Dungeons and Daddies

Comedy #49Improv #3

A Dungeons and Dragons podcast about four dads from our world transported into a realm of high fantasy and magic and their quest to rescue their sons.
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  • Mans93z
    Best D&D podcast I’ve ever listened to
    I was listening to this podcast over a couple months during my road-trips and there were some times where I had to pull over just to laugh because something so funny and ridiculous was said and everyone manages to get into their characters so much it makes you feel like it is actually them and Ron is by far the best character so funny for no reason whatsoever and he had all the emotional moments
  • CowboyHat702
    My brother introduced this podcast to me a few months ago. Now I’m addition to eagerly waiting for each new episode about the grandchildren, I’m re-listening to the original season! The chemistry between hosts is effortless and the comedic timing is impeccable.
  • whydoIneedanickname?.
    10 out of 5 stars
    I cannot speak highly enough of this podcast. I’ve never laughed so hard. This show packs the full range of emotions into it, I’ve laughed until I cried, and then just cried all in the same episode. Season one was an incredible journey, and the bonus content is fantastic. I cannot recommend this podcast enough.
  • the milkmans disciple
    Season 1 10/10 season 2 7/10
    Season one was amazing but season two is pretty boring so far. They went from being quirky mid aged dads who were teleported to a world of high fantasy to teens in high school. It’s kinda like what MHA did where they went from intense action back to “Aw jeez I sure hope I can pass this hero test.” After the set up from season one it just feels very anti climactic. Plus so far there aren’t any iconic characters like in season one there were amazing side characters from practically the beginning but here we are in ep 8 of season two and I can’t think of a single iconic character.
  • Cayson Doyle
    I’m dead from how funny this is!!!!
    I learned about this podcast from a friends and was iffy at first but I gave the first episode a listen and now I’m hooked. I absolutely love this podcast and not only has this podcast made me love it, it’s gotten into D&D it’s self and now I have my own campaign with a few buddies and we have a blast playing.
  • Xnandrr
    Can’t stop laughing and can’t stop listening
  • Avondtein
    Kids stink
    The show used to be good but now it's just 45 minutes of ads and 15 minutes of Anthony trying to gross everyone out with Lovecraft horror. Apparently they lost all their daddy magic when it comes to making podcasts…
  • Black guy 360
    Season1 is better
    I feel like season 2 should be a completely different thing. Season 1 was amazing and now I drag get thru episodes it’s like magic is gone
  • Lady Tarkleton
    Season 1 was amazing! Season 2…
    I have nothing bad to say about the first season. The story was great and the banter was great. Season 2 is leaving a much more bland taste in my mouth. The introductions and the banter are way too long. It’s now become more of a competition on who can make the funniest joke which is taking away from the story, abs it just all feels so forced. Not to mention a lot of the jokes feel like a big inside joke that I’m not privy to. I have been listening to episodes multiple times because I just don’t understand what is going on. Also, the episodes are a lot shorter than they used to be. I just don’t see where the story is going, abs wherever it’s going it’s taking forever to make any real progress. I will still be listening to the show because I do believe these guys and gal will be able to get back to what this podcast used to be: an enjoyable story to help get us all through our day.
  • strawberryswinging
    New Favorite Show!
    The amount of work that is put into this podcast is truly what differentiates it from the rest of the DnD podcasts I’ve heard. Not only is the DM amazing at writing and keeping the story rolling, but the players are also incredibly talented and seem to genuinely love creating the narrative together. I am only 14 episodes deep but it’s absolutely my new fav.
  • GreezyBoDeezy
    High quality content
    Super funny show. I would highly recommend this one. It’s one of the few podcasts that actually holds my attention.
  • DapperDan520
    2 episodes in and so far Dad Jokes have done the most damage
    As someone who is starting up a campaign and a first time DM, this podcast is the greatest thing I’ve come across. It’s real, and it’s fun, and I can’t wait to go on
  • lanceblu
    Best thing in the world
    Nothing makes my day better than a new episode from these guys 😂
  • warriorcats389
    Been listening this going to school and I am addicted! Also, scary, I am a cellist and it is amazing! Keep playing and stay scary!
  • Jthwilson
    Incredible world building #emotional
    In love with the characters and universe you all have created! Have often found myself counting the days until the next episode.Truly a Treat!
  • Redseaturtle4
    What happened to the kissing
    What happened to the kissing random people man?
  • John K 1102
    Love it!
    Hilarious, brings me back! Even the ads are funny! Found you by accident and enjoying the ride!
  • Cpt. Whiskey
    Better than TAZ. That’s right, I said it.
    Also the season two theme song is a banger. You guys are the best. Keep it up.
  • Gccxvfv
    Had to stop listening at work because its to funny
    This is one of the funniest podcasts I have listened to. I have loves this podcast since I found it. The only complaint I have is that I think the newer episodes have to many ads.
  • John Weisbord
    Too much daddy for you to handle!
    These dads will really get’cher motor going with they’re puns, quips, and can do attitude!
  • julianaceleste327
    Laughs every episode!
    My fiancé introduced me to this when I asked him why he’s always falling into fits of laughter in his office. Funny from the first episode!
  • Nielzabub
    Ron is a true dad.
    This has become one of my favorite podcasts. I love how Ron is somehow the most pathetic and most admirable character in the group. Beth is just perfect with her delivery.
  • megnaripd
    The funniest podcast I’ve ever heard
  • everythingisawful
    Long time fan
    I know that I probably wouldn’t make a good podcast in quarantine but everything really went down after the Oakvale arc (even though I’m a huge fan of later character additions, they really had no idea what to do with their guest or any kind of arc for that). This used to be my comfort podcast and now it just makes me anxious and sad, which is a shame because I think they’re a great group of creators who aren’t totally comfortable in this medium and just missed the mark. And also the weird animosity towards Freddie by Anthony/the cast makes for a lot of unpleasant banter and confusing story beats. Hope season 2 gives them a chance to learn and grow, but I’m not hanging my hat on it.
  • 'Yoshifu'
    Thanks for the Memories!
    I’m not a very emotional guy. There have been very few times I felt like I wanted to cry. (Still haven’t cried though) The only podcast that gave me heartfelt feelings that got me close to crying was wolf-359. At least that was true until I listened to this one! After I finished listening to wolf-359 I wanted to find more podcasts to fill the hole wolf-359 left. I even found this podcast accidentally actually. I was looking for podcasts on dragons (due to me running out of ideas for finding good podcasts). So when I found Dungeons and Daddies I was curious and clicked the link. I binged the first few episodes and I thought it was pretty good, so I started to follow the podcast. I have been listening ever since. I don’t think a season finale has ever broke me as bad as this one did. I wanted to cry so bad (still haven’t though) during the season finale that I literally couldn’t keep listening until I paused the podcast and took a break. That was a long week. Oh but, there was so many great laughs too! One time at around midnight I was listening to the dads, I literally woke up my entire family in the middle of the night due to me laughing. It took my family a 15 whole minutes to get me to stop and go to sleep. I did not sleep that night. Even when the story was slowing down it never got boring. The lore of the game world was deeper than I thought would be for a part time comedy podcast. This podcast had even helped me get through the Covid-19 lockdown. It also helped me feel better during the long months of me being depressed while laying in bed in my room and staring at the ceiling all day long. (I don’t feel like explaining why I was in that state for months on end) Before this podcast I had heard about DND before but never cared for it. When I started listening to this podcast though, it made me look at DND with a new light. In fact it’s because of this podcast that I now own several books on DND, pre-ordered a home brew campaign for 5e, and I even am making a home brew campaign to play with my siblings. I want to show them how much fun this game could be just like this podcast showed me. I’m sorry, I usually don’t write reviews for the things that I like so I’m sorry if this is just me ranting, but I felt that this podcast deserved a review due to how much it LITERALLY changed my life. I don’t know what I would even be doing right now if it wasn’t for you guys. Even if you stop making more I will always keep this podcast close to my heart. I also want to thank you for everything you guys have done, even if you guys don’t read this review I want to thank you anyways. Thank you for the laughs. Thank you for the great music. Thank you for being there during my time of need. Thank you for showing me what DND is all about. Thank you for changing my life. And most importantly thank you for all the memories. Keep making great content and never give up. Until the next episode, this is ‘Yoshifu’, signing off!
  • Gifunr
    Got me in tears !!!!
    Season 1 episode 61. All I could said that, it was the hardest to listen to this episode. Once I get home, I am going to give my dog a big hug!!! Bedside that, you guys are doing a wonderful job !!!!
  • jzilla506
    This podcast is hilarious. I’ve been binge listening to this podcast every spare second that I’m awake and can sneak it in without getting in trouble at work. They claim not to be a good example of D&D seems very false. I plan to start D&D in the next few days and along with the entertainment they also provide a little explanation on different types of rolls. Thanks dads. Your dice rolls have me rolling on the floor laughing
  • i have mono
    One of the best
    One of the best podcasts I’ve listened to.
  • Eroq
    Hella funny
    This is a great take on DND. Yay for funniness!
  • Stevechapattack93
    Best podcast!
    I randomly found this show (like all podcasts I find lol) and I absolutely love it! I knew very little about D&D and this has helped me learn some. Keep on keeping on!
  • doorjamjabbar
    Now ‘I tortured that guy’ just sitting in the toilet
    Now I tortured that guy just sitting in the toilet
  • DomRivs
    Currently on my second go around
    I can’t stop listening it’s 11/10
  • Gramma 2ollux
    My brother got me into this podcast recently and I have never found a dnd story so hilarious!!
  • banana bill fart man 136
    The best
  • tk0052
    This podcast is so much fun to listen to! I have desperately been wanting to learn how to play dnd and this just makes me want to even more!
  • TinyFaraday
    This is peak dnd podcast
    In all honesty, this is one top 3 podcasts for dungeons and dragons both in terms of originality and in terms of down-right comedic talent. I have never come across a podcast that could make me laugh as hard and as consistently as dungeons and daddies. While being fun and loose in terms of rules and dming it doesn’t lack world building or significant emotional beats. It’s like listening to a Saturday morning cartoon that is adult and 100x as funny. I put this, in my very humble opinion, above critical role for my favorites and perfect for any and all levels of dnd players!
  • Rmellor13
    These are some of the funniest people I have ever listened to! Amazing work and I can’t stop listening!
  • crlamke
    Great show. Everything about it is excellent.
    Great show! I listen on Android but wanted to weigh in here because this is the de facto reference for podcasts.
  • ACatSat
    It’s been a problem
    I have been listening to this while watching my baby. And I keep having to hold my laughter in to avoid waking him. Also made me cry. Dammit Anthony and Beth!
  • MadMusic26
    Can’t Stop Laughing!!
    My friends and family are incredibly annoyed that I won’t stop talking about this show 😆 And starting to become concerned when I laugh every time I get a call from our pal Scam Likely. Honestly this is exactly the kind of D&D podcast I was looking for. I love humor in my fantasy and this podcast provides! I’m around episode 35 right now and have been thoroughly entertained. Definitely worth a listen.
  • mg6686
    Season 1 was better
    If you’re new to this show start with season 1. It is a lot better than the new season (so far). With season 2, the group seems to have ratcheted up the “yes and”ing to 11. Every sentence seems to have multiple other people at the table trying to top it with something “funnier”. It ends up constantly stretching the comedic value of the bits. Season 1 just has less of it which improves the comedy of each episode overall.
  • Flagged do
    One of the most if not the most funny podcast out currently. Instantly got hooked on the first episode after starting it just to find something to sleep to and couldn’t stop audibly laughing.
  • urologyexpert
    The best podcast
    These people do not make enough money for the gold they write and come up with. I’m so impressed by each and every one of them.
  • superman_vii
    Hilarity at every turn
    This is literally just a bunch of friends having the absolute most fun playing D&D. I laugh so much every episode! It’s so fun and funny. I can’t recommend this podcast enough to everyone I know!
  • Toyaryadf
    If you like funny podcasts, or if you live love laugh, this is the pod for you. This is (NOT) BDSM ok!!!!!?!?
  • Sloujac
    Right up there with the best DnD podcasts!
    Also- Beth’s Ron voice gives me big Jeff from American Dad vibes.
  • WesTheRocketMann
    A great listen for us nerds
    Very funny, totally entertaining. I laughed out loud many times throughout each episode. If you are nerdy and need a good laugh, give this a try. It’s like hanging out with a bunch of dorky friends. Good job guys. Keep it up.
  • yaboi!!!!!!!!!!
    Very funny show
  • BostonTayTea
    Stellar story telling, hilarious jokes, beautiful moments, mediocre DnD. 5/4 John Wicks. Would Wick again.
  • like father like gun
    Super funny and wholesome podcast!
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