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This is literally a podcast where people I love, admire, and know well will be in a safe space to really let their hair down (assuming they have any). I will cover the thoughtful to the extremely random. So join me and my guests from the world of movies, TV, sports, music, and culture for fun, wide-ranging, free-wheeling conversations.

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  • Shruten
    Better than CATS!!
    Entertaining stories and interviews - easy on the ears. A+++ Perfect! Guest request: Chad Lowe!
  • Doxma33
    Kevin Bacon
    Brought out the best in Rob Lowe. Rob, if you can be this honest and unfake with KB, why can’t you be that way all the time? Kevin’s forthcoming nature completely disarmed you.
  • Gfgbfvxdchxdbdvv h
    Thank you
    I listen while I’m riding my bicycle. I ride 250-300 miles a week and listening to Robs podcast makes the time fly by.
  • #duuuval
    Thank You!
    Thanks for keeping me company during my runs. I’m obsessed with listening to your podcast since I discovered it. PS The required reading for my sons middle school is the Outsiders this year and I was thrilled to introduce him to the movie. Love your show and thanks so much!!!
  • Georgiagirls18
    Really enjoy this podcast
    I really enjoy this podcast. The Kevin Bacon episode was one of my favorites.
  • AimJordy
    Almost got it!
    Having listened to almost every episode it’s obvious that Rob Lowe is a talented interviewer and makes himself and his guests relatable. The only draw back are some of his choices for guests. When he has the reprehensible MSNBC people on his show like professional liar Jen Psaki and others, Rob’s podcast goes from engaging and entertaining straight to propagandizing. No one listens to this podcast for politics, so don’t do it.
  • POW1234
    Better guests please
    I love Rob Lowe and he’s at his best when gossiping about Hollywood or entertainment nostalgia. He needs a better booker - I’ve stopped listening to the podcast bc I don’t care about or even know who he’s interviewing these days. If you can’t hook more relevant celebrities, then bring on 80’s has-beens, a Brat Pack reunion, or a West Wing reunion. The show can be super entertaining when Rob has chemistry and history with the guests, and we all get to hear their unfiltered olden days Hollywood gossip.
  • xzyfx
    Rob lowe interviewer.
    I really like Rob’s podcast because he asks great questions and allows his guests to ask questions of him. Great back and forth for the time they are talking to each other notbac one sided interview. 20/10 on the awesome meters.
  • Elis Nana
    Literally just finished the whole magilla… I had a feeling this would be great but was not prepared for falling so hard that I had to start from the beginning and listen to each and everyone. So many things I could say but I’ll narrow it down to a few. I could listen to your voice all day every day, you are wicked funny and clearly a renaissance man. I adore your devotion to your family, friends, sobriety and I admire your never ending thirst for knowledge, and openness to people from all ends of the spectrum. AMAZING Podcast!! Can’t wait for the next episode.
  • Beyond fun
    One of my favorite
    Having your wife on the show!! Thoroughly enjoyed it!!!!
  • cheez29
    Tuning off
    Are used to listen to the show on a regular basis. Love, Rob Lowe, but lately his guest choices have really gone downhill. Once I see him, he’s decided to talk to Joe Buck, my respect for this host has turned sour. Joe Buck is an awful man. Why would Rob Lowe even act like he’s someone we want to hear from him . Start having better guests then I’ll be back.
  • LaurainGoletaCA
    Great Show!!
    This is a great podcast! I have enjoyed every episode that I have heard It’s very well done and well worth subscribing!
  • felixcoop
    ***** love
    Love this podcast!
  • BfloDavid
    Same age (that’s about it)
    Born in the same year as you, I find the cultural references and guest selection a certain comfort ear food. I have binged the entire catalogue in 3 weeks and now I wish there were 5 seasons I needed to catch up on . Now I will need patience. As fellow 56 year old men our lives are interesting amalgam of longtime husbands , father of 2 with interesting acquaintances. Your are just more handsome, famous, rich and your “people” are well known. Thanks for making my workouts entertaining
  • Boxercentral
    Enjoy all
    Enjoy all shows, but Craig Ferguson was great!!!
  • catinlr
    First listened today— all I heard was Rob and Matt Rife talking about the perils of being so ‘good looking’. For real? Y’all get over yourselves 🙄 there’s way more to life than looks and Matt’s take on women is grosss
  • haragrad
    When did Rob Lowe become your best friend?
    I began listening to the podcast on a whim but was drawn in. At first I thought Rob was pretty full of himself. But he grew on me. As a fellow Daytonian, I enjoyed the local references. Then I began telling everyone I know Rob Lowe stories which led to the title of this review. My daughter asked me When did Rob Lowe become your best friend ?
  • Roblowefan
    Love the show, I will be tuning in all the time
  • 'nita
    RoLo self-promotion
    This show has some interesting guests, but it gets old hearing Rob Lowe praise himself constantly and talk about how he is a Hollywood insider. If you want to hear his Lorne Michaels impression every episode, listen away! The way he talks, you would think he was personally responsible for most successful movies and TV shows.
  • Bdushandj
    Genuinely great guy
    We were on a family vacation and saw Rob at a rodeo . He was kind and took a few photos with us. Our fan base ranged from 17 yrs to 55 years . He made our day !! Great guy!
  • Poodcastsforlyfe
    It’s the Rob show
    Used to love this podcast, but lately Rob has come across as pompous and arrogant. He talks about himself 90% of the time, leaving little for his guests to say. He also tells the same stories and it gets a bit old.
  • tvk
    Good bye
    Just stopped listening and unsubscribed during the Rife interview. Rob’s praise for JR was too much. Too bad—I had enjoyed it from the start.
  • trixie olive
    I wait every week for the next episode!!! Its the best day of my week! Thank you, your the best😊
  • Dean221
    Soooo interesting
    This show will teach you us me everyone every show. It’s going to save me trips to the emergency room or tell me when to gooooooo
  • Dietz15
    Sheryl Lowe Episode
    I ADORE this episode. Their relationship is so sweet. True role models. I can’t imagine how 2 people from Hollywood could stay married for 32 years. I love it!
  • Mrsks Mommy
    Sheryl Lowe is the one I’ve been waiting for!
    You two are SO relatable and she is every bit the gem you describe her as on the show. It’s so clear how much you love her and how much she respects you. She is the coolest, you are the funniest, y’all are the cutest, and I loved this glimpse into real life stuff so much. Please have her back asap; the world needs more Rob and Sheryl realness.
  • yuck job
    July twenty ninth is a holiday for the family of a young woman in a car with her mother in
    HBO has a new feature that lets yuuuyyuuuyuuuyyy people watch the show and watch it on their phone and they can watch
  • simply_Donna
    Fun episode with Sheryl 🌸 You two are darling 💞 Happy 32nd Anniversary!! God bless.
  • Jen Zippay
    Finally! The episode I have been waiting for! Sheryl Lowe!
    Dear Rob, I am addressing this directly to you as you do state you read every one. I work from home and love to listen to your podcast while doing so. Makes the day go by so fast! You will be happy to know I started at the first episode and am working my way current and did not pick and choose, but today I am skipping to Sheryl Lowe because I can’t contain my excitement. I am sure you will understand. Also, love the variety of guests and the fact that I always learn something new about someone or something. I do keep a notebook on my desk to quickly jot things down that you mention or recommend, and am slowly working through it and also your filmography. Love your show, keep it up!
  • Bamanaos
    Too many things I like to list!
    Sheryl Lowe was fun!!
  • Boboma45
    Love your show, Rob!
    OMG! Rob’s episode interviewing his wife Sheryl is adorable, heartwarming and hilarious!!
  • chgrpads
    Loved the Rebecca Rosen episode. I enjoy the show every week!
  • Kraz4paper
    Great interview with Rebecca Rosen
    I really enjoyed the interview with Rebecca Rosen. It was fascinating and my core beliefs are very aligned with hers. Thank you for introducing her to me! I love the podcast!
  • A Sodi
    Magical with Rebecca Rosen
    I’m a huge fan of the podcast! The Rebecca Rosen episode had me in chills! Thank you for all your great episodes and for putting yourself out there for the fans!
  • SueLoom
    Tom Segura…boring interview!
    I have listened to and loved every episode of Literally but the latest episode with Tom Segura put me to sleep! I can’t believe Tom really wanted to talk about what not to say to a performer after their show…that “bit” just went on and on and on…and it wasnt funny or interesting at all! Of all the things you two could have been talking about…I am sure Tom did not have that topic on his talking points list!
  • helenemb
    Love Rob Lowe
    I’ve watched Rob Lowe in movies since the days of St. Elmo’s Fire. I’ve watched most of the tv shows he’s done, Parks and Rec is my favorite. Listening to the podcast gives more of an insight to who he is. The interviews feel like friends getting together for a chat. I look forward to the episodes.
  • stop,dont download
    Rob Lowe has been a favorite of mine for years. Love this show and enjoy the guests.
  • Robin.May
    You told this story already!
    I’m okay with historical references being made more than three times. But telling a guest an entire story that your listeners have heard from you at least three full times is getting really tired.
  • Chirivel
    Total turn off
    Thought I would enjoy this podcast until I listened to the first one with James Marsden. I’m sorry, but Rob Lowe came across as such a conceited , pompous a-hole. Totally in love with himself and his looks with no humility whatsoever. Maybe he can learn a little from James. Oh my god it was so cringy listening to Rob Lowe constantly including himself in the good looking men group. It came off as if he was threatened by having a great looking actor to compete with so had to keep propping himself and his looks up. YUCK! Back to my faves SmartLess and Fly on the Wall and ANYTHING else but this!!
  • fickdichunddeimmuttiauch
    Read the room Rob.
    If I am interested in the guest enough to start a podcast, I will usually finish it. Couldn’t do it with the James Marsden episode. With him talking about his entitled son being too drunk to show up to some special Monoco race thing no normal person would have a clue about and then you bragging about owning some watch that is the only one in the country and probably worth more than an average person earns in a year, I had to do a Tina Fey and ‘shut it down’. Anymore episodes with that 1%er drivel and I’ll likely shut it down for good….. literally.
  • msr86
    Chat with friends
    Love telling people “I’ve just had a nice chat with my friend Rob” like getting together with an old friend xx
  • grandmanje
    Great conversations!!
    Love listening to Rob and his guests! I feel like I’m sitting with them! So open, honest and interesting! You truly get a feel for who these people really are!!
  • tweel yee
    Enough already
    I used to enjoy this show but lately it’s unlistenable. I love James Marsden but the entire Episode you were talking about yourself, your cheekbones, your expensive watch, and basically being as unrelatable as possible. You came off sounding jealous of his opportunities while you have so many of your own. He had about 5 minutes to talk about Jury Duty which in thinking was why you had him on. He came off well. You didn’t. Sorry. Even with interesting guests you made it all about yourself.
  • tbtbtac
    Literally Insufferable
    I’ve tried multiple times to listen to different episodes of this podcast but I every time I’ve had to turn it off within 5-10 minutes. I find it obnoxious that Rob Lowe focuses on himself and his war stories rather than interviewing his guests.
  • Silver811!
    Impressive Rob!
    Rob, your channel is always the first that I look for, and every one has been a gem. I’d surely love to hear a podcast with you and Tom Hiddleston. He is an able conversationalist, and has an impressive body of work. Your podcast is a favorite, because you don’t talk over your guests, you don’t try to get intrusive or maudlin. Thanks for all the interesting guests, and looking forward to what you have coming up next.
  • gwlk
    Please invite John Owen ! I’m enjoying his writing on your 911 show. Thank you !
  • BarbeeCee
    Love it but…
    It’s like listening to guests interview Rob each week. 🤷‍♀️
  • hot fool
    Joshua I have a few things to do with the work I have
    I’m not going back in a row but it’s just the same as a new year so we are ioooioo to see you in person but we can see if it
  • KC!2020
    The Rob Lowe show - LITERALLY!
    Rob, this has so much potential, but I find myself unable to finish any of the episodes. It’s a little too much Rob Lowe stories and not enough questions/discussion about the guest. Smartless has a perfect balance of this, but with all your great guests on Literally, I feel like I never learn anything new about them. Dive under the surface a bit more!!
  • unicorn514
    An interview podcast?
    I have dropped off listening to episodes recently. It seems like this podcast is more of a way for Rob to share his stories at the expense of somebody else’s time. I get it’s his podcast and he can do what he likes, but it’s a bit boring and eye rolling when somehow he always manages to turn the conversation back to himself. Maybe just have a friend interview him instead of asking celebrity, singers, etc to do a podcast with him. Other than that, I do think he is a phenomenal interviewer when he does get to the past about asking other people his questions; probably the best interviewer I’ve heard among other Podcasts, which is why I hope he can refocus the perspective in future episodes.
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