Business #102Careers #5

ZigZag, the business show about being human, returns as a member of the TED Audio Collective. 
Join this zig-zagging quest with Manoush Zomorodi (Host of NPR’s TED Radio Hour; Fast Company’s 100 Most Creative People in Business) to discover new ways we can align our professional ambitions with our personal values.

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Recent Reviews
  • JP4.0
    Excellent show
    Earnest. Thought provoking. Human.
  • Cochrane 628
    Thank you Manoush and Jen
    Everything that you talk about in here leaves my mouth open.
  • evemontiel
    Manoush is slaying
    This season has been phenomenal. Especially in time where people are trying to figure out where this country is going and how we move forward in times like these. I really love that her focus is helping people to align their passions with their jobs. This last season has been tremendously helpful to me and I’ve been sharing it with my friends. Thank you Manoush!
  • VeggiePH
    Insightful. Therapeutic. Unique.
    Manoush and Jen are amazing co-hosts with great chemistry whose curiosity and light-heartedness make this podcast a genre of its own. They informed me that there are a lot of people out there, besides myself, who think that techno-capitalism and socio-economic relations need genuine reform. Their guests aren’t household names but they are so insightful which makes this podcast worth listening to, in addition to the cute dork chemistry of Manoush and Jen. Capitalism is getting weird. People are trying to make the system actually work for them in terms of human development besides churning out money. And Manoush and Jen are on it! ☺️
  • JeffGetty1
    Great stories beautifully told
    I thought I knew everything about recycling but the episode where the hosted interviews a fourth generation recycler completely changed my understanding about second hand things. Also, it was inspiring. This podcast is a must-listen.
  • Jazzmine2023
    Fun inspirational podcasts with a sense of humor ;)
    I’ve enjoyed this podcast from the beginning ❤️😉. It’s enjoyable, fun, gives different perspectives on life and gives hope for the future (which we all can appreciate these days). Give it a listen 😉👍❤️✨🧉🍹
  • Rofleb
    Thank you Manoush
    No great words of wisdom from me today. I just want to thank you for helping me renew my connection with humanity. I am enjoying your work and want to help perpetuate it. Be well!
  • KatherineChrisman
    Clever, captivating, courageous
    This podcast shifts the conversation around technology and business to ask big, compelling questions about the impact on people, livelihoods, communities, and even ecosystems. It’s it both witty and genuine, not to mention wonderfully produced. I can’t recommend it enough.
  • PersySanchez
    So relatable and honest
    I love the approach to life the show brings... sometimes I can’t even describe it but listening to it just makes me feel so human and that we are all so similar. Love you Manoush! Keep it up!
  • Wayno_HUB
    Worth it.
    Great podcast. Start at the beginning if you can, take notes, think deeply. Then, go back and listen to Manoush on Note to Self. Inspired me to write, to seek my own way and truth.
  • cjromb
    I love this podcast. I started listening a week ago, and it’s woven itself into my consciousness already in so many wonderful ways.
  • sandamom
    Happy to have this podcast during these pandemic times. Quality stories, I feel like I am listening to a friend. Thank you!
  • Zap1000x
    Manoush is a great teacher
    Wherever Manoush turns her attention, I’m sure to learn something I didn’t know. She’s great at enlightening corners of the world I didn’t even know I would find fascinating.
  • ZlasN
    Brilliantly Human
    So insightful. So thoughtful. So wonderful.
  • EillomRellim
    Manoush is The Best!
    I love Manoush. I have followed her from before note to self was called Note to Self to Zigzag and then now to the TED Radio Hour. I love her personal style of interviewing. She sounds like she’s talking to you as a friend. Thank you so much, Manoush, for your amazing reporting. I also enjoyed Jen’s contributions and I’m sad not to hear her from time to time. Great season: Season five of Zigzag.
  • BudLightDarts
    Come back
    I sure hope there’s another season. I’m a Manoush groupie.
  • christina gaye
    Unexpected joys
    Everything I think about- social justice, soucial responsibility, the meaning of life- in one podcast focusing on....economics? I love it.
  • Jazzyjayz
    Late to the show!
    I don’t know how ZigZag season 5 episode 5 landed in my queue, but I became an instant fan. Now I have to go back and see what I’ve been missing.
  • jtucaz
    Excellent journalist, knowledgeable guests - enjoyable combination.
    I've been listening to Manoush Zomorodi since her Note to Self days and have always felt the shows introduced me to something new or helped to solidify a topic. The 2020 season of ZigZag continues this formula of excellent journalism/interview style, interesting topics and knowledgeable guests. ZigZag should be part of your favorite PodCast lineup.
  • KrystaAnn
    One of the best podcasts being made right now!
    I’ve been a fan of Manoush since Note to Self, but this podcast took it to a new level! So many people start businesses and then feel the pressure to gloss over the difficulties to make themselves seem more successful but the first seasons of Zig Zag felt so true to life in the struggles of entrepreneurship and innovation. The expansion into systemic issues and questions that face small business owners day-to-day mirrored my own path of inquiry. I think this podcast is essential listening for anyone interested in tech, media, business and what it means to be human in the early 21st century.
  • OKrayer
    The podcast we all need
    I’ve loved & listened to this podcast from the beginning. Manoush is an excellent guide to help you maneuver through the world of work. Her voice & interviews are even more valuable during these uncertain times.
  • Madforscramble
    Humans hard at work
    Manoush and gang explore the working world for all of its good and bad while sharing their own journey. They stumble, succeed, stumble, redirect, interview interesting professionals, and make me think differently about what I thought I knew about the working world. I won’t miss an episode!
  • BrownEyedBeauty83
    One of the best.
    I didn’t realize how much I loved ZigZag until it went away. So glad this is back!!!’
  • Mike33175
    Thursdays Just Got Better!
    So excited to hear Manoush is bringing ZigZag back! I’ve been with the show from the beginning and it has definitely been a zigzag! From crypto and blockchain to putting the humanity back in business (and for that matter, life in general), Manoush is always on point! With that warm, personal voice, it isn’t so much like listening to a podcast, but having a conversation with a trusted friend!
  • BJA3
    Love this podcast
    I love ZigZag. The hosts are fantastic
  • Gothamology
    These two!
    For the last two years the ZigZag team have been my companions as I went back from desk jobs to being an EMT. Few have Zigged and zagged as I have over my disjointed series of carrers, and this podcast gave me permisson to continue to not compromise, even if the cost seemed to make no sence. As ZigZag moves on to its next chapter, I wrapped up my stint at the Javitz as a small part of a machine pushing back at a pandemic. Thanks for all the episodes. I am cautiously optimistic. Hopefully someday there will be another season. Be well.
  • ashv3
    Not for me
    Relieved it’s over.
  • Nyx02
    Love you Manoush and Jen
    This has been an amazing journey. Good luck!
  • Swynk
    Inspiring storytelling!
    The most recent episode was ZigZag at its best—honest, funny, bittersweet, incisive, and featuring the fantastic chemistry between two hosts who have always inspired me. Fingers crossed that great things lie ahead for both of you! Your skill for shepherding us all into tough conversations and producing quality radio/podcasts will make both of you people I can’t wait to follow in the future!
  • blk_beard
    First episode
    I’m hooked . Journalism on the blockchain will produce a better product. Hope exists.
  • Otterkit
    Thank you for being around
    I'm the owner of a small landscaping business who has been trying for a zebra business before I knew there was a term for it. Thank you for being around. You guys brighten my day!
  • Rbw170
    Found my people.
    I am obsessed. I don’t own my own business, but am right-hand woman to a smart creative Female entrepreneur and this podcast is insightful professional development with a side of WE GOT THIS. I appreciate knowing that we’re not alone in wanting to run an ethical business and do right by our employees. 🤛🏽
  • Kimberlusial
    Get to the point
    A lot of patting themselves on the back for quitting their jobs and starting a business. Welcome to what the rest of us female business owners do every day without making a big deal about it. And then talking. About how amazing they are episode after episode after episode. It’s semi-unlistenable. Get ready to fast forward to get to any content.
  • boopsygirl
    A Real Look at Startups and Life
    I really enjoy this podcast even though I have no background or real interest in technology. Manoush and Jenn do a great job at teaching you why you should be concerned, involved or interested in different tech issues. They also are just so human and I love when they share about that aspect as well- they make me want to start a project with my BFF.
  • Laura laughing
    Never miss it
    Thank you! I’m still catching up on this season. I fear having big FAANGs in my neck in the night (vampire tech), and started following these journalists on WNYC 5 years ago. Long live life insight! I was a skeptic about blockchain from a woman’s, personal investor’s, and MBA’s perspective. Since the podcaster journalists have (almost) moved on from Civil and blockchain, I’ve struggled with work/career and family while following these podcasts. While I never attempted the 42 steps in Blockchain for Civil, my time listening here is not wasted.
  • aaumueller
    A rare miss by Radiotopia
    I’ll give anything by Radiotopia a chance, but this one needs to go. I was really excited to learn about the mystical bitcoin concept, but when that experiment failed, this podcast was left scrambling for purpose. There is potential here, but the host seems so judgmental towards people who uses amazon and other large corporations, and seems like she expects their untested business to be magically funded by someone without having to prove their worth. Less commentary and self sorrow by the host, and this one could be alright.
  • Smooth Op
    Fresh, modern and on point
    If you want real talk about what’s going on in the world of journalism, how it’s quickly changing and impacting you and society, subscribe and listen. Manoush and Jen pour their hearts and souls into each episode and make it one of my most anticipated podcasts I listen to. Highly recommended.
  • esouder125
    This has been my life and I love this!
    So, I'm decidedly older than this dynamic duo but what I find myself saying again and again and again to various audiences of people younger than me is that I/we/my generation (Gen X aka the forgotten and most marginalized generation) all feel, believe, wanted and still want everything that they and others are making into realities. I was among the early adopters of the belief that "just because it's always been done this way" was not a compelling or even rational reason for doing something. I was too young to jump during the dot.com era which was probably a good thing. So, my route through rebellion was going into companies and firms (I'm a lawyer by training) and finding the most bizarre and obscure ways to add value to the point that I disrupted every organization model out there save the miserable five years when I just played the game while having four kids so I got awesome maternity leave benefits . . . hey, we can all play this game! I JUST left my amazing law firm after 11 years to launch my own thing at 53 and couldn't be happier. I would love to help ensure that the messaging you are carrying forward expands in accessibility to more professional verticals and industries. I'm binging on season 1 and will leave a video note when I get to season 4. Y'all are a strong year ahead of me in the journey and I know I will have more concrete and current stories to share. All the best! Elizabeth
  • TenaciousCatholic
    I love this podcast
    I love this podcast and it is so inspiring for Me right now. I am trying to get my own business off the ground and it means the world to hear about a similar journey from two amazing brilliant people!
  • MegLeoManiac
    Love this show (and its hosts)
    This podcast goes above and beyond to deliver amazing stories and report news responsibly with authentic voices. This is what the future of journalism is.
  • MaryLizC
    Getting better and better
    I love how real these two can get. They explore in detail on subjects and ask good questions. Plus, I dig how they aren’t afraid to admit when things go south and they start to worry about the future. They don’t sugar coat real life.
  • Card1234
    I take it back
    I am halfway through Season 2 and I felt compelled to change my original review that was mostly focused on how I feel “blockchain is so boring” and how I missed Note to Self. Zigzag is coming into itself and Season 2 is so much better. I loved the memos episode and the episode about the news app. Can’t wait to finish the season, might go for a long walk this afternoon to keep listening. Great job!
  • Shuri the Wonder Kitten
    This podcast has taught me a lot, and it's an enjoyable listen.
  • sydney_neuro
    Fantastic show!
    I’ve been listening from the beginning and I love to hear the show evolve! If you’re at all interested in 1) entrepreneurship, 2) tech and/or blockchain, or 3) powerful women, CHECK IT OUT!
  • ashbyellow
    Bada$$ Boss B!tches
    Manoush and Jenn take us on their journey through the world of tech and podcasting. They are the Start-Up duo that I’ve always wanted to hear, because it’s unique to hear this kind of story coming from women. I loved Manoush and Jenn’s former show Note To Self but in this show, they get to be themselves and take us through this journey in cryptocurrency, teach us women just how unfriendly this currency is to non-males, and try to find investors. It’s a fun ride, even though sometimes the tech talk goes over my head.
  • Ksmith9956
    Finally giving up
    This had a lot of promise but just never delivered.
  • me today
    Great discovery!
    I just discovered the ZigZag podcast and really like it. I'm learning so much, keep up the good work. Thank you!
  • Vytaukas
    Love it
    The shows are super easy to listen to, engaging, funny, and I appreciate them sharing their story along with info. I’ve seen some criticism that they are not the first people to be narrating their own experience in a start up, but who cares? Not everyone can tell a good story, but they can, so I’m happy to listen along with them. Keep up the great work.
  • chuconyc212
    Super Excited About the Podcasts
    Heard Manoush’s explanation on BlockChain under 30 seconds on freakonimics. That is when I knew I must get more of her Podcasts I am feverishly searching all her other podcasts in an effort to catch up. Her narrative style is relatable and non snobby when explaining complex topics. Love it !
  • k8wma
    Mostly about the 2 hosts whom are clearly intelligent well spoken people. I am still unclear on what precisely they are developing/commercializing. Season one was about the blockchain but season 2 is a mess. I didn’t listen to their previous podcast but personally their strength lies with the personal aspect about quitting their stable jobs and trying something new and all the risks that go with it. The piece about truth in journalism is certainly relevant and compelling but it’s not the focus. Also, the civil token thing sounded dumb from the start.
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