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Welcome to the NCLEX High Yield Podcast, where we will be giving out daily content for your exam, tips and tricks that the boards love to ask, and overall general information on how to study, what to study, and complex topics broken down for you.Whether you're a first time test taker, or a repeat test taker, we have helped people across the globe pass their NCLEX exams. Listen to how Dr. Zeeshan Hoodbhoy and the NCLEX High Yield Team breaks this test down like no one has every showed you!Join our weekly FREE ZOOM Session by following us on Instagram @nclexhighyield! See you then! Support this podcast:

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  • Zombie love<3
    Bite sized knowledge
    This podcast is perfect if you need a quick rundown on information! Whether it’s something you never quite covered in your nursing program, looking at you Kawasaki disease, or maybe you just need more clarification on a topic. As a former teacher my professors used to tell me “if you can’t break down a topic into it’s simplest form, you don’t truly understand it.” Dr. Z does exactly that in this show! His test tips like the method and ASK GRAPH are also very helpful if you’re ever stuck on a question.
  • Coopwv
    This is exactly what I needed
    I love the length and format of these shows. Perfect to throw on while doing something around the house to really drive home what you’re studying and how to think about it. The prioritization episode especially helped me a ton. I thought I knew that topic from school but it turns out I needed his spin. Trust me folks, I passed in 75 and that means you can too.
  • Jackie SD
    Thank you Dr. z and the NHY team!!! The moment I began my course in Jan I knew everything I had invested was worth it all. Dr. Z you explain content in a way that I understood! When it came to questions I used the method and ASK GRAPH that was it! I started to see my scores going up. THANK YOU so much! I took my boards 4/22/23 and I was 85 and out!!!
  • Arei7265
    NCLEX essential
    Thank you Dr. Z!! I was 75 and out with your podcast and videos. As soon as the test started I wrote ASK GRAPH down and it kept me calm no matter what the test threw at me.
  • Josecuervo1130
    God bless Dr. Z, you’re really blessed with a true talent. You’re ability to dissect complex content and make easily understandable is breathtaking. Thanks to you and your team, your podcasts and YouTube videos, I was successful on my boards on the first attempt. To those who are studying and planning on taking the Nclex, Uworld and Dr. Z are crucial ingredients to lead you to success.
  • OHAbby
    Passed with this podcast
    I am a procrastinator, so I listened to the entire podcast in the three days before my exam and I passed! It’s a great synthesis of everything we learned and gets you the best return for time spent. ASKGRAPH for life. Thank you, Dr. Z, Nurse Claudia, and the team.
  • fountainofnaturaoil
    Nclex high yield is one of the best.
    Dr Zeeshans. You’re one of the best teachers I have come in contact with. May God continually bless you. I also love the way you talk about your family. You’re a beautiful soul.
  • suuuuuuuze
    So amazing
    It is life changing when you can finally understand something you’ve been “learning” for months but really haven’t gotten it to click. The way you explain things is so helpful and I appreciate the speed you speak at and the words you reiterate. I listen to this podcast everyday on the way to nursing school and I’ve learned so much. I love how you preach that it isn’t about memorizing, we have to GET the material! I always try to summarize what you teach after the podcast ends, out loud to my self in the car, lol. Thank you!
  • leedede504
    Just want to stop by & leave a review!! Awesome podcast..Thank you Dr. Z and your team!! You are a great teacher! I have been listening to this podcast for weeks in my car instead of my music playlist. My daughter even recites some lectures lol!! 🗣You are doing a great thing for us Nurses!👏🏾❤️👩🏽‍⚕️💊
  • L Beezy 0313
    Amazing content breakdown!!
    This pod is AMAZING!! Seriously! Thanks Dr. Z for breaking down complex topics and hitting the major key points for each one! The explanations on this pod are so clear and easy to understand and helped me focus in on understanding vs memorizing. I’m scheduled to take my NCLEX in a few weeks and I feel more and more prepared after each episode I listen to.
  • Hailey Brooker
    The best ever!!!!!!
    Great podcasts but I also recommend taking the course!!!! And reviewing your hand written notes! It helps SO much. I didn’t do practice questions on UWorld 3 weeks prior to my test date (bc I did about 900 questions prior to that for 1.5 months) and only reviewed content for 2 days prior and passed!!!! Second try and this was a year after graduating!! Deff recommend, it’s sure the best investment I ever made!
  • taihaze
    Need more podcast!!!!
  • hampys88
    future RN
    Love it!!!
  • Mrs. Jay RN
    I passed my nclex finally with NCLEX HiGH yield. I was 145 and out ! I didn’t care that got all the questions I just wanted to pass ! DR.Z is the GOAT lol. I listened to the podcasts faithfully my god daugther & son hated getting in the car me with me because I didn’t play nothing but the podcasts ! I took the course and did one on one tutoring ! I was determine to pass this time ! You want to pass the nclex take the course and along with listening to podcast you will be. “WHAT is you doing lol ? “ if you not taking the course, listening to this podcast & he also does free zooms on Wednesdays !! I am a walking testimony that DR. Z will help you pass !
  • LbritR
    Thank you! I am an RN!
    Passed my NCLEX this week in 79 questions on my first try! I found your podcast a few weeks ago. So thank you for your part in helping me! I got one priority question with one answer being a lethargic child with peritonitis! Boom! The eight was there to tell me who to choose! I recommend listening to this podcast in conjunction with Mark Klimek lectures and doing as many qbank question you can. Read every rationale, research anything you don’t understand.
  • bat1965
    Ultra non-traditional nursing student here… nursing is my second career! At 55, I’m still learning how to study “what matters” and NCLEX High Yield is breaking things down into powerhouse bite-size bursts of knowledge - stuff I need. Feeling confident about many topics thanks to your methods and team. Thanks Dr Z
  • twinmashell
    Best NCLEX podcast ever
    Love this podcast. It made it really easy for me to understand certain concepts. I feel better prepared for the NCLEX and you can listen anytime
  • cmf21wsu
    So helpful! 75 and passed!
    I listened to the podcasts and watched the extra youtube videos. I also did Uworld and listened to some Mark Klimek lectures. I was 75 and out. This podcast helped a lot!
  • AlaynaRN
    Passed in 75 qs
    Using and this podcast I passed in 75 questions and it was not so bad! I love how the main host talks about the topics like you already know it and if you don’t know you can grasp it. Great resource overall
  • Nabba10
    NCLEX Prep
    My first time listening to him...keeping my fingers crossed that O will pass the NCLEX with his podcasts and live zoom videos. Thanks!!!!
  • nursehannah!!!
    Amazing nclex study tool!! If you have to pick one thing, this is it!
  • LoyalBaseballFan
    Dr Z is simply an amazing instructor
  • Fi-Pe
    So grateful!!!
    You guys are so amazing to provide such great information, that has been explained so well, all for free! This information was broken down into the key points making it very easy to understand and having it as a podcast makes it so accessible. Thank you!
  • jules2112s
    Glad I found this podcast!
    Working full time and going to nursing school can be a full load, some days it’s just impossible to sit down and study. I now listen to this podcast on my commute from work, home, and school. The information provided is very useful, it helps me review what I already know and they also add things that I might have missed and tips to consider for the NCLEX. I haven’t taken the NCLEX so I can’t attests to passing but listening to their tips and strategies has definitely improved my confidence on how to study and approach this exam. I’ll be done with nursing school in a few months and I’ll be ready to face the NCLEX.
  • Miss Understood Moody
    The best
    My scores improved dramatically due to this podcast and Dr. Zee’s method (ASKGRAPH)! Thank you so much!
  • Rosepansy
    Wish I knew this on my first attempt
    These podcasts are amazing breaking down everything you need to know. It’s pretty straightforward. The method works and the course has the best strategy to help you. I’ve saved time ands money with this course and ended up knowing much more that I used to. No regrets, only grateful.
  • Copperzoey200
    Wish I had started with this!
    It is a week before my nclex, and I wish I found him earlier! However this podcast, and youtube videos as well as weekly seminars are awesome- and FREE! Super informative and to the point. His tips are also super helpful!
  • Blazin KJ
    Thank you for this podcast!
    The quick and to-the-point MedSurg reviews are my favorite!
  • Kristan683
    It’s Okay But the Cut for Commercials Made Me Stop
    How the music fades in for commercials is really distracting. It cuts in while Dr. Z is still explaining something and I start to get anxious about his explanation being cut short or I stop paying attention because of the anxiety. I made it to episode 12 before the thought of becoming anxious became too much to continue listening.
  • MeganPlaysFanMPF
    NCLEX high yield team are diamonds 💯💠
    I was so much confused in some tough topics but dr Z make in,, break into very simple way that you always remember in your whole life journey of nursing. Thank you so much DR ZEESHAN . You are the best!!!!!!!! M Tal
  • Colette Gabrielle
    Not useful
    Personally I don’t love this podcast, it’s ok but not great. The host constantly uses the brand name instead of generic name for medications. #1 rule of NCLEX is that they will test you using ONLY generic name. So why confuse us by using brand and generic name interchangeably?
  • Amnisha
    NclexHighyield is the Best
    One of the best accelerated courses. Dr Zee is extremely competent and talented and the way he teaches us the pathophysiology of different diseases, it’s beyond perfect. Anyone struggling with content issues, NclexHighyield is that road which u need to take. It will guarantee you a pass. So so so glad I am a part of this amazing course. People please take advantage of these free podcasts, weekly zooms and newsletters till the time they are free. The way community i see NclexHighyield growing, you might won’t see stuff in future for free. Lol NclexHighyield knows what they are doing and the team is extremely competent and fully equipped with boards knowledge . Thanks Dr Zee and Team ❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯💯
  • Laila77777777777787
    So helpful
    Dr.Z’s podcast is SO helpful!! I loved listening to all of the podcast because I am an auditory learner and can listen while doing other things. The podcast are amazing because they’re short and sweet yet super valuable because Dr.Z does an amazing job at explaining things.
  • RNlife44
    The best
    This team really cares. They don’t just talk. They actually take the time to work with you and figure out where your weaknesses are. Dr. Z is amazingggg and so are the nurses. This team goes above and beyond for all their clients. If you’re thinking about taking their one on one course, or any other one offered.. don’t even question it. You’ll get what you paid for. Amazing.
  • Greene.A
    Nclex high yield rocks!!!
    So can I just say how awesome Nclex High Yield is. They have helped me so much in getting prepared to take my boards again. They have been such a big help.... the method works and Dr Z is awesome. Thanks you guys
  • Dominiquee
    Dr. Z is the best!!!
    If it wasn’t for Dr. Z and the nurses at NCLEX high Yeild I wouldn’t have passed my NCLEX on the first try! All you need is uworld and nclex high Yeild
  • rochellelane
    Thankful for Dr. Z and his crew!
    Seriously the best thing I ever did! He is amazing
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