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  • Congdon Popcorn
    Best Frasier Podcast
    There are many reasons to love this podcast, including the DM’s perfect representation of Roz, Daphne’s ability to store burritos in her bodice, Niles’s new catchphrase “slyyyyy flourish,” Marty Crane’s meat locker surprise, and of course Eddie’s ferret wine. Lots of fun, and all the voices sound different so it’s really easy to follow. The sound quality is mwah! (Kisses fingers like a chef)
  • xharrsx
    Greetings adventurers great podcast
    Started on 301 went back and started from ep 1 currently up to 210 and can’t wait to catch up to watch the live stream great job keep up the good work
  • EllayB
    Praise well earned
    It took about 50 days, but I finally caught up from Ep 1 after previously consuming 2000+ hours of other actual play podcasts and video. Some were okay, some were pretty good, and a few were binge-worthy addictions. This podcast is one of the latter, with great RP and world-building, and hilarious moments that highlight emotional depth. Greetings Adventurers deserves its high rating and seems undervalued by the pro TTRPG community at large. Especially as they consistently show strong support for underrepresented groups. As a creator, I understand the time and effort that goes into something people consume for free. This group has not only maintained its consistent content output, they’ve also built upon it, and grown with it - all while keeping day jobs. After consuming so many podcasts, I still only support a few with my own hard earned money, and Greetings Adventurers is one of them. (Sorry Tim, it took 50 days to review, but to be fair, you’re reading this 6+ months later...)
  • Dragons and drunks
    Stole parents phone to write this
    You guys are awesome love you guys
  • Rukh Talos
    So, they woke up on slabs…
    And it’s been a wild ride ever since. What started out as a dark and grim story in a dark and grim setting was quite quickly subverted into the story of a group of friends trying to do their best to save the world while taking every opportunity to crack jokes and make references. But it hasn’t all been goofs and laughter. We have seen (well heard) characters grow, change, develop, and die. And then the characters made to replace those characters also died. No wonder the only remaining starting character decided to retire from adventuring. Type a 7 in chat if you want to see the cast. There’s the always “Happy to be here!” Tim Lanning, the often disappointed in her dice, Jennifer Cheek, chaotic neutral player, Mike Bachmann, the podcast’s biggest fangirl, Nika Howard, and trying to keep them all in line, the DM Micheal “Daddy” DiMauro. P.S. I kept telling myself that I’d review this podcast once I got caught up, but screw that. I’ve been behind on this for so long, I might as well review now, and see if I can catch up before it gets read on air.
  • That_girl!!!!
    Well I love to start podcasts from the beginning and I am on episode 32. I love this podcast so much I hope I never catch up to where you are now so I can binge listen forever! I laugh so loud and so often that my coworkers think I am crazy... which I probably am. Lol. P.S. I will always miss a good sly flourish. RIP Darkblade.
  • oceanjeremy
    How I Really Feel
    Sure, you have to call *Greetings, Adventurers* a comedy Dungeons and Dragons podcast because everything needs to be summed up somehow. But I don’t think of it as a comedy podcast, and I don’t think of it as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast. It really is funny — often even hilarious. And the cast members really do play Dungeons and Dragons, and we happy listeners get to follow them along on their adventures. I don’t think of it as comedy because it’s not scripted. The goofs are all organic. The laughs are all as much a surprise to the cast as they are to the listeners. I don’t think of it as a Dungeons and Dragons podcast because Dungeons and Dragons is just the vehicle they’re using to tell their stories. Sure there’s some talk about the rules, dice rolls, universe-building and all that. But that’s just a fraction of what this podcast is. What do I think of it as? I think of it as getting to hang out with my good friends. What makes this podcast so addictive is the real personalities and real friendships of the four main cast members and their occasional — but amazing — guests. I have never watched them live on Twitch. I don’t have a Twitter account. I’ve never been to any of their GeeklyCons or other live appearances or hangouts. I just pop in my earbuds and listen, usually while I’m doing dishes or other household chores. Every time I do it feels like I’m walking into a room with a bunch of nerds I know well and love well. It feels like a bunch of hugs. It feels like home. I started at episode 1 in August of 2018 and I’m now up to episode 240. At this rate I’ll be all caught up well before GeeklyCon 2021. I might just get tickets, drive up to Rochester from NYC and tell them all how I really feel. And how I really feel is, “You’ll always be Drunks and Dragons to me.”
  • Chewybambooie
    Great podcast
    Finally caught up after 3 months Can’t wait to watch the live stream Keep going guys you are amazing!!
  • icyeolf
    I just found this
    I just found this podcast. I’m on ep1. And so far so good!
  • Jaydbrac
    I finally hit episode 91 and holy hell. At 50:19 I had to listen to it multiple times because I was laughing too hard to hear what was going on. 5⭐️ 10/10 this is an amazing podcast.
  • Beegurl16
    Past me to future you
    I’m only on episode 24 right now and my chickens and I love this podcast! All I know is that you have set some high expectations for the next 300+ episodes. I’ll update this review if my chickens have further feedback 😆
  • Z Horne
    Amazing podcast! Totally worth listening from episode 1!
    I drive for UPS and you guys really take the stress out of things when it’s over 100 degrees outside. I’m always trying to figure out what crazy characters are going to appear. Everytime the episode ends I think back and over play Micheal’s voice as the dukes of hazards ending flying though the air .
  • RhaygarsgrumblingReview
    Great podcast but Tim owes me $$$
    77777777 sorry for the late review. I had to borrow my friends phone to leave a review. Entertaining and fun. It’s only taken me 3 months to get episode 333. early on Tim let slip that he had a horde guild on Wyrmrest Accord so I faction changed and transferred my account only to discover “in the future” that Tim was no longer active with WOW in 2020. Oh well there’s always shadowlands by the time Tim reads this. Dorkblade Sly flourish ftw. RIP Thomm and Bananas Foster. Uthgar take the wheel I look forward to finally catching up. Thanks for a great podcast.
  • nick v (quickquest88)
    I am so proud of you guys!!!
    Listening to do 362.5 right now. I am so proud that you guys are using your platform to try and make a positive change to the world. So many others have tried to ignore it, but things will never change if we do. I have been listening since the first episode I heard about a year ago. Listened to every one. I laugh out loud at least once during each episode, and you have become a set of friends I visit every week to laugh with.
  • Downcycle
    Flyyyy slurish
    Really glad I found your podcast! Coming to D&D late in life, I'm glad to have a place to learn and laugh. I've been DMing for a 6 and an 8 year old, with highlights like the 8yo having to save the 6yo from drowning after he tried to fight a friendly boat Captain... Just listened to episode 7, and with timely references like Brad Pitt in Troy, and unironic jokes about Bill Cosby, I know I'm in for a wild ride. I really love the characters and I'm excited to see how they get from those slabs... all the way to episode 362. Keep up the great work!
  • Gamegod69
    Kipper the eternal
    Awesome show ?’s for the cast Thrifty-what happened for mi boi kipper? Tim&Jennifer- is tower of grey long cryer’s tower?? Nika- which has been more fun min/maxed or themed characters Mike-would you have kept bearcharger if Jett wasn’t already planned?
  • Flaggon of Beans
    Best podcast out there!
    I finally got caught up after 3 years of listening, taking long breaks so I could binge for weeks. This is my favorite podcast. I love the groups dynamic and humor and the world that has been crafted by Michael keeps me intrigued. I’ve finally found a group of friends to play and we’ll be starting our first campaign this weekend. Thanks so much for all of the work you do! Love y’all!
  • Kel Elk Warrior
    1 ply
  • SK3L3TO
    Love your show!
    Listening to ep 361 and trying not to laugh and look like a crazy person at the grocery store. Love you all
  • W@rd0g!
    The funniest pod cast ever!!!!
    Love the show. Been listening since episode one. Said bye bye to Junpei. Shocked at Tum’s shocking death. Growing up with Bucky. For-saw Toms death. Missing Aludra and Jalea. Where have you gone mrs and mrs wyrmsbane. But love all the new characters and think the real hero is the group chemistry and Percy Hamhands! Keep going and Now I am sad because it takes a week for a new episode so I have been listening to each podcast three times as there isn’t anything as funny out there.
  • jwebbie1
    Appeal to the Gamers
    I love the show. I started DMing a campaign with my friends after listening to these guys play.
  • Mandapanda4567383
    The most fun you can have on a podcast
    It’s the middle of 2020 and I recently caught up to the 2016 election and the following despair and I wish I could go back to when we thought the election was the worst it was gonna get. I’ve been blessed with not only the content of the podcast, but the responses of the hosts to the social justice issues that have happened in real life. I’ve never been more proud to be a part of a community that is so inclusive and loving. I realized I needed to write a review and quit being a loser when my fiancé who doesn’t even listen to the podcast (because he’s a loser) retweeted a Tim Lanning tweet where he ruined a racist listener’s day for valuing property over people’s lives during the BLM protests. Keep up the great work and thank you for all the joy and support you bring on and off the show. Okay bye!!
  • rockhardalibi
    Finally a podcast for gamers
    I’ve been waiting so long to find a gaming podcast that respects my gaming lifestyle. Thank you Greetings Adventures for all you do for gamers!
  • Marko269s
    Didn’t think I’d enjoy it as much as I did.
    I started this podcast because I wanted to get some inspiration for a text-based rpg. I’m not that good at storytelling and wanted to take mental notes. At first I was gonna just listen to a couple of episodes, but somehow finished it.
  • Traeshamburgerstang
    RIP Trae
    7/7 stars & constant laughs I’ve been listening to the podcast since March of 2017 and have loved every episode. If not for Tim saying to only review the show when we get to being current I would’ve reviewed the show many a moon ago. Love the podcast and thought I’d review now that I’m to episode 337-338 and you guys are killing off my character Trae (that’s how it spelt don’t at me) Love, Trae
  • Man of Rapture
    Entertains from the first second.
    Update: I’m on episode 19 now, and could not stop laughing at everything that’s been happening. I listen to you guys while I wear a headphone (that I’m technically not supposed to have) at work, and I keep randomly and uncontrollably laughing (very loudly) while my coworkers look at me like I’m crazy. The other day, I got caught with my headphone in and my boss figured out why I was laughing without restraint. She asked what I listen to all day and I told her. The next day I got called into the office again, and she has a confession to make: SHE LISTENS TO YOU GUYS NOW, TOO! Thanks for giving us something to look forward to every week, it’ll be a long time until I catch up all the way, but you’re getting us all through strange times with your creativity and imagination. Best of all, you’re giving us laughter. Keep up the fantastic work!! - - - After having this podcast downloaded on my phone for years, I’ve finally taken the time to give it a shot. I have to say that I don’t have much knowledge with D&D beyond what I’ve gleaned from television, movies, and a few video games. These folks make it so much more than a game! They’re beyond entertaining to listen to, and the fact that they’re learning as they completely removes the intimidation factor of learning such a huge and complex game. I’m only on episode 8, but I know I’ll be hooked for as long as you are making episodes. One of these days, I’ll have to get my own dice and find a group myself. Thank you, guys!! Keep up the good work!
  • mrudhd
    just finished ep 209
    Hello from the past! If Mike Bachmann still exists he has to read this: “Kawaii nyan uwu thrifty-san nooo”. Aside from that, this podcast is my best friend! I started listening during pandemic time and I am loving it! Im waiting to come to geeklycon until I am 21 because being a random teen in a room full of drunk people sounds stressful! Ok bye!
  • SourHomeNJ
    Corpse F’er Redemption
    Thanks for giving my favorite character the sport he deserves! I love this podcast!
  • Cugare171
    My first review ever
    I love listening to guys. I stared about 6 months ago and just caught up. Thank you for all the laughs it has really helped me in some dark times. Keep up the good work. Dark blade was the best
  • Me2277229
    The Only Podcast Worth Listening To
    I have listened every week since episode two. I may be one of the last OG slabbers to write a review. I bought an iPad to do this. Listened to this podcast from episode one to current going on thirty times. Listened to every episode at least twice. I drive for a living so these guys keep me company about nine hours a day. I will be going to geeklycon 2021 and hopefully pax unplugged 2020 (corona willing). OK Bye.
  • Raebae2016
    Absolutely my favorite podcast
    Since 2020 has started, I have listened to way more podcasts than music and it’s mainly because I love this podcast so much, but also because this podcast introduced me to the world of actual play podcasts! It has also helped me through the some really really tough times. For a loner like me, sitting here with my cat, listening to the cast play, it’s almost like being with friends! I’ve grown to love each cast member and their characters (Baz will forever be my favorite though). I am happy to report that, this podcasts live episodes are the only live things I have EVER listened and thoroughly enjoyed. Love forever and hope to see y’all at Geeklycon some day!
  • Wrinkly Stuart
    Its gettin' gooder by the week
    After 8 months of hearing the cast mention how important reviews are, the point has finally gotten through. While I'm not sure if anything can satiate these fine folks' insatiable lust for Itunes reviews, I hope this at least helps scratch the itch.
  • Fan in a Jar
    Casual and hilarious
    So much fun!!
  • JennyPenny1014
    This Podcast is getting me through a rough year.
    TL;DR I am up to episode 193 and love and appreciate all of you for helping me get through one of the hardest years of my life. Over the summer of 2019 I moved back home to New York and have had trouble transferring my teaching certificate. I have been working for my parents as a paralegal rather than working the career I love and worked so hard for and waiting to begin my Masters Program. At the end of 2019 my fiancé let me know that his friends were starting a new campaign and asked me if I wanted to join them. Since I no longer have local friends and I’ve been interested in D&D for a while now, so I was happy to say yes, but realized I knew nothing beyond my fiancé liking it. The day after New Years I found this podcast and loved that when you all started, you didn’t know what was going on either. I was able to pick up most of how the game worked so that I didn’t look like a FOOL! Then, Covid-19 hit and I became that much more isolated. Having this podcast has really allowed for me to take time for myself and just enjoy some of this alone time while I’m in limbo. I just finished episode 193 (dealing with ol’HarpHarp’s death just when I really started liking his character). I then looked into GeeklyCon and saw 2020 was canceled, but it was in Ohio so I probably couldn’t have gone anyway. I know you haven’t hit the same state twoice, so out of curiosity I searched “GeeklyCon ny” and saw that it will be in Rochester in 2021! I decided to start saving money and getting tickets ASAP. You guys have really helped me get through these uncertain times and I just wanted to say I love and appreciate all of you so much. Hopefully I’ll see you in Rochester next year.
  • orca2684
    72 episodes in and still laughing so hard, great podcast for midnight watches while my ship is out at sea. Just have to stay out on the bridge wing so my watch team doesn’t hear my laughter. Keep up the great work guys and gals, and RIP Thum darkblade.
  • Joshy D!
    How do i work this?
    good day mate! I said good day! I love this group so much I sold my soul to Itunes in order to leave this review after 2 years of listening and 2 listen throughs i figured its finally time to say I love you and your beautiful bean footage {stop here tim} hehe
  • J93Grizz
    I've never played or had any notion of playing until I gave this podcast a try. Well done and now 3 friends and myself are going to try and start our own campaign. Well worth the listen. Might surprise you like it did me, a small town welder from Iowa.
  • undeadkerry
    Song bird
    Like the sweet song of the robin in the early morning, this podcast will make you loose sleep with it quick witted jokes and intresting story lines. hooked form ep 1.
  • Hsisjzhsusn
    This podcast makes me jizz my jorts!
    Well it only took me a year but I’ve finally caught up and I loved every second of this podcast. This podcast has helped me get through some long study sessions on my journey to become a surgical tech and I can’t thank y’all enough for all the laughs. PS: I’m still mad at Jayla and Aludra for killing Harper.
  • Darknesss922
    New phone another review
    Got a new phone wanted to leave another review I asked nika but she hasn’t seen it so I’ll ask everyone else is lanhi just Ruth from the ozarks ? Love the show guys thank you so much for all the quality content.
  • hertasi
    Sly My Dark Past Fourish
    (name is pronounced hair-ta-si) I started back in late November, early December so I'm only on episode 182 but they get me through the drive to and from work. My little brother got me hooked on the podcast....he's caught up with the podcast. If the name doesn’t look familiar, or even if it does, I am the one who tweeted about the boat sitting episode and the frozen ‘Rita treats.
  • Hurricane Schwartz
    I miss good old Percy Ham Hands definitely my favorite NPC white those hams tied to his hands
  • savysmarty
    My first review!
    Hello. This is my fist time leaving a review for a podcast. After a year I have finally caught up. But now I have to wait a week for new episodes to come out, so I will now have to fall asleep to dear internet. I want to play dnd, but me and my friends always end up cancelling, so this podcast fills the d20 shaped void in my heart. Ok bye
  • Silver hore
    Too silly to spoil
    I came here from bombarded crossover and have been binging ever since. When I got to the part about the hammer of sundering i immediately wanted to know who was going to sacrifice themselves to save drunkeros so I cheated and looked at the wiki. I was pretty sure it was going to be Aludra. The wiki, however, told me that Thom was going to trip with the hammer, falling on Fennekin and ending the demon apocalypse, leaving behind nothing but the hilt of blooddrinker and his petrified tail and dick. I thought FOR SURE it was some kind of prank. There was NO WAY that this podcast, as silly as it is, would make that the conclusion of their first major arc. I was doubly sure the wiki was trolling me when I read that Thom was to be replaced by a gross old monkey named bananas foster. That HAD to be a joke. To my surprise and horror all this did actually all come to pass, even the loathsome monkey. But to the credit of the players and DM it was all amazing and hilarious. I’ve come to love this podcast even thought describing it out of context sounds insane. PS Tim is a good baby and everyone loves him. PPS Aludra should’ve eaten the bacon at her bachelorette party.
  • CarrotyClover46
    I am just sitting here crying..
    I’ve been listening to the podcast starting from episode 1 and Tum Darkblade just died.. Love the podcast though. Any way to donate or anything?
  • 97nidoow
    You’re doing the devils work. Keep it up!
    You guys make my 12 hour work days fly by while this Covid 19 stuff is going around!
  • Nlarios
    I lol'd for realz. I played DnD once , but had been litsening to the great podcast and I must say it's pure gold. I can't make any game relevant jokes bc i'm not a NERD :) but I rolled a nat20 when I started this podcast. Cheers and don't be a Bird
  • Rumplestiltsken5
    Best random dnd podcast
    Y’all are amazing, coming straight from Arkansas. I don’t play dnd but would love to if I had the friends for it. The thing that makes me connect are all the little references of all the things that I love, whether it’s Buhh Allen thick from comedy bang bang or music that I didn’t know anyone else cared for, listening to needle in the hay right now or built to spill. Cowadonga!!
  • Ladowscar
    WARNING: addictive
    These friends are so fantastic, and fun, it convinced me to join a friends dnd group as a tiefling. Cannot say enough great things about this podcast and people. Also tried listening to other people do dnd podcasts and they weren’t half as entertaining.
  • ChelsG123
    Best Flash Pokémon TCG crossover to date
    G’day mate I love u all so much Tim is a good baby and everyone loves home fish buckets burritos flash ferret wine double poison draaaagon dicks 777 dark past slabs. Did I win???
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