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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the coronavirus pandemic and the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon, Raheem Kassam, and more bring medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

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Recent Reviews
  • Chris from Commie Connecticut
    Love it!
    Loved the show for months now. REALLY loved the Great-full Dead bumper !
  • DominikHoffmann
    Cutting edge!
    This show is cutting edge and a must-listen for any Conservative or Populist activist.
  • DeplorableD
    Bannon and Co are awesome!
    With censorship the way it is controlling the narrative it’s great to have alternative sources of information and you guys rock with the in depth analysis. I have a great idea there should be live cams situated in hot spots around the border to show the American people the invasion taking place in a deliberate attempt to change the electorate. The Telegraphing of amnesty of 8 million plus is also by design as the rush to get to the US - it’s disgusting that Americans are being forced into vaccinations and mask mandates where illegal aliens are immune and are able to spread Covid and crime throughout the US
  • Tibby C.
    Please provide your explanation for why, right after the vaccine was released to public (nov-dec-Jan 2020), there was a significant decrease in infections, hospitalization and deaths from corona virus in the first months of this year (feb-mar-apr-May) ? ... wouldn’t that be good enough proof that the vaccines helped against the virus? Between a CCP engineered virus, that is meant to spread like wildfire and get people sick and possibly kill them, and a vaccine developed to help against the CCP virus, people should choose the vaccine.
  • Tammy andScott Alcorn
    All the news I need!
    Three times a day we can get information straight from the sources. My daily go to for all news that’s vital.
  • Rosepatriot
    War Room
    Always helpful and insightful. Great hosts who know how to get great guests. Thanks, Steve!
  • jimmy.mozartfx
    Turn up the volume! I want to listen but it’s INAUDIBLE! Walking in the city…on a bus…a subway….anywhere with ANY external noise and the podcast is INAUDIBLE. Please fix it.
  • amyindenver
    the absolute best news podcast
    If you want truth about what’s going on worldwide and to know how to take meaningful action to affect change, this is where to find it. It’s my go-to podcast 6 days per week.
  • egavin99
    Best source of information
    I have been following this show since before the election. It is very informative and they have the best and most informed expert guests (scientists, economists, etc). I listen to all three hours virtually every day. In our insane world this is a place where they make sense of the insanity.
  • anzbpass
    Bannon and company report what people want to talk about while giving honest tough opinions. Action oriented. The common man and woman has a home here.
  • TOH678
    Facts! Refreshing when our media is now part of the Democrat party machine.
    Grateful to have people committed to real reporting.
  • Lo🥰ra
    Aggressive and baseless. I’m the type of person that needs to hear both sides. Very disappointing.
  • Frank the Tailor
    Yesterday you’re calling Bret Baier the snake he is today you are his friends. Who put the fear of God in you ? Who made the call to you 😂😂😂Boris ?
  • Dem Daddy
    Episode 1125 = 1126
    Best show out there and my primary source for news! Occasionally shows are mislabeled as was the case yesterday where Episode 1126 was uploaded twice and Episode 1125 omitted.
  • Justbaptized
    Non arguing please!
    Love War Room and regularly listen to it multiple times daily. Everything else is boring compared to it. I like that their news is weeks ahead of all other programs. I especially like that they love God and are Freedom Fighters. And, they encourage all Patriots to do the same. When I go to bed at night, I say my prayers and fall asleep listening to one or two War Room podcasts. Keep grinding! 🇺🇸Love MTG! She is courageous and a true American Patriot! Also love Sidney Powell and Mike Lindell. What fabulous Patriots! Truly appreciate and respect them. God bless them all! 🙏🇺🇸
  • clw9026
    War Room: Impeachment
    This is the best podcast to come along since the podcast era began! I listen to other podcasts as well but you bring everything I’ve heard together and solidify all the news into a efficient and concise documentary and it makes the news understandable! Thank you and keep up the great work!
  • imperfectpatty
    Love the Show
    Always great, insightful guests. The show is best when Rahim is cohosting. Only two things would make it perfect: better audio/less technical glitches from “the boys in Denver” and the constant interruptions by Bannon to his fabulous guests. “Action, action, action!!
  • Jack Melton
    I have a weekly discussion with a couple of Sicilians and a British woman living here in Italy. It’s incredible. We all look forward to getting our new downloads. As American expat living here it gives me hope that America can be saved as I left 9 months ago knowing what was going to happen due to the absolute stupidity of SOS office in GA. Amazing show~ JDM2
  • truckthriver
    Denver please fix sound issues … There's nothing that can get close this show; you guys are just The Best!!! I can’t wait to Saturday show! Cheney Rodney and all well known RINOs got to go! Declassify it ALL President Trump! Yes indeed Thank you Steve and all of you
  • time waits for noone
    Three hours every day a day, two hours Saturday of War Room, Steve Bannon, Raheem Kassam and that still is not enough for me! Rich with facts, history and current political Knowlwdge and knowledge around the corner no one else sees or aware. Every show is stellar.
  • Steady Gary
    Best Conservative News
    Best conservative new news out there that I’ve found. Always interesting and enlightening.
  • Arizona Sass
    I am obsessed with this podcast.
    There is so much information given by so many knowledgeable guests. I have learned so much. I am reading books I would not have otherwise heard of or read. I had never heard of precinct committeeman and now I hope to be one soon. We can all do small things to make the changes we want to see.
  • Itsbabydolo
    Real news source !!!
  • EmilyATX
    BEST source of information and action steps
    Steve Bannon and Raheem Kassam bring on the most important, relevant guests. They are signal not noise. This isn’t just a bunch of people complaining about our situation; they are giving their audience the tools to become active against the powers that are destroying our country. Whether that be the CCP, rinos, communists, etc.
  • CaliforniaLilly
    100% verifiable information!
    100% verifiable information and facts! Love the truth and loyalty to America and we the people! #DecoupleFromChina
    Gain of function
    It’s doesn’t matter if the WORDS “GAIN OF FUNCTION “ is used , the concept of gain of function is being used in the laboratory’s! Great podcast #1 Thank You TIm
  • GMK Jim
    100% on point.
  • Anthony E. DiBella
    Best Political Podcast
    No nonsense. No noise. Straight facts, important topics and the perspectives you never hear in mainstream media. Forever will be remembered as the first media program to cover the pandemic back in mid January of 2020, and the place where you get the truth in the age of lies.
  • anmaychang
    Outstanding Podcast
    I have come to enjoy this podcast and regard it as my main news source.
  • doc lock
    Pump up the Volume
    Steve, baby, Turn up your mic!!
  • mbapsu
    Turn up Bannon’s microphone
    Love the show but audio levels are all over the place and the star of the podcast Steve Bannon’s microphone level is lower than almost all others. Let Bannon loose! Let Steve rant at FULL VOLUME!!! Thank you! Sincerely, The War Room Posse
  • CaliIsRed
    Tomorrow’s News Today
    Steve Bannon, Raheem Kasaam, Natalie Winters and company bring science, data, and evidence everyday. They are always ahead of the curve on the stories that you need to know, give you the info so you can take it back to your community and take action. I’ve been listening since they first started, but I heard Steve ask MTG about Cali people today, and I live in the swamp of CA in Sacramento. There is plenty of conservative supporters in Cali. It’s a socialist state but there are plenty of people who are populists and economic nationalists. I personally recommend Warroom and National Pulse to every conservative I meet, and 90% have never heard of you guys. And best of all about this show is I take all the pertinent information about the election, vaccines, the border, Covid, etc. and I have struggle sessions with my family, friends, coworkers, who are democrats. We got to show good honest naive democrats that their party is a party of communists now. I know because I used to be a solid union democrat.
  • Rlment
    Real News
    Not MSM news, but issues that are current and important to the USA! Thank you!
  • Jdog22456
    My favorite podcast!
    I love the war room and I love Peter Navarro!
  • Magoob4u2
    Great job!
    No matter what fate awaits rock!
  • abskside
    My favorite
    Get the facts. Keeps my attention. I like Brannon’s easy to follow format. Action Action Action!
  • Lilikoiani
    Agency Vs. “ equity”
    I am so grateful for this show. If you’re short on time listen to the third episode of the day, or the second if there’s only two. Learn your true agency and utilize it to the fullest extent, and help others! Thank you, kind Sirs, for representing the truth.
  • Sarabelle MN
    Love Steve Bannon!!!
    I love Steve Bannon and all of his guests! Peter Navarro did a great job filling this weekend.
  • MPG1982
    Thank you
    Bannon, you mumble sometimes and your mic is quieter than the rest. Other than that, very good content, thank you for keeping the flame going! Keep up the great work!
  • TD_KC
    Human Agency!
    Be the change you wish to see!
  • Clayh67
    Great podcast
    Great podcast, very informative, signal focused, great guest and SB is awesome but please for the love of all things good, quit going Sean Hannity on your guest! - let your guest talk that’s why you bring them on the show
  • Itachi luvs u
    Great Content, Awful Sound
    Love this show. Can't listen while driving due to mic levels. Bannon swallows his words, runs out of air and mutters. I turn up my volume and the next talker leans in and pegs the meters. I can only hear this in a quiet room with NO background noise. Please get a compressor-limiter and flatten the spikes!!!!! Every major show has good audio output signal. Get a sound guy. EQ Steve's voice for high mids with no bass so we can hear him.
  • working rich
    I listen to all the shows in 1 1/2 speed. Could be edited to one show a day- but I keep listening. Work on the editing. Action,action, action
  • Sken5
    Great job
    Please speak up during the opening monologues!
  • Nese59
    On fire
    My favorite, go to, daily show. Great information with receipts. I pray Mike Lindell is surrounded and protected by angels. I believe he is the DS greatest enemy and they are more than afraid of him.
  • samael169
    please fix this, every other podcast I download takes but 30-60 seconds to download but yours takes 1-2 hours.
  • biteoffadobe
    Child Trafficking
    Thanks for exposing the link of this illegal alien invasion and the grotesque child sex exploitation “partnership” between organized crime cartels and the democrat communist open borders proponents. What is equally shocking is the market for this child trafficking. Who are the clients?!
  • parker-1
    Why do people like this crap
    Please get real lives people
  • Buford's Mom
    I too thought I didn’t like Steve Bannon. I was so the up to date info, the guests and the historical shows this past Christmas weekend. I love that they share all “representative’s” info so We The People can let them know they work for us! Thank you War Room! If I have one critique it’s that the allotted for each interview is too short because Steve is constantly cutting them off! But I’ll deal with it!
  • Zippydods
    Bannon and crew
    U guys are the best been, listening from the get go. Patriot all
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