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"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Lurch, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it.

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  • Charlie wiesss
    Dorks, every time I listen I regret it. How are these people relevant?
  • spartan james
    Hard Work Pays Off
    Love the work ethic of the dudes on the podcast in interviews, tournament connections and the course playing. All of them are great! Love the debates and the humor.
  • jmilligan42
    Great Podcast
    Great Podcast with awesome guys!
  • Eb33!
    Spare me
    When they aren’t doing ad reads, all the show consists of is them talking about how “awesome” they are. They aren’t. Barstool = glorified shock jocks. Give No Laying Up a listen instead.
  • joshua337
    Portnoy isn’t getting any support from me
    I’m out. Had enough of Portnoy and won’t support his business any longer. Plenty of places to get better content without the vulgarity implicit in Barstoll’s DNA.
  • Dave_az1
    Why is Frankie the way that he is? Just stop talking.
  • kubuh
    G4 golf shoes are for boomers🤣
    G4 golf shoes are for boomers
  • I'd like to remain anon
    Fading fast
    Great show when they used to actually discuss the game rather than themselves. If you’re older than 15, try No Laying Up
  • Zac35beast
    Always a good laugh
    This is my favorite podcast to listen to on flights. Keep up the good work fellas
  • dellygoat
    A valuable critique
    Someone put a ball gag into that pizza idiots pie hole so I don’t have to waste my time on his brain dead rants
  • Jehdhskan
    Frankie makes this podcast borderline unbearable.
    Don’t give up on the podcast if Frankie annoys you by how much he dwells and whines about everything. It gets better with time lol
  • whateverthough
    Team Frankie
    I came for the Ryder Cup content but plan to stay for the HEATED debates. U-S-A!!
  • Eric Dicap
    BRUTAL. listen to NLU
  • --1525--
    They don’t know what they’re talking about and are UnAmerican
  • does this pass the test
    Frankie V Riggs R&R
    I think we have our next great fight
  • supremegolfsux
    9/23 Episode
    Bringing on the random fan was the best! GO USA
  • Gary Dus
    Unsubscribe and 1 star.
  • mikeybanksey
    Need time stamps
    Love what they do for golf! Personally I think they’re YouTube content is much better than the actual podcast but overall great social media follows. The podcast NEEDS time stamps. I appreciate how they talk about way more than golf but sometimes the day before a big tournament or golf event I just want to listen to them break it down and talk about it and you have to skim through 2 hours of podcast searching for when they talk about what. Just please put time stamps for topics
  • Asdewpoi
    Love it!
    Great show. Great guys. I love their honesty and how much the old golf media whines about them. Only thing that could improve it is more Minihane guest appearances!
  • deraj21
    Who You Guys To Judge
    It’s hilarious how you folks constantly judged Bryson. You folks are in no position to pass judgement and talk down about him. He is 10x richer and more popular then you folks. Let that sink in…..mic drop
  • #71788
    LOVED Pat Perez
    Great podcast! Makes golf relatable for the common man and they are a great group of guys to listen to. Love the golf, love the guys, and can’t wait till they get tiger on the pod. Ppl will hate on pat but I love that he speaks his mind. He’s so transparent with y’all it’s great
  • golftecgirl
    Love the Show
    Great info about golf and what’s going on your. Funny stories, Trent always has smart comments, and love Frankie don’t understand all the hate. Entertaining for all listeners.
  • Reviewifenjoyed
    No bozo
    Been happy with it, Trent is great. Frank holds it down. No more Bozo
  • Mm6069
    Riggs Your Wrong
    If they were to win SanjayOr seewooo To win a gold medal they both would not have to go to military they both have deferred to Paris and if they do not win a medal they will be in the military
  • Gig'Em 18
    Frankie is a cancer to this show
    I love golf. I listen to this podcast because it is the best golf podcast out there. But, for every 10 minutes of recorded conversation l these guys will spend 3 of them talking about golf. The rest of it is Frankie not shutting up about hockey, his daddy’s restaurant, playing golf with hockey players, or just saying the word ‘’preposterous’’ because he has the vocabulary of the 14 year old from Long Island that he is. I think Dave portnoy should reassign Frankie to a hockey podcast called ‘’pucker up’’ because that would be something that Frankie is wildly successful with and would simultaneously get him out of my life.
  • Unit69696969
    Almost good
    If Frankie want as not on this would be great. Anytime Frankie speaks, I debate driving into oncoming traffic or the median.
  • Tico8
    I wanted to listen to a podcast about golf. Instead it’s a group of guys who play golf and talk out their weekend. I know you guys are all pushing to be PMT but it’s kind of getting to a point where you guys are pushing out garbage. I want golf. I want golf interviews. I want shot tips, club tips, and course tips. So many different people you can interview that is associated with golf but instead it’s guys taking about their weekend. I couldn’t a crap about the hosts personal lives. Don’t even know their names. I just want golf.
  • trevor vvvvv
    5 minute ad reads
    I love the podcasts but the 5 minute ad reads and frank trying to promote a product is just annoying. Keep it to 15-30 second boys.
  • Annoyed and bored
    New to golf
    Long time stoolie new to golf so I gave this a listen hated Frankie before this now I like him a lot. Riggs sounds like the coach from Home movies on adult so once you accept that he might be the same guy this show is very entertaining
  • go cards 2020
    Love the podcast and the creation of new content. Something I make plans to do every Tuesday and Thursday. Excellent listen!
  • geglne
    Great show - too much cussing, though!
    Especially Frankie! I love listening to you guys except for sometimes you all seem to go into the, “F-ing this,” and “F-ing that,” so frequently I have to shut off the podcast for awhile and let my ears rest for a bit… I am not a prude and use the term from time to time myself, but the frequency and ease that it rolls out your mouths sometimes… You all do it from time to time, but Frankie is the biggest offender of the phrase. Frankie - so you know it isn’t personal or that I don’t like you - you have the nicest swing of the bunch and the potential to be the best golfer in the group if you practice and applied yourself (and stopped cussing so much!). Trent! Pulling for you to break 100. It is easily within your ability. Now go get it! My promise - if you go three shows with less than 10 “F-ing this,” each (collectively among the group), I’ll up the rating to 5 stars!
  • domrob2318
    Absolutely amazing
    If you don’t like this podcast and the hosts then you have no heart and hate golf.
  • MJf24578
    You’ve got a better chance of getting laid than breaking 100 #rootingforyou
  • Golfer171
    Keep up the great work!
    Love listening to the pod and hearing the different perspectives on golf. Also, a few ideas for the future: 1) You all should bring Banks on as he does some high quality PGA coverage for Barstool 2) 4 man scramble versus Good Good Keep up the great work!
  • Pro-shhh
    Can you smell it?
    This show got real old. First year was Trent and Riggs show was great. Two golfers one avid golfer and one who played a couple times a year both love sports I general. They covered tour results, golf news, letters from gallery. Then Frankie as a guest was ok. Once Frankie was full time then Lurch I was out. Trent Daddy could start a pod about anything and it would be a success.
  • thegov
    Get a mic
    Great show, but please (I’m begging) get everyone to use a mic to improve the sound quality. Franky and Trent are always high quality sound but Riggs and Lurch sound quality is a mess.
  • freshsqueezey
    Great show. Frankie please stop.
    Brand new to the show. Absolutely love it. Great takes and funny guys. Frankie please just stop talking like 5 minutes sooner than you normally do and this podcast is perfect. I like most of your takes just… stop. Please.
  • iPotato95
    Ads and annoyance
    Between the 3 minute ad read ins and their attitudes, hard to keep listening. If you want a golf podcast that is people talking about golf and seriously trying to improve their games with 0 ads ever, go listen to “Chasing Scratch”. They’re hilarious and care about the game, not ad revenue and bad dialogue.
  • KuiuSucks
    Can Riggs not speak a Sentence where he doesn’t sound like he’s on the verge of running out of breath?? Breath my guy! I like listening to the guys, but sometimes they come across like they “know everything” about the game of golf… when In reality, these guys struggle to shoot in the 90’s, and have ALOT to learn.
  • Z9703
    Can’t stand Frankie
    He’s more and more unbearable every episode
  • Howi ee
    Get rid of Riggs
    The first rule of building a successful podcast is not having an annoying host like Riggs
  • former diehard fan
    Great and getting better
    I know there is a pandemic plus lots of travel for these guys to consider, but the in person pods they’ve done lately have been fantastic! I’ll be listening either way but hoping for more and more in person pods in the future. Also let’s go Trent, breaking 100 series is hands down the best content to date.
  • bogey machine
    Can’t handle Frankie
    I tried listening again after the PGA... still can’t do it. Frankie just makes my skin crawl. Why does everything he talks about have to be described as if it is some world changing event? It really is a shame that he ruins this for me because this podcast has potential to be my favorite.
  • Tylersnakefarm
    Such a great show
    Brings golf to the masses which I can appreciate! Trent, turn your mic down please! I get startled every time you chime in.
  • xxwellsxx
    Audio issues
    Content is good, the ads are way to long. The worst is the audio levels are always messed up. Trent is like steaming while Frankie is whispering
  • Trevor Ottman
    As a new listener (March 2021), I’ve started listening to some older episodes and each episode holds its own. The banter between the guys is great and their charisma is contagious. The guests are awesome and Riggs has really become a great interviewer. Thank you for making golf fun!
  • frannie liedon
    Talking about hockey is getting pretty old. Not really funny when y’all say “not a hockey podcast” then Frankie proceeds to ramble about some random team in the 5th most popular sport in the country.
  • Nhach34
    Trent is good. Riggs is too arrogant.
  • BlackPanthets
    Stop talking about the NY Islanders
    This is a golf podcast not a NY Islanders podcast. Seriously stop with the hockey talk. There is another better podcast on barstool that talks about hockey.
  • Twisted Fang
    Randomly tuned into two episodes and both started with race instead of golf so I’m out
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