Dungeons and Daddies

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A D&D real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into a realm of high fantasy and magic, and their quest to rescue their sons. Not a BDSM podcast!

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Recent Reviews
  • Cult_Schulte36
    Great podcast!
    My favorite podcast!!!
  • RaddestNick
    Great Show
    New listener, love the show!
  • Pickled_Ginger
    No-Nonsense About Nonsense
    Great podcast. Very funny.
  • Amc319
    Why didn’t I start this sooner 🤦🏻‍♀️
    Firstly, I’m not easy to impress and this podcast, by far, is my favorite! Every second of it is pure entertainment for the mind. Thank you daddies for all the great adventures, I recommend it to all my friends. It’s also my favorite podcast to ignore my co-workers and make work that much better. I am so upset I didn't start this sooner when I saw the first episode release but I’m really happy that I get the chance to binge a good amount per week. I have no idea what kind of withdrawals I’ll put myself through once I am all caught up… Please forgive me daddies for I have sinned.
  • KelvinROS
    I’m not a podcast guy, not even huge into DND But Dungeons and Daddies is amazing! Give it a shot, it’s extremely funny.
  • Bitbit13
    If you love DnD and dad jokes, this is the podcast for you
    I discovered this podcast from a commercial on a different podcast I listen to and this one, by far, is my favorite podcast! All the characters, pull you in and it’s great to listen to the cast just laugh and have a great time with their characters. The DM is amazing at coming up with things on the fly when the cast ruins his plans (like every DnD player ever lol) The story drags you in and it’s hilarious and yet still touches on some serious topics and does it well. Keep up the good work all! I can’t wait for what comes next!
  • god lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Clicks noice😏😏😏😏😏best thing ever morrrrrrre
  • Lo Lo Says
    I love this show haha
  • Rhiannon3721
    Fave Podcast
    I have not laughed this hard in so long, but this podcast also hits you with the feels!! I love everyone and their characters, and Anthony is the most patient DM I've ever listened too. He's the true hero! LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST.
  • mark1221
    Pretty fun!
    I listen at work and it helps my day feel less drab. I love the fun facts at the beginning. I’m so glad it got so erotic so fast! Thanks!
  • GranolaIsALie
    These daddies slay!
    This show is hilarious and just great storytelling about suburban dads in a Land of the Lost scenario! Too funny!
  • martyron
    Ron sells y’all
    Ron is hilarious I just feel like he’s going to get y’all killed
  • alderrose
    So funny
    Hilarious group of dads and priceless shenanigans. So nice to have a ridiculous version of a D&D podcast that has great role playing and hilarious settings. (Nice to get a break from serious high fantasy sometimes!!) Inspiration for running my own games — with more spontaneity and hilarity! Really appreciating it :)
  • Angeladawn14
    Actually laugh out loud funny
    My coworker suggested this podcast and with a name like “Dungeons and Daddies” how can you resist?! The cast is sooo delightfully hilarious and witty. I’m only on episode two, but I was re-listening with my husband and the bit from Henry Oak about “we could all dance the Charleston but this does give us a bit to chew on” was sooo brilliant and I didn’t realize until I re-listened. Love this show! I am always so excited to drive in my car so I can listen to it! I actually laugh out loud to this podcast, and not just a little giggle.
  • Vio_clown
    First impressions
    I just listened to episode 1 and I’m dying laughing and started following immediately!! This style of play is exactly how o play!! Excited to listen to all the episodes and hope Ron wins his son’s approval
  • squishysquashy05
    Simply amazing Well worth the listen.
  • Mixtape Majesty
    My favorite RPG podcast ever
    I’ve listened to a lot of RPG podcasts and played a lot of RPGs and this RPG podcast is my favorite ever. Yes Beth is my favorite. But they are all great. This pod also has the least heteronormative and least sexist RPG content I’ve listened to because for some reason that’s a big issue in the RPG community. We need more like Dungeons & Daddies!!! Love y’all!
  • Justin0583
    Even Better
    Absolutely love the guys & stories, but I accidentally did the best thing before my drive to work. Hit the 1/2 speed button, and turned it into Drunk Daddies.
  • DestinedMage7
    Great Listen!
    What a great podcast! I have been a fan of Rocket Jump and such for a long time, and I loved Story Break, but I was hesitant to come over here. Boy am I happy that I did! This is probably my favorite podcast now! (Also, for ep 24, there’s one review on IMDB that says that sea biscuit is just reverse ratatouille. Just one 1/10 review)
  • PeachyBuffalo11
    This made me want to become a daddy.
  • meadowmuffinz
    This is my second time listening from the beginning. This is my favorite podcast! They always keep me laughing and sometimes crying, can’t say enough good things about it 💞
  • jrock210
    Hilarious, Emotional, Outlandish, The Best
    My wife got mad because she thought Patreon was the payment method for OnlyFans. But I’ll gladly give my $5 a month to these guys even if it is on OnlyFans.
  • Anawesomewave9999
    Love love love these dads!!!
    Started listening to this on a whim, now I’m totally hooked! Laugh out loud funny
  • hdisowbdig
    Highlight of my day!
    Genuinely my favorite podcast i’ve ever listen to. Never a dull moment with these idiots and Anthony just trying to stay sane. Love the story and creativity. HILARIOUS and witty. Highly recommend. Thanks for the laughs Daddies!
  • HollyEEC
    Genuinely my favorite podcast
    A delightful balance of comedy and drama! Tons of chemistry among all the hosts, who seem to really enjoy and respect each other as friends and creators! The best editing I’ve encountered in any D&D podcast! (Seriously, it’s amazing how much of a difference such good editing makes.) I really couldn’t recommend it enough. I love these darn dads.
  • spoilthebeaner
    Rules light / cool heavy
    The rule of cool reigns supreme here. If you’re going to be bothered by players not using their characters to the max of their abilities , using items incorrectly or not at all and taking the worst possible path almost all of the time , you got a stick of butter up your nose.
  • Thunor63
    What a wild ride we have been on.
    Who doesn’t like horrid dad jokes that cause psychic damage? No? Not for you fine then how about a nunchuck swinging cover band lead singer? Check this one out it is good!
  • maddeyemoody1
    First podcast I’ve listened to!
    My husband would listen to this podcast while doing chores or showering and I found myself laughing in the other room. I’m on episode 5 and it is great!! Don’t have a favorite dad but I am partial to Ron since I had an emotionally unavailable step dad. 😂 Great job daddies! Can’t wait to get into it!
  • Drugged Druid
    I’m sad
    Never before has a podcast made me cry like when young Ron had to say goodbye to his dog.
  • Endallife
    Justice for Scam Likely!
    Well, you’ve gone and done it. You’ve released an episode that made me cry. First one since episode 30-something of Drunks and Dragons. Almost jumped through the Internet and killed Willy Stampler, myself. Amazing podcast
  • jacob potatoes
    Possibly the best podcast I've listened to
    I've been listening since the beginning. This podcast is a rare gem that makes me laugh every single time but also has its moments of pure wholesomeness and really deep emotional dialogue. They all do a fantastic job and it's awesome to see the things they're doing away from the podcast; they're just good people! Joining the Patreon finally was a fantastic choice too.
  • US Soldier.
    Ron needs a three stooges barrel
    I will keep this as a 1* review until Ron gets a barrel he can wear and hide in that maybe can transform into a shrubbery or a filing cabinet or something just plain ridiculous when he hides inside of it
  • Nightshade369
    Such entertainment!
    I look forward to every episode! This crew has me hooked and I enjoy listening so much.
  • Coffee Break
    Best Ever
    This is the best non-bdsm D+D podcast that I never knew I needed! Clever, fun, engaging… I love all of it. I laugh, I cry, I seriously question the “non-bdsm” portion of it at times. It SERIOUSLY is a delightful listen. Thanks for being awesome guys!
  • hoodeddude
  • hannah0jacobs
    If the Daddy Master is reading this marry me
  • Jakemister30
    If you want a fun PUNNYFUL podcast and bad dad jokes but lots of fun this is for you! I love the whole cast, Ron being my favorite. I listen to this any free time that i have. Makes you laugh and smile and even has some touching moments. Definitely the fun side of DnD 😊😊
  • Pimbles the Bread Boy
    One of the best actual play podcasts out there. It’s funny, charming, and a legitimately good story. The guests are always great too, really a great podcast. Rules are applied pretty loosely, just so you know, but if you don’t mind that kind of thing it’s one of the best out there.
  • kazuliankat
    So Glad I Took a Chance on Dungeons and Daddies
    A hilarious group who clearly get along really well — their dynamic is fantastic and the humour just flows. I’ve listened to fifteen episodes in three days, because I am now addicted to this podcast. I thought I wouldn’t have room in my heart to love another campaign as much as the original Adventure Zone, but I’m so glad I ended up taking a chance on another D&D podcast! I hope to be half as funny as Beth May one day. Can’t wait to get caught up on this show; thank you guys for helping get me through finals!!
  • SatansToast
    Insta-follow and 5-star review for the geologist rapper named Igneous B.I.G.
  • dungeos and daddies is amazing
    My favorite podcast
    I love this podcast love it so funny even if they don’t play it correctly but that what makes me laugh the most. But I think I know what Anthony a.k.a the DM is up to if you would like to know I won’t tell you but I am sure you can figure it out I mean lark , nick kinda give it away but love the podcast I hope they still do it even when or if they get out of the forgotten realm I am rooting for them and I found 2 D20 dice so I play along such A good podcast you should listen
  • Halofan3000
    One of the Best
    I absolutely love this group, and immediately subscribed to their Patreon for their bonus content. It isn’t a cut and dry D&D podcast, and it’s better that way. Instead of focusing on the mechanics, it focuses on the characters and their antics.
  • Parakozm
    Quite possibly the best D&D podcast out there
    This is a perfect D&D party: four creative players who trust in their “Rule of Cool” DM who rolls with the crazy character choices! Hilarious antics with touching moments of storytelling.
  • B-Law13
    I wish this was good
    Honestly most of the characters are terrible but they’re somewhat funny except for Ron. He’s definitely the worst dad out of the bunch. If the character is supposed to be unfunny and just overall bad then Beth May is playing him perfectly. And they’re kind of playing dnd but not sure if any of them actually know how to play or if they just don’t care because anytime there is any combat or another encounter all rules fly out the window and low level characters can just one shot a tough enemy that they would never stand a chance against normally. I really tried to like this podcast but it’s just bad overall. The only character that actually made me laugh was Peyton (or Peydon). I constantly forget what classes the characters are because it almost never comes up and they don’t play them correctly. It was a great concept for a dnd campaign but is poorly executed and I just wish it was good.
  • Venice Surfer...
    1st year amazing, 2nd - okay
    At the suggestion of a friend, I downloaded this to accompany me on a 8 hour drive from San Diego to NorCal and was so entertained, I arrived before I knew it and wanted to sit in the car to hear more. I knew nothing about D&D before this podcast, but it didn’t matter, the storyline, humor and fun that these folks bring to the material is great in its own right. Keep up the great work! Edit June 2021: It kind of jumped the shark when only the van was sucked down the vortex, now - rather than eager to hear what happens next, I let episodes accumulate and only listen when I’ve got nothing better to do. Entertaining enough and I’ll still leave it at 5*, when considering the series in its entirety but there’s definitely been a point of inflection.
  • cmtes19
    For real laugh out loud podcast
    On episode 5 and I’m hooked. I’ve actually never reviewed a pod cast before. Excellent job here. As I listen I imagine this as an animated Futurama style cartoon.
  • Jwolf90
    No show makes me laugh even close to this hard, haven’t missed an episode
  • MRDooh
    Ron Stampler for President
    Seriously a laugh out loud podcast.
  • Garrett The Fingerian
    The Best Podcast
    Funny, well done, Anthony Burch = S Tier DM.
  • EZysett
    Everything about this show, from the parody opens (the Radio Lab one was so good I thought my podcast app was malfunctioning and playing Radio Lab) to the cast chemistry and wit is flawless. Thank you so much for making this show for all of us!
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