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The Maxwell Leadership Podcast is a regular examination of what it means to be a transformational leader—someone who daily influences people to think, speak, and act to make a positive difference in their lives and in the lives of others. This podcast will teach you the principles, practices, and process of becoming a transformational leader because leadership isn’t an event—it’s an uphill journey. Every week we will offer a free tool to help you on this journey, so let leadership authority Dr. John C. Maxwell show you the way.

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  • Dwalke16
    Leaders are Teachers Part 1
    This has been a recent refocus for us in our business, this podcast has been great with giving me tools to impact people.
  • LorenzoFernandezees
    Leaders learn more.
    Leaders learn more from this podcast than anywhere else on any format.
  • DenLMartin
    Needs more John and less Mark
    Needs to be mostly real content by John or someone else with valuable thoughts. The fact that most of it is just Mark Cole and misc others gushing and rambling about the first few minutes of real content is disgusting. Mark Cole must go if the Maxwell organization will remain worthwhile after John.
  • Richspirit
    One of the best top tier places to learn leadership
    I have been listening to this podcast now for 4 years now and there is no measure to the amount of healthy and applicable leadership knowledge I have absorbed. Both for personally my own self-growth and a growth within an organization (job) I am a part of.
  • Mike O’Connell
    Great guide
    John, Mark, Chris and all the other speakers give you the nudge to bring yourself to higher standards. everybody wants to quick fix or the pill that changes them. Change comes from within and this podcast tries to give you that incentive to make your life and communication much better. take some ownership and use this as a tool to better your communication.
  • A-a-ron---
    This podcast is an infomercial not a deep dive into leadership issues.
  • #steeltoesrequired
    Equipping Leaders Who Multiply Leaders
    This podcast is a must add to anyone’s leadership development growth plan. The gold nuggets of wisdom from John Maxwell alone are worth the investment of time but the real value of this podcast is hearing Mark Cole and “gang” sharing how they learned, lived and led each lesson in their respective spheres of influence and the results. They are vulnerable, authentic and demonstrate what leadership is about: leading by example first then multiplying that example. Thanks Mark and “Gang” for helping me to grow as a leader and passing it on.
  • Joe Industry
    I’ve been following Dr. Maxwell for more than 30 years now. I have always been impressed with his message and his way of presenting it. This podcast was another winner.
  • Tenai Klott
    Missing John
    I’ve listened to this podcast for years and find it to be great for the most part. Last year I noticed that they started minimizing the amount of time that John would speak and began to include a cohosts discussion. Honestly, the conversation sounds FLUFFY. I’m all about raising and releasing leaders and understand that they want the team to be apart of everything they do (including this podcast) but there seems to be a gap in value of delivery. It would be great if half the episode was a prerecorded message from John and then the show recap was optional at the end and actually involved deep discussion..
  • Mini2Angje
    Motivation: How Leaders Inspire Effort
    This was great but it’s the same lesson from last week 🤔. The lesson on YouTube is correct but I think something went wrong on the Apple podcast app.
  • Ray Ray!
    Keep Going
    I first was introduced to John Maxwell in 2003 when I purchased the John Maxwell Leadership Bible. Admittedly, I didn’t read it much..but I knew John was right on all the points I did read….lol. Today, this podcast is my daily “go to” for leadership training, coaching, and wisdom for any situation I may encounter. May I love, live, breathe, and pour into others as those that represent the John Maxwell Enterprise have poured in to me. Keep Going….and I’ll keep listening.
  • Construction nate
    Must listen
    If you want to improve your life this podcast is a must listen. John and Mark both do exactly what they say they will and that is add value to the listener.
  • Polo@29
    Great teaching!
    Amazing leader with a godly perspective on leadership and peopleship.
  • Xyloggonater
    I have followed John Maxwell since the beginning of his career. He is so inspiring and this podcast has become essential in developing my skills and encouraging others. I only regret it was not available when I was younger. But, it is here now! Thank you.
  • makenzie132
    I’m not at ALL religious, and am still obsessed with this podcast. I’m new to a leadership position, amd every word of advice is pure gold. I even relisten to certain episodes. There is always church talk in every episode, but it never crosses the line and gets to be to much. If it did, I wouldn’t continue listening. The focus is squarely set on building leadership skills and mindset. I’ve learned soooo much!
  • Steph M Taylor
    Maxwell is the catalyst for my faith based personal growth. Thank you!!!! I’m grateful for Maxwell and his God given incredible leadership and guidance.
  • @drivenpastor
    Engaged equipped and empowered
    Words will never be able to express how much I love the Maxwell Leadership Podcast. I have a listen to every episode, and some multiple times. It has made such an impact on my life, so mush so that I join the Maxwell leadership team at the end of 2019. The episode part two of “Player or Pretender” Mark and Traci talked about being “made for hard” this has been a mantra for my family and I for a while, but is now a lock screen on my phone as a reminder. The reason we lead and the reason we are gifted to do what we do is because “we were made for hard”. Thank you Mark and the Maxwell Leadership Podcast team keep up the good work, changing lives one episode at a time!
  • Debbi Diamond
    Great weekly lessons
    I enjoy hearing this every week. It’s very encouraging, smart and provides nuggets to think about every time. Thank you!
  • KaisaTalaga
    Grassroot values and principles that are applicable in virtually any field of work. The practical guides here will teach anyone willing to listen on how to maximize your potential, make an impact in your world, leave a legacy of significance and create change for a better tomorrow.
  • mrssparkle2u
    Life Changing
    This podcast has definitely been life changing!
  • happy laby
    Great leaders
    Love how simple and easy to learn from the information and different ways to learn and grow self 🤗
  • Regular user247
    Unpack and Share the Load
    Unpacking John’s teachings must be a joy and a challenge at times. This podcast has revolutionized my leadership, my perspective, and provided clarity on the calling I believe God has placed on my life. I would love to hear from other leaders, like Tracy and those who’ve been impacted by the Maxwell Company. Love you, Mark, for real, and I love Tracy, I just feel we’d benefit from hearing how the load of John’s teachings is shared among you all.
  • irritated verizon user
    Learning & Growing!
    Fantastic topics that are applicable to all situations.
  • super easy up to date
    Learning allot
    I love the perspectives on the show. There are so many useful ideas and resources. Thank you!
  • Ecirelli
    Thank you for this
  • DJ Dvyne
    I think the title of the podcast is misleading. There is only about 8-10 minutes of John Maxwell speaking, then the rest of the show is filled with other members of his leadership team jabbering about those 10 minutes. I gave it two stars because there is less than 40% content from him.
  • Chris Tiedemann
    possibly the best leadership podcast on the web
    I heave learned a great deal from this poscast and even recommended it to my co-workers. 10/10
  • Markscottbiz
    One of the best
    John is Fantastic . So good , concise and inspiring.
  • Jimmy Carlon
    Such a blessing to learn from a great and get his wisdom.
  • Grosse Tete South
    Fantastic, clear, concise information and discussions on leadership.
  • NC Podcast Listener
    Thank you
    I am a better leader by listening to the podcast.
  • LA. Jones
    I have been so blessed!
    The message by John then the application breakdown afterwards has provided a clear blueprint on next steps for my leadership path.
  • SageSC
    Exactly what I needed
    I am new to a leadership role at work, and I cannot say how helpful this podcast has been in helping me reflect, learn and grow so far in this new challenge.
  • RussssssssssssssssC
    Wisdom & Growth
    Absolutely love this podcast. Has changed my life. Thank you!
  • Mr.Alexander1701
    Thankful for this podcast
    I always leave inspired, challenged and ultimately a More equipped leader!
  • IrollwithJC
    Life changing
    This podcast is amazing. I am constantly pausing to take notes!
  • mscott121
    Best Leadership Podcast!
    I recently started a new management position and this podcast has helped me think through the priorities of leadership and how I can serve and build up my team. Thankful for John Maxwell’s insights into servant leadership and the panelists who share from their cast experience and from the heart.
  • linds fink
    Best leadership podcast ever
    This is one of my favorite podcasts ever. John makes leadership and switching to a leadership mindset so simple, with tangible action steps // questions to ask yourself ! Mark cole always breaks everything down with the guests he has so beautifully and it has helped me become a better leader ! Thank you
  • aqlopez4
    Love John Maxwell leadership podcast!
    Thank you John for continuously pouring onto us concepts on leadership, vision, growth seekers and being life long learners! Sharing to everyone!
  • S.A.Y43
    Renewed Mind
    I never thought I would be someone that read books I’ve come so far with the teachings of John Maxwell listening to the podcast and reading his books have been amazing for me and have definitely altered my life spiritually and in the workplace. Thanks mr. Maxwell I will be at your conference
  • Melinda Morey
    Always so valuable!
    I’m continually learning from John Maxwell’s resources! Thank you!
    The best of the best
    I have been listening for a year and a half and the podcast has given me crazy amount of value and confidence. I’ve been a fan of John and Mark for many years and believe they both have got me to where I am today! 100% recommend this podcast!
  • RinasMom
    Practical and easy for anyone to understand
    I listen in weekly. Sometimes while working out at home with the kids. One day after working out my three year old came to me and says “what was John Maxwell talking about?” And before I could rack my brain to sum it up for her she said, “communication”. I was blown away that she was able to comprehend the entire message. I am so glad that I can soak up wisdom and get guidance weekly. I am especially thankful that my kids can understand and receive value just as much as I am! Thank you!
  • Darc23
    Always informative
    Thanks to John and the team for the insights shared. Enjoy most of the content and John’s simple approach. Need to be mindful of Sometimes the show can end up being a feeling of “me me me”, which is a touch disengaging. Overall 5 stars and thank you.
  • gracia escape
    Encouraging and Motivational
    Each episode gives you a new learning and gives the feeling of sense of direction, setting your mind towards being a great leader.
  • Jos2134107
    True mentorship
    Listening to John and team through these podcasts has helped me a lot. I never knew I would feel connected just by listening to these podcasts. It is definitely because of the speakers on this podcast. Thank you!
  • tylerdickerhoof
    The John Maxwell Leadership Podcast team continues to deliver
    One of my favorite podcasts and every episode delivers great teaching from John. As well the commentary that Mark, Chris, Jason and Traci provide helps make the applications that help me grow as a leader.
  • Some people call me Jack
    Great podcast
    This podcast makes me a better leader every week!
  • Fresnanny!
    I love the podcasts of John C Maxwell they really change my life and the way I lead. I invite other friends to listen to them. They help me tremendously improve my leadership skills
  • nicknamenickname908
    Change your world
    Be humble. John is not God.
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