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Jillian Michaels, America's Health and Wellness guru, brings you the Jillian Michaels Show. An entertaining, inspirational, informative show that gives you tools to find health and happiness in all areas of your life.

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  • Chocolate_mint
    Stop the concern trolling
    Don’t pretend to be concerned about Lizzo’s health. You took a cheap shot at her and all of us who have decided to stop hating our bodies. Not everyone wants to be caught up in the diet industry and that’s a threat to those who earn their living marketing body dissatisfaction.
  • DaynaE
    Always a treat!
    I love listening to this podcast. Jillian always gives straightforward facts, and never tries to pull the wool over your eyes. If she has an opinion about something other than fitness/health related she is always clear that it’s her opinion and we can be our own person to decide. It’s funny, entertaining, thought-provoking and informative. Definitely recommend.
  • Nikki for Lizzo
    Lost a true fan forever
    Shaming another isn’t right! Spread your message that’s fine, but when u start to tear down other u can jump out of window!
  • little johnnie drive-by
    not a fan
    Just because she has good abs doesn't mean she knows what she is talking about. She advocates carbs and that is not a healthy way to eat. She doesn't have a degree in nutrition, physical education, or medicine so I don't know where she gets the authority to speak on those subjects.
  • Kj3qs
    She knows less about losing weight than anyone. Her ideas our outdated and she has tunnel vision.
  • Gingerthefoodgenie
    Heart Broken
    Your comment about Lizzo sucked! I know you apologized but sorry, not sorry! You went too far today... I have been a fan since you were on KFI, not that you care... But today, you broke my heart 💔
  • Pop_rc
    Love this podcast!
    I check my app daily for new episodes! It feels like I am in the room with Jillian and her crew when they are talking! Very engaging and informative, I am totally hooked!!!
  • felicha derma
    I love listening to Jillian Michaels when she talks about fitness and nutrition. When it comes to discussing policies on a fitness podcast, I find this Is completely unnecessary! Talk about fitness not politics!!!
  • Ally161616
    This show used to be amazing but it seems like Jillian went through some mid life crisis since leaving her girlfriend and Janice leaving the show. The titles of each show are basically irrelevant because there is hardly any content. She’s come back before and I’ll give her another chance at some point but this podcast isn’t worth listening to weekly.
  • dikar3
    I used to love this podcast but it is getting very crude. Jillian prank calling a friend of Jake’s and some of the inappropriate things she was saying to him was over the top. I was annoyed anyway with the way she talks over and interrupts guests she has on the show-the crank call was the last straw.
  • Kpemb66
    Life changing
    I am working my way through the podcasts oldest to new, I am just now in April 2014, I have listened to a few of the newer ones based on topics that hit me at any given time. I just have to say I really love it. The openness you show, the vulnerability and the raw honest truth are truly vital to change. It has challenged me, made me laugh, made me cry but mostly caused me to look within. Thanks for being you and for blazing a trail for us. The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because I miss Janice in the new podcasts, I know change is inevitable but I like her and the comradeship you two had. It was a winning deal. Kristy P
  • Ramrod!!!!!!!!!!!
    Tried to listen to an episode titled “Inner Peace, Gut Health, and More”. I listened to her complain about LA traffic and her kids misbehaving for the first 10 minutes and gave up on the podcast. Completely irrelevant.
  • Woman*on*a*Mission
    Thank You!
    I’ve learned so much from this show! It keeps me motivated during the week when I don’t want to work out. I love how real Jillian and her co-hosts are. The best!
  • Zoey Frances
    Too Many Ads & Less Content
    Just random talks. Ads. Random talks. Ads. and so on and so forth. 🙈
  • Brooke Craven
    Awesome Podcast!!
    Jillian, host of The Jillian Michaels show, highlights all aspects of health, nutrition and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • alk272
    Love the content
    In today’s show you mentioned fitness equipment hitting stores in August. What stores? If not available in Wisconsin can they be ordered online? I’d love to upgrade my weights at home.
  • Annaliese yarah
    Awesome podcast!
    First of all, I have been a HUGE Jillian Michaels fan for years, so when I saw she had a podcast, I immediately subscribed! I’m a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, and her nutrition advice is always SPOT ON. I love how she brings evidence-based nutrition to the forefront and deconstructs popular nutrition fallacies. I would recommend listening to each episode as I learn something new from each one, even though the title sometimes might not sound like something that interests me. Also, I love Jillian because she is so real. When listening to this podcast, you get to know her and love her even more! I enjoy all of her personal stories and especially like the dating advice! Great job, Jillian and squad!!!!
  • nkmiller01
    Sadly never recovered after Janice left
    Sad to say it, but ever since Janice left the show never recovered. Way too many ads, no content, and I hate how they openly record multiple episodes in the same day then don’t release them in a timely way. The podcast used to focus on general healthy lifestyle tips and now the only questions Jillian answers seem to be about weight loss (boring). Also, after you take out the ads the show is way too short to accomplish anything other than shilling products Jillian invested in (Alaya naturals or the Jillian App anyone?). Sadly, after years of being a loyal listener I finally unsubscribed.
  • wg75MGD
    Calories in calories out myth
    Why does everything evolve except for this concept? Please Jillian! You know it’s not as simple as calories out. The only reasoning I can come up with is that Jillian is in so deep with her sponsors that she can’t change her tune. Listen to Jonathan Bailor’s SANE show for such a refreshing approach to healthy living. He actually interviews other experts on just about every episode to learn more and evolve as science furthers our knowledge. Jillian’s preaching the same old message she did years ago on the biggest loser. Do some research and look into the wrecked metabolism of almost all of the contestants.
  • soulseaker22
    Burning fat
    I didn’t feel like you guys talked anything about this during the episode
  • daphnepoops
    Real life!
    I love the real life talk. Not always fitness, but variety of life.
  • Danielle 4567
    Back to the old stuff!!!
    Can you guys get back to talking about health, wellness, & lifestyle... been lots of rambling on random things lately
  • rre2009
    Clickbait Title
    The title was about time restricted eating. The podcast was about refuges for 32 minutes and briefly talked about the topic for ten minutes. There were a ton of ads. Sorry, but the podcast should have been divided into two.
  • Butterfly3342
    Hilarious and Informative
    I will literally be walking through my neighborhood and just start laughing because I’m listening to the podcast. Neighbors stare. Jillian and her team bring unique perspectives for me to consider and I’m never bored. Keep ‘em coming!
  • Elizabeth Bennett
    Stop acting so annoyed
    She acts so annoyed with everything that I can hear her eyes rolling when she answers questions. Stop talking down to your audience. Even if you think you’re better than us acting like it won’t help anyone out.
    LOVE IT!
    I love the show so much. I learn a lot from Jillian and her take on just life in general is always inspiring. Cindy has been a welcome addition! Her words are always wise and I love her voice. Thank you for making her a regular! I also loved Sanjay Gupta and Suze Orman. Love the guests. Thanks for all you do!
  • Bee Kay1
    Aww Jillian! I love how open you are about your life. RE: 6/11/19 episode, I relate so much to your older sibling dynamic and the ingrained reflex to want to be a savior to your siblings. I was unknowingly building an err of expectancy and entitlement within my siblings by trying to make life easier for them. I felt like I created monsters, lol. I learned about the book Boundaries from my church and that book CHANGED MY LIFE! Now when they act out as adults, I no longer enable them by running after them to make things right. I let them sit in the decisions that they make, even if it means being okay with them never calling me ever again. I'm focused on building my own life now 😊. I also had to let go of pride and ego in order to be willing to hear what my part in all of this is because I'm not perfect either. BTW, I love all your books! I hope you keep writing, I learn so much from them.👌
  • Stinamarie7788
    My new favorite
    I am loving this podcast. I just started listening and loved it so much I started listening to all the archives. Thank you for putting such great info out there. I survived stage 4 ovarian cancer twice and have been so inspired to make many changes thanks to this podcast. I’ve gained 90 pounds since I had a total hysterectomy and am desperately wanting to get control of my life again. Thank you for motivating me to really get going. Hope to share results very soon.
  • Lizsu11
    Are all of the topics just ads? I’m here for information
    I’m a little disappointed. I’ve always love JM, so I was excited when I found her podcast, specifically her episode that was supposed to be about intermittent fasting. I clicked on it, hoping to learn more. She spent the first 30 minutes talking about refugees. I actually kept checking my phone, wondering if I’d clicked play on the right episode. It’s cool if you want to talk about that, but maybe make it it’s own episode? I finally skipped ahead until it sounded like they were talking about IF. It was a guest giving some vague information about IF and pushing his book about the subject. I didn’t learn any new information about Intermittent Fasting and feel like I wasted a lot of time reaching this lack of information. Sadly, I’m going to go ahead and unsubscribe
  • gskskkksmsmnmsmsnsdnn
    Amazing!!! My favorite!
    This station is so amazingly educational. The topics are well diverse so that no two episodes are even close to the same. Every episode I learn more and more about the human body in the science that keeps it healthy. I look forward to every new episode and am truly lifted each time I tune in.
  • JenMarx
    Absolutely Love Except for One Thing
    Incredibly informative and hilarious, and has been since the beginning - especially whenever there is banter between Jillian and Giancarlo. Deducted 1 star because of Cindy. She’s probably the worst thing to happen to this podcast. She tries to be funny but it simply comes across as annoying, especially when she does those weird voices. Janice was a million times better producing the show, and Jillian and her had such a good friendship that when Cindy joined it wasn’t even close.
  • Bonaner
    Laugh, learn and grow, Jillian is more than a pretty stomach!
    I recommend to men and women! This amazing intelligent strong business woman is a trailblazer who shares with her listeners what she is learning in her life journey (good and bad); business, relationships and nutrition...and of course workout tips. She has her business partner John Carlo on frequently and her sound engineer, Jake and producer, Martini Cindy have open discussions that bring insight from personal journeys. I respect their courage to be transparent and share mistakes or painful memories so others can relate, connect and grow!
  • aleisring
    Get to topic
    I feel like Jillian talks about herself too much - please stay on the topic!
  • lauren_k_a
    Great podcast
    Funny, motivational, & informational
  • NLA_Wa
    Like many other reviewers, I have been listening to the podcast for years. I have enjoyed the fitness segments and really wish that the pod would focus more on that. Many of the segments have no purpose. I don’t care to hear about others sex habits or to be read articles from another magazine that have little to do with health/fitness. Also, all the personal stories seem a better fit for social media. As a medical professional, when Jillian speaks of nutrition and science I’m left feeling like she doesn’t have a very good understanding. After years of listening, I think it’s time for me to move on ....
  • Starfiter34
    How can I take anything she says seriously after her involvement in a show like the biggest loser? The show did not prepare people for real life and ruined the metabolism of every contestant. Her comments on Crossfit shows her true lack of understanding what it is - why comment on it if you do not understand it?
  • Jasperstar
    Advertisement Hell
    I saw this podcast advertised in an email I received from Jillian Michaels and decided to give it a shot. I made it 3/4 of the way through her show this week about genetics and I learned more about stuff I could go online and buy using the promo code “Jillian” than anything actually useful. I had to turn it off. I won’t give this another chance, too many other amazing podcasts out there to waste my time.
  • Katietrizz
    Too many commercials
    Content is good and relatable but when half of the episode is filled with commercials, it takes away from the content.
  • TessFlorida
    Jillian is a bully to her staff
    The irony in the episode being about confidence but Jillian putting down the other members on the show (who work for her) is not lost on me. I’ve felt that she’s rude and speaks to her staff in a condescending way. She doesn’t let them speak and when they do she shoots their ideas down. I’m finally unsubscribing because that’s not a way to live a healthy life.
  • Wilddancer10
    It's perfect. Don't change anything
    I love your frank banter. Jillian bought up the topic of gonorrhea..Yeah, we need info like this. Don't change anything. Be who you are. There's all types in the world. For your co-worker to say no one wants to hear this stuff is so not true. All topics in this show should be allowed. That's why we tune in
  • Emcd15
    Occasionally good topics but it increasingly feels disorganized and like they are just winging it in terms of the content without a plan -unsubscribing prefer podcasts like the doctors farmacy with solid experts on nutrition and longevity
  • JF6437
    Lack of content
    Lack of fitness, health, or nutrition contents.
  • Nicolewt
    Out of date knowledge-base - not applicable to most people
    At best, Jillian's podcasts offer motivational speeches to get yourself in the mindset to change for the better. But, again and again does she demonstrate her narrow-minded one-size-fits-all approach that mimics what we were told by nutritionists 20+ years ago. She discredits a whole-body approach (eg incorporating mind, hormones, genetics, which nowadays we are learning are much more relevant to weight and overall health than we previously believed). Jillian's methodology is old-school and only applicable to those who - aside from the number on their scale - are in overall good and "normal" health. If she is going to continue working in the field she has an ethical obligation to keep up with research and science as well as the variety of body conditions today's population presents.
  • OWENC2003
    Finally done
    I have been unhappy with Jillian’s podcast for awhile. She has obviously succumbed to using her podcast to advertise for other people and products and I never liked how she disrespected her employees (calling her assistants “it”). It left little time to talk about health, wellness, and fitness. The 2018 holiday episode was my final straw. Hearing Jillian whine about the gift she got from her assistant and wish she had received the gifts others got was the height of her obnoxiousness. There are too many other health and wellness podcasts out there to waste time on this.
  • Gngrsprint
    I used to listen to this show religiously every week. I loved all the talk about different health and fitness topics from diets, workouts, and mental health issues. But lately, I just can’t take the banter between her and her friends. Or the teasing of her assistant. It’s nothing I can relate to.
  • pinacoloda
    Real as it gets!
    I’m a new listener and just listened to the “healing heart break” episode. Wow ,Thank you Jillian for being so real & so vulnerable. That takes a lot of courage! I wanted to reach through the podcast and give you a hug! Your insight and experiences are truly helpful, thank you! Xo
  • Lynnbaum
    Bang!! You hit the nail
    I am excited about your next book. WW and liver?? OMG I tell people this all the time. Who is doing the study? So I put the chocolate milk in my coffe and drink the bottle of wine while I am chilling. Love the show
  • MarcelaOO25090
    Make a change
    Boooring uninformed...
  • Flypner the Great
    Pure love
    Absolutely love your podcast. It's like hanging out with friends who can teach you something new, gives you great information without preaching. Love. Also love Everytime Giancarlo is on the show. He is funny and I absolutely love his pick-up lines🤣🤣🤣Pure love. Keep going.
  • salvii88
    Too many ads!
    I like this podcast, it’s informative and fun to listen to, but way too many ads. There’s three ads per each ad break. :-/
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