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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

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  • Toes on the Edge
    Advertisement Overload
    Commercial after Infomercial…one after the other!
  • groovy squirrel
    Fascist. Liar. Traitor. And soon-to-be Convict.
  • ViktorGee
    Great Show
    Praying for You Steve. May God protect You through these legal troubles. The devil wants to shut You down! Praying God grants You strength Steve! Thankful for The Warroom Team!!! Pray You are able to keep fighting for our Country!!!!!! God Bless You. God Bless America!!! 🙏🙏🙏❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Nw Jenna
    Please Natalie, let the guests speak! You literally spend more time w/ your lead up that all they can do is parrot your words back. Ugh I skip episodes now… something I had NEVER done before.
  • Pryorion
    Steve Bannon - A National Treasure
    Watch Bannon’s WarRoom if you want to gain knowledge of history, geopolitical, and global happenings. Bannon also forces his audience to watch MSNBC & CNN clips in order to understand the spin and the misrepresentations of the MSM. Very informative and education. Highly recommend. ‼️
  • Bridget Mac
    Evil men, no wonder why you can’t get a girlfriend. You can change, get out of your parents basement and get some help.
  • njk4
    Love WarRoom
    I was active in Live Chat and part of the posse! Some how I’ve been muted from this and don’t know how to get this fixed. Other posse members have tried to get me unmuted too but to no avail. From watching and being an active part of posse I became involved locally with grassroots Trump Slate here in MO! I was delegate for our district Caucus and still actively working with them to Make Missouri Great Again! Thank you for all you do! GODspeed! My handle on Rumble is Tina3040 I’m able to be a part on GETTR but not the same as posse on Rumble. Again thank you!
  • joeyd416
    Steve Bannon and the warroom is a must-listen in my weekly routine, consistently delivering content that pushes the boundaries of typical discourse. It's more than just entertainment; it’s a learning experience that I highly recommend to anyone eager to broaden their understanding of the world around them.
  • Austenville
    The Haters Give Me A Giggle!
    Steve, Natalie, Captain Bannon, Grace, et al — you eviscerate the competition! BRAVO! You are clearly under the Haters skin — love it! Action, action, action!!!
  • Kapp#190
    Naysayers Get Off The Channel!!!!
    People that write bad reviews on here are obviously the writers for Mika’s morning show! This is by far the most informative &. Influential political podcast out there. Keep up the great work Steve and the rest of the posse that is with you… there is nothing better than listening and watching the crocodile tears coming from the mainstream media who have been the arbiters of disinformation for decades, controlled, and paid off by the CCP. Nothing more than hypocritical projectionists Keep up the great work crew!!!!
  • Annoying102938
    Nothing but lies
    Blatant lies. Easily disproven lies. Only stupid, gullible sheep would listen to this.
  • A1010101
    Uses MSNBC for show prep
    Just go right to the source and watch Morning Joe! Steve has a thing for Mika B.
  • Conrado8
    Have listened MANY times, but the WarRoom podcast’s absolute WORST issue is that they fail to write a good synopsis and listing of guests for each episodes. The little lazy blurbs provided are just irritating.
  • Lvsima
    Hi Steve I agree with you on everything except this stupid mullas being Persian, the beautiful people of Iran that hate these mullas are Persian, these mullas are from Palestine and other Arabic countries, they have no sense of country.
  • Fifi05@2024
    Illegal aliens are not the answer
    The health and longevity of illegal aliens is much poorer than most Americans. They generally do not live as long. Most have numerous chronic health conditions and very poor health literacy! This can be verified at every low income and Federally Qualified Healthcare Clinic in the US. This is NOT the answer to our “aging population” and need for employment engagement. Seen it first hand.
  • Cuaobello
    The Truth
    More scripture please❤️✨
  • Kate4389
    Please start a religious podcast
    Would love a weekly lesson just like the Easter Special but on different relevant biblical topics. You do such a great job of teaching.
  • Mickey10963
    WAR ROOM IS Where Real Information Lives!!
    War Room is my Go To for Receipts on what is Happening in the USA & The World!! LOVE when Steve gets into a rip!! LOL
  • Geoplanter
    March 2024
    Grifters are gonna grift! Hey Steve, where’s the money for the wall that you stole? LOCK HIM UP!!
  • Beth Marie Evans
    Thank you
    Thank you Steven K Bannon for all you do. Too much to say in this review. I’m now an elected precinct committeeman. And getting signatures to get on the ballot for school board. I love you! Praying for you, The People’s President, our country, and this world! Upon coming to write another review, I see that I forgot to press send, but coming back to add that I was elected a board of education member last April. I would not know most of what I know, if not for this show.
  • Lazuli7
    Love Joe Allen as a guest. He was a dynamite host on Battleground today Holy Thursday March 28! Please invite him to host again. So informative.
  • eggonstick
    Bannon podcast is genius.The best going bar people on all subjects.true patriots here
  • Fast cars bad…guitars
    Love it
    Got to love this guy
  • Keeran Tulsi
    Thank you
    Many thanks for sharing truth
    Love it!
    Thank you for keeping us informed. I have learned so much listening to you and all your guests.
  • CountDowne
    Great Stuff
    Keep it up! I love the podcast, but one thing truly bugs me to no end: Steven please consider speech therapy. Seriously! No other media figure stutters when telling a guest to “hold it” which you do far too frequently. If you could work through that issue it would be a huge relief!
  • Light shines brightly
    WarRoom Outstanding
    Steve Bannon and Maureen, Natalie and Grace and all correspondents are informative, extremely well covered No fillers just comprehensive factual great substantive interviews context educational with laughter and music to chill with and ready for next segment. Pure quality; no patronizing, no hiding truth, trusts you to listen, learn then be an information mulitplier. Congratulations to all of the posse. It finally dawned.....January sixth was meant to cover Haitian invasion. Thank you for having Tod Bensman...outstanding Show. Sits us right in the middle of the action from invasion, cover ups, AI. Elections, etc. Open honest communication with education on monetary issues and connects us with those that can help with securing our money.
  • Save America 1st
    Tough honest commentary.
    Honey badger doesn’t sugarcoat anything. We are here to learn and to follow his example of courage. The best MAGA voice anywhere.
  • Asciguy
    Such a stench
    You can smell him over the air. Won’t have to worry about dropping the soap soon at least, or maybe not.
  • rinohater
    Stop playing the retards
    Can you please spare me the halfwit morons on the left. They are over the top with the estrogen driven derangement and complete moronic nonsense and pearl clutching.
  • The dude abides.
    Right Wing Echo Chamber Nonsense
    A podcast filled with ideology and little substance. Zero self-reflection, or conversations with the other side. Just boring nonsensical propaganda that’s red meat to the base but no substance for anyone looking for anything thoughtful or intellectual.
  • >:-(!
    Episode 3445: the congressional candidate
    Episode 3445:FEEDBACK to the congressional candidate that he’s doing it wrong if he CAN’T say PRECISELY & CONCISELY HIS DIGITAL LOCATION(S)! HE NEEDS GRIEF OVER IT (& all candidates)!
  • Collins & Buddy
    Total lunacy
    Bannon’s thinking is as disordered as his clothing.
  • honey-badger dgas!
    The left and the media can’t handle the truth! I want to hear the scream of the dying regime!!
  • usetolikeTrump
    Convicted, so let us know how jail is. All talk no show! Now go away!
  • markieboy63
    Steve Bannon
    #10 Best podcast on conservative outlet!! thank you Mr. Bannon, sir, and thank you for your service, sir
  • Real American51
    Lara Logan
    I was so disappointed in Steve’s interview of Lara Logan. Lara is so smart and has so much information to share and he spent 3/4 of the interview trying to convince her to run for office. He should not have wasted her precious time as she just Participated in Sen Johnson’s Covid Hearing, and I am sure she had lots of information to share with his audience. I have been listening to Steve for a couple of years and I think his podcasts are great; however, this interview was a bust.
  • Apostolico
    Great podcast
    Great points of view and understanding of politics and real news, not like stream fake news liberals woke and brainless to the core!!!!! Steve Bannon a true patriot!!!!!!
  • disapointedincolorado
    War room
    Best music in podcasting
  • Big D in West Tx
    I heard the 60 Billinon dollars is going to Poland to start a war with Russia. False flag war
  • Tootallpaul2024
    Duplicate episodes
    I love the show and am an avid podcast listener. I’ve noticed that the podcasts are often not loaded correctly. Case in point episode 3381 is the same as battleground episode 470.
  • richlord007
    American Hero
    Thank you sir for your contribution to helping us all stay informed on what’s going on in our beautiful country. We must all support men and women like Mr. Bannon.
  • Warroom friend
    I’m glad I found Steve right after Rush passed. It’s coming up on 3 years. Thanks for filling the void.
  • Small Time Dude
    “Remove Ronna” Poem!
    Responding to criticisms, would hopefully produce appropriate actions! Cemented to previous ways, however, prevents corrective traction! A vote to remove Ronna, YEAH, by dissenting factions! Adopting “Turning Point Strategies”, an urgent, definite maxim! Replacing Ronna, with Don Jr. becomes an axiom!!
  • ZzZz2Bb
    All I can say is thanks and if you come to Montana I will be there!
  • sleepingwell019283
    Smartest man in politics by far
    There’s a reason why the leftists attack certain voices and leave others alone. Why does Ben Shapiro go unscathed while Bannon and Navarro end up in court? Because they have the fortitude to attack the unholiest sacraments of the evildoers (election fraud, etc.). Stop watching fake Fox and the other play nice conservatives. Warroom is it. Note: there are Marxist vax robots leaving reviews. It’s pretty obvious. We can sniff out a brainless leftist anywhere. Your negative reviews are all going overlooked. Go spend an hour worshipping your Klaus Schwab statue.
  • Moe Thacker
    Best host since Limbaugh.
    Bannon is the New Defender of The Faith.
  • Cherished freedom
    The rap music
    I love ya uncle Steve but please no more rap music, even if it’s supporting our true president DJT
  • Deplorably Ultra Maga
    Dan Littleton
    great source of intellectual capital with critically timely input both from Steve and his all important guests. He needs to stop the repetitive and incessant interrupting and talking over people .... To the listener, it's like getting your eardrum jammed with an ice pick ..... and makes the show unlistenable
  • Chris Ferro
    Truth and Reality
    If you’re not listening to Steve Bannon’s Warroom, you’re uninformed. There’s really no other way to say it.
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