Inside Star Wars

by Wondery
TV & Film #214Film History #18

From the creators of Inside Psycho, Inside the Exorcist, and Inside Jaws, comes a new immersive audio biopic about the making of the original 1977 Star Wars. It was a movie made on a shoestring and dumped into a handful of movie theaters. And then it changed the world. This is the story of George Lucas and his dream. We take you inside the stories of the people who struggled to make the original classic and the people who did their very best to stop it dead. Now playing in all galaxies.

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Recent Reviews
  • Fishslider
    Great story teller
    Is awesome! Great to listen to. I love Star Wars and this is the best way to hear the creation of it!!!
  • elvisking1
    Inside Star Wars
    The force is strong with this one. .
  • Birdies1951
    Radio like the 40s
    The voices and sound effects tell a story that seems well researched, and is definitely captivating. Certainly brings lives and turning points the breath of life.
  • Darkbroccoli
    I hate reviewers
    This podcast is amazing. Any complaint by reviewers is because they are weird and picky.
  • cacti jones
    I like how it says hell randomly
  • ded2synn
    I’ve been listening to this podcast in my daily runs and it’s been a delightful! I’m a HUGE Star Wars fan and Mark treats the franchise with a tremendous amount of dignity. Each episode has been insight and interesting. There’s no sensationalism but there is creative license...which is done very well. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed listening. Mark, the end of episode 7 made me stop running and wipe away tears of sentiment and memory. Thank you!
  • Wash_DC_Falls
    Too many ads
    Would be 5 stars but every few moments another ads....
  • drummerkid05
    Pretty good
    The podcast is good, but the narrator plays all of the roles, and it doesn’t include sounds or music from the original. Other than that, it’s a very good and informative podcast.
  • Holidex
    Outstanding story. Voice acting is very bad.
    I love the story I love the presentation. This podcast is very entertaining. However, whoever did the voice acting it is driving me insane. Everyone is a bumbling timid moron who repeats the first word of every sentence. Do you, do you, I’m thinking, I’m thinking, I want you, I want you, well, well and on and on and on.
  • maxican04
    Great for fans
    This podcast is amazing. I can’t stop listening to it just makes me happy hearing it builds a greater love for all the hard work that was the original series thank you so much.
  • Hesley elena alvarez
    Absolutely Touching
    I am seriously saying you guys could keep going,maybe Indiana Jones, game of thrones, keep going. I Played this to my girlfriend, and she had never seen Star Wars. After that she would always watch The movies on our dates.
  • HobbitofRohan
    I’m a young student looking to go into film, and a long time star wars fan since my dad showed it to me as a young girl. There was a two part reaction to this podcast series: on one hand, I was let down in several episodes by the sad life choices my favorite actors had made, not knowing how corrupt it could be on set and off. And yet, I still love them. Because we are all human. Of course, these character flaws aren’t a product of the podcast, just something brought to light. The podcast in itself was beautifully done. Told in an easy to follow story format, with lovely quotes, gorgeous sound affects, and interesting facts and tidbits. I must admit I cried while listening to the trials and tribulations of the film making process (and quietly sobbed when we had to say goodbye to carrie fisher once more). I love the honesty and clarity throughout this work, and I will definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about the rags to riches story of the most beautiful space opera in the galaxy.
  • pinning in springfield
    GREAT podcast
    This was such a great podcast. I’ve actually only watched the first three (original) Star Wars movies, but I think I’ll go watch them all after this Such an unique opportunity to hear about George Lucas’ life - and all the struggles and naysayers that he dealt with in trying to get this movie in theaters. The whole story was so interesting, but especially the part about finding all the sounds for the movie. So interesting! I have great respect for Lucas.
  • JNmePs11
    Informative and entertaining
  • cranford upon avon
    Good but not great
    Like others have said the biggest problem with this podcast is the narrator assuming the roles of actual living actors and of George Lucas himself. It is definitely cringe inducing to hear a bad impression of George Lucas. Otherwise there are some details and facts about the original Star Wars that even fanatics will find interesting and novel. It’s worth a listen but without access to the actual actors or any soundbites/clips from the actual movies this podcast has a very amateurish feel.
  • lillybarttt
    Good for big Star Wars fans
    Entertaining and fun except the voice acting needs to step it up. I wince so hard when I hear this guy’s overly exaggerated stammering voice he uses for every single character even Carrie Fisher!
  • jscar78
    A good story
    Fun deep dive into Star Wars
  • alwaysinthecar
    I really enjoyed this series! The story telling was superb! It was a blast to go back in time and get the inside scoop! I didn’t want it to end.
  • TimKimble
    A film of this magnitude deserves a better production. Comes across as very low budget. The narrator assumes all of the character roles - even, uh, Princess Leia? Hard to take seriously. No interviews with any actual actors or other essential players?! Lame attempt to channel Lucas. Lots of cliches and forgettable dialogue. No actual clips used! Only passing reference to the immense contribution of John Williams - and his music is replaced by inferior replacement soundtrack. Licensing right I suppose. Had higher hopes. Sorry.
  • Rebel Leia
    Loved it! Learned so many new things!
    I am huge Star Wars fan and really enjoyed listening to this Podcast! I learned so many new fun things about the behind the scenes on set and mainly about George Lucas and how his life brought him to the point of making Star Wars. I also cried when he was speaking about Carrie Fisher and how she is always with us in the little girls, moms, etc. I was so sad when he passed away suddenly. I always loved pretending I was Princess Leia when I was a little girl. Great job! Sharon
  • Woody Ce
    Surprisingly Informative and fun!
    Enjoyed this podcast! 42 year fan. Didn’t think I’d ever hear anything I’d never heard before, surprised every episode!
  • wontletmereusenickname
    Great show
    In a world full of podcast that are 1/2 information and 1/2 the hosts talking about themselves. This cast and the other Wonderly’s I’ve listened to are great.
  • northerntwo
    Amazing production!
    This was wonderful! The amount of thought, heart and hard work that was poured into this is clear from the first episode. Thank you for this series!
  • CWH89
    If somehow you like this, go listen to “Blockbuster.” I guarantee you’ll be blown away... possible tears.
  • R_Gosling
    "Blockbuster" did it better
    I didn't care about the characters. I had already listened to "Blockbuster" when this came out though, which had an actual cast and was a much more personal story. I know some people don't like the narrative presentation, but that's not really my issue wth "Inside Star Wars." My issue was this was boring. Neither podcast series is 100% accurate, but "Blockbuster" felt like a movie you actually get invested in. "Inside Star Wars" on the other hand felt a little halfassed and missing a soul.
  • Aaaaaafhkyed
    Outstanding!!! Loved it!! How could it get anything less than 5 stars!!??!!
  • ChrisG26
    Absolutely Amazing!
    I started listening today, and I’m already done with it! I felt like I was listening to the audio of a movie. That’s how amazing all of the descriptions are! They should do a sequel called “Inside the Empire Strikes Back!”
  • Pikaroth
    I wish that it would go on forever!
    One of the best podcasts that I have ever listened to! I truly feel as if I am Lucas himself sitting in front of his radio as a child - before TV was standard in every home. I will now be listening to all of the other "Inside" podcasts, and I know that there is no intention of doing an Inside Empire Strikes Back or Return of the Jedi (and the prequels!), but I beg and plead for those to be made! Beyond saying this is a must listen for Star Wars' fans, this is a must listen for lovers of radio/podcasts - period. Thank you for this, and I beg of you to do all the other Star Wars' films!
  • Lori lezotte
    I was listening to REBEL FORCE RADIO. And you were on talking about this podcast. This was a great listen. I had chills. Almost cried a couple of times. It wonderful really captures the feeling of that time period.
  • Ender125
    Really enjoyed the depth of this podcast!
  • Mailman Doug
    Absolutely awesome
  • Bryan ‘bg'
    Super entertaining!
    I do t know how he does it! The amount of research that went into this is incredible! And all the voice work makes this so much fun to listen to! Thank you for all that you’ve put into this!
  • just Tim
    This is a fantastic audio cast. I am so glad I heard the interview on Rebel force radio. The seven goodbyes episode brought a tear to my eye. Especially when The Narrator was recounting seening Star Wars for the first time back in 77. It brought back a flood of memories to me because I was 11 years old when I saw Star Wars for the first time. Again fantastic show.
  • Bayernq8
    Thank you
    This was beautifully perfect? Perfectly beautiful? Not sure how to describe it but it was truly awesome.
  • The Zombieist
    Informative & Entertaining!
    Kudos Mark, you really knocked it outta the park with this one! I’ve listened to the other “inside” series; Jaws, Psycho, etc., and this one really feels well-researched & passionate in its delivery. My only complaint is that I enjoyed it so much that it seemed to end too soon!
  • NeptuniumAxel
    Try Blockbuster podcast instead
    It is FINE. There is no drama or bigger story so you feel a little embarrassed for the narrator acting out all the characters himself including Carrie Fisher which you will NEVER get used to the whole series. I will be HONEST, I liked it FINE, but it is not an "audio movie" as the narrator says. The best thing I can say of this series is that Apple recommended another podcast series called Blockbuster made by actual filmmakers instead of NPR style podcasters so the story telling is better. It is more about how Lucas and Spielberg met each other when they were young and believed in each others dreams when no one else did. And also about how John Williams dealed with the death of his wife and how he found his calling in music for Jaws and Star Wars and Close Encounters. I cried UGLY man tears at one point because it was so emotional, but in the way GOOD movies are. You will see what I mean. I think everyone who listened to Inside Star Wars should listen to Blockbuster after and see what they are really missing. I did.
  • Eglows
    So awesome!
    I’m not a big fan of Star Wars, but I love listening the stories behind. You kept me so entertained with the stories! Thank you!
  • Dtujy
    I absolutely loved the details in this series. I have been a Star Wars fan for as long as I can remember. It is and has been a inspiration since it’s conception. What a great podcast!!
  • ben dover 4fun
    Good job
    Great show
  • Lola Lola Lola BeatBeat
    So awesome!!
    This podcast was captivating! I laughed, I cried. Really beautiful work here. Seven episodes was not enough. Thanks for your work!!
  • Landie73
    I have loved Star Wars for over forty years now. I was 4 when it came out. I am happy to enjoy all the movies with my 8 year old daughter now. The back stories that you have explained are great, funny , wild and sometimes sad but enjoyable. The last episode made me cry which , even surprised me. Great work!
  • Gopherg
    Great take on the behind the scenes of Star Wars.
  • Der Bizon
    Another good “Inside” project with a great use of imagination and storytelling. No giant Star Wars fan will learn much but for fans of the way things unfolded in the early 70s, it’s a treat. Well worth the listen
  • Kinscat
    Loved It
    I was a freshman in college when Star Wars debuted and this podcast made it all fresh and new again. Wonderfully entertaining.
  • Bruce's Ghost
    Not as good as predecessors
    Inside Jaws, The Exorcist, and Psycho are all 5 star podcasts. This one missed the mark.
  • Mr. B Superstar
    Inside Star Wars
    Mark Ramsay did a phenomenal job. Just like his subject, George Lucas, Mark is a wonderful storyteller. Excellently researched, written and produced. I’m going to have to find Mark’s other work now and listen!
  • Purplepage25
    I listened to every episode. There was some really interesting information. However, the structure was choppy, and it is hardly the “deep dive” it claimed to be. Missed opportunity.
  • Jose R. Jr
    What a blessing!
    Always challenging and interesting. Mike, Dave and Crash and their multiple guests tackle the toughest issues with wisdom and grace. I highly recommend listening
  • red106
    Huge Star Wars nerd here. I can listen to just about anything on the subject & be entertained but this podcast really tested that theory. Definitely some interesting anecdotes but as many have said the narrator’s voices are way over the top. Now that all episodes are out just binge it & be done with it.
  • Hankadelic69
    I loved it!
    I loved it and I want more.
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