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Food with a side of science and history. Every other week, co-hosts Cynthia Graber and Nicola Twilley serve up a brand new episode exploring the hidden history and surprising science behind a different food- or farming-related topic, from aquaculture to ancient feasts, from cutlery to chile peppers, and from microbes to Malbec. We interview experts, visit labs, fields, and archaeological digs, and generally have lots of fun while discovering new ways to think about and understand the world through food. Find us online at, follow us on Twitter @gastropodcast, and like us on Facebook at

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  • Bella243190
    Voice is hard to listen to
    Love the content and would love to listen but one of the voices is painful to listen to. It sounds like she’s trying to hard to have a ‘radio voice’ and a really weird rhythm/cadence, and super nasally. I can’t pinpoint it exactly but its really, really weird and hard to listen to.
  • Kristiistiisti
    Mary Rothschild - paxlovid
    Paxlovid gave my mother her taste and smell back after a second bout of Covid
  • Mary Rothschild
    Love this podcast and, as someone who lost sense of taste and smell from COVID, I can tell you the importance texture is spot on.
  • EricaNAustin
    Whoa…why so sing-songy?
    Great information, but the delivery and voice inflections are hard to hear. Like she’s trying to make everything rhyme but it’s not landing. Inflection is easy to fix.
  • Dirk Diggler of Albania
    Such A Great Show !!!!!!!
    Recently found this podcast and I’ve been hooked. So interesting, well put together, and the hosts are great!
  • One Eric R of many
    Don’t need to be a foodie to love this show
    It’s this wonderful melange of charming anecdote, fact-checked information, and seeing the world in a new way: they self-describe as “food through the lens of science history”, but that brings along science history through the lens of food! And the hosts clearly love what they do and that shines through; listening always makes my day a little brighter. If you *are* a foodie, you’ll probably get even more out of it than I do, but you don’t have to be.
  • Shelby K B.
    Just listened to the breadfruit episode and though I usually love your episode this one was extra special to me! I grew in Jamaica where breadfruit is a staple and it was so fun to hear about its origins and also a little clip with the song. Thanks for the great work and for reminding me of home
  • Alfjsnscxnneusirbbama
    This is the sweet spot of so many things that I love- history, food, travel, fun trivia. It’s so fun to learn about this stuff! I recommend this as a relaxing and interesting podcast to all my friends. (P.s. anyone who doesn’t like women’s voices should just not comment on it and move on. Your audio preferences are your problem, not theirs.)
  • Estorm08
    I think this podcast is great. I don’t really have a problem with their voices.
  • desert holly
    Good info
    Love the topics but the delivery is difficult to listen to. Sorry.
  • parul jones
    Fascinating podcast
    Love this podcast. Every topic is done in such a fascinating way. The hosts also have amazing voices that are great to listen to! Why do people not understand that Nicola is a Brit who has lived in the US for a while and thus has a lovely and unusual accent? People commenting on her voice are morons.
  • enweigel
    Please get a voice coach
    I popped by to listen to the calorie episode, and the first minute I almost stopped listening because of the vocal fry and weird inflections of one of the journalists. I almost can’t hear the interesting information because of the delivery. I’m sorry, but it’s the truth. And it’s also fixable so figured I’d give the feedback.
  • aylorbay
    Please, never stop creating these joyful episodes!
    My go-to, all time favorite podcast. I love their way of storytelling, their flow, the way they edit the story in terms of format, sound, the research! …It gives me a sense of childhood wonder as well as leaves me feeling like I learned something; aka: when time well spent is also play.
  • jons and wofols
    Lovin’ it!
    I absolutely love this podcast I listen to it on multiple devices📱🎧
  • E013M
    I want to give it 5 stars,
    but Nicola’s intonations are difficult to tolerate. Otherwise, very well written and reported. Always great content.
  • brayndl
    Need voice coach
    Love the content, voices are irritating. It is not the accents but the tone, intonation, attempts to be cute and lite. I listen anyway because the content is fascinating. Well prepared. Please get both of them a voice coach and have them take a more straightforward approach. Good models: Fresh Air, Kitchen Sisters, Sporkful. Unique voices but not irritating. Hosts for Gastropod are trying too hard.
  • little miss lizz
    My favorite podcast!
    This is hands down my favorite podcast! It’s interesting, well researched, and the hosts and guests are so charming. Even friends and loved ones who aren’t as into food as I am have enjoyed the episodes I’ve shared with them!
  • MentalPaint
    Incredible Info through a problematic voice
    I know this is shallow but Nicola’s voice is unlistenable to me. A Gastropod book would be great but as a podcast transmitted through sound, I can’t do it.
  • Moolally
    It was good. Informative, entertaining. Got political. Bye.
  • Kath1357
    Love this podcast!
    Always an interesting discussion with lots of different angles—I have learned so much and this podcast has introduced me to so many ideas and topics surrounding food that I had never thought before! Highly recommended!
  • Palafoxiana
    Delightful Podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. I just have one tiny issue, I appreciate clearly spoken language, but your hosts often over articulate their ‘t’s’ which I find a bit irritating and unnatural.
    Sorry voice can’t handle
    I love the content and the information offered. I love the idea of this podcast. I hate to say it but I cannot handle the one woman’s voice / inflection. I have to quit listening.
  • lizaleiselcultjam
    Oh the voice!
    Sorry, but the one host, with the silly half English, sing-song-y, over enunciated voice is more than I can take. Interesting, but just too, odd.
  • jimmyp3000
    Love it
    Learned a lot so far!! Best of all, I’m not wasting money on $9 CBD drinks anymore!! Super interesting, love this podcast
  • game oficianato
    Best Podcast Ever!!
    I absolutely love the blend of story telling and science all centered around food. Everyone has to eat but very few people realize the stories behind the foods we eat. I think this podcast is a beautiful exploration into the behind the scenes of one of our most necessary needs. I recommend this podcast to all of my friends and without fail they always fall in love. Keep up the great work Nicola and Cynthia!!
  • OrrieF
    One of my favorite p'casts. Love it and Cynthia & Nicola!
    First, I can't believe how many people object to the hosts voices - expecially Nicola Twilley's. How petty. Yes, Nicola iis originally from England, but lives in the USA. I started listening to Gastropod after I heard their promo mention that the Mafia originated in Sicily's lemon-growing area. I wrote to G'pod to find out which episode had that story. My wife and I once stayed in a beautiful B&B in the middle of the lemon groves, and had give up our room when a couple of "serious" looking guys arrived with "previous reservations." Cynthia Graber sent a warm email with the info, and I have hooked ever since. I love the podcast and the blend history, science, and gastronomy. A great recipe.
  • Tam Tsm
    Too much annunciation!!
    This podcast could be really good if the hosts were more natural in their annunciation. They both try to hard to have corny radio voices. Some of the topics & stories are very interesting but I can’t get past the distracting fake voices and extreme annunciation. It’s simply annoying!
  • hollywoodbabylon6
    Sick of narrators irritating voices
    Please just speak in a flowing manner why is every host trying to talk with pauses and questions in their voices when it’s simply a statement. So annoying.
  • TrippLongest
    Accents or modulation distracting but like topics
    I get distracted wondering if these are some sort of odd computer generated voices, yet I enjoy the topics. Would listen more often with different modulation or new hosts.
  • Teiki K
    But information but head-scratching sponsors and speech
    Came for the coffee episodes, which were very informative. Unfortunately, I will not continue listening because of Nicola’s irritating intonation. I know I am being petty, but she sounds like a Brit attempting to speak like an American, and I can’t take it. It’s a podcast after all, the host’s voice is meaningful. Additionally, I found it a major faux-pas to have NESPRESSO sponsor the coffee episodes. Major talk of terroir, grinding freshness, farmers, yet sponsored by a company whose business model is couter to these values? Please.
  • Jeff5048
    A podcast for women by women, as for men… well tolerated!
    I was listening to “Then and Now” a podcast by historians. They skipped the week and filled the hour with the “Milk of Life” episode from the the “Gastropod” podcast. I have to say I was impressed with the scientific knowledge expressed regarding the female mammary glands, important details about breast milk, and infant formula. I appreciate that! It wasn’t too long however before I had to shut the podcast off, after all, it is clear that men are such cretins. Proof again that sex discrimination can go both ways! I wish both sexes would drop the male vs. female thing and recognize that prime of all, we’re humans.
  • spideyparker202
    Interesting, informative pod; needs new hosts
    I listened to part of the cookie/biscuit episode and while it was interesting (guests’/experts’ information and hosts’ follow-up to said info) I couldn't get past the hosts’ speech patterns—very hard to listen to. I stopped after a few minutes in.
  • MangoTheGoat
    Love concept; hate the politics
    I’ve listened to quite a number of these and enjoy the information. I listened to an episode recently where the hosts brought up their political views. This is a food podcast and I’m not interested in the host’s opinions on unrelated topics. There are plenty of political podcasts; this does not represent itself to be one of them, so why is on here?
  • StarSharon
    So informative and interesting. Thrilled to have found this.
    I'm loving this podcast. Every episode is incredibly informative and chock full of interesting material. This is truly a hidden gem. If you like food and if you like science, this is is the podcast for you. The science is presented for an audience with or without any background in science. If you like anthropology, history or biology, it will be even more interesting. If you're a foodie or in the food industry, it's also something you might like. The explanations are always understandable by all listeners. The production is tops. Hosts and guests are terrific. I'm addicted to this. Note: I would never have thought this podcast was about food, history and science by its title. I passed it by because I thought it was about Gastropoda. Gastropods are mollusks such as the conch. I wish the podcasters would add the words food, history and science to the cover page for this podcast so others don't make the same mistake I made.
  • Nashx2
    I love food podcasts like Splendid Table, Good Food, Recipe Club etc., so I really wanted to like this one. The topics are great and the research is well-balanced between going in-depth and average interest levels. Unfortunately, the show seems like a SNL skit (Schweddy Balls) and you’re just waiting to hear funny double entendres that never come. The hosts’ manner of speaking together and voices are incredibly off-putting. I am very sensitive to voices and the reviewer that said one of them sounds like AI is dead-on. It’s like a British person is trying to speak with the non-regional diction taught to news anchors in the US—but never being fluent enough to string an entire sentence together so there are awkward phrasing patterns. I wish I could get past it, but I can’t.
  • JKBetker
    Absolute Favorite Podcast
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough if you love food (and of course science and history)! I have been listening for years and always continue to look forward to new episode releases. Each show is filled with fascinating information and endlessly entertaining as well! An enormous thank you to the Gastropod team for this absolute gem.
  • Delawhere86
    The research is amazing!
    Such a well researched show! I learn so much every time. All the interviews you all manage to do with the key people behind the food is just astounding — love it all <3
  • Elephant Pansy Sunshine
    If you love food… you will love this podcast!
    This podcast is such a delight to listen to! I love learning more about the foods I enjoy and was especially pleased to hear the coffee episodes!
  • Cherie B
    My favorite podcast
    This content is wonderful and smart & funny !
  • OpheliaButton
    Very bizarre speech patterns.
    I thought the description sounded intriguing and was looking forward to this podcast, but one of the hosts speaks with very strange and jarring vocal patterns/inflections and I really can’t handle it. It’s like listing to AI software reading a script. Only made it a few minutes into my first episode before I had to stop.
  • Russ the plant scientist
    Monsanto episode
    Overall I enjoyed this podcast but this episode was so terribly biased that I now have to be overtly skeptical to everything they present. I’m sure this is going to negatively effect my further enjoyment of the podcast. When talking about a scientific topic, talk to scientists that specialize in the field not charlatans trying to sell their books.
  • Ethanos5610
    Food Theory Got There First
    MatPat did a video on the Oreo cookie ripping off the Hydrox cookie. I still love you, but I just wanted you to know he posted it two years ago
  • xoxoitslizxoxo
    I found this podcast in December 2021 and I have already listened to 93% of the episodes. I have ADHD so putting the speed on 1.25x is absolutely perfect for me to listen to while I get stuff done around the house. It makes you think about all of the food we eat everyday with a lot more curiosity!
  • 1977ajdalo
    Love it
    In the mddldle of the night with insomnia this is myfavorite show. Engaging but not heavy or political.
  • Doomker
    I’ve subscribed to this podcast for a while now because there always seems to be a good topic chosen, then I get to listening and I am always sent on a tangent and find myself looking for what I thought should be the actual subject of the show. Example: the most recent coffee episode, I would have like to learn more about the history but 2/3 of the podcast ending up being about Michael Pollan and his thoughts on caffeine. Again, great ideas for topics but the episodes often lose focus or are not centered on the title.
  • MDlistener123
    Fantastic podcast; great for the whole family
    It’s not a kids podcast (thank god), but one that the whole family can enjoy and appreciate. Really a great podcast! Such interesting stuff, and who doesn’t love food!
  • AllieFlowers
    New Favorite Show
    I am delighted to have happened across GastroPod. I have been binging episodes and excitedly teaching members of my family all kinds of new and interesting things. I don’t quite have the knack for it that Cynthia and Nicola have, though, so my audiences isn’t as rapt. Dang. I love how crisp the audio is, I love their voices, I love the format. Fan for life. Thank you so much!!!
  • askedthezebra
    So great
    Thank you for making such a great show!
  • Justatwork
    Essential listening for anyone who loves food
    And isn’t that everyone?!
  • Dennisitoz
    Further increased my curiosity for food
    I am in awe of this Podcast Food is my passion and the interesting topics covered on this podcast have only increased it I attribute it’s charm to the lovely hosts and their undeniable chemistry What a treat!
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