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Investing in Real Estate publishes three times a week! It's a show hosted by Clayton Morris with a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties in order to create passive income. Clayton shares tried and true methods for acquiring rental real estate, building net worth, and accelerating your financial freedom. This podcast utilizes expert interviews, case studies with normal everyday investors, and Clayton's own methods for achieving passive income. If you want to learn how to acquire turnkey rentals, discounted properties, passive income and true legacy wealth then subscribe today.

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  • amartinez28
    I really enjoy listening to Clayton and Natalie. This show is captivating and informative.
  • Little Oak Boy
    Former Fan
    Years ago, Clayton's show helped change my investment goals from appreciation to ROI. Instead of trying to speculate what areas would increase in value, I simply focused on what properties would rent. It changed my life and I am grateful to him for that. I did not invest with his company, and did not feel pressured to do so. Unfortunately, since then, he's been spouting more and more of his right-wing, anti-government, conspiracy theories. It's getting very hard to look past his nonsense about globalists and currencies. He's entering Qanon territory. Thanks, Clayton, for the good times, but I'm done.
  • fallprotection
    Creating panic
    Unfortunately Clayton must not know that it is illegal to create panic to foment a bank run in the USA. This is an irresponsible podcast. I am unfollowing this show.
  • PaigeBPodcasting
    Great Show
    Clayton is the real estate mentor I always wish I had. Starting out in real estate investing can be lonely and it can be hard to do it on your own. This podcast makes me feel way less alone. I get so much value out of every episode. Can’t recommend it enough!
  • J61748394
    Brutal - don’t waste your time
    Do some research on this guy and listen to his messaging, and do the opposite and you’ll be better off.
  • Dr.ohmeda
    Listen at your own risk
    This is a podcast designed to promote his business. I suggest people look up this person’s name and business online along with the word “lawsuit” and read the comments. Or look under bigger pockets. Personally I will no longer be listening to this podcast. Take his comments with a large grain of salt.
  • GoodGood Investing
    Learn from one of the best!
    This podcast has quickly become one of our favorite podcasts to listen to. From experts in real estate investing, to the most robust tips to get started and grow your wealth, Clayton really covers it all.
  • mojokw
    No need for extremist right wing rhetoric
    I really wanted to like this podcast and could ignore the political mentions here and there, but it’s gotten to be too much. The host is a right wing conspiracy theorist. I listen to the show for the advertised topics, and don’t want to be lectured on extremist nonsense.
  • BillBailey45
    This dude was foreclosed on in 2008 and blames everyone but himself and continues to preach to his audience to take part in the exact same moronic actions that caused him to go broke. He loves debt and will try to convince you to do everything possible to get yourself buried; 401k loans, zero down real estate, borrowing from your friends, friends of friends, relatives, or anyone else with a pulse, borrow on your home, etc…. Bottom line, if you want to go broke like Clayton, follow along, otherwise run, run, run!!
  • rbetzing
    Do some research on Clayton Morris before you dedicate too much time to this podcast
    Podcast has some good info but he’s really pushing his company “Morris invest” throughout the podcast. Did some research on him cause I was considering working with them, and discovered that he’s scammed thousands of people. Proceed with caution
  • CC3572
    This guy is a absolute clown. He has been sued by over 20 clients for selling them terrible houses. DO NOT INVEST WITH HIM
  • Fashionistagirly1967
    Excellent Content
    This is a wonderful podcast to listen to with such valuable content. I was very interested in learning about properly screen tenants.
    Great show
    Solid real estate investment advice
  • MikeVacca95
    Great show!
    Loved the interview with Jerome Maldonado!
  • Fatherhood Circle
    Intelligent Converation
    Finally a podcast that makes investing a digestible subject. Excellent content. Check it out👍
  • Nia hollywood
    Nia Hollywood
    Very informative, great content!
  • crjones76 this is awesome.
    Clayton hoping time will heal his many hideous mistakes and deceptive practices. Do your homework on how he and his recommended team scammed investors
  • Nmu_sc
    No really my favorite subject matter but it still kept me entertained
  • OldSchoolListener
    Were you arrested?
    I don’t know if it was fake news reports or not... but will you address the allegations of fraud and you fleeing the country? I used to listen often, then you were gone... now you’re back?
  • gelliscott
    Very helpful and outstanding information.
  • Snoozingin2014
    Good info but too much selling
    Good info but too much selling of services and 3rd party products.
  • Citizen.13
    BE WARNED!!!
    This Podcast is an infomercial Clayton Morris’ business of selling you a home that is in a bad neighborhood (F Property). His company states that you are paying for a home that will be repaired to a standard of “Rent Ready” for tenants to move in. THIS IS A SCAM, CLAYTON MORRIS IS A CROOK!!! Morris will take your money and will leave you with a dilapidated property with no way of renting it. He’s done this in many States and to many people. Google him and his companies. Don’t fall for his lies and become a victim
  • A Time To Unwine
    Have been recently making moves to get into investing and wholesaling so this content came just in time for me
  • AaronLipsky
    Great show
    Great content
  • riddikuluspatronus1
    Great podcast! Really enjoyed the most recent episode on flipping properties. Great information on the federal reserve and equity. Clayton knows his stuff. Great advice on how to be competitive in the market. Detailed and informative! Looking forward to more!
  • mateusz marc
    Great information
    Awesome presentation great information got to invest and be successful in life. Thank you
  • Hfhfjfnrbfj
    Don’t invest in real estate until you listen!!!!
  • Kevin Y of Life Plus Up
    Clayton is a great podcaster!
    I have learn a ton of infromation from Clayton and the show often have guests that are very informative! Keep up the awesome work!
  • Joshua_Jackson!
    Unfortunately, Morris Invest is a scam
    I have really enjoyed the podcast the last few months... Then I decided to start taking steps and researching Morris Invest. It turns out Morris Invest has scammed hundreds of investors. I can’t find a single good review from a client other than from his own website. MI has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. STAY AWAY!
  • mommalabs
    Love it!!
    Super amazing podcast with the best host!! Highly highly recommended!
  • Tdixon508
    Amazing podcast for beginners!
    This podcast is perfect for new investors like myself. I have long believed real estate was the way to financial independence, as I get older this is more clear than ever. Thank you for your insight! Keep up the great work 👌🏾
  • Vernon-Bell
    Great value!
    Clayton provides terrific value in every one of the podcasts. I have received so much useful information while listening, and thoroughly enjoy Clayton, Natali, and all the guests they bring on the show!!
  • David Stern45
    401k is garbage
    Thank you for opening my eyes to this. I had no plan for wealth building. This podcast lit a fire under me.
  • Desert Rose RE
    Morris Invest - Deceitful Real Estate Practices
    Beware Clayton Morris / Morris Invest / Natali Morris is being sued by the State of Indiana as well as 8 additional real estate investors. Last year Clayton and his family moved to Portugal and took well over $5 million in ill-gotten gains by scamming unsuspecting investors to buy his D- properties and failed to meet the terms of his agreements. Google Clayton Morris or Morris Invest and you will see numerous videos, articles and forums on all the real estate scans by Clayton and his company. Clayton lives abroad to avoid processes servers to on the numerous pending lawsuits. He is a dirtbag!
  • Danielyoung1794
    The only podcast I listen to
    If you want to build wealth and financial independence then this is the show for you.
  • JoshCan
    Rea deal. Really helpful.
    Not only have I benefitted a lot from Clayton and Natali’s podcast (it’s one of the most consistently practical I’ve found), but I’ve also been able to work with Clayton personally. Very gracious, helpful, and high integrity...just like this podcast.
  • Adam Invests in Indy
    Clayton Morris is a scam!
    Don’t be sucked into this podcast and it’s horrible that it’s even still going on or up here! Google Clayton Morris fraud. He’s being sued and investigated DO NOT BIY ANYTHING FROM HIM OR LISTEN TO THIS FRAUD! People have lost their life savings...
  • East Coast Vibes Alive
    Just finished looking up Clayton Morris and Morris Invest on Google. Looks real bad, videos have him lying and covering up his real estate transactions. Morris Invest has an “F” Rating in Better Business Bureau. I don’t know how Clayton continues pushing Morris Invest. Watch out people I smell a Scam Artist with Clayton Morris and Natali Morris.
  • Todd McV.
    Beware Scam Alert
    Morris Invest is family run with Clayton Morris and his wife Natali Morris as the founders and leaders. The problem is they misled several hundred investors to buy D- properties through misrepresentation and a lot of lies. They took millions in proceeds and never looked back. Their game if Greed! Their business partner Bert Whalen was federally indicted and arrested. Clayton and Natali ran with the proceeds and moved overseas. They have made no effort to settle with any of the investors they ripped off. Take your due diligence Google Clayton and Bert and read the articles and watch the YouTube videos that go into great depth on Clayton's trail of lies and deception.
  • PabloSellzAZ
    Clayton Fled the U.S. and Lost Investor's Money
    Do your due diligence and Google Clayton Morris and watch the videos that detail Morris Invest fraudulent real estate scams. Read the BiggerPockets forums and see for yourself the financial damage Clayton Morris and Natali Morris inflicted on unsuspecting real estate investors. Clayton and Natali are not here to help you, they just want to take your money and run. After having more than two dozen lawsuits filed against them, last year Clayton and Natali fled the U.S. and moved abroad. Innocent people don't just pack up and move to a foreign country that they have no connection with. Morris Invest is the Black Eye of turnkey real estate. Read the 1 Star reviews here for this podcast and you will get more insight.
  • Multifamily University
    Great Podcast
    It was an enriching and informative podcast interview. We highly recommend this podcast show to those who are interested real estate investing.
  • Shoeshowshee
    Sorry you have had bad dealings with a very few appraisers. Have you ever considered you might be the problem? I know better than most that all appraisers are not the same but you rip on all of us over your very few transactions. You can pay more than Market Value if you want but do not expect us to take part in your error that “it is worth what someone will pay.” Market Value, Price, and Cost are not the same things. Appraisers know more about real estate and the valuation of it that you ever will because they do it all day every day. You lost me (a long time listener) over your foolishness.
  • Bert 89
    Wish I could give zero stars. Google his name and you will see how he is a fraud and liar that stole money from investors.
  • Chrishedlund
    Front for a scam
    Listening to Clayton Morris is the worst thing I've ever done in my investing career. People need to understand, Clayton doesn't want to help you find financial freedom, he wants to sell you something. All this so called 'information' he puts out there is for one purpose only. For him to make money off of you. He doesn't care if you are financially free. He wants to sell you a house. And once you purchase that house from him, you're on your own. His word is worth nothing. He's turned his back on every investor who put their trust in him. Considering that there are plenty of sources of great real estate investing information all over YouTube and the Internet, I don't think it's worth anyone's time to listen to Clayton Morris.
  • Shiloh L
    Clayton lost investors money
    Search on BiggerPockets “Clayton Morris” or “Morris Invest” to read detailed stories of tons of investors who trusted Clayton and lost their money. Several credible investors with podcasts have removed his podcast with them and have asked him to remove them from his podcasts. Be very careful not to believe his model of investing in “D” class properties out of state trusting his company or any company he is affiliated with.
  • T-Daddy156368359
    Much more than Real Estate
    You don’t have to be a real estate investor to profit from this podcast. Every episode has something that gives you the mental “kick in the behind” that we all so desperately need. With that said, this podcast has encouraged me to quit wishing and start doing. Great job guys.
  • Nike Noodle
    Award Winning!?! What Award!?
    You’re lucky this is a free way for you to advertise or I’d contact a Consumers Agency... but I suggest you pay to sell your idea, that way you get ppl that actually respect your promotions.
  • @thatguy
    Google Morris Invest and then RUN!
    Scammer alert. This guy’s a crook. Look him up and judge for yourself
  • DW16835
    Too many advertisements for his company. Read the online reviews about morris invest, sounds like this guy is just screwing people over then always tries to blame it on someone else. Wouldn’t trust his advice and definitely wouldn’t give him my money.
  • Paulie_P
    A wealth of information in every episode!
    I've listened to every episode at least twice. Every time, there is a little nugget of information that has helped my business and personal life. Even books mentioned in passing has pushed my GoodReads queue to over 200 books. I'm now starting to expand into rental real estate and generating passive income. Thank you. All the negative comments seem to be about his business or a company he partnenred with. Very few are commenting on the actual podcast. I don't know what happened with his business dealings, but google any business and lawsuit and you're bound to get a hit. The information I've learned from the podcast can not be denied.
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