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You’ve got questions. Together, we get answers.
Each week on How To!, Amanda Ripley (bestselling author of High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out, The Unthinkable, and The Smartest Kids in the World) takes on listeners’ toughest problems and, with the help of experts, finds the answers to questions you’ve always wanted to ask, but couldn’t. Until now.

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  • communitynewspodcast
    I love learning how to anything
    Please interview "Paiul and Sasha" from Community News with Paul and Sasha and find out how they do it. Make us laugh on our darkest days and not with mean humor, but with smart and relatable humor. Thanks.
  • Rob123J
    Go back to the original format
    This podcast was great in the past. When it becomes more political it looses its uniqueness.
  • Schlabach
    Great episode.
    I think most of America can relate to this topic. Great episode.
  • berni2012
    Disappointed in Episode on Interracial Dating &Too Accepting of White USA Paradigm
    The interviewer and guests on the episode on interracial dating didn’t display an understanding of how people of African descent built the world, including the wealth of the entire Western Hemisphere and Europe, according to renowned experts like Prof Howard French (Columbia), Prof Marlene Daut (Yale) & the late Profs Michel Trouillot (Univ of Chicago) and Cheikh Anta Diop (Université de Dakar). I mention this macro issue about the importance of people of African descent around the world because it was heartbreaking to hear how these women during this episode centered the fiction of Whiteness by only defining themselves in relation to White people. What I would tell the women on this show is free yourself from the White gaze, educate yourself on how Africa and its diasporas/descendants built the world and focus on how you exist in a world built by your people.
  • MetaCritic2025
    Hélène Biandudi Hofer star of show!
    We absolutely loved the episode starring Hélène Biandudi Hofer. She’s like a breathe of fresh air. Very positive and intelligent. ❤️
  • LikeAGoodStory
    Came Here for One Episode and Stayed for Hours
    As I am a Girl Boner Radio listener (host August McLaughlin), I wanted to hear the interview with August and her co-author, Jamila Dawson regarding the recent book, With Pleasure: Managing Trauma Triggers for More Vibrant Sex and Relationship. The episode on sexual consent with McLaughlin and Dawson was probably the best interview I have heard regarding the book, With Pleasure. I went on to listen to previous How To! episodes for the next four hours. I’m very selective with my podcast playlist, and this podcast is now among my regulars. Amanda Ripley can take the most tangled issue and separate the threads making for an informative yet entertaining episode every time. Hooray for How To!
  • August JoMc
    Such a thoughtful, helpful show!
    This podcast is so thoughtfully put together. I love the way they blend interviews with related research, all with practical tips in mind. Amanda is a fabulous host… I find her voice and kindness so encouraging.
  • kah296
    Disappointed with the Dog Episodes
    Regarding the episode about what happens when a dog and a family don’t work out - I found it irresponsible to share the story of behavioral euthanasia without the caveat that the first step should always be investigating whether another home would allow the dog to thrive. Maybe the guest did this research and made the decision to euthanize her dog with the help of experts, but this was not clear from the conversation. I also found it irresponsible to air the expert’s out of context comments about how there is a shortage of dogs in this country. Yes, many urban areas do bring in animals from other parts of the country, but this is precisely because there is the OPPOSITE of a shortage of dogs in lots of areas. It’s journalistically unethical to have someone WHO BREEDS DOGS saying that that the “adopt don’t shop” mentality is harmful. Of course people need to be careful when they adopt a dog to ensure there is a good match, but much of the two dog episodes (particularly the second one) were conspicuously missing crucial (and potentially life-saving) information.
  • Nellygoat
    Vocal Fry
    Amanda displays unbearably irritating vocal fry in the prerecorded segments of her podcast. It’s really a shame, because the content is good.
  • Austin Tx professor
    So disappointed
    Content of questionable validity now after the change. Listened to all the original episodes but will not be returning. Miss you Charles Duhig!
  • dcurbanexperiment
    Insightful, honest with a focus on people.
    Amanda’s voice of curiosity and reflection are like a dose of vitamins. Her written work and podcast voice are always informed, honest with a focus on the characters. She is gifted and I can never get enough of her.
  • fionaschip
    Overwhelming ads, underwhelming content
    This is a good concept for a podcast! I burn through podcasts like crazy at work so I’m always happy to find a cool new one. Unfortunately, after listening to about 5 episodes I think I’m done. I appreciate the work that goes into each in terms of finding people to interview for the show, but other than that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of research or depth in the subjects. It kind of feels like each could be condensed into a couple minutes of content but instead a simple and surface level subject is stretched thin for a half hour. For example, the episode on giving up a troublesome dog amounted to “it’s not shameful to give up your dog if it is overwhelming your entire life”. They didn’t go any deeper than that. Not to mention almost a third of the episode is ads :( I think this is hilighted in the way the ads are structured, especially at the beginning. It’s something like 1 min of ads, 5 mins introduction, then 2 minutes of ads. I understand the need to profit for the work out in, but this is over the top and overwhelming. This podcast has a great foundation and it’s cool to hear from experts. At the same time I feel it needs more work to be worthwhile.
  • smikgtre
    Some very bad advice!
    Never give up your 401K employer match! It’s like earning 100% interest. Other than that, most of the advice is too general to be useful, and appears to feature guests who are trying to sell their own books or podcasts. It is reasonably entertaining, but not a real how to about anything.
  • doeinda
    smart, insightful and compassionate
    I really like the show now hosted by Amanda Ripley. Regardless of topic, I enjoy listening. And always learn or am reminded of something. I find This kind of human story telling and problem solving so refreshing.
  • Henripug
    You never say goodbye to a difficult dog.
    They are yours for life. Like a child.
  • disorganizedrobot
    Are these ads serious?
    This is an insane amount of ads. Audio quality is inconsistent quality. Content meanders.
  • dbirdla
    Relevant and timely topics with good advice
    I’ve listened to several of the recent shows and Amanda has been tackling interesting topics that I find quite relevant. Her rapport with the guests is like sitting down for coffee with a friend to exchange good advice. I especially liked the show about coaching youth sports!
  • Sky Oaks
    Productive and Hopeful
    What I love about this show is how Amanda helps me see a problem from multiple perspectives. Each podcast has awesome interviews uncovering multiple moving parts and providing a menu of solutions. The best part is the bright light she brings into the picture. After I listen I feel like I have new tools and more confidence!
  • pah2105
    Enjoyable and positive
    Lots of wisdom in relatively short episodes. The episodes hosted by David Epstein are especially pleasant.
  • Mel C5
    Awesome Podcast
    Updated- I miss David! His voice, questions and flow made the podcast so great. It's hard to get into the new female host. It's not the same. A great podcast, I look forward to the weekly episodes and enjoy listening to it. The show is very helpful and insightful!
  • kittygiant
    Comment about new host
    Listening to the latest episodes I notice more superfluous chitchat between the host and guests than before with Charles & his guests & his use of time. I find this irritating in that with all this ‘extra’ chatter, the objective of the podcast is not moved forward or at least not staying on track. Sometimes it just feels like they are conversing casually without regard to an audience, and when that happens they lose me & I’m apt to stop listening.
  • LMS11223344
    The ads drive me up the wall
    I do love this show and find it so insightful and helpful. 5 stars for content. But please, if I have to hear one more bush’s baked beans add about the “barbecue-niverse” I am going to lose it. Pretty please, consider going with less main-stream (corporate) adds and switch to some that actually offer interesting products. Thanks!!
  • Milk4me7
    Miss Charles
    6/2 update - another episode with Google search top 10 depth, so unoriginal, nothing worth hearing. Sad. The show has gotten tame and predictable since Charles left as host, David isn’t making the show creative enough, the guests have gotten lame and the advice is predictable. Need to get better...
  • jmi89
    Too many ads
    30 min episode yet 10 min are ads...No thank you!!
  • 13Arabesque
    Life Hack
    Love this show! So much good and varied advice.
  • I need a fursona
    I Like this podcast 👍
    (Podcast EP Request) I am 15 and enjoy making beats with my iPod-touch. I am pretty good at it and am only getting better. But I want to make music based off of video games like Call Of Duty, Five Nights at Freddys, And just big games like these. I don’t want to be in the EP, but I need help of figuring out how to write a lyrics good enough for the type of beats I make. Oh by the way I need help rhyming, and help learning rhyme schemes. Of course I could look this up on YouTube, but I think it’ll give you more listeners. Just a question and a suggestion. Thank you if you read this far. 🥁🎹🎺🎵❤️ (Review) I think that this podcast has a lot of insight on the topics they talk about. If u you oh need help with anything reach out to the podcasts crew and they’ll likely help you.
  • frissjan
    Good, but the frequency of advertisements is AWFUL!
    I like this podcast, but the ads are excessive!! Ruins this podcast.
  • KTMAC60
    Great but not enough
    The show is very well done but wish each episode was an hour at least for some more in depth discussion of each topic
  • weespesh
    Helpful AF
    REALLY NEEDED THAT QUIET THE CHATTER IN YOUR HEAD EPISODE YESTERDAY THANK YOU. All the other episodes I’ve listened to have been compelling and helpful, too. Thoughtfully delivered human stories with immediately useful DIY steps, minus the corniness of most self-help content.
  • pboxer
    Thoughtful and Thought Provoking
    David Epstein has insight, empathy and a profound ability to draw out great content from his guests. I thoroughly engrossed. This is time well spent.
  • tosh160
    Recommendation: how to not cry when someone is yelling at you
    You guys should do a episode on: how to not cry when someone is yelling at you. How to have control over your emotions How to have a better friends with a adult/ teacher How to be friends with a male seminary teacher without it being creepy.
  • ReptileGirl01
    Five stars! I absolutely love this podcast. The topics are so interesting and sometimes funny too. Even if the specific episode isn’t a personal problem of mine, they are still so entertaining. Keep it up guys!
  • Willow OB
    Fun and interesting
    Love learning from the guests and thinking of things differently.
  • Flickster1000
    Head in the clouds
    The episode about stress baking with simple ingredients that everyone has in their kitchen was for Miso Buttermilk Biscuits. That tells you all you need to know about this podcast.
  • Arlie K
    Off to a great start!
    I've always enjoyed this show, and I'm super excited for David to take the helm! I'm a big fan of his writing, and I have no doubt the show will continue to flourish with him behind the microphone. Can't wait to hear what's next!
  • David E13
    Entertaining and applicable
    Even when the specific issues are narrow, always does a good job of broadening the perspective so there are takeaways for anyone. Well produced, too.
  • vgalgano
    Passing the Torch
    Liked the previous format, but also love this new host. Interesting questions and framing. Very personable and light-hearted, while discussing heady topics. Would recommend!
  • 221698smile
    Too Many Commercials!
    Super interesting and useful content. I’d give it five stars if there weren’t so many commercials!
  • Zfariba
    Loved it
    I get to know you by one episode on happiness app and loved and become subscriber on your app. I am listening from beginning ( second one so far) and loved it so far. So happy to get to know your app :)
  • pppkitty
    Weight loss fantasies
    The fact that this show seems to regularly mention weight loss makes it lose all credibility. Supposedly, this show is supposed to have some basis in research, but look at the research on weight loss. No long term intervention has ever been found. 98% of people who lose weight gain it all back in 5 yrs and 2/3rds are heavier, and this is not due to non-compliance, but biological compensatory processes that have protected us for thousands of years. Dieting is a $70B/yr industry built on repeat customers, so I understand pretending permanent weight loss is possible is good for ratings, but it’s an irresponsible and easily verifiable lie that does real harm to people. Do better in 2021.
  • JoelB.
    Excellent Podcast
    Thank you for your work in providing content that's thought-provoking, humorous and informational. I have been listening for for past several months and I am always eager to see the next topic on release day! Please don't stop what you are doing! You are greatly appreciated! Joel B.
  • ssoozee
    I’ve been subscribed to “How To! With Charles Duhigg” for a long while, but only recently started listening to it. My gosh, Charles is amazing and every topic is fascinating. His guests are top-notch and Charles has an easy-yet-direct way of asking perfect questions to help listeners understand each subject. Charles and his podcast are awesome! Love, love, love!
  • sarah8977777
    Great Podcast
    I always learn something useful while listening to this podcast. Very compelling stories and an empathetic and insightful host.
  • Pondering barred owl
    Love the vibe
    No matter what the topic is , always enjoy the vibe
  • Moshe b Abraham
    Great and Well Treated
    Lots of wonderful episodes. Amazing in their judicious handling of polyamory. But that’s not the only subject they handle well. The ads have gotten a little more numerous over time though.
  • Ronald Orosz
    Give credit where credit is due
    At the end you brushed aside the republican congressman leading the effort to stop algal blooms from occurring downstream from lake okeechobee. Congressman Brian Mast has been fighting to stop the poisoning of downstream waters and the reason Mike has been successful in getting his message out to the masses. I wonder if it were a democrat spearheading this effort if they would’ve been recognized. Your podcasts have a subtle political undertone that often support the left. Thanks
  • Prsopect Farms
    curiosity machine
    Super smart & well produced
  • hshsbekfiehbe
    Love this podcast!
    Always something fun and interesting to listen to! Gives practical advice
  • Connie Bennett
    Really great podcast
    What a fascinating, original, intriguing podcas!. I love the way Charles gets people to share their compelling stories and then weaves in advice from experts.
  • Mary Rothschild
    I love this!
    Not sensational. Just storytelling and practical strategies in a respectful environment.
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