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Hosted by Ben Cahn and Emil DeRosa — an unlicensed Wall Street trader and his skeptical best friend — The Trillionaire Mindset highlights the funnier side of the financial world. Analyzing popular stocks and rising trends in social media, Ben and Emil dive deep into the hilarious underbelly of our economy. New episodes every Monday.

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  • Bblaxten
    Rags to Riches
    I went from a lvl 1 noob to a lvl 100 mob boss. I have gone from a poor little small baby boy to a big Alpha chad with lots of money. Love my trillionare boys
  • V4Batman
    Love Ben and Emil!
    This podcast is rivaling TMG as my #1 favorite!
  • eddie_Flo
    Five Stars Baby
    second favorite podcast of all time 😎 congrats guys
  • Da Danesta
    Life changing wisdom. I loved when they said to quit your job, buy all available penny stocks, and get bottle service every night for the networking opportunities. Thank you so much boys!!! By the way, since TMG pod records in space, where do you guys record??
  • zmenab
    Funny and engaging, what else could a girl ask for?
    Two whole men explaining stock market and economy stuff without it feeling condescending or like mansplaining? Dreams do come true! 10/10 would recommend, thank you for validating my daddy issues. Can’t wait for family death!
  • Beanster 13
    stockmarket smackdown
    after 2 episodes of this podcast i’ve made the decision to drop out of college to trade penny stocks full-time! thanks to these two men’s enlightening knowledge I think I finally have a shot at becoming a trillionaire!
  • Jberrey1
    Took a page out of Ben’s book
    Ever since I started listening I’ve been puking on myself and crying in the bathroom just like Ben did all while making loads and loads of money
  • 1353366$4333
    tim cook please send the pod to the moon
    listened to the trailer and my bank account tripled. trillionaire mindset: ur the one.
  • TinyBeePee
    Golden Meat
    Currently dipping my tiny meat in a vat of gold from all the wealth this pod has allowed me to accumulate
  • Dab 137
    Just Some Guys Being Dudes
    What’s better than this?
  • Cotard's Cat
    I’m Mosseri 😂😂😂
    Haven’t been to work in two weeks. I just keep calling out to listen to each episode over and over again. I’m so mosseri to my employer. (P.S I have all made $500,000,000,000 since the first episode. Waiting for an episode on how to spend it now )
  • privacy email chains
    i don’t know if they’ll see this but please for christmas i’ve each other a kiss on the cheek
  • Tres Commas
    Will Eventually Overtake the TMG Podcast
    This podcast is so excellent that Cody and Noel stand little to no chance in competing with it. It is undoubtedly clear that The Tiny Meat Gang podcast has served its planetary purpose in creating a network for Trillionaire Mindset to exist on. I recommended this podcast to my brother, because he was a big vine user, and I told him “hey, Ben Cahn has a podcast now!” He replied “I don’t know who that is.” And that was the extent of our conversation.
  • Jonathan of Purple Isn't Six
    The only way to get rich quick
    This podcast is the only way to get rich quick. They know the way and even though it might not be the most glamoures….I was able to inherit so much money from my dad.
  • pigface7
    Came from TMG
    Came from TMG and so informed and excited after listening to the first episode. Can’t wait for the next
  • Whiteboi13
    Great podcast
    Love the podcast, definitely not what I expected from TMG but it’s a nice change of pace, I just need half of my family to die so I can inherit the money for me to lose 20k then make millions
    Saucy financial Boys
    I love this. These succulent and saucy money boys taught me how to go from a broke unappealing janitor who considered selling his body, to a hunky money man with a bathtub filled with platinum Trillin dollar coins. Keep up the good work.
  • Neema Sadeghi
    Comedic GENIUSES
    Best podcast ever. They are so funny and smart. Don’t even realize I’m learning.
  • Renna___39372
    My Favorite Finical Podcast
    The balance between comedy and financial conversations is perfect. The first two episodes are phenomenal and I would highly recommend listening to it if you ever wanted to dip your toes in stocks. (Or if you want a good laugh ;))
  • peenus pp
    Pretty good
    I’d commit tax fraud for them 👍
  • c.m.a.1217
    all facts. no cap.
    i made 6 trillion dollars from listening to this podcast.
  • fartlordadrianayas
    epic pod
    love the show and the chemistry between ben and emil :) rlly excited to see what other projects the studio comes up with keep up the good work guys i love u and the shows extremely epic
  • Noble R
    Stanford Business School cannot compete
    You can’t sue them
  • Video Game Playerer
    This podcast made me a trillionaire!
    Are listening to only 2 episodes of these geniuses, I quit my job and dropped out of school, and started listening to their advice. Now i am a trillionaire entrepreneur who makes billions everyday! Thanks Ben and Emil!
  • chimp jump is lit
    Way better than Stanford Business School
    Apple fans represent
  • filledeete
    10/10, hilarious
    And so sorry, I have to agree, Emil has a muppet voice
  • mj3746
    Put off my first day at my new job just to listen this. Kinda regret it but you guys told me to put five stars so here I guess
  • Lamar-
    Changed my life.
    Worth at least 200 docks.
  • Cade2611
    Glad to see Cody and Noel’s grandkids thriving
  • cmcbroom47
    These guys know what they’re talking about and they’re pretty funny.
  • YBdidthepodcastbetter
    Best Cooking Review Podcast Out Here
    God it's so hard to find a good cooking review podcast these days but these guys have really tickled my pickle. They are the audio versions of Mark Weins if I may be so bold. The way they describe the foods and the amazing sound quality of them chewing and slurping down food is unmatched. Definitely recommend. Also recommend checking out this other podcast about Dyson vacuums.
  • Alimkhan23
    Very good at giving financial advices
    You will 100% get rich by following their advices
  • Cumdawg Trillionaire
    Great pod, filed my lawsuit already!
    Great financial advice. First pod I've listened to that lets you file lawsuits for free.
  • ItsJimmerTime
    It’s Lit (but in B-Minor)
    Ben’s $DOGE iron condor call spread made me $6.9T and now I can pay off my squid game debt. Thanks
  • PokeAbe
    Mix of Entertainment, Economy and Education
    Trillionaire Mindset boys has it all! Highly recommend this podcast to the boys! They told me to quit me job but I went one step ahead and got a new job to listen while at work. And break up with my significant other. Thanks Ben and Emil! Keep it up!
  • KriJor
    Say no to penny stocks
    I enjoy this show and I’m a woman.
  • jacobllee
    i’m rich now
    i called in sick at work again and in less than 2hours i went from having $17 to having over 3 trillion dollars thanks boys!
  • Dr. Dinklebob
    Oh what I would give!
    I sold my house, quit my job, called in sick, dropped out of school, sold my dog, disowned my parents and ripped off both my arms and my legs because I was so inspired by these wise words!
  • Ana bell lee
    This podcast changed my life forever.
    I took the advice from the experts and called in to work today just to listen to this podcast. Since last week’s episode I have doubled my income and started a Fortune 500 company. If you are down bad like I was before finding Ben and Emil, you have to give these guys a listen.
  • lewidall
    Better than TMG?
    As much as I love Cody and Noel, I caught myself leaving their 208th episode, “American Squid Game” in order to listen to this episode. I think it’s because I care so deeply about securing the bag and Cody and Noel just don’t reflect it as much as “The Trillionaire Mindset” does I’m proud to be a part of the Trillionaire Army
  • gloflooo
    New fav podcast
    Feel like I’m learning money thanks but they also entertaining
  • danielledannyb
    Called out
    I called out of work, where’s my episode
  • camthorn
    My Mom Loves Emil
    I showed the first episode to my mom and her review was that I should look up Emil and see if he’s single because he’s “cute and smart”
  • Kris Phucker
    They funny.
  • kampthechamp
    What do I do with all this money
    As soon as I followed this pod I got 45.6 billion won deposited into my bank account
  • stilllovemanning
    Dave Ramsey could never
    took me from being a broke mid-20s college graduate with student loan debt to a broke mid-20s college graduate with student loan debt who buys a lottery ticket every time I go past a gas station. 5 stars
  • big ole moon vibes
    dumping all my savings into stock now
    straight up having a great time listening to this podcast. jeff besos is quaking in his boots after these guys made their way to the bizz man stage
  • Dr.Shuck
    Great potential
    I love the feeling of this podcast. The host bounce well off of each other and I’d love to learn about investments and laugh. I’m glad they committed to using the f word because that bothered me in the intro. Please go into index funds and other investment ideas.
  • Tonight Tonight
    rolling in it
    i made so much money. two seconds in. so much. i’m rich. so rich.
  • Mook Machinist
    Big Coin
    only one episode out and i'm already a multi-trillionaire! thanks ben and emil!
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