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You don't have to be born a Genius to become one. Follow health and science journalist, New York Times bestselling author, TV personality and nutrition expert Max Lugavere as he speaks to the most insightful minds of our time about what it means to live like a Genius.

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  • Skinzy_tx
    Interesting and actionable content with humility
    I first heard of Max on another world-famous podcast and was furiously taking notes on his discussion about dementia and modifiable risk factors, and was struck by his depth of research and passion. I am constantly learning more from this podcast, and it is in rotation with Attia, Huberman, and others that shine a light on everything health, nutrition, psychology, SPIES and more! I relate to his never ending curiosity, humor, and quest for improvement. Thank you for the great guests and content!
  • Brenna.29
    Not your average podcast
    After listening for a couple of months now, I am very grateful to always learn something new with each episode. There are so many times I have to pause and just go, “whoa”. Max is very good at asking the best questions. I enjoy that he goes deep quickly because we’re all a little ADD these days. 🤪 The last few I already have back on my list to relisten. I feel like I gain so much knowledge both about myself and the world around me with the information Max and whomever he has on provide. It’s not just information, it’s genuinely entertaining as well. I also appreciate how real Max is and how he really responds to his audience. With the nutrition world having so much nonsense, I love knowing he’s always sharing the truth and helping his listeners navigate through all the bull crap. Thanks, Max!!
  • JZhukovsky
    Always informative, never boring. This is Jos Rogan podcast of self care and health.
    Love the thought provoking, facts-based, scientific approach to health and life! Thanks Max. Big fan of genius life! There hasn’t been a podcast episode of Genius life that I learned something new!
  • MereBear1980
    Max is on a roll…
    Not all podcasts are created equal, and this one is one of my favorites. The last few episodes, how to gain control of your emotions, the four pillars of happiness, why not to use mouthwash, everyday spy— these have all been top rate. I’ve even listened to a few of them twice. It is the perfect inspiration to start my day. In a sea of podcasts, these episodes definitely stand out, and I feel like I can really use them in improving my own life. Thanks, Max. Keep up the stellar work. We are grateful. -Meredith
  • SusTemA
    Most actionable health info per minute anywhere
    Been listening to Max Lugavere and The Genius Life for years and it never disappoints. His guests have so much useful health and wellness info and Max knows how to talk with them to make everything understandable and extract highly actionable advice. Just listened to the latest Arthur Brooks episode amd came away with at least 3 things I can do right now to improve my relationships. Max himself is smart, warm, funny and always learning and sharing the latest science-based health findings with his audience. I’m grateful that Max has devoted himself to spreading The Genius Life.
  • batteyone
    Wow wow wow
    I have been a listener for awhile. Consuming a lot of life changing information. And the podcast on 4 pillars of happiness is one I will listen to and share over and over. Thank you Max for all of your work!
  • PMB781
    Fantastic podcast!
    This is such an informative podcast! I love the range of topics discussed in a relatable way. Max has a great voice to listen to as well! I mention this because there are many podcasts I can’t listen to because of unpleasant voices, so Max’s is a win for me! 😂
  • Pasotex1
    1st time listener
    First, Thank you! I watched you on Hoda & Jenna and immediately wanted to follow your podcast. Found it so informative, eye awakening and a must to share with others. Look forward to many more episodes!!
  • Klyn5667788
    Favorite podcast
    I look forward to the new episodes that come out twice a week. Always very interesting guests who cover such a wide variety of topics. Max does a great job asking his guests thought-provoking questions and respecting the guests’ opinions regardless of his personal stance (but sometimes he’s too easy on them haha!). I could listen to this podcast everyday if there were daily episodes.
  • daffydill27
    Longtime listener & big fan
    This podcast is one of the only “wellness” shows that my husband and I can *both* look forward to and always enjoy listening to. That’s because Max covers a diverse array of topics and features reputable guests, and doesn’t skew too gendered in his approach. I’ve learned a lot from The Genius Life and am love his focus on actionable lessons. I’m so thankful for Max’s commitment to health education. Rock on.
  • Jtb3588
    Great show
    Very smart and legitimate guests not just Instagram wannabes. Takes a lot of work to bring this much content. The few negative reviews I read of this show are bogus
  • Crafteegal
    Misleading titles
    I want to like this podcast as the topics he chooses are interesting to me, however, how he titles episodes I feel is very misleading. More like quick fixes without diving into what the research says. I find the transitions to ads also confusing…I’m wondering if he is still doing the interview as there is no warning that there will be a break. Finally, the episodes are way too long.
  • @sabrinatrains
    Binging this now!
    I have been loving this show! I only found it a few days ago, but have been binging as many episodes as I can. The variety of health content and different schools of thought really give me the opportunity to dissect and and find what aligns with my experiences best, while often times awakening me to realizations I hadn’t previously had. I am excited to continue listening to both previous and upcoming episodes and soak up all I can here! Thanks again, @sabrinatrains
  • stargazerlillie031
    Love the show
    I love the show, the topics covered are super interesting to me and overall informative and educational. The interview style is effective and I find listening very relaxing. Happy I get to hear Max chirping away in my ears twice a week now. Thanks!
  • liamakaleemur
    The new way he embeds ads into his podcast is slimy. No transition, he just throws you in so he can make an extra buck I guess.? It’s so easy to make ads more “palatable” to a general audience rather than shocking them into it… Just screams slimy to me. His Alzheimer’s message has been lost through his new fascination with how lean he is now. I used to be such a huge fan of the podcast and Max’s deeper and more tender perspective, but Max has kinda gone back along a ton of things he was willing to die on the hill for before… it’s ok the change your mind ABSOLUTELY, but not acknowledge where you came from shows no humility. I think the message of health has slowly and subtly transitioned to max’s love for his abs lol… it’s crazy how focused on fat macros he is now. Dude’s changed, that’s all.
  • Nataliemann
    Truly, The Genius Life! Incredible Pod!
    Max, you are an awesome host! I find your podcast super informative and fun to listen to. I have multiple family members with chronic illness. I love how you are super research based and give smart advice and still have such a learner’s mindset with your guests! Thank you for giving your listeners smart and possible methods to improve our health!! Keep it up!
  • kdm2244
    Love the show!!
    Max, I have gotten so much benefit from listening to the show. I have PCOS and ADHD so nutrition and exercise have always been difficult areas of my life. You and your guests have provided me with so many actionable ways to tackle my body and brain. I was diagnosed with PCOS and insulin resistance, I did keto multiple times and have agonized over my diet, plus with having difficulty with sticking to plans I was always stressed about food. Your info on protein completely changed everything for me, I brought my fasting insulin down from 15 to 9 (and dropping) in a relatively short amount of time and was able to lose weight and get back to a healthier body weight just by prioritizing protein. I’m not stressed about food anymore and have had an easy time sticking to eating more protein, I honestly think it’s helped my ADHD symptoms as well. I have more energy and I’ve been able to exercise more and actually stick with it! Thank you for the work you’re doing, it’s helping people like me everyday.
  • melinsc3
    So motivating and informative!
    I found this podcast less than a week ago and have been binging on the episodes - love it! I exercise for several hours most days of the week and really enjoy and appreciate the longer, deeper-drive segments the most - they really keep my attention and keep me motivated. Thank you, Max, for the outstanding guests and really useful information.
  • ChrissyChung09
    Life changing
    The genius life is my go to show. I initially sought it out because I didn’t know much about genuine heath and wellness and kept finding that a lot of what I found online just felt toxic, expensive or like it could create bad habits instead. The episode that got me hooked was one of the first few with Dr. Sachin Panda. Today I woke up stressed, feeling like I’m in a rut and failing as a parent so I prayed for help and guidance. I then decided to listen to this instead of some silly fantasy book on audible and the first one to pop up is episode 316. Absolute prayer answered. And this episode shows that Max really tries to cater to all demographics and show EVERYONE how to live healthier, thanks for thinking about the parents Max! Keep it up the great work !
  • Jocelyn Louis
    A podcast for EVERYONE!
    I am an avid listener of mindpump media podcast. Through them I found Max! I have been into the health and wellness space my whole entire life. My views completely align with Max, but what I love most about his podcast is he is open minded to about everything. He has on such a wide variety of experts that you can basically learn anything you need. I love listening to someone that I don’t agree with at the beginning, but I always find something that I can utilize in my current life. Each podcast, I write in my notes what things I took from the episode and that I can TRY. Having an open mind and just always being able to transform your life is a super power, in my opinion. And Max’s podcast definitely opened my eyes to views I wouldn’t ever see! Being stubborn doesn’t help you fill the gaps when need be! His voice is extremely soothing, he doesn’t act like he knows it all, and he is so relatable! Everything is explained in an understandable way! I really recommend this podcast to anyone wanting to learn about health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, balance, and overall longevity! 10/5 stars for the Genius Life Podcast!!!
  • Mpachowllover
    Crazy the amount of quality Ed from experts!!
    Genius Life is the best podcast I listen to! Ever podcast has a guru with wealth of knowledge and Max does an exceptional job facilitating conversations that maximize content. Max is super down to earth and real making it a joy to listen to. It has helped to shape me to be a healthier, better human. Thanks Genius Life!!
  • Chi b
    Mixed feelings
    Enjoyed this show until caught a whiff of judgement on episode over needing weight loss medication Really sad to me that a medication other doctors have deemed helpful for obesity is being looked down on- and host just laughed it off
  • courtney mick
    Life changing
    I found Max through his book Genius Foods about a year ago. Since reading it and listening to many episodes of this podcast, I’ve lost 50 pounds and completely changed the way I view nutrition and exercise. And honestly, after years of struggling it was finally easy. I finally understand what my body actually needs and now it’s second nature to nourish myself. Wild how none of this is taught in school! Thank you, Max!
  • Allie*B.
    So much information BUT…
    I absolutely love this podcast. I’ve learned so much and it’s changed how I go about living my life. BUT, the episodes are so incredibly long. We don’t always need to know the scientific names of every single thing. Maybe just a quick synopsis of that very complicated mutation or genome or process, etc… I find myself often tuning out when the conversations spend 20 minutes on something that could’ve been said in 5 or less sentences. With the fast pace of life today, it’s very hard to hang in there for over an hour! I find myself yelling “get to the point!”. Again, the content is life changing and so needed. Maybe just tweak the time a bit.
  • ChrisFran70
    Love you Max!
    I absolutely love listening to your show. It is super interesting and I learn something new each episode. The variety of guests and topics are all on point and thought provoking! I have been working really hard at eliminating all ultra processed foods from my life and love the support and guidance that I get from you!! Keep it up looking forward to your documentary Best, Christine Francis from MA
  • D@&!?0e
    Migraines are gone!
    I used to get migraines every month for 2-3 days at a time. I heard you on Joe Rogan and immediately bought and read your books, Genius Life, Genius Foods and Genius Kitchen. I adjusted my diet cutting out refined carbs, sugar, and seed oils then added EVOO, vitamin D, good quality Omega 3’s and Astaxanthin. I don’t get migraines anymore!! So thankful! I now listen to your podcast and enjoy hearing all the different insights and really cool info your guests share.
  • L.c.hawk
    My favorite show — SO helpful
    I started listening to The Genius Life when I had to drastically change my eating habits while nursing my baby girl and trying to research WHY what I ate mattered to her. Now, I’m all-around obsessed, and I try to get pretty much everyone I know to listen to this podcast. It’s chock full of incredible information that has changed how I look at food. Max is a great interviewer and a balanced guide — something I really appreciate. I have learned so much and am always excited when I see a new episode has dropped. My favorite show so far has been the one with Just Thrive about probiotics and the micro biome. WOW! I listened to it twice just to make sure I could restate everything I learned in it.
  • SammyIrene
    I’ve been listening for a while…
    I’ve been listening to Max for about a year. I love the diverse topics and I love that it’s not just about pushing the latest health trend (like several other shows). Max definitely looks to get out as much info as he can from the people he interviews so that the listeners can make decisions themselves on what may be useful information. Love the show!! - @sammyirene
  • txsalt
    Genius Life & MindPump Love
    Absolutely luff me some Mindpump! Having Sal on the show is always a favorite.
    Your podcasts!
    Max I cannot begin to express how helpful your podcasts are to me. The topics and guests have helped me tremendously in my journey to improve my health. I’m 64 years old and have spent my entire adult life trying to lose weight and keep it off. It wasn’t until I fully immersed myself into the fitness world to understand it’s so much more than just a number in the scale. I’ve successfully lost over 100 lbs and kept it off for the past 4+ years with the help of my trainer, a dietician and podcasts like yours. I’m struggling with building muscle and burning fat at my age, with progressive osteoarthritis and scoliosis but continuing with weight training, cardio workouts, healthy eating and habit tracking. I have tweaked my food and habits based on things learned from your podcasts and newsletter, however still stuck. I’m not ready to believe this is as far as I can go. Maintaining my mobility and avoiding knee replacement as long as possible while losing more fat and at least maintaining muscle is important to me. Any advice is welcomed! Thank you for your work to help so many people! Sincerely, Sandee.
  • CBishopLPN
    New listener
    It’s nice to listen to the science of living a healthy life. So many people listen to bad advice given by non professionals. I lost 60 lbs on keto then stress and bad habits lead to 40 lbs back up. I’m done. Here is to the positive energy and the information I get from these podcast. I’m learning as I go and will plan to live my best self ever. I do have a question and I’m sure you have touched on this somewhere, what about alcohol consumption? I like Tito’s vodka and water with lemon. I don’t drink everyday but will have one or two on occasion. Looking forward to learning. A sincere thank you. Cindy B. LPN
  • Kimbo sliz
    Spread the health! (Get it?;))
    I’ve been a listener for quite some time now, and I’m still going strong! I learn so much helpful information from this podcast and it motivates me to live my healthiest/best life! I send my fav episodes to my friends in hopes they will feel as inspired! Thanks for getting me excited to live my best life with each episode! -Kim Montoya:)
  • Hdleeeeeee
    My Go-To Podcast for All things Nutrition!
    I have been listening to the podcast for close to two years. Max is my go-to for nutritional information. While I don’t always agree with everything on the podcast, I love that Max gets a variety of guests and is an independent thinker, but spends time in conversation with all kind of people and has something he can learn from everyone. His humble attitude is a joy to listen to in a world where arrogant people generally have the loudest platforms. I find this podcast refreshing and look forward to each new episode.
  • j*b*4
    Always informative!
    I love the Genius Life podcast! I tell everyone I know to listen and have gifted the books to many friends and relatives. Especially in this age of quick fixes (ugh Ozempic), the world needs more Max to shed light on ways we can heal ourselves and live our best (Genius) lives. Love the experts he has on the show and as a 55 year old active woman, I learn something on every episode. ❤️
  • chuffed99999
    More Dr Sarah Berry and women, POC in SCI
    How refreshing to hear a female scientist while the “bros” dominate the field - seriously: I listened to the Dr Sarah Berry episode, went to follow her in Twitter and the algorithm suggested I follow SEVEN MEN in similar science. Ridiculous. Diversity matters in science for a multitude of reasons, so be a leader! More women, POC please.
  • Wowiewow
    Genuine, fearless
    I am of the age that podcasts were foreign. But after reading Genius Life, Max resonated with me to the core, even the part about having a parent with dementia and the need to understand more about Alzheimer’s. So I started listening. Some guests I am not into but typically there is something to learn. Currently I am listening to the early episodes and trying to keep up with the new ones. Would love to hear about pet nutrition, and if there is not a quality reference (unbiased) then I have an idea for you. Keep it up.
  • CarvingTheWorld
    Max is on fire! (Figuratively)
    I’ve really enjoyed the podcast over time and I feel like it’s just getting better. I love your talks with health and fitness people but also appreciate that you delve into some deeper emotional topics as well. (My only critique is I wish you would put the name of your guest at the beginning of the title, but that’s a small gripe) I feel like this podcast encourages me to be a little bit more genius in my endeavors, keep it up!
  • AMidcalf
    Good information but…
    Max is a great interviewer and podcast host and I love the guests he has on. However, I find it annoying how much he leads his guests into answering negatively when it comes to his questions about veganism. Max always says he doesn’t have anything against it, but then goes into a speech about how it’s a bad way to eat. I’m not vegan and it still drives me crazy. Everyone has different goals and views on health, and he remembers that except for when it comes to a vegan or plant based diet. I still listen and enjoy the information he shares, but just had to say that these leading questions and negative/judgmental tones are unnecessary.
  • biancoape
    Sugar Fish brother!
    Max, Great episode (309) I’m a walking, resting squat Sushi lover! I’m a New Yorker(born and raised) I’ve been frequenting Hasaki Sushi is 1994. Recently started going to Sugar Fish… killer! I was deep in the podcast when you mentioned an electric chair meal… my thought was Sugar Fish. Love the podcast.
  • KaySFly
    The only podcast I listen to.. 100%!!! 🤣🤪
  • Biaportto
    Loyal Listener
    Max always bring super interesting topics to the podcast. I love his twisted humor and candor… we have to challenge the status quo. I learn so much and catch myself making a lot of changes and incorporating new health tricks into my routine. Keep it up Max!
  • ATenKate
    Whole new world
    Max! Three years ago I listened to your podcast for the first time. I was blown away with the information packed episode, so much so that I enrolled in IIN. I saw you were a guest speaker and I couldn’t get read the information fast enough. You keep getting better every year and now that this world has opened up for me, so do I! Thank you for keeping us knowledgeable 🤩 Amy
    Thank you for this episode (all of them really!) , but I truly loved the Simon Waterson one because of the wonderful insight into the making of such an iconic character. I’m such a Bond fan and when you workout with him - show it on Instagram! Thank you again!
  • BeckyQuigley
    New Addiction
    Hi Max, I turned 50 this year and decided to clean up my act after losing both parents in 2022 to preventable diseases. I wish I had been able to share what I’ve learned from you and your guests before it was too late. I’m 3 months into my journey and 30 lbs lighter thanks to podcasts like yours and the actionable advice found in your book Genius foods. Thank you and keep up the invaluable service you provide.
  • Marie Kane
    The love for your mom is endearing and shows what a big heart you have. This shows through in all of your work and brings such a genuine feel to every one of your episodes. Your love and dedication to her is so touching and it’s amazing you’ve dedicated your whole life’s work to her. Especially loved you and Dr. Palmer sharing how you supported your moms in tough times and the impact that has made on your lives going forward. -Michele
  • Ktinaselzer
    I just found you….
    As I have gotten to the other side of Cancer treatment and am currently going through Immunotherapy I have been looking for information on all things health without feeling like I have to join a cult. Your podcast has been a great wealth of information where I don’t feel like it’s skewed to someone’s dogma. Thank you for keeping it real!!!
  • chzitxixit
    Health Information Made Easy
    I listen to a lot of podcasts that focus on health. This is by far my favorite. Max does a great job of getting his guest to present their information in an easy to understand way. He asks them great questions, and you can tell the guest are enjoying themselves as well. I rarely listen and not have a take away I can easily implement.
  • the norman family
    Inspiring information!
    I have been listening to Max for years now. I am very thankful for all of the bio-hacking tips and functional health knowledge. His guests are extremely knowledgeable and leaders in their fields. Keep up the good work Max!
  • JenH49
    While I find the commentary somewhat interesting, I haven’t really gained any applicable take-aways for my own life.
  • 4jenzo
    Love this podcast!
    Max is fantastic. He has a wide array of guests and isn't dogmatic about nutrition and exercise claiming there is "only one way" to be healthy. My only challenge to you... stop saying "a hundred percent" a hundred times per show -lol
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