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Every Tuesday and Friday, Recode’s Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no one else. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. From New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • cocosaid198
    Had to bail after a year+
    I liked this podcast a lot and listened for over a year. But after the last episode of both hosts yet again going off about people who aren’t jumping in-line to take an FDA unapproved vaccine for a disease with a 2% fatality rate, I dropped it. Sorry if some of us trust our immune systems over the government. Not to mention the holier than thou attitudes and competing egos get boring.
  • Matt_C29
    Scott G fire your Financial Planner
    Luv the show! But I’m shocked how many of my favorite podcasts & YT’s bought Coinbase on April 14th. Are there no financial planners shouting “Never Pay on IPO day” anymore?
  • Blorpal
    Crypto will indeed unseat the dollar
    That is the point of Bitcoin. To unseat the corrupt governments and decentralize power as we move closer to a society governed by logic and not pink fleshy chimpanzees. Scott talks like this is a bad thing.
  • i am here for knowledge
    Incessant interruptions
    Please allow each other to finish a thought / sentence . This is very distracting to the listener
  • Alex Kelley
    #WTF - Tim Cook on Sway??!! Ugh HUGE MISS
    Sick 🤮🤮🤮what a HUGE MISS w/out Scott! Very disappointing - wish there was more substance on ... Again HUGE MISS!
  • vexistentialista
    I agree with rabidmoderate (review above) re: McWhorter
    Basically, this podcast burst from the head of Zeus. Brava/Bravo. This podcast has also sent me to both hosts’ other podcasts. Well-played, all involved. PS: “Zag” is another word for “Pivot”. (This refers to a relatively recent episode... if either The Kara or The Professor remember this reference, this was my “hot take”. Next time I’ll tweet it.)
  • jFolley
    Be open to guests
    Enjoy this show as well as Ben Shapiro. Disappointed Kara wouldn’t consider having Ben on. “The dog” ain’t scared.
  • mike from Rochester
    unsubscribed today
    I find Kara to be intelligent and well informed, and for months it has been a balance of my respect for her and my doubts about Scott. My opinion of him runs from the mildly irrated, to wit: Lazy and incoherent WW2 analogies; To enraging: Supporting extra judical killings of Americans (Edward Snowden). But today was the last straw: Anyone who thinks Ben Shapiro is worthy of praise is not someone I will waste my time with. Scott should take an hour, get on YouTube and watch "The Easy Answers of YouTube Conservatism feat. Ben Shapiro" by Three Arrows. Maybe he'll learn something. I am politically left, as you can probably tell, and Pivot was a somtimes enjoyable peek into the mind set of the upper-middle and upper class. Guess I will have to look somewhere else. The stars are for Kara, none for Scott
  • jerusalem gurl
    Hey kids, an Armenian immigrant from Lebanon via Canada is ceo of Moderna.
  • rabidmoderate
    John McWhorter
    A national treasure. Have more people like him. Bravo for inviting him. And Scott, John does not have tenure. That’s how brave he is!
  • nickname321321321
    Love these two
    Interesting, fun, insightful, can’t get enough. And for all the people complaining about Kira talking over Scott, he sometimes rambles on and deserves it. I love them both for being able to balance each other out.
  • NastyWoman82
    Too self involved
    I feel like Kara cannot go 30 seconds without name dropping, or mentioning that she has gotten job offers from all the tech companies, etc. If she were bringing up people she knows or job offers she’s turned down to illustrate a point, that would be one thing, but it feels like mostly self aggrandizement. I love Scott, and I love Kara too... I’m just not sure I love Kara as much as Kara loves Kara. It’s made the pod borderline unlistenable at this point.
  • Boisestatealum
    Excellent content/horrible interruptions
    Kara saying “We’ll see, We’ll See” is code for telling Scott to be quiet... he will be presenting both sides of an argument, or even just explaining how the right might interpret something, and then is just her shutting it down. We listen to this podcast for Scott’s takes on things, not Kara’s opinions which are so biased they are off the charts to the left. Summary: the liberal outrage doesn’t apply to all of your audience. Thanks for what you do, and for the free content!
  • tsquared3
    Informative and Entertaining
    I’ve learned quite a bit from this podcast about tech and business. Kara and Scott discuss things in a way that makes it easy to understand for folks who are intellectually curious but not necessarily steeped in the details of tech. Also, I find their banter extremely entertaining. Great chemistry.
  • ubique13
    Kara and Scott can talk in my ears all day.
    You know what it is.
  • KyeP27
    Episode 192 - EPIC
    I love the show and the guests that it brings to have challenging discussion. The producers hit their zenith by inviting on John McWhorter to discuss cancel culture, which is the bête noir of our current era. While I realize that there have been many casualties in this recent outbreak of the culture war, I’ve viewed these excesses as necessary as it has certainly shifted the boundary of what is, and isn’t, acceptable behavior in society and our institutions. In my opinion, we’ve also expanded the boundaries of inclusivity by decades, in the span of a couple of years, even though this growth has been painful. Even still, it’s important to have guests that challenge the status quo from thoughtful perspective, as McWhorter does. My main takeaway from the discussion is that words and actions matter, and people should continue to be challenged to think.
  • Stevenucci
    Smart and irreverent
    Love the unfiltered banter and wide ranging discussions.
  • 001101001019292827292
    Scott’s great. But Kara keeps talking over him
    Scott’s great. But Kara keeps talking over him. I still listen, but it’s frustrating. I like Kara in her solo podcast Sway, but here with Scott as a partner it just seems like she’s trying to always have a blip of her voice in there all the time, especially when it’s not necessary. Let Scott finish his thoughts. He’s so good. Kara’s good too, but ugh. Know when to shhh
  • RaFa my dogs name
    Kara: inarticulate narcissist
    Scott is the brains of the operation let him talk. Scott gets a 5 star rating and Kara 1. Scott: get a better co-host, who is thoughtful, quick witted and smart like you.
  • Mimsy H
    Stop talking over Scott
    Would be 5 stars if Kara would stop her incessant interruptions and talking over Scott. Please let him finish a sentence for the love of god.
  • Zonkerwatts
    Yellow dress
    Hi I have to comment on the yellow dress dialogue. I feel her memory was discounted. It’s important to take a moment and not make others memories your own or co-op them.
  • Refd 3422
    New take on current events discussion
    The podcast is about hosts casually discussing current events and inviting guests to ask them questions. The hosts can a bit full of themselves, but that’s probably justified with their credentials. It’s less of a structured, on-point discussion and more of a casual dialog between two colleagues who like to get under each other’s skin On the flip side, there is a lot of thoughtful, balanced opinion. Certainly worth listening for someone who wants to expand their understanding of current events.
  • DR5513
    Informative and Entertaining
    Top-notch insights, funny, entertaining and surprisingly useful professional advice. Kara is a rock star and Scott is incredibly underrated.
  • bkuewave2020
    Your banter
    Thank you, thank you!
  • Taebae22
    This podcast would be really enlightening and entertaining if Kara didn’t constantly talk over and interrupt Scott. It makes it hard to follow. It seems like every time Scott begins a deep and illuminating thought, Kara interjects with a useless comment.
  • apelton95
    Pivot’s a necessary listen
    Kara and Scott have such a wonderful host relationship. Both offer tech, politics, and business takes with pomp and flare in a way that ties the complexities of the world together well. Always appreciate tech news w/ rotations of laughs and seriousness.
  • kodiakate
    Please stop
    Please Kara, stop interrupting Scott. Thank you
  • Dsklaver
    Love these 2
    Always informative. Always bringing new insights. Great chemistry. Keep them coming. Thanks Kata and Scott.
  • AlexisM11
    Bill Maher
    Scott... you slayed it on Bill Maher, I’m a big fan. That all I gotta say!
  • Ladyomygod
    Things I never think about
    Love the topics and energetic discussion. Galloway is a rock star and he wears bluntness as a badge of honor, which he should. We don’t need to be coddled. Kara is smart and a bit of a character, not in a “bless-her-heart” way, but in her contrast to Galloway. However, Kara’s nervous energy and constant interruptions need to be curtailed a bit. It can hinder appreciation for the listener.
  • Fully Tech
    Must-listen every week
    This is the only podcast I never miss. While the host’s rapport took some getting used to (are they frenemies?), I’ve now listened religiously since early 2020 and find it extremely insightful and valuable - and funny - each and every episode. Love both Kara and Scott and their varied viewpoints.
  • ESinDC'93
    Entertaining but Out of Touch
    I generally listen to both episodes a week and enjoy them but sometimes I’m genuinely astonished by Kara’s behavior and attitude. It seems a bit out of touch for 2021. Most people in the country aren’t experiencing life the ways she does, full of money, privilege, and entrenched power. Recent examples include: throwing a fit about the vaccine system in DC so she could jump the line through use of her contacts, and bragging about getting her daughter into a good preschool (she says she knows her daughter will get into all of the best colleges one day because she guarantees it). Later, she jokes about how she will have really made it when she has a private plane, as if the lifestyle she often describes living in DC isn’t out of reach at all for most people. All of that is to say, as a listener, it doesn’t feel good to hear the host brag about how impervious they are to the troubles of the lower classes. People are struggling right now and more sensitivity would be appreciated. Other than that, I find the episodes entertaining and informative.
  • bmzir
    I like it, but
    Kara is often the weak link. Constant interruptions, as others have mentioned, and her points are often half baked and much less articulate. Of the two hosts, she is less original and less likable in most episodes
  • oaklandjnj
    Great job Scott on Real Time
    Bill is a grouch. I like the interaction between you and Larry.
  • loyallistener222
    Get smart on business & tech
    There are a lot of bad takes out there about business and tech news. Kara and Scott are the best. Smart, witty, and refreshing
  • jojadejo
    Thank you
    Really enjoy this podcast
  • LostKoala
    I’m a big fan!
    Dear Prof and Jungle Cat, What a brilliant, excellent and entertaining podcast! You’ve dramatically improved my pandemic life. Thank you!
  • carla2692
    Scott, “problematic” is not a personality
    Are these testosterone jokes supposed to be referencing HRT? The cute Kara/Scott banter ain’t worth the transphobia.
  • omoo22
    Kevin Roose episode
    Another “you know” “you know” “you know” “you know” “you know” interviewee. No I DON’T “you know”, that’s why I’m listening. Don’t these folks ever listen to themselves speak?
  • hauntym
    Great Insights!
    I mostly enjoy this podcast. Scott is particularly well spoken and really explains himself well. I often have a problem with Kara not articulating well or completing her thoughts. I also think Scott is just much smarter and has better takes than Kara. It can also be a bit repetitive.
  • Can't play at all!!!!!!?!
    A must listen!
    I love Scott’s predictions and his unfiltered opinions on the events happening around us, it is a refreshing take. I love Kara’s insight on tech, business, and politics. I can listen to those two bicker on for hours!
  • RicoChulo
    Fast-paced, informative
    Enjoyable and informative podcast. A lot of information is presented which it great. It’d be more enjoyable if the hosts did not talk at the same time. Sometimes it gets exhausting and frustrating trying to understand a statement by host A when host B speaks on top.
  • Slammer43
  • Kumar NYC
    Great Listen
  • snshew12
    Awesome show...but
    Great podcast...but frustrating often times when Kara interrupts Scott at some of his most salient moments. Otherwise I’d have given 5 stars. But again, FANTASTIC SHOW. Update- Kara has only gotten worse at incessantly talking over Scott. It really is an ear-beating. It really diminishes enjoyment of the pod. Would someone in Kara’s inner circle please talk to her about the constant interruptions. I will keep listening and hoping.
  • Tim Le9
    Great chemistry and insights!
    Highly recommend and helps you learn about to think about the business world. Very good chemistry with each other! Some incredibly insightful takes hidden amongst a number constantly repeated, poorly research takes
  • michel de morale
    Not for everyone
    Entertaining if you can appreciate the personalities, sprinkled with some useful analysis.
  • blablayaddayadda
    Nice balance and informed.
    Don’t always agree with either Scott and Kara, but love their chemistry, irreverence, and insight. One of my favorite podcasts.
  • lexiiiui2019
    Humor and Honesty
    The banter between them is so entertaining and keeps me listening! These are my people. Please never stop recording y’all. Kara and Scott are very knowledgeable and educated about what they talk about. Love Kara because I share very similar beliefs. Love Scott because he’s hilarious and I enjoy hearing his predictions.
  • murchentile
    A million stars
    You’d be a stupid head if you don’t subscribe. Snarky, witty and so informative this duo is a must listen to !!!!!
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