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  • burndtketchup
    Burndtketchup #3
    The best podcast out there. I can’t wait to see Trant’s 3rd form. And I agree so (person reading this) is the hottest.
  • Madac83
    220 episodes down… xxxx more to go
    What journey it’s been so far. This is the best and in a way the most dangerous rpg actual play I’ve listened to… more on that in a little bit. You’ve made my 45 min commute to and from work much more pleasant, along with making my day at work go that much faster. I also love Tim’s slight and subtle way he references Steven King’s Dark Tower series. Now as much as I have laughed till my eyes are leaking… there are two “issues” I have with your amazing podcast. 1) while driving in heavy traffic, it can be difficult to concentrate on the road while laughing like you have never laughed in your life. And 2nd I can not share this with my young kids because I don’t want to scar them or risk the wraith of my wife. But in reality I’m willing to suffer those draw backs for such an incredibly funny show. Especially for one that has been going for as long as yours.
  • GrimmWilder
    One of my top DnD podcasts
    You guys always put a smile on my face with your crazy shenanigans and when you all roast each other. Keep up the great job can’t wait for “campaign 2”.
  • the real denton
    To fellow questies
    For 5 years I’ve listened to this wonderful and colorful podcast. Everyday at work it takes my mind of the slow passing time. I’m currently on my second run through and can’t find the words to say other than I really forking love this podcast and it’s cast. Keep up the great work you brilliant people! Btw Nika yer the most beautiful woman in the world. Can’t wait for more foamin tankard!
  • dmarteng
    Michael DiMauro is a sexy beast!
    I was introduced to the podcast in 2017 when Holden McNeely and Jake Young guest starred. I finally got a apple device to give this review. They are the first real play podcast that I got into and it’s so excellent. I was an essential worker when the pandemic stay at home orders happened and I decided to support their patreon at that time and it’s so worth it. Thanks for everything you do, and know you’ve helped out your community immensely during these trying times.
  • Mikeybonezzz
    45 Stars
    By Aludras Boob Burrito! Having stolen my friends phone, I have now left you 45 stars without tapping into the Apple store.
  • OrellanaF
    Great way to learn Dnd, worst way to keep coworkers from thinking you are clinically insane
    Hi from a Portuguese guy in Spain! Found you by accident during the beginning of the pandemic in March/April 2020 and started listening when I was sent back to work in May. You helped me get through going back to do something I don’t believe anymore and that I started to hate. You made it possible for me to endure hours of grueling work that just numbed me out with a smile and tons of laughs. Managed to go through 417 episodes in a little over a year, 2 or 3 days before I got to marry the love of my life (sorry Tim for taking so long to review). Will try to join the Twitch (despite the time zone difference) and the community (although the foruns are down?). Would love to get to meet you at GeeklyCon someday and wish you all the best! Thank you for being the genuinely great people you are!
  • TyphoidJohnny
    Ferret stuffing good
    One of the best DnD podcasts out there. Long time slabber on my third listening but this time with my lab mates. Thank y’all for keeping us sane in these dark times.
  • bluegreen731
    Absolutely Incredible
    I found this podcast at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 and have been listening through from episode 1 since then. I was going to wait until I had caught up to leave a review, but I heard the song Hey There, Cheryl at the end of Episode 213 and had to leave a review sooner. I laughed an cried, it was amazing. These players and awesome DM have brought light and levity to a miserable time in my life and in the world. Love you all and keep doing what you're doing.
  • Tom Harper's Half-Brother
    Never forgive Michael!
    So first off, I'll NEVER forgive Michael for trying to retcon that Harper didn't make sweet sweet cow love to Bearchargers Mom. With that out of the way, G'day mate. Love the pod. When Nica first came on the podcast, the cast finally started drinking (or at least that's the way it seemed). For that, you have my thanks Nica. I used to think Tim's wheedling for magic items was cute--heck, downright charming even--but after being a GM for the first time recently, the shine is coming off that apple real quick. To close, I'll hit you with a hot take: Bearcharger > Bananas Foster Best, -Kit
  • .Kelz.
    Stole my grandpas first gen iPad to review 👹
    Hello. I am 10 and love it when you guys and gals curse! I’ve learned so many new freakin words! 😜 But in all seriousness, I can’t get enough of the amazing world you all have built. Started listening a few months after that infamous spooky first recording. Michael, your DMing abilities are legendary. I’m glad you took your train conductor hat off long ago. Nika, I’m sincerely happy you found a group of friends that get your spirits up, and can’t wait to hear your stonecap to each episode ending. Jennifer, your characters are always so interesting and I love it when they all get together and you have to talk to yourself 😉 Mr. Baaaachman…… 7 7 7 7 7 7 7. Bananas Foster for president. Loved your last recap, it was thorough. Timothy “Christian Name” Lanning, you’re in big trouble for all the curse words you’ve said. This is your mom. Sly embellishment, or whatever. Sorry for rambling. I haven’t had my coffee yet. Yes, I’m Tim’s ten year old mother and I drink coffee. I’m a good baby and everybody loves me. Ok bye.
  • CyberEdge7
    Support in the Fantasy Community
    As a GM in Shadowrun, I found the NeoScum Podcast. From there, I was advised to check out your production. I mainly play Shadowrun but D&D is my first love. Well...and Winnie Cooper. I greatly enjoy your show, and I am pleased your GM won the Cy Young in 1996. Geek Lee Gary And yes, my real name is Lee Gary. Also, Lahni’s sandwich love can finally help Frasier find out what to do with those tossed salads and scrambled eggs.
  • XenoPhage
    Great podcast, but..
    Great podcast, loving every minute. Sunday I’ll catch up to the current episode. But…. I am getting a bit impatient for the bone cards tcg I ordered at the end of 2019. I know there was a pandemic, but I sent ask that money on the cards and the dumba$$es guide to bone cards.. you’d think they would have shown up by now. I suppose at this point, they’ll probably arrive around the time stony resurrects Tum…. Ugh. I want them so hard!
  • BestChadPhelps
    Greetings from the Apple store San Diego. Here on vacation friends wanted to go in and I couldn’t resist giving you the 5 stars you rightly earned. This podcast has brought me hours of entertainment! The Geekly Inc. network has given me so many podcasts to listen to and love. Love you all! Keep up the good work!
  • Recently unemployed
    Bigbys Magic Gland, FROM THE GROUND.
    It took 2 months but Im finally finished. From stranger to Slaber in 59 days. What do I do now? I haven’t spoken to a co-worker since May, which is going by make it all the more awkward when I cut off their fingers to make clones of them. Who is the person in my house, she seems nice but I can’t remember her name, so I’ve just been calling her shiny round. My dogs who I can only assume are named Bonana and Sabarros don’t understand why I won’t give them the burritos in my Boobs or why I keep taking their bones. What have you done to me? You are history’s greatest monsters. 5 stars tho, great podcast, 7/7 would lose their sanity here again.
  • A Struggler
    I'm sorry Tim it's been 4 years
    I've been listening to this show from the slabs since 2017 and I said I would wait till I was caught up to review. Well it's 2021 and I'm still only at episode 295, so this is for you Tim. This podcast means so much more to me than I could ever put in words. It started off as a way for me to learn the rules to the game, and now I can't imagine my life without it. Even though we've never met, the whole cast feels like close friends. Bachman and Tim never fail to make me laugh, Michael's DMing is beyond brilliant, Jennifer's kindness knows no bounds, and I live to hear Nika say "Hey, Michael?" to see what craziness follows! I hope you all see this just so you know how grateful I am for all the laughs and how your show was a constant for me during ups and downs! I'll never feel like I've finished writing this review because there are a million things I feel I need to say. If you're still reading reviews I might get to hear this by the time I catch up in 2030. Thank you all, ok bye!
  • fallenoffanewcliff
    long time listener...
    .. third time rev*ewer (you're welcome tim) Michael (of yer a wizzard fame) brings together a wonderful cast of Jennifer Cheek (of dear internet), Tim Lanning (of naruto reviewto), Bachmann (of gamecrimes), and Nika Howard (of onlyfams) to bring you a wonderful, heartfelt, outrageously funny dnd campaign shaped object (is it thesus's ship?). I enjoy this podcast so much, and I hope you all have a good night.
  • Truant285
    I finally did it after 6 years
    Through out these years my life has changed from being a college student to working in a lumber mill to an office job. You all have been there to pick me up and make me laugh when I had time to listen. I finally caught up. Nika is a sweet angel and both Michael’s being hot is amazing. I’m excited for everything to come and to tune in to the live streams……. Jennifer is awesome and Tim is pretty cool I guess…
  • boobearbrooke
    Insomnia talking
    I just put on GAPcast to try to fall asleep like I have hundreds of times before, and I got to thinking about how nuts it is that I’ve been listening to you fools yammer on for almost 10 years. Just an OG slabber crying in bed because I genuinely love you all. Each of you are more special than the contents of Zurds pockets, the whispers in Daisy’s heart, or the finest ancient creme brûlée. This pods cast has made a difference in my life -5 zillion stars.
  • TheWyenberg
    Look Tim, I’m reviewing before I’m caught up.
    Absolutely adore this podcast and these people. They’ve kept me company during work as an electrician, and I’ve only been shocked because of the pod 3-ish times. Made sure to come review before I’m caught up to make Tim happy. I’m on episode 416.
  • Glasswalkers
    Greetings Drunks and Dragons
    I’ve been listening from the very start, and though I was torn when Tom&Tum died and Jim-pie was Harpooned and taken away, i continued to listen from the slab! This show has kept me laughing for 9 almost 10 years, and I even Drew Toby killing a baby clone Tom, not sure if you saw it, in your Twitter Email, but lol take a look. I must thank you ask you helped me through a nasty Divorce & the death of a parent! 100% im your slabber, and maybe you can bring that space pirate as a bad guy, or port in Tum Dark Blade, to save the day from NewFoundMe Land which over tome became New new fountain land land. Thanks Again, Glasswalker
  • Rose Thornfield
    This podcast helped me figure out my sexuality!! Highly recommended!
  • hopieface
    I HAD to come to iTunes to leave a review for this awesome podcast! I discovered this group on an app that starts with the name of a dog and love them! They’ll make you laugh with their shenanigans! I’m currently on episode 123 and waiting for the day I hear my review on episode 469 or some other episode! Now excuse me while I lose sleep to catch up!
  • sggshshhs
    May never catch up :-(
    Love these guys and I have listened for years - through trump and covid and now Biden is president and it is July 2021. However, plotting my slow progress thus far yields a projection of catching up exactly never. Don’t get me wrong- I love it with all My heart… unlike others that crash through, I cannot listen at work and kids et cetera take up most of my time otherwise. Despite my sluggish listening, i can honestly say it has made my life richer. I was captivated on first listen of a random episode with a lich somewhere around episode 113. That inspiration led me to me being dm for my daughters friend group- shout out to the Sheroes! But for real, should I skip to current, rearrange my priorities or what? I want to be in the moment with y’all but I am stuck in the past, baby! Help!
  • Mo... of the Sand
    From 1 wife guy to another
    I love this podcast! My darling partner Jasper showed me this while I was in grad school, I picked up at episode 253 and caught up, now im starting at the beginning and I can’t wait for Nika to join and to meet Bananas Foster, learn about the jerk yurt, and more. Keep it dicey!
  • aking4298
    So fun and engaging
    I have been listening since day one of the podcast and love every moment of it even tho I’m a nut for the rules when they break them it flows so good
  • Phone2Bone
    Here to Bone……cards
    I started this podcast in 2018 while working long, exhausting and boring hours and this podcast kept me laughing maniacally for hours on end. Thank you guys for working so hard to create a great show. Tim, you are the best boy and Michael Bachmann you embody the spirit of Charlie from it’s always sunny: WILDCARD - Please keep being great.
  • Xylemexus
    The Show That Made Me The DM
    I found this show while looking for an actual play podcast to learn about how to play and because I was the one who went head first into this show I was nominated as the dm of the group! A group of friends and I have talked for a little over a year about starting a dnd game with no experience with dnd whatsoever, now on the very night of our first game and half way through my second listen through I will finally review the podcast that made me the dm of the group.
  • LordlyOgre
    Best podcast ever!!
    I cannot get enough of this show! I stared to play D&D with again with my friends for the first time in over 15 year. The chemistry between everyone is just too good for words. This show has helped me get through some real hard times. Thank you for the laughs and pleased keep the amazing show going on forever.
  • Wonko T. Sane
    Tim I promise I didn't wait to get caught up.
    Tim, I'm a slabber I'm writing this as I watch y'all record Epsiode 415 (Micheal just told Nika not to scratch her tattoo.) I'm only reviewing now because I have just figured out how. This is the one of the best actual play podcasts out there. The players really inhabit their characters and make me feel like I'm the fly on the wall (or Frank) in the Tower of Grey. 5 stars, 777 and sly flourish and bring back Barry Bluejeans. Thanks guys.
  • Ealasaid365
    Oh my gods I finally figured out how to leave a review!
    I was nearly caught up last year when I lost my job and the pandemic started, and I didn’t have podcast listening time anymore. I’m happy to report that I am working again and so I’ve been getting back into podcasts! Coming back to Greetings Adventurers was like coming back to a group of old friends. I was also delighted to discover that you’d started including your pronouns at the top of the show, as a non-binary person who uses they/them pronouns I really appreciate you helping to make asking for and offering pronouns more normal. Thanks for all you do!
  • Jonny Bubbles Scott
    Hands-down the best mailbag podcast
    If you ever want to listen to someone read iTunes reviews, this podcast is for you. All the Dungeons and dragons stuff at the beginning is cool, but the best part is about 45 minutes to an hour in. Tim, Jennifer, Nika, Michael, and Michael are all very sexy and good.
  • twitch the brewer 1.2
    Review rampage!!!!
    Someone better come and stop me! This is the third phone in the apple store I have infected with this contagious podcasts. It’s almost as contagious as the laughter from the wonderful cast. Also I need a beer. -Twitch the brewer 1.2
  • Twitch the brewer 1.1
    I shouldn’t be allowed in apple stores….
    Well here I am sober in an apple store…left alone with all these innocent phones. I guess I should defile as many as I can with this amazing podcast. This is number 2 of the day. In all seriousness listen to this amazing podcast! It will brighten your day and have you laughing maniacally, while the strangers around you stare at the crazy person. (You will be the crazy person) -Twitch the Brewer
  • Twitch the Brewer
    Is this real life?!?!
    Sitting in the apple store waiting to buy a new phone and I stumbled upon this podcast….just kidding! Long time listener that loves this phenomenal podcasts. The cast make you believe in a fantasy filled world narrated by thrifty. I would say curated, but he is regularly hilariously railroad business everyone else into something ridiculous. Definitely give this podcasts a listen. I have to go as I am sitting at a table of phones all of which need this glorious podcast downloaded! Bye!!!! -Twitch the Brewer
  • jgard1193
    Oops I thought I reviewed already
    I'm listening to them read reviews right now and they brought up parasocial relationship. I sure am glad that I have a real friendship with these people who don't know I am, and not a parasocial relationship. Also this is my favorite podcast review reviewing podcast. I can't wait to hear them read this review in a year
  • Amuia
    7 out of 5 Stars
    I love this podcast. It tells this epic, grandiose adventure starring hilarious, relatable characters. I’m on 285 currently. I wanted to wait to review until I was caught up, but I felt I owed the hosts one after I nearly died from laughter due to a simple lake obstacle
  • Zoltan13
    First podcast, best podcast
    I started looking for a podcast to learn how to play DND after reading the player’s handbook and DM guide. I didn’t understand everything it said so I decided to look for something where people are playing. I was very confused when the characters were much stronger it seemed than the character that I made. Come to find out they started out in 4e and it made more sense. I continued to listen and have now started multiple games for friends that I DM. Thanks for the many hours of content and for being the first podcast I’ve ever listened to and the only one I still listen to.
  • NinjaMachine
    Best podcast
    Got me and when my roommate doesn’t even have any! Just kidding. My girlfriend very good!!
  • TahoWF
    Behind on reviews, but ahead in my heart (and funny bone)
    Starting out with a time stamp so we can tell how long it takes for them to get to this review. This review is (re)written on October 27, 1985 I don’t use Apple Podcasts anymore, but opened the app to rewrite my previous (also 5 star) review. I love this podcast and have listened from time to time. What a great cast and great chemistry they have. The laughs abound. You may not get it, but your kids will love it. The characters plane shift all the everywhere. Where they’re going they don’t need roads. Michael DiMauro is the best DM ever. I hope he never makes like a tree and gets out of there!
  • berry-boiz
    That sweet Bach baby
    How long until an “oops all Bachmann” episode? All his characters meeting in a bar, this could be interesting!
  • SxyAvo
    Worst BDSM Roplay Podcast!
    This podcast is the worst bdsm podcast, with monks running around in a gimp suits, a dragon born that enjoys pain and being close to death, and a spicy gnome screwing a dragon, this bdsm podcast holds no real knowledge on the subject, but other then that the cast is hilarious, been listening for a little while, and I can’t wait to listen to future episodes!
  • itsjustanicknamedude
    They got jokes
    Some of them are even just ok! Remember when Tim couldn’t say sly flourish? I started listening a few years ago and find myself coming back for more and getting excited when episodes release, and it’s helped me take my own journey into sobriety. Now I play in too many games to drink and have started taking better care of myself after hearing it be normalized by the cast, 7 months sober July! Thanks for doing what you do.
  • OnePlumpChicken
    Cumbertonian has one more!
    Hey y’all! Was playing d&d IRL for the first time in like 15 years, all thanks to you wonderful folks so I stole some phones to leave some more reviews. You are all the best. PEACE!
  • Thewangatang
    Cumbertonian one more again
    Hey y’all. This is the best podcast. If there was a list of podcasts in order of best to worst, it would be at the top. No, wait, it IS at the top! Y’all are the best
  • katowl77
    Great fun!
    You’ve made the past crazy year a ton of fun! Found you when I was looking for a podcast to help me learn D&D. I started somewhat randomly at around 100, and I am glad that I will have a reason to go back to the beginning and listen when I catch up with your current eps! Thanks for sharing this. I am 100% on board with saying this is how D&D should be played! Totally fun. I am in my first campaign now. You’ve helped a ton with my learning process.
  • TimButSpoonfeedingAMonkey
    Everyone is like a pomegranate
    This podcast is sour as a lemon. This podcast is sweet as a peach. This podcast is your grandmothers aggressive hug and your aunts awkward kiss. It’s family. You might find yourself crying over a fictional wedding. You might find yourself upset over the fictional death of a misunderstood centaur (RIP Bearcharger). You might find yourself upset that an ancient monkey was crushed under the weight of a banana crate or however it happened. But you will never find yourself disappointed. I hope this never ends.
  • SlyFlourishingHamHands
    Sly flourish!!
    Hey geeky crew been listening for a long long time caught up a few times then fell behind again. Hopefully when I catch up Tim will be reading this. Love everything you guys do, keep making the world smile one show at a time! Love you guys!
  • wildpikachu
    Best Army Wives podcast on iTunes
    For real though, this podcast is comedy rose gold. I just caught up this past week and I regret waiting this long to review. With wonderfully crafted stories and characters, this podcast has the recommended daily dose of laughs and emotions to keep you satisfied every week. Go check out their subreddit (r/dndpodcast) for even more bean content. Keep the laughs coming, love you all. Sly Flourish!
  • a skymiles asian
    3 Long Years
    After listening to this show for three years and being absolutely in love with it you would think I would have a thoroughly planned review. I just think they’re neat.
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