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Song Exploder is a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made. Each episode features an artist discussing a song of theirs, breaking down the sounds and ideas that went into the writing and recording. Hosted and produced by Hrishikesh Hirway.

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  • songlover254
    I love this podcast but it needs more popular songs Sia(chandler )or John Legend(all of me) like by newer bands but I love it and I NEEED more of them. I live the show to.i loved the Hamilton one. 𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎𝚍 𝚒𝚝
  • Ezra Snow
    It’s... perfect
    I don’t play music. Yet, my experience in listening to any song is hearing each separate piece both as it’s own and as part of a whole, simultaneously. As a music and storytelling enthusiast, I seek ways to bridge these two from this- my own- vantage point. For me, Song Exploder has it all. It’s not just a podcast about music, and it’s not just a radio show that tells a story. I found the podcast after seeing the Netflix show, and I am a bit embarrassed to be so late to the well-curated party.
  • 🍁☘️🍀
    Good but
    I would like more popular songs and I dislike the first 19 mins. Rest is great
  • 🥰🤩🤗
    More, please
    I liked two of these eps- dua lipa and Selena Gomez, naturally. But I really want you to bring in super popular stars. I like song exploder but I want more.
  • JPR Fan
    Great craft
    As a veteran audio editor and fellow podcast host, I’m a huge fan of this project. It’s fantastic.
  • CB1273
    Really fascinating and deep dive on your fav songs
    I love how deep he goes with each artists to discover what really made these songs happen. If you’re not a music love it may not be right for you….but for me it is really really great. The netflix show is also superb and felt like a therapy sessions - I could listen to Alicia Keys and Sampha talk all day
  • seriously1234
    Love it
    I think it’s very interesting to hear the breakdown of every aspect to the songs. Thanks!
  • mamamggie
    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 everyone always use emojis’s about this
  • CCCCope
    So good
    This podcast is wonderful especially because much of the music is new to me. But the addition of visuals on the new Netflix episodes is awesome.
  • fi swope
    Breaking down good music
    I am not a music expert, but I appreciate the work that artists put into their music. I love that this podcast interviews big names like Selena Gomez, but also more indie artists like Soccer Mommy. A fun podcast that I think anyone could find an episode they’d like.
  • Brydyl
    A podcast for all music lovers
    Learning about the songs I listen to and also being introduced to music that I wouldn’t normally seek out all make this a great podcast. I love hearing about each artist’s creative process and then listening to the final product.
  • TheWildeBunch
    Song Exploder - Mind Blown
    While watching the episode, “Losing My Religion,” I was thrown back to a time in LA when my acting and musician friends and I would share some real, raw kind of stuff and this song was a major force behind my soul-searching. It helped me find my voice and lose my spotlight. What’s key is that each musician has a clear voice and perspective on the making of that song which Hrishikesh plumbs from them with a deft hand and true believer’s ear. You trust him with this piece of music. It feels safe in the hands of a host like this because it isn’t sacred to him. It’s worth it. Worth exploring because it is so confounding to believe in and because of the impact it had had on so many over the years. So many like me, who had been denied by decisions and circumstances to be a part of what could conceivably be termed a zeitgeist in new rock’s expression of what it believed in. And, when you find the voice within to parry with such a great one as Stipe, even if it’s sequestered only in your shower, it feels true what he must be going through. The interview allows him the space to be as vulnerable as he needs, and Stipe seems to relive moments. Those moments, especially to someone who was in a daze and confused state of mind in the early nineties, are sacred. Whatever you believe, the song is elegantly dissected and we are, along with the band - which is so crucial to the success of this show - exposed to the raw delight and gifted with the freedom to ponder the de-mystified wonder that is the song du jour.
  • hdkshsiaoejejsj
    Used to be cool.
    Now they sold out and we have to hear from all these celebrity pop artists about how other people wrote and produced their songs. And NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT
  • Mirafrustrated
    I Was Today Years Old When...
    ...I realized Song Exploder was hosted by a brown person!!!! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 I love this pod. Love it. As a brown female musician this is everything.
  • Nycbarr
    A MUST for music lovers
    Artists share the inside story of the germination & creation of a song
  • hazelbnr
    Creative insights
    Just the right length of show to get message across and keep audience wanting more.
  • jbriancraig
    Great for Songwriters
    As a songwriter and producer this show always gets the juices flowing and makes me feel inspired
  • Tbench90
    The best podcasts are an art medium unto themselves. This one delivers.
  • mindcentric
    The perfect short music podcast
    This connects on so many levels. Just cannot get enough. -ME Absolutely wonderful: Waxahatchie
  • That Andrew Smith
    A Gem
    This series animates music, revels in its details, and, on multiple occasions, has genuinely moved me. Love it.
  • skfreskdoeodndn
    A Treat
    This podcast is so special! I relish the details of how a song came together for an artist. I especially enjoyed the episodes on “Closing Time” and The Daily theme. I love how detailed the episodes are and the way the artist walks us through each step in the song’s creation. I recommend this podcast often, and I have even assigned it as homework to my students!
  • lolichty
    Love it but wished more well-known artists were featured
    I absolutely love this podcast, but I which it was able to feature some more week-known artists as well. It’s super cool and exciting to hear the thought behind songs you know well.
  • btachi
    I literally tell everyone about this podcast. Extremely well-produced with such a diverse and interesting range of musicians and artists. 🖤
  • Bekatina
    love it!!!! :)
    really really good show. makes me feel Smart when i’m familiar with a musical guest; helps me Become Smart when i’m not!
  • mrand920
    So glad i found this
  • elle cap 12
    So happy I found this while browsing for something new(to me.) The first episode I listened to was Aimee Mann. I have spent untold hours with her music and love her madly. Love Jonathan Coulton too and hearing about their collaboration to write this gorgeous song was a real treat. We are so used to hearing the finished product that learning about the process makes the music even more amazing and personal. Cannot take my ears off it!
  • 56235782146
    So nice
    I just love this.
  • cameracoolbeans
    cannot get enough
    I love everything about this podcast! learning the story and musical process behind songs from my favorite artists (and artists I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet) - just wonderful. Can’t recommend enough.
  • daisymaisy
    Very informative
    Lovely to hear how someone’s creative process unfolds
  • jrrrrren
    Great for new music discovery
    I always end up discovering great new artists or listening to music I wouldn’t normally gravitate towards- and learning about the creative process of my favorite artists too!
  • Daniellie
    love it!
    love that this podcast captures the idea of storytelling through songs
  • normanrockwell__
    Favorite new podcast
    This is my favorite new podcast! Very happy to have discovered it during this time 💘
  • TheDnDPodcast
    Good, If you care about the artist
    I want to like this more than I actually do. The main problem is that 90% of these songs are unfamiliar to me.
  • dooreye
    Fantastic Episode
    Perhaps it is because I am a Nathanial fan but this episode was so fantastic. You could feel how emotional it was for him to write this song and he was so honest in his interview. More like this please!!!
  • Luzmob
    Excellent Show
    I absolutely love the premise and format. Executed with surgical precision, and I appreciate the absence of host throughout. My only criticism is that I don't know or care about the majority of the musicians covered. But that is a taste thing, right? When he does cover bands I like, it is a real treat.
  • paulina colada
    This podcast rules and is one of my favorites. Great concept and very informative and entertaining. You really get to deep dive into the stories of these musicians and it’s great.
  • QueenieAK
    Love the concept!
    Great concept but wish there were more well know songs. I love listening to the breakdown of the songs and behind the scenes information. I don’t listen when it’s a song or artist/band I’m not familiar with.
  • Tsiku-
    Great for learning about known and unknown-to-you artists
    This podcast is rare in that it serves dual purposes for me: I am thrilled when I come across an episode featuring an artist I already love explaining their process, and it enables my desire for music discovery insofar as I have found previously unknown songs to add to my playlists. Love it! Keep up the great work.
  • Jamieleto
    One of my favorites ever!
    One of my favorite podcasts! Soothing and calming to listen to, while also being fascinating and taking you deep into musicians’ process. Perfection! And such an impressive array of artists too!
  • Thing 1243
    Is alright.
    Does anyone really find protools production interesting to hear about? Gimme some novel ways to get great sound with stuff found in junk drawers in any home.
  • barttttt223
    Great concept!
    Another top notch podcast from the Radiotopia network! Hearing the story and production behind songs is so fascinating. I’ve been exposed to tons of artists that I normally wouldn’t gravitate towards. I love the wide variety of genres!
  • TinyTimay
    Great Introducer to New and Different Music
    So many of my favorite songs have come from this podcast. I love knowing more to the lyrics and inspiration to songs. I love how “piece by piece” this podcast shows how a song is made and the stories around the song writing/producing process. I hear so much more to songs featured on the podcast whether.
  • mike_nads
    Not bad.
    Only a couple bands/songs I was interested in listening to. Metallica was cool but vague and not very song specific info. The Fleetwood Mac episode was much more in depth and enjoyable to listen to.
  • Love.Unity.Humanity
    Good Listening
    Fell in Love with this podcast as a recommendation. It’s a lot of fun and I use this as a way to meditate and learn.
  • BertoCF84
    My Favorite Podcast
    Whenever I recommend this to people, I always tell them that even if you don’t like the song or genre you’ll end up appreciating the process. An utter delight.
  • deftones8484
    Nice it was so great hearing this a second time
    Good all the time
  • murchentile
    I can’t say enough about this podcast so I won’t even try. If you love music or a musician who knows music this podcast breaks down one song from an artist from initial first lines, collaboration with producers and engineers to band members and other musicians all streamlined in a 20 -30 min package. Well produced and thoughtfully presented.
  • diamondpoint
    One of my favorite podcasts
    I haven’t found a single podcast quite like this one. It gives such an interesting perspective to music that I love. I definitely gain a new appreciation for the songwriting process and how each artist does it differently. 11/10 would recommend.
  • Kitty Pogonia
    So cool behind the scenes!
    I love that this podcast goes in depth into how artists write their songs! And even though I don’t listen to every artist that has an episode in this podcast I think that is actually a good thing because it means the host is picking a wide spectrum of artists and music genres to work with! I have discovered many new songs from artistsI already knew and loved and ones that I just discovered. I love this podcast! Keep up the great work!
  • revdcobb
    Always on my playlist
    There are only a few podcasts I save up for a long day driving. Song Exploder is one of my favorites. Breaking down music in the words of the artist makes me a better listener.
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