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The Sword and Scale true-crime podcast is an immersive audio experience covering the dark side of humanity and human nature. Our stories delve into the worst of the worst and include murder, rape, dismemberment and cannibalism. The worst monsters are real.

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  • hay_becca
    Womp, womp.
    Shame the host can’t get out of his own way, because the research, coverage, and production value presented is actually pretty impressive. Boudet, however, has no concept of a high road, and he radiates the insecurity and impotent rage characteristic of a 4chan edge lord. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ can’t have it all, I guess.
  • milotlf
    I'm addicted.
    I am absolutely addicted to this podcast, honestly there is nothing like it, Mike is fabulous, he is honest & true. I love the way he lets it fly good or bad, he speaks for the victim & that's the way it should be!!
  • caneyj
    Be as confident as Mike butchering words and mansplaining why he’s right
    Listening to Mike B try to pronounce Appalachia and then mansplain how natives pronounce it (albeit absolutely butchering that as well: apple otcha? That’s a new one) and then being like, so yeah I’m gonna call it this because the people that actually live there are hillbillies pretty much sums him up. Apple-atcha If you say appalaysha, I’ll throw an apple atcha!
  • Monroever
    Try “INVISIBLE CHOIR” instead!!
    I used to like sword and scale, but the host has gotten SO dramatic. He’s so obsessed with the people that don’t like him that he makes the podcast annoying for the rest of us with his constant ego stroking and random inserts about his “haters”. It’s like listening to a high school girl. Check out Invisible Choir instead! It’s all of the details, court/911 audio, and gore but without all the personal drama.
  • Kaliyali
    Dry humor & respect to the victims
    Mike has a great dry humor while giving the utmost respect to the victims. Good job, buddy!
  • BankAddict
    Well done, but quit the cutsie jokes
    Great podcast. I just wish the host would stop with the cute, tongue in cheek comments, about people involved or banana puddings. Someone died brutally; their family are still suffering. Lets respect them. Thanks for bringing the story to the public’s attention. Update: Ok, you won me over. I took a break from your podcast, got mental help (lol) and now see what you’re doing! Keep up the good work.
  • ambre12-7
    Death penalty
    #SwordAndScale episode +58 I really don’t GAF if it hurts or if the person sentenced to death suffers. Honestly, I think they should be killed in the same way they killed their victim(s)…(In this case, sodomized, shot twice, and buried alive to suffocate to death) 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • LaraNicole82
    Wish I could give zero stars
    Host is a racist misogynist. Done.
  • really really really?!
    Dub step
    “To the guy who complains about dubstep in the intro, enjoy” YES! I was shown your podcast today and I’m hooked. I Love the intro and I love how the stories are given differently that other podcasts and the stories are once I haven’t heard and a little crazier. It’s why your the original right? Umm 🤔 ya!
  • OskieJ0
    Episode 165
    Congratulations for a intriging episode 200. Fabulous podcast!
  • internetbridget
    Misogynist douche
    Insults sex workers. The host is a clown.
  • Hopheadxx
    Good but
    His inflection and sometimes callousness is a little off putting.
  • Lissalou888
    Love the content, your voice AND the dubstep!
    Seriously, my favorite true crime podcast (actually it is my favorite all-time). Thank you for amazing storytelling voice and common-sense commentary. Keep doing this and I’ll be here for life!
  • Funmom6870
    Too judgmental
    Too judgmental and optionated. Just tell the story.
  • Court89Vision
    Episode 85’s Footnote
    Hey! I’ve recently discovered the show and can’t stop listening! I wanted to say how much I appreciate you including the call from the psychologist at the end of episode 85. I’m an avid listener of true crime and also someone who lives with Schizoaffective disorder. The language used at times by host along with suggestions made can be disheartening. The stigma he described is perhaps the biggest obstacle because no amount of effort, therapy or medication can ever heal it. It’s always there. That call was so encouraging to hear and I’m hopeful not only you but listeners as well felt encouraged to follow his advice. Thanks again for including it, sometimes something seemingly small can be quite impactful.
  • boybouboyboy
    Awful guy
    This guy seems like a horrible human. Will never listen again
  • briellebbb
    Cringeworthy commentary
    If you enjoy listening to a sociopath awkwardly force in rape jokes and uninformed political commentary than I guess this is for you. Oh, and if you disagree with Bidet or even offer constructive criticism, you're just a triggered snowflake. Check out the dude's social media feeds. Weird and sad.
  • Tyro240
    What a powerhouse podcast!
    I cannot get enough! I’m trying to back to the beginning and get through all these episodes because I love each of them so much. The detail and time spent on each is impeccable and I couldn’t be happier that Mike has been having so much success. Here’s to another 200 episodes and more!
  • KingBlarf
    My NEW Favorite True Crime Podcast/Host!
    My NEW Favorite True Crime Podcast/Host! REFRESHING.
  • Chi.Momma.80
    Great podcast.
  • SerenityRoseE
    My Favorite modern day true crime podcast
    Fantastic show! I'm bummed they are moving to spotify. I will miss it. The content and excitement is perfectly balanced.
  • Lex-D
    I used to like but now…
    Host constantly make misogynistic and transphobic remarks midstory that ruin the content. Get off your high horse, there’s other podcasts that are better and don’t have to shove your opinions down your throat.
  • anthoniis
    To The Critics
    Like my Godfather (may he rest in peace) used to say, “figlio, forget about it, e” For reals though, your podcast is on private land, grounds, tell the critics to stay away. keep doing what you do and what you love to do, nobody has the right to take that away.
  • JonnyV33
    Started Off OK, Quickly Turned to Garbage
    Was a very interesting show at the start. Well-produced and detailed. The creator's "takes" on certain events during the stories he's telling are a clue as to where the show ends up getting derailed, though; even in the early episodes, he often states relatively strange opintions as though they're part of the fact-structure of the story he's telling. It's usually clear that he's offering his opinion, but not always, and for a podcast that's centered on true-crime, it's important for that distinciton to be clear. It was offputting enough that I always assumed the creator of this show was in his late teens, as it just comes off as a very immature way of relaying a story. Maybe 30 episodes in, the distinction between the creator's (again, often very odd opinions) and the substance of the crime he's talking about is gone. When that happens, a majority of the show becomes about the creator instead of the content. That can work when the creators are likeable and offer their own value outside of the true-crime content (think LPOTL), but it doesn't come close to working for the creator here. While I stopped listening a while ago, I'm not suprprised in the least to hear the controversy that has overtaken the show.
  • Theodorable2
    Don’t bother
    Mike Boudet could have been great. His early content was good. He’s now about self-praise thinking he can be the next Trump. Nice try. In one episode, he calls himself a “Chad”, the internet slang for an elite stud. Hardly, Mike. This podcast has gone downhill ever since he wanted to take apart a woman, to see how it worked. I’m watching an episode of Dateline where the killer wrote almost the exact same thing. Gross.
  • tannerb69
    Good podcaster with a low IQ
    Keep your politics out of it, simp. Made a transphobic remark in one of the previous episodes and a really gross and uneducated comment about strippers in the new plus episode. It’s just tacky, dude. You keep making yourself look bad. We’re all getting second-hand embarrassment.
  • DirtyBus
    Find another True Crime podcast
    Mike is a douche bro who derides both his subject material and his audience. He calls real victims of unspeakable horror and trauma his “characters” and laughs at their misfortune and suffering with his cohorts. He insults his audiences’ intelligence and makes light of the painful subject material he is describing. True Crime podcasts are everywhere, find another one. Give this a pass it’s one of the most toxic and empathy less broadcasts I’ve ever listened to. Read the other reviews here to find loads of 5 star apology reviews that back up what I’m saying.
  • AnnaPrekeges
    Plus 101?
    When are the next episodes coming out? I understand 100 was a landmark but where is 101?
  • Paul Osbourne
    Incel host & too many long music pauses
    The host, mike is clearly a very opinionated person. He makes his resentment toward women and anyone on the left painfully obvious. He has a way of making his audience driving to and from work every day question, "who hurt you?". He also fluffs every episode up with ample long music pauses and other unnecessary dramatic pauses that you have to skip through regularly.
  • d_rice1980
    Great podcast
    Just an all around great show. Thanks guys.
  • Sparklematica
    This is so well-made and I've noticed how it's been refined through the episodes as he gains more experience. Mike does a fantastic job where you actually see and imagine the story like a good book or you like you're watching TV in your head. Makes the miles fly by! Only slight little tiny complaint is the music is ssssoooo loud compared to the rest of the show but I can deal.
  • goldcrowpdx
    Sword & Scale was my 1st favorite podcast.
    Like I said in my call (which you aired!! Love you Mike!) Screw the wussies! This is a grownups true crime podcast. The quality of the production, content, dark humor, music, pretty much S&S is the complete package. One thing I love about you and Dave Chappell, is that you aren’t afraid to get people’s panties into a bunch! Haha I may be the weirdest liberal out there. I love guns, gays, trans people, drag queens, learning about serial killers and I hate all humans equally, but I believe they should all receive the same level of respect and protection. I am a pansexual freak, covered in tattoos who loves anything dark and scary, but I fall apart when I see a cute puppy or watch a queer person cry. HOWEVER, this liberal weirdo doesn’t believe in cancel culture. I am always down to take a piss out of anyone, regardless of gender, sex, race, or creed. If you are uncomfortable, you are being pushed out of your comfort zone. It’s good for you. (Disclaimer: I hate that I have to clarify this, but obviously this excludes hate speech or sexual harassment. Duh) Keep it coming, Mike, and I will keep being a Patreon member! Xoxoxox
  • lin-seae
    Thank You Wondery
    Happy that this podcast has been dropped from their lineup. I used to love the show, only to realize as the episodes went on, Mike was injecting his personal opinions and problematic, misogynistic, sexist comments far too often. He also seeks out stories simply for shock value and with little courtesy to the people involved in the story. Do yourself a favor and avoid this one, folks. This ain’t a good true crime podcast.
  • elysee_cm
    Outstanding. Well done.
    I work for the LA times. This podcast is outstanding. Carefully researched, passionately curious, mike is admirable. Exceptional. I also want to note: 4 stars out of 50+k reviews substantially surpasses any and all 5 stars of 2k (on average and at most) reviews☺️
  • chuckshmc
    This podcast is simply amazing. I listen to Dateline and 20/20 also, they fail miserably compared to S&S. Keep up the great work, but please for the love of everything change the music.
  • DarkstarLM
    All the way
    Anyone that gives 1 star to SAS is an idiot that can’t think for themselves. Love the show Mike
  • dramamama2007
    Best podcast
    You guys are so much better than the other podcasts. Thank you for being professionals!
  • Krammin
    Great stories, solid host… Most of the time.
    The stories are always great, intense, and the narration is done very well. My biggest problem is that once or twice an episode, the host tries to shoehorn in a needlessly edgy joke and then pauses as if he’s waiting for applause. Worth a listen, just be prepared to cringe on occasion.
  • TheChameleon
    Good podcast
    It’s a good podcast
  • Gfdmkpk
    THE True Crime Podcast
    If you are nauseated by opining valley girls and dramatic Dateline style reporting, look no further — Sword and Scale is the answer to true crime podcast aficionados. Mike’s got a great radio voice and inserts actual interviews, 911 calls, and other artifacts from the case for an immersive and engaging listening experience. He’s got a knack for painting the picture while also sharing his thoughts (which I love) adding just the right touch of personality. Don’t miss this one—a great show with an excellent host.
  • x.keeks.x
    I’m not a true crime type of person
    I never really like true crimes shows on TV unless my Grandma happened to have it flipped on in the living room. Sometimes I’d get into it but mostly I’d stick to my music. Never did I think I would be so immersed in a podcast and I truly believe if there was a different host that I wouldn’t like the show. Thank you so much for making the workday feel shorter.
  • lilakathleen
    I personally love the intro dubstep vibe
    Chefs kiss
  • Kismet128
    Great host, great content!
    I looooooooove Mike’s delivery and his generous sprinkling of snark throughout the storytelling. (You’re saying exactly what we’re all thinking, Mike!) The stories are well researched, and the host brings a depth of knowledge about criminal behavior and patterns that I really appreciate.
  • London'sCalling
    Unmatched true crime podcasting
    Undoubtedly the best true crime podcast in the game. I’m disappointed thatI didn’t discover it sooner!
  • carlsss13
    Best true crime podcast
    AMAZING!! All the negative comments come from snowflakes so if you’re a cry baby (too many in today’s world) don’t listen. He’s so straight forward and to the point; doesn’t sugar coat anything!! Brutally honest which is how these cases should be told! LOVE highly recommend
  • saflores2
    still the top tier true crime podcast
    No other podcast compares to the quality of Sword and Scale. I have listened to a lot of podcasts looking for one that doesn’t have hosts who talk incessantly about their personal lives before they decide to tell you a case, or give unnecessary details that don’t add anything to the story, or try to play up the theatrics when retelling a true crime story. So far, Mike’s podcast is the only truly well researched, well put-together, podcast that brings you a mix of incredible story retelling ability, sticks to the important facts, and gives you only the best parts of audio clips in each case when available. This is such a quality podcast, and Mike has expertly crafted his skills in what he does to bring us episode after episode of golden content. I truly appreciate the work he does to bring what he does the the table in true crime podcasting again and again. Word of Advice; if you are easily offended, or can’t decipher satirical/dark jokes for what they are, stay away from S&S social media. You can complain and try to attack Mike because you don’t like the way he jokes but I promise you no one cares that you spent 10 minutes writing a scathing response to a post you didn’t like. Just stay away from his socials and enjoy the podcast. Seriously.
  • thegreatspag
    Great show with an unbearable host
    I really used to love this show. The way it’s presented and put together is amazing, especially it’s use of clips from interviews and interrogations. But Mike has become completely unbearable. He feels the need to insert his transphobic views into episodes that have nothing to do with the trans community. And he seems to revel in the fact that people will be offended by the things he says. If he would stick to the case details, I would continue to listen.
  • Kean262
    Please do Sherry Shriner
  • Yhgygf
    Mike boudet is an absolute racist
    Just look up his Reddit thread.
  • Angie_oOo
    YOUR SHOW IS... one word... PERFECTION. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!! You have such an amazing voice!
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