Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels


Fun, inspirational, informative, and empowering, Keeping It Real: Conversations with Jillian Michaels showcases weekly, in depth interviews with the world's foremost experts in all fields of wellness. From medicine, fitness, and nutrition to parenting, money, and relationships - the show is raw, authentic, and fact based. With guests like Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Lisa Ling, Suze Orman, Dr. Gail Saltz, Brian Greene, Dr. William Li and more giving the audience all the info needed to enhance their lives in any way they choose to. So join Jillian each week and learn from top doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, scientists, and more.

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  • surfcruzin1
    Campaign Advertising
    All this pODCAST does is generates advertising and marketing way over the top on almost every other podcast. Jillian, save your money... I don’t want to hear you
  • jbxpetite
    Thank you!
    Thanks Jillian for the Episode 529 on Covid Information. I was one of the people who needed to understand a little more.
  • jamiekeb
    Finally someone who isn’t afraid to address what is really going on in the world! Thanks for being the voice of the majority of people!
  • BreanaAshleyRiddle
    It’s disappointing that wondery would even produce a podcast from someone who’s willing to publicly bully others and then defend the bullying publicly as well.
  • themeproject3
    Missing the old days
    I really love Jillian and have annoyed all of the podcast pivots throughout the last several years. However, I am not enjoying this new direction of the podcast. I miss hearing Jillian talk about her life experiences, health, and nutrition. I think having an interview series every now and then is okay, but it’s getting old having every episode like this.
  • krishug17
    Love Jillian!
    Jillian I just love listening to you whether it being in a workout or your podcast, and even when you did your in person tour! I only wish I could meet you in person some day, I think you are so fun and awesome! Thanks for providing me with information and entertainment!
  • Lexi Evelyn
    Used to love. Listen to older episodes?
    Ok, this podcast got me through some ROUGH days of being a tax accountant during tax season. So it can be a really helpful and uplifting podcast. However, she starts to get so mean and snarky at Janice and Nicole and anyone who pisses her off. I loved Janice and feel so bad for how mean Jillian was to her. Hoping for the best with this show, but I think Jillian just needs to be... kinder? Especially to the people who are supporting her..?
  • luckyanatra
    I come to the JILLIAN podcast to listen to JILLIAN
    First off I’m a huge fan of Jillian and I have been for over a decade - that’s why I’m giving a 3 and not a 1. I can understand the motivation for growth and change and wanting to do something new. But I come to the Jillian podcast to listen to JILLIAN. The new style has almost no Jillian. Would it be possible to do short interviews/segments to incorporate these professionals and ALSO have segments of Jillian talking about what she’s a professional on?
  • JoolieAnnP
    Miss the old days
    “I’d like to learn about black holes; I’ll head over and see what Jillian Michaels has to say” said no one ever. I’ve been listening for eons and love you, Jill... can we have more health, nutrition, and fitness back please? Thanks, Still here hoping
  • Jewl4me
    Smart and no nonsense!
    Jillian! You rock! Thanks for keeping me healthy and fit! You know your stuff. I always know I can trust your advice.
  • AT_Dreamer
    I’ve been a long time listener, but I don’t care for the new direction of the podcast. Growth and change are important, but the latest episodes aren’t for me.
  • Jenniferruth
    Centrist stance we need
    I like Jillian’s no nonsense health advice. As a liberal, I’ve gotten annoyed by her political comments, and almost unsubscribed in disgust. Reading reviews here, I see conservatives have gotten annoyed, too. So she’s hopefully doing something right! Let’s both sides listen to each other. Maybe ONE THING we can start to agree on is we like Jillian and go from there. After this week in the Capitol, I think we can all see the need to try to understand and listen. She is trying to do something hard but necessary. She is not perfect, but none of us are.
  • isbella fischetti
    Thank you GOD!
    Wow! Not only is this podcast so informational, it’s also so fun to listen to! I love listening to Jillians thoughts, experiences and stories. The podcast episode of confidence was AMAZING! It was SO refreshing to hear someone have respect for everyone rather than attack. It brought tears to my eyes to hear a celebrity/influencer show respect to both sides.
  • NedimUysal
    95% ignorant nonsense 5% good health info
    Been listening to and working out with Jillian since 2009. Great info on weight loss and overall health. Aside from that, she doesn't really know much about anything. Her ridiculous assertion that she "sees both sides" is just her way of covering her back, unsuccessfully I might add. Has she read any books on systematic racism? Trans rights? The immigrant experience? Nope. Hasn't named any piece of literature to site her opinions or world views. While America reads 'Caste' or any other major study on race, Jillian probably reads a 2 minute article from some random corner of the internet. So tired of her quoting some 20 year old self help book on 'the purpose of life' . We get it, you read a NYT best selling book from 2001. Here's an example of her latest botched viewpoint: Her arrogant guest asks her "do only women bear children?" (i'm assuming they meant 'females', but who knows, they're that ignorant about basic word definitions), to which Jillian responds 'I don't want to be homophobic, oh I mean, ugh, I don't even know the word..." ...dafuq? She's a butch lesbian and she doesn't know what transphobia is? Smh, she's such a fool. Save your time and listen to the ones about fitness.
  • iiyngrdde
    Not a podcast, this is some boring lady talking
    Was excited to see what Jillian had to discus with her guests. She goes on a rant with some lady for an hour before even talking about what the title suggests. I don’t care about your terrible ski trip. She needs a slap in the ego. And then another slap in her ego’s ego.
  • whodevil
    Conservatives are used to being dissed
    I love Jillian and it really hurt my heart that she dismissed me as a conservative as being a bigot. Far from it. Listening today gave me hope! Pls listen to the actual quotes from Trump regarding Charlottesville! He said there’s good ppl on both sides of the debate about Confederate statues. NOT on both sides of white supremacy. You’ve been misled by the media. Thanks for reconsidering. Love ya Jill!
  • lovefromCO
    I. Love. You.
    What?! A reasonable, realistic, moderate person who can speak to both sides without being blinded by “right” or “left” ways of thinking? JILLIAN FOR PRESIDENT. Love your no-bull insights to both health and life. Thank you. We need more voices like yours to break through all the nonsense these days.
  • Datasysgen
    Her GF is so hot she’s almost republican.
    OMG, what a joke. Have some backbone. Privileged gays who self identify as straight. Apparently having also taken Caitlyn Jenner’s political class hypocrisy 101: What, Not me. Money buys the rights u need. Enjoy!
  • CJRobinson322
    Thank You!!
    Keep up the good work. I love you and this podcast!!
  • Crb19832442569076899
    Lately, having her dissenting voice from the masses on a variety of topics has been so refreshing.
  • blacksheep of the family
    Monday morning boost at 4 am ...
    Love the podcast, every Monday morning I look forward to listening to this podcast.. No complaints here keep topics coming..
  • hillaryerinix
    Volume control
    I LOVE this podcast. I cant stress that enough!! Jillian is brilliant and I look forward to every topic even if it doesnt pertain to myself. HOWEVER, I listen to your podcast mainly in my office and for some reason ONLY on your podcast do I have to turn UP my volume to like 80% [and at work I cant have loud music or anything on] and I still can BARELY hear you guys speak! And I know its not my laptop or phone, because on your commercials its SO LOUD and then I have to turn DOWN the volume. So its something with your mics or somehow its not the same setting as the commercials/ads when Jillian does her little break. So maybe just fix that & it would be PERFECT! Lots of love- Hillary Erin
  • Rhiannon_222
    Used to be Informative & Funny
    This podcast used to be fun. After three years of listening and back-logging the episodes I missed, the current ones are STILL not as good as they used to be with Janice and Jillian. Chemistry isn’t there with “Cinder-Dogs.” And now I have Michelle Obama podcast ads to listen to so she can pretend to understand us peasants while she sits at home with her millions doing literally nothing 🙄 Thanks, Jillian. I’ll be sure to ignore that endorsement/recommendation.
  • NicWells12
    Size 10 and above is Obese
    While I understand calories in calories out, Jillian has an old school methodology to weight and weight loss. She is candid about the dangers of being overweight; however totally misses disorder eating. Size 10 obese? Come on Jillian -be inclusive and take the full health profile before throwing stones.
  • 1441400050
    Loved the change in the segments!
    I hear the show every week, and it is refreshing to hear hard truths spoken candidly. Love the change putting the fitness portion of podcast first. 💕keep up with the good work!
  • Pinot, Patron Patty
    Love Her
    Jillian Michaels is so smart & knowledgeable when it comes to health and fitness. I always learn something new when listening to her. Love her!! Only thing I don’t like is Cindy, I find her voice & stories boring. Sometimes I don’t listen because of her. Sorry 😞
  • Joan1962
    Read a book
    So the first episode I listen to Jillian says Black people shouldn’t push so hard and “ choose their battles”. They’ve been doing that for 400 years and it hasn’t worked so far. Please read/listen to something like “So You Want To Talk About Race”. And then keep listening to Black people.
  • crazy podcast guest
    Love your honesty and passion!!
    You are very honest and so so passionate about health and well-being and I thank you for that! Don’t ever change because I love listening to your podcasts and learning and growing from your knowledge! Thank you for all you do and say!! Oh and I love your laugh!! Contagious!!
  • Kpotter1011
    All things Jillian
    I’ve been a follower of Jillian Michaels for years and use her app daily for workouts and recipes! I’m in the best shape I’ve been in and it’s because of healthy practices she preaches and teaches everyday. I love how easily she breaks down the simplest concepts when it comes to food and exercise! It’s a lifestyle, not a diet. My one critique would be make sure the titles for the podcast and also the long intros aren’t necessary. We want information and we want it quickly! Thanks for all you do! ❤️
  • Kacie_B
    Use the skip button
    Love the tough truths from Jillian but you have to skip through a lot of the co-host chatter. This would be better if it was just Jillian taking about her topics! (Sorta like her youtube blogs?)
  • TheFreedomista
    You rock!
    I love your podcast. For one we are the same age and two I love swearing. I love that you are just real and say it like it is. I resonate with that a lot. I love your tough love. No BS! Thanks for keeping it real!
  • MJ4Sam
    Episode 482 - Belly Fat
    12 minutes in and I finally stop the episode... No mention so far of belly fat just ranting 🤷🏻‍♀️
  • Algal519
    Hey! I am a fan of your directness. What would you suggest for someone who has had an eating disorder? Severe restrictions and then does the binge cycle? Any suggestions - just started lifted about 4 months ago and want to keep the muscle tone....
  • hooge7
    Workout/ nutrition
    Can we please leave this covid-19 stuff alone and go back to what we all followed you in the first place for.
  • Yolie L
    Love it but...
    I love Jillian Michaels and love her podcast but I hate hearing her and the crew chew. Also hate when she interrupts the guest when they are trying to explain something. Other than that I just love her and the crew 💕
  • MexicanHotChocolate
    So Fun
    Smart, funny, energetic, sarcastic, and full of KNOWLEDGE.
  • edrumstick
    Move on
    Jillian Michaels has an outdated and fat phobic viewpoint that supports toxic diet culture and isn’t supported by science.
  • bearbyhimself
    I love everything Jillian
    Whenever I need to get myself put back together I always turn to Jillian. I just remembered about her podcasts and wow I was blown away by the 2 I have listened to so far. She always is spot on! I’m not a fan of swearing but will deal with it for the amazing information that I get from listening to her podcast! I have been telling people to not do keto...count calories and exercise now I understand why that is the best, and not just my opinion. Thank you for always making sense💜
  • Jaypoopytiger2
    Jillian is the Real Deal
    Jillian - LOVE listening to you. Your voice, your information, your personality, your wit! SO refreshing and therapeutic. I’ve been a nurse for 17 years in our “disease care” system (thought becoming a nurse was “health care”) ... therefore I see firsthand the disease caused by our lifestyles. I APPRECIATE YOU for never wavering and telling the TRUTH based on science. You ROCK!
  • Clarisse Gomez
    Awesome Podcast!!!!
    Jillian, host of The Jillian Michaels Show, highlights all aspects of health, wellness and more in this can’t miss podcast! The host and expert guests offer insightful advice and information that is helpful to anyone that listens!
  • Rrrrriejvdghclc
    Disrupts and speaks over everyone
    Brings me anxiety listening to her talk to herself as it’s hard for her to stop talking in order to let others have a full sentence get out! She interrupts and speaks over her co-hosts constantly. :( I’ve always liked Jillian and had got in good shape when I did her body shred video years ago but I’m unsubscribing to this.
  • Capusino
    Too many ADS
    While I enjoy listening your podcast it also can be annoying. Girl you have ads every 5 minutes, it’s really annoying. Jillian, there’s a reason why I don’t watch Hulu. Sorry but even though I like your podcast a lot I have to give you 2 stars because you have too many adsssssss!. So, NO, I would NOT listen.
  • Sharonruns
    I look forward to Jillian every Monday
    Every week, I learn something new and/or get inspired to up my health/fitness game, and of course there are the “Too Famous For This” episodes where I laugh so uncontrollably, it hurts. 😭😂😯😅
  • absolutely i do
    Love it
    Straight facts! If you get offended easily this is probably not for you. It is not ideas but science facts!!!! 👍🧪🧪🧪
  • kryysta
    love jillian
    some of her facts hurt. mostly the vegan ones. but its just her job to give us the real tea. anyway respect her!!! and omg love it when she talks about the family!!!
  • Chocolate_mint
    Stop the concern trolling
    Don’t pretend to be concerned about Lizzo’s health. You took a cheap shot at her and all of us who have decided to stop hating our bodies. Not everyone wants to be caught up in the diet industry and that’s a threat to those who earn their living marketing body dissatisfaction.
  • DaynaE
    Always a treat!
    I love listening to this podcast. Jillian always gives straightforward facts, and never tries to pull the wool over your eyes. If she has an opinion about something other than fitness/health related she is always clear that it’s her opinion and we can be our own person to decide. It’s funny, entertaining, thought-provoking and informative. Definitely recommend.
  • Nikki for Lizzo
    Lost a true fan forever
    Shaming another isn’t right! Spread your message that’s fine, but when u start to tear down other u can jump out of window!
  • little johnnie drive-by
    not a fan
    Just because she has good abs doesn't mean she knows what she is talking about. She advocates carbs and that is not a healthy way to eat. She doesn't have a degree in nutrition, physical education, or medicine so I don't know where she gets the authority to speak on those subjects.
  • Kj3qs
    She knows less about losing weight than anyone. Her ideas our outdated and she has tunnel vision.
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