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  • Biden's Outrageous Title IX Changes Hurting Women and Men, with Alex Clark, Mary Morgan, May Mailman, Inez Stepman, and KC Johnson | Ep. 771
    Apr 19, 2024 – 01:37:27
  • Biden's New Cannibal Lie, Trump Jurors Bounced, and NPR's Decline, with Charles C.W. Cooke and Jim Geraghty | Ep. 770
    Apr 18, 2024 – 01:35:57
  • NPR Whistleblower Resigns, Smug Elites, and Sports Pay Disparity Reality, with Andrew Klavan | Ep. 769
    Apr 18, 2024 – 00:47:43
  • Get To Know Trump Trial Jurors, and Absurd Media Coverage of Case, with Vinnie Politan and Jonna Spilbor | Ep. 768
    Apr 17, 2024 – 01:14:20
  • Biased Trump Trial Jury Pool, Supreme Court Takes on January 6 Defendants, and NPR's Woke New CEO, with the Ruthless Podcast | 767
    Apr 16, 2024 – 01:37:36
  • Bonus Episode | The President's Daily Brief with Mike Baker
    Apr 16, 2024 – 00:14:06
  • Trump Trial Circus Begins, and Biden Foreign Policy Chaos Consequences, with Alan Dershowitz, Glenn Greenwald, Noah Pollak, and Josh Hammer | Ep. 766
    Apr 15, 2024 – 01:37:25
  • Best of the Week: Attacks on Women in Sports, Israel and Christians, Sadness in Our Culture and More
    Apr 14, 2024 – 00:55:37
  • Bizarre Pro-O.J. Simpson Spin, Media Stupidity or Lies, and Woke Eating Their Own, with Adam Carolla | Ep. 765
    Apr 12, 2024 – 01:37:08
  • O.J. Simpson Dies, Trump Trial "Election Interference," and Men in Women's Spaces, with Viva Frei, Phil Holloway, Allie Beth Stuckey, and Britt Mayer | Ep. 764
    Apr 11, 2024 – 02:02:42
  • Thought Police and Censorship, and New Gender Surgery Guidance, with Laurence Fox and Father Calvin Robinson | Ep. 763
    Apr 11, 2024 – 00:49:07
  • Dems' "Democracy" Meltdown, Christians and Israel, and Abortion as Election Issue, with Victor Davis Hanson | Ep. 762
    Apr 10, 2024 – 01:15:40
  • How Corporate Media Protects Biden, and Secrets to Younger Skin, with Sage Steele and Dr. Anthony Youn | Ep. 761
    Apr 9, 2024 – 01:55:26
  • Caitlin Clark Haters, and Trump's VP Apprentice and Abortion Announcement, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 760
    Apr 8, 2024 – 01:36:41
  • Beyonce's Feminism and Insecurity, and Young Women Finding Good Men, with Mary Katharine Ham and Bridget Phetasy | Ep. 759
    Apr 5, 2024 – 01:29:10
  • Jack Smith vs. Trump Docs Case Judge, and Disturbing Rise of Assisted Suicide, with Mike Davis, Dave Aronberg, and Rupa Subramanya | Ep. 758
    Apr 4, 2024 – 01:37:20
  • Society Marginalizing Biological Women, Shakira Defending Men, and Lizzo's Entitlement, with Maureen Callahan | Ep. 757
    Apr 4, 2024 – 00:53:21
  • 60 Minutes' Shoddy "Havana Syndrome" Report, and Hillary Attacking Undecided Voters, with Glenn Greenwald | Ep. 756
    Apr 3, 2024 – 01:12:33
  • Should Trump Judge Recuse Himself, and Disturbing Ruby Franke Details, with Arthur Aidala and Mark Eiglarsh | Ep. 755
    Apr 2, 2024 – 01:51:49
  • Media's Faulty "Fact-Checking," and Trump's Path to 2024 Victory, with Ben Shapiro, Joseph Massey, and Robert Cahaly | Ep. 754
    Apr 1, 2024 – 01:37:00
  • Young People Turning From Faith, the New Religion of "Woke," and an Easter Message, with Bishop Robert Barron | Ep. 753
    Mar 29, 2024 – 01:02:35
  • "The View" Exposed, Biden's Glitzy Fundraiser, and MSNBC's Tantrums, with The Fifth Column Hosts | Ep. 752
    Mar 28, 2024 – 01:36:30
  • Predators Exposed at Nickelodeon, and Democrats Abandoning the Working Class, with Alexa Nikolas and Batya Ungar-Sargon | Ep. 751
    Mar 27, 2024 – 01:36:38
  • MSNBC's Hypocritical Ronna Meltdown, and "Preachy Females" In Dem Party, with Emily Jashinsky and Eliana Johnson | Ep. 750
    Mar 26, 2024 – 01:36:20
  • Meltdown at NBC Over Ronna Hire, and Meghan Markle's Cringe New Brand, with Michael Knowles and Dan Wootton | Ep. 749
    Mar 25, 2024 – 01:36:18
  • EXCLUSIVE: Ashleigh Merchant Responds to Fani Willis Accusations, Reacts to Ruling, and Previews What Happens Next | Ep. 748
    Mar 19, 2024 – 01:41:25
  • BREAKING: Fani Willis Can Stay, But Nathan Wade Has to Go, with Alan Dershowitz, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, Phil Holloway, and Andy McCarthy | Ep. 747
    Mar 15, 2024 – 01:40:38
  • Trump’s Possible VP Contenders, Don Lemon’s Disastrous Interview with Elon Musk, Prince William Affair Rumors, with Dershowitz and Ruthless Hosts | Ep. 746
    Mar 14, 2024 – 01:35:41
  • Kate Middleton's Health, Dan Wootton Speaks Out For First Time Since Cancelation, and Pressures on Parents, with Tim Carney | Ep. 745
    Mar 13, 2024 – 01:37:05
  • New Biden Memory Revelations, and Movie Set Shooting Verdict, with Jonna Spilbor, David Wohl, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Amy Chozick | Ep. 744
    Mar 12, 2024 – 01:36:56
  • George Stephanopoulos' Gross Hypocrisy, and Kate Middleton Fake Photo Controversy, with Andrew Klavan and Maureen Callahan | Ep. 743
    Mar 11, 2024 – 01:37:04
  • Biden's Angry SOTU, Britt's Cringe Response, and Princess Kate's Disappearance, with Sara Gonzales, Josh Hammer, and Gareth Russell | Ep. 742
    Mar 8, 2024 – 01:36:59
  • Radical Trans Ideology Hurting Kids and Female Athletes, with April Hutchinson, Robby Starbuck, Isabelle Ayala, and Jordan Campbell | Ep. 741
    Mar 7, 2024 – 01:36:46
  • BONUS: Ashleigh Merchant Tells All About Fani Willis Affair Details, and How Judge Will Rule, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 740
    Mar 7, 2024 – 00:56:12
  • Trump's Huge Win, Haley Drops Out, and MSNBC Melts Down, with Vivek Ramaswamy and Rich Lowry | Ep. 739
    Mar 6, 2024 – 01:09:22
  • New Fani Willis Witnesses, and the Power of Drudge, with Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, Chris Moody, and Jamie Weinstein | Ep. 738
    Mar 5, 2024 – 01:36:31
  • Unanimous Trump Victory at Supreme Court, and 60 Minutes "Moms for Liberty" Hit Job, with Stu Burguiere and Dave Marcus | Ep. 737
    Mar 4, 2024 – 01:36:37
  • BONUS: Breaking Down Closing Arguments in Fani Willis Disqualification Hearing, with Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 736
    Mar 1, 2024 – 01:12:25
  • Media Freakout Over Trump Trials, and Biological Men in Women's Prisons, with Jesse Kelly, Kelsey Bolar, and Amie Ichikawa | Ep. 735
    Mar 1, 2024 – 01:04:50
  • Meltdown Over Supreme Court Tackling Trump "Immunity," and Why Biden Won't Take Cognitive Test, with The Fifth Column | Ep. 734
    Feb 29, 2024 – 01:36:43
  • REVEALED: All the Texts About Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Relationship Between Lawyer and Witness, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 733
    Feb 28, 2024 – 01:32:45
  • How Texts Could Torpedo Fani Willis, and Left Spinning Georgia Student Death, with Mary Katharine Ham, Phil Holloway, and Wendell Husebo | Ep. 732
    Feb 27, 2024 – 01:37:41
  • Fani Willis "Real Housewives" Drama, and Trump's SC Victory, with Emily Jashinsky, Eliana Johnson, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 731
    Feb 26, 2024 – 01:52:03
  • BONUS: Megyn Kelly on the Need to Fight For Our Kids, Fani Willis, and State of the Media, at CPAC
    Feb 25, 2024 – 00:27:34
  • BREAKING: Bombshell New Phone Evidence Shows Fani Willis and Nathan Wade May Have Lied Under Oath, with Phil Holloway | Ep. 730
    Feb 23, 2024 – 00:34:09
  • Google's Anti-White AI Image Generator, Biden's Dangerous Dog, and the NYPD Dance Team, with the Ruthless Podcast Hosts | Ep. 729
    Feb 22, 2024 – 01:36:43
  • Did Fani Willis Lie on Stand, and Alec Baldwin's Trial, with Judge Joe Brown, Marcia Clark, Mark Geragos, and Charles Cooke | Ep. 728
    Feb 21, 2024 – 01:42:23
  • Fani Willis' Perilous Future, and Biden Nudged to Step Aside, with Charlie Kirk, Dave Aronberg, Mike Davis, and Phil Holloway | Ep. 727
    Feb 20, 2024 – 01:47:55
  • Explosive DA Fani Willis and Nathan Wade Testimony - What Happens Next? With Dave Aronberg and Mike Davis | Ep. 726
    Feb 16, 2024 – 01:43:23
  • DNA, “Targeted,” Autopsies: Idaho College Murders and Bryan Kohberger, Megyn Kelly Show Special - Part Six | Ep. 725
    Feb 15, 2024 – 00:42:33
Recent Reviews
  • Mike5591637
    Great podcast, as always.
    But I have to skip past the ad for the toenail podcast guy. I doubt any listeners to this podcast will listen to that guy.
  • Rik-RYME
    your narrative on your show was hilarious
    You gave reporting an amazing lift. keep going loved it. I couldn’t stop laughing.
  • LyWeb
    One, all he needs is one.
    Juror, that is. Trump just needs one to vote not guilty.
  • MartySshbc
    wonderful show
    well done, tries to look at everything with a positive outlook but not afraid to say it how it is. LIsten daily
  • Barefoot Clay
    Kelly strikes podcast gold!
    Not since Rush Limbaugh and early Seinfeld have I heard political satire this hilarious. The first five minutes of podcast episode 768 are broadcast gold, I tell ya, gold! Megyn Kelly is clearly at the zenith of her career as a political and cultural commentator. I have listened to her podcast since episode 1, and to any doubters I say: Megyn Kelly is consistently fair and insightful, and when she fires off the satire she will cut through your political biases and split your funny bone. A five star podcast for everyone!
  • tpm4lakeview
    Promotion of other pod casts
    Brian Dean Wright does a great daily podcast similar to the PDB he deserves your promotion as well.
  • Rick-Cibolo
    4/15/24 Glenn Greenwald
    Glenn Greenwald missed the most important aspect of U.S. foreign policy in his defense of Iran’s recent attack on Israel. There are good guys and bad guys everywhere in the world and sometimes the good guys make bad decisions concerning other governments. However, the obligation of the U.S. government is to insure ONLY the United States strategic and tactical interests are met. At times, bad guys are the only practical way to meet those obligations. Or to simply and summarize my thoughts above…it better to pee from inside the tent out than outside the tent in.
  • knowledgeaholic
    Surprisingly entertaining as well as informative
    I like how Meghan is an attorney and can explain the unbiased legal aspects of different news stories. She brings on great guests and I find it to be an entertaining and informative show.
  • Al2863
    Why do you keep having antisemite, yes antisemite Glenn Greenwald on? Thought you were an ally, I guess that was a charade.
  • Wren birds
    I love this show!
    This show got even better with Adam Corolla. He say’s everything that we are ALL thinking, but are too nervous to say publicly. I really like Megyn too. Been listening to her podcast since day one. Btw-I’m a registered democrat-but honestly, it’s all gotten to be just too much with the whole woke thing. Keep up the honesty and truth. It’s refreshing.
  • Stan Cupp
    Hockey Legend
    For the record, Bobby Orr is still very much alive!
  • Annoying102938
    Blatant lies and misinformation
    Only gullible sheep would listen to this
  • Tzersis
    Really STOP
    Last from me … but admit it … YOU ARE AN ELITE you got the bank .. the family… the trips… multiple Homes Welcome to the ELITE… start THINKING
  • Monie Luv11722
    National popular vote interstate compact
    I recently heard about the National Popular vote interstate compact. This is a scheme to circumvent the electoral college by having states who pass this bill to award their electoral votes to whichever candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote. This law would make states like IA, ND and Maine irrelevant. This has already been adopted by 16 states and DC which is 76% of votes needed to reach 270. Do suburban and rural people realize what is going on right under their nose? Lidy F. From Shoreham NY Sent from my iPad
  • susan0877
    Better than Kelly File on Fox
    It’s clear Megyn is the best interviewer out there. Love her wide variety of guests. I’ve been following new people I hear on her show. Also love she is own boss and can spend more time with family. Silver linings 😊😊
  • 333710
    March 29 bishop Barron
    I can identify with your Catholic faith struggles. Stay directed on your journey via prayer, study, reflection, mass, and faith group participation. It works; it has taken me decades but it’s starting to pay spiritual dividends.
  • sami847686
    When did skeletor make a comeback?
    Seriously Megan, stop with the ozempic. You look 20 years older since starting it. Why is nobody around her stopping her from injecting that poison? Oh yeah, because she surrounds herself with yes men. Hence her show being so boring.
  • Sam4241
    She is….
    Absolutely the best!! I would vote Megyn for President! Fact!!
  • Willow’s mom 22
    Love your honesty and integrity
    I have been listening to you for many years and always look forward to your podcasts.
  • Baumholder13
    Thank you for your honesty
    I listened to a recent episode where you discussed your marriage and your faith. I had a similar experience as well and your transparency and courage in sharing was inspiring.
  • MyCerro
    I so love your show
    Have followed you from early FOX days. Hate what happened to you at NBC but look where that has taken you. I love your presentations, research, topics and even your potty mouth😜. I appreciate and respect the time you take for your family but know you are missed when you are gone. You are loved 🥰
  • Audiocrate
    Honesty . Thank you.
    Appreciate the Honesty regarding annulment process. I have a heavyness in my heart aout doing it.
  • hinduhammer
    Simply The Best
    Incredibly sharp wit, with a knack for taking on the most challenging subjects. Her interviews are thought-provoking, and the podcast provides viewpoints not seen on CNN, MSNBC, or Fox News. Dare I say this… On her worst day, Megyn’s better than Rush Limbaugh on his best day.
  • jkbrks
    Trump attending officers wake
    As always a grotesque combination of Kelly’s being ignorant and dumb.
  • sgg in ksq
    True reporting, informative, and funny!
    Megyn is a straight shooter. I enjoy the variety of guests on the show, listening almost daily. Keep up the good work!
  • Team Ridgeback
  • Commandant hash
    Gone downhill
    Genuinely used to find this show enjoyable, but seems like she’s found the profit center down the rabbit hole. She used to be far more measured and now it’s become just another tabloid, junk news show. Disappointing
  • Proud to be in Christ
    I love smart women!
    Megyn Kelly, you are totally beautiful, smart, and awesome! I love listening to your podcast. Keep up the wonderful work. You are amongst some of my favorite conservative women. I really love when you have Sara Gonzalez on. She is another one of my favorite conservative women. Real journalist I definitely don't mind listening to!
  • Erinwalkley
    Favorite political show
    Megyn has opened my eyes to so many issues and has helped educate me on the world around me. I’m thankful for the intelligent conversations I can have now and the informed decisions I can make on important issues. She is fair and balanced and just overall a joy to listen to. I never miss a show!!
  • JSA Corp
    Some things need to be left alone
    I’ve really enjoyed your show over the last 6 months but I am disappointed with how you’ve addressed Princess Catherine’s health over the last couple of months. Not everything needs dissection and analysis. A call for her to use this as an opportunity to be a better people’s princess is a feeble backtrack on some of the harsh comments made requiring her to be public about her health. She owes us nothing. Let her be so she can heal. She doesn’t need this stress.
  • nyc845
    How about this… why don’t transgender males compete against men in their sport so they can say “women” can beat men. What a concept? If they don’t do this it is because they know they are NOT the athletes they think they are…Hmmm
  • Wisconsin Kim
    Candace Owens
    Your first day back you have The Daily Wire Michael Knowles on and you don’t discuss the bombshell news about Candace Owens?
  • Meghan man
    Sassy soccer mom
    Meghan represents the bulk of sensible people especially women who want to live their normal lives without a politically correct filter You go girl
  • Kasey56
    Megyn, I’ve been enjoying your show so much! However, the different pronunciations of some of the characters surrounding Mr Trump are distracting. Therefore I would like to recommend the following so we are all on the same page: Fani: not Fahni, or Fannie, but PHONY Leticia James: LETIGIOUS James I hope this might be helpful! Kasey in Syracuse…
  • txnfortruth
    Please quit giving the Markles air…you know they thrive on that.
  • steelemama
    Princess Kate
    Please tell Dan to tell Katherine to read up on fenben. Thousands have had success in treating their cancer with this drug. I know someone personally who now has no evidence of disease after using fenben. I am not a crazy person. I just want to get the word to Katherine and Charles for that matter. Thank you! Joe Tippens would be a great guest for your show. He can tell you all about the use of fenben in treating cancer.
  • latera
    Actually Fair & Balanced Journalism
    Megan Kelly’s podcast Is the best! She is smart, funny, and most importantly, fair and honest. Like journalism used to be. She allows for different opinions and trusts that American people are smart enough to make up their own minds. In this media age, we are being told what to think and canceled if we think differently, she is a breath of fresh air. Her podcast with RFK is a perfect example. She showed great courage, putting him on air, allowed him to share his knowledge and perspectives, well being respectful and challenging at the same time. What struck me most about what he had to say is that maybe he is wrong, maybe other people are wrong, but shouldn’t we allow everyone to be heard? Why can’t we have debate anymore in our society? Megan Kelly’s podcast is a safe place for all sides to have a voice. We need more journalists like her…where did they all go?! I cannot find this episode on iTunes - I hope Apple didn’t cancel it or I will cancel my iTunes.
  • flutie4life
    Keeping it real
    Megyn, Thank you for doing your research, no matter where it might take the audience. I’ve watched and respected you since your time on The No Spin Zone. I have also prayed for you and your family, especially when malice comes your way. I especially love Strudwick’s file. Keep up the good work!! Lisa
  • Lol. Lol
    The BEST Podcast!
    Megyn Kelly is always the smartest person in the room! She is a true journalist. I absolutely love her podcast and am always so sad when she takes a vacation! I listen daily. I admire her stance on trans related issues, and I love that she is a true Independent. She is not dug in to party politics, and it shows in her reporting. I would give ten stars if I could.
  • caswanky
    First of all, I listen to your podcast every day!! I love that you care about honest information. In regards to Kennedy podcast, you kept saying, in regards to vaccines, “that isn’t proof.” Figuring out why a child is sick or has learning issues is almost impossible to prove. Having said that, building building blocks of evidence is easier and then you can decide. Injecting an infant or small child with mercury is bad.., any doctor or scientist who says it isn’t, let’s see their “proof” or evidence.., they don’t have it. It’s common Sense Megan, don’t inject your kid with mercury!!! My husband gets the flu shot every year, every year he gets the flu.., he was tripe vaxed (and extremely healthy and fit at 60) got covid twice! I never get the flu vax and I never get the flu, got vaxed for covid got covid. I am just saying be careful what you inject into your children you hope they are healthy, but you don’t know .,, just be logical Love you and your show!!!
  • Shanick08
    I have been listening since the beginning and I look forward to hearing her perspective on current events. I sincerely loved the interview with Ashley Merchant. It’s refreshing to hear someone that still finds joy in the law. I hope to hear another interview with her in the future.
  • M8knDrnks
    Free Speech Lives Here
    Free Speech Lives Here I love Megyn’s candor & real factual reporting. She’s also not afraid to say her opinion.
  • cjwestrup
    I’m hooked!
    In the evening I’d ask my hubby what interesting things he heard during the day, Megyn’s show would always be part of his reply. Intrigued I listened one day and now I’m hooked. Thanks Megyn for talking about the hard things, for having guests on that aren’t always on one side and for standing for what’s right!
  • fehn88
    MK podcast all time dream guest
    I don’t know if it’s because of non competes or etc, but my brain would melt if you and Sarah Isgur linked up for an episode. The two of you are the only legal eagles in the podcast game I truly respect and love listening to. Maybe one day I will be blown away and see she’s on the docket.
  • Kelly for president!
    Megyn Kelly for President
    I love this podcast! Ive been listening since its launch days. It’s precise and accurate info. I appreciate the variety of guests on the show and I learn something new every time I tune in. Her team does a terrific job. You can tell they are trained and skilled with production. I have not seen unprofessional moments or glitches through the years I have watched or listened in. Okay, I’ll admit the bird flying in the studio was a little surprising.. nevertheless, impressive work! Thank you for keeping us informed with no non sense. It is very much appreciated and I look forward to the next episode! Last but not least, Megyn has a solid head on her shoulders. I could see her be our first female President!
  • Christeddarla
    Great topic, we can always learn something new.
  • Givlette
    Long live free speech
    Thank you for having an in-depth conversation with RFK Jr. I am tired of the media and social media algorithms silencing and censoring interesting people. I am a big girl, and I can make up my own mind as long as I have a chance to listen to opinions shared openly in a longform format. The more people are suppressed, the more I want to know what they have to say. Long live free speech.
  • jetwag11
    Captures my interest
    Love her candor and vibe with guests!
  • Nattie325
    Insightful and educating
    Thank you for the truth!! I love this podcast.
  • Gym Mommy
    The scrambling is terrible
    Great show, but always scrambled.
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