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by Gimlet

"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by Alex Goldman and Emmanuel Dzotsi from Gimlet.

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Recent Episodes
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    Jul 22, 2021 – 54:39
  • #176 Twicarus
    Jul 8, 2021 – 41:44
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    Jun 24, 2021 – 34:15
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    Apr 29, 2021 – 20:04
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    Feb 25, 2021 – 02:08
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    Feb 12, 2021 – 52:51
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    Feb 4, 2021 – 01:02:50
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    Jan 14, 2021 – 44:43
  • #170 A Song of Impotent Rage
    Dec 17, 2020 – 39:19
  • #86 Man of the People
    Dec 3, 2020 – 45:31
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    Nov 12, 2020 – 57:49
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    Oct 29, 2020 – 38:03
  • Introducing: Resistance
    Oct 22, 2020 – 47:41
  • #167 America's Hottest Talkline
    Oct 1, 2020 – 01:03:45
  • #166 Country of Liars
    Sep 18, 2020 – 01:00:28
  • #115 The Bitcoin Hunter
    Sep 3, 2020 – 32:58
  • #51 Perfect Crime
    Aug 27, 2020 – 58:48
  • #132 Negative Mount Pleasant
    Aug 20, 2020 – 01:03:41
  • #53 In The Desert
    Aug 13, 2020 – 34:07
  • #165 The Mold and The Beautiful
    Jul 30, 2020 – 50:24
  • #164 Long Distance: The Real Alex Martin
    Jul 16, 2020 – 35:09
  • #163 Candidate One
    Jul 2, 2020 – 49:18
  • #162 The Least You Could Do
    Jun 18, 2020 – 50:57
  • Programming Note
    Jun 4, 2020 – 00:55
  • #161 Brian vs. Brian
    May 14, 2020 – 47:57
  • The Scaredy Cats Horror Show
    Apr 30, 2020 – 56:22
  • #59 Good Job, Alex
    Apr 9, 2020 – 49:35
  • #160 The Attic and Closet Show 2
    Mar 31, 2020 – 44:10
  • #159 The Attic and Closet Show
    Mar 21, 2020 – 47:03
  • #158 The Case of the Missing Hit
    Mar 5, 2020 – 55:33
  • #157 Pierre Delecto and the Spooky Adventure
    Feb 20, 2020 – 34:35
  • #156 The Cure for Everything
    Jan 30, 2020 – 01:04:45
  • #155 Friendship Village
    Jan 16, 2020 – 58:12
  • #154 The Real Enemy, Part 3
    Dec 13, 2019 – 34:03
  • #153 The Real Enemy, Part 2
    Dec 13, 2019 – 37:54
  • #152 The Real Enemy, Part 1
    Dec 13, 2019 – 30:32
  • #151 Thank You for Noticing
    Nov 14, 2019 – 51:10
  • #150 The Reply All Halloween Scream-A-Thon
    Nov 1, 2019 – 46:58
  • #149 30-50 Feral Hogs
    Oct 10, 2019 – 37:39
  • #148 Bedbugs and Aliens
    Sep 26, 2019 – 46:33
  • #147 The Woman in the Air Conditioner
    Sep 12, 2019 – 42:22
  • #146 Summer Hotline
    Jul 25, 2019 – 55:43
  • #145 Louder
    Jul 11, 2019 – 35:34
  • #144 Dark Pattern
    Jun 27, 2019 – 36:58
  • #143 Permanent Record
    Jun 13, 2019 – 58:07
  • #142 We Didn't Start The Fire
    May 23, 2019 – 52:27
  • #141 Adam Pisces and the $2 Coke
    Apr 25, 2019 – 46:25
  • #140 The Roman Mars Mazda Virus
    Apr 11, 2019 – 41:40
  • #139 The Reply All Hotline
    Mar 28, 2019 – 57:33
Recent Reviews
  • amandaja
    Wow, transition to absolute boredom
    Did I just listen to a white lady talk about TikTok belching and curly hair texture? Wow, I was an avid listener for years until my funeral recently after I was bored to death listening to this show. I agree that everyone is tip-toeing around one another and the new hyper-focus on representation killed the chemistry of this formerly amazing show. I gave the show a bonus star for the quality of production but I’ve stopped listening three times in one episode because I’m literally so bored.
  • Brindisi Rahne
    What is this show about now…?
    This show went from my favorite podcast to garbage. So disappointed. Things have gone sooo downhill. I know you’re all trying to sway the opposite direction to compensate… but this is awful. Super cringy… 10/10 would not recommend.
  • evanspritchard
    Uh oh
    Always was one of my favorites but with PJ and Shruti gone I’m not sure (though probably the best move given what happened). I love Emmanuel but I really hope they never ever let Anna Foley do anything ever again. The tik tok was the First episode I just couldn’t make it through, painful to listen to, uninteresting, not smart or insightful. No one cares about your sister and her burping issue, kind of narcissistic to think anyone might. Plus her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Um, like, do you think? Alex, we need you.
  • myleftear
    Used to be one of my favorites
    Now it’s no longer worth listening to. Sad.
  • Regalities
    Not good without PJ
    It pains me to do this because since it’s very first episode, ReplyAll has been one of my absolute favorite podcasts. The Zardulu episode is quite possibly one of my favorite podcast stories of all time. Unfortunately, since PJ left, it’s just not the same. The rapport between Alex and PJ just cannot be replicated, and no matter how much I like Emmanuel (he is great), it’s just never going to be what it was and that’s a huge bummer. I also think that they really missed an opportunity to talk openly about what happened. Why not keep PJ and use it as an opportunity to talk about and create real change. When someone makes mistakes like this, I don’t think its always the best and most constructive response to simply get rid of them. I really hoped that I could continue listening but it’s just not good anymore. The stories are lackluster and I find myself not even paying attention to them, and even worse, not feeling the urge to rewind because I just don’t really care what they’re saying. RIP ReplyAll.
  • vvaltar
    This just isn’t reply all
    it’s just to Surreal and weird. It feels like they’re trying to do some kind of gilting, me into still listening to this podcast thing(maybe by implying that it’s racist if I don’t) which feels really gross. Listening to this makes me feel gross. I’m totally disenchanted with the podcast. I wish everyone involved with it success but they should just kill this podcast and move on to something new.
  • PJ121980
    By far, best podcast and best cast…ever
    You all got me through a sad time in my life. Thank you! Please keep it up!
  • Pennylaneeeeee
    RIP Reply All
    This used to be one of my absolute favorites. An adventure into internet silliness and now it has just become overly boring and bleak. Emmanuel and Alex have little chemistry in my opinion, seems like Emmanuel doesn’t want to do the whole witty banter gig, at least not with Alex.
  • StymiedinSeattle2017
    Just listened to latest Gurgle or whatever episode. This show is just NOT the same without PJ. Doesn’t flow. Annoying. What a defeat
  • WebWraith
    Like, you guys, like, use the like word “like” like a lot.
  • Nhazz566
    Bring PJ Back
    This podcast has gotten so boring since PJs departure. You all used to have interesting stories. The quality now is just not what it used to be.
  • amitiel
    Updated review- I give up
    I started listening to Reply All because it was a great show about crazy and intriguing things in the world of the internet. Then in the past couple years it became less and less about that and I found myself deleting a lot of episodes. If they no longer want to do a show about internet topics, then they should reboot it under a different title. Updated review, 7/22/21: I dropped the rating another star. I’ve tried to continue listening, but I’m at the point of unsubscribing. This podcast can’t decide if it wants to be about social justice or the internet. What is sending me over the edge is the female host(s). Not sure if it is one person or two different people, but *every other word* one (or both) of them say is “like.” Not only is it horribly unprofessional, it’s maddening to listen to. I was willing to stick it out with the episodes in the hope that the new group improves on content and chemistry (they have zero), but I can not listen to “like” being said hundreds of times. Unsubscribing, and you can blame that person for you losing a long time listener.
  • Mammdbsjoagsvsmxifkd
    Really falling off
    Hard to keep coming back to this new dynamic, also that TikTok episode is so dumb
  • JujuG514
    My favorite
    Still one of my favorite podcasts! You guys have done a great job pivoting after a difficult situation and maintaining the culture of the show. Emmanuel is a great co host and to be honest I don’t miss how much PJ would make fun of Alex! Have loved the latest episodes and can’t wait for what you guys have coming up next
  • ReplyAllwasMyFave:(
    I’ve given all the new episodes an enthusiastic ear, and the consistent response from my head is.. disappointment. #Miss you PJ
  • ms. cranky
    So sad
    This was once my favorite podcast. It was primarily about the internet, and the legendary chemistry between PJ and Alex was the glue that held it together. Since the re-boot, I keep listening in hope that Alex and the new cohosts will rediscover the magic, but after this most recent episode I’ve come to the painful conclusion that it is gone forever. I think this show should really just be dissolved. It mostly just makes me cringe at this point. The old episodes feel like an unstoppable force, but I guess all good things must come to an end.
  • Sld609
    Over it.
    Disgusted by this show now. Every episode feels so icky. Everyone is tiptoeing around each other making sure not to say anything offensive. Except for Emmanuel who clearly hates white people. It certainly doesn’t help to close the racial divide when you’re so blatantly racist. RIP Reply All.
  • lakesidew
    It was a good show but now… not so much
    I just want it back the way it was… but will to give it a few more shows
  • Chase Robinson
    The show releases infrequently and inconsistently. The last 20 episodes have not been anywhere near as good as the earlier episodes.
  • Nopalita
    personality driven show with no chemistry
    What made this such a special podcast was the chemistry of the on-air hosts and reporters. The current show has none of that. Sruthi Pinnamaneni is a woman of color who has worked hard for her success. Why was she banished? In my experience, almost all sought after entertainment venues are toxic workplaces—competitive, hierarchical, with folks with pretty big egos. Perhaps now Reply All is a less toxic place to work? But it’s now a charmless, unentertaining, unlistenable husk of its former self. Used to be my favorite show.
  • HapticsHater
    What’s up with the terrible editing?
    Past few episodes have had several editing errors. Big jump cuts. Random extra clips at the end of an episode. Unresolved phrases. Do some QC before you post!
  • jdodway
    Not the Same
    I feel bad for PJ that he’s left on a show where there’s no chemistry left between the hosts. Its unfortunate what happened at Gimlet but the show has become far less entertaining. Emmanuel seems like a great journalist, but seems to have a different interest than how Reply All was originally presented.
  • Krunkopolis
    It’s still decent…
    I guess I understand why PJ stepped down, but the chemistry he and Alex had been cultivating since TL;DR is just gone. Without that, the show is way less funny and engaging, and I think the quality of the topics/content has deteriorated as well. All that said, it’s still okay.
  • arn22ska
    Glad it’s back
    All these reviews seem mad at Phia Bennin for being mean to Alex and saying to bring PJ back...don’t you guys remember how mean PJ was? At least I always perceived him that way. I prefer it without PJ. I always cringed at the PJ-Alex banter, it felt mean spirited sometimes...I’ve always been surprised about how others perceive it so positively. But we’re all different so, shrug. As far as the general topic of meanness towards Alex, I just want to say, Alex, do you! As another review said, Alex is weird! Let’s just let him be weird there’s no need for all the jabs all the time. It’s not fun to listen to. Alex, I love that you’re weird. I’m weird too. As for the most recent episodes, my general opinion is I’m glad reply all is back! I thought Emmanuel’s ep about FemmeAndroid was great, sensitive, and very ReplyAll. Twitter ep was way too long but generally good. And the internet searches segment has potential. Keep it up!
  • ms.dragonfly80
    What happened to the most awesome podcast host ever, your soulmate-hilarious-sidekick, P. J.? Why talk about Twitter on this episode when your dull, humorless cohost doesn’t even tweet!!! Bring back P. J. or get an experienced co-host who doesn’t say “I mean like” & “yaaaaaah”, & other valley girl 1990’s cliches 😩 Alex, that clueless, air-headed, ignorant-of-social-media female is 100% unqualified to be on THIS podcast. She sounds critical, rude to you, uninformed on your whole subject: the Internet, unqualified to carry on a conversation without negativity/disagreeing constantly with you, and she’s abrasive as fingernails on a chalkboard. She has NO SENSE OF HUMOR! 🤬She can’t even read a sentence fluidly. She keeps INSULTING YOU!!! Why is she there? Get the original gang back or your show is TOAST! I listened from the beginning of the show, but I can’t even finish this claptrap with the new Reply-All, duuh-girl cohost. You can do better, Alex. So do better. 😤
  • Lit L Smokie
    Great information.
    I almost didn’t post this review but since the show has been back on the air I have a hard time listening to the host. It sounds hard for him to talk clearly. Like it takes everything inside him to annunciate his words properly. I think they did a good thing thing by diversifying the cast however I won’t listen as often because it isn’t as audibly pleasing to me anymore and sorta hard for me to fully understand with the his accent/speech impediment. I think radio unfortunately needs to be presented as clearly as possible since there aren’t any other senses involved when taking it in. I am happy gimlet took a step back and rectified their behaviors however there had to be a better person on the team for delivering stories on the air.
  • AustinAreaFan
    I’m trying…..
    I listened to every Reply All before the big event. I so so so want this to come back to life. It’s awkward, tense banter. The woman (sorry I can’t recall her name) has so little energy it brings down the momentum when it does kick in. I feel like she doesn’t want to be there. Does she? It doesn’t seem like it. I’m rooting for you all but figured a low star rating might at least force consideration from the producers.
  • silverbeaes
    Best podcasts
    I love these podcasts
  • neu myke
    It’s over
    This podcast jumped the shark more than a year ago- another victim of woke culture. Sad to see you go😢 I am very thankful for for the years of episodes and stories! Maybe in the future a new and exciting project will come along.
  • Nmbr1fan124325
    emanulle is amazing
    This is my absolute favorite podcast. I’ve listened to every single episode since the beginning and can never get enough. I just wanted to write a review now to support y’all and the work you’re doing. Killing it!
  • Mägnus
    Dead podcast that used to be one of the best
    Listened to the latest tech support and you can just tell that all the cohosts hate Alex the host. I’m not too familiar with what happened over the last year, it seems like their foray into woke culture got themselves cancelled. If you dance with wolfs don’t be surprised when they turn on you.
  • Spoocus
    Sorry Guys
    Loved reply all, but these last few episodes have been pretty bleak. Listening to Alex more or less make awkward banter for 30 minutes is downright painful. Bail Alex! Go find PJ and start a new project together.
  • curlymojoe1
    Episode 176: Terrible
    Loved the sorry for this but he guest brought on was so rude, mean, and didn’t seem to care. It absolutely killed the episode and story telling. Please don’t bring her on again
  • mattisimo88
    This show took a dive
    They just can’t get the chemistry they had. It’s actually bordering on really annoying.
  • Glowingnose
    A must-listen
    Don’t listen to the haters. This is a show that brings a sense of wonder to every episode. Despite many trials at Gimlet and Reply All, they are forging on. The haters don’t know what it takes to make something great and to try to do it well. Keep your chins up, team. It doesn’t have to be what it was because it could be something even better.
  • MBS-
    There is no Reply All without PJ
    I have zero interest in this show without PJ.
  • iThink215
    Quality Drop Off is Shocking
    First, let me say, I agree that PJ, one of the long time cohosts, should have left the show. I’m not going to critique that decision, I applaud it. At the same time, for new listeners and those reading this review, I have to say, I don’t really think this show is worth your time anymore. The latest episode, 176, followed the usual storytelling format, with Alex working with what has become a revolving door of cohosts who throw barbs at him as he investigates a mystery. The problem is, I don’t get the sense that the people who work with Alex care about him and they also give him an extremely long runway to spiral. I’m not one of the people who view this narrative format as slow or problematic; I love it. But even I was having trouble staying with this particular rambling journey. The whole thing could have been summed as “there was a glitch that let people have a blank twitter username. It was fascinating because of xyz, and now it’s fixed.” That’s not content to fill a 30-60 minute podcast unless you have nothing left to say and you add a lot of filler. And then the filler from Fia was ROUGH. ROUGH. While I’m sure she’s a highly competent professional, she just came across as extremely mean in this episode. I’m sure after what happened with PJ folks at ReplyAll are taking a very light touch approach to leadership to avoid setting anyone off, but someone needs to step in here and course correct because this is just not working anymore. And for those of you debating whether the show is worth your time, I encourage you to check out lists of some of the best episodes and stick with those. The new content is not worth your time.
  • Ricky R Richard
    Needs PJ
    This is a decent podcast that used to be a phenomenal podcast. It’s always difficult for a show when one of the main stars leaves and is replaced (see the X Files, Dukes of Hazzard, etc). Everyone on this show does a good job and should be commended but PJ was above and beyond and we’re left with a show that feels half as good as it could be.
  • Wanted to be interested but...
    Like like like like like like like like like
    I love the concept of this podcast - but just listening to 15 minutes I really couldn’t stand how many times all of the participants said LIKE. Literally unlistenable unless you want to hear a podcast that is 50% LIKE and 50% actual content.
  • Laurelind
    Glad you’re back, one remaining beef
    I only have one complaint about the show. Alex knows he’s weird. You know he’s weird. We know he’s weird. I’d say that’s part of his charm; opinions may vary. In any case, continually pointing it out doesn’t add anything, it’s not friendly banter - or if it is, it hasn’t sounded like it from here in years - and I feel like it’s a distraction from the content, including genuine interactions between hosts. That said, I’m glad you’re back.
  • Aexreanni
    Fia was CRINGE
    No chemistry between Alex and Fia and she made the show/banter/vibes of the latest super tech support awkward and annoying. Please don’t bring her on again.
  • 123FakeSt
    Two stars
    Would be a great show if the host would stop laughing like that. I’m literally never going to listen again because I just can’t with that laugh. HUHUHUUHUHUHUHUUUU. STOP
  • Tymahz Toumadje
    Sad to See PJ Go But Still Doing Well
    It’s sad to see how this cancel culture has resulted in the departure of PJ and Shruthi, but this show is still honestly pretty solid. The most recent Support Tech Support about the nameless Twitter account was quite interesting despite the loss of PJ.
  • Rea1021
    Bring PJ back
    If you can't bring PJ back, then please just focus on the internet. There are a lot of shows about politics and social justice. This show doesn't need to jump on that bandwagon.
  • Pbarrett
    I used to love reply all. They were always awesome at turning a weird internet subject into an amazing high quality story. Sadly it has morphed into something I’m not particularly interested in.
  • bad byr
    Show can still work
    But the latest guest... she was pretending to not care and it didn’t work!
  • what tracy says
    I wanted to like it but…
    … unfortunately the magic is gone.
  • TheRoyalAl
    I love the show but…
    At the moment I feel there is like a veil of in the new episodes. Maybe it’s a bit early but I hope this gets better over time. The earlier episodes are pure entertainment.
  • Chrisstaub
    Used to be one of my favorite shows
    This used to be one of my favorite shows. The dynamic between Alex and PJ was great and entertaining. Reply All was the perfect distraction from the day to day crap we all deal with. This is not Reply All. R.I.P.
  • FinbarIII
    Swing and a miss
    Also forgot to mention, your supposed understanding of people saying “the shows changed too much” is just so off. You completely missed the point and in doing so you also tried to make those viewers sound like racists and that’s just gotta be the reason why they don’t like the change. No. They don’t like the change because you’ve gone from interesting content to making race apart of everything. Stop being so fixated on race. Again, the stuff you guys are churning out is great for actual racists. the more you find insane ways to turn everything into a race issue and turn even moderate liberals into supposed racists then the easier it is for ACTUAL racists to hide in plain site. It’s mind blowing how you guys aren’t seeing this...
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