Dungeons and Daddies

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A Dungeons and Dragons podcast about four dads from our world transported into a realm of high fantasy and magic and their quest to rescue their sons.
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  • RateDunk
    Why five stars?
    I rated this podcast 5 stars because it’s the only podcast that uploads it’s new episodes at the bottom of it’s feed. Truly, I’m subscribed to too many podcast to humanely listen to and this here is the only podcast that does this. Thanks for the thumb exercises.
  • theaifriend
    Top tier content
    I’m on my third listen of the first season while I wait for new episodes of the second. Even after I finish the show I can’t help but feel the same way every time. I always want more. For sure one of the best podcasts to invest your time in
  • sicemkate
    Probably the perfect podcast. If you like to laugh, listen. If you like amazing story, listen. If you just want something to brighten your day, listen. My favorite podcast ever
  • I1E4
    10/10, would absolutely recommend to anyone with good taste
    This is probably the best dungeons and dragons podcast I’ve listend to. It’s absolutely amazing, and I’ve enjoyed every moment listening to it.
  • gorillachode69
    Kiss each other for me please
    I wish I could give everyone on this podcast a big fat kiss because I love them so much
  • fogd he
    fogd he
    fogd he
  • darkironman123
    Best DND podcast in a minute
    Hoesntly give it a shot sure the name is a little silly but I haven’t laughed this hard in such a long time it’s an amazing ride from the beginning and I’m only 8 episodes in.
  • kaitlin_cheers
    So good
    The only podcast that has made me laugh hysterically and cry all in one episode. I Absolutely adore this podcast and every person in it.
  • Riled Nerd
    Playing pretend at its finest!
    This is one of the funniest, emotional, and brilliant actual plays I’ve listened to. It doesn’t take long to become invested in the characters and care about their journey. The cast is perfect. The GM tells an excellent story and adapts smoothly to players decisions, while also coming up with character you can’t help but love and some you love to hate. I was weary going into season 2, but they found their bearings pretty quickly and are doing an amazing job on it too. Excited to hear all the adventures these folks get into.
  • StarKing0076
    Thank you
    I’ve been wanting to learn to play D&D for a long time, my friend and I both started listening and finally just decided to go for it, I’m DMing our first go. It’s been so fun learning and just needed to say thanks for inspiring us (mostly me). So genuinely, thanks. Also I’ve got dad jokes in my head all the time now and everyone is feeling the pain. >:)
  • wandafully
    Endlessly Creative & Funny
    I was finally prompted to leave a review after this most recent episode (9/6/22), because I was blown away — AGAIN — by how creative the recap is at the top of the episode. Every time I think they must have run out of wholly unique recap bits, they find another one that makes me hysterical. Some top favorites of mine have been country song, true crime podcast, the Lore spoof, and now the Dr. Manhattan time dilation bit. The creators on this show make every second of their episodes count in a way that very few podcasts do. Every podcast listener signs on for a few minutes of filler: credits, ads, introductions, recaps, and more. This show puts energy into every PART of the podcast, production included. I am charmed every time. Thank you for the hard work happening behind the scenes; we see it!
  • Grumble Revolreeb
    I was just introduced to this podcast. I am only two episodes in. I have laughed so much already. There is already more plot and content in this podcast than most major motion pictures. Excellent job by the Daddy Master and the rest of the daddies. Ron! I’d buy ya beer and give you a pat on the back sir. You’ll make it.
  • sonnydaze99
    Was skeptical but loved it
    I found it on a whim and fell in love with the cast between there back-asswards story telling and over all antics to mess with Anthony have kept me laughing. I can honestly say I’ve never like a podcast enough to binge the episodes. Less then a month and I’m almost done with season one!!
  • Big D Wtcc Podcast
    Wtcc Podcast Review
    This show is hands down one of my favorites the dad facts and the teen facts are some of the best parts. Excellent DMing and excellent character development, I love it!
  • doorjamjabbar
    The Cadillac of cars
    An unfolded napkin
  • player number (i dont know.)
    Unique and Hilarious!
    The characters are all so well developed already, the laid-back demeanors and the wacky and weird decisions make this podcast a pleasure to listen to - and I’m only on the first episode! Absolutely P H E N O M E N A L
    Best podcast I’ve listened too
    The humor is on point and everyone involved is hilarious, and that’s before the genuinely interesting story comes into play.
  • Lj James
    This podcast is amazing I love it so much I listen to it every time I’m at work
  • banana bill fart man 136
    The best
    Perfect podcast for me
  • Reviewasaurus Rex
    Top 5 podcast of all time
    Season one is absolutely incredible with amazing character development and story telling. You’ll laugh, cry, and feel as if you know every dad. after I finished season one, I am mediately started listening to it once again. Season two took a little bit to grow on me, but I’m really starting to enjoy it as well. looking forward to listening to this for years to come.
  • theCelticFriar
    One Episode In
    This was flipping hilarious. As a dad who loves playing D&D with his family … all the dad tropes are executed so well. Looking forward to Episode two!
  • tttttooooonnnnnniiiiiii
    I don’t usually take time to write reviews on much of anything, but this podcast deserves it! It’s absolutely hysterical. The hosts are extremely creative and whimsical. So glad I started listening!
    Now this is podcasting!
    Wanna laugh? Curious about D&D but not sure if you wanna start playing? Give this podcast a listen then all the sudden find yourself of tabletop top debt like I did! 5 out of 5 would recommend all around. All jokes aside if you are looking for something that is lighthearted and doesn’t take itself too seriously while also having a totally compelling story and keep you constantly laughing this is the podcast is for you.
  • chris.ti.naaa
    Episode 61
    WHY DOES THIS COMEDY DND PODCAST GOT ME UGLY CRYING!?!?!? 😭😭😭. But otherwise, this is an excellent, hysterical podcast, with the perfect mix of creative, chaotic, and heartfelt storytelling. ♥️♥️♥️ I can’t stop listening.
  • JonS868
    Hilariously Funny
    Just found this podcast perhaps the most Hilarious group I have ever listened to.
  • Sshinkle
    A Masterclass
    I’m convinced this is the greatest podcast of all time. Do they play hardcore D&D? No. Are they experts in storytelling and improv? Yes. Absolutely yes. Will you laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed in your life? Yes. Will you also cry because the story can take a devastating turn? Also yes. The world building is incredible. Everything about this podcast is incredible. You won’t regret listening.
  • greywolph
    Love it
    I love this podcast. I love the plot and the talk that goes on between the players and characters.
  • aschall247
    Beth May is the Best!
    Everyone on this show is great, but Beth May’s comedic timing is perfect. She is by far the funniest person I’ve ever listened to.
  • Angry Burrito Eater
    Daddy Please!
    I love this podcast so much. They play D&D fun and loose! They go outside of the box, and give extra creativity. I am never not laughing when I listen to this, and get a lot of weird looks at work when I bust out laughing! They’re all wonderful players, and the DM’s are great as well. I am all caught up, and I hate it. Can’t wait for the next episode! Hurry!
  • Dongzo
    Three out of five
    Love Anthony, Freddie and Beth! The other two constantly impose their own ideas into the scenes and squash the cool things that could happen if only they would just go with the flow (aka failing to “yes-and”). Not to mention they legit get angry and yell and argue way too much, which gets old fast.
  • Caroline Lynch
    Truly life changing
    Is it WILD to claim a D&D podcast can change your life? Probably so… but here we are, I’m doing it. I could not be more grateful for Beth May, Freddy Wong, Anthony Burch, Will Campos, Matt Arnold, and Jimmy Wong for gifting the world this treasure❤️
  • Cosmolu
    I can’t handle it
    It’s too freaking good. I’m completely hooked and am sad because someday it will be over. Which I guess means I’ll just have to listen to it all again. Thanks so much for the brilliant podcast!
  • GrandpaJacket
    Beauty, it just gets better
    so good, it makes you forget you were looking for a BDSM podcast Grandpa Jacket
  • Jaysun501
    The best podcast ever
    I don’t usually like podcasts but when I saw this one I fell in love with it and it is very funny and has a lot references of DnD.
  • Scrummasterj
    I’m hooked
    Well somehow I’m 10 episodes in and I don’t know what happened
  • Hi im a idoit
    Great podcast
    This show Is hilarious it had me wheezing 10 minutes in the first episodes. KEEP LISTENING.
  • LoveBay0607
    Favorite favorite ever
    This is such a good podcast. The production quality and love put into creating the story, universe, and individual characters is second to none. The dad jokes are the apple juice on the tippy top of the pyramid. Serious love for these guys and their beautiful, wacky, awesome dads.
  • Gmazing123
    This is a epic podcast
    I am waiting for the next episode and I am up to date on season two but I am to lazy to listen to all of season one
  • JinxDelareMaora
    Super Funny
    My dad actually recommended this podcast to me and it’s super funny, I love the dynamic these specific dad archetypes create :) The DM does an awesome job rolling with the punches and every episode is super unique and entertaining
  • em-million
    Absolutely obsessed with this podcast! I started listening at the recommendation of a friend and binged all of season 1 and what’s out on season 2! It’s the funniest podcast I’ve ever listened to!
  • solanadotexe
    Incredible show
    every bit of this show has me in stitches or crying my eyes out,,, I love this show so much. I started listening in the beginning of 2020 and it’s my emotional support silly podcast
  • Amanda.m.buck25
    How’d it make me cry?
    Stupid show made me cry
  • CurbFinder
    Great show…
    This show is almost perfect, except for one character.
  • 32_Smoke
    Y’all are great
    I started a new job and wanted to try some different besides music all day, you guys literally made me go all the way back to the first season an catch up in the last 2 months y’all are great.
  • Rons Neighbor
    Great interview into DnD
    This show was great it made me want to start playing DnD, it made me literally wheeze laughing so hard and puzzle me so much with their situations. I love the creativity and modern touch to the show, the only down side I can complain about with the reason I rated it 4 stars is because Ron (Beth) is a crutch most of the story being obnoxious and does not take most of the situations seriously. Which does get old fast knowing that Ron is just there for mediocre comedic relief.
  • Xnandrr
    This is the first DnD podcast I’ve listened to, but it was amazing and somehow was always able to make me smile and I got to say, the Ron - Daryl energy was the best part of the show in my opinion.
  • Aidan Lucas
    Listen to this Show!
    I’m a recent listener, and I just immediately fell in love with this show. I binged the first season in just a couple of weeks, I just couldn’t put it down! Engaging, hilarious, and outrageously good, Dungeons and Daddies is just an amazing story, and I’m looking forward to binging season 2! Keep up the good work!
  • Caytie T
    A fun listen!
    This podcast is very well thought out on the DM’s part and overall super fun to listen to. I don’t currently have a DND party so this helps fill that void too.
  • Clancyrat
    Really good!
    I really love dnd podcasts but I have adhd so it’s hard for me to keep track and pay attention to them but I have no issue following this podcast fully!! Really funny keep it up
  • RG51909
    You guys are doing an awesome job. Coming from a dad that enjoys DnD with his dad friends, I can relate. Recommending this podcast to all my awesome DnD friends.
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