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by Gimlet

"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt, Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi from Gimlet.

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  • jmchiefa1a
    Complete Joke
    This podcast went from entertaining to a complete joke in a matter of a few episodes. So sad, but we don’t feel sorry for any of you. Grow up.
  • Sarah Lenker
    Have to Get on the Hate Train
    It makes me so sad to see this podcast go so downhill so fast. Even if Pj and Sruthi did some not-so-great things in the past (and yeah it’s not okay for them to criticize another company for their same mistakes) I don’t see this show going on without Pj. I loved this show so much. I showed this show to anyone who would listen- and even some people who would not. But after George Floyd and this last election Reply All has gone deeper and deeper into its political rabbit hole and while I agree with what they’re talking about, it isn’t fun to listen to and it can be very polarizing. My republican boyfriend used to listen to every episode with me, but around December he started getting really upset listening to it and by January he refused to listen to new episodes with me. I miss the Reply All that told small but important stories about people, the internet, and the connections between us all. Nothing can replace Alex and Pj’s banter on this show. It’s what got me to start listening to this podcast in the first place. I do love Emmanuel. At first I was wary at the idea of a new host but I think in his last episode he began to catch on to the Alex-bullying and he began showing a fun side to him that we hadn’t seen before on the podcast. I have high hopes for him going forward, and I think he’s gonna do great. But he can’t replace Pj- at least not yet. He barely got a few episodes as a co-host before Pj left and that was not nearly enough time to transition. We barely know Emmanuel outside his field reporting and we’ve known Pj as a lovable host for years. Anyways, this rant turned out a lot longer than I was expecting. I love this show and I love everyone who puts their hearts and souls into creating this amazing piece of art (thank you so much to all you guys) but unless Pj comes back I don’t think Reply All can ever return to its former glory.
  • Mack019
    Like any NPR show ... but produced badly
    I listed to the most recent 4 shows; figure that's a fair sample. If you're on the left and want be affirmed, they'll give you what you want with lots of anecdotes favoring your side (but little data). If you're on the right and want to know just what the left thinks, this is it. What's surprising is how amateurishly it's produced. 3 guys (I think, but 2 sound alike), laughing at each others jokes and smugly talking about how dumb the right is. Some of these guys came from Freakonomics. They used to have some balance and objectivity; maybe these guys left to avoid even a pretense of objectivity.
  • Tooleft123
    Wokeism strikes again
    Way to give in to your radical left employees. You guys were already moving too far left for me by airing the Test Kitchen that intervening a bunch of spoiled millennials who think that asking them to do grunt work (like we all have had to do) is a micro aggression.
  • kpet14
    Not the same without PJ
    I’ve been listening since the show’s inception, but I’ll have to unsubscribe if PJ isn’t brought back on. Such a shame that PJ wasn’t given another chance. There was an old episode where PJ talked frankly about his experience with depression and antidepressants and if it weren’t for that episode, I wouldn’t have sought out the help I so desperately needed. Everyone makes bad decisions in life, but that doesn’t mean you should lose your livelihood if you have poor judgement in one situation. Your positive actions should be considered as well. This show was a gift. Prior episodes are golden, so I gave it 2 stars. Love Alex and PJ!
  • 2.O.P.
    One sided reporting
    They do not show more than one side to a story and are often pushing their own agenda.
  • jyo6000
    Get it together
    Maybe I just got Yes Yes No’d, but I’m not on Twitter. Please stop overthinking and get back to what you do best; filling this giant empty hole in the podcasphere now that you’ve decided to cancel yourselves
  • I want video back
    PJ gone, show can’t be the same
    With PJ pushed out the show can’t be the same, the show needs PJ and Alex’s back and forth. Sad to unsubscribe but the show can’t be the same.
  • TinyGreenPlants
    Shocking Revelation
    Love the dynamic between PJ & Alex. While I didn’t always agree with the slant of this podcast, it has been a cozy, familiar mental realm to visit, and I have been an ardent fan. To learn that PJ & Sruthi actively used their positions of power to fight against a unionizing effort led by minorities at Gimlet, while virtue-signal-reporting about similar struggles is absolutely sickening. PJ & Sruthi were offended that they weren’t included in the unionizing from the beginning because they were identified as adjacent to management. This is customary in union organizing campaigns, because the organizers don’t want to jeopardize their efforts. Had PJ & Sruthi self-educated & not been led by their egos for attention, they would have compassionately understand how delicate & timely this effort from their colleagues was. The United States has the one of the deadliest labor-rights histories on Earth. People like PJ & Sruthi have historically endangered the lives of those fighting for workers rights. How dare you be so ignorant & privileged to fight against your coworkers seeking equitable treatment. You have lost all credibility & revealed yourselves as BOOTLICKERS.
  • i have many arms
    Hello person scrolling
    So I want PJ back just like everyone else but I uh know that’s not gonna happen so I really think this podcast can be great again but only with PJ. Until then keep the podcast at the bottom of the list. Although maybe we shouldn’t leave it with Test Kitchen. Can’t wait for the notification
  • Arkcal
    Started becoming too much of a progressive political podcast.
    There are a few really good episodes here and there but you have to filter through the slanted political views of most episodes. Could be great if they could understand not everyone in the world agrees and cares about their political views. Spotify bought Reply All at the worst time possible. Liberalism killed this podcast. The great unforgivable sins of the removed hosts? They were not in favor of the union. How is that a crime? Maybe someone will create a new podcast to duplicate the initial concept without the liberal non-sense.
  • LHart20
    Give It A Try
    I’m a first time listener to Reply All. I typically gravitate towards NPR produced podcasts and this feels very similar in style and execution. I started listening to the Test Kitchen episodes which are very good. As a former New Yorker I can relate to what the women are saying in the first episode and I am not a POC. I too have been cast aside, required to do the clean up of higher ups and forced to quit jobs that I was being taken advantage of in. There is an underlying toxic environment that isn’t brought up often enough about work place discrimination in NYC. If you aren’t pretty, thin and from an upper middle class family with lots of money it’s very hard to be promoted in certain industries. I can’t imagine exactly what these women went through since I’m not a POC but I have walked in at least one shoe in their pair that they have to be in every single day.
  • nataliacassandra
    No one cares what Pj did bring the show back
    Just let him and Sruthi apologize and like give them a pay cut or something. This show isn’t worth listening to without the playful dynamic of Alex & PJ. We like them as best friends. The more recent quarantine episodes without Alex & Pj as hosts weren’t as interesting. Also release the rest of the bon app podcast! Even if Sruthi is problematic or whatever it’s still a good series and the listeners were looking forward to it. We can make our own decisions about who to support/what media to consume. You don’t have to make that choice for us. Tons of problematic media is out there bombarding ya every day , The Interview is on most streaming services, Birth of a Nation is easily found at the library or for free on line to stream etc. Y’all don’t have to protect us from your work place drama, no one asked for that. Just make an apology & donate some $ to pro laborer causes or whatever & go back to making a good show!
  • Haku’s Best Friend
    Test Kitchen
    I came here exclusively to hear about Bon Appetit, but the dummies that run this podcast are guiltily of exactly the same nonsense as Bon Appetit!!!?!! Great job folks.
  • YoyoItzF
    We miss you Alex and PJ
    :/ hoping the show comes back soon
  • Yank_6678
    Was Promising Until It Gulped Groupthink
    I loved learning about internet scams, LSD trials SIMs addiction for mental health, etc. Then Trump got elected and Covid was born and this podcast no longer was a break from THAT reality. The newest journalist they added was also cringe. Like, nails on a chalkboard cringe. Love to see this podcast renewed, going back to its roots.
  • freelance listener
    Not fully understanding their subject matter
    When it comes down to it, Reply-all is beautifullly produced. I have been listening on and off for years now, detered by other reporting decisions I didn't totally agree with in the past and came back to check out the test kitchen series. Aside from the obvious issues that have been called out perpetuating it's early end, this series was seriously under researched. The reporter does not have an accurate understanding of how the world of magazines and editorials work. Bringing in someone from another magazine is not even a little bit unusual and often has nothing to do with their "cool" factor but more their reliable editorial experience. Also as a seasoned freelance editorial designer, I find it super insulting and degrading that the narrator refers to freelancers as "temps". Feel like I could go on forever, but it seems like there are many reasons this series wasn't ready to go to air. Pulled for the best in my opinion.
  • Juanhooknows
    250 million to ruin a company
    What a shame. The show has been sucking more and more for years. It’s telling during last summer’s break every best of episode was from 2016 or older. Lotta garbage posted since then. I suppose toxic work environment went a long way towards crushing creativity. No matter what the teenybopper girls say, DO NOT bring back PJ. Arrogant, sarcastic, typical Philly lawyers kid. I know, I grew up with guys like him. Their not as special as they think they are.
  • freabk
    Public Dilema
    Over the years Reply All’s podcast has kept our days filled with curious questions as where do scammers work at to how a rat takes a bath with shampoo. Recently PJ stepped down albeit quickly upon rising questioning to his leadership. I hope in the future he will come back with a new outlook on how to handle himself at the workplace. This show in the end is not the same without him
  • KMURPH2018
    LAME. What a bust
    I loved this show. Great topics , great reporting/ investigations and great delivery by talented people. Very lame of everyone involved to just all of a sudden shut it down.
  • D&Dlist3n3r
    They did the right thing in shutting it down
    I used to like it a lot but it’s gone bad
  • Smybag
    Bring it back with PJ!!!!!!!
  • tbMesa
    Bring it back
    Bring PJ back. Have him apologize for editorial oversight and move on. There’s no crime in opposing efforts to unionize.
  • Ohmymorgs
    Miss you
    Miss this so much
  • Ssdfggfldjsjaha
    Bring back the magic
    Reply Now is not a product of Gimlet. It is not a media company that should or should not have a union. It is and can only be the Alex and PJ show. There is no formula or interchangable parts that can be replicated with or without a union or more or less diversity. It is nothing without the boys. This is a very personal duet. Thats it. It is possibly the best podcast on the internet but is zip without the two. Don’t throw it away. Leave Gimlet if you have to but don’t quit. All you need is a smartphone or 2 and you can do the whole thing yourselves. But nobody else can, and you can’t do it separately.
  • Reguloer
    Listen to old seasons first
    For anyone who is just now subscribing to this podcast, check out the old seasons first. They are full of original, well produced, interesting content. The last year has not been so original, and it would be unfortunate for new listeners to get the wrong idea. Great show while it lasted!
  • Sharon in Barcelona
    Come back!
    I loved when this show popped in my feed. The tech support, the yes/yes/no, all the random stories... the show was brilliant. I have enough political podcasts in my feed. This was always a palate cleanser. And PJs laugh was the best. You are missed.
  • ListenedToYa1
    Back to basics
    Please get out of the business of politics and back to the show about the internet. I miss Yes-Yes-No and super tech support. You used to have fascinating episodes that taught me to protect my accounts and watch for scams. As I am not part of the social-media mob, You gave me a platform to learn about pop-culture and I really enjoyed episodes like the one about the girl scouts and Break-Master Cylinder. I’ve noticed a distinct change toward complaining about politics and wallowing in self-pity over the pandemic. If that is the tone you are setting on mic, I am sorry to say, it might be the tone you are setting for your staff off-mic too. Even Heavyweight has been Gloomy Gus. Please shake it off and get back to basics. I love the show that was Reply-All. Regroup and set a good example for overcoming adversity. I am still giving 5 stars because I am hoping, underneath it all, you are still the show that I could not get enough of.
  • CamillaBlue
    Ever since the first episode featuring Emmanuel the show went downhill. Why is his voice so unbelievably annoying? Can't stand to listen to him even for a second. Possible vocal issues aside- his attitude is just awful. Read all comments below to find out more. People make mistakes, I believe that there's still such a great future for RA with the OG hosts. Please, I ask you all to sit down and figure things out. I simply cannot live without this show the way it used to be.
  • thoughts on a good show
    Taking time off to come up with a PC response to the culture at Gimlet is confusing. I see most of the comments push aside the real issues of toxicity and give a “let’s just move on” approach. The other side is to just take the hateful approach and give one star and unsubscribe. There is something obviously more here. Is it right for P.J. and Sruthi to just leave the show? Is it right for the show to continue? There’s an elephant in the room here. I’m curious to see how this is all handled. I think when Start Up began, we heard the ins and outs and good and bad. What about having a recorded round table discussion with current Reply All and former Reply All staff, as well as management, and those who are current and former employees of Gimlet who feel/felt the atmosphere was troubling?
  • c's of cheese
    Don’t cancel yourself
    We all make mistakes. What we did as children is not appropriate for adults and sometimes what we say and do as adults is not appropriate for the times we live in. Please don’t cancel yourselves. If you made a mistake discuss it and grow from it. If people want to unsubscribe then they have an opportunity to contemplate the issues involved and decide for themselves what they will condone. Please give us the opportunity to decide for ourselves. Btw. I miss all the tech support stories. That is what drew me to the show in the first place. Some of us just want entertainment and not the current “woke” story that every other media outlet is blaring. Just my opinion.
  • R3D S3TT3R
    Once great podcast has been pretty awful for the past year
    Reply All + Emmanuel Dzotsi - PJ - Sruthi = Unsubscribe
  • tahoesunnybear
    Really miss RA!
    By far my favorite podcast. I drove cross country multiple times for work a few years back and probably listened to the entire catalog of episodes back to back to back. Super bummed this is going away. I hope y’all can figure things out, make some changes (if appropriate) and come back to doing what y’all do best.
  • Reply All Listener
    Longer than Intended
    I don’t often rate things online because I’m rather afraid of having an internet presence, but I felt I had to address what was going on with reply all on the off chance someone who works there is masochistic enough to read the comments; and to pad the ratings just a little. I don’t know the exact reasons for PJ Vogt and Sruthi Pinnamaneni’s departure from reply all, but it’s clear even though you say so, the show is not going to be close to the same without them. Now, I am unable to fairly judge them for what they did because I enjoy the content they create and don’t know them or their actions nearly well enough, which in my experience leads to letting people off way too easy. But from what I have heard and read, what they did (I believe mainly in their strong opposition to unions but I really do not know) is bad and there should be consequences for actions whether they realized the severity or not, but I think you should consider keeping them. I don’t think people should be defined or judged by their actions at one time, especially when those are them at their worst. Most people aren’t as bad as they can be made out to be in this type of situation, and more importantly, I think them leaving for it solves little and creates more problems. Instead, give them the opportunity to address what they have done wrong, and to make an honest effort to change for the better. Reply All has covered a lot of sensitive topics, which is part of what has created its success. Now it is time you address a sensitive issue about yourselves. If PJ and Sruthi are able to address their actions and the environment they created, an make real efforts to change, they come out better people; the podcast doesn’t need to undergo such a big change; and the issues they created can be solved. Admittedly, this is way simpler and more magically easy sounding than it is, but trying to fix the problem is a better idea than getting rid of the cause. This is all said by someone who enjoys the show and has no real knowledge of the situation, based mostly off my want to keep Reply All together, it is a truly good podcast that I want to see survive.
  • Jmysays
    Can’t listen anymore, unsubscribing
    I used to love this show, but after hearing about the culture at Gimlet I can’t support it any longer and will unsubscribe.
  • seanmc56
    Really upset that they didn’t think of the community when they destroyed this show
    Really upset that they didn’t think of the community when they destroyed this show. Bring PJ back and restore the format of the show back to an internet/nerd podcast.
  • Lukerocks4
    Man, wow
    Listening to the first ep of the Bon Appetit series makes me so sad. The starting premise of the host is to to say that being identified, or identify as, as a woman of color is negative/shameful in some way. It then continues to document this random guy with no food experience taking over BA, pretending to critique that choice but clearly lauding him as a influencer. And then every time the host interviews the employees of color about their horrible experiences, you can hear her laughing as she expalins their experiences. How did this happen? Obviously she has issues but no one notice who listened to these drafts? I'm just so disappointed. This is painful to listen to. and realize that this is our country, still.
  • prisz
    Please come back!🙏🏼
    I LOVE this podcast... my absolute favorite! Please guys!!!! We ALL have family issues.... we LOVE YOU! PLEASE!!!!!! Talk it out... Company therapy idk. 💕😘
  • 88lizards
    Please don’t go!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts! I always look forward to finding a new episode waiting for me. You guys are the best. We all live and learn; so get the “donkey out of the ditch,” and come back soon.
  • smithofaye
    This show has been so consistently good! I’ve been a big fan since the early days - buuuut hosts and gimlet mgmt seem to have really dropped the ball w/ regard to unionization/supporting POC in podcasting (see: the nod). So it’s a no for me 👎🏻
  • Spool 20
    Obnoxious behavior as usual
    Use to be a decent podcast. I can do without gimlet
  • Protection/Health Bar
    A Podcast That Evolves: Still Relevant and as Fun as Ever
    Love the turns and tangents that this show has taken since its inception. It stays consistently relevant and fun while continually being willing to evolve rather than remain stagnant. I applaud that you continue to better the show even if you lose a few listeners. Don’t take the more recent one stars personally. “Cancel Culture” is made up name meant to make society’s natural growth over time sound threatening. What is real is the establishment and reinforcement of societal norms which continually evolve as knowledge and awareness increase. It’s not political, it’s cultural. Norms have always existed and been reinforced by the majority of members in society by speaking up and calling out immorality including racism, misogyny, and other toxic behaviors and attitudes. There have always been a minority of individuals who have hid, whether behind hoods or computer monitors, unwilling to evolve. I hope you continue to put out intelligent, interesting, and humorous content without sacrificing your ethical standards.
  • daheal787
    No longer an escape Update: unsubscribing
    Update: Read in the times what happened and had a good chuckle. They screwed themselves over. The new pods were terrible. Update: it’s no longer reply all. They should update their description. It’s nothing about the internet. Just politics and far left Old review: Less deep dives in social technology and more of the same politics you get on tv with a tech twist. No longer an escape.
    Absolutely aghast
    Longtime listener who has taken a pause, the Test Kitchen is NOT the issue; but everything preceding it is. ‘Mediocre: The Dangerous Legacy of White Male America’ springs to mind. A male vanity project: an homage to early 2000’s grunge rock formed into a tribute to climate change is the performs activism Fox Entertainment could only dream of. But when fashioned as a leftist agenda, I must question at last... Poe’s Law, is that you?
  • John Juan Lin
    Cornered Itself for No Reason
    Once a trendsetter producing original content like no others. Recently decided to ride the justice train for whatever reason. There are already a hundred podcasts covering that topic, why compete in a crowded space at the expense of losing loyal listenership? The producers have personal Twitter accounts to express their opinions, can we just stick to good’ol tech content?
  • Zzzv
    Who cares!?!
    Pj and Alex IS the whole show. This is stupid. Another victim of the woke witch-hunt.
  • #1podcast addict
    Can you all go to counseling? Learn and return?
    I love this show! You all seemed to get along. Was that fake and everyone pretended to get along but actually felt unhappy the whole time? If that is true then ok end it. But if you were having fun but some didn’t realize what they were doing and discriminated unknowingly then here is a chance to make a series about fixing behaviors and teaching everyone where white people are going wrong and teach people of color how to communicate and confront in the workplace without worrying about anyone taking it wrong. Let’s fix this TOGETHER!!!!
  • I_Love_Natalie_Dormer!
    Took a turn for the worst
    You’d think they’d realize the insanity of cancel culture and remain apolitical. Guess all good things must come to an end.
  • evelynnrose97
    Cancel culture strikes again
    Extremely disappointed that this show, so niche and interesting, has fallen so far. I was so delighted when The Test Kitchen started airing - it seemed like an effort at a real comeback. And more importantly, it is a story that SHOULD be told, and not swept shamefully under the rug. Learning about your own mistakes by observing the mistakes of others shouldn’t be so vastly condemned. While there is strength in their admission of wrongdoing, they have destroyed my faith in the show. I hope to backtrack this review someday, but for now I have no choice but to unsubscribe.
  • niko from brazil
    Cancel culture
    What terrible lack of journalistic integrity. How could you not release the entire BonApp series?! Ok that Sruthie and Pj are gone, but to not publish their remaining episodes is some book burning type stuff.
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