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WAR ROOM: Pandemic is the first and most comprehensive program to bring the most up to the minute information on the news of the day. Stephen K. Bannon brings medical experts, politicians, business leaders, and those on the front lines for a comprehensive look at the latest news from all and provide their insider insights.

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  • Sizemore24
    Here’s my LGBTQ
    Let’s Get Biden To Quit
  • Toes on the Edge
    Love Content/Hate # of Commercials
    Brother, the content is excellent but the number of commercials is killing me. Don’t need a 5 minute segment on you asking an advertiser “why does the posse need this..”
  • Truth 2 All
    Entertaining . . .
    because Bannon and Epshteyn are clowns of the first order.
  • ❤️ My USA 🇺🇸
    Steve Bannon’s Warroom - the only true news
    Love SB’s Warroom! Finally! Truth in news! I bought my tickets today to ‘Sound of Freedom’. And I’m sharing the information to everyone I know!
  • kaaylo
    Been watching since War Room Impeachment
    Been on board since day 1 with Steve, Raheem, Jason, Peter, NATALIE, Jack Maxey, Poso, Baris, Boris, Gaffney, Caro Swain, MTG, Turncoat Cortez, Joe, Harnwell, & Miles Guo working on telling us the truth about everything months/years ahead of all other media. And I cannot forget Dr Naomi Wolf!!! I literally know everything before my friends that only listen to the MSM. Thank you & keep up the fight PATRIOTS!! (Apologies to anybody I neglected to name!)
  • scraedofretribution
    Did mayorkas and lady graham share an apartment??
    Please address this on the program America is curious
  • Charlesinhou
    First comment
    The first comment is so true.Bannon is truly a fighter.Like a TRUE Irishman.
  • Small Time Dude
    The Presidential Horserace
    Our lead horse (Trump), is several laps ahead of the second horse (DeSantis). Rhinos (Rove, Mitch), RNC are supporting betting dollars (primaries) on the other horses, who are blinded by Trump’s mud! Deplorables (Trump Supporters) advocate using primary funds for Trump to win (3X), the Big One, The Kentucky Derby!
  • caturner61
    Best podcast for truth
    Steve Bannon is truth seeker, CNN is fake news. Best podcast around on what is happening with the Administrative State.
  • Brincq
    Truth telling
    This is by far the best and tip of the Speer reporting on the current politics. Gives you informed insight into the administrative state who are the enemy of the people.
  • DBLindberg
    Turning Into Trump Megaphone
    I would make time to listen to WarRoom, as Steve Bannon, the host, brought on guests and covered events from a populist, nonconformist point of view. He did not just air complaints. His aim was to arm listeners with knowledge that could enable them to act in the arena of public policy and to make smart decisions for themselves. Bannon still does that, but lately the podcast has become more and more a megaphone for the Trump campaign. To that extent, it has become narrower in purpose and less interesting. On one podcast this week, Bannon concluded a rant against DeSantis and for Trump with the statement that Trump is “an instrument of divine providence.” That did not sit well. I don’t hail Trump as a savior. WarRoom is now the place for those who do. It also seems that anyone with a mind to support one of Trump’s opponents (at least two once regular guests come to mind) will no longer be invited on. People whose opinions I want to hear are being screened out. Still giving WarRoom four stars for the value it did deliver.
  • airbbbbb
    Excellent and informative
    Thank you Steve Bannon and guests for keeping Americans informed and shedding light on the real truth.
  • kheath1
    Best Podcast
    Steve Bannon is a Patriot!!! This is the news the rest of MSM won’t report! Thank you, Steve!!!
  • disapointedincolorado
    War room
    A must if you want to be on the cutting edge
  • hobot 2.0
    Best Podcast
    I listen to the podcast daily for stories the media is unwilling to cover. Excellent expert guests cover wide topics that are important to know.
  • rinohater
    Great program
    Always on point and informative. All the news the MSM wont tell you. Side note I think I tunes is suppressing the feed by putting episodes into the already played category
  • Warroom warrior
    Most informative news source ever Warroom guests are experts Be informed Take action Spread information
  • Btwfwow
    Good job
    The news we need. On the topics that effect our life today and in the future. 🙂
  • Daawesomebeast
    One of the few places that tells the truth!
    We may not want to hear about the downward spiral of nation but we must be informed! This is the place to find out what’s coming. The hosts & guests have the info & the data to back it up! Thank you thank you Steve Bannon!
  • Bri Alomar
    Honest, Open, Brilliant reporting of actual news
    If you are thirsty for truthful reporting on world events you’ve come to the right place. Steve Bannon is the real deal!
  • JB226X
    A podcast for the people
    This show is essential to get a concise view of what really is going on in the world. We live in a dynamic world and this analysis helps break through noise and help one to focus on the signal.
  • wised wised woman
    Thank you
    Thank you so much! We love you! Stephen Kay Bannon and his posse are the best!🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸👊🏻🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • dhtml12345
    Best political show
    This is an awesome show. I highly recommend it.
  • brooksville jack
    My first podcast
    I can not give you why I’ve waited this long to listen to Steven. But I can tell you I will dive into past episodes and listen loyally to the new ones. Glad to be in the family. Looking forward to learning every day, rough and tough days are coming. God Bless America
  • blind visionary
    Love the war room. You speak to the people like adults and not children.
    Love the attitude and the information provided. Do have a question about Mark Meadows however. Cording to Lynn Wood and Patrick burn in a meeting at the White House he was far from on our side. Would like to see him questioned more about that.
  • Jpandmcsmom
    Not to miss to stay informed!
    Great show, I never miss to get news and information you won’t find in legacy media!
  • GMK Jim
    The only people taking about Nov 3rd and what’s being done about it. As Steve says “There’s no 2022 until we get to the bottom of 3 November!” Now to add to this is Kari Lake will get 2022 resolved and 2024 will be resolved.
  • RobertGrec
    You can’t be a truly based American unless you listen to War Room (“War House”).
  • J fas
    Most informative show you can listen too and tell it like it is
  • Eirejoyce
    Warroom essential
    The show is a unlike anything in the media landscape— great guests, well-produced and always ahead of the news cycle. Demystifies economics, global markets and trade policy and the best geopolitical analysis. Funny too, and able to analyze cultural currents. That SB (SKB?) host is most excellent. The thinking person’s go-to, must-watch program to understand the world we inhabit.
  • Linda ES
    Best source of news
    I listen to Warroom Monday thru Saturday. Best analysis of current global events.
  • Jte0707
    I need you HELP DENVERRRRR!!! Let’s go FRANK! :P
  • dee el in az
    Warroom has been a part of my day from the first podcast!
    The info here is impeccable and accurate! God bless this important work.
  • Laney kazann
    L Arndt
    Analysis beyond the headlines, what we as citizens need to understand what effects our country by those in charge.
  • Poodle07
    Never miss an episode
    Love the war room, they present both sides of the issues. They have all types of intellects on the show, very interesting. The problem with warroom is they discuss news weeks /months before the mainstream picks it up, making main stream news redundant.
  • tmybvo
    War Room
    High energy with Stephen K. Bannon. Bannon is brilliant, a Warrior and a Patriot. Real news with depth and breath on topics important to us to fight for the future of our Country in the realms of influence, legislation and electorally. Great, smart, courageous guests and Natalie Winters does a fine job as a guest host. Kudos to all. Four hours a day, five days a week plus two hours on Saturday. Podcast in car and GETTR postings from SKB regularly. God Bless Steven and keep him safe and healthy!
  • JakeJohnJim
    Consistently Hi-caliber hosts, topics, guests, experts, and grassroots. Always pertinent, tomorrow’s news today and its much appreciated. The best and most important show available for Americans. Economics, geopolitics, and world peace!
  • cotoolerubeo
    I watch him on RAV morning and night! Listen to podcasts. Follow GETTR ! I’ve been enlightened Thank you God Bless America 🇺🇸
  • GR gal
    News, Education and Empowerment
    Must listen. News, education and motivation so that WE THE PEOPLE can address and are empowered to change our governing plight. We have the power, we simply forgot how to play.
  • jdann123
    WARROOM is america first
    Since switching political parties after trump completely exposed our establishment/uniparty I began searching for a news source that actually tells the truth. I was a union democrat most of my adult life and consumed legacy media only. I now realize how misinformed I was on most subjects politically. It started for me when I would watch trump address the nation at the beginning of the pandemic when I still feared for my family with Covid. I would then turn his address off and watch mainstream media twist and lie about everything he said. That was the beginning of my journey for truth. Steve Bannon and company have renewed my love for this country and why America began. Not the america hating media and educational system we allowed to be installed like our criminal president.
  • @notlying-/
    Thinking persons news and analysis
    Bannon introduces critical topics with Wall Street level analysis on the key underlying factors and how they can be influenced, cause and effect, unintended consequences … all made vividly real with Steve’s (and friends’) deep historical knowledge and understanding of the relevant theoretical and religious constructs. Really impressive, great job Steve!
  • Club C.
    Way ahead of other news.
    If you want to be informed months before the state run media catches on WarRoom is for you. I don’t miss an hour or day.
  • hellfiknow
    Best News, Anywhere
    I don’t miss, War Room. Got to have my fix. News, one will get nowhere else.
  • Austenville
    Apple, please, post WR Battleground!
    Why can’t Apple post the War Room Battleground episodes?! Disgusted by Apple’s censorship.
  • Jimbojet8000
    Thought provocative
    You may not always agree with Bannon and his guests, but they are well-informed, back up their thinking with fact, and are always thought provocative. We need more critical thinking and this is a great place to get it going. So, get tuned in, turned on, and get those wheels turning.
  • thisnicknamestuffisdumb
    Content Warning!!!
    No one should ever hear this show unless they want to be weeks if not months ahead of the MSM. Bannon and guests predict every move, reveal every cover up, and expose every machination of agencies from the branches of our government, the political parties, the UN, and the CCP long before the bots and bobbleheads of mainstream media can wrap their heads around it. Listen for two weeks and you’ll have deja vu in two months when MSNBC or FOX get around to it. If you like rose colored glasses and unnamed sources, this is not the podcast for you.
  • - Ray
    Nothing Burgers
    When I see someone go to jail, get impeached, close down an agency, or even balance budget then I will start listening again. Now, lots of talk and no action with the Republican UniParty.
  • lucymillermd
    Great interview with President Trump
    Loved that you brought a soft and fun side of President Trump. We feel energized specially now that we feel abandoned by the power. The veil has fallen and we can see how “they “ manipulate and abuse the little people
  • Reviewnamekr
    Whoever is uploading the podcasts
    Please make sure you're uploading the correct show and numbering the episodes correctly.... sheesh
  • groovy squirrel
    The hilarity crowns the stupidity!
    More grifting mania for the less-intelligently inclined.
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