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Comedian Kathleen Madigan opens her Pub every week to talk about everything and anything fun in her world. Light bar conversations ranging from her parents to unsolved mysteries, sports to chimpanzee documentaries.

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  • november fall
    If I am in a crappy mood….listen to YOU and all is right with the world!!!
  • 997045444
    What about Phx
    Will I ever get to see you? Come to az
  • r we done yet
    How Many Stars Are Available?
    I’m gonna need at least a million stars to give the Pubcast. Kathleen is my absolute favorite comedian and I live for Wednesdays when this pod comes out. THANK YOU, KATHLEEN! You make my life sweeter!
  • Eyesopen52
    Best Podcast!
    I love every episode of Kathleen’s podcasts and look forward to it every week. I usually listen to several newscasts in the morning which just causes me anxiety. But when Kathleen drops a new one I listen to that first and sets me up for a good day.
  • Lizzel1324
    Great Podcast
    Love Kathleen’s stand up. Always has me laughing so hard. Her Netflix and Amazon specials are gold. Had me in tears laughing! The podcast never disappoints. One of my favorites to listen to!
  • JadeFamousArtist
    The Cackler 🤪
    Love your show ! Can’t stomach that background Cackler. Guess I’ll wait for another Special or a Tour. Close your eyes 👀 and listen 👂. Sounds like the Joker lives. Nooooooo !
  • MyndiB
    Bingeing from the beginning- then I get the references! Love your humor, style and Grace. Great companion on long days caring for the horses out here in rural AZ. Loved all your specials too!
  • BRSB
    Exactly As I Thought It Would Be
    PERFECT! From the stories of her folks, the Stevie nicks poster, Dolly Parton quotes - Kathleen is my spirit animal
  • Nirvana Klein
    A Podcast for the Ages
    Kathleen Madigan is like the Dolly Parton of comedy; super insanely talented and everybody loves her!
  • Jicima
    Funniest Most Down to Earth Comedian!
    Wednesday is the highlight to my podcast week! Thanks Aunt Kat for making all this great free content. Love your take on things. Big shout out to Paddles. That Lady’s laugh gets me every time.
  • *Yes!&ILove108*
    My absolute favorite comedian, fellow Irish 🇮🇷☘️peeps. Thank you for always making me laugh! 🥰🥰🥰
  • sugliac
    Kathleen is my fav!
    She has been my favorite comedian for years and this podcast has been a joy. Never missed an episode. Hope she starts making money on it soon!
  • Paddles #1 fan
    What did they find? A killer hour with a comedian who might not know where her specials are currently available but who definitely knows that moving the Rams was dirty pool. Whatcha drinking? Probably something great, but the conversation is even better! ( I always look forward to this every week)
  • susanebere
    Love the podcast
    And Kathleen! Imho, glad Bud Lite folks are sticking to their decision. Finally a company not caving to corporate greed.
  • RachaelHS
    Feel good and funny
    We love you Kathleen! Pubcast is best source for life’s lighter material complete with spicy snacks and beer ratings. 🩵Thank you
  • Wrannting
    The Best!
    Mama termite is doing the work of the lord! In other words she’s meticulously combing through the news and sharing only the most important and self improving stories from the largest Bucky’s to Big Foot, cults to Ranch Crocs. Holy $h*t you’ve found it! The best podcast out there! Sit back and relax while Kathleen reaffirms your decisions to avoid cruises and makes you desperately want a beer at any time of the day.
  • Thunder2030$
    My Opinion
    I think Kathleen Madigan is one of the best very funny I can listen to her every day
  • Prezi on the go
    Common sense laughs
    Okay. This lady gets it. She put the “c” in common sense. Listen to her thoughts about Pete B (who the heck can spell his name) and the recent air traffic travel debacles. I have always enjoyed her standup comedy and look forward to seeing her soon but her Podcast will help you see through the insanity of some of the things going on in our world today. One of the most “centered” people I have ever heard. If you have not listed then you need to!
  • Shafsgrl
    Madigan’s Pubcast Rocks!!
    I look forward to Kathleen Madigan’s Pubcast every week. Kathleen and Paddles are the Best!! Funny for DAYS!!! 🎉🎉🎉
  • Ocean1185
    Great show
    Love her standup (one of the best out there). Love her when she’s just shooting the s!@$.
  • VictoriaRNVa
    Great podcast!
    Every week i look forward to her humor, down-to-earth reflections on a crazy world and Updates! Queen News is a favorite and Ms. Madigan is on the money with her comments about the current state of journalism. While she is not overly political, her wry comments about politicians are appreciated!
  • 5678nelson
    I love Kathleen!
    I listen to her when I walk with my headsets on. I find myself laughing out loud. People probably think I’m nuts. Oh well, you know what.
  • VPinPdx
    Family favorite
    I love this podcast! My sister and niece turned me on to it. It’s just a nice moment to laugh at e news in a non-political manner. Thank you for bring this to us weekly.
  • UsedToBeAFanBut
    For all that is holy, Kathleen, stop the cackling of your sidekick!!!!! JFC, it’s sooo annoying!!! The ONLY reason i can’t stand your podcast!
  • ksarahz
    The best
    An absolute must listen for me every week. Love Kathleen!
  • moddane-8
    Pull up a stool -
    Love - it really is like having a beer at the bar!
  • littlerayofsunshine :]
    The best hour of listening per week!
    Fun, funny and educational! Thanks for all of your research Kathleen! This isn’t just a great comedian riffing on current events. She has guided me to podcasts and documentaries that I never would have know about. Love to Paddles too!
  • Mermaid Rosa
    Informative Laughter
    Informative laughter! I love how Kathleen weaves “news” into this pubcast. Such obscure and insane things. But Kathleen also has great significant news: UPDATE! I’m hooked and I want Kathleen to do a show in Pittsburgh. We have an Irish festival for you Kathleen. 🍀☘️
  • awise111
    Great podcast!
    Love it!
  • 1step
    Love it
    The only thing bad about this pubcast is that (at the time of this review) there are only 136 episodes. Keep up the awesomeness mama termite!
  • ceebee09
    Long live Mama Termite and Paddles!
    Kathleen says in one of her early episodes that she wanted to do a podcast to talk about stuff her family is tired of hearing about from her (I can relate) and that she has found most comedians’ podcasts were about The Biz and she found that tedious. When it started to look like I was going to get up to date on episodes soon, I started diversifying with pods from other comedians I like and I’ll be damned if Mama Termite wasn’t right: even when the topic is something relatable it circles back to “making it” and “you know with this lifestyle”. Want to learn the ropes of stand up? There’s plenty of podcasts out there- this ain’t it. Want to hear which Russian oligarchs had their mega yachts impounded or who found some long lost painting under a ping pong table? You’ve come to the right place.
  • Mike-Mobile
    My weekly enjoyment
    Kathleen is a perfect match to my humor, I have watched all of her specials on Amazon and Netflix. Everything she has on YouTube. I own all of her CDs. This podcast is absolutely wonderful, I hope it never ends! Thank you for putting a bright spot in my life every month.
  • Mommadel
    Great entertaining and funny
    Termites and soon to be termites!! Need to listen to Kathleen’s Pubcast. Got the children to listen perpetuating the next generation of termites. Funny, funny funny! ☘️
  • Sheltie Mamma
    Kathleen’s Pubcast is the best!!
    I’ve listened to all episodes, and I laugh out loud every single time!! Great fun - and very informative of current events
  • bronx4ever
    Kathleen Madigan s Pubcast
    Would be 5 star if not for the distracting cackler in the studio. Why Kathleen , why ?
  • 3rdWill
    Go go Kathleen!
    I’m so glad you started this podcast when Covid started. Such a blessing for your fans. 🌞
  • talk2mrsh
    Love it!
    I love your storytelling and the cadence of your voice - just feels so conversational. The specials are too far apart so this is a delightful alternative.
  • Ann M. 1
    Best pod cast every!!
    Thank you so much for bringing laughter back into my day!!!
  • MamaD1968
    My comfort show
    Having always been a fan of Ms. Madigan, I was thrilled to find her podcast. After catching up on the episodes I realized that each week I looked forward to hearing her latest episode. Why, you ask? Well first of all, duh, it’s Kathleen Madigan. Secondly, she’s funny and sarcastic but not mean and vicious like so many comedians out there. Third, she recognizes and truly appreciates her fan base. I wish she put out maybe 3 episodes a week because I listen to and from work, beginning and ending my days with a smile—and as a teacher I need that daily not just once a week!! One day I hope to see her show in person. Keep up the good work 😊
  • SelfAwareRobotMom
    Spend $8 & Get Other Person a Mic
    I enjoy this podcast mostly, but please “Spend $8 & Get Other Person a Mic!”
  • TherealLinKF
    Kathleen is one of my podcasting sheroes!!!
    Kathleen is so hysterically funny and on point! I love hearing about her Mom and Dad and the entire extended Madigan clan! She is the real deal Mama Termite!!!
  • hillary4prez
    The best podcast
    The one podcast I look forward to weekly!! I’m one happy termite on Tuesdays!!
  • Birdword123
    Huh, I didn’t know rating was so easy
    Grateful for Mama Termite
  • ShelleyFr
    The woman loudly laughing must stop…please
    Oops, I wrote my review in space above…in short please ask loud obnoxious laugh asst to stop her ridiculous painful fake laugh…she drowns you out
  • Mr. Heitman
    Kathleen madigan
    Kathleen has been my favorite comedian for many many years!! I was so thrilled when she started her Pubcast in 2020. Fun and funny conversation between her and her “co-host” Paddles. She always has interesting items to share every week. I can’t wait until the next episode is posted. Thank you Kathleen for doing the good work you do to keep your termites informed.
  • De@dicated
    Good for you
    It’s a fun podcast. Keep it up
  • dmcdmk
    So Funny!
    I’ve seen Kathleen in concert but I didn’t know she had a Pubcast until she was interviewed on The Courtney Radio Show in St. Louis. I’m addicted. It is laugh out loud funny🤣
  • communitynewspodcast
    Love your show
    Have always loved you. Hope you will have “Paul and Sasha” from Community News podcast on. The 3 of you would be soooooo funny together and get to the bottom of all these and their mysteries.
  • Ritapfsnsd
    So funny
    This us so entertaining. I’ve been listening to her for a long time. I laugh out loud many times on each pubcast. Her Netflix and Prime Special are such fun. I can’t wait to see her in Pittsburgh this September.
  • babyimarockstar
    Best Pubcast Around!
    I’ve learned so many interesting things! How did we ever manage before Mama Termite came along to teach us all of the things? Seriously though, it’s funny, entertaining, and educational. What more could you want from a podcast?
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