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"THE WILD with Chris Morgan" explores how nature survives and thrives alongside (and often despite) humans. Taking listeners across the Pacific Northwest and around the world, host Chris Morgan explores wildlife and the complex web of ecosystems they inhabit. He also tells the stories of people working in and protecting the wild around us.

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  • Mishka #2
    My favorite!!!!!!
    Best podcast i have ever listened to !
  • kick add farmgirl
    Learning, loving and respecting nature
    This podcast is informative, funny and amazing. I love how Chris offers us a ring side seat to his adventure with all things wild. Beautifully done. Bravo
  • Alfred sea
    Very good.
    Love this podcast so much!!!!!!!!
  • Secka101
    My all time favorite podcast
    Of course I’ve been sucked into my share of true crime and investigative reporting… but this show I listen to over and over again. I’ve heard every episode about 5 or 6 times. I live in the PNW and when Chris talks about Washington, Oregon, or the mountains I go back 15 years or so and think about all the hiking I did all over these states when it was just me and my dog… now I have two dogs a husband and two kids (7 &3) and we hike all over still but it’s a little more gentle these days . Anyway keep up the good work I love the stories.
  • Tstaed
    Such a great podcast
    Lovely stories that weave together nature, people and experiences. I just love listening to it. I hope it never goes away.
  • you crossed the line
    Fascinating podcast
    This is such an interesting podcast. I love animals & oddly enough, having had several encounters with wild animals in my life, all have been peaceful and respectful on both parts. Most often I was young and too ignorant to know to be afraid and I personally believe the lack of fear and God’s grace saved my life. I even had an owl fly right beside me in a tight spot where his wings clipped my neck and we both kept going without aggression or defensive behavior. On another outing, it was pitch dark and I did not see the Black Bear. I can only assume it didn’t see me either, as we physically brushed right by each other and we each just kept walking. An elk stood five feet behind me without me knowing it was there until I turned around and I found myself once surrounded by about 40 Big Horned Sheep. It was as if they escorted me across the meadow. I just talked to them as we walked. Buffalo, wolf, mountain lions, bobcats. God looked out for me. Each encounter was unexpected and I was so grateful to have experienced them but never would I have pursued them. God was merciful to me. This podcast would have told me what to do but most were long before anyone had heard of a podcast or even had home computers. Just a blessing in nature. I love the respect yet common sense taught about close encounters with wild animals in this podcast. I give it five stars and hope many will listen and learn from this intuitive and wise man.
  • PaulFehringer
    My Favorite Nature Podcast!
    As a Naturalist/Educator for 30 years, I always enjoy listening to other naturalists express their views on the natural world. This is my absolute favorite nature podcast to listen to. I love how it encourages others to explore nature and how it takes me to new and familiar places and gives me another view of these places. I also enjoy the conservation side of many of the episodes. Thank you so much for producing The Wild!
  • I dream J
    Sea Lions
    The encouragement to stop and listen to the story about sea lions, putting yourself in a place of a sea lion. It’s a stroke of genius. It really helped to engage my thinking ability about the passage through the sea and rivers. Also the plight of the chinook and the Native Indians with the dam. Looking forward to more stories in this genre!
  • Dodgergrl1
    So informative!
    This is, by far, the best podcast on wild animals I have ever come across. It is so good, it is the only podcast of the dozens I listen to where I have been inspired to become a patreon member. It always leaves me me thirsting for more. Chris delivers everything. Not just the sight but the sounds of the animals and their surroundings. You can feel his love for the subject manner and it is inspiring. Highly recommend, you will not be sorry!
  • Sarah 355445789
    My second favorite podcast eevveerr
  • grievedghost
    Best in its Category
    This podcast is in my top 2 and definitely the best nature podcast I’ve listened to. Chris is a fantastic hosts, the stories are amazing and inspiring, and production is top notch (writing, recording, natural and musical soundtrack). I found it late in the most recent season but have been thoroughly enjoying binging all of the older episodes. Please keep going!
  • JessdaMes
    Favorite podcast!
    Chris Morgan is so knowledgeable I love listening to his adventures. I learn so much!
  • prinetucey
    I’m an artist who observes and paints wildlife
    It was an older podcast but after listening to Dr Rae Wynn I had an epiphany about my art. I’m so passionate about our world of wildlife and the peril they are in if I can make a difference with my art I would be all in for that! Can I send her some samples and maybe she could tell me where to start showing it where it would make a difference!!
  • Oceanwall
    Very inspiring podcast
    I love this podcast. Would love to hear an episode on the conservation work being done for American Red Wolves or Mexican Wolves! Check out the Endangered Wolf Center, would be a great place to help with an episode!
  • Amidoingthisright?
    So good!
    Man this podcast is good. The animals and the human stories are so engaging. Chris is so authentic and he really makes me think. I love the YouTube channel too! It’s fun to see the stuff that I listened to earlier in the day.
  • satahbee
    I’m absolutely loving this show. It’s captivating and I feel like I’ve found my people, people who absolutely love nature, from trees to animals. And reflect the importance of the natural world to us individually and the planet holistically.
  • Andrew bilezikian
    I have never finished a tv show in my life, yet here I am having listened to all episodes many twice. Amazing work and truly inspiring. Thank you Chris
  • SSSS_21
    Great show
    Informative, funny, and entertaining.
  • what can i say that is not alr
    Intro music too loud
    Intro music is much too loud. Have to turn way down, then you have rewind and have listen again to the same loud volume of the music.
  • Katsumi_Ocelot
    A treat for the ears with every episode!
    Chris and the whole production crew do such an amazing job with every episode! You’ll be taken on a captivating journey around the world to discover about the natural beauty of the earth and all the wonderful creatures that live in it! Chris is a bear guy at heart and hearing his passion for wildlife is such a serotonin boost! Every episode brings a new expert on everything from adorable foxes and lynxes to rattlesnakes or orangutans to Native Americans restoring rivers to their natural state. It’s an amazing journey and I’m here for every episode of it! Living vicariously through this podcast while I’m out in the desert, pining for my home in the Pacific Northwest!
  • Klingrid
    Part 1 of the Burmese Python Saga
    This is absolutely riveting! I live in Southern California and of course have encountered rattlesnakes on the trail, but being in the neighborhood of these pythons and actively engaging with them is bravery beyond measure! The closet experience to your adventure, Chris, is being present while th problem alligator control came to capture and haul in a live gator on my friend’s dock on Laje Minnehaha outside Orlando. He had flip flops on his feet, which I couldn’t believe when I saw him stroll over to the edge of the lake. We’ll, i he was a second-generation problem alligator collector. I appreciate your shows immensely! Thank you so much!
  • Knowing More in NYC
    Fresh Air for the Ears
    Chris Morgan brings us palpable enthusiasm, engagement and love for the amazing non-human BEINGS and THEIR environment in a way we can all share! And as a Pacific Northwesterner ensconced in an eastern city, and as a human being who’s feet are most often on pavement, a breath of all that is home. I listen to too many podcasts, this is my absolute favorite. Can I also say, I Love the theme music! Thank you Chris -et al!! Check out this wonderful(as in full of wonder) podcast and send support to Chris for his projects and this GREAT podcast!
  • over-it_123
    Man I love this podcast
    Seriously. It’s my favorite podcast on the internet. I’m so glad you are back with a new season.
  • ThisOneSillyMan
    Pine martens, who knew?
    Chris! Possibly your best episode yet?!?! Hard to say because they’re all good and I also really loved the recent one on Orcas. I was surprised towards the end of the episode to find out that they are only 3 pounds. Pretty fantastic that such a small creature can have such a big impact on their environment. Pretty fascinating connection between the two creatures; interesting and amazing how the predators success supports the success of its prey!
  • GinnyMH
    The Wild
    Always informative, often humorous, and mostly it just moves my soul.
  • cool guy 87584
    Voor Chris
    I like your podcast it’s very fun Chris
  • jswanner
    Love this podcast
    It’s always such a treat when there’s a new episode of this podcast to listen to!
  • AyumiCY
    Love this podcast
    Chris makes me feel closer and connected to nature with his moving stories about all kind of different species. I really enjoy his thoughtful narration.
  • 2redsox45
    Informative but not oppressive
    I am really enjoying the podcasts. An excellent balance of information and entertainment.
  • TouchdownJesseB
    Extraordinary Presentation
    Just got to hear Chris in person. We’ve never had a full school assembly where our students were so excited and engaged. Can’t wait to continue following his journey through this podcast and Beartrek
  • EliiDoo
    Jacque Cousteau of land animals
    Beautiful detailed coverage of animals and the people researching and fighting to conserve them in our modern world. I enjoy listening to your voice and well chosen, poetic even, words you use in the telling. Reminds me of Cousteau. We must fight to keep our wild spaces and wild co-inhabitants of this earth. Please keep sharing. Thank you.
  • clooneythescourge
    Uplifting and hopeful
    A very well done audio nature show . It really resonates on a emotional level if you love the natural world .
  • lagringacabronalameramera
    Chris brings us a credible creative compassionate conundrum Of conditions conjoining cascading conjunctions of creations creatures
  • #4McFly-bum
    Great podcast
    Love listening to The Wild while I go for walks in the woods. Please continue the podcasts!
  • Cshankster
    Family time
    We listen to this podcast as a family with our young children to learn about the amazing animals covered, but also to show our children all the inspiring people helping our planet. Thank you for sharing these stories they are so impactful!
  • ry_267
    Make more episodes
    Make more episodes plz I love this show it is relaxing and I fall asleep to it at night It comforts me because I know someone cares about the wild plz plz plz plz make more
  • Radha bay
    Two eyed seeing
    I subscribed to this podcast a year ago, but didn’t listen much, until I realized that so many episodes are about my region of the world—the Pacific Northwest. And the episode on two eyed seeing has cemented my appreciation of how Chris Morgan hopes to move through the natural world, as a scientist and as someone who is in love with all things wild.
  • Hunter McAvan
    A step into nature
    This is a GREAT podcast. Nothing picks me up on my drive to work in the city like a splash of the great outdoors, it makes me look forward to my weekends outside that much more! Keep up the great work 🏕
  • Elena ML
    My favorite podcast!
    I love this podcast & I love Chris Morgan! The episodes are fun, relaxing, and educational. Would love more content on bears!
  • birgiee
    Great Escape
    Well made, produced, engaging and informative. Thank you for getting me away from mostly political podcasts! 😄 Nature is medicine!
  • Hanna L.F
    Love this podcast!!
    I’ve searched for a podcast like this for years! Fascinating topics and I really dig the interview style!
  • Georgia Boy US sailorman
    Outstanding keep it up.
  • Chris D from NJ
    Can make anyone care about conservation
    Love this show. Brings conservation to the forefront with a wonderful Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom or Jacques Cousteau feel. Entertaining and educational for anyone of any age.
  • lhfsst dtkcx
    Best show ever
    Keep um coming
  • vocad
    Keep the great stories coming!
  • LJ🎼❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
    Love it
    I did not know about a island fox and now it’s my favorite animal It’s nice that you tell us about The Wild
  • AmieMarin
    The Wild
    If you love the natural world or just sometimes depending on your mood, The Wild is a must listen! Chris Morgan is an engaging, warm, funny, intelligent, interesting and human narrator who brings fascination and discovery to every show. Find a show about your favorite animal and start there. You’ll be hooked!
  • wheelierogue
    This makes me cry in a good way
    I’m currently sitting at home at 2am crying about owls. This podcast shines a well-needed spotlight on scientists and conservationists that are doing the real work, trying to save the species and ecosystems that they love. And most importantly, it shows how emotional, passionate, and real these people are, which you don’t get to see in research papers and scientific articles that are “objective” and removed from emotion. I also always appreciate podcasts that center Indigenous people and communities.
  • NorthPawsMN
    Wow and thank you
    I love this podcast. I’ve never binged through a podcast at such a rate. I can’t wait for more episodes. I’m very thankful for the teams work on educating all of us and trying to Improve our world. Thank you
  • SaltySuMarie
    Needs more information about the animals in the titles
    I enjoy this podcast but some episodes are frustrating because they don't contain enough information about the animal and TONS of information about the person being interviewed. Kind of a bummer to download and anticipate a podcast that I think will teach me about an animal but I learn about a person instead, more animal facts please! I don’t particularly care how someone found themselves in the field, I just want to know about the creatures they study.
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