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Mark Levin is one of the hottest talk radio hosts in America. A prominent conservative commentator, best-selling author and constitutional scholar, Mark offers fresh takes on daily news headlines and dissects important events of the day. Heard weeknights on nearly 400 radio stations, Levin is loved in every corner of America. He cuts through the noise with his passion and intellect, often saying things others won’t. Or as Mark himself would declare: “That’s right. I said it!”

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  • Small Time Dude
    Hypothetical Breaking News
    Rumor has it that, The Trump Indictment creates tension regarding how N.C. Senator, Tom Tillis will respond! Will his “B.S.” response, to the Jan. 6th. Tape revelation, hopefully be used again? As the recently installed President of the “Mitch McConnell Boot Licking Society”, must Tom wait for orders from Mitch, Schumer, or even Alvin Bragg? Suspense prevails!!
  • atjsaj
    I’ve followed him for years. I really enjoy his directness. No snow, plain and simple and truthful.
  • George _MG
    True Journalism
    Simply put “Fearless and Factual .”
  • ChuckysBucs
    Clot shots
    Please bring Daniel Horowitz on your program and discuss his new book- I love you Mark, but this should be a moral obligation to bring him on- no one has been better on this topic and it’s topic of our time!!! Thanks Mark. Love ya!!
  • hbjghgg
    Great stuff
  • abdikadir qayloos
    this podcast is hacker less&i rate five stars
    i love the great one mark levin&we love trump not biden
  • Fowlriver10
    Mark, Your concise description of US enemies inside our borders and White House are valuable for validating my own thoughts and conclusions. Keep standing strong and being our mouth piece of honesty, truth, and free.
  • JJ211000055
    Mark speaks nothing but the truth. Love the podcast. I actually found out about Mark through my grandfather, so I am very blessed for that. Keep up the great work
  • Maxcraft430
    You have been my main news source for over 15 years.
    Smartest man in any media and when you need a break from the insanity going on in this world, I found you by listening to the hilarious "Community News by Paul and Sasha.".
  • Getsitright
    Chinese Spy Balloon
    Saturday February 2023. Rick Zeoli’s Podcast substitute for Levin is very informative. I think we can’t just let that Chinese Spy Balloon drift across our nation. Bring it down in one whole piece so that we can thoroughly investigate it. Biden is not on our side- he will end up listed as America’s Worst President.
  • ShutupRandy
    That’s right
  • All Talk fan
    Merit and Mark Levin, the Great One
    In a time when merit is becoming passe’ let me emphasize that relevancy, accuracy of information, and merit do matter in a civil, free society. Mark Levin helps give radio or podcast listeners a chance to hear and learn such pertinent, accurate information about the serious issues facing us today. He educates, enlightens, and advocates listeners about our Constitution, Justice, and a civil society. As a former Chief of Staff in the Reagan Justice Dept, Mark understands how DC works - the good and bad. Also being the brilliant Constitutional lawyer and fighter for limited govt that he is, Mark still has contact with most Constitutional conservatives in DC today. If you want to know the real truth of what’s happening in DC, and most things political and societal, listen to Mark. He’s the Great One, who is worthy of his nickname.
  • m6255
    Establishment hack???
    You people criticizing Marks support for the ukrain war don’t know anything about history. Let me ask you. Would you say that WWII was a war the USA should have stayed out of? What’s going on in Eastern Europe right now is almost a mirror of what happened starting in 1933 and changed in 1945 AND THE WORLD TODAY IS STILL FEELING THE FX FROM WWII. IF RUSSIA IS ALLOWED TO INJEST ITS 3RD COUNTRY WHICH Ukrai is then Russia will continue west rebuilding the USSR and becoming the threat it was in 1946 through 1994. Millions of people died because of ignorant people not knowing history. Anybody criticizing the us and nato helping out Ukraine better learn their history.
  • Scooter11!
    Angry, Mark
    It’s sad that so many people believe Mark Levine. He’s an angry man. He’s no scholar or journalist or constitution expert. He’s a joke.
  • parler#1
    Please stay in Ohio politics
    They Great One
  • BeastlyBassest
    Just Sad
    As a long time listener of the show (5+ years) I can no longer support Mr. Levin. A great scholar of history and very intelligent, but has proved to be a sell out to the established order. From his take on the Ukraine war, to the recent events surrounding the speaker of the house, he has proved that his opinions are that of the establishment and that he no longer understands the conservative voter. He can be fun to listen to and you may agree with him on a lot of things, but just know that his perspective is coming for an outdated loyalty to the Republican establishment. Sure he calls out some of them, but in the end toes the party line when it is personally beneficial.
  • Billsto
    Establishment Hack
    This man is a narcissistic jerk that continuously twists information to support his past narratives. How about when he referred to Volodymyr Zelenskyy as a great man? He has fooled millions of people for years.
  • Stantastic00
    Stay out of Ohio Politics
    You blame the voters for this 2022 debacle??? How much have you made off your book, while all you do is bloviate? If you were a leader, you would give them out free to get the people educated. But no… you need the $$$. Cry harder Mark. Levin is a grifter talking a good conservative game. He endorses three of the Republican rebels. And deflects his responsibility for supporting them. He is worth over 50 million dollars and constantly pushes his books. If they were really important, he would give them away to save the Republic. He has shown to be a “Conservative Commentator” that this election cycle has proven to only talk conservative values to keep his meal ticket. Unfortunately, Rush brought him onto radio. Stop supporting this ridiculous blow hard.
  • rancid brew
    You lost me Marc I thought you believe in the system and would allow it to work. when you come out and attack them it leaves me scratching my head you’re the last person I thought would be there protecting the swamp.
  • TomBowZno
    The same mistake
    Mark pushed the nomination of sneaky Mitch to bring the party together; what a mistake! Now, he is pushing another character that is another flop republican speaker who will protect the swamp! Mark is a great thinker, and that is why I’m disappointed with this podcast. Long live the last minute omnibus payed by the house.
  • njohn0524
    Dec 28 show
    Pretty disappointed after listening to today’s show. I imagine it would not have been allowed without being challenged if Levin was on, maybe not. One of the first several callers was pretty disgusting labeling trump supporters as “cultists”. Not surprising he was from LA and also turned it into a race conversation, immediately considering that wing white nationalists. Absolutely no rebuke from the host. Unsubscribed and will never again listen on here, thanks mark levin.
  • Turtle Glove
    Levin literally doesn’t give a d*** about the opinions expressed by left wing lunatics. He has no time for their nonsense. In other words, he brings value to the conversation.
  • auto-de-fe
    I still don’t believe you about Russia and Ukraine…
    On 12/16/22 The Conservative Review with Daniel Horowitz podcast featured Lara Logan reporting on the situation involving Russia & Ukraine. And the information that she presented reinforces my belief that Mr. Levin is flat out wrong. I would love for him to invite her on the show In addition it would seem that actions undertaken by our own Government, to include the CIA, in embracing the enemies of the Jewish people were every bit as egregious as the NYT’s coverup of the Holocaust.. (On July 1 2022 I posted): I have been a fan of Mr. Levin for years. I buy and read his books. When Rush passed away, for me Mr. Levin was the natural go to. However of late I have some points of contention with him. I have heard with my own ears his jingoism with regar to Russia. And just because I don’t believe we’re getting all the relevant facts about what exactly is going on in Ukraine and WHy — doesn’t make me a Putinite. If anything, Mr. Levin it makes you sound like a Leftist by trying to slap derogatory labels on those of us who appreciate this country and our Constitution the same as you. I heard Mr. Levin say that to use the term “Neo-Con” was a racial slur against the Jewish people? I have never heard of that . And it sounds a lot like BLM trying to label Whites and “White-adjacent” who hold conservative views as racists. In short, I recognize Leftists’ tactics and it looks to me that Mr Levin is using them against members of his own conservative family. And if I am to be honest, the more he does so it erodes his credibility, with me anyway. I can hardly believe I’m saying it, but I tend to give more credence to a couple of the “backbenchers” on the topic of Russia & Ukraine. In for a penny in for a pound: Has their been ANY Military engagement undertaken by the United States in recent history that Mr. Levin DID NOT support?
  • W.F. Duggan
    Advice for common items
    Mr. Levin 1. Kim Jong Un, the supreme premier of North Korea is of the Kim family. He would commonly be called Mr. Kim, not Un. My family lived in Korea for 3-1/2 years. 2. What do you mean ‘meet them on the 40 yard line?’ I believe the commonly accepted term is ‘meet them on the 50 yard line.’ Just trying to help. These items have been grating on my ears for a while. Love your books. I’ve got all except the ‘Sprite’ book. Bill Duggan
  • mirelee5
    Ad free
    Would be happy to pay for an ad free version.
  • Bud'swife
    So appreciative
    Your shows are enlightening. Sometimes I am laughing; however it is not funny by no means. Heartbreaking. Thank you 🙏
  • Mountain Man 81
    Trump will not win
    There is no path for Trump to get 270 midterms proved that do the math he doesn’t can’t win Arizona Georgia Pennsylvania Wisconsin Michigan Nevada Colorado maybe not even North Carolina. If you think he can win these states you are dreaming and ensuring a democratic president in 2024 and say goodbye to the country next president will have at least four Supreme Court picks
  • TheCleaner73
    Professional, thorough, entertaining, informative
    Mr. Levin constructs an impactful show filled with comprehensive facts, high profile guests, and down-to-earth commentary.
  • Myler bit man
    Mark needs to run for President he’s a very smart man and knows his stuff!
  • bea21mom!
    Can’t figure out if this is a real podcast or a spoof.
  • AgentKate
    Best Podcast of all time
    I can’t even communicate with words how much Mark Levin podcasts mean to me. I go to sleep listening to him every week night and then I jones out on the weekends without them. I get through by catching up with Victor Davis Hanson and Newt Gingrich.
  • @Bub1Kat
    Outstanding show Ben! Hope Mark keeps you as his first choice!
  • smds52
    Precise Political Pundit
    Mr. Levin brilliantly exposes the Left (Marxists) with all of their devious, deceptive, dishonest and divisive schemes and methods.
  • Bryn Hod
    FBI on the sidewalk
    An attempt to push pro-life people into acts of violence. Google pro life violence and see what’s trending.
  • hbwildflower
    I love you
    How do you stay so calm … I do enjoy watching you get worked up. And I love your intros sometimes I turn away I’m afraid to cry but always end with a smile. I heard you say you don’t preview so I’m sure you go through the same .
  • eries ipod
    Can’t get enough
    I cannot get enough of Mark. The man is brilliant. He’s on a different level. He speaks the truth, he speaks facts, he destroys liberal logic with facts, empirical data and experience. I used to listen to a lot of podcasts. Not anymore. I get all the information I need from Mark. Thank you Mark, Mr. Producer and Mr. Call Screener. God bless.
  • free_dom45
    did you know when you go to break, your ad for Hillsdale College is not heard? intstead, ads for nest smart home surveillance. 🤷🏼‍♀️
  • FahadKTexas
    Not a patriot. Another Israeli war hawk.
    Anyone that can’t argue against the other side without cutting them off, calling names, hanging up on them is a paid propagandist. Freedom? He’s certainly free to run his mouth.
  • PAyscue
    Any legitimate lawyer would have abandoned TFG after his "latest" crime. Party over country, Levin has no right to claim legitimacy about anything to do with the law
  • bill in bama
    What ever happened to mark….
    My liberal tears come from mark’s devolution… born a west coast liberal…mark provided a counter to my balance, now it’s just name calling… insulting my ideals… where is the constitutional break down on policy issues? It’s all one way.. Maga. Years ago when mr. Producer had awesome music between adds ..i left a 5 star review… no more… a 3 is the best i can afford ! Bill in bama!
  • Marathon350
    Outstanding Episode
    Thank you for sharing this commentary regarding Trump. I truly appreciate every word of it and needed to hear what I was feelings put into words so well thought out.
  • dee el in az
    Thanks for share of Klingenstein’s speech on Trump
    Exquisite and we must share!
  • tallitot
    He has an unlistenable voice.
  • Phillipnd
    In some respects is a scare monger… most respects dead on
  • Climbtosafety
    Levin is the ultimate Warhawk and Israeli lap dog.
  • that guy from illinois
    9/1/2022 podcast
    Apple will not let me download your podcast, it will let me download all of the others but not this one, but I love your show keep fighting mark we are with you!!
  • hackasaurus
    Human sinus infection
  • Baroto Tko
    The best
  • eruc solomita
    You are Still the GREATEST ONE ! Mark Levin You are a good American !
  • Old84ag
    Too many commercials
    Great content! Episodes too long and lots of commercials. I wish he would not keep circling around the same talking points in the episodes. Even at 2x feed it’s hard to work the long show into a busy schedule.
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