Abroad in Japan

by Stak

Independent filmmaker Chris Broad brings you his multi-award winning YouTube channel Abroad In Japan in podcast form. Aided by broadcaster Pete Donaldson, they bring you a taste of life in the most unique country in the world, from great cuisine to capsule hotels, current events and tips on how to spend your time there.
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  • crashtx1
    Love on Youtube, Not the Podcast
    We love the Youtube videos, so I assumed the podcasts would be great. Not so much. Too long, too much talking about nothing.
  • Mr FTP
    Great job lads!!!
    Lads, Pete will undoubtedly recognize the author of this review as one who has left many reviews on STAK broadcasts. As someone who has a love affair with both japan and Britain this podcast offers the perfect blend of both. Chris who’s an excellent film make and Pete who provides excellent comedic relief and is a whiz with technology! I love to hear about his techie exploits. Truly the master! Lads. Please keep up the stellar work You have this “yank” as a forever subscriber.
  • ZombaeUnicorn
    Love the podcast; listen to it for the British accents 😁😆
  • etherdog
    Superficial chatter tangential to Japan
    One has to wonder why Chris stays in Japan
  • Conejito1011
    Great Show Fir My Short Attention Span
    Very well organized podcast for quick and easy listening in car rides. Hilarious hosts that keep me tuned in every week 🫶🏼 Keep up the great work Chris & Pete 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  • Snigword
    I absolutely love this podcast
    This podcast is so amazingly written and produced; I also just love your YouTube channels.
  • .dare2dream.
    Funny and informative
    I cannot recommend this podcast enough. If you want to know more about Japan, give it a try.
  • GabiCEE
    Absolutely worth the listen every time! Love it and keep it up!
  • BeniBom
    Wish it was just Chris
    Not enjoying it as much since Pete has come back.
  • Randy & Joan 4-ever
    So much fun
    “Hey get away from me! This is a launderette, not a bordello, madam,” is possibly the best thing I’ve heard on a podcast. I’m not actually planning a trip to Japan in the next several years but I love to listen because the hosts are so great, especially Pete. Sorry Chris, but sometimes you need to be not so dismissive of Pete. But overall I love this podcast.
  • Lintekna
    One of my favorites
    I’m American living in Japan and I soooo love this podcast. Chris and Pete are very entertaining and cover so many funny topics. It’s my favorite one :)
  • auwie
    On YouTube and this pod, Chris and his motley band of friends - the amazing Pete- always take me with them on their adventures! While driving or hanging out wherever, I’m always entertained! Thank you for your creative gifts! Thank you for bringing Japan to my home! 😊
  • Chopper jr.
  • Kaiwen Tsang
    Why’s Pete on the show?
    Don’t understand why Pete (the loud mouth liberal) is on the show. The show is called Aboard in JAPAN … not Updates from the UK. Really enjoy the episodes when you have actual people who lives in Japan on your show. Too bad that doesn’t happen very often.
  • FatalShot009
    My Favorite Podcast From My Favorite YouTuber
    I’ve been a subscriber to Abroad in Japan since 2016 and I was surprised to know that he started his own podcast a few years ago. Since Day 1, it’s been an incredibly enjoyable podcast! I always learn something new every time I listen to an episode. Chris and Pete have great chemistry which makes it even more enjoyable. If you’re new to Abroad in Japan, don’t hesitate to listen to this amazing podcast and watch Chris’s high-quality YouTube channel!
  • yelloweggwaffles
    Amazing. The highlight of my week.
    I love love LOVE the energy and dynamic between Chris and Pete, and their funny banter and the guests they invite onto the show sometimes. Having two episodes a week is super awesome because I have something to look forward to every few days. I’ve even gone as far back almost all the way when I’m bored and walking to class, because this podcast is THAT good. Most stories are also quite timeless so sometimes I listen twice or three times if I’m bored with my YouTube to-watch list. Thank you guys!
  • Justinian920
    Commoner Chris and Provocative Peter are an all-star podcast duo
    Do you like Chris Broad’s, Abroad in Japan, YouTube channel? Do you like the voice of Peter Donaldson, famous Japanophile and incredible podcast host? Well you’re gonna love this podcast! Keep it up gents!
  • zackiechan21
    Don’t listen to the haters this is one of the best podcast’s out there.
  • CaliforniaDreaming123
    Just found your podcast and thought I’d give it a go. I am LOVING it! Reminds me of my days teaching on the JET Programme. Keep up the awesome job!
  • dflkjnvbfgkj
    Substitute cohost rocks
    Pls use Pete 2.0 more often! Like maybe every week.
  • Soujiya2
    Why did it take me so long
    I love the YT channel and I suddenly realized after rewatching the first Journey Across that there was a podcast and I wasn’t listening to it. A great combination of casual chat, social commentary and complete weirdness from Real Actual French Man. Very relaxed friendly listening. Also the worlds best theme music. Great job guys.
  • Englann
    Fun every time!
    I just love listening to these guys. I love the research they do to bring unique and interesting stories from Japan, as well as answering questions and reacting to listener stories. It’s great fun every time!
  • sakaseyou
    A must listen if you love Japan!
    Chris and Pete have taught me so much about Japan. Super chill vibes and the only podcast that has managed to make me literally laugh out loud. Highly recommended for anybody to loves Japan or honestly anybody looking for a nice laugh.
  • War2d28000
    Justice Delicious
    Highly entertaining podcast! I love the banter between Chris and Pete. They are respectful of Japan but also don’t shy away from talking about real issues.
  • zanman245banana
    Du dun du du dun wow very impressive 10/10
  • Biteddycub
    More Diverse Guests
    I enjoy the show but I really have to sift through episodes of wealthy white men who have moved to Tokyo mostly because they can. There are so many people of different genders and sexualities and races and quite frankly it’s getting stale for me. I’d love for you to dig outside your circle and interview some people who you don’t relate to.
  • Banzai Buckaroo
    A British centric audience podcast
    An interesting show covering a range of topics. Sometimes it’s difficult understanding the fast paced British accents. Wish they would pronounce some of the Japanese words correctly. And other times there is too much silliness by Donaldson.
  • Abroad in a Pan
    Great podcast
    I enjoy learning about Japan without having to be in Japan. I like listening to them during work.
  • wilfulgreen
    No sense
    Just stupid upon stupid upon stupid Christianity and suicide is a sin??!! Huh? We’re talking of Japan So making suicide not a sin makes it less likely??!??! But Japan isn’t Christian and suicide has always been prevalent And saying that women choose to be single because marriage is hard on women Yet!! Say something Nike woman suicide is on the rise makes no sense
  • Velvet731
    Great podcast in general as well about Japan
    Chris is hilarious, should attempt stand up one day. Pete is a good broadcaster. They discuss compelling topics about life and Japan and riff and all sorts of things. Super enjoyable and you’ll look forward to each new episode. Check out the Abroad in Japan YouTube channel and patreon for more cool content. That’s how I found this podcast and have dug it all since. Natsuki fan out!
  • MH from PDX
    Fun and sometimes educational look into life in Japan
    Chris and Pete are very funny together and have a great rhythm and flow to their podcast. If you’re at all interested in visiting Japan or Japanese modern culture, this is a fantastic podcast to subscribe to!
  • Thrillcekr
    Best Japan podcast out there
    Always very entertaining and educational. Makes long, boring nights of building automobiles on an assembly line more a little more tolerable. I’ve listened to several podcasts and watched many YouTube channels related to Japan. If you’re considering moving to Japan or just want to learn about modern Japanese culture the Abroad In Japan podcast, YouTube Channel, and Patreon Channel is BY FAR the most informative and entertaining source out there.
  • jalapeno_bizz
    Abroad in Japan - the Podcast
    This show is so fun! I’ve watched Chris Broad’s YouTube channel for years, and this podcast is just as good and very funny. I love hearing stories from listeners as well. 🇯🇵
  • Nategear
    Absolutely fabulous
    I’ve been listening to this show since the early days and I still absolutely love it. Great perspective, interesting personalities and quality content.
  • Nyohira
    Cringey, shallow look at Japan
    If you’re looking for a mediocre examination of life in Japan from a foreigner’s perspective then yeah this is okay I guess. Don’t expect to learn about Japanese culture or traditions—this isn’t the podcast for it. Having listened to all episodes Chris’ entire spiel is “haha Japanese people don’t speak English isn’t that so wacky and funny?” While initially the podcast episodes presented a look at various aspects of Japan that are indeed strange and/or unique, the formula for new episodes is now “look at this weird news article about Japan, aren’t Japanese people so kooky?!” followed by reading emails. This podcast has clearly run out of material. Chris is also oblivious to his occasional jingoistic remarks, to which Pete can only awkwardly chuckle along. It hurts to listen to. The people who still enjoy this hot garbage are probsbly cringey weebs, judging from his YouTube fanbase. What a sad group of losers.
  • MedicMom2022
    I love this perspective of life in Japan.
  • NellyJica
    Huge Chris fan. Watched his youtube channel since the beginning and this podcast is a great extension of that. Pete is really fun too. That being said, i LOVED when other great jvloggers like Sharla did some episodes. I would love if other youtubers showed up as guests more often along with Pete. The more the merrier!! Love this channel.
  • Elena VN
    Funny and informative
    I like Pete’s style and energy. He makes it even more fun
  • Jonissdd
    You lose your audience when you start lying to them and lose their trust. The whole Pete is on vacation we’re giving Pete the week off is it set up is clearly a lie. Podcasts listeners are invested in the topic and the hosts, tell us the truth, people are not stupid and it’s condescending to set up a clear lie. So I will invest my time to listening to podcasts that 1 embraces and make its audience feel like their POV matters and 2 not treat them like idiots and lie to them!
  • MikeMurdok
    Love it!
    Great podcast! Especially when you’re as sad and lonely as I am!
  • SarahMackenzie
    Long time watcher first time reviewer
    I used to listen when they first started the podcast as I watch Chris on YouTube but I just don't care for the podcast. There's not enough about Japan and more him and Pete rambling on about whatever. I had stopped listening for a few months when I heard Sharla was a guest on and enjoyed the couple with her. Nothing against Pete, as he is professional dj and all, but I think his and Chris'energies are not cohesive enough.
  • BergKatse
    This podcast has high functionality
    I always loved Chris’ YouTube channel. In a world of over earnest trust fund baby traveloguers treating Japan like a precious object that would crumble at the slightest sideways Western gaze, it is really refreshing to have a snarky sarcastic Brit give his plain talking impression of Japan while still managing to be respectful of the culture. The banter he has with Mr Pete makes me chuckle constantly and the 45 mins flys by far too quickly. I was supposed to be on secondment in Japan last year but this podcast will give me my Japanophile fix until I can go in 2022. Yeah. Alwight mate.
  • Cmdprompt
    More Pete!
    Pete brings the show alive
  • ANerdReview
    Love this podcast!
    Am a big fan of Chris’ YouTube channels. His conversations with Pete are fantastic. It runs like the 3 of us are catching up like old friends: very casual, hilarious, and educational! 5/5
  • salad senpai
    I like the show but sometimes Pete chimes in with his political views and it’s really annoying
  • Atrophy Wife
    Fun informational channel
    Really funny but also informative.
  • Black earth 112
    Personal opinion
    Just as a personal thought, chris should have a show more like his YouTube live stream where it’s just him talking about stuff in japan. Tbh I don’t really like Pete, I listen to the show for Chris. Pete doesn’t really give any value inputs, also I just prefer to listen Chris’s voice. Then you got the problem with ads. There seems to be quite a lot. But then again I wouldn’t mind that if Chris is the one to say them, but it’s either Pete’s voice or some prerecorded ad from the company. I love the show but lately it’s feeling more and more like the little rock in my shoe that is annoying me is slowly getting bigger and bigger.
  • campiberger
    Traveling to Japan in my car
    I love the YouTube channel and so I was so excited to come across his podcast.
  • cdekter
    Pete needs to go
    I have stopped listening as I got tired of Pete’s abrasive, opinionated style. Chris brings all the interesting facts and stories about Japan while Pete just stinks the place up with his uninformed opinions about all manner of topics foreign and domestic. It’s such a turnoff I have finally given up and unsubscribed.
  • xsquid99
    Props from a fellow expat resident!
    Chris’ podcast is entertaining and full of great information and banter with a splash of humor thrown in for good measure. I love his YouTube channel and was super happy to discover his podcast!
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