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Gretchen Rubin is HAPPIER, and she wants you to be happier too. The #1 bestselling author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before gets more personal than ever as she brings her practical, manageable advice about happiness and good habits to this lively, thought-provoking podcast. Gretchen’s cohost and guinea pig is her younger sister, Elizabeth Craft, a TV writer and producer living in Los Angeles, who (lovingly) refers to Gretchen as her happiness bully. Part of the Cadence13 Network.

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  • Grahamy0317
    You can Change your happiness Today!
    In this podcast Gretchen and her sister Elizabeth give you REAL hands on tips to make you happier TODAY and in the future. I can’t say enough good thing about the podcast, great info, smart host, good interviews when they have them. The book club is fantastic. If your looking for better your like and bring more happiness into it this is the right podcast for you.
  • mkh0019
    Mixed feelings
    I loved reading the Happiness Project, but I was disturbed by the Four Tendencies. One type (Gretchen’s) was the model citizen, employee, friend and person. There was a stark difference in authorship between the two books, and it wasn’t just because they were written about different topics. They seemed written by different people. While the podcast content increasingly looks more like Gretchen in the Four Tendencies (judgmental and diminishing) there are still bits of worthwhile wisdom. I hope Gretchen returns to the person who wrote The Happiness Project. There is so much material in that book that would translate to a podcast and it is genuine, relatable, and aspirational.
  • agirlnamedchuck22
    My all time favorite podcast
    I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and I am still excited when it shows up in my feed. I learn something every week and I truly think I’m happier as a result of this podcast. There are so many gems and I love the sisterly rapport. I’m also from The Kansas side of Kansas City so it’s fun from that angle as well.
  • 1998 jms
    Love this podcast-hate the loud ads!
    I have been a long time fan! I find the subjects very interesting that make me really think about how I do things and my motivation. But, lately all the recorded ads are TERRIBLE! They are too loud and jolting. Like that awful Shopify ad! I really don’t enjoy listening as much as I used to. There is stark difference in the ads in older episodes and the ads now. So sad!
  • NJ-Rachel
    Intelligent, positive, and engaging
    So great! I really enjoy listening. Intelligent and positive.
  • HUGECarlyfan
    So Lovely
    I love listening to Gretchen and Elizabeth! I feel like I’m sitting right there with them, and the ideas and tips from them are so simple yet so helpful
  • DeltaPeach
    Great podcast with usable information
    This is such a great podcast with really usable information.
  • PamelaHans
    Such a helpful podcast
    I love this podcast because it’s great to be filled with positivity and thoughtful meanderings. I listen in the car when I’m traveling around doing errands and I find it very engaging.
  • Melmariem12
    Love this podcast
    This podcast makes me so happy with practical advise.
  • kms570
    Love love love
    As an Upholder, the lessons, interviews, and “try this at home tips” are right up my alley. I love this podcast and try to listen at times when I can truly focus on the content. Highly recommend.
  • Venus walker
    Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    Absolutely love your podcast! Gretchen & Liz are my dog walking buddies- I”pair” them with my walks. The dog and I both benefit in many ways. Can’t thank you enough for the fantastic podcast that you two put out in the universe- it has impacted my life in a multitude of positive ways and I tell everyone about it 😊
  • ?!@#$%^&*(
    Truly happy!
    I love this podcast. Not only does it have helpful tips but it brings me happiness.
  • ProfessorN
    I’ve always prided myself as a good list maker. HAPPIER has elevated my game! I have a 20 for 2020 list that includes making a list of family traditions. My great words and great quotes lists have received several boosts from the show.... grandiloquent.... “What a lark! What a plunge!” Many thanks to Gretchen and Elizabeth.
  • jeanniebfan1
    Like a great gab with smart girlfriends!
    I so look forward to this podcast every week and use the pairing strategy ... I listen while I walk around the campus where I work and it’s a weekly treat. It’s like catching up with your smartest, funniest girlfriends, who actually give great advice grounded in research. It’s helped me to know myself and create a better present and future. Love both Gretchen and Elizabeth!
  • Amyalittlehappier
    I love it!
    I’m so glad I recently discovered this podcast and love it! It is so fun, full of great ideas, and useful tips to help me be happier! I look forward to listening every day as I do my “20 min. Walk in 2020” . I’m going to catch up on back issues. I especially enjoy the sisters sharing their gold stars and demerits. This podcast, along with Gretchen’s terrific books, have been a gold star for me! Thank you Gretchen and Elizabeth!
  • Better@nickname
    Happier with Gretchen Rubin
    Upbeat, articulate, fun podcast full of ideas & strategies to bring more happiness into our daily lives. A joy to listen to these down-to-earth sisters who encourage each other and their listeners.
  • Gbort1998
    Love this!
    I love this podcast! Truly look forward to each episode. Relevant, intelligent with the perfect dose of humor, warmth and wit! Can’t get enough
  • Abjdsf
    Concrete steps for actualizing what makes you happy
    20 plans/goals for 2020 suits me in clarifying actions that I think will make my life happier. The number is manageable. Without the limit, mine would be pages of items too many for me to achieve within 12 months. Looking forward to reminders throughout the year😉
  • kimishappier
    Can’t Get Enough
    As a newbie to podcasts and to Gretchen Rubin, I thoroughly enjoy each episode. I am doing the “walk 20 in 2020” and listening to an episode every day. I never knew I could actually look forward to my morning walk!
  • greeneyedtroubles
    Fun Ideas but Unrealistic & Full of Themselves
    There are some fun ideas in this podcast but Gretchen is a writer and perfectionist. So sometimes it seems like she lives in a different world from the rest of us poor saps working daily and not doing everything perfectly. And they’ve also taken Gretchen’s tendency stuff a bit too far to heart.
  • TeenerFoster
    Breath of fresh air
    I love listening to their tips and helpful feedback to listeners. They seem so down to Earth and it feels like listening to your friends have a conversation.
  • Ordsw2001
    Enjoying every one of these!! Thank you,
    Love the insight the applicability. Real life application. Two loving and thoughtful sisters enjoying this journey. So much fun! True happiness. Enjoying the books too! Thanks for all you do. I’m a lot happier!!
  • SarahAnneCarter
    Never Miss!
    I never miss an episode! Full of helpful tips!
  • rebelutionize
    best. podcast. ever.
    i listen to tons of motivational and self-help podcasts, and Happier remains my all-time favorite go-to. i’ve listened to every single episode. the dynamic between gretchen and liz is so charming, and their tips and tricks are always well-researched and thoughtful, if not always earth-shattering. i listen as much for how they make me feel (cozy and like family) as for how much i take away from each episode. further, it is not an exaggeration to say that gretchen’s four tendencies framework has been life-changing. implementing her strategies in my life have been a total game-changer and i will forever be grateful for her genius insights and for the weekly gift of this fantastic and free podcast. thank you gretchen and liz!
  • lllistner
    My favorite
    Listening to all the back episodes. Such a useful podcast.
  • TeresaA88
    Such a great podcast!
    I have listened to this podcast from the beginning and it is great. The hosts are interesting and relatable and each episode is packed with helpful thoughts and tricks for everyday like. Highly recommend!!
  • Rfpaz
    Super fan giving love!❤️
    Been meaning to write a review in gratitude of all the entertainment, knowledge and joy I have received from this podcast. Cheers to living a happier, healthier more productive life in the new year! Thank you to Gretchen and Elizabeth for all you do. Onward and upward!
  • Olivia with Yarn
    The Best
    Happier is simply the best podcast I have ever listened to.
  • Gadude
    Lighthearted and practical
    I don’t normally find “self help” type podcasts very engaging, but I’ve been listening to “Happier” for 2 years and I love it! Gretchen and Elizabeth are great hosts and I’ve benefited a ton from listening.
  • KWoo11
    Very enjoyable!
    This is one of my favorite podcasts - and I always get excited when it shows up in my feed. The conversations are fun and practical. I also enjoy the book clubs Gretchen and Elizabeth do. It gets me reading a book I might not normally read. I highly recommend this podcast!
  • Jen and Kai
    My favorite podcast!
    I listen to quite a few podcasts but this is the only one I listen to consistently every week! Gretchen and Elizabeth are great and their tips are exactly the pick-me-up I need. Highly recommend!!!!
  • CMO8301
    One of my favorites!
    This podcast has given me so many ideas on how to increase happiness in my daily life. Gretchen and Elizabeth are wonderful!
  • $handog
    This brings me so much joy!
  • schreikm
    Crossed a serious line
    I have been a fairly regular listener of the podcast since its inception. Initially, I found it to be an enjoyable, easy listen. While the “happiness”/self-improvement tips and tidbits have never been particularly groundbreaking, more often than not there was a nugget I could apply in my life. This began to shift for me when Gretchen unveiled her “Four Tendencies” framework, a personality typing that assigns people one of four “tendencies” based on their motivational drivers. Taken as a bit of pop-psychology, it is a harmless diversion; however, the framework slowly began to seep into all aspects of the podcast. “Happiness Hacks” and “Try This at Home” ideas are all filtered through the framework. Guests on the podcast are asked to take a self-assessment quiz and share their tendency with listeners. Over time, this has taken a toll on the content, rendering it tedious and repetitive. The latest discussion of the tendencies framework (Ep. 253) hit a new low when Gretchen discussed her Flash Evaluation tool for assessing other’s tendencies, and how to apply that knowledge in a variety of relationships, including patient relationships for health care workers. I cannot begin to express my profound disappointment and, frankly, disgust for these assessment “tools”. The tendencies framework was not empirically derived, and has never been scientifically or academically vetted. For Gretchen to treat this framework as if it is an accepted piece of psychological theory, on the level of the Big 5 personality model for example, is arrogant and misleading. While we should always seek to better understand those with whom we interact and attempt to put ourselves in their shoes, “assessing” others based on a 1-page pdf and assigning them one of four labels within professional relationships that hold inherent power imbalances (i.e. doctor-patient) is monstrously irresponsible. One of the tips from the pdf for health care professionals when dealing with rebel-types is particularly egregious: “(Rebels) can often be manipulated to act out of resistance.” As a graduate of Yale law school and a law clerk for Sandra Day O’Connor, one would think Gretchen would know better than to actively encourage this. Ultimately, the podcast has evolved into little more than an infomercial for Gretchen’s “Happiness empire”- an informercial littered with sponsored ads, no less. She is constantly plugging her books, talks, videos, courses, and “merch” like t-shirts and mugs, and the content is recycled over and over, limited to topics from her books. Episode 253 was ostensibly a discussion about how to keep New Year’s Resolutions, but turned out to be a auditory listicle of Gretchen’s books and tips that listeners can reference when puzzling out their resolutions for themselves. The content is no longer there, and I simply cannot abide the thoughtless dissemination of deficient information to a trusting audience.
  • nancynancy k
    The only podcast I absolutely have to listen to
    I’m subscribed to a lot of podcasts and this one is probably the only one that I’ve listened to every single episode. At a time in my life when I was directionless and depressed, having these two sisters in my ear talk about everyday struggles played an important part in helping me know myself better and finding my true north.
  • rat_atat
    Love this podcast
    This is one of a few podcasts that never lasts more than a couple days in my app. I have done a lot of self discovery in the past year, and have really enjoyed learning the tendencies & how to make and break habits. The discussions are truly engaging, funny but I’ve been inspired to make a big change in my life to be happier 😘
  • Chicago Girl Doing Her Best
    Fun Listening - And A Great Help
    This podcast is well produced and so much fun to listen to! Gretchen and Elizabeth are fantastic hosts, and I appreciate the level of transparency with which they share their lives and struggles and successes. It’s so helpful to hear what other listeners are doing and trying - this podcast won’t disappoint if you’re looking for a great way to motivate yourself, learn how to be happier and change your own habits. It’s realistic and day-to-day practical.
  • Pod Lover91
    Easy Listening - Great Advise, So Relatable
    I love this show, I always come away with some little story or tidbit of advise to share. Gretchen and her sister are so funny and relatable. Also I’m from Illinois and I’m so happy that even though they both live on the coasts now they are still total Midwest champions!
  • Aleenj
    Listening for years- love this podcast
    I look forward to this podcast and it is the only one I’ve stuck with through the last three years. The chemistry between the sisters is magnetic and I love the honesty, joy and support that they give each us every week. Thank you!
  • BrDobby
    Learn something new!
    I love this show so much and look forward to it every week. I learn something new in each episode. At the end of each episode I feel excited about trying a new happiness hack. Thank you Gretchen and Elizabeth! Such a joyful show!
  • Crow445
    Easy listening!
    I’m a rebel and even though I’m fascinated with personal growth I find a lot of self help podcasts difficult to listen to because they are annoyingly dogmatic. But not this podcast! The relaxed tone and playful approach to “happiness hacks” make this podcast easy listening. I never feels like I’m eating vegetables when I press play. These gals are always trying new things! I love the sister dynamic. Gretchen and Elizabeth are both incredibly humble considering that they are both super talented and highly motivated role models.
  • BeritD
    Becoming my bible!
    I have gone back to episode 1 and am working my way through all 260-ish episodes in chronological order; it’s THAT good. So much life wisdom, useful tips, and ways to know and understand yourself better - and others!
  • Little_Donutz
    My favorite podcast
    This podcast has been a weekly source of happiness for me. My sister and I talk about this podcast after every episode and I’ve used many of the tips and strategies Gretchen and Elizabeth have shared. I love it!
  • Domenica123
    Not as good as before
    Between the intro and the excessive ads, this podcast goes from 40 minutes to 20 minutes easily. Add a guest or a book club discussion and actual time with Gretchen and Elizabeth is cut down to 10 or 15 minutes. I think the reason this podcast was so compelling for so many people was Gretchen and Elizabeth’s chatter, as well as actionable tips and exercises to try at home. Now, even though I’ve listened to every episode and I still listen to them every Wednesday when they come out, the good feeling I used to have while listening has gone away. Bring back the old Happier! My issues: — Too many ads — Fewer or less relevant happier hacks, try this at homes, and know yourself betters — a book club discussion thats just used to bring on guests in replacement of content Happier in 2018: 5 stars! Happier now: 1 star :(
  • lindsayc8158
    Such a fan!
    I love this podcast I’ve been listening from the beginning and the advice given always does in fact make me think , know myself better, and make me try to make my life happier. Thank you Gretchen and Liz!
  • EasyTeaching
    Absolutely love this
    I’ve been listening for a couple years. Going in order so still not current, but I was told to listen from the beginning, and I’m so glad I did. Such a fun podcast with so much great info. I’m a big believer in the four tendencies. Makes so much sense. Thanks, Gretchen, for helping us see ourselves and others more clearly.
  • Shonami
    Love me some Gretchen.
    I love all things Gretchen Rubin and this podcast is no exception! Love the dynamics between Liz and Gretchin as sisters and her different people.
  • KellBell2019
    Great listen!!
    Great listen!!
  • MissMolliexox
    Not as good as before...
    The podcast has been lackluster lately. The book club is a bore. I think they are inching toward politics which is a huge turn-off. Nothing makes me UNhappier lately than the political climate. This podcast used to take my mind off of it but not anymore. And I agree with others that the diet culture is too much. I’m thin and I LOVE the donut-bringer!
  • sweetgherkins
    Still great but diet stuff ?
    Great but please enough with the diet talk. I’ve stopped listening because it simply does not make me “happier “ to listen to the anti sugar discussions.
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