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  • Especially Hawny
    PGA Tour / Sponsor Lap Dogs
    I’ve listened to NLU on and off again for a number of years and typically enjoyed it. What I can’t get past from NLU, Fore Play, Golf Channel, etc, is ignoring how the infiltration of LIV has hurt the PGA Tour in terms of producing a consistently interesting product for viewers. Truthfully, other than the PGA, and Masters, there’s maybe 1 or 2 events that have delivered all season long. While I realize Colonial is a tough week in the schedule, this thing had no juice. And then you try to say “well the Byron Nelson and Colonial are really just local events”. Maybe your partner Schwab is happy with the TV ratings, which I know are up, or with what they receive in exchange for their $$. I have watched most tour events for the last 10+ years, many on DVR…I’ll turn on my DVR to root against Bryson, or for Spieth, but man I’m not turning it on for this product. The loss of the 50 LIV players has hurt the brand, and viability of the product for me. I can tell you this - I won’t be participating in our city’s PGA Tour event later this summer, either by attending, or being glued to the TV to watch the next Grillo or Schenk. We’ll see how it plays out long term, but there were two dozen + guys on the LIV event who would make Colonial or any other off week worth watching.
  • Mr.DrewJ
    Women’s golf coverage
    I truly love Big Randy’s show about women’s golf. It is extraordinary. I never miss that pod.
  • GolfGrouch
    Too Critical
    Perhaps the most overly-critical and often mean-spirited podcast period. The bro hosts complain about almost everything with a healthy dose of derision. Without much disagreement, they create a vicious reinforcement feedback loop echo chamber. They have a long-standing gripe about the "commercial load" of golf television broadcasts and yet their very own podcast's "commercial load" is amongst the highest. A little bit of the pot calling the kettle black?
  • Dro88
    Great show
    Been listening to NLU for a couple years now. Always a great take on golf’s current events!
  • Jeffrey1212
    If beige was a pod
    Boys your commentary @ the PGA Championship was like listening to Ben Stein in a warm high school classroom room during a light rainstorm 😴. There has to be some color or fun in an audio media medium. I feel like the consumers of this podcasts also enjoy reading CPA reports.
  • bigbuttslipnut
    Too negative
    Only giving 3 stars because they do make an effort to talk about the LPGA. However every week it’s the same thing with these guys saying how boring the PGA is even though golf has never been doing better and each week there has been great tournaments. I also can’t listen to any negative Scottie scheffler talk and that’s a big reason I don’t like these guys lol
  • Shapiro 2024
    Has gone downhill lately
    Been subbed to this pod since the “pre-Neil” days. I still listen, but something has changed. KVV is an ok writer but is a dud on pods. The show suffers from a serious case of group think and there is an air of pretention in all of their takes…as if whatever *they* think is absolutely correct and if you disagree it’s because you don’t know golf like they do. Example: pretending that women’s golf is electric television is laughable. There’s a reason nobody watches it, it’s because an elite boys high school tournament has similar level of golf. That’s not sexism, that’s just reality. They had a take where they said that if only the LPGA got the coverage etc. it deserved people would love it! News flash: things don’t magically get in demand because they get awarded coverage. Things that are in demand earn the coverage. It’s not rocket science.
  • Ldkjgdgjkvvgimme five hints
    Miss the old content
    This used to be one of my favorite golf shows to listen to but their content has strayed away from what I used to enjoy. Everyone outside of Soly and Neil has become hard to listen to and they are pushing more and more LPGA content that I’m not interested in. I enjoy their trips and pga tour content but it’s become watered down and less interesting over the years.
  • Alice15
    Thanks for the LPGA coverage
    Love the time and content on the LPGA! Appreciate that you go to see them play and put context around their incredible games! The Lilia Vu interview was great and hope that there are many more to come.
  • Alworth 19
    Best Golf Pod
    Love listening to these guys every week. Always have great guests with great interviews and always good for quite few laughs.
  • Tbo2171
    These guys takes on pro golf are absolutely awful.
  • Bdonny28
    TC tough to listen to. Everyone else pretty good.
    See above 4/24 update: I look forward to episodes but when I hear Randy lead with his cheesy fake voice, I turn it off immediately. Would love to listen to a women’s golf update, just not this way.
  • N Beach
    Shining a fun light
    Great approach shots — terrific interviews and focus on women players much appreciated. Fanboys talk golf, and it ends up as an entertaining hit-and-giggle podcast.
  • Listener 234
    Great golf listen
    One of the best out there to review the happenings in the week of golf and interesting interviews. A must listen for me every week
  • The TC 2.0
    The Best Golf Pod
  • LSU = Golf School
    The Gold Standard of Podcasts
    Better than most ! Better than all.
  • The Nits
    NLU is the best !
    Love how the show has evolved, keep doing what y’all are doing —- gotta add on the “crack on” to the cheers when signing off, or the British Open presented by his Majesty, the King, won’t be all-in on NLU
  • kiheiKhris
    Love NLU
    Not only the best golf pod you can find, but the best pod overall.
  • LoriSportsMom
    Great show!
    Always good perspective! Fair and balanced! Love the LPGA work as well!
  • Gwkoppen1837382
    A poem for the troll…
    In Jacksonville Beach, there lived a troll, His name was Tron, but he was not droll, Petty and small, with a stature so low, He was not well-liked, as many would know. Tron lived alone in his little cave, And nobody cared if he left or stayed, For he had made himself an outcast, And his reputation was tarnished and cast. But deep down inside, Tron was sad, He wanted to be liked, to be seen as rad, But his demeanor pushed people away, And he was left alone day by day. So, if you see Tron on the beach, Don't be afraid to say hello and reach, Out to him with a friendly hand, And maybe he'll start to understand. That kindness and love are what we need, To heal the wounds that we often feed, And maybe Tron can learn to grow, Into a person we'd like to know.
  • Cam “Bronx bomber” Young
    The best
    Easily the top golf podcast and YouTube content!
  • yellen jellen
    Best golf podcast.
    Thank you NLU. -long time listener
  • ramrod69420
    Great show
    The best
  • AJC6611
    I lay up - but this is still great
    Really great podcast. Even though I lay up on the reg, I still like it. Update 4/9/23: these guys still rock. The addition of KVV to full time has been great. Their chemistry is excellent and they only get better with time.
  • GoHatters
    My favorite golf pod
    My favorite golf pod
  • matthew r rixh
    Awesome podcast. Only one I listen to. Live shows for masters week were great.
  • M_Bizzle004
    Please Get Rid of KVV
    Used to be one of my favorite pods but KVV is just a terrible addition. It’s awkward how bad his chemistry is with the rest of the guys.
  • Scoop2133
    Kings stay Kings
    The boys showing out for Masters week as usual
  • Ghyjutgdfgcfycf
    Less KVV
    More Randy. Less KVV
  • deeited
    Embarrassingly bad
    Love Soly but Tron, Neil, Randy and KVV are tough to listen to
  • Sandybowl
    NLU rules
    I love everything they put out, except for Cody. He’s a stain on every show he’s on. Nothing against him other than he’s not good at his job. Everyone else rules
  • Dan12749226748
    Great golf podcast
    Both the interview and Sunday recap podcasts are top notch
  • txranger17
    Get rid of KVB
    No Laying Up was good until KVB showed up. Can’t help but let his political bias show up. Not sure why politics should be involved with golf
  • Goldgluv2001
    Pompous Golf Talk
    Asinine takes. Mid humor. Pompous personalities. Especially since adding KVB, never seen a softer group of media personalities. Soly is the only decent opinion on this podcast
  • Drew Mort
    Better than most!!!
    They provide insight and interviews on the PGA tour that you can’t find anywhere else. I enjoy their content and do a great job discussing/debating all current golf topics. If you are a MAGA guy you probably hate them but I agree with their LIV perspective and they back it up with facts (unlike your typical Foxnews crowd). I have been listening since the podcast started, thank you for the years of content and please keep doing what you been doing. I do have one housekeeping request: less Neil and Randy, more DJ Tron and Solly!
  • johnnytb2689
    Please fix volume
    I love your show, but please figure out how to make Soly the same volume as everyone else. I have to turn it up a lot to hear TC and Neil, then Soly comes in and nearly blows out my speakers
  • rfine48
    Unlistenable. All saddle and no horse.
  • Lmcc23
    Players preview
    I get that the PGA stuff is important but can we just get a regular tournament preview for a huge tourney?
  • Golffan209
    Negativity Podcast
    Every episode is just a constant LIV Golf bashing. Nit-pick everything wrong with how CBS and NBC broadcast each tournament. Just way too much negativity for me, I get you have to cover LIV because it’s a big topic in the golf world currently. It gets very old and redundant every episode when they begin to talk about LIV and you know it’s going to be a 20-30 rant of what’s wrong with LIV and the players in it. Like we get it! Move on and talk more about the good in the game of golf.
  • robotsquidward
    Best pro golf pod
    I found NLU just by searching and sampling some other golf pods. These guys have their fingers on the pulse of the pro golf scene and churn out solid regular content. They also have increasingly impressive access to some of the most interesting pros in the game and do an amazing job in interviews. The squad is a bunch of basic white bros but they’re not without their charm, and I find myself loving the personalities play off each other. Grab a beer and unwind after a Sunday finish to hear some great and entertaining golf talk.
  • Noleblooded
    Full Swing Episode
    The NLU - Chris Ryan crossover pod on full swing, a combination of my two of my favorite podcasts. Just outstanding.
  • C92Z12E20
    Rinse wash repeat as of late.
    Seems to be the same as of late. I try so hard to want to listen to them lately but just the we hate LIV and you’re with us or against us period, no other options as of late is tiresome. Love the Strapped, and Tourist Sauce they do but at this point there’s enough anger in the everyday to look for a golf podcast with even more of it in hopes of getting the bits or jokes of past they did so well.
  • skasting
    Reminds me of PMT
    They started out as anti-golf-establishment just like PMT was the anti-ESPN. They have completely sold themselves out and become part of the conservative golf establishment that would rather things go backwards than forwards
  • hshattuck
    A bit too negative
    Love the podcast! I have been a listener for years. My only complaint is that it feels like the guys are burnt out as golf fans. They focus on the negatives in pro golf (the coverage, the lack of personality, the boring courses) a disproportionate amount in my opinion. My favorite aspects of the show are when they are actually talking about the golf being played, not about how the whole pro golf system isn’t great. Over the past few months, the negativity on the show has made me actually want to stop watching golf. I get that it can be a boring watch sometimes, but it’s not a good sign for a podcast to turn me off from watching the sport that it covers. I still listen to the show because I love the perspectives these guys have as golf fans; I just wish they wouldn’t put as much time toward the negative parts of the game.
  • coyle135
    A must listen
    A true necessity if you’re a golf fan.
  • golffanat
    Crushing it
    So much fun insight and great entertainment
  • LJB :)
    Best Golf pod out there
    I’ve tried listening to multiple other golf podcasts before but none of them stuck. Finally finding these guys on YouTube and getting to know their personalities, it made it easy to add their podcast to my rotation and enjoy their golf takes and recaps over the pga season. Love these guys
  • Phil D14
    Calling All Golf Sickos
    Calling all golf sickos: if you don’t listen to this podcast, I don’t know what you’re doing. You’d simply be unworthy of the title of “golf sicko.”
  • Paul Squash
    Looking for powder refinement at its finest? Look no further.
  • ndoofus
    “ like”
    I wish these idiots could find a way to say “ like” a few hundred more times during their podcasts.
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