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Every Tuesday and Friday, tech journalist Kara Swisher and NYU Professor Scott Galloway offer sharp, unfiltered insights into the biggest stories in tech, business, and politics. They make bold predictions, pick winners and losers, and bicker and banter like no one else. After all, with great power comes great scrutiny. From New York Magazine and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • Autheurial Buthknot
    Neutral evil
    Anything they talk about about which I am well informed they’re in the wrong or ignorant. On any other topic, it seems like they’re right. I generally remind myself of this during every episode. They think they wish the world well, but in fact, they do not. Galloway in particular believes he is somewhere in the middle, while he maintains right wing denial of the horrors of American Exceptionalism, fabricates the causes of male exceptionalism, and parrots the growth ideology of a bacteria colony: extraction and exploitation. Swisher seems to be living a dream, based in ego and energy, and she does not deny it.
  • tax returns sally
    Neither interesting nor informative
    Too much time is devoted to their childish, personal interplay. To the point I have found the podcast too boring to listen to. It disrespects me & my time to inflict this childish behavior on me. I don’t follow any longer. Too bad zero or negative stars are not available.
  • Deep South Listener
    I was so excited
    …for well-versed, intellectual banter! Professor Galloway, do you correct your co-host? Do you rudely interrupt your co-host? There is a distinction to be made between the former behaviors and high spiritedness: RESPECT for others.
  • BenR16
    Not Impressed
    Can I get my 20 minuets back that I wasted before exiting the self congratulatory backslapping and out of touch irrelevant commentary. Florida is doing great under DeSantis? Really, maybe check with the average Floridian and what DeSantis ignores while pursuing culture bashing politics
  • jdigitydogg
    Democrats cheat
    Liberal propaganda outfit
  • helen jeong
    The best media analyst duo!
    I look forward to new episodes every week. Superbly smart, thoughtful and analytical while being inclusive and emphatic toward diff viewpoints. Even their bickering over little things are endearing.
  • open minded democrat
    Scott and Both-Sides Ism!
    Kara - please get Scott to stop with the both-sides ism. These false equivalents he is making between left and right are getting me close to stopping my subscription. He is losing credibility. He seems completely blinded by his insularity - about how LGBTQ folks and other minority communities are being threatened by the right. His blindness in disappointing. I expected better from someone generally as insightful as him.
  • KylieKylie
    AI will never replace Pivot
    Kara and Scott take us on a fast-paced journey of news alongside incisive conversations at the intersection of tech, business, and society in a rollicking, respectful, engaging style. Never miss an episode!
  • Viking X
    Kara needs to go
    At least try to make it relevant
  • RaFa my dogs name
    Again we have to hear about her “great” kids…
    Really who wants to hear about them? Notice how Scott doesn’t drone on about how wonderful his kids are but rather presents a realistic and honest view of them.
  • BGM4288
    Big Scott Galloway Fan
    Discovered this podcast after exhausting most of Scott’s other content. Love the discussions. I learn something new every single time. Kind of addicted. Thanks for teaching us so much guys!
  • JT probono
    Hosts out of touch but still somehow good.
    The hosts are very anti- union and do little to hide their disdain for organized labor. Kara and Scott almost exclusively interview tech and media CEO’s, mostly white and that is the prospective they are most comfortable with and the show’s prospective in general. It’s still a well produced show; Kara and Scott have great “on air” chemistry together and they do have some fresh takes on current events. The show should make an effort to bring on more diverse voices, prospectives and points of view.
  • Prometheus---
    Great P-Cast
    Kara did you see Musk on Bill Maher the other night? Did or did not Bill Maher have Elon’s penis in his mouth?
  • Kathy 968
    Lighten up on Kara and Scott
    Kara and Scott are working hard to bring their voices and insights, sometimes singular opinions, to us. Listeners who write bad reviews — think for a minute about the commitment of time and life this takes - hours of work — to bring us insight into a complicated world that we want to know and understand but dont have the time or ability to enter without their illumination. I like Kara and Scott - they are human and complicated, not always agreeable, they love their kids and want a better future for us all. They live in a world I am so distant from but I enjoy the window to the wider world they offer me. Lighten up, you haters out there, go elsewhere or leave reviews that contribute to the conversation. Love you, guys (Kara and Scott) and appreciate your contribution to the narrative of our big and messy world.
  • Miss CSK
    I usually use podcasts to put me back to sleep when I’m having trouble doing so. If that’s how you use podcasts, don’t chose Pivot because the conversation between Kara and Scott is so interesting you’ll definitely want to listen to every word!
  • irregulargirl
    The consistent, self conscious meta analysis of the relationship (look at our ‘tension’, look at how we ‘disagree’, look at how we ‘put up’ with each other) between Scott & Kara has gotten so tiresome. Please dial back the false modesty & self congratulations, it undermines the credibility of the show.
  • Dr Dingus Bruckenheimer
    A plea to the hosts
    I like this show. Scott says important things that not enough men are saying about masculinity—but then he completely undercuts himself with the CRINGE jokes about women. It’s unbearably misogynistic, and Kara just laughs. Bizarre. I’m a guy, and it embarrasses me. Bro, stop calling yourself “Daddy” and talking about hookers. You don’t need to prove your bona fides. We need more role models like you, except without the misogyny. I like Kara but she constantly steps on whoever is talking and it makes me tense listening. A second can’t go by without her either interrupting or saying “yeh”, “mhm” “blah blah but go ahead”, seemingly just to get her voice on the air. It really hurts the show. Both these things seem easy to fix! I would listen more (and rate higher) if they were.
  • Paige C.S.
    I listen to understand the boot I’m under
    Kara is okay - she reminds me of the uberrich people I met when I started at a top 5 law school after going to cheap state school undergrad. She’s fairly liberal and trying but ultimately arrogant and overly confident. (See how arrogant I sound mentioning my law school? That’s what Kara and Scott are like.) Clearly there’s some empathy in there though. I like Kara’s common sense judgments, her respect for guests and her deep curiosity about the world. Scott is a transparent boob, no one cares that you got into The Box. They had a female guest on recently and Scott was just swooning like “You are sooo smart. She is soooo bright isn’t she,” and as a woman I could feel the creepiness; he thinks he’s so smart himself but he actually is putty in front of a beautiful woman. I do think Scott has some interesting insights and I learn a lot about business - really, doing business - from Scott, but I’m left actively wanting to NOT be in business myself because it’s all so morally bereft.
  • Auron Renouille
    It’s not working anymore.
    I used to enjoy the show, and I know that it’s healthy to consider opposing views, but fundamentally Scott Galloway either a) is a jerk or b) thinks that the show is made better by cosplaying as a jerk. It’s plain that he thinks that anyone who doesn’t share his esoteric mix of ideas is either naïve or malevolent and I don’t enjoy a podcast that makes me feel angry by the end. If Kara Swisher wants a conservative co-host to play against, can’t she find someone who isn’t so nasty to the rest of the world?
  • StealthyRich
    Used to be informative
    I loved Pivot the 1st couple of years but sadly I think Scott and Kara are in their own odd echo chamber now.
  • meowmixremix
    I skip the interviews. I like when they talk about the news of the day.
  • Birdcalling
    No sympathy for regular people
    The podcast is oppressively pro capitalist. Constant s*^>ing on unions, shrugging shoulders when CEOs ruin the lives of thousands or hundreds of thousands of people because you are so focused on a particular form of investor driven capitalism. I have to stop listening.
  • Bryan Hay
    Lost their way
    I used to be an avid listener, but I haven’t gotten more than a third of the way through an episode in months. Kara loves to name drop and bash the majority of people in tech, as if her connections to these people didn’t help elevate her to where she is today. Also we get it, Kara and Scott don’t like Elon. But do you have to spend a chunk of every episode going out of your way to bash him. This podcast just doesn’t feel informative or constructive like it used to but instead feels so overwhelmingly negative. Soon I’ll have to accept the reality that it’s time to move on from it. It’s not me, it’s you.
  • Jaw tracker
    Annoying and superficial Kara
    Podcast is losing steam. Kara offers no critical insights and her takes are extremely superficial- equivalent to asking a layperson what they think of happenings in tech. Kara’s interview style is annoying as well - she asks a question, then constantly interrupts the guest or Scott and breaks their train of thought. Lately she repeats herself- says the same thing twice- not sure what that’s about but it’s annoying! Kara needs to step up her game - do homework, think deeply about topics and questions before showing up and leave her ego and insecurities aside and be a better listener. Also, the Elon bashing from Kara seems personal somehow and is annoying too. Scott’s takes are alright though his humor is getting a little tiresome and forced. It feels like a Scott is playing to the left/liberal crowd. His principles seem conservative and they show up many times but he gives in to Kara’s bullying. However Scott does offer critical thinking and great advice. Someone needs to coach Kara or just go to Prof G pod and avoid her insecurities and annoyance of this podcast completely! At least on ProfG you get the authentic Scott and not the one playing to Kara’s tunes. I thinking I’m going to stop listening to this.
  • amzinjim
    Pretentious, but ok
    If I hear one more time someone talk about having lunch with Bob Iger I might unsubscribe lol honestly all the name dropping doesn’t impress anyone
    Good show — but Kara’s incessant boasting is a fail
    I’ve been a fan of this show for a year or more but lately find myself skipping past Kara’s incessant boasting and interruptions which rarely add to the discussion. It’s such a good format — she’s the tech media insider; he’s the thought-leader. Unfortunately, Kara only uses her inside perspective to brag about who she’s texting with — rarely if ever does her access translate into new context or insight. I’m dropping this show for now and look forward to hearing from Scott on Prof G and other formats.
  • Hobbitses4hire
    I like Kara
    I like Kara but she has enabled and elevated some very problematic men, like Scott. She’s a mini-Oprah! Scott has the worst political takes. Absolutely no calculus there….From supporting (allegedly advising) Andrew Yang to Biden “won’t run” or “won’t debate” in 2024. He gets it all so so wrong. It’s exhausting.
  • Axtel72529
    Stop the boasting
    I used to enjoy this show but I’m so tired of Kara’s boasting. Enough! Those who are accomplished “show” us not consistently “tell” us.
  • ClarkeAsh0629
    Flippant about Florida
    The perspective that Florida anti-trans and gay laws don’t have any real practical effects on people’s lives is a quintessential example of the insulated protected perspective of cultural straight white male privilege. This is not to say that males in our culture don’t face specific challenges that should be questioned and addressed and I’m glad Scott is doing that necessary work. But if we agree that cultural messaging and in this case, laws designed solely to discriminate a marginalized group of people then you have to look at how all of these groups are affected by cultural values and projections. DeSantis isn’t just a clown trying to make a name for himself-he has real power.
  • HotHatchy
    Magic is gone
    Used to love you guys but can’t stand the inconsistency. Kara is always sick, tired, scratchy voice and complaining. Scott barely shows up anymore. You guys are so wishy washy these days, you say one thing on Tuesday and then pretend you never said that on Friday with some new dynamic hot take. Maybe I’m not the target audience anymore, its pretty hard to listen to Scott say “if I ever get rich” like what planet do you live on dude. It’s nearly impossible for them to stay on top of anything breaking news because of the whack schedule and Scott always skipping shows. I don’t know, it’s just a turn off now, like some elitist circle jerk. I’m sure they’d be thrilled to be called insufferable. Enjoy.
  • RitterFan101
    Was a dedicated listener…but Scott’s misogyny
    It’s too much. He tries to be funny but shows his cards. I’d hate to be a woman working at one of his “businesses.” I’m sure they know by now he only sees them as sex objects or tools to make sure young men are successful.
  • Allene
    Just Snarky Commentary
    I used to really look forward to these podcasts but anymore it’s more snarky than informative with too much sexual innuendo from Scott. They lost me completely when they jumped on the cancel Joe Rogan wagon train. i gave them another try then they led the mob to go after Musk and they became unbearable Kara would benefit from some humility, her ego and name dropping is insufferable. She bashes the elite but forgets she is the elite. They’ve gone too far in participating in the polarization of our culture, have lost their charm, and reduced themselves to dunking on companies, VCs, CEOs (Scott’s obsession of Jack D then Musk) and politicians without much else to offer. No original thinking or ideas. Just snarky announcers.
  • lisaskye
    He is arrogant and just too full of himself.
    Kara is great and intelligent. The guy is sexist and hard to listen to. I listened to 3 shows and now unsubscribed. He is arrogant and just too full of himself. Cringe worthy
  • Sunflower_hearts
    Scott ruins this show
    I used to love both of them. But Scott makes jokes that are just old and tired. “Men carry cash bc women expect them to pay. They have 4 shades of lipstick and no cash.” Immediately unsubscribed. All the misogyny used to come off as a joke, now I realized it’s all honest bigotry. Over it.
  • yellikeh
    Hey Grandpa!!!!
    Appreciate the economic and marketing outlook but when gramps goes off track and compensates with bro misogynistic statements it’s hard to keep listening.
  • challen2010
    Hard to take Scott seriously sometimes
    I find the topics and viewpoints interesting but Scott’s repeated casual misogyny makes me not take his arguments as seriously as I might without them. Why does he does this? It’s often just in the chit chat portion of the show so it’s unnecessary and leads me to believe that’s just who he is. And if that is how he thinks, I have to question his judgement and take on issues.
  • DinaForHill
    Love this podcast
    But why is Kara so scared to criticize Musk’s awful anti-trans, and anti LGBTQ opinions and policies on Twitter? Kara, you said that you think he’s the most powerful man in the world, do you not believe that his behavior is detrimental to these extremely vulnerable communities?
  • Zimpreneur
    The opposite of good to great
    When this podcast launched it was a breath of fresh air. It seems it’s success has been it’s downfall. My takeaway: big companies will get bigger. It’s time to follow your title and PIVOT!
  • johnnylove67
    Intelligence, common sense, tenacity for the truth
    That’s what you get here along with some smart dark humor. Glad I stumbled upon this podcast. Thank you
  • JonHandshake
    Too much politics. Not enough tech & biz.
    They both seem to fall deeper and deeper into their own echo chamber, losing all ability to entertain or understand any view that challenges their own. Used to love the show, but the bias is unbearable now.
  • landonmhamilton
    Kara's painfully woke perspective left me feeling belittled rather than engaged. The host’s attempt at being woke often borders on superficial virtue signaling rather than genuine reflection. It is crucial for a podcast to be thought-provoking but this should be done in a way that encourages conversation, not just self-righteousness.
  • Kerserker
    Sorry it’s insufferable
    Listened based on a recommendation. Kara Swisher is insufferable to listen to. She talks over her co-hosts. She is obnoxious and comes across as a know-it-all. I need to find a podcast with Scott Halloway without Kara.
  • CanadianThor
    Kara: Twitter payment has no future prospect. Then, Kara 2 mins later when Scott makes some point: Twitter has good opportunities ahead and it's an area where Musk has deep expertise. But I don't care as it's Musk's. Question to Kara: How disgracefully biased you can be? This is a shame.
  • Cari*
    A Master Glass
    So much amazing information about how best to save, I bought all the books to hone my skills…. I am a trusted family adviser and you validated what I say and do with my client/relationships! Kara you are not stupid you are a rockstar, I have followed you since your WSJ days! You are both treasures and so very influential and real!
  • Turtle.Space.Man
    What one podcast would you listen to if you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life?
    Obviously, my podcast of choice would be Pivot! Five stars baby!
  • Interested bystander
    Financial literacy
    Don’t forget Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University literacy course. Yes he is strange, but that course works.
  • Tyler VP
    Great except when Kara talks nonsense
    95% of the time Kara and Scott are thoughtful, well spoken, and entertaining. The only issue I have is when Kara starts sharing her overly opinionated views on topics she literally knows nothing about. For example, AR-15s… Kara started talking about how mass shootings are why the US has lower life expectancy for young people than other Western nations. That’s incorrect, the reasons are teen suicide (not school shootings) and higher infant mortality rates because of poor healthcare for many middle and working class Americans. As a “liberal capitalist” I strongly identify with the majority of their opinions and anecdotes…. Unfortunately sometimes Kara just goes clueless with her “lefty” sound bite nonsense…. It can be annoying and often completely incorrect. I hope they continue to use more actual facts and figures like Scott does during his lectures and podcasts.
  • ItsChrisHere
    Great podcast
    Don’t understand the hate in the reviews. I adore Kara and Scott is a nice counterpart. I enjoy their interplay and the podcast itself is very interesting each episode. I look forward to the next installments.
  • CLiFF G.
    Brilliant, But...obnoxious
    As insufferable as Scott Galloway can be, the show suffers when he’s not there and he’s not there more and more. Without him in the roll as the world’s dumbest smart person, Kara has no one to roll her eyes at or set straight. Instead she has friends on who are hit or miss and we don’t get what we tuned in for. When Scott is on the show he talks about his money or name drops. Galloway tries to give the impression he cares about just enough liberal issues so he can be invited to all the right parties yet supported Trump toady Dr Oz for his embarrassing failed bid for US senator. This podcast still has its moments and Galloway does make some interesting points, but the act is getting old with Swisher simply saying “well, I talked about this years ago” but offers nothing new except updates about her kids and her current location.
  • miamiheatnumber1
    Too much Trump
    Focus more on tech. Move past Trump
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