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"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Lurch, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it.

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Recent Reviews
  • Schmitty052
    Good not great
    Personalities are VERY entertaining! Love the content outside of this podcast. If you want entertainment listen in, if you want entertainment AND golf information listen to the “NoLayingUp” podcast.
  • F'ug
    Make everything about themselves and I don’t think they really know golf that well. Go listen to no laying up instead
  • dellygoat
    Don’t let Frankie ask questions
    Don’t let Frankie ask questions.
  • Sam(Go Green!)
    Frankies gotta go
    I used to love this podcast, especially with the addition of Lurch(I think he’s great) but Frankie has just become unbearable. He makes every conversation about him and is constantly off topic. On top of that, this isn’t a very informing “golf” pod. NoLayingUp is much, much better
  • BLPawnStar
    Love it.
    Entertaining every episode great way to ride home from work with a little humor and golf talk. It is NOT a hockey podcast.
  • CaptainChaz
    Annoying group. Always off topic and self involved.
  • dale chuck
    Would be good, but Frankie is on the podcast
    Pretty good podcast and it could be really good with the exclusion of Frankie. I don’t get this guy, do people/other listeners like him? Behaves overly childish for a guy in his last 20’s. Some how finds a way to make whatever topic they are discussing about himself. Finally, the real reason I wrote the review. Last podcast with Sophia Popov was weird. Frankie was arguing with lurch about a video game and Frankie actually sounded heated. If you can’t behave like an adult and not make things awkward, please remove yourself from the podcast. He also screams into the mic while watching hockey during the middle of the podcast. Beyond annoying and unprofessional. Learn how to separate your personal life with your professional life, you’re almost 30 dude!
  • heahvddbk
    Most Entertaining podcast
    Who doesn’t like talking/listening about all things golf
  • fwiw22345
    They aren’t funny and don’t know golf
    Just go listen to No Laying Up
  • Hpete 12345
    It’s like sitting around, shooting the sh*, and talking golf with your buddies after playing 18 and drinking a transfusion on the club house balcony.
  • fartymctits
    This show is boring.
  • colonol sanders
    It’s a hockey podcast
    Read title above, long time listener
  • PutMeDownForSix
    There are much better golf podcasts
    Foreplay is a golf podcast for the unenlightened golf fan. I originally started listening to it because I loved PMT, Mickstape, and Barstool in general. However, as my infatuation with golf has grown, my frustration with this podcast has as well. All three hosts (lurch still doesn’t count in my book) bring very little actual value as to golf IQ to the table. Frankie is insufferable and is equatable to the kid in high school who thinks he’s a lot cooler than he is, Riggs is not much better, and Trent is the sole saving grace. Their commentary on golf pales in comparison to their self-aggrandizing ten fold. If you want an actual golf podcast try Shotgun Start, Get a Grip, or No Laying Up/Trap Draw. They’re better than Erik Anders Lang’s podcast at least, so there’s that
  • cah4758
    Stopped listening after a few months
    It’s an ok podcast. I stopped because I couldn’t stand Frankie anymore. Most of the shows were great but, they can go off the rails pretty quickly.
  • frankie f bombs
    Frankie Kitty
    Start a kitty for Frankie dropping the F bomb after every word like a 12 year old trying to be cool.
  • dprobst7
    Sound quality is terrible
    Cuts in and out. Not using professional mic’s.
  • lordup12345
    Please get new hosts
    Frankie and Riggs are among the most annoying people I have ever heard on a podcast. Frankie is that friend who thinks he’s a stud at golf but should realistically be playing from the lady tees. Please replace these two
  • clswan88
    Trent’s still cool
    Gave two stars, both for Trent. He’s about the only one that hasn’t taken a turn for the worse over the years, the others (esp. riggs) think they’re God’s gift to golf. Used to be a great show, now it’s just incessant tiger fandom and ad reads.
  • moose898
    Entertaining & Relatable
    Started listening to Foreplay a few months ago. Great podcast that doesn’t have the pretentious and know it all attitude like NLU
  • Grmls5$&?!
    Not golf coverage
    If you’re looking for insight into upcoming tournaments, how different players are looking, etc. Don’t waste your time
  • EricG891
    Switch to
  • Lumpy's Crew
    Love it!
    Great podcast. I love it.
  • buckeyegeorge
    Not as good as it used to be.
    Was much better a couple years ago. Now it’s too much about their golf games. About every third or forth show is good. Usually when they get a good interview. I really don’t care about your bad wedge game.
  • clanek
    More Lurch is more better
    Quit trying to squeeze out the big man!
  • Beestradamous
    Show’s great
    The podcast is much better than their handicaps.
  • Parks B.
    Best group of guys
    These guys are actually for the avg golfer. These guys are really growin the game.
  • Willie Colonoscopy
    Riggs got body bagged by Kirk
    Rumor has it that Riggs is still crying. Sad.
  • should be called foreskin
    Not very good
    These guys have no clue what they are talking about. Worst golf podcast out there
  • th3539
    Doooont care
    Nobody cares to watch you play golf or listen to you talk about your game.
  • Not up in here
    No shtick between the three of them. Access to numerous players and coverage being under barstool sports but a complete flop. Listen to no playing up
  • commendatoritone
    You know what your guys problem go about in pity for yourselves
  • ttttssss4444
    Golf Coverage? Nah
    This is the only sport actively being played and there is little to no coverage...
  • Pat G 621
    Terrible podcast
  • RothInWyoming
    Top Tier
    I used to listen to a different golf podcast that will go unnamed until I found Foreplay. The other one was boring and nobody seemed to have much of a personality. They were also against no laying up for some reason even though their personalities would say the contrary. Then I found this one. It's a podcast anybody can listen to, from the lay golfer to the pro, you will be entertained.
  • Willieswonka
    Review show host membership
    Trent, you’re bad a golf not that funny and beat every joke to death. I love watching the the Fore Play YouTube, until your ugly mug appears. You seem like the guest at a party that jumps in in the middle of a story and asks “what are you guys talking about?” Until they finally start the story over. The rest of the Pod is great. Love the content and the YouTube is well done.
  • yinzers86
    Modern times
    Hands down the best gold podcast out there. Taking golf in the right direction and reaching a new audience.
  • Bcarter1313
    Common man golf!
    Love the Podcast.
  • Liberda
    Favorite Pod
    Love you guys. Started listening a couple months ago, at the start of COVID and haven’t been disappointed at all. Can listen to you guys playing golf, working around the house, and at work. Looking forward to the next Barstool Classic!
  • Nobody(Peabody)
    Love these guys!!
    Fun stuff! Love listening to these hackers (sorry) !! Good mix for golf fans!!
  • bwhel
    Love the Pod
    Love the pod, been listening since it was just Riggs and Trent. Love the addition of Frankie (even though he’s been on for a while). Lurch is eh, tries a little too hard but love when him and Frankie go back and forth, always comical. Love the content they have been putting out on the Pod, YouTube and socials, makes me wish I was apart of the squad 😂 good work fellas
  • Eldrick 15
    Long Time Fan, but Switched to NLU
    Was a listener back when it was Trent and Riggs. Back then, I couldn’t get enough of the pod. Loved it. It has devolved into them talking about themselves their own games, rather than the tour and golf in general. Again, used to love this pod but it got old a few weeks ago and I just can’t listen anymore. Lurch adds no value and everything he says feels forced. Really miss the old podcast. Now, I prefer going back to the early days and listening to From the Galleries as opposed to listening to new episodes. Switched to No Laying Up, they stick to the golf provide thoughtful, funny takes.
  • #71788
    For the common man
    Great podcast! Makes golf relatable for the common man and they are a great group of guys to listen to. Ads can be annoying but that’s why there’s a skip button. Quarantine put a hit on content for them to cover but the travel series was a great addition. Love the golf, love the guys, and can’t wait till they get tiger on the pod.
  • Mike D. Peterson
    🖕 Mr. Portnoy & his company
    🖕Go to hell, Portnoy.
  • El.Lobos
    Best golf pod
    Great POD, can’t even listen to PMT anymore bc i just love these guys personalities. Funny, relatable common man golf. They don't take themselves too seriously. Great listen. Love Frankies erratic behavior, Trents brand is unmatched.
  • DTXRedRaider
    Used to be Better
    I enjoyed the pod when they were discussing what happened in the world of golf, not their individual golf games. If I wanted to hear about mediocre golf, I’d go play a round with my buddies.
  • RonHextall27
    Awful Awful Awful
  • Frankies Favorite Knife
    Love y’all stuff man
  • thisnameisnottaken556689
    Too Far Gone
    Use to be into Foreplay but it has devolved Into celebrity loving, ad reading, look at the resorts we play podcast. Frankie interrupts and is terrible. Riggs and company fluff one another way too much. They try to create buzz phrases and the list goes on. Also, their merch is weak. I’ll just buy a Peter Millar shirt rather than a “barstool Peter Millar”. Many other better golf pods out there. These guys are lucky they are backed by the barstool logo.
  • some_devil_
    Riggs crying.
    Riggs defending himself for crying having to leave pine hurst after 99 days was the last straw for me. This podcast has totally lost it.
  • justagolfguy
    The worst of golf
    Trent and Riggs was good in the beginning when they actually talked about golf. Now all they do is fluff each other and talk about barstool. When Frankie goes away I’ll give it a second try.
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