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In 1992, a jury failed to convict the four Los Angeles police officers who'd been captured on videotape beating Rodney King. The city erupted into fire and chaos––the culmination of decades of unchecked police abuse and racial injustice. 
For the sixth season of Slate’s Slow Burn, Joel Anderson returns to explore the people and events behind the biggest civil disturbance in American history––a story that’s still playing out today.

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  • Brothejr
    This is a well researched and entertaining podcast. The writing is solid and the host is easy to listen to. Would be nice if fast forward was not disabled with this specific podcast.
  • Lammmmbbbs
    Great coverage and interviews!
    Love your podcasts! You cover the stories very well and bring up so much information that I never knew (being young at the time). Thank you so much for sharing. It makes me want to research and learn more! One tip: Y’all are missing the strong influence of Jehovah’s Witness religion & Rodney King’s mom in every decision that was made after his beating. Research that & you will be surprised how much you find that others blames on lawyers. JW would not be allowed to do any of the “worldly” things people wanted him to participate in. Look beyond their false claims to the public!
  • Zeegha
    Real Good!
    This is one of the best podcast series I’ve listened to besides American Scandals & American History Tellers. Keep up the good work! Fewer commercials/ads would be nice. Thanks!
  • SmithDoe70
    Watergate Series
    Loved the series. Intriguing and entertaining. Great research!
  • YourHighness92
    Great Podacst
    Love this new season. Easy to listen to, and Joel is an impeccable host.
  • kendralec
    Slate airing big oil’s climate misinformation
    Really disappointing to hear that Slate is airing ads from Exxon’s ongoing climate misinformation campaign. Their willingness to air advertisements so obviously written to mislead listeners in favor of big oil producers is a huge blow to my confidence in this news organization. Sorry, I draw a hard line on this one and would had loved to listen to this season of Slow Burn, but I will be unsubscribing.
  • nickname131
    Great New Season
    Love the new season; host is great. Some seasons are truly the best, others a bit lackluster. I found both the Tupac/Biggie season and the Iraq season to be less interesting, a little less memorable. Season 6 is starting strong, in particular liked the Latasha episode. It painted a very clear picture of both the surrounding larger context and the personal impact the tragedy had on Latasha’s family.
  • lizzardmelissa
    Love Joel Anderson
    i think the host Joel (one of my favorites from my favorite Hang Up and Listen) makes this slow burn season interesting to listen to. He has a great voice, good papsing, and I like the storytelling - esp in the Latasha episode. i like to listen to the slate plus segment first, and then the slow burn, so i know background before the episode. i am enjoying the show and thanks Joel!
  • rockychikka
    10/10 would recommend
    One of my favorite podcasts! This season on L.A. Riots is already so good. Important storytelling, a must listen
  • ppsrkrr
    Well done!
    So glad Slow Burn is covering this critical topic. Incredible storytelling, very well done.
  • ME.B.
    Groundbreaking, hard-hitting. Great podcast.
    I absolutely love this season, I can't stop thinking about Latasha Harlins’s story!!
  • blackreezus
    A podcast worth listening to!
    This podcast is amazing! There’s so many things I missed when following this story over the years. Joel is amazing!
  • cloughnn
    Great season
    Such an interesting season on an important topic. Can’t wait for next episode!
  • npgirl64
    Laughably Bad
    Predictably stale with nothing that hasn’t been hashed to death countless times before. Fresh as a loaf of 3-day old bread. Thank you, but NO.
  • Marknwm
    2nd episode
    Nvm,it popped up
  • dylanator247
    Is slate still trying to defund the police?
    Asking for a woke friend
  • xxuncxx
    Threatening violence = unsubscribe
    After the host threatened violence on Twitter in the middle of a fairly unhinged, censorious rant I decided to unsubscribe. I enjoyed Slow Burn but I’m not going to listen to/trust a podcast hosted by someone who thinks threats of violence are acceptable behavior.
  • ???@&&
    Knowledge of grammar
    Folks, “ Me and wife….” is such an obvious declension mistake you ought be embarrassed.
  • avidposcastfan
    Unbearable vocal fry
    Have listened to this podcast for years. The most recent season is unbearable due to fact that the female presenter insists on using vocal fry literally at the end of ever single sentence. So contrived and fake. I’m unsubscribing.
  • the jahlil okafor of podcasts
    Listen to blowback
  • jboy826
    Slow Burn
    Just fast forward through the ads and stop complaining OMG. People are so soft 😂
  • SFunk2002
    Steve Funk
    Back in 2002 when all of this was happening, I remember thinking that it was so obvious that Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Bush were overplaying the theeat to juatify their pre-determined goal to invade Iraq. What was so shocking is how the media went along with it and reported the Bush administration propaganda as if it were true and undisputed fact. Thanks for a great and well done podcast.
  • mtw00
    Four Stars for the First Four Seasons
    Season 5, I’m sorry guys, it wasn’t good. Seasons 1-4 were incredibly engrossing. With Season 5, it felt as if I was listening to an audio reading of the 2003 Iraq War Wiki page. I finished it bc I’m a completist, but it was a slog. I don’t know if it was the host, the production, or the interview style, but please do better next season. I was also incredibly disappointed with the fact that the creators gave an entire episode to Judy Miller. If you were going to do that, you needed a host who would go toe to toe with Judy; not cater to her. Giving Judy so much exposure while glossing over the Valerie Plame scandal was honestly so irresponsible of you.
  • 1JLC123
    Jesus on a tortilla?
    I was enjoying this podcast so much until this episode. Having lived in 1977, I would say this episode was completely unnecessary and tells you absolutely nothing about 1977. Just stupid and a waste of time.
  • hhlbbcnofnsmaspscapcstvcm
    A generally good podcast, if occasionally dull.
    Well produced, thoughtful, with non-annoying host and an intriguing plot? Sign me up. My only complaint is that the show is detailed… in some cases, too detail. This might not annoy everyone as much as it annoys me, but in some cases the detailed tangents make my attention wane.
  • sorry this is
    Very Sad
    Have enjoyed all previous Slate series, but the arrogance and immaturity of the person telling the Iraq story is too great of hurdle to overcome and so I have stopped listening. Do you not use editors?
  • Murderhornet1
    Just listen to “how to start a war” it has less commercials
    This feels like the cliffe notes of that book. You can get the audiobook from the library it’s pretty good and has a better narrator. Also this podcast is like 25 minutes long once you chop the ads and the wine club thing. What is this wine club thing? Very bizarre and unrelated to a news site, is this like the CEOs bad idea so the have to do it? Edit: no episode for two weeks? Are you joking? Podcast needs to be consistent or it’s a waste of everyone’s time. it pisses me off when news orgs do this. Why not complete the podcast before airing it so there is a consistent schedule? This is not Serial, nobody is gonna wait around for Noreen’s mediocre reporting and horrific voice.
  • ohio youth care specialist
    Informative and entertaining
    I’ve never really know much about the people in the seasons so after listening to season two I’m telling anyone I can about bill clinton. The narration in each episode is amazing!
  • Random Man, the other one
    Too many ads
    Despite the excellent quality of this podcast and the Political Gabfest, I am unsubscribing to all Slate podcasts because, simply, there are far too many ads. Their subscription model (which removes ads from the feed) is not viable in a podcast world with many providers. Some entity needs to unify podcasts from the major publishers and establish a single reasonable fee for access. It’s a pity, but goodbye Slate for now. You’ve pushed too far.
  • huenew
    I learned a lot.
  • GvilleAlchemist
    Was better before the dang Slate Wine Club nonsense
    Always informative, and offers a great place to start in researching and understanding historic controversies. But I’m dropping a star from my 5 stars because of the dang Slate Wineclub ad that this pod and every pod by Slate has been tacking on lately. Listen to 2 guys drink together over a zoom call? No thanks, I got enough of that experience during the Covid times.
  • D18384950482748
    Great program, then ads
    I have loved every season of Slow Burn. The interviews from both sides give us an unbiased view of what actually happened, broken down into 40-60 minute segments. I’m withholding 1 star because of this last season. Great subject, going over a narrative I was not aware of but there doesn’t seem to be enough substance since the last 15-20 minutes of the episodes are dedicated to other Slade podcasts that does not even fit the style or type of podcast that is Slow Burn. Hopefully next season focuses on the subject and not on other podcasts.
  • KenB1234
    Incredibly informative
    I didn’t live through a lot of the events this podcast talks about, and if I did, it was when I was too young to be paying much attention. The information, context, and narratives on this podcast are incredibly informative.
  • peaceloveandrockets
    Good show overall, but... Wine club boo! Who authorized this crap? If any one of us wanted to listen to anything with regard to wine we would have found a wine feed.
  • erindels
    Riveting on all counts!
    As a 30 year old I am learning so much I never knew. I knew the very basics of the Clinton impeachment and little about Watergate. I was in middle school during the War in Iraq. I’ve enjoyed learning so many details about these historic events from all sorts of perspectives!!!! Fascinating. I also really appreciate that they are neutral! Presenting the facts makes you see things without the media’s spin on it. Would have been helpful when these events were actually occurring. So much to be learned from all of this history!! Thanks to all involved in making this podcast possible!!
  • jroman1090
    Great content, but too many ads
    I have enjoyed the topics covered, but it’s annoying that there are ads every 4 minutes.
  • Eatsleepandrun
    Really interesting story
    I will start off by saying, everyone she interviews is quite good to listen to. Very riveting and hearing “from the source” was really awesome. The host herself isn’t my favorite but she does a fine job. A couple grammatical issues that got on my nerves but can be looked over. Otherwise she falls into some logical fallacies (like flawed zero sum arguments) that were incredibly annoying. But I enjoyed Slow Burn and whole NO season will ever beat out the one about skanky Bill Clinton, this one was good.
  • Snidley48
    I think she does a perfectly good job narrating and her voice is easy to listen to. I have no idea why people are critical of her. As to the point that one commentor made about rewriting history, I would say that what’s going on here is a correction to the false narrative that justified and encouraged an unnecessary war.
  • earthco77
    Another stellar chapter for Slow Burn
    I’m absolutely gobsmacked by the tenor of many of these reviews, especially the unwarranted criticisms of Noreen Malone’s voice. Y’all know that’s thinly-veiled misogyny, right? Jesus, people, pull the giant stick out of your butts and try being a little more humane. Ms. Malone does an excellent job as host and reporter, and she’s every bit as good as all the previous (men) reporters who have helmed this excellent podcast. There are many details of the Iraq War story I was not aware of, and I’m a die-hard news junkie. Congrats on the whole team for this fantastic season.
  • Davidjkeys
    Mostly awesome
    Really, really trying to get through the season about the Iraq war. So far all of the seasons have been incredible. I was in the Iraq war, I studied war and terrorism in college. It is an incredibly interesting story. Criticize it or support the 2003 Iraq War however you will— it’s an ingesting story with plenty of debatable morality. Ok. The storytelling in this season is just not being told very well. I had to abandon ship somewhere between episode three and five. It was all just kind of blurry and I wasn’t really listening anymore. It’s not always clear what the topic of each episode is. Some of it’s interesting, but it’s just so flat. I don’t agree with some of the reviews here which claim a political slant. I just don’t think the story was told well for this podcast. It’s a shame because the research is there. It’s just missing a bit of direction and often the topic is unclear.
  • missibarra_d
    4 minutes in
    And I just can’t listen to more of the Season 5 narrator. This podcast is usually one of my favorites, but very distracting with this unpleasant narration.
    Often great, but the ads
    The first two series, which discussed impeachment, were pretty great. The latest one ... idk, seems to be stretching pretty hard giving blogs a whole episode for their role in the Iraq War. Plus, the wine club podcast gets about half of the time of the later episodes, and it is frankly unlistenable between its incredibly bourgeois topic and the loudness and high pitched, grating voice of its host.
  • snekhunter
    Interesting but so many ads
    Story telling is excellent! However, there are way too many ads interspersed that ruin the flow. Enjoyed season 5 but not sure I will start another season just because of the obnoxious number of ad breaks
  • drawsomeface
    Great info interesting stories bad ad placement
    I am on the 3rd season now but have been listening to season 5 as it comes out so idk how season 4 is but I know the rest. I love the stories they tell, because they so often like to focus on people who have been forgotten to time and that has taught me a lot on historical events I knew but never really understood. The problem is how the podcast transitions to ads. It feels like the cuts happen while someone is talking and you miss what they say. They rarely say something like “we’ll get into that more after the break” or something to smoothly transition and that sometimes makes listening difficult. Otherwise it’s a great show and definitely worth listening to all the seasons.
  • vffjnhuibg
    Didn’t acknowledge dangers of Cipro
    Interesting and engaging podcast for the first 4 seasons definitely, and to some extent the 5th. Like others who have review I just wasn’t as compelled. I really wish they would have touched on how dangerous cipro and other fluroquinilones can be during the anthrax segment where they apparently heralded this highly reactive drug. My mom died from cipro so it’s a deeply personal issue for me and I really hated the lack of journalistic integrity there was in throwing around that drugs name without mentioning the severe effects it can cause on people who take it.
  • non Whitney Cummings fan
    Voice fry!!! Ear poison
    Ouch! That voice fry ruins what would be a totally enjoyable Bush war chronicle. Like totally, fer sher...
  • MattGaetz
    Watch Blowback
    If you want a good pod on the Iraq war watch Blowback season 1
  • it's just Gigi
    Seasons 1-2 were very good. Seasons 3-4 had their moments. However... They should have stopped while they were ahead. Season 5 is HORRIBLE!! Rewriting history is never a good idea. And the narrator (Noreen, I think) is not good. Not even a little bit. Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. And she sounds like she needs to swallow her spit. It’s gross. Just gross.
  • Luguentz D
    This show is fantastic
    I thought I knew the story of the Iraq War. As it turns out, I had no idea. Noreen's season of Slow Burn is brilliant, enlightening and the best podcast I've heard in a very long time.
  • mkp1721
    Issues with new season
    I have loved every season of slow burn so far, but I really don’t like this new season. The host seems so nice and the material is interesting, but the audio issues are super distracting? I can hear the host breathing into the mic when she’s listening to someone else talk and it makes my skin crawl. She also seems to fade away/towards the mic when she’s talking sometimes. I’ve really tried to like this season but the host has made it hard to pay attention to the story she’s telling :(
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