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We live in a winner-take-all economy that’s bifurcating into those who are part of the innovation economy and those who aren’t. Every week best-selling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway answers questions from you (his listeners) on who’s winning and losing, and how you can get ahead. Other professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs join Scott to contribute ideas, alternate opinions, and insights to help you thrive at work. Tune in for a no mercy, no malice take on how you can level up your game in the world of business. To submit a question, email a voice recording to

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  • Smitty8234
    Great Show…
    Scott’s the best. Politicizes Covid which is odd since a he’s typically so good at interpreting data And contextualizing risk. But nobody’s perfect, I will keep tuning in.
  • Spanky spongediver
    Scott is so much better without Kara
    Scott is SOO much better without Kara
  • Mcuellar24
    Love Scott uninterrupted!!
    More of this
  • ASobering
    Such a wealth of knowledge! 🧠
    This is one of the most insightful podcasts that I have ever come across! Scott does such a great job of sharing his wisdom and I love how he leads meaningful conversations with guests who bring so much experience to the table. Highly recommend checking this show out - you won’t be disappointed!
  • Synchronicity62
    Episode 83
    Super disappointed with that discussion in epi 83 and that you have become indifferent. Would be great to hear another discussion with a guests to unpack the issue more to provide some greater insights understanding. Hearing the perspective of someone who sits on the other side, whose day to day lives are impacted to balance this conversation out would be appreciated.
  • bowfin
    What we need these days…
    Smart, edgy, and thought-provoking. An excellent center-left voice of reality. The Algebra of Wealth needs to be taught at schools or at least shared by parents with their children.
  • Dhofab
    Have to say something
    I never really make my existence known on social media, etc, but have to write something here. Scott, you’re ability to riff verbally is truly a talent. It’s almost like you’re rapping or something. At the very least, it presents as prose and could be considered poetry/spoken word at certain times. Often, you repeat themes or views, but always with new words to color them. It’s kind of like going to see live performances and getting a nuanced presentation. I will continue to listen, even just for the rhythm. (Hope this doesn’t Schrodinger’s cat your flow.)
  • Autzens12thman
    Self important academic
    Critiques what he can’t create, praises anything Democrat adjacent. Listening reminds me why I won’t have my children spend $200k on liberal indoctrination.
  • 8botanical
    im exhausted after 10min
    all of the annoying parts of "pivot" (a pod i adore) with too few of the upsides. i can never finish an episode. im giving up. too much lingo, cult of personality, shouting, judgmental asides. dont exhaust us, teach us. my advice is to get to the guest sooner so that the listener gets some balance.
  • open minded democrat
    Your Listeners ARE Diverse
    Need to let Prof G know his listenership also includes middle aged black women! Don’t sell yourself short. Excellent, insightful, entertaining and refreshing. A podcast host willing to learn, grow and make fun of himself …whoda thunk it?! This and Pivot are a MUST LISTEN. (I’ll even look past the atheism :-))
  • thejhellman
    Informative, Smart, Thought-provoking
    Chock-a-block full of data, insights and opinions on the business of tech and tech marketing. Don’t leave home without it.
  • JJ Seattle
    Trifecta: Knowledge, Humor, and Candor
    Professor Galloway balances his experiential knowledge with well-timed humor, and interesting guests, adding historical and current references. The result: thoughtful, genuine and rewarding stories and information.
  • TomUrtzJr
    Love the Big Dog
    Great podcast. First saw you as an Ad on YouTube and now I’m here.
  • Idrrrum5678
    The greatest
    Knowledgeable yet entertaining all at the same time!
  • Anthony Benjamin
    Instructional, Entertaining
    I came for Robert Cialdini’s episode and I’m staying for the hype intro. Prof G is insightful and he has a fun personality. Thanks for the free content
  • Lolapaints
    Great show
    I just heard your statistic that the majority of people listening to your show are young men. I am a middle-aged woman who is an artist and art teacher for retirees. I have applied much of what I have learned from you & your show to my growing business and have seen results. I’m grateful for what you do and am a fan of your passion. I’ll keep listening if you keep producing.
  • Case?
    Great insights
    I saw Scott of Bill Maher and came away impressed with how open and honest he was. Found Pivot after that and now this. As a conservative, he’s one of the few voices from the left I can tolerate.
  • samsloane
    love the show
    new subscriber ~ found out about scott via bill maher’s show and became an instant fan. the podcast is super insightful, human-centered, and i learn so much from every episode. the latest one actually made me cry at the end :’) thank you scott! <3
  • AriReed
    A Mixed Bag
    Is Galloway aka The Dawg, on the verge of a breakdown? In some episodes he’s energetic, in others he’s dispirited and seems fragile. He is hyper-focused on aging, constantly talking about how young his podcast audience is, how old he feels (although he’s not old) and, to Al Franken who he insulted two or three times near the end of his interview, he asked, “Buddy Hackett and Grateful Dead? What are you 105!?”, well, I’m uncomfortable. I love his business insights and observations but feel he’s telling me, someone older than he is, not to listen. That’s why I prefer him on Pivot where Kara interrupts him to keep him on topic. Here, he lacks preparation for interviews as well as self-control.
  • CJLorthodoc
    Outsider loving this pod!
    I’m a healthcare professional, with virtually no background in the topics covered, and I can’t get enough. Please don’t water down your personality, the profanity and vulgarity is not a problem for grown ups like myself. Prof G is dishing out nuggets of pure gold, while making me laugh hysterically. Appreciate you!!
  • Disappointed1234545454
    Hatred eats you from the inside
    I hope I never hate anyone as much as Scott Galloway hates white people. And yes, I get it that you’re “white enough to be on the Mayflower”—you remind us of that all the time. I think someone must have hurt Galloway in the past, and I hope he can get the help he needs.
  • louloukhazen
    Love the energy and insights
    The Prof G show has got to be one of my favorite podcasts. Everything about it, the insights, the attitude, the cursing (yes the cursing), the guests and topics. Keep doing what you’re doing! Love it!
  • B Team bench
    Must Listen
    Great to hear the Dawg unleashed.
  • Planman11
    Work harder
    Hoping you could say what you’re trying to say without cursing. Academia may tolerate it but commerce doesn’t. It does take a little work to come up with more appropriate adjectives - but I’m confident you can do it. Your poor choice of language lost me.
  • LabDogGuy
    Less Vulgarity Please
    Prof. G. is very well-informed and intelligent, however, his coarseness is a detraction from the quality of his work.
  • maggiewatson
    We love The Dog!
    I developed the worst crush on Scott from Pivot with Kara Swisher (love her too), but when Scott went off on Bill Maher, that sealed it for me. Love it.
  • Armenia223
    Another ranting hack guised in the cloak of academia
    Narcissism. Political polarization. Virtue signaling. Religious bigotry. Self-congratulatory panegyrics ...and more! This is a classic example of what happens when a person succeeds in one domain and begins to believe they must be an expert in every domain. If you enjoy the pontifications of a dilettante, this show is for you!
  • Alex Kelley
    #Brilliant ‼️✅
    I Love ❤️ your show!! I just listened to podcast Media Show from BBC radio 4... w Dr. Andrea Coscelli - PhD Stanford - the two of you would be a Great discussion ... he has an interesting perspective on FB & Google... a Global 🌎 view. Thank you for all your insight! Would be great to have
  • RaFa my dogs name
    Heartfelt re:Zooey
    Thank you for sharing, I don’t have heroes in life you are my exception.
  • Ilnor
    Smart Talk
    I don’t agree with everything he says but he’s thoughtful and has rational reasons behind his opinions. My only knock is his interviewing skills. He interrupts people too much with his opinions when he’s talking to an expert.
  • GalenGiff
    Gem of a podcast
    Need more episodes once per week is an old model let’s go prof! Love it! Binged listened the first 8 episodes and love it thanks for the value Scott G! Pump more out :)
  • J Croz
    The Worst Part of This Podcast
    Why are these so short? And why is there only episode per week? Prof G we need you to double the minutes of this podcast per week even if it’s you ranting alone. Swisher > Galloway
  • csmankowski
    Awesome dude. Or awesome, dude!
    If this were a cult, I’d join. If Prof G ever starts a SPAC 😂, take my money!
  • BrunoNitCRF
    Great topics and content, better and more focused than Pivot
    The topics of discussion are very illuminating and thought provoking, ranging from markets, career advice, strategy to happiness and empathy. Much less tangents and name dropping (from co-host) compared to Pivot.
  • Whimsical Ringpiece
    Good, but if Scott says ‘gestalt’ one more time I’m going to scream.
  • shoya59
    Must Listen and highly recommend!!
    5 stars for intelligent and thoughtful broadcasting.
  • Vin1616
    Phenomenal content
    Listening to prof g every week has become like religion to me. His content is the best around and he provides unique and experienced views toward a lot of different subject areas. I may not even agree with some points of view, but I learn so much by listening that I am a far more educated person for it. Thanks prof!
  • abdulrahimov
    always keeps us informed and smart
  • J_ Cat27
    Outstanding & upstanding discussions, guest speakers and questions. So glad I have discovered this along with Pivot and Sway!
  • Shawn Goodman
    Breathe of Fresh Air
    You’ll go into this podcast thinking one thing and expand everything you know! Amazing content.
  • banana graham
    Loving this.
    Always on point. Smart, fun, ear candy.
  • Hobbitses4hire
    He’s not good without Kara Swisher and just repeats a lot of his same thoughts and schtick from Pivot. Pass on it... Pivot is great.
  • hansjfritz
    Useful and Relevant
    I enjoy listening to Scott Galloway here and with Kara on Pivot. He makes things interesting and I appreciate the concern he has to aim the content at a younger audience. He asks his guests in this podcast what they would advise their 25 year old self and, being around that age myself, it makes me feel seen and actively engaged in the conversation. Thank you Scott!
  • Manny Latz
    I love the fact that someone is speaking about new concepts and getting better with this Nation. Haven’t heard a word of the podcast but looking forward to being impressed. Fingers crossed ✌️
  • Shelby33xio
    Fascinating 360* View on Economy, Tech, Ethics
    For brave & open minded - interested in broadening knowledge spanning all aspects of life, economics, technology, philosophy... Humorous & realistic, covering topics others avoid (or are oblivious). Great guests, respectful conversations, differences in outlooks left for listeners to work out. Same with lecture type shows, chunks of brilliance hide when in Prof monotone mode. Patience! His passion & quirky rants return. Agree or disagree, you’ll be smarter, possess super powers to annoy your family, friends & colleagues with bleeding edge knowledge. BONUS @ no cost, learn to speak HIP. SG - Thanks for being a unique voice of our times, a national treasure.
  • sayporkypig
    I can’t listen to the screaming
    Why does a grown man scream at us like a moron? Just obnoxious.
  • Schuy1237
    I like the dog and he is gangster.
  • Aung1977
    Love Prof g show!
    Love the show and sharing such a valuable knowledge here. Thanks to the Prof g and his team for their hard work.
  • Jon from TX
    This guy
    I came across this guy on Saagar Enjeti’s podcast, and when I went to see if he had one- boom! it was right there. Great podcast. Galloway is not afraid to upturn the apple cart. Check it out.
  • King of a
    Bravo professor G
    hello Scott Galloway I’m so delighted to have found your ‘solo’ podcast, Prof G. I learned to appreciate your incite full and inspirational presentations on Pivot with Kara Swisher. Now, finding Prof G I can hear you w/o Kara. the hair on the back of my neck rises as I write, my mom said ‘if you can’t say something nice....’ so, it has been painful to listen through Kara with my reward of you. when you were away in Nantucket, starbucks land, I didn’t listen. Cassius, Ali, said “I am the greatest “ and deserved it. I find Kara conceited, me, me, me, I, I, I, I, and many “interesting”. she brings me no value. please keep up your work, a fan in Tucson, Marco the cowboy.
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