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We live in a winner-take-all economy that’s bifurcating into those who are part of the innovation economy and those who aren’t. Every week best-selling author, professor and entrepreneur Scott Galloway answers questions from you (his listeners) on who’s winning and losing, and how you can get ahead. Other professors, practitioners, and entrepreneurs join Scott to contribute ideas, alternate opinions, and insights to help you thrive at work. Tune in for a no mercy, no malice take on how you can level up your game in the world of business. To submit a question, email a voice recording to

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Recent Reviews
  • jford5
    Entertaining dbag
    Dude is a mildly entertaining dbag who occasionally has a good insight but fawns over the sound of his own voice
  • C35hanssolo
    What a great sense of humor
    Wonderful, just wonderful. Makes me laugh out loud
  • bringtheheater87
    This guy is a joke
    Complete waste of time !!!!!!
  • TheHistoryPages
    Lifelong Learning
    If you enjoy learning about business and tech and would like to be entertained along the way, check this one out.
  • Gydbjsidh
    Dr. Oz
    I generally enjoy and appreciate Scott’s thoughtful content. The decision to include Dr. Oz as a guest in an otherwise high-quality podcast was incredibly disappointing. Please do not bring any other guests who lack credibility and spout pseudoscience. Thanks Scott and Prof G team.
  • boeseh12345
    Dr Oz? Nope...
  • hgladstone
    Credibility lost
    Hope it was worth it to have Dr. Oz on the show because all credibility was lost. Used to love listening to Scott because he had high standards and integrity.. but Dr. Oz YIKES. Must be desperate
  • Gigatexal
    A podcast to raise your son to
    Scott’s take on tech and business are always ok point. He’s open to being wrong. And learning. But the best part of the podcast is the end where he leaves a life gem or lesson on growing as a person. Recently he talked about his father who is dealing with dementia and while his parents split up early in his life leaving him and his mom to fend for themselves he has since left the animosity that he was entitled to feel to learn about the man his father is and was and to find a way to heal. His story with his dad mimics my own and it’s bit like this that bring me to tears. It’s amazing to see a successful person both be a good dad and husband and thought leader and to have a podcast that isn’t a shill for ads but that provides value. I’ll be a lifelong fan.
  • Indyblonde
    Love it, but didn’t like Pivot
    I fled from Pivot because of Swisher mostly. Too many interruptions and silly comments. This one is really good.
  • Daytrip101
    One of my top 5
    Love the breakdowns. I’m okay that Scott has strong opinions. But what I really like is that he’s okay with being countered. It’s a bastion of real consideration. Keep it going!!
  • AlexCornila
    Greatest Podcast
    As an immigrant that moved to US at age 25 and just graduated from one of “top 10 public colleges” I always told everyone what I saw and understood that is happening in higher Ed from an outsider perspective. Everyone was in denial and kept running on the higher ed script; it was like being the only person with eyes in a town of blind people. It is reinvigorating to have someone lay it all out in front of you and confirming my hypothesis after getting gaslighted for so long. I love Scott insights and analysis not only because he is ring > than wrong but make me feel I am not crazy
  • JJ Seattle
    Trifecta: Knowledge, Humor, and Candor
    This is easily become my favorite weekly podcast. Professor Galloway balances his experiential knowledge with well-timed humor, and interesting guests, adding historical and current references.
  • jbkim_66
    Love the show but…
    Love the show. Centerpiece of my Tues and Fri morning coffee. However, Kara’s constant interruptions of Scott when he is making a salient point is not only annoying but often breaks and sabotages the flow of listener information. In the early days of the show, it seemed to keep Scott focussed, but now the interrupts have been taken up a notch to the point it is distracting.
  • slonstdy
    Episode 19
    Outstanding, very relevant interview this week. Excellent algebra of happiness too. Great episode!
  • JZR-Varonis
    The DOG
    Your advice has made me a better son, husband and a father to be. Thanks Scott
  • JoshFMBama
    Outstanding podcast
    Prof G is a best in class - a staple, go to podcast, and I don’t feel like I’m listening to a professor.
  • Chi-John
    Great podcast!
    I really enjoy listening to Scott. He covers a wide range of topics and I learn something every time. I also laugh a lot because he’s really funny. 👍
  • RaFa my dogs name
    This guy has brains
    Smart, to the point, no bs.
  • ThisIsWat3r
    Prof G has a way with words that consistently inspires me to do whatever I can to become a better version of myself.
  • HeavyFidelity
    Very good listen
    No ding bat cohost. 100% Dog
  • _Scarly
    Very thoughtful and interesting conversations
    Scott should run for President!
  • W. Nutt
    Uniquely Informative, Amusing and Meaningful
    It's no coincidence that Scott Galloway has become an authoritative voice at the convergence of business, technology and politics. Not only are his insights genuine and profound, but they're delivered with a blend of intellect, humor and humility that makes them uniquely meaningful. Scott has also become a highly effective interviewer, and his guests provide specialized explorations into the topics he often discusses at a higher level. While anyone will find The Prof G Show informative and amusing, the audience skews toward younger males, and it's clear that Scott wants to influence that demographic beneficially. His Algebra of Happiness lessons discourage listeners from valuing material success over their relationships and emotionally enriching life experiences. They resonate with me deeply, and I appreciate each one, and each episode, immensely.
  • Alex Kelley
    Great 👍 content and guests! Thank you for all the amazing Business Discussion.
  • Jaded Millennial
    Move on, man
    We get it, education is asking to be disrupted to high heaven. Are we going to be subjected to this take every episode?
  • Maronati
    Great Content - As Always
    The only thing my husband and I agree on is Scott Galloway. Although I could do without so many host read commercials, the content is spot on - intelligent and insightful as always. Great guests, and love the “leave a voice message” to answer a listeners question. This is not a man’s podcast only - so ladies jump on board! If you find it hard to get past the wackiness - just do and you’ll be happy you did. Thanks Scott! Highly recommended (just skip the ads).
  • Cdawg58
    Low Key Obsessed with Scott Galloway
    There just is not enough The Daaaawg content. Love the pods, Vice show, CNN pop ins, and books. Fully enjoy Scott’s viewpoints and his delivery. Highly recommend his book The Algebra of Happiness to get to know the soft and cuddly side of the man. Loving the Prof G Show, great addition to his content.
  • frankie say relax
    I love Pivot and it’s nice to hear more of Scott’s insights. I also love Kara; a lot of great ideas are when different types of people share ideas. Try it in your own life.
  • afrokobe
    Love the dog haha
  • MountainGirl500
    Your audience
    Why do you think your audience skews young and male? You usually mention this and then ask your guest to give advice to them. Maybe your analytics team has told you it is mainly young males - maybe men are more likely to write or call in for advice? I can tell you that you have plenty of female listeners like myself who love the dawg. So send some of your great advice our way too and keep up the great work!
  • Chancelor Park
    Prof G
    Love listening to The Dog’s market insights without the name dropping Kara Swisher.
  • Carolknows
    Unlike Any Other Podcast, In The Best Way!!
    Introduced to Scott Galloway through Kara Swisher co-hosting The Pivot podcast on Vox Media. I’m amazed how much I learn every time I listen to Prof. Galloway!
  • TRunner1234
    Do as I say
    I loved the hot takes, market analysis and political views. Unfortunately, the character “talk” begins to fall on deaf ear as he speaks of the common person and caring about people but brags on his life that 90% of the country would never get to experience. His activities all go towards promoting himself and his “brand” and it gets old really fast. While “Prof G” is authentic, his authenticity is his pursuit to serve and promote himself.
  • Bingo2004
    Riding Solo
    All Scott, no Kara, Love it!!!!
  • Gin n juice III
    The one stars are insecure little boys and girls
    The Dawg is the philosopher king of our era
  • rosakim81
    Fantastic podcast
    I came here because I simply could not stand another one of Kara’s irrelevant interruptions on Pivot. Omg so much better to listen to Scott alone. Thank you Scott. I follow you on all social media platforms obsessively.
  • HillsboroughMan
    Great Scotts!!!
    No more Pivot!!! I’m deleting Pivot and only listening to this podcast. No more interruptions, talking over or condescending BS from you know who!! Love the shtick ie your personality
  • abbatude
    PLEASE stop the schtick!!
    This is coming from a big fan who has read all of Scott’s books and never missed a Pivot podcast or otherwise. I beg him to stop shouting and trying to be funny. His analysis is awesome; his attempts at comedy are beyond annoying. I can’t listen anymore...
  • kspeark
    Solo Scott 📈
    Thank God you ditched Kara. She’s insufferable. Cuts you off every word, doesn’t listen, interjects with absolute unrelated garbage to your well thought out analysis and her favorite phrase to use is “I know”. You’re the man
  • nfldraftbites
    Crazy smart man. Love him without Karen on the other Podcast.
  • Diane zhi
    Bridge to the future
    After prof g interview in San harris podcast, I was intrigued and subscribed. Now I can’t wait for each episode to come out. For me, this podcast is like a bridge to the younger generations and to the future by someone who is my age . I relate to Scott’s background, the references to the eighties and nineties . On the other side Scott is deeply connected to the budding generation. Great perspective and fun to listen to - my favorite was his interview wit San harris . Spot on!!! If Scott went to subscriber model, I would join
  • mariapetrova
    The guy is crazy smart. I'll listen to / read anything he does.
  • Visc@B@rc@1
    Sam Harris 👎🏾
    Treading closely to the glorifying of the privileged white male pontificating in everything. Irresponsible to give that pseudo philosopher a platform to spew his false equivalencies. Don’t jumó the shark sans the Jungle Cat and watch out for over saturation.
  • ArchanaRao
    I love Prof Scott Gallaoway!!
    Such wisdom and concrete information and analysis all in one podcast!
  • sgupta1234
    Prof G’s best work
    Long time consumer of L2 on YouTube, Pivot, and No Mercy No Malice. Just listened to the latest episode of this podcast. This is Prof G at his best. What does Prof G do different here that makes this his best work? - Loaded with focused content and sharp analysis (unlike meandering NMNM newsletters) - Moderates divisive political commentary (unlike acidic and polarizing Pivot podcast) - Instructional spin that makes episode genuinely feel like a morsel of a great lecture, and office hours with a brilliant professor Prof G often gets credit for his banter with Kara, but I think he’s better on his own. Less cross-talk, more insight, better format. Keep it up!
  • GalenGiff
    Gem of a podcast
    Binged listened the first 8 episodes and love it thanks for the value Scott G! Pump more out :)
  • Hollytmb
    An edgy conscious capitalist with a strong network
    Look, I see how Scott attracts the banker/tech bros of NYC and beyond, but he deserves a wider audience! He’s authentic (no need to be so self-deprecating, you’re a ten!); share’s his mistakes (but doesn’t dwell on them) and wants to help create a brighter country (without the extortionate school fees). His investment advice is pretty sound (but take it with a grain of salt) and every piece is a great conversation starter with friends, family and at the water cooler (/zoom) - from implementing new policy, to the freefall of investment in the SEC, to tips to help you live below your means (as well as plenty of sage career advice from someone who’s been playing corporate snakes and ladders for 30 years). Light, dark, delightful.
  • Surround Sound
    Love it - keep it up
    Love this podcast. Great info and entertaining. Scott's voice brings a more long term prospective of success and what success in business should be like. I am optimistic that he is teaching future generations.
  • Rdt122
    Analytics driven discussion
    Just great to see his analytics approach. He can seem opinionated at times but always goes back to data to refine his opinions.
  • eAgent
    Killer Content. Dawggedly Determined Dialogue.
    Scott continues to shine across multiple platforms (Check out his Winners & Losers Youtube channel, rants and Kara+Scott in the Pivot Podcast. It's cool, I'll wait...;-) Few entrepreneurs are as fluent as Prof Galloway in coaxing good ideas from their guests. And adding valuable insights along the way. Plus, the Big Dawg also has a Big Heart, as demonstrated by The Algebra of Happiness. And the care and feeding of his own parents during their latter years. Great content delivered in an entertaining, energized and soulful way. My team at is in full agreement (maybe cuz I control the remote?)
  • carlojav
    Another liberal, unidimensional rant
    I enjoyed his book The Four, also some of his first participations on podcasts episodes with Kara Swisher (Too Embarrassed to Ask/Pivot). However, he has turned into this Trump hater, arrogant, opinionated and somehow incompetent podcast personality. His blog in Medium is just an ego trip, and now he keeps torturing us with his untested theories on how Big Tech should behave. He attacks Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos for their ambitions, just because he could not do the same during his time working for the New York Times company, where he gave them advice on how to monopolize their media content.
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