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If your idea of saving is ordering the cheapest thing on the menu and your retirement plan at this point is to marry rich, we’re here with a podcast to help you get it together. The Betches Money Please podcast presented by introduces: Berna Anat, your personal financial hype woman. Think of her as your finance obsessed bestie/overexcited Google translator. Money Please is here to guide you through the complex world of personal finance, so you don’t have to listen to your hot-breath Facebook uncles anymore. Your wallet and bank account say thank you. For more Betches finance content, follow @whenshappyhr on Instagram.

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  • Sup Obsessed
    More please !!! Please ? 🙏
  • KaileyZ
    My favorite financial podcast
    Berna!! All of the topics covered are helpful and fun and your energy makes this podcast and learning about finances as a woman so enjoyable.
  • sq1000
    Berna we need more! I love this podcast! It’s so entertaining and richly informative. The guests are amazing. I use it to trick my partner into talking about money bc she loves Berna. We need more!
  • zetuslapetusbaby
    I need more episodes!!!
    Who knew you could enjoy a financial podcast?! Love the host, she made me laugh and definitely helped me change my money mindset. I’m ready for the next season!
  • PodcastGoose
    I listen to this and Status Post Adulting podcast for personal finance takes and love it, can’t wait for new episodes!
  • hi_mav
    Amazing info!
    So helpful and insightful. Love how episodes break down money in a digestible and entertaining way. Need more!
  • Gina Marie B.
    Love it!
    Where are the new episodes?!
  • AlmostMillionaire
    This podcast lacks depth on financial matters. That shallowness is okay with investing, because anything is better than nothing. However, her advice on credit and credit cards was very bad, so bad that it should be removed. Listeners should consider Dave Ramsey just to scrub their brains of this terrible advice. To Berna, please, please do some research and educate yourself.
  • allnicknanmesaretaken
    Love this podcast!!!
    I learn so much from this podcast and it’s SO easy to listen to- Berna has such an awesome personality and makes finances sound way less boring or scary!
  • soph_206
    1000000 stars!
    Making finance talk approachable, optimistic and (dare I say it) fun! Can’t get enough! Thank you!!!
  • slimshadyonezeroone
    Decent content when she sticks to actual financial content, but overall Berna is so unlikeable and violently woke while somehow keeping her head completely in the sand.
  • mmiranda325
    Empowering and fun!
    This show makes learning about finances both empowering and fun. I can help you change you mindset and your habits in meaningful and practical ways. Thank you, Berna, you are a queen!
  • millenialAF
    great content, annoying host
    this podcast from betches could easily be amazing and women could learn so much about money but honestly the host has so many annoying comments and talks like she’s 12 I can’t handle it
  • dumpster doggy
    name one thing better than Berna, I dare you
  • LSM912
    Informative and empowering
    This podcast is well researched, well produced, content rich and above everything else empowering. Perfectly done.
  • Redbuglane88
    This podcast is awesome. It has helped me to address my own issues surrounding my fears and know how to manage my money.
  • mn4628192
    New favorite podcast
    Cannot wait for season 2! This quickly became my favorite podcast and has already inspired me to make so many money moves
  • geminimama2020
    amazing podcast!!
    This podcast is fantastic, incredibly informative in such a positive and not at all boring way. Not only is Berna insightful and smart, her energy is so inviting and addicting. The episode Financial Feminism Sallie Krawcheck sucked me into becoming an avid listener, I feel more informed, educated, and empowered to take charge of my financial wellness after listening to this episode! Idk what took me so long to get on board to this awesome pod but y’all need to have a listen!
  • zzoorroo7
    Berna IS the only woman that talks some finance sense into my brain!
    Berna is the best! Great style, solid tips, amazing guests! Can’t believe this season is near the end already?!?! Look forward to more!!!
  • yomandiyo
    Berna is the bomb
    Couldn’t ask for a better podcast host! Berna is as funny as she is insightful and I can’t wait to see her keep shining!!! Love you B!
  • Moon Mia
    Stop the high pitched fake nagging
    It’s a great podcast with excellent information but Berna’s delivery with her high pitched fake nagging make it unbearable. Stop acting like you are a preteen girl taking about money. Be empowering and provide insightful money knowledge without the sarcastic annoying tone.
  • Vm1997
    I absolutely love this podcast! Berna's positive attitude, achievable tips & the variety of guests makes it fun and incredibly informative. I have learned so much already!!
  • nitpicky but necessary
    LOVE listening to Berna
    I would listen to Berna talk about anything - but luckily she talks about money and personal finance, which I want to know more about. Some of her advice seems basic, but it’s really about changing your perspective about money and saving. She makes talking money fun - a must listen!
  • SammyGAZ
    Love this
    I love this podcast. It’s easy to listen to and the guests are amazing. What I adore is the lack of shame when it comes to money mistakes. They show that money is a journey. Great job!
  • luxury guest
    Great podcast
    The host is a professional podcaster, the content is great, delivered in an engaging way. This is the best betches podcast yet.
  • Allie Cerp
    Love this
    This is an excellent beginner personal finance podcast. It’s approachable, fun, & makes everything feel possible. I’m so glad Betches launched this. I especially loved the episode on financial trauma- something that no one else talks about. It really left me thinking
  • Deems_89
    Great Podcast
    I’m only few episodes in, and I feel seen and understood by Berna. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for inviting great guests on. This podcast makes talking about, and understanding, money more accessible and less overwhelming.
  • penelopeyamauchi
    Thank you!
    I’m so happy this podcast exists. Thank you for making finances fun!
  • xxkenzxx1234
    Thank you so much, Betches, this is exactly what I needed. Looking for some inspiration and motivation for women, and this is perfect. Berna is great and I can’t wait to keep listening.
  • monica_vo
    Super engaging
    Right off the bat super engaging. It’s honestly really hard for me to get into a podcast if the host doesn’t have a good voice. No matter how good the material is, if the voice isn’t there I just can’t. IM SORRY. But this is definitely not the issue with this podcast. Her voice is super entertaining and the topics are relatable and easy to digest. I’m looking forward to the next episodes!
  • alimo15
    Berna is the best! already so excited for these conversations
  • katiex12
    so excited for this!
    just listened to the first episode and i know this pod is going into the weekly rotation. berna is super knowledgeable, fun, and makes learning about finance as a 20-something female seem doable. thanks to betches and berna for making this happen!
  • mon&ed
    So excited for this podcast!
    We need more women and women of color in the personal finance space! Berna is down-to-earth, knowledgeable, relatable, and hilarious! Can’t wait for this podcast!!!!
  • jfcuhb
    Say what ! Yessssss Berna
    So excited for this podcast ! Love Berna’s energy !!
  • emmahavi
    Can’t wait to hear all of Berna’s knowledge around personal finance and money!! This is going to be amazing.
  • 💜breather for life💜
    Please bring this back!
    Please bring this back!
  • S46795
    Bring this back!!
    I know this was tied to the release of the book of the same name, but this podcast was excellent. It’s so refreshing to listen to a career podcast created and hosted by smart women. Please bring this back!! :)
  • jdch6
    Hope this comes back!
    Loved this podcast (prob my favorite out of the betches pods) hope it comes back!
  • less_sm
    Where did y’all go!?!? It was getting good
  • amandabette
    Love this podcast
    So many inspiring stories. I wish there were more episodes!!
  • Allthatmattersarethestars
    Unprofessional. Need better CEOs than Snooki lol Barbara was the only good guest
  • badatbudgeting
    Amazing information
    All women should be listening to this podcast and writing notes! Great information given in a fun, and upbeat way :)
  • MGodly
    I loved the book & I love the podcast. Please don't stop making them!!
  • Am_C13
    So good!
    I love the book and this podcast is just as great! I wish there were more episodes. My favorite one is the budgeting one. Super helpful.
  • memefmmsmcmfd
    Working mom episode
    As a woman in healthcare I love the plastic surgeons episode! Amazing advice and real talk about the fear of “if and when I can have a family.” Once again, great podcast
  • MaddiePS
    I love this podcast - excited for what’s to come
    The first episode of this podcast was incredible. The experience the Betches have gotten through their other podcasts is paying off by this podcast hitting the nail on the head from the beginning. I am so excited for more episodes, to learn more about their experiences and the guests, and for WHH to come out.
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