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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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  • Gmakoch
    Your book
    Received my book yesterday 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 So excited to get into it👍👍 Watched both shows this weekend🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊
  • Wideopenwally
    Coup de'tate
    You wrote a book to combat the imbedded Leftists! So Mark Kamakazi Republicans? So you are the purest? So you're not having a problem with money going into Ukraine, unaccounted for? The latest chapter in the 500 year Crimea War. So only you can have a convention of States? The $33 Trillion of debt? Where does it stop? Omnibus bills are not legislation. Republicans play the same game. We need the Whitehouse. We need the Senate. We need the Congress. We had it under Paul Ryan, the fake resistance Uniparty. Sequoia Capital and Blackrock, Vanguard Chinavested influence on Legislatures. This resistance by 5 or 6 is the Real resistance. The real fiscal conservatives. The real Anti-Uniparty The lone wolves are forcing the hand of the Uniparty. When left unchecked and fully grown; Go along get along Repubs are aligning with Hakim Jeffrey and ultimately The illegals aliens will be conscripted into a mercenary GOV Army and turn their guns on Americans! It's already begun in ILL, DACA Police! Not so secret police fascists foreigners.
  • TKBorgo
    I just got my book today so excited to start reading, wish it was signed Thank you 😊
  • yougotta emidding
    Turn down the volume
    What might be an interesting bit of info is spoiled by his proclivity for yelling. Can’t listen to this.
  • sossity1975
    Never A Waste Of Time
    Love the content and Mark’s clear & concise delivery. I am never disappointed on the show’s content and always learn enough to make me take a deeper dive into subjects I may have thought too lofty. Thanks Mark! Keep making a difference in our lives.
  • Benjack91
    Best legal takes of all
    Mark provides the inside scoop on the workings of government with first hand knowledge of the situations at hand. He’s the best legal mind out there.
  • Small Time Dude
    America’s Confidence Enhanced!
    Biden voters must have experienced immense pride, as they watched their presidential choice, give his Vietnam speech Sunday. The insights, and depth of explanations, were alarming to all who watched! The judgement of Biden voters was reconfirmed, as they prepare for his next term! “America’s Best”, helping to “Make America Great Again”!
  • safeAgain
    Valuable information
    Thank you Mark, for mentioning the Patton film, which we also watched; added more insight to where we’re presently. One can only imagine where we’ll be with the present cadre of generals in a serious event. Also appreciate the information about Mike Farris and his valuable material concerning homeschooling, which is of great importance to my ongoing research.
  • groovy squirrel
    Drivel & stench
    A double root canal and a migraine would be pleasant compared to this. You do a great job of being prison-bound trump’s ball washer, I must give credit where due!
  • Zed_55
    Insane fascist propaganda.
    Is Mark brain damaged? It’s disgraceful for an American lawyer to be anti -democracy and pro-oligarchy. Mark is a formerly intelligent man who’s gone completely nuts into cult worship of authoritarianism. Why such intense NEED for a dictator “strongman” to rule America?
  • Geoplanter
    January 6th
    Hey Mark, Why don’t you invite Lynn Cheney, Bill Barr, Christopher Krebs and Brad Raffensperger onto your show to discuss January 6th?? Just sayin…. You’ve sold your Constitutional birthright for a bowl of pottage at Mar-A-Lago!
  • jbl612
    Lies and hypocrisy at its finest!
    Blatant hypocrisy, unbalanced, unjust and downright corrupt garbage. Much like the MAGA Republicans.
  • Freedomlovr
    Mark Levin has all the command and charisma of a man talking to stuffed animals in his basement.
  • Miss_Prism
    Right on
    Thank God for you, Mark Levin.
  • Anti-Dem
    Greatest Enemy of any Democrat
    Mark Levin tells the truth, which is the greatest enemy of ANY Democrat. The Democrats must lie to survive and rely upon the most naive and uninformed citizens to vote for them. No one exposes the Democrats for the lying Totalitarians they are than Mark Levin. Notice, a Democrat will NEVER accept an invitation to debate the important subjects of the day on Mark’s show. That says it all. Democrats hate to be exposed for advancing the anti-American ideology they espouse and the results of its implementation. Plain and simple; Mark Levin exposes the Dem Party for what it is,….the “Enemy Within” which must be defeated if this nation is to survive.
  • vinolady22
    Our leader
    Levin is a unparalleled voice for our republic with decades of history to share & remind us there’s no other free country, so keep fighting to save the USA..
  • Hate Hypocrites
    Friends with Judas
    I have been a loyal fan but he won’t press Mike Pence on why he certified 2020 election. His recent softball interview was a joke. He brags about being friends butMark Levin tough on many other people. Pick a lane Mark…don’t waste your time with his show !!!!
  • GeraldDieudonné
    Lighthouse of truth in a thickening fog
    Listen and listen with intent. Mark Levin is among the last bastions of truth and common sense in America.
  • SaltyMermaid18
    I turned into my dad
    I grew up in Missouri and my dad would always have Rush Limbaugh on. I was young and just rolled my eyes. A friend put on Levin almost two years ago and I work overnights with The United States Postal Service and his podcast and my cup of coffee are my favorite coworkers. My dad passed away in March 2021 and Levin’s voice has become family to me. A day without him is a bad day. Let freedom ring
  • ybsimple
    Warmongering leprechaun with a midget’s voice
  • jbeus50
    Way too many commercials
    I gave it a one star rating because you have way too many commercials!!! I really love your show and the truth speak but, I would like to listen to you and not so many ads. It seems like I get to hear you speak for like 5 minutes at a time and the rest is ads!!!! I would say an ad at the beginning and an ad at the end would be way better, that way we get to hear more of what matters which is you Mr levin.
  • thanos2013
    Have listened since the show was a Sunday night filler. The show is becoming tiresome, tedious and stale. Mark (I’m not hawking my books) Levin just discussing them for 20-30 minutes every show and whenever the opportunity arises. Come on we gotta get those numbers up. But I’m not hawking the book. What is this Amway? For the record I’ve purchased and read 4 of your books. To be fair though there is variety of topics which are mentioned at least on a weekly basis. Sometimes all in the same show. Being the youngest person in the history of ever to be on a school board. Serving in the Reagan administration. Brag, brag, brag! What are you John McCain? Thank goodness he’s not into martial arts and sparing then it would be a daily mention of what a ninja tough guy he is. Anyway, I used to listen to every minute of every show. Recently I find myself thinking “get off my radio ya big dope” and hitting fast forward and more often just skipping it all together. Come on Levin, you can do better then this. Or at least you used to. UPDATE Levin has another book out! Have listened sporadically since my last review. Can’t take it anymore. With all that’s going on Levin ties his book into everything. Contestant mentions throughout the show instead of having just a little class and discussing this book for a few minutes and getting on with the important events of the day. Like many in both political parties he has become an opportunistic self promoting vulture. Order now, buy now, tell your friends. There is no altruistic motive behind this, only the making of money and gratification of ego. I went from a fan who promoted Levin to can’t stand the infomercial anymore. Just another has been like o’rielly or a fraud like Sean (the kraken is coming) Hannity. To people like this the conservative base is exploited to keep them in cushy high paid positions, making boatloads of money and feeding their need for attention. Done for good.
  • ultraman20*
    I like Levin, but he endorses scammers
    Mark has good insight and information on his show. However, I can not listen to him when he endorses CarShield, the biggest fraudster on the planet. I think it would be wise for Mark to reconsider his relationship with this fraudulent company, but I’m sure they pay him plenty to lie about how good they are. Mark’s credibility is directly related to the companies that he endorses so I will no longer listen.
  • Jim85735
    Have to quit
    Love this guy but he’s just written another book which means for the next 3-4 months he won’t shut up about it. Entire shows will be about the book, where to buy the book, how he wrote it, reading it…for months. He has no contact point to gripe about it either. I’ll check back in October.
  • Stantastic00
    Stay out of Ohio Politics
    You blame the voters for this 2022 debacle??? How much have you made off your book, while all you do is bloviate? If you were a leader, you would give them out free to get the people educated. But no… you need the $$$. Cry harder Mark. Levin is a grifter talking a good conservative game. He endorses three of the Republican rebels. And deflects his responsibility for supporting them. He is worth over 50 million dollars and constantly pushes his books. If they were really important, he would give them away to save the Republic. He has shown to be a “Conservative Commentator” that this election cycle has proven to only talk conservative values to keep his meal ticket. Unfortunately, Rush brought him onto radio. Stop supporting this ridiculous blow hard. Again, another book for sale. But no law suits. C’mon squire… put that degree to work, or shut up!
  • Taaty II
    Your words are mine too
    I am not as eloquent in framing my words nor in the delivery, but I enjoy what you say, it makes my heart sing with joy that you are there to help us. I am always stunned that there are so many people who would take down this wonderful country because they are so blind to the effort it took to get here. They really need to live under what they are preaching. So, I thank you for all that you are doing and pray you will continue for ever. Yours truly, A grateful fame.
  • BarelyMental
    Always great info. When telling us all the racism of Joe “the big guy” Biden u forgot how he help write & pass the 3 strikes law that minority leaders said targeted minorities
  • vjl1014
    Levin has become a Trump pom pom boy
    If you read his books nothing would lead you to support Trump. Levin knows full well the guy is manifestly unfit for office. But he won’t say that. He’d lose a chunk of the MAGA audience. His groveling did get him a TV show and book sales though.
  • you can pick my nickname
    You are my favorite patriot
    I turn your podcast on every night when I get in bed and listen to it until I fall asleep, usually a couple of hours, sometimes all the way through. I had to take a break recently when you talk to much about your book. I realize you are about The only publicity you get. However I don’t enjoy it when you read it to me. I can do that for myself. Otherwise you’re the greatest I started to write a current review and the page opened up to the to the above commentary which I failed to send over a year ago. Until then I had never missed a show. But since have become more and more turned off. I learned so much from you in the past but what happened? You sound bitter and jealous of your competition. You are rude to people and call them names. I can’t abide by your take on the Ukraine situation. I was a palled at your criticism of the House hold outs against McCarthy. You carry pom-poms for Trump no matter what he does or says. Your friendship with Sean Hannity is not all that helpful to you. He has turned many former fans off because he is a blowhard please learn some humility. I miss you my former friend.
  • ganymedecosmos
    One of Conservatisms’ Best
    🇺🇸 Constitutional Conservatism makes the most sense. Get over it libs. Make America Great Again!
  • Janice Fahy
    Poor Mark Levin
    Torching his reputation for the Orange Caligula.
  • Ronald Anthony
    Right Wing Lunatic
    Long gone are the days Levine made a welcome addition is discourse in America. Join Mark out on the lunatic fringe.
  • Bear"sMom
    Our only hope
    To a wonderful, smart and thoughtful man. You get me thru the day, truth and brilliance and a heart of gold for dogs. God Bless every thing you do for us Mr. Levin.
  • Billsto
    Establishment Hack
    This man is a narcissistic jerk that continuously twists information to support his past narratives. How about when he referred to Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a great man? He has fooled millions of people for years.
  • jaaaacccckkkkk
    Why won’t you tell us about the suspended debt ceiling? Why not? I think it could help!
  • Sizemore24
    So long Mark
    You lost a loyal listener when chose to promote DeSantis. I guess being part of ConInc has a price to it . See ya
  • atjsaj
    Great but frustrating
    Great content but overwhelmed by the same ads, over and over.
  • gman0661
    The great one
    The true American hero mark levin
  • string4721Podcaster
    Listener and fan for life!
    Mark would have been a founding father if he was alive then. He has such wisdom and understanding of history and how humans organize societies. My only wish is he keep podcasting for another 100 years.
  • bigNorske63
    Ray L. from NJ
    I have listened for years and believe that Mark Levin is a truthful commentator and speaks to what We The People need more of in these United States. He gives an US Constitutional education that is understandable by those of us who were in public school in the 1970’s and 1980’s. We were taught little if anything truthful about our country’s Founding or Framing. Hopefully, with that knowledge he has imparted we can stand up to the absolute trash that is being taught by academia, the media, the lying politicians and the alphabet soup of intelligence agencies in Washington DC. It pains me to see our wonderful country destroyed by a bunch of American Marxists, hat tip Mark Levin.
  • Sean from Hawaii
    Mark Levin is referred to as The Great One for a reason. Mark is a constitutional conservative and a true American patriot. He is on the front lines of every important issue that is affecting the lives of this country. He does not waste time with nutty theories. His thorough knowledge of American history gives him a perspective on current issues that is unrivaled by any “back bencher.” He is tough as nails, unrestrained, and not afraid to tell it as it is. Mark worked in the Reagan Administration as chief of staff for AG Edwin Meese, highly respected across this country and FEARED by Democrats and RINO’s alike. Mark Levin is a national treasure and will be remembered well after his time here on this earth.
  • Wannysue11
    Enjoy your show
    Truth goes a long way
  • Ditto Cam 2
    Best of the Best
    After Rush Limbaugh passed away, Mark Levin is the Best of the Best! God Bless you F-Lee Now, get off the phone ya big dope!)
  • scamder
    Master of Words
    Your Intel re USA reality comforts me…💚your music🎶
  • LeanneM.
    I listen to Mark everyday! Once I walk out of my job, I turn on Mark. Thanks for all you do!
  • 1020 shotgun
    I will miss you on fox. No Tucker no me. I will catch you on your podcast.
  • stephenisstilleatin
    Against the 21
    When you went against the 21 house members who stood up to establishment republicans I will never support you again. Your negative anyhow and your answer to everything is just buy your books. No thanks! I’ll support conservatives who don’t push a sale or talk poorly about conservatives who stand up for themselves. James golden Bo snerdley and Dan bongino are the best conservative voices on radio and podcast.
  • ViktorGee
    FOX broke the Camel’s back🤬
    Mark, hate to see FOX go the woke road, but it appears they have You have the only show over there I will keep watching! Victor G Crockett retired US Army SF(Abn). 🇺🇸 May God Bless You and Yours and America !!!!!
  • Brodrig
    24 Hrs Late to Mark’s Party
    Thank you for your consistent love and honor for our country’s rules and foundation. My blessed loved ones arrived in the 1950s. “I’m Moshe, your Isaac”. It transcends. I laughed heartedly and did for awhile. Thank you for how you extend your knowledge. It’s extended to each of our family members r/Barnabas
  • Turk34655
    Used car salesman
    Boy did i miss rush .Hello Hello lol
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