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ESPN fantasy experts Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Stephania Bell, Mike Clay and Daniel Dopp provide daily strategy, previews and injury reports.

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  • Purple Pain 21
    Love listening for the help and watching on Sundays! Love the help! Stephania rules!
  • RichieRichHJH
    Haters gonna hate
    I’ve been a loyal listener since discovering this glorious podcast in the 2018/2019 season. This podcast offers fantasy insight, had great ‘personalities’ represented on the show, and offers an overall positive presentation. I am finally taking the time to review, after seeing some of these 1 stars bashing the shows leader, Mathew Berry. One of the best things about the show is the various personalities that make it up, and shame on those taking time hating and spreading negativity rather than just moving on. There are plenty of other podcasts simply about the stats, without the personalities for those who simply want fantasy football on the plain. On behalf of all of us who enjoy some personality, positivity, and mediocre fantasy football advice with our morning coffee, THANK YOU Mathew, Field, Stephania, Daniel, Clay, Kieth, and and gang for the work and positivity you add to the show. Pay no attention to the haters, who gonna hate!
  • CSchill7
    Awesome Podcast
    Nobody likes the straight boring statistical podcast. I see a few comments ripping Berry and the crew for not getting RIGHT to football. They make it personal. It’s an awesome podcast with GREAT insight. Between this crew, this is my favorite podcast. So informative with Stephania, Field, Daniel and of course Matthew. Gives me a great laugh during my day at work along with amazing football advice.
  • ++Pimpin++
    Love it!
    I have been listening for about 5 years and love it. It used to be better when they weren’t constrained to the 1 hr time limit now that they show the video stream on Twitter and other apps. Miss the 1.5 hr pong preview of EVERY game and players on each team. Love the Berry rants and wish they allowed them time to have that and fantasy news and not limit to he 1 hr
  • tstelly18
    They’ll let a starting QB be started as a TE
    Can’t possibly give ESPN Fantasy a review above 1* after the Taysom Hill bull crap.
  • gsgshsbzjs
    For new FF players
    This podcast is an hour long. It takes a while for them to actually start talking about football. The suggestion/analysis on who to start or sit are pretty obvious. Mrs. Bell portion of the show is pretty useless if you have Twitter because she just reads off who’s injured and tells you how long she thinks the player will be out for. This goes on for about 15 minutes. I and Matthew Perry is like an annoying uncle who’s always interrupting and never really giving you good advice.
  • balloonkid26
    Do better ESPN
    While I do like Bells’s advice the podcast went into a toilet. Berry is awful, should be called “captain obvious”. He is mostly wrong and gives terrible advice. Plus he is just not funny even a little. ESPN, please get him off your program. He must have naked pictures of the executives because he should not be on any podcast.
  • BucksFan34
    Much better without Matthew Berry
    I love the insight and analysis from Field, Stephania, and Mike Clay. However, whenever Matthew Berry is on an episode it’s always him ranting about anything other than football. I appreciate Yates always trying to re-direct the conversation to football, but it’s very annoying at times to hear Berry rant. Additionally, you can’t title an episode “Week 11 rankings” and only talk about three players. Again, i appreciate all the work they put in, but PLEASE REPLACE MATTHEW BERRY WITH MIKE CLAY PERMANENTLY!!
  • Yurmthrslvrs
    Mathew berry is an American treasure.
    Love Mathew berry! I miss the days of Nate ravitz and pod Vader though. Field Yates is highly annoying. Nobody cares about you, Chapin, or Nantucket. Stay in your lane when the grown ups are talking. And Daniel dopp also, your input is useless. It sounds laborious and and and repetitive. I have tattoos and a beard also, I should apply for your job? Thankfully the ice cream cone, Stefania bell saves you all with actual professional credentials in her field. Eric Hutchinson fuxking hates field Yates, that’s why he can’t get into a theme song, I know it! Keep the food on their table Berry, don’t get bitter. Peace out!
  • thisplaceisclownshoes
    Garbage when it’s not obvious pickups
    STINK STANK STUNK. Week 11 waiver show was the 1st one that doesn’t help anyone. Congrats. Stick to making obvious suggestions early in the season.
  • Kopp12
    Fake reviews!!!!
    Apparently 5 word vocabulary Matthew Berry has asked people to leave 5 star reviews (pathetic), so you are not getting an honest score here. Drinking game: take drink every time Berry says like, listen, right, whatever, or you know. Be prepared to go the ER to get your stomach pumped.
  • JamesBond007007007
    Without Matty Exotic
    Hello there, I love you guys and have been honored to be apart of this community for years and years now. Field Yates and Matthew Berry are a blast to listen to! Glad to be here. Keep it up! Caleb
  • TMR Alfred Morris Rant
    Alfred Morris Rant
    I really enjoy listening to the ESPN Fantasy Focus football podcast. Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Stephania Bell, Daniel Dopp, and Kyle Soppe give very intelligent and informative fantasy football analysis, and they deliver it in a humorous and entertaining way that is a genuine pleasure to listen to. I also sincerely appreciate Mike Clay’s number-crunching statistical analysis and his focus on the data instead of “gut feelings” about players and their performances. And Stephania Bell does an excellent job of breaking down complicated medical injuries and explaining them in a digestible way to a numskull like me who has no medical or physiology background. Keep up the great work!!!
  • dhciccnfj
    What used to be so good...
    Has now become so lame. It’s somewhat usable for beginners in FF, but is basically useless for seasoned FF players as it gives no solid detailed game recaps, no in depth analysis and will also probably land behind the asinine ESPN+ paywall soon like the rest of their content.
  • temptgl87
    2020. Now even worse
    ESPN is now making almost all of their fantasy content apart of their + program which means the content that was once free for many many years, they are making you pay for. Just another ploy to squeeze as much money out of people as possible. As if we didn’t already have enough crap to pay for. Now, what was once an enjoyable escape has been turned into a money grab. I would highly recommend looking elsewhere for your content. There are some amazing alternative podcast and website options that do it for the fans, not the money. After years of being a subscriber, I have unsubscribed and deleted the podcast and app. A sad day for the fantasy community.
  • Carter Smith (Minnesota)
    Nothing Better
    I listen to every episode, everyday, no matter what. And although Matthew could care less and only really cares about the five stars that I did rate the podcast, I rather enjoy listening. I enjoy football every single second of the day, and the extra fantasy advice is just one more added plus. You can never be too careful when setting your lineup and the fantasy focus team gives you just a little extra assurance with your picks every week. My favorite podcast by far. (Also, what do I have to do to get an internship here?)
  • TheProLoser
    Secret Squirrel For Life
    Came to leave this after Listening to the show Daniel missed this week. I noticed I laughed significantly less. I love everyone on this show, you all rock, but Daniel: You’re hilarious. Keep it up guy.
  • Kcompton
    Best Fantasy Football podcast
    You guys are awesome! So glad I started listening.
  • Fat Sweaty Bulldog
    Good advice
    This podcast helps me consistently get 3rd place in my league every year!
  • coughingpanda
    The best in the business
    RIP Dak
  • Cbond16
    Keep matty exotic alive!
    My favorite podcast! I listen every day!! Whenever one of the big 3 isn’t there(Secret Squirrel, Matty Exotic or Field Minister) I’m always sad! Literally love this show - o and I’m 7-2 and in first place!
  • Rufus stixler
    No more Joe Exotic
    Five star review so we don’t have to hear Joe Exotic
  • 5starzzz!!!
    Cook is good at football
    Fo sho
  • uncfreak
    Save Chris Cote
    Bring Chris Cote back to Lebetard show ESPN.
  • Joecool97
    This podcast is absolutely what they say they are a mediocre fantasy football podcast. Totally 5 stars though they give it their all especially Kyle
  • SwaggyRodgers
    My Fantasy Ride or Die Podcast
    I love this podcast. The knowledge, and banter and chemistry make it a fantastic listen. I play in multiple leagues, 10-man standard, 14-man PPR, 16-man Dynasty League, and I get great nuggets of information for every league in the one podcast. I listen every day and across 4 leagues this year, I have only lost 4 games in total. I owe a lot of it to this podcast haha. Keep up the great content guys 😊
  • ashyclssy99
    The best
    Love the show guys !
  • Sgreache
    No buts
    Good show! They keep it real, give me great information, and have fun. I enjoy listening to them often.
  • osPaullyK
    Daily Listener
    It’s my first year playing fantasy and I love this podcast. I listen to every episode, every day and it’s not only educational and helpful, but also entertaining. 5/5
  • Jacky5K
    5 out of 5
    Dalvin Cook good at fantasy, check No more Mathew Berry, check
  • going tua superbowl
    If you ask for it....
    ...I shall deliver. Here’s 5 Matty B
  • kcassano13
    Free Matthew Berry!!!
    More Marty exotic??? Love the show guys
  • Cyndi mindy
    Loud Bark but no bite
    So here’s the breakdown, a great show overall. Entertaining but constant misses with picks on a regular basis. Not their fault, predicting the future is hard. With the backing of ESPN (I’m a company man) they should have the tools to analyze accurately but it doesn’t happen. Look elsewhere for good picks and advice but stick here for entertainment
  • Chris B221
    5 stars for no more Matty Exotic
    The best in the business. Except on Halloween.
  • TheFlyingSiegel
    Best Fantasy Show
    Please, Dear God, do not bring back Matty Exotic! Matthew Berry is alright I guess...#moremikeclay
  • Bdshxnckfkfkfmsmksjs
    Bring back Matty Exotic
    Matty Exotic needs to be a full time staple of the show.
  • Daguirre9613
    Greatest show in Football
    The entire crew is fantastic and complement each other. I hope we remain together for many many years to come.
  • yeaaaaadam
    Best Podcast
    Been listening for a couple years now, it’s easily the best source for reliable fantasy football information. Top Notch. A1 cast. If there is one thing to improve on I’d say more Mike Clay and dynasty pick ups and stashes
  • Bluuuurp
    5 Stars to get rid of Matthew Berry
    Long time listener first time reviewer. Seriously though I would do just about anything to have less random screaming and constant interruptions throughout the podcast. Seriously he is top 5 most annoying people in sports. Matty Exotic voice or not. Please less Matthew then you guys will have earned this 5 stars
  • suverkrubbe
    Mike Clay/Stephania Bell
    These 2 make the podcast. ESPN give them raises, we want more Mike Clay
  • Cowboys fan and fantasy Champ
    Dalvin Cook
    Found out he was good here. You guys saved my season!
  • ChiTown85
    Dalvin Cook is good at football
    Listen for more hard-hitting analysis and hot takes
  • Dudewheresmycalculator
    Ok advice
    I enjoy downloading and listening to this podcast that gives advice on Fantasy Football.
  • Nick from SC
    We need more Matty Exotic
    I’m entertained daily and appreciate the mediocre fantasy advice. I need more Matty Exotic + rants. I now work from home on a permanent basis and can’t rant to my coworkers about my fantasy team, so I need to hear the frustration of others to make me feel better.
  • theogrovezee
    06010 is the BEST
    Listen to this podcast live every morning. Absolutely love the 06010! Entertaining, funny, and advice that has helped me win my leagues year after year.
  • coldpoet
    Don’t stop!
    Please do more tiger king impersonations, just stay in character and stop dropping the accent.
  • nickbullo
    You’re Welcome
    Matthew told me to leave a 5 star review so here it is. Average fantasy advice at best.
  • IT support Bucharest Embassy
    Good trade - 5 star review for NO MORE Matty Exotica
    I love the show, everyone has a fun time and enjoys doing what they do. I like listening to them and have a good time listening to people who obviously love football talk about all the ins and outs of football. I take that deal with Merica - 5 stars for no Matty Exotica. I still like listening to Matthew just not Matty Exotica.
  • DesertGonzo
    Raw human emotion
    If you love fantasy football mixed with a little raw human emotion, this is your show. Listen or watch(YouTube) Matthew Berry go through the range of emotions discussing the highs and lows of his many issues with “things”. Love the show and the many tangents it veers into.
  • Champ $tyle
    GFY liberals
    Specifically Al. How’s that stock market doing now you f’n c0cksucker!
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