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For centuries, all sorts of people—generals and politicians, athletes and coaches, writers and leaders—have looked to the teachings of Stoicism to help guide their lives. Each day, author and speaker Ryan Holiday brings you a new lesson about life, inspired by the thoughts and writings of great Stoic thinkers like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca the Younger. Daily Stoic Podcast also features Q+As with listeners and interviews with notable figures from sports, academia, politics, and more. Learn more at
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  • Crayon2
    Good show but…
    Too much filler. It takes several minutes of ads, sponsorships, self promotion, long winded intros, and then there are ads in the middle and end too! It’s not something you can quickly put on and go for a jog while listening unless you’re willing to either pay for premium service or hit the fast forward button. Several minutes of ads for a short podcast is just too much. The show is cool though. It’s not easy to make an ancient philosophy popular. I know the host thinks his wall of books looks cool, but if doesn’t look practical with all those books essentially being wasted because you cannot pick horizontally stacked books off the shelf, so to speak. So, while it’s aesthetically ok, but the impractical waste outweighs the aesthetics. Again, I applaud this host. He’s young and doing his thing as a good family man, author, content creator.
  • Thakidnjc
    Great interview
    This was a great interview and proves why this is my favorite podcast
  • bollmanj11
    Content vs host
    Focus on the content and it’s great…if you listen to Ryan and his ego too much you’ll hate it. He has a level of ego that is distracting. He’s level 100 pompous…super odd for a stoic.
  • infinity interrupt
    Thank you!
    One of the best/interesting interviewers. I might not always agree with the interviewee, but I always learn something new, and always gain a better understanding of human nature, the Daily Stoic episodes are outstanding and a revelation from this crazy world we find ourselves in.
  • sd_candace
    Please let your guests get a word in
    Came to listen to Mark and instead got Ryan. I understand Ryan is passionate about the subjects discussed and I so want him to accommodate his guests and his listeners who came to hear the amazing guests. Thank you!
  • PaulHDelman
    Spring 2024
    Beginning in 2023 I found The Daily Stoic to be a refreshingly informative and helpful podcast while making my morning commute. It helped me reframe my thinking and improve my interpersonal thoughts, reactions and emotions. After finishing all the archived episodes, I began listening to Ryan Holidays newer uploads and messages. Unfortunately, I’ve found his 2024 episodes to be short and lacking in content. Rather, his episodes have become shameless ad plugs for whatever, or whomever he is sponsored by, or has a vested interest in. The episodes now feel “sales’y” where a pitch on product or service is the intent… rather than helpful information to unlock your inner stoic. This lends to two unfortunate scenarios, IMO. 1. His message has run its course. Meaning, all the data/information Ryan has cultivated for Daily Stoic teaching has been expended. 2. Ryan has moved on to other ventures, and has an underpaid staffer uploading mediocre Daily Stoic content just to appease the channel requirement, and keep the channel alive. Unfortunately, for me… I’ve now moved on, and unsubscribed. This channel and message is no longer useful, as there is nothing new to keep my mind fed.
  • Merlin2/14
    Great talk with Martha McSally, thank you!!!
  • Geoplanter
    Child interruptus
    Not a fan of including the son walking into the room and interrupting the podcast.
  • lulu8582
    Would prefer more consistent structure
    I really love the host and appreciate him sharing the wisdom of stoicism. However, I wish this podcast had more consistent structure. I listened to one show that was promoting a book - I thought it was going to be an interview with the author, instead it was 4 minutes of ads, a brief description by the host of an event in the book, and then an anecdote about cars that felt so unrelated I thought it was another ad. There are brief 10 minute episodes that feel like half ads or prolonged 1-2 hour interviews that feel like they could have been edited for conciseness. I’ll still listen for sure, and I remain a fan of the host’s books.
  • Dr Singin'intheshower
    Mcraven interview
    This is a long interview. But, when Ryan finally starts asking questions and listening to Adm. Mcraven, about 40 minutes in, it is outstanding. I wish Ryan would talk a little less and listen more while interviewing- but I think he talks a lot because he’s excited and passionate. For those that read his material, the talking instead of interviewing just prolongs the important message we want to hear from the guest.
  • GustaveDelvas
    A Lovely Daily Practice
    I’ve taken to listening to this while I finish my coffee every morning as a sort of daily practice. I’ve been reading Ryan’s books for years and figured I wouldn’t gain much from the podcast. I am delighted to find out how wrong I was.
  • macsmudge34
    Start making your life better today
    I’ve searched for a long time for something that would help me stop overthinking the things in my life that don’t matter. Why spend so much time worrying what others think, why fixate on how others have wronged me, why do I regret my reflexive and emotional reactions to events when I’ve had a little time to reflect? Ryan Holiday’s podcasts and books have put me on a path of self-reflection that are beginning to help me solve these issues in my life. Give the stoics a chance. Their wisdom is timeless and fits today’s problems as well as they did centuries ago.
    This is my go to podcast daily!! Love it and love Ryan's books as well.
  • FutureDoctorHouse
    Approachable and applicable philosophy
    Ryan Holiday’s books and the Daily Stoic newsletter have directly helped me - and, by extension, my company - overcome many of the challenging times over the past several years. I appreciate both the long-form book and bite-sized newsletter formats, and the podcast adds extra dimensionality to the content he and his team share. In particular I like hearing how such a diverse array of guests - from entrepreneurs like Tim Ferris to entertainers like Matthew McConaughey - apply stoic principles in their own lives, which makes the concepts less abstract. My favorite episode by far is the one with neuroscientist and philosopher Sam Harris who similarly has brought practical ancient wisdom to the masses through clear and updated writing. Highly recommend!
  • ecgroom
    My no.1 show...
    Ryan has made me a lifelong fan of Stoicism. This podcast has become a part of my daily routine.
  • Joshg/jennig
    Practical and Motivational
    I feel like I can connect with Ryan and he is motivational for me. His guest are thoughtful and you don’t feel like Ryan has to over talk his guest’s or prove he is smarter. They have a balanced conversation that I always enjoy and benefit from.
    Inspiration and grounding
    Thank you for sharing the wisdom of Stoicism with a modern and relevant voice. I truly enjoyed your books. One served as a reminder and guide during a very tumultuous time. Your podcast is a daily gift of inspiration and grounding. Perspectives are clearer, actions are stronger and narratives have more depth and compassion. You’ve introduced a way of being that meshed with how I grew up and has challenged me to pursue higher thoughts and actions.
  • wyatt cornell
    Apple fitness - Time To Walk with Ryan
    Ryan is *the* place to start learning how to practice the ancient wisdom. I have read Daily Stoic for three years running and I just started The Lives of Stoics. I try to listen to every podcast episode and am never disappointed. I find adding study in my daily routine really keeps me grounded and grateful. Keep doing what you’re doing Ryan. You’re nailing it. If you like the Hobbit- try Hobbit Virtues by Christopher Snyder. That’s what started this whole journey for me during the pandemic and I found Ryan almost immediately. That being said- I’m mostly writing this review because I want Apple fitness to do a walk with Ryan Holiday. I hope the algorithm picks it up. Time to walk. Apple fitness. Close your rings. Time to walk. Apple fitness. lol
  • History for All
    This podcast is so fantastic and really informative. The discussions help ground what is practical and ageless perspective on living a good and noble life. I particularly like Ryan’s emphasis on books and stoicism with empathy. Ignore the bad reviews. Clearly people with an ax to grind.
  • huerta8
    Listen For a While
    Listen to a few of the short meditations and a few interviews, but use this pod as a jumping off point for future adventures in practical philosophy.
  • MrsMSB
    One giant sales pitch
    Not only does this give bad and often dangerous mental health advice, it boils down to “buy my books”. For example, in one recent 3 minute episode, there are two full plugs to purchase his products and little else.
  • nbvc75432$@&
    Could be damaging
    As a psych nurse I think this could be dangerous. It’s intense, repetitive, and manic.
  • GOMontes
    This podcast is invaluable to me
    Discovering the daily stoic podcast has been a big positive in my life. It’s definitely helped me put things into perspective in n a better way. I would recommend this podcast to ANYONE!
  • KT4422
    Too many ads & inconsistent quality
    5 min ads in every 10 min podcast. Info is good usually, but presentation is sometimes sloppy and lacks coherence. Today’s episode, Jan 9, 2024, on journaling was particularly jumbled and disjointed. Perhaps a bad edit from a longer episode? This one also had an irritating beat playing in the background continually. Losing interest in this.
  • Sheepdawg1776
    Intellectually and Morally Bankrupt
    A sell out who is the Joel Osteen of “Stoicism”…or at least his version of it. It’s his way or the highway. Goodbye, Ryan. You’ve become what you once reported on…a fraud.
  • SockSiren303
    This pod has improved my life
    Ryan has provided gifts to his listener through the wisdom of the Stoics. He’s relentless in giving the world tools for living a better life. Soooo glad to have found Ryan and this podcast.
  • CCM9522
    Life Changing
    Taking something so old (an ancient philosophy) such as Stoicism and making it pertinent in todays world is no easy task but Ryan Holiday does a brilliant job of making it once again relevant. His book “Ego is the enemy” helped me navigate a very difficult time in my life and introduced me to Stoicism. The podcast brings me Daily doses of good and positive thoughts to go forward in my day. There’s something for everyone on this podcast big bites and small nuggets. If it doesn’t resonate today, hang on to it because at some point in life. It will be helpful.
  • Ryan54687
    Love this, although too many ads
    Great show, although many ads Love the wisdom that shared here, please reduce number of ads. I already do not have much time in my commute to work, I don’t need additional attachments to materialism and bombardment of The different things to buy, however, invested Ryan is into them. I would say, one or two ads would be fine, but not more than that. Once, again, otherwise, an amazing amazing show!
  • Befbfeherht
    too much self-promotion and recycled content
    any short episodes have actual content for 1-2 minutes, everything else is ads. For 10-12 minutes episodes it is usually: 2 minutes ads, 1 minute intro, 2 minutes content, 1 minute self-promotion, 2 minute bad quality recording from the conference or outside where you can barely hear either question or answer and then closing remarks with self promotion and another series of ads. This is just disrespectful of the listeners. Longer episodes / interviews are usually much better.
    Changed my life
    I came to Stoicism late in life but Ryan and his work have changed the way I think and consequently the way I conduct my life. Very valuable, many thanks.
  • 10111367
    The Makings of a Great Podcaster
    As a voracious reader, prolific writer, and skilled public speaker, Holiday plumbs the deep reservoir of his knowledge to incorporate nuggets of wisdom in every subject he and his guests tackle. Listen for yourself. You will glad you did.
  • Listener 3579
    Obscenely laden with ads
    The ad to content ratio feels like it’s about 1:1. The payoff isn’t worth the (suffering through ads) cost.
  • LadyAntoinette
    The Ads Ruin this Podcast
    Great content and wisdom to listen to everyday, but the ads ruin it. There are two minutes of ads at the beginning of every podcast then more ads throughout the podcast. As a Wondery subscriber, I would think there would not be any ads, but that is not the case. Unfollowing this podcast until the ads get removed…
  • Rainmommy
    Interviews are great, ads on short episodes nsm
    I found this podcast after listening to Meditations. I really enjoy the interviews. The short episodes that have an equal amount of ads, not so much. I skip those now. I read, “Loving What Is,” a couple years before listening to Meditations and Byron Katie’s work is a way to stoicism.
  • Groovedart
    Monetized and full of adds.
    I’ve been listening to this podcast for some time. The content has become less and less as the entire podcast has become increasingly geared towards promoting his money-making ventures. Stoicism isn’t some magic secret, it is 90% practice. There are plenty of books and other avenues for its study, including some very fine podcasts.
  • SteGeez
    Love the book but not the pod
    Wanted to love this pod since I love love the books but the production seems to be haphazard for every episode. Latest episode is a bad quality recording of him at some talk where he is EATING and you can hear the plates and forks clinging. Other episodes are also super bad sound quality, recordings of a recording. Won’t be listening anymore.
  • Morgan5s
    He’s always selling something to the audience. 90% commercial 10% content
  • TimoTvay
    Ryan is a great interviewer
    I enjoy the long form talks. Ryan builds great rapport with his guests.
  • Emor75
    Unconscionable (trump) administration
    “Unconscionable (trump) administration” is why you chose not to pursue an opportunity? Thanks for sharing the story.
  • RedRabbit917
    Short episodes are awesome
    … but when the most recent interview is with a dude who rails against the poors, acting like an a**, kind of makes it difficult to believe in the content those guests being to the show. Seems like Ryan isn’t very selective in who is representing the stoic message and philosophy. I just don’t see the tie between someone who loses it over being asked to check their bag and the insights shared by someone like Marcus.
  • Laura88935
    Nate Boyer for President!
    Enjoyed his interview
  • sterlingjbowers
    Evangelical Stoicism
    Huge fan of the books, the philosophy, the email chain (originally), etc. Not a fan of the constant adds. The email chain has essentially become a spam box for this new leadership hustle and the podcast has gone the same way. Someone above called Ryan the new Joel Olsteen and unfortunately, that’s spot on. I feel like he’s passing the offering plate every third word. I’ll keep buying the books, but sadly, I think I’m done with the email chain and the podcast.
  • a different man
    Great show ….but
    Ryan is quickly becoming the Joel Osteen of the modern stoic movement. His ego is causing him to monetize almost all new content. The podcasts sell the books.
  • A simple New Englander
    All of them
    Grounding, life-changing. A daily reminder to focus only on what we control or have influence over which is never how other people see us. Cannot believe he’s only 34, but love that too since it brings a youthful optimism to 2,000 year old philosophy.
  • kcwookie
    More commercial less substance
    As a reader of his book, I was excited to find this podcast. My disappointment came in the first minute or so because it seemed like it was just a commercial for his other products. When the Contant finally showed up, it was good, but his book is better. I’m not sure if this podcast is worth a subscription to Wondery.
  • RussLNK76
    Too many ads
    My goodness, sometimes it feels like there are more ads than content. Read the book, skip the podcast.
  • kafkaf44
    Hypocritical and Negative
    I used to love this podcast, but over the past year or so, the quality has gone down horribly. Holiday can’t seem to resist any barbs to anyone who doesn’t agree with him politically, demonstrating he has his own gaping blind spot where his application of the philosophy is concerned. When you participate in the behaviours you call others out for, you are a hypocrite. Enough. We get that you hate the republicans and anyone right of far left. But come on. Focus on uniting with philosophy instead of crapping all over people you dislike. You’re as much a part of the problem as people you despise. Including your parents. Maybe try to call yourself out every once in awhile.
  • lizlemere
    I listen to this podcast to feel good about changing my life and being better. Then Ryan has to throw in his political views, as lefties do, and muck things up. I don’t come here to listen to what he thinks he knows about politics. His opinion doesn’t matter. He thinks his perspective is what majority of ppl think and he’s wrong. He believes CNN is any better than Fox News lol. They’re both horrible. He’s aclosed minded but pretends he isn’t. He’s just a regularly ole far left lib. Won’t be listening anymore.
  • KingOfKyle
    Listen to this!
    This stuff is next level self-betterment. Everyone should be a Stoic.
  • LRRP Ranger
    Amazing content!
    I find the Stoics to be interesting and their thoughts to be very useful.
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