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"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Lurch, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it.

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  • massena RR
    Was a great podcast
    Used to love when the pods would come out but Frankie does everything he can to talk about anything but golf. Find myself fast forwarding through half the podcast and shutting it off before the end.
  • jacksonturner
    Golf podcast that doesn’t talk about golf. Trent is cool tho.
  • tock172
    What is the point of this podcast? Came here in search of golf content, but it’s clearly lacking. Every discussion feels like a late-night, beer-fueled college dorm room bull session—and I love drinking beer! Things I don’t care about: Islanders hockey, Dan Rapaport’s opinion on anything, Frankie’s handicap. I don’t know why any of these guys are famous outside of golf and this podcast, so why would I care to hear their opinions on anything other than golf? Finally, it’s in line, not online. How is this even up for debate? The lack of intellect here is depressing.
  • Mike Riffice
    Thank you
    Gents…I thoroughly enjoy the pod and although Lurch will be missed, DRAP is a huge plus. It’s great to have you guys to listen to during my workday (I work from 0200-1700 daily for my job) and you all keep me laughing (and awake) all day long. I wish you could post the regular pods to YouTube sooner so I could watch a bit more…but love it nonetheless. I may be an old fan (56) but I am a fan…!
  • User5377
    Very entertaining
    Your always foreplay family Lurch
  • jschwets
    Bring back Lurch
    Bring back Lurch
  • dellygoat
    Frankie should be capped at 15 seconds he just repeats himself over and over and over again, you gotta know when to STOP talking
  • Chrisbaseball12
    Audio quality has gotten so bad
    Audio skips around CONSTANTLY. So difficult to follow conversations
  • YaoMingia
    Finally got rid of Lurch
    Best news of all time
  • Tj100000554322
    Best golf pod!
  • What whaaaat
    Has potential if they get back to being authentic
    Used to be avid listener. Riggs decision to ignore his skill level and constantly brag about his hdcp (which is completely inaccurate) has driven me away. Barstool was built on being real and authentic and show has gotten away from that. Supposed to be common man sports.
  • bdjebfnjfkrk
    Waste of time
    These guys sound like illiterate teenage girls saying “like” a thousand times and the F word constantly. Hard to listen to, don’t waste your time.
  • mr interval
    Too many “like” “it’s like”
    90 minute show and I counted: you guys said the word “like” 1,323 times. Completely annoying. Will never listen again.
  • zerickson1
    Not good
    These guys are just total clowns
  • Boogus36
    Good podcast
    Show is solid. An exhausting amount of Tiger talk. And when I say talk I mean a bunch of dudes gushing over Tiger repeating the same sentiment over and over to each other for an hour
  • trumplover45
    Expands my passion for the game
    About a year ago I stumbled upon the fore play YouTube channel. I had heard and seen barstool sports before but never in a golf setting. The dynamic of the four doofuses is incredible and makes my day better every time I tune in. I started playing golf 3 years ago as a high school player and the guests they have brought on have expanded my view of the game and brought myself so much knowledge and history I would have never learned without these guys. Cheers to many more adventures in this game (and hopefully a college golf scholarship)
  • LP55645
    LIV Tour Specific
    3-4 guys sit around and talk about the LIV tour for 80% of the time. The other 20% is just ad reads. Unfortunately, the ad reads are the most entertaining portion of the show.
  • Keithsixj
    “For the common man”
    This show used to give off vibes of weekend warriors and play once in a while golfer. This was when the show was entertaining. The main host Riggs has got to be the most anti common man golfer of all time. His arrogance and better than you attitude is extremely unenjoyable to listen to. My fear for this podcast is his friendships with pro golfers will only fuel this and make him “untouchable”. Seems like the podcast is a shell of itself.
  • Jumiry
    So a bunch of guys sit around and yap about things about which they have opinions. Who cares? Yawning.
  • Worstappofmylife
    When did Frankie become unbearable?
    Someone tell the little dough boy that his bits are overdone. The neuroticism was funny at the start but now it’s just ridiculous. Get over yourself and stop trying to be bigger than the show so it can get back to being good.
  • Jonboy532
    Left Handers Are People Too
    For those of us that love the “Aint No Hobby” gear, it was disappointing to see that lefties have been excluded from being able to buy the golf glove being sold. We’re people too, guys. I’m particularly disappointed in Frankie (for obvious reasons). I’ll still give a 5 star rating because I love the podcast.
  • CoastieJ
    Great Show but….
    Frankie quit whining about the NY Rangers. Jealousy will get you nowhere. Islanders are and always have been a joke…
  • arc7091
    Frankie insufferable
    Riggs/Trent/Lurch are entertaining, but Frankie is insufferable. Talks over everyone, hijacks the show, goes on long rants, tough to listen to
  • Tmsss12
    Watch The Dissident
    Huge fan of you guys. Listen to every episode. In light of your last episode about the Saudi league, I implore y’all to watch the documentary, The Dissident, on Netflix. One specific example: they bought 70 pounds of meat the day they killed Khashoggi so they could mask the smell of burning a human body with the smell of meat.
  • gfpg dj kob
    Vero Beach!
    Love the show and video series. I hear you guys shout out Vero Beach here and there, would be a great spot for a Barstool Classic!! Great courses locally and the golf scene is as big as ever! Bring the trulys and let’s hit em hard!
  • rjfluhart
    This crew is filled with barstool rejects who clearly do not watch any golf. They talk about the tour for maybe 10 minutes and the remainder of the podcast is basically an ad read for Owens mixers, taylormade, and barstool golf merch. Frankie should stick to holding Dave’s camera for pizza reviews. If you want an actual podcast that follows the PGA tour, check out No Laying Up.
  • Cwebber02
    love it
    pods when all the boys are in person>>>
  • coontang69
    The only thing worse than this podcast is their YouTube content
  • CFLSold
    Pretty new to the show, and crazy in love with it. It’s my goal to share it with everyone I know. I’d also throw my comments in on the Michael Jordan versus Tiger Woods argument, relative to who’s had more of an impact on the sport… I don’t think anyone’s ever looked at Michael Jordan and said “hey, I think I’ll start playing basketball… “On the other hand, not only have millions of people picked up Clubs because of tiger, something like 12 of the gentleman playing this week we’re inspired to start golf because of the particular masters in 1997… Just saying. You guys rule. Hard.
  • bubbavhibby
    4 legged stool
    Not sure why I see Lurch hate he and Trent are the glue in my eyes. Love this pod and all 4 - I used to dislike Frankie, make this a solid pod. Need all four to make the pod lovable
  • frannie liedon
    Live Premiere
    Frankie was screeching to be in the chat for the Foreplay Scramble. Must have bailed on that. Guarantee there will be no explanation for it.
  • NotChrisWells
    Frankie is wrong about the Beatles
    I love this show. I love all of them, but the Beatles are awful and nobody can convince me otherwise. Best croquet podcast out there.
  • Zach7/24
    All in
    These dudes know how to keep us entertained. Why do that get to do this job and not me? Cause they're geniuses that’s why. Wish I was in the pod, but for now I’ll just listen and always be amazed at the guest list and the topics of choice (or maybe not choice? Just random!) thanks boys for giving us something to listen to.
  • golfercam12
    Frankie = Goat
    Frankie cracks me up every episode
  • Phillyfan1288
    Tired bits
    Used to love this show a couple years back. The same old stuff gets old after a while. Don’t enjoy them as personalities enough anymore to listen to long version sidetracked podcasts.
  • Jacoby G.
    Entertaining & Relatable
    Absolutely love this podcast. It’s refreshing to listen to a show where the hosts are able to share their honest takes about everything, from golf to Netflix shows to outer space. It really does feel like you’re at the bar having a great day with your friends and just talking about the hot topics from the week.
  • bryan1001010101001
    Fine show.
    It’s ok when it’s just the 3 of them. Not sure why Lurch is still on here. He contributes nothing and isn’t even employed by BSS. Ditch him.
  • rfharris88
    Frankie is annoying
    The podcast would be perfect to without Frankie.
  • kngby21
    Frankie is annoying. Doesnt shut up, is rude, butts in, and talks over people. Has a very sheltered view of the world. Goes on ridiculous rants.
  • blazemandingo
    Love these guys!
    Just some good guys talkin golf. Love the show fellas.
  • baller 24843
    Please less interviews
    Fellas I love the podcast but I don’t want to listen to golfers I do not know or care about, please have more time where u guys are just talking
  • garrett_v
    Great job guys
    Listen every Tuesday and Thursday on my way to work. Never miss an episode. Love all the golf talk and the regular every guy talk as well. Great job guys!
  • Jnc702
    Good show
    Good podcast with just the right amount of golf talk. A few too many ads though. Frankie, for your chips, remember: care without caring.
  • Mike Sandora
    Good show, but you better enjoy country music and hockey
    Too much country music, too much hockey. Otherwise, they talk common golfer type stuff. 75% of guests are country artists or hockey players. I enjoy the show but end up skipping parts of episodes or full episodes when they go country/hockey mode.
  • Maverick152002
    Great show for the common golfer!
    Great show for the common, everyday golfer. This crew is and the show is incredibly relatable. Laugh out loud funny content and stories, great guests, and solid golf commentary. If you’re looking for an analytical breakdown of each PGA player’s swing this isn’t the show for you. If you’re looking to hang out and a listen in to a conversation with a couple of your buddies about golf, life, and don’t mind to occasional Frankie rant look no further. Not to mention, they get a great line up of guests that always results in great content.
  • Cali Espi
    Highly Entertaining
    Been listening for 3 years or so and if you enjoy golfing with your best buds talking trash and drinking then you may have found your happy place! On walks, commutes, doing yard work, these guys will become an extension of your friends and watching this show grow makes you feel you’re apart of it! When they get the Big Cat on for a round I will crap myself, and so will you! But Frankie’s a tough listen…
  • Z9703
    Space talk
    Might be the best interview you guys have had with Eric Smith.
  • ske808
    Awesome podcast, the foreplay guys are hilarious and have an incredible way of covering golf. Have been listening to the new episodes every week for awhile
  • Mdinello3
    Elite Golf Content
    Best golf content on the internet
  • Nick95889588
    Amazing Show
    Best and funniest golf show out there
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