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"Fore Play" is a weekly podcast by common golfers, for common golfers. Trent, Riggs, Frankie, Dan Rapaport, and their wide variety of guests talk about everything golf like normal folks sitting at a bar watching coverage, venting about the game's difficulties, and weighing in on pro gossip. Your classic golf addicts, the "Fore Play" crew brings a young, unique voice to the rapidly-evolving game, discussing freely and openly everything golf. There is nothing like it.

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  • hfjdososbs
    Losers who can’t golf
  • jrosey24
    Ruining golf one pod at a time
    The biggest losers in golf. You’d have to be a moron to enjoy these idiots. Frankie might be the dumbest adult human being in America……if it wasn’t for filming Pizza reviews he’d be a bus boy right now
  • texasgolfer73
    Golf podcast?
  • Anders Lee 27
    Frankie Got to Go
    I’m out until Frankie is gone and y’all bring back Lurch
  • Saaj1993
    Riggs voice is so painful to listen to constantly changing pitches and literally sounding like nails on a chalkboard. Truly insane to host a podcast when you sound like that
  • Kendall530
    f bombs every 5 seconds
    Listened to it for 2 min and heard about 100 F- bombs. Sloppy podcast
  • youbetchaya
    Hey just give us a heads up when your going to just talk about hockey for the majority of the time thanks
  • akg923
    Riggs can’t talk in a mic
    Why is his audio always so brutal. Dude needs to figure out how to keep audio levels consistent
  • Tanks Outdoors
    Dance with who brought you
    Still a good podcast but starting to get a little hard to listen to sometimes. I like Dan but I feel like it makes a weird dynamic with Riggs, who went from the #1 golfer in the group to #3 now that Frankie has been grinding. I also think having Lurch on help cancelled out some of Riggs’s pretentiousness and make it more enjoyable for the average guy. All in all still a good listen, Trent is still the man and Frankie has earned my respect with how hard he’s worked on Trent and himself. Just wish they would talk a little more about golf and quit acting like they are better than the fans.
  • Bobsled Overtime
    Too much hockey talk
    These Yankees talk about hockey way too much for a golf podcast. Not everyone cares about hockey. The golf talk is ok.
  • Bossman42104
    Frankie is unbearable
  • colonol sanders
    It’s a Seinfeld podcast
    Read title above, long time listener. This pod used to be much better. Now I have to skip through 30 min of hockey talk or Seinfeld esque episodes about nothing, except the only difference is Seinfeld is actually funny. I just want to hear about golf, but this show gives me very little of that. Having Dan on makes things better. Just talk more about golf, that’s why I tune in. I think their order of interests is: 1) advertisements 2) sell merch 3) talking about their travel logistics 4) talking about a video they made 5) talking about how much work it is to make videos 6) podcasting about golf
  • Tmsss12
    Rich boy Rapaport
    Came back here just to say I love the podcast. It’s refreshing to have a cool, normal take on golf. Was excited about Dan joining the podcast. But I’ve grown to dislike him so much that I don’t even listen anymore. I knew nothing about him except that he wrote for Golf Digest. But having listened to him for months now, I can no longer take it. Dan Rapaport represents everything I hate about golf. I’m one of those golfers who go into it because it was fun to play but hated the “golf boy” persona. Barstool has always been about the common man. Foreplay has always been about the common golfer. That’s how I found and became a devoted listener. It’s also why I was repulsed by other golf podcasts. Dan Rapaport’s personality, attitude, and comments are taking this podcast (and YouTube channel) to the old, snobby, rich golf realm. Good things don’t last forever - Dan Rapaport’s addition to Foreplay proves this.
  • Jonboy532
    Are they fighting?
    Why can’t they get all 4 on at the same time? Seems like something is going on. Best job in the world but it seems like there is trouble in paradise.
  • Jb08021717710621
    They basically insulted Thomas Pieters the entire interview. Spittin Chiclets makes these guys look like amateurs.
  • AZDuke06
    Pathetic fanboys
    Riggs, Rapoport, and Frankie all blush like 9 year old girls anytime they are within 100 feet of a pro golfer. Absolutely cringeworthy. The second hand embarrassment is tough to take.
  • BrightsideTiger1839
    Too many ads
    Been listening since the duo started, and they have great casual golf conversations. There have been too many ads and they interrupt the podcast at the weirdest time. The editors do a terrible job putting the ads in the middle of a sentence. It just breaks up the flow of a normal podcast. The ad music is great to skip forward 3 minutes and continue to listen to the podcast. The podcast is like 30 minutes of ads and an hour of talking.
  • mlarson87
    Increasing amount of ads recently have made some of the talk segments hard to listen. Finding that I am skipping episodes without interviews or going straight to the interview.
  • Awful gameuknow
    Love barstool
    Nice kickback , shoot the junk about golf, podcast. Never been a Riggs fan though blah
  • Bosoxnut
    Love it
    Great pod
  • kobemaster73$:7:7
    Great but Need to get through ads quicker
    Good Podcast but the advertisements take up a lot of show. Ad reads should be done like other podcasts where you just stick to script and get back to the show. I feel like a lot of time I will skip 4 or 5 minutes and they are still talking about the same ad. Content otherwise is great and all personalities are fun to listen to.
  • Man Frog
    Too many ads
    The first episode had 4 ads in the first 30 mins. Near the beginning of this episode they announce one of their weekly features. They talk about 4 tour players and why they like or hate them. It's like they are just trying to be critical. Who cares about their opinion?! I was somewhat interested in hearing their weekly interview but the high number of interruptions for ads frustrated me enough that I shut it down.
  • Uncle Sad
    Instant listen every week
    I’ve been listening to this show for years now and clicking play every Tuesday and Thursday makes my week 10x better. I love the show.
  • Sean18284869490209293858
    Always protecting the boss man
    Love the show boys, keep it up!
  • frannie liedon
    McCord and chamblee
    Just rambling stories about stuff we don’t care about. One of the worst podcasts I’ve heard.
  • User5377
    Rap great interview
    Bad look on the sound. But all good. You add a lot to the family for sure
  • hootieface
    My god is Frankie horrible. Interrupts constantly. Cant read the room. Talks about himself way too much. Be better
  • vunges
    I love the podcast
    Especially the the fore play channel but Frankie is hilarious 🤣
  • tLas13
    Podcast is great. If you love golf, but hate the stigma of it, then this podcast is perfect. The golf content is Tiger heavy, which I love. I assume those who rate this lower than 4 stars dislike Tiger, belong to a country club, or are just jealous these guys are living the dream.
  • Thomasmcclr
    Most Entertaining “Golf” Podcast
    Listen everyday on my runs. Love all the guys, each with unique personalities. The best change was adding in Rap, ton of on the ground perspective. Plus I’m a huge Tiger fan so between this podcast and @twspot I get my Tiger fix.
  • yojhi
    The video content is fantastic but the podcast is just not very interesting anymore. I used to listen religiously and now can barely listen to the first 10 minutes. Just so much whining from Frankie and smugness from Riggs.
  • bgreenspon
    Great Show
    Listen to it everyday when I drive. Makes me laugh and feel like I’m in the room with them talking
  • sdunc24
    Show good. Drugs bad.
  • Alex carignan
    Fore play
    Frankie sent me- world wars are bad
  • tock172
    What is the point of this podcast? Came here in search of golf content, but it’s clearly lacking. Every discussion feels like a late-night, beer-fueled college dorm room bull session—and I love drinking beer! Things I don’t care about: Islanders hockey, Dan Rapaport’s opinion on anything, Frankie’s handicap. I don’t know why any of these guys are famous outside of golf and this podcast, so why would I care to hear their opinions on anything other than golf? Finally, it’s in line, not online. How is this even up for debate? The lack of intellect here is depressing. This is a real organic review by the way, not one that one of these clowns begged for on the podcast.
  • SNP189278
    Love it
    Always look forward to listening each week. You guys are so entertaining!
  • Wackyrobdog
    Love y’all stuff
    Frankie made me
  • kevinf978
    Go fore play
    Best golf podcast!
  • colin.lavell
    Come to The Players Championship
    Gotta come down to Ponte Vedra Beach.
  • Frosty the Drew
    High 5
    The boys get it. Excellent crew and show. Listen to every episode. Hit it hard.
  • Branmann6
    Great show as always guys!
  • JaredW0622
    Good job good effort
    Frankie is a lunatic
  • Dhest23
  • NickBolen
    Foreplay Rocks!
    Go Foreplay!
  • topnotch1029
    5 Stars
    “Alright, Go Fore Play”
  • jreedster
    Frankie told me to!
    You all make me lol!
  • needles_5
    Caddie cup
    Great idea. Shoutout Frankie for top ad reader at barstool . I mean he uses this stuff every day. It’s crazy that brain can become so normal for a 1 minute ad read.
  • Joe Flacco Is Elie
    Bring Back Lurch
    D Rap doesn’t gel well at all
  • TheLiamHogan
    Go foreplay
    Great show and cast except that Frankie guy
  • Clarky217
    Good stuff!
    Keep it up
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