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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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  • Mountain Man 81
    Trump will not win
    There is no path for Trump to get 270 midterms proved that do the math he doesn’t can’t win Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Wisconsin Michigan Nevada Colorado maybe not even North Carolina. If you think he can win these states you are dreaming and ensuring a democratic president in 2024 and say goodbye to the country next president will have at least four Supreme Court picks
  • Stantastic00
    Stay out of Ohio Politics
    You blame the voters for this 2022 debacle??? How much have you made off your book, while all you do is bloviate? If you were a leader, you would give them out free to get the people educated. But no… you need the $$$. Cry harder Mark.
  • TheCleaner73
    Professional, thorough, entertaining, informative
    Mr. Levin constructs an impactful show filled with comprehensive facts, high profile guests, and down-to-earth commentary.
  • Myler bit man
    Mark needs to run for President he’s a very smart man and knows his stuff!
  • Billsto
    Did you listen to Mark 10 years ago?
    No need to listen now then. He just keeps repeating the same show every night. Remember this? Remember that? Blah blah blah the past…
  • bea21mom!
    Can’t figure out if this is a real podcast or a spoof.
  • AgentKate
    Best Podcast of all time
    I can’t even communicate with words how much Mark Levin podcasts mean to me. I go to sleep listening to him every week night and then I jones out on the weekends without them. I get through by catching up with Victor Davis Hanson and Newt Gingrich.
  • @Bub1Kat
    Outstanding show Ben! Hope Mark keeps you as his first choice!
  • smds52
    Precise Political Pundit
    Mr. Levin brilliantly exposes the Left (Marxists) with all of their devious, deceptive, dishonest and divisive schemes and methods.
  • Bryn Hod
    FBI on the sidewalk
    An attempt to push pro-life people into acts of violence. Google pro life violence and see what’s trending.
  • hbwildflower
    I love you
    How do you stay so calm … I do enjoy watching you get worked up. And I love your intros sometimes I turn away I’m afraid to cry but always end with a smile. I heard you say you don’t preview so I’m sure you go through the same .
  • eries ipod
    Can’t get enough
    I cannot get enough of Mark. The man is brilliant. He’s on a different level. He speaks the truth, he speaks facts, he destroys liberal logic with facts, empirical data and experience. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. Not anymore. I get all the information I need from Mark. Thank you Mark, Mr. Producer and Mr. Call Screener. God bless.
  • free_dom45
    did you know when you go to break, your ad for Hillsdale College is not heard? intstead, ads for nest smart home surveillance. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • FahadKTexas
    Not a patriot. Another Israeli war hawk.
    Anyone that can’t argue against the other side without cutting them off, calling names, hanging up on them is a paid propagandist. Freedom? He’s certainly free to run his mouth.
  • PAyscue
    Any legitimate lawyer would have abandoned TFG after his "latest" crime. Party over country, Levin has no right to claim legitimacy about anything to do with the law
  • bill in bama
    What ever happened to mark….
    My liberal tears come from mark’s devolution… born a west coast liberal…mark provided a counter to my balance, now it’s just name calling… insulting my ideals… where is the constitutional break down on policy issues? It’s all one way.. Maga. Years ago when mr. Producer had awesome music between adds ..i left a 5 star review… no more… a 3 is the best i can afford ! Bill in bama!
  • Marathon350
    Outstanding Episode
    Thank you for sharing this commentary regarding Trump. I truly appreciate every word of it and needed to hear what I was feelings put into words so well thought out.
  • dee el in az
    Thanks for share of Klingenstein’s speech on Trump
    Exquisite and we must share!
  • tallitot
    He has an unlistenable voice.
  • Phillipnd
    In some respects is a scare monger… most respects dead on
  • Climbtosafety
    Levin is the ultimate Warhawk and Israeli lap dog.
  • that guy from illinois
    9/1/2022 podcast
    Apple will not let me download your podcast, it will let me download all of the others but not this one, but I love your show keep fighting mark we are with you!!
  • Small Time Dude
    DeSantis Voters
    If you want to lose the 24 election, vote for DeSantis, like Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Adam Kinzinger. I like DeSantis also, but the object of the game is to win, unless, of course, you love the current conditions! His time will come after Trump! DeSantis can’t win, b/c there’s too many Trump voters like me! It’s time for the Republicans to unite, instead of trying to be so Establishment! Let’s get rid of the talkers, b/c, there is a lot of work ahead of us to remove the corruption in all agencies. Republican talkers won’t take the necessary actions!! Get REAL!!
  • hackasaurus
    Human sinus infection
  • Baroto Tko
    The best
  • eruc solomita
    You are Still the GREATEST ONE ! Mark Levin You are a good American !
  • Old84ag
    Too many commercials
    Great content! Episodes too long and lots of commercials. I wish he would not keep circling around the same talking points in the episodes. Even at 2x feed it’s hard to work the long show into a busy schedule.
  • Gopher1986
    I found the one
    I thought Rush was the one, then I found Shapiro. I thought Shapiro was the one, then I found Tucker. I thought Tucker was the one….then I finally found the one….Mark Levin.
  • gadol hador
    The Great One
    63.0692° N, 151.0070° W
  • dannyrowqn
    Love Mark Levin
    Love listening to mark levin
  • deboie63
    The podcast with brilliance,humor, honesty & sometimes sorrow.
    Mr. Levin, May I call you Mr. Levin? I absolutely love this podcast. You are truly the great one. With what’s happening in our world today it’s very saddening. I get very frustrated that I can’t fix it. Listening to you gives me comfort. I know we must keep up the fight for our country, or loose it. Your father is a great Man. He must love you so much to tell you he didn’t die in the war so they could have you. I feel like that about my son’s. I wasn’t in a war. Two drunk/high drivers hit my car in consecutive years. Injuring my back.After many year’s, and lots of prayers we had two beautiful boys. Now married men. Our first grandchild on the way. You always seem to give me hope, insight & direction. Something we all need in these Dark times thank you very much! God bless you sir, your brilliant beautiful wife, your entire family! I hope I get this right..& Mitsy? Your wonderful dog!
  • B-RICH495
    This show is horrible
    Just a short fat guy who’s angry at the government
  • Joshuadwll
    Miss the old Mark
    Mark introduced me to conservatism during Obama’s first term, and it was a profoundly eye opening experience. I’ve loved listening to him ever since… until Ukraine. Enough with Ukraine already. I can’t even listen to the show anymore. Very sad
  • Richard Bokinsky
    7/28/22 podcast
    One of my favorite shows Mark. I enjoyed your lawyering technique in questioning Kash. You pulled out so much information that I’m sure the public was not aware of. Once again, sweet show Mark
  • brooksville jack
    New Podcast
    Love the new show Mark. You are right Mark we can’t assume anything in the mid-terms. Everyone has to get out and vote in November don’t just talk the talk walk your Republican backside and vote. Grab your relatives and friends and folks who need help to get to the polls. Our country needs us, we can save our freedom. God Bless America
  • a_decoto03
    Political mind comparable to Rush
    I grew up with the news playing in the background and form a young age I was very aware of the world. Levin and Rush were always the two podcasts playing in the truck as my dad and I drove somewhere or if we were sitting around eating lunch. Best political podcast around right now.
  • Irishela55
    No Other Podcast Compares
    Mark Levin is the thinking persons podcast. He is extremely smart and does his homework. I love when he calls out certain individuals or groups who are causing harm to our constitution and country. He is a true patriot plus he loves dogs, what is not to love.
  • frisky11!
    I have Pride in MarkLevin
    I am put in a calm state w hope for the future when listening to MLevin because I am listening to someone with plain common sense strength of character and love of God Family And Country Thankyou MLevin😉
  • auto-de-fe
    I’ve got a bone to pick…
    I have been a fan of Mr. Levin for years. I buy and read his books. When Rush passed away, for me Mr. Levin was the natural go to. However of late I have some points of contention with him. I have heard with my own ears his jingoism with regar to Russia. And just because I don’t believe we’re getting all the relevant facts about what exactly is going on in Ukraine and WHy — doesn’t make me a Putinite. If anything, Mr. Levin it makes you sound like a Leftist by trying to slap derogatory labels on those of us who appreciate this country and our Constitution the same as you. I heard Mr. Levin say that to use the term “Neo-Con” was a racial slur against the Jewish people? I have never heard of that . And it sounds a lot like BLM trying to label Whites and “White-adjacent” who hold conservative views as racists. In short, I recognize Leftists’ tactics and it looks to me that Mr Levin is using them against members of his own conservative family. And if I am to be honest, the more he does so it erodes his credibility, with me anyway. I can hardly believe I’m saying it, but I tend to give more credence to a couple of the “backbenchers” on the topic of Russia & Ukraine. In for a penny in for a pound: Has their been ANY Military engagement undertaken by the United States in recent history that Mr. Levin DID NOT support?
  • Kimlavin
    The Best Man On Radio!!!
    Mr Levin, I wanted to tell you how much I love listening to your podcast. I have learned so much from you!! I get sad on the weekends, but I re-listen to them all the time. I enjoy them so much!!! Thank you so much for doing what you do!! I love you :)
  • shadow listener
    Repeat advertising
    Great material TERRIBLE constant repeat ads smh sooo annoying
  • cellowas
    Entertaining Liar
    My favorite part of his show is when he argues with taped recordings of Democrats. Hilarious, and with a high squeaky voice! My least favorite part of the show are his outrageous lies, especially pertaining to January 6th and his defense of Trump’s big lie to steal an election and not let your vote count. Cellowas
  • Balladman1
    RINO platform
    Fake conservative spirited chasing friend of KevinMcCarthy
  • RVS20
    Strong Voice for Americans
    I watch Mark every Sunday night and listen to him during my commute in the evening . He conveys all of the outrage many feel over the misgivings of those in political power. A strong voice from a brilliant man which must be heard!
  • angel boricua29
    Constitutional and honest
    I listen to your program every day. I learn a lot. A Puerto Rican American , proud of be part of USA I bought your book American marxism and I can say is so great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
  • Sith Lord star killer
    Worries about other countries when ours is being stolen from us. American citizens being held for more than a year without seeing a judge, or being indicted. But send money to the most corrupt government in the former Soviet Union. I think it’s a play to bankrupt the U.S.A. What about the attack from within. I’ve listened since early 2000’s. He rants and yells. But don’t get mad America. Just vote republican. Even if it’s a Rino. It will save you and let him sell more books you’ll never read. Thanks mark, we’re bankrupt but sending $ to eventually be used to enrich the people who hate us. Just keep listening to Hannity. Trump is great but follows the advice of the wrong people. Doc Oz is a joke. Thanks for that.
  • Shipt user
    Mark Levin!
  • eljnlm
    No Bull Here
    Thank you Mark for telling it like it is.
  • Travel boule
    The Truth We Need
    Well reasoned opinions backed up with facts and when he has guests, they are worthy. Constitutional conservatism at its best. Smart and funny. Thank you for your epic body of work.
  • dayna polk
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