Dungeons and Daddies

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A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast!

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  • Ngrypig
    Wild ride
    This is a wild ride. Why are you the way you are? I’ve come this far and I still feel like I know nothing about any of you. You’ve embodied your dads so fully that I’m concerned you may have trouble leaving your characters and returning to your daily lives. Thank you for that.
  • Primus246
    I am in love with this podcast! It brings a smile to my face almost every minute! Keep it up guys👍👍👍
  • em.ee.tee
    Come for the fun, stay for the feels.
    100% my favorite podcast, D&D-related or otherwise. The DM is an evil genius, the players are skilled improvisers, and the story is pure alchemy: funny, thrilling, infuriating, tense, poignant, heartbreaking, suspenseful, absurd, epic, and yet intimate. What more could you want (except more of my favorite character, Paeden)? It is a joy to listen to this wacky, disparate mix of characters grow into a real team.
  • bella baxford
    It is so good it is so funny and amazing I love Ron but I wish it would post more in the week. I really recommend this.
  • booklover960
    Hilarious & heartwarming
    The characters and hosts are all brilliant and I’m so invested in the story!
  • OGFlaya
    The perfect fix for your sometimes BDSM D&D needs.
    This was one of the best podcasts I've stumbled onto in my entire life. My wife and I listen to it religously and are so greatful to have a game that feels like we belong to during the pandemic. Thanks for keeping us laughing during a challenging time!
  • nickyjackson97
    Hooked by the first episode
    This is honestly the first TTRPG podcast that had me hooked from the very first episode. Real fun and goofy while still having a few serious moments which I love. Can’t wait to see where the story goes.
  • John C L
    Not a d and d podcast
    This podcast is super funny! But they are definitely not playing D and D. I’m only through about 20 eps and almost every combat encounter there’s a gamebreaking amount of disregard for basic combat rules. And I don’t mean niche subclass mechanics or whatever they’re straight up ignoring saving throws, legendary actions, even the basic action economy. I don’t consider myself a rules stickler and I honestly don’t even play d and d but I’ve listened to a couple podcasts and this is the only one where the rules ignoring is so egregiously gamebreaking I had to stop listening. Come for good jokes, don’t come for good d and d.
  • NoodleLadybug27
    This is the perfect thing to fill the dnd shaped hole in your heart
  • 🅱️ahamut
    I love you guys
    I remember back I believe back in December 2019 I was meeting up with my weekly group and my em suggested this to me and I’ve been listening since then. I’ve enjoyed every second of this, I find myself listening to the podcast episodes 6 times over and over just to hear the jokes and the crazy antics.
  • Chop father!
    My favorite
    I use to listen to a couple D&D podcast this is by far the best and only D&D podcast I listen to! Beth may makes the show it took a couple episodes to find out Ron stampler is an Uber cute chick!! But seriously they are all equally funny! Wish it was weekly but I take what I can get.
  • Astadeku
    Love the podcast
    It’s great! I binged all of it and the part where Henry did the farting thing I laughed soooooooo hard
  • Zebrathewildlion
    I am 16 not adult and listen to explicit podcast. I am you call ‘badboy’.
  • dabewley
    Friggin Hilarious
    Good quality, great jokes
  • nooooooooø
    Air pods
    When Henry said his favorite radio station was the wind, I was furious that he didn’t say he listens to them on his AIR pods. But it is a great podcast. 5 stars.
  • Streimtime
    Hilarious but...
    ... perhaps they should wrap up this campaign and start a new one?
  • Whiddikers
    This podcast is absolutely hilarious. There hasn’t been a single episode that hasn’t made me laugh out loud. It’s an incredibly entertaining story about four dads bumbling (sorry guys) through the Forgotten Realms. Each Dad is wonderful and brings their own personality, charm, and antics to the team. Although it’s primarily a comedy podcast, the DM Anthony is an exceptional storyteller and there is a great deal of excitement, adventure, and heartwarming moments thanks in no small part to his writing and characters. Even though the Dads usually find a way to circumvent what I’m sure would be cleverly crafted dungeons and dilemmas. The introduction always recaps the previous episode in a way that’s as entertaining as the podcast, and I always enjoy listening to everyone interact before they get into character and dive into the role playing. You don’t have to know anything about Dungeons and Dragons to listen to this podcast, you just have to appreciate a great story and love to laugh. Keep up the great work, gang!
  • BigfootDM
    Yo they’re mad funny
    This is fun and inventive. It’s far from crunchy gaming but it’s def D&D and the cast is great!
  • LarryWjr
    Beth May is great. Freddie Wong is great. Matt Arnold is great. Will Campos is great. Anthony Burch is a great dm considering the fact that his players are not playing dungeons and dragons at most times.
  • Okitahayashi
    Oh I can’t stop laughing
    Miss my dnd group so bad!!!!!!!!
  • LJG6811
    A delightful journey
    I started this podcast on a friend’s recommendation, even though D&D isn’t my thing, and I’m so glad I did! It’s one of the funniest, most dynamic podcasts out there. Be prepared, it’s great story-telling so sometimes there are sad bits. Start at episode 1 and enjoy!
  • new updates are frustrating
    I have laughed SO SO much
    I just started playing DnD, and my boyfriend got me into this podcast. I am laughing out loud constantly through every episode. The characters are not just funny, but played cleverly by their respective players.
  • asorr201094
    Very entertaining!
    This is by far the most entertaining podcast I’ve ever listened to! It’s made me laugh out loud every time I listen to it! One way to improve it would be to cut out the politics, other than that it’s great!
  • sydwig00
    started listening about a week ago and now i can’t go a day without listening to at least one episode. amazing podcast 100% recommend
  • Bigal26229
    So many laughs!!!!
    So I just started listening and can’t stop. Just listened to scammer, no scam. And can’t stop laughing at all!
  • dndN00b
    So funny
    I love this podcast. I am listening to 4-5 dnd podcasts and this is one of my favorites. The dad jokes are hilarious and the episode 12 intro was absolutely amazing!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂
  • CosmoFinchPan
    Very good
    My brother introduced me to Dungeons and Daddies; prior to this the only actual-play podcast I’d ever heard was The Adventure Zone. TAZ was fantastic and meaningful to me, and put me off of some other similar things. I can proudly say that Dungeons and Daddies easily lives up to the high standard I got from TAZ, both comedy-wise and story. The premise is very unique and well-executed, the jokes are hilarious, and the campaign idea has created an experience that could appeal to anyone, even if D&D isn’t exactly your thing. Well done.
  • Frank fredrickson
    Awesome podcast
    Everyone in my family loves this podcast. My wife and brothers all listen. Even though our lives have us spread across the World military family. We still enjoy listening and discussing the episodes. The players all mesh well together with their crazy antics. Definitely waiting for every new episode and hope the podcast goes on further.
  • paedan's adoptive parent
    i am forever ruined (but in a good way)
    this loose dnd podcast has completely taken away my ability to listen to any other dnd podcast because they just arent the same. i live in constant fear that the podcast will end and i will never find another that is even close to having the pure concentrated chaos that this does. i love it.
  • Hrebicik
    Top Tier Podcast!
    Been a big fan of this podcast for a very long time and just recently starting supporting via patreon. I love the dynamic between all the characters and even when things become meta or they don’t follow ever rule of D&D it’s still a wild ride. Hopefully the name I submitted will show up soon but even if it doesn’t, 5 stars and two thumbs up!!
  • wellactuallyislove
    Greatest podcast
    The newest episode was the biggest emotional roller coaster I’ve been on and it’s fantastic. I’ve literally stayed up and hour past the time I was heading to sleep but who cares about work. Most excited I’ve ever been. I love you all
  • Elle L. M.
    One of the very best podcasts out there
    Sweet, silly, and scintillating. I love this delightful podcast and am so grateful to everyone who makes it for their time and talents.
  • 🐶🐭🐹🐰🐯🐥🐣
    Deserving of a Pulitzer
    Whether that Pulitzer is in comedy or drama idrc but this show has made me cry an unfair amount of times. I’ll say it bc y’all are too cowardly to do so: it’s better than the adventure zone, because it’s not been adjusted to be more like an audio dramedy. I still love TAZ tho
  • princesssaltypeach
    Keep making episodes forever plz
    This podcast has consumed my life. My husband is obsessed with it too. We’ve agreed that if our kid isn’t like Paedon he’s getting shipped to Bullywog’s. Don’t understand that? Listen to the freaking podcast and you’ll side with us. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll question your morals. It’s just the best thing you’ll ever listen to. Oh and Ron4Eva <3
  • Danihogrich
    Ridiculously funny and fun
    By far my favorite podcast ever!! So funny and has a lot of heart. I never listen to podcasts twice or leave reviews, but I have to do both for this podcast.
  • Crashmandicoot
    The impov game is fire
    Daddies and dungeons, a better combination, I have not heard of
  • Ron Stampler
    I love this podcast and my dad also loves this podcast
  • Jmruiz96
    Funny but wish they knew the rules??
    I really love this concept and think this podcast is really good! Most of the time when there’s a little rule problem it’s fine no big deal it doesn’t change the game. And I get it- as a dm sometimes you can for the sake of the story- play loose with the rules for the sake of the narrative. But I got to episode 21 and there’s just like on really obvious rule that just breaks the entire encounter and I had to stop listening cuz like oof man. If you’re here for a funny live play podcast you’ll love it. If you actually like dnd might be a lil rough.
  • Scabbers3
    Best and most funny dnd podcast I have found yet
  • Ohheylookitsmax
    Hi Bored, I’m Dad!
    My job is terribly boring. I found a way to make the time pass by listening to podcasts, since I don’t need to hear to do my job. I started with radio dramas and eventually landed in the Forgotten Realms. Anthony, Freddie, Matt, Will, and Beth... Thank you guys for giving me a show that made 6-day work weeks, full of long overtime hours fly by. I started binging the series about a month ago. I’d go through several episodes in a day. I gotta say, I’m a little sad I have to wait for new episodes now. Since I’m officially caught up, I guess I’m at the beginning of a new journey with my favorite band of dads. One where I’m an active part of the viewer community. Where I wait, full of suspense for the next episode! I was bored... but now I’m DaD.
  • Alex99_KTM
    Best podcast I have ever listened to!
    This is the most entertaining and fun podcast ever, only on episode 6 but absolutely loving it. BTW don’t know what Birkenstocks are as well, hopefully I find out.
  • Elisa Valero
    Silly with a lot of heart.
    You know, I admit I started listening to this just for some dumb laughs, but as it progressed, I was really impressed with how much heart the characters bring. Now I really love this podcast. I listened to it primarily during a chunk of time when life was really stressful, and sneaking out for my daily walks with these dingdongs was the only part of the day when I felt like I could breathe easy and just enjoy something. Glad I got into it when I did. Hope others find this when they need it, too.
  • Uiedo
    Such a fun group to listen to.
    I’m finally reviewing this podcast even though I’m nearly up to date in September 2020! If you love comedic/dramatic role play by a great group of players, add this one to your list! BTW, Anthony, if you are reading this, spell requirements are as follows: V for Verbal, NOT visual! S for somatic (sign languagish). M is for materials. Part 3, Chapter 10 of PHB. Love you Guys and Gal!
  • Cogentx
    If you like NADDPOD or are someone trying new series after TAZ/CR, try this out.
  • minnowwheatswhale
    Hilarious and Heartwarming
    This is one of my absolute favorite podcasts, I’ve listened all the way through probably 4 times by now and I started listening in May 2020. It encouraged me to get into DnD, and now I play 3 times a week! There are heartbreaking moments as well as joyful ones, and it’s a reliably funny and good time with these hosts. I can’t recommend it enough! Even if you don’t play DnD, you can still enjoy the DaD.
  • kjmcc2
    Amazing pod
    This podcast inspired my friends and I to get into dnd and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. The podcast just keeps getting better and better and I can’t thank everyone enough for making it!!
  • SKIMMboarderOC
    For your thirst...
    Here is your external validation, just got through Ep. 1.
  • angie 108
    So Funny
    Their laughter gives me vast amounts of happiness. I was recommended this podcast by a friend and it’s the only thing I listen to now!
  • Bo0kw0rm
    The best real play podcast- plus dad jokes
    Never have I been sold on a podcast so fast. The characters are brilliant, the role play banter is so goddamn funny, and they’re actually telling a really heartfelt story about dads and their kids.
  • XxEpicGamer65xX
    No complaints at all
    Love listening to this while I study and. Amazing work, I can tell a lot of hours were put into making these episodes. Definitely keep up the good work.
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