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What's News brings you the headlines and business news that move markets and the world—twice every weekday. In 10-12 minutes, get caught up on the best Wall Street Journal scoops and exclusives, with insight and analysis from the award-winning reporters that broke the stories. Hosted by Annmarie Fertoli and Luke Vargas.

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  • TStraw
    Less biased than most sources, but biased nonetheless
    While in general, this podcast attempts to present news from both sides, the reporters and moderators can’t help but interject their own personal left-slanted bias. This podcast, and journalism in general, would be much better served by the removal of opinion and focus on factual statements.
  • cvsuser11111111-
    Favorite news pod
    My favorite news podcast! I dont pay for ad free, so the one drawback is that the person who does the ad reads has the most grating voice… I dont know how else to explain other than her voice is the worst. But love Luke (I only listen in the morning but im sure Annie is great too) and the guests are always on point!
  • FarmGirlCityGirl
    Horrible voiceover person on ads; dumbing down seems to be growing
    I love the WSJ and was happy to find the podcast, which is always interesting/informative. Lately tho, two things are bugging me - first, the woman doing the voiceovers for the ads (amazon lately) has absolutely the most grating voice. It makes me cringe — esp when I can’t hit fast forward! There are SO many good voices out there, please give that job to someone else! Second, it feels like the q & a b/w the host and the reporter is getting further dumbed down. They repeat the main points of the story too many times, and leave lots of obvious questions unaddressed. Come on WSJ, we’ve got more discerning ears and better brains than you think! That being said, thanks for providing this podcast gratis, it is appreciated!
  • Laura232323
    Balanced news with an economic twist
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for years. It’s the one news source I’ve been able to find that is consistently balanced, offers both sides of the story and has a mix of economic new (which is what I’m into) and regular news. Highly recommend!
  • NP in OC
    Concise, apolitical, relevant
    Briefly addresses current issues
  • AM25*
    perfect source of daily news
    Love this podcast. Perfect dose of news in the AM and PM. Just enough to stay current and updated, short and precise, and top notch reporters.
  • Dv1234567
    Great Podcast Must Listen
    I listen to the morning and pm podcast of this show. Great review of todays happening and more in-depth with business side that other podcast skip. Then 2nd part of show with in-depth topic is also very interesting.
  • TomDanator
    Bests for biz and a dash of straight news
    This is where I get all my best biz news in the mornings Don’t listen to the afternoon version often (try to go news free after work) but when I have listened I appreciate slight differences in delivery. No nonsense, impartial and well paced
  • mal0427
    Unbiased, simple
    Very straightforward, provides information and context without spin.
  • Mark-LD
    Musk Affair
    Sorry I have to give WSJ a big flat F for the Musk Affair story! Turns out to be false.
  • Fwbtraveler
    Left leaning broadcast
    Just heard a tidbit about Dr Fauci retiring, it sounded like he was some sort of expert on COVID and was a great leader during the crisis. Clown show. 🤡
  • Jim1777
    Ya know ..,
    More than one reporter repeats the phrase, “Ya know.” If I know, why are you telling me? Quit using empty colloquialisms to fill in spaces where you were thinking about what you should have thought about before you opened your mouth.
  • Koogan123
    Not a serious news podcast
    I listen because it provides a small bit of news on my way to work. But it’s mainly a training ground for entry level newsreaders who sound like college or high school kids.
  • AndyGonzo
    Biased analysis.
    No mention of Biden’s administration disastrous policies on the border immigration and towards the oil industry. Better than most other left-wing propaganda outlets, but still biased and incomplete reporting and analysis of reality.
  • BTB Apple Account
    Steady Slide to Biased Journalism
    I’ve listened to this podcast for over two years, especially once Audible ended its WSJ daily news. I used to notice more professionalism and very rarely any bias. Unfortunately, the trend towards more opinionated questioning and cherry-picked guests has tarnished the independent and professional view I had regarding the WSJ’s non editorial section. I hope this trend does not continue, but I’m not optimistic, especially since some larger stories seem to only be covered in the editorial section while remain uncovered even weeks later in other sections.
  • tscarr
    You just lost me - but happy I have you a try.
  • EEP2087
    Ask Probing Questions
    No mention that the US removing millions of barrels a day hurt oil supply. Why aren’t we restarting production efforts?
  • Rowzee1973
    One of the few media podcast that report the news versus a bias editorial. Thanks WSJ
  • MSTAN12
    Best podcast I have yet to find for daily news, and 2x a day woo hoo!
  • lovesong86
    This podcast lies through omission, favoring left-wing talking points. I prefer a balanced perspective.
  • glort
    Not quite up to the standards of the WSJ
    Generally an okay podcast. The “interviews” with WSJ journalists are often tedious. They explain things as if the audience is in middle school. Many of the journalists should not do audio interviews. I wonder if they are trying to be like the Daily from NYT? It’s the WSJ!
  • misterbuzz
    Thoughtful Discussions
    Finally a news-based podcast that does away with hysterics and focuses on facts and meaningful discussion.
  • Hamwax
    Best Daily News
    This is a genuine professional news organization. Straight reporting. No advocacy (which is pretty much all you get from the news sources I used to rely on like NYT and NPR). Thank goodness there is still one place to turn for real information.
  • Jabetti
    Well worth my time!
    After listening to this show, I feel informed, up to date, and conversant on the topics that matter. Highly recommend!
  • abbyvare
    Introducing As We Work — Outdated
    Am I the only one in the 30 and under category that heard this episode & thought it was hugely tone deaf? I’m 25 years old and absolutely discuss salary with all of my friends, as well as my parents. Has the host ever used Glassdoor? FishBowl? It felt very outdated, and as if the host has never asked someone about their pay that is younger than 30. The interviewer’s line of questions also seemed bizarre (with shocked reactions at the notion of posting salary information public), and was cracking me up. I hope WSJ can get a better grasp on the what the labor economy looks like soon.
  • 54jibaro
    Great synopsis!
    This is a quick 15 minute summary of the news with a short deeper dive into a big story.
  • Sophie Cheng
    Must listen every morning
    Great podcast for important daily news
  • cstu95
    Great & Unbiased
    Informative and without noticeable spin
  • maryjaye
    Concise & credible
    Review gives thoughtful perspectives on this war’s complex background, current plight and thoughts about bigger picture matters.
  • gzipp
    Just the news please
    Listened to this podcast for years, but can’t anymore after they forced a political stance on the Canadian trucks. I disappointed in myself for thinking they were different then CNN and MSNBC.
  • Just looking for balanced news
    WSJ should be embarrassed
    The WSJ use to be know for it’s integrity. This show has little if any integrity. It presents only stories or facts that support one side of the political spectrum. It feels like wsj is pushing an agenda that aligns with CNN or MSNBC instead of presenting the news of the day.
  • jlduan
    A lot of inaccurate stories.
  • Lax in the CLE
    My favorite daily news podcast
    Definitely an under-rated news pod. Fair, and generally without noticeable political bias.
  • Textdgh
    Lost two stars for sloppy reporting
    January 20, 2022 edition with Eliza Collins shows that the Wall Street Journal needs a whole lot of work when it comes to facts. She said the Republicans “feel” that the states should be in charge of how they vote. Uh… they don’t feel that way, the Constitution explicitly states that. Please educate your young reporters to report correctly and not how they feel about things. I am a paying subscription holder and hate to think that I’m wasting my money. Do better, please.
  • Mabel2020
    Great daily news source
    This podcast is part of my daily routine. Love the news stories each morning and evening and the thoughtful reporting on big headlines. Keep up the great work!
  • YooZ
    Great news podcast
    Bringing latest news in a nice way. Host Annmarie is a great host of the show
  • Lazy Phone People
    Whack job news
    You are a joke when it comes to good information playing down a virus that has killed 1 million people should be seen as a trader too you’re country .
  • mickeypri5
    Amazing Daily podcast
    This podcast does an amazing job at keeping you informed about what is going on in the world and is as close to objective as I have found. They may have a business friendly leaning but that is it. If you are interested in business, markets and money, this is an amazing show for you, enjoy!
  • MikeBoiler
    China Business Crackdown
    Wow, shocker of an “interview” with a CCP operative who is embedded in the London School of Economics. Who knew the Communist Party is all-in for transparency, equity and economic fairness for the average citizen?? The real laugher is when she claimed, unchallenged, that Chinese citizens all trust the Government with their personal information - more than any private company. Who needs troll farms when the WSJ facilitates and promotes government propaganda?
  • Bacon:-)
    Good but…
    It’s a pretty snappy presentation of news highlights, but every now and then you have to endure an interview with a self-proclaimed expert trying to pass off a political point as high-brow academia (case: Fertoli’s interview with Harvard’s Claudia Golden on 12/27/21). I stopped listening to NPR because of rubbish like this. Usually WSJ does a good job of avoiding this useless information, so their gatekeeping could be better.
  • Bookkeeper.
    Geez. This news is not useful, helpful or needed. Btw. Where is the news on the Maxwell trial.
  • schwingding
    Selective news?
    How come you seem to avoid reporting Biden’s legislative setbacks? Was the suspension of Biden’s effort to pass his social programs bill this week not news? Was the CBO’s scoring of the bill this week not news? Was the parliamentarian’s ruling on the immigration portion of the bill not news? This is not the first time and in fact there is a well established pattern of simply not reporting Biden’s setbacks. Unlike the opinion division, The WSJ news division seems to have sold its soul and is trending woke and CNNish. Where is your journalistic self respect? Listen to Potomac Watch instead to get your news.
  • BaileyGJo
    Love the content but MY WORD THE FB ADs
    I absolutely love WSJ and the quick hit content of this podcast. That said, the repetitious Facebook ad every beginning, middle and end of the show is getting to be unbearable. I think I actually have the ad memorized by now because they play it so many times. I have never had a company pepper it’s audience with constant reminders that “they take down bad actors online” - it’s frankly sketchy that they feel the need to remind us so many times per day that they are doing the bare minimum on security. If I were FB, I would completely revamp this ad strategy. Less is more friends.
  • Jhobo1234
    Could be great
    If only they had any ads other than the pro-facebook propaganda they got in circulation right now then this would be an awesome pod. Instead its just so so so bad
  • Sebtran
    Horrible! Way too many Facebook ads!
    Have been a loyal listener for years, but have to remove app due to liberal viewpoints and brainwashing ads!!
  • tired of FB talking points
    Drop Facebook
    Please drop the Facebook add or I will stop listening.
  • Xiaolin-Chen
    So low to allow Facebook to Propaganda
    Every clear mind knows Facebook is bad news, we should never use it. Bye bye, low WSJ.
  • smokejumper2014
    Good podcast but can’t tolerate the Facebook adds
    Like the podcast, but I’m dropping you.due to your advertisements for Facebook. Facebook is too insidious and despicable to support or tolerate. Goodbye.
  • petermek
    Subscribers have to listen to terrible repetitive commercials fromFacebook
    Not sure if you pay for the WSJ why you would have to listen to commercials on a Podcast. Very annoying. In addition justvwas so proud to subscribe considering the reveal on Facebook aka Meta. Now we have to listen to adds again again and again stating that Facebook is doing a great job.
  • D-rock17
    Stop the Constant Facebook Advertising Propoganda
    Generally enjoy this podcast but the bulk Facebook advertising claiming they are the biggest fighters of bad intentions online makes me want to vomit. I suppose this is the highest bidder for advertising and that’s all these guys care about but it’s pretty insufferable.
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