maybe she might have a gigantic conflict of interest?
  • wibz2434
    Underlying interests
    Be aware of the vested interests by those interviewed on this show. Sadly this podcast regularly disguises financial guidance & advice for two faced marketing with no statement highlighting these conflicts.
  • Mad caster
    Pamela Yellen
    Just listened to her review of target date funds and 401k. She is awful. Her advice is just ignorant. Please screen this before putting it on the podcast!
  • Nmhjkfsaggrbsjfbjtcn
    That Pamela Yellen episode had the some of the worst advice I ever heard. First she complains that EMPLOYERS are somehow doing a disservice to employees by defaulting their investments to a TDF. Of course TDFs are not perfect but what exactly should an employer do when their EMPLOYEES don’t manage their own investments? And then she finishes up with recommending whole life insurance and annuities. Keep bringing guests like this on and I’ll be cancelling my feed to this podcast.
  • Study maniac
    Stop With Terrible Guests 11/11/19
    Whole life insurance is not the solution to 401k’s that have default options that do poorly in recessions like 2008. Cherry picking time frames where target date retirement funds did poorly and using that to sell whole life insurance while claiming 401k’s are not a great way to save for retirement is not what this audience is interested in.
  • stel builders
    Stop camouflaging your ads
    I understand the production requirements of podcast, and any beginning sound engineer can tell you there is no reason that a company as big and well known as the Wall Street Journal cannot control the volume of their ads. Whenever there’s an ad, (especially as of late) that doesn’t agree with your political values, the volume is turned down to less than half that of the rest of the podcast. Don’t think you’re getting away with that unnoticed... check twitter once in a while
  • Hw108
    If there are going to be this many commercials, at least make them good
    Used to be one of my daily stables, but lately...sigh. How many commercials can you squeeze into a headline run down? Also if you are going to run this many commercials, at least make them decent quality ones. Really don’t want to start my day with some creepy guy with bad quality audio telling me that I need to listen directly from the gun manufacturers. I like the wsj, but they need to step up their pod game. I’ve never unsubscribed to a pod because of ads before but if they don’t cut it soon, I will.
  • Hero Norbert
    Too Politically and insufficiently Economically correct
    Too often while reporting the news they completely ignore the way economics actually works in favor of being politically correct
  • Drunk Report
    Too many commercials for too little Show
    The content is not exclusive, insightful, compelling, or dense enough to justify its constant commercial interruptions. WSJ is great but this broadcast packaging is a misstep for the brand.
  • MrYOLOBaginns
    Great but way too many adds
    Love it but you barely get a minute or two of content before they shift to an add. A third of a podcast should not be adds. Otherwise it’s a five star podcast.
  • EJKiernan
    Not up to paper’s standards.
    I love the Wall Street Journal newspaper, but this podcast is lame. Most of the time it consists of stating the obvious or spouting platitudes.
  • Solntsev
    A minute of annoying ads in 7 min??
    “BREAKING NEWS: Spotify has podcasts” really?????
  • eastwestwindsea
    Love commercial interruptions, here’s the pod for you
    If you love commercial interruptions you will get lots from WSJ. I can’t stand to listen anymore.
  • Nicolewaves
    Better Content Needed
    Sometimes the tips and topics discussed are interesting and helpful. Other times the info seems ridiculous — like the recent episode about taking a vacation with a significant other... that episode was such a waste.
  • Bklyn guy
    Monday’s episode about millionaires
    The episode released 4/15/19 about millionaires was poorly done. There was no evidence to support the myths that was denounced by the guest and the host. To suggest millionaires never earned six figures in a year but didn’t inherit money makes no sense and there was no attempt to explain it. The suggestion that contributing to retirement plans through employers would make teachers rich is even more insane. Bad work by the guest and bad work by the host.
  • P0kerRuLeZ
    A very concise and informative podcast, always brief but to the point.
  • Simon C72
    This podcast is of the adequate duration, without any unnecessary chatter
  • mj87Oz
    It’s what you’d expect
    Journalists are typically nice people that are great at reporting the facts. However, this podcast drifts into opinion, and at that point our friends reveal themselves as non market participants. Please just report the facts and I’ll stick to asking uncle Ricky if I want uninformed opinion.
  • fish4fun1
    Follow the crowd reporting
    More an more follow the crowd reporting no new interesting and enlightening topics
  • KevLJen
    Off Topic
    Too much off topic with attempts to sway political thinking. Not interested.
  • joe27272728
    Needs a lot of improvement
    The host just reads what is written down but doesn’t seem to pay attention with well formed questions during interviews. Also, STOP with the drama keywords. TERROR, FEAR, GREAD, etc. Lost respect for this podcast because of the deliberate trigger wording that you use to spike people’s emotions.
  • AlwaysQuesting
    Helps me understand predatory financial motivation
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