Future Perfect

by Vox

Future Perfect explores provocative ideas with the potential to radically improve the world. That’s never felt more urgent than it does today. But the truth is that humankind has faced crises throughout our history, leaving behind rich wisdom for us to draw from.In our new limited series, The Way Through, we’re looking to belief systems, philosophies, and wisdom traditions to help us navigate what we’re living through today. In eight episodes hosted by Vox’s Sean Illing and Sigal Samuel, we’ll talk to thought leaders who can help us see a larger context, and perhaps help us find something meaningful, ennobling, and even fortifying in our common experience. Produced by Vox and the Vox Media Podcast Network. 

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Recent Reviews
  • AriadnaAridnaB
    Philosophy take-over!
    Wow, I’m absolutely enjoying the new direction that Future Perfect took. This time, willing to explore deep philosophical questions and having a kind and smart discourse each episode. Honestly, my favorite podcast this year, it really went from being interesting to amazingly engaging. I leave inspired and activated and wishing there was more...thank you!
  • Momita
    Glitch in recent episode
    At around 11:20 there is a glitch in the episode “Your PTA va equality” where it skips a big chunk, at least that’s how it is on my end and I’ve checked in 3 or 4 times! I’m super interested in the topic please fix.
  • Ginagina Smith
    I’m with your wife! Love having unrushed time to read, meditate, & just be.
  • Byrd Nick
    What happened to effective altruism?
    This podcast used to be about how to most effectively improve the world. But in 2020 it changed directions. It stopped discussing evidence-based methods for improvement and turned to so-called spiritual figures. How is this the same podcast? That seems like a big enough change to merit a separate podcast.
  • ablackfeministATL
    The way through?
    The first episode of the new season was a bit disappointing. I don’t think that Valerie Brown answered most of Sigal’s questions and so much of interview was hoisted by Sigal’s own insight, interpretation, etc. She could’ve done the thing by herself. I hope things get better. I’m a such an avid listener of the Podcast.
  • bangarang_ben
    No Facts
    All based on emotion, come on now
  • BlueBottleGirl
    I am so blown away by what I feel I need to catch up on in regard to the underlying history of how our country, and others operate. This podcast also inadvertently explains the dynamics of our current political predicament. Thank you!
  • cantstandstill218
    More please!
    Smart and phenomenally relevant.
  • shehdujfjf
    Wow this is so interesting
  • Scott Potashman
    Really smooth listen
    I love the discussion here, and the production value is really strong too. It never feels like a big lift, but when I am done, I feel like I have gotten a little bit smarter every time. Strong rec from me.
  • GrecianG
    Excellent production
    Listen now and you’ll not regret it
  • TwizzlerYum
    I’m learning so much
    I love thinking about ideas like this, and I don’t hear them anywhere else.
  • Jon apuh
    Nothing based on facts. Just liberal emotion. This podcast is what’s wrong with America. Full of great ideas to go against.
  • InternGizmo
    I love this show
    This p-cast is incredible! Well-researched and fun to listen to. I tell all my friends about it. I love putting it in my ears.
  • Jenny, NJ
    Money in the moon
    Great content - awesome points at the end about our funding choices going forward! Totally agree. (Content gets 5 stars!) HOWEVER, the episode was difficult to follow and absorb due to the nearly constant giggling and what sounded like 2 ten-year-olds laughing & punching each other on a cool class trip. I am seriously glad that these people are happy in their work (and I don’t want every science reporter to sound like Richard Attenborough), but please understand that valley girl (and boy) inflections don’t age well. I’m truly sorry to sound this critical, because I appreciate VOX and have come to DEPEND on the thoughtful and intelligent discussions offered on many of your productions. Ezra is a national treasure! 🖖🏼 (In case it matters, I am a 64 year-old woman from NJ)
  • antipinkkitten
    Delightful and interesting
    I love this podcast and it shapes so many thoughts on the ultra-wealthy that I hadn’t thought on before. This is a must-listen for all people curious in future planning.
  • KelleyNaifeh
    Should Be Required for Philanthropists
    Great reporting and thoughtful discussion!
  • cberiswill
    Interesting Ideas!
    I really enjoy listening to this podcast and the ideas it presents are worth considering! It does have a fairly liberal slant (in its discussion of charter schools, for example) but every production has its own biases. Still 100% a great listen!
  • Showingsupport11111
    Using stories and trump soundclips to push an agenda.
    Pretty garbage attempt at trying to manipulate your emotions instead of presenting facts, to make a point.
  • Tim who teahes in NYC
    News you can use
    Future Perfect really is news you can use - specifically for those who wish to make the world better. There is no better source of information that is actionable.
  • Homer12678
    I am unsubscribing due to Vox’s effort to push censorship of free speech.
  • @SirGregory
    Something exciting
    This podcast makes me think how to be good. The people they bring on are very interesting and they make me see the world differently. Effective altruism is so interesting to me and I love hearing people’s stories behind it.
  • Viveca1
    Great podcast! A must-listen on topics that matter.
    Byrd Pinkerton and Dylan Mathews are enormously talented producers and storytellers — exceptionally well researched, thoughtful, captivating, funny, and often profound. I look forward to these episodes, have learned a lot by listening, and recommend subscribing to everyone. A must-listen.
  • Buhohivou
    Refreshing and insightful
    I’d never considered the relationship between philanthropy and democracy!
  • ruxpendp
    wow! So informative
  • JeffG276
    Unique and well presented
    Literally everything about this podcast is right up my ally. It's smart, witty, and Dylan's delivery is on point. I also love the little "skits" that they do. highly recommend.
  • hugsandshoppinx
    So smart and unique
    Future Perfect is such a smart podcast and tackles issues I don’t see covered anywhere else in audio. I feel like I learn something cool from every episode!
  • MyPug'sNameIsBrutus
    Brings little-known figures to the forefront
    I especially recommend the “He bought the Law” episode. Well researched with a narrative that keeps you engaged.
  • SbiscuitsM
    Great podcast, funny and informative
    This is my favorite Vox podcast! Dylan Matthews & co. tackle interesting concepts with much clarity and a little humor. Highly recommended!
  • ray1/23:4;5(6$7$8
    Very interesting
    I recommend this podcast to every. Subscribe so you don’t miss an episode.
  • Dave DooM
    Great pod
    I love this podcast. Very solutions oriented. Raises serious problems that may come down the pipeline and how humanity may be able to solve them.
  • pathosandpopcorn
    Fave podcast?
    Maybe my favorite podcast and has genuinely changed my life. Make sure to sign up for their email list as well if you haven’t. I have been fighting a personal illness for awhile and what keeps me fighting right now is the dream of donating my kidney.
  • hashtagnerdalert
    Wholesome and intelligent ❤️
    I just discovered this podcast 24 hours and literally haven’t stopped listening! It’s smart, funny, and talks about genuinely interesting policy changes that could make a real difference in the future. Love, love, love it!
  • Aaron.Burgess
    Wonderful! Keep it coming
    Great new show! Very informative. I love the host but it’s especially beneficial to hear some positive commentary about the future and present for a change.
  • Beach chik
    New Episodes?
    Love this podcast and Vox advertises it in all their other podcasts. Where are the new episodes?
  • whitcau
    This has helped my existential anxiety
    As much horrible news is out there, this is a wonderful balance to it. It actually gives me a little bit of faith in humanity again. Thank you for making this. ❤️
  • yesmimi
    I love the format - it’s the right amount of info for me. Don’t always agree with various conclusions but the information is presented in such a way that I feel very engaged.
  • Tommy-O2545678Hello
    Thoughtfully researched, kindness made manifest and truly inspirational. Thank you, Vox.
    Thoughtfully researched, kindness made manifest and truly inspirational. Thank you, Vox.
  • ablackfeminist
    More Wanted
    I absolutely love the podcast. I hope this isn’t the last season.
  • LenaJones77
    For more effective altruism - Please do an episode about veganism/plant-based diets, and how they have an incredibly positive impact on the planet, health and animals!
  • asgharhzaidi
    This is incredible
    I love the episodes about the fish and the ferrets so much
  • finner345
    Amazing podcast
    This podcast is not only inspiring but interesting as well. The episodes are a perfect blend of science and social issues that are perfect for in depth conversation topics. Each episode has a fascinating subject ranging from small to major ideas to ponder on.
  • Donny_Dingus
    Interesting ideas!
    It’s worth a listen
  • Zzzoebutler
    Needs to be a daily podcasts
    I almost cried today because Season 1 ended. This NEEDS to be a daily podcast. I recommend this to everyone I know.
  • Domtron83
    An intellectually stimulating podcast. Though it doesn’t always stretch the mind (i.e. the prison episode) it does give very practical changes that currently exist in the real world to modern applications. Often time it introduces novel ideas (i.e. fishing). I am hoping for a better way to vote episode. This is not science fiction. It is state of the art thinking.
  • B_Listens
    Loving this podcast!
    So thought provoking and engaging! I am telling everyone about this one!
  • WalrusGeneral
    A hopeful podcast about things that really matter! Love the focus on thinking about making things better, even if it means challenging our ideas and norms. Listened to the first two episodes and the one on borders so far. Really looking forward to the rest of the season!
  • kaitlinsnowmd
    No thank you
    I was officially out after “how to make prisons more humane “ . They dismissed victims as if they were garbage.
  • empresstravels
    How to cool the planet with fake volcanoes
    This episode gave me a lot of “Black Mirror” vibes which I loved! Keep it up, I’m really interested in what’s next!
  • The Academic App User
    While I generally like the concept of the show and enjoyed the prison episode, the way that the host and guests discussed adding lithium to drinking water struck me as condescending. Wariness regarding a government program to medicate populations without their consent does not warrant comparison to Alex Jones and the John Birch Society.
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