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What does it mean to truly know a city? About the Journey is a travel show about venturing off the beaten path to better understand the places we visit. In Season 3, travel journalist and Marriott Bonvoy member Oneika Raymond visits under-the-radar neighborhoods in six iconic cities across the world. With the help of locals who know their neighborhoods best, Oneika learns what makes these places one-of-a-kind: from the sights, sounds and flavors, to the hidden gems, and so much more.About the Journey is a podcast produced by Marriott Bonvoy Traveler, AT WILL MEDIA, and Oneika Raymond. Listen and follow the show here.

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  • Summaexplores
    Short, sweet, and meaningful.
    I totally enjoy this podcast, it gets me in my travel mood! I also enjoy the deeper conversations and topics brought up in these episodes.
  • wildernessstar
    Vive le monde entier 🥰
    I hope we meet some day my friend. Love your show. Bises!
  • MegW730
    Get this woman a show on Travel Channel!!!
    Loving this podcast! Her voice is so inviting. Great variety of locations. Love the concept of highlighting road trip stops.
  • tinhornranger86
    Decent idea, horrible execution
    I’ve been on the look for a good travel diary type podcast for a long time and this has potential but it’s not it. No one wants to hear about you going to Wyoming dude. Go to a state that’s not one of the most boring in the US and then maybe I’ll give you a second thought.
  • surriiii
    perfect pandemic listening
    This couldn’t have come at a better time. Feels like an escape! LOVE hearing all the different local voices.
  • jmetravels
    Vacation for the Mind
    Oneika’s soothing voice calms me as I escape into this tropical road trip. Never thought of visiting Waikiki. Now I want to go.
  • Lataviax33
    Such a well made podcast! As someone who loves road trips and went on one this year because of COVID, this podcast makes me feel so nostalgic about it. It makes me want to go through the south and Oahu - two places I never would have thought to do a road trip!
  • Kajjers
    Beautiful stories and masterful narration
    Since we can’t travel right now, it’s great that we can get a taste in this podcast. Love the local color provided by the guests & can’t wait to visit the destinations myself.
  • hi_activelistener
    For those of us stuck at home but making plans!
    This is a great new podcast, especially for those of us who are stuck at home but still making plans for future travels. Love the variety of voices from each place. And the host is lovely, I could listen to her all day. Can't wait to hear where we go next :)
  • TravelerAZ
    Great Podcast!
    Great podcast! Podtening to it gets me excited to travel once it’s safe to do so.
  • Pods4Life
    Takes you on a journey
    Loving the way this show brings be out of my tiny apartment and into a new location. Can’t wait to do these road trips in real life some day!
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