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Triathlon Swimming: Insight for Beginners to Advanced Triathlete Swimmers. Learn how to swim faster and with ease with training tips and triathlon swimming advice from Tri Swim Coach and distinguished Ironman professionals and triathlon coaches. Kevin Koskella is a world-renowned triathlon swim coach with over 27 years of swimming experience. This podcast has tips, stories, adventures, and overall entertainment and education regarding swimming and triathlon. Join our community that contains thousands of triathletes looking to get a leg up on the competition in their next triathlon.

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  • Arin Christensen
    Will be missed
    I loved this cast. Great job and you will be missed. Thank you.
  • De1ph
    It's great
    Awesome podcast. Good balance between being scientific and entertaining. Very good tips, very actionable insights. Kevin covers a lot of different topics: technique, drills, nutrition, breathing - everything swimming related. Highly recommend it to anybody who wants to swim better, not just triathletes.
  • ReyrJ
    Must listen and subscribe podcast
    I've been listening to Kevin's podcasts for a few months and find them very interesting and informative. He has some great guests providing all kinds of useful information and also provides some great wisdom of his own. Definitely a must listen!
  • TR1583
    I’m trying to get faster and this podcast has given me lots of help.
  • DARDPythias
    Kevin and guests focus on aspects of training that are easy to implement right away and/or serve as good reminders to stay the course. Excellent variety of perspectives and methods!
  • Cerxia
    Great Tri Swim podcast!
    I always enjoy listening to and learn from this podcast. Very good tips and interviews! Kevin does a great job of detailing out how to get better in the swim and does a good job of picking interstin guest to interview. Subscribe you will not regret it! Stephan74R
  • Tun of Rob
    Great info
    Being a runner moving to triathlon these podcasts are great sources of information. Kevin covers great technical instruction on swim stroke and broader triathlon nuances like transistion tips and mistakes to avoid. Highly recommend to anyone starting out in Tri and for those looking to get that extra edge, epsecially in the swim! Thanks guys to giving me some great tips as a first timer, and for helping me 'laugh at the water'
  • Steve A in SLC
    Great product for tri swimmers
    Kevin's podcast is great and ties into his videos, online training, and ebooks. I'm an "adult onset swimmer" and am improving rapidly thanks to his training materials. This podcast is a great way to get a few tips and psyche me up for my next swim. My tiny complaint is the podcasts can be a little wordy, e.g., occasionally I'll be six minutes into a 12-minute podcast before he lets loose with insights (of course, I'm starting with his first podcasts and am back in 2009, so that might have changed). Thanks for helping us swim, Kevin!
  • Chris Ritter
    Great swimming info
    Kevin brings on great guests and provides good tips for swimming performance.
  • Schu1122
    So practical
    This is my goto swim podcast for great advice and motivation.. Tri Swim Coach Rocks...
  • Gunshow99
    Major improvements
    After listening to Tri Swim coach I have started implementing the drills and techniques that Kevin and Chris have recommended. I have knocked 10-15 seconds off my 100m times and have a more enjoyable time in the pool. This podcast is making me a better swimmer and triathlete. Thank you
  • Jahampton
    This is a great podcast for beginners swimmers.
  • wizzy_74
    Nice show
    I like the format most of the episods are quick and to the point. I love some of the swimimg ideas like "swimmers golf" what a great way to change up swimming laps because we all know how much fun those can be.
  • pportilla
    Stay immersed in the endurnce life...
    I listen to podcasts while I am at work and am currently training for Madison 140.6 The conversations on this podcast are very helpful and interesting and a great way to stay plugged in to my training during the week :) I am a breaststroker and one thing I have been wishing for is advice tips and tricks on becoming faster in other styles (such as breast stroke) besides freestyle. Overall I am happy listening to people passionate about training, nutrition, and equipment as I go about my day!
  • Sethjk17
    Love it
    Great show
  • Tommy Miles
    Awesome podcast!
    Hey guys, keep up the great work. I love hearing Chris's race reports and the tips/tricks episodes you have as well. Much love!
  • Brad Congdon
    Fantastic Podcast
    Podcast is filled with helpful tips, info, and drills. I love that they are short and to the point and don't stray from the topic. The purpose of these podcast are to help you improve your swim and the do a fantastic job. I am just getting into triathlons and listening to this has given me great insight into helping me improve my swim. Their info has caused me to focus more on drills and not just getting in yards at a pool.
  • Chris' Review
    Not scared anymore
    A few years back I purchased the water proof drill cards which have helped me tons!! When ever I feel my stroke is off I still it up. Blue70 rock
  • DJ_Indy
    Love the podcast guys! My only complaint is that I want more episodes :) Keep up the great work 👍
  • Rddonoghue
    Great podcast
    Excellent swimming information.
  • Themantrey
    I'm a newb and I love it
    Only a few episodes in and already working his tips to prove my pathetic swim
  • SPapa41
    Great Advice Always!
    My go to podcast and iPhone app for swimming! Great interviews have helped change my technique and speed, nutrition in and out of triathlon, and lifestyle habits all for the better. Worth every minute! Go get caught up and you’ll thank them as well!
  • Maximusnls
    Your Back!
    Loving the content and glad you are back to podcasting!! Almost listened to everything. Keep it up!!
  • JohnBoy1320
    The Tri Swim Coach Podcast is very informative!
    The Tri Swim Coach Podcast is very informative!
  • DaDdyLon
    1 of my 3 Fav podcasts
    Love the podcast.... Very Helpful.... Kevin is a very sharp swimmer... Thank U 4 the podcast. Im tryin To learn to swim for some Tri's & this is the BEST podcast for swim instruction. Thank U Kevin
  • me, again
    Great podcasts!
    Your podcasts are excellent, I just discovered them last week and I've already listened to almost all of them. There's lots of information on triathlons and swimming out there but you compile and make it much more easily accessible. Also your information on nutrition is great as well, I've really learned a lot already. And just so you know, I've downloaded hundreds of songs, movies, tv shows, apps and podcasts from iTunes and this is literally the only one I've written a review for just because I want to make sure you keep making great stuff.
  • @KwickstenLevi
    Kevin is the best!
    Kevin's podcasts are excellent and informative. Being new to the world of triathlon, I've found his podcasts to be very helpful, and they've even motivated me to get through bike workouts. His knowledge of swimming is unmatched. Perfect for beginner triathletes and professionals as well.
  • DonFan
    Excellent Material for New Swimmers
    This podcast gives you good material to tell you what matters and don't in the swim portion of the Triathlon. Very good information for new bees and a good listen.
  • Griffen1
    Secrets Released
    It’s about time a swim coach reveals the “secrets” of becoming a better swimmer in the triathlon. Kevin does a great job in explaining the101 fundamentals of swimming in an easy-make sense way that will enable you to start and finish your triathlon stronger than ever. Keep up the great work Kevin!
  • JMagniccari
    Inspiration and Motivation
    TONS of practical info and inspiration esp for beginner triathletes. I LOVE the interviews with coaches and athletes. You get to hear not just one, but many great opinions on training methods. The podcast turned me onto ideas like the paleo diet and Cross Fit training. If I could only listen to one thing on tri training, this would be it. THANK YOU KEVIN!
  • weavingfool
    Excellent tips for newbies
    I'm training for my first (sprint) tri and have been dreading the swim. I was happy to find this very useful podcast, with practical advice and information for those of us who view open water as a hostile environment. Kevin is knowledgeable and has excellent communications skills. Highly recommended.
  • Kori Truesdale
    Great info, variety
    I'm just getting into Tri and this podcast is a wealth of information. I love how Kevin interviews people of all backgrounds (swim, nutrition, recovery, alternative training methods, etc.) Listening to this in the car on the commute has kept me thinking about swimming all the time and I can't wait to get in the pool to try something I found out about on this podcast! And he's from San Diego :)
  • Altapetens
    Firstly, I was just happy to find this data available in a podcast! Additionally it's very informative and useful information and to the point which is great. Thanks for doing it!
  • NeniCarolina
    best podcast for triathletes that want to love swimming or already do
    I love kevin's podcast, as a coach he is approaches athletics with a whole mind and body view. i have learned so much from the coach and despite the fact that i already loved swimming, he made me appreciate the sport even more for its technique complexity, i am now having times of the elites on my swim when on my first triathlon two years ago i completely panicked and i was almost last. Having no athletic background on any sport i really appreciate the all around tips for triathlons.
  • bigwhiffak
    Great PodCast
    I have completed my first half 1/2 IM and I can say that Kevin and his tips helped me in this. Great job and great information. 5 stars!
  • daveboomer
    Just right...
    Love it. Not too technical, but technical enough. He's has a good delivery for a podcast - listening and envisioning his coaching is actually pretty easy! Helped me with some tricky pull problems I couldn't seem to fix. THANKS!
  • JHIIP2
    On Point
    The swim is the hardest for many triathletes. This podcasts helps break swimming down and inspires. There is an agenda, buy his stuff, but nonetheless I still enjoy it and yes I did end up purchasing.
  • Reverend Tom
    Great advice
    I have been swimming for years, it's my strongest event in the Tri but I have learned a ton from this Podcast. It helped me increase my efficiency and got my speed up. I was swimming a mile a day last year but not really improving. Doing Kevin's Drills has helped me see real improvement and work on things that I know will help rather than just grinding out the laps.
  • changeforten
    Great start
    I started listening to this podcast just to get different perspectives on training for the swim leg of a triathlon. I have found many useful tips and new ways to train. I definitely recommend checking out the first few podcasts and see if it is what you're looking for. I have improved my lap time as well as overall distance performance.
  • Barrymjones
    Exactly What I Needed
    After 5 coached workouts, the very first episode of this podcast was exactly what I needed to know to improve my breathing. I learned that my breathing was too shallow because I didn't breath out all my air. I look forward to putting the drills to work and learning what else Kevin has to offer.
  • CableExpert
    Very Informative
    His first podcast was right on - answered my questions about why my arm drops when I'm breathing, and how to improve my breathing technique. Being fairly new to triathlon (2 sprints completed and an Olympic & 1/2 IM coming up), I'm finding each podcast very informative. I can't wait to jump back in the pool to practice what I've learned.
  • Tri Diesel
    Well put together, straight to the point, no fluff like alot of other podcasts out there. Information that you can actually use in training and on race day,
  • trines
    Perfect Motivation
    Kevin gives great lessons just long enough to be informative but short enough to digest and remember. Love this podcast.
  • shaysh
    incredibly helpful
    as a beginning swimmer this has helped me tremendously in every facet. I cant recommend this podcast enough. I started swimming thinking I would hate it - with the help of this podcast I am really enjoying it! Thanks Kevin!
  • wrxmario
    good job
    I sign myself to Iron man New Orleans 2010 not swim since 1992 and run since same time... I ride 200 miles a week... I am ready for the 52 miles on bike 20m/hr. I am enjoying your podcast... need advice/motivation/tips for the swimming as well as running from 0-12 miles good jog
  • MaLakshmi
    Best Swimming Tips Podcast
    I love every show. Very helpful tips and insights. Gets me motivated for my open water swims!
  • Mi_kel
    This is a great Podcast!
    This is the best podcast because is short, informative and to the point. I'm trainning for my first IM, and this podcast has helped me significally improve my swim and keep my motivation up! Thanks for a great show.
  • jeff.hoening
    The podcast you're looking for!
    This is a terrific podcast from an engaging and knowledgable host. Coach Kevin gives practical tips, encouragement and inspiring interviews along the way. Love the swim, embrace the podcast!
  • NYCTriGuy
    Puts the Swim in Swim, Bike and Run
    Great for beginners and intermediate triathletes with practical tips, drills and emphasis on helping you swim faster and more efficiently
  • littlebitofall
    Great Tri Advice in a nice brief podcast
    So many triathlon podcasts are an hour or more. I like that Kevin gives you the information in small pockets! The advice is very useful, and I already improved my triathlon time!!
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