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The mission of the All Creatures Podcast is to educate listeners on the diverse animals that share our planet. We are in the midst of the Earth’s Six Mass Extinction and many animals need our help if they are to survive.Each week we will discuss a new species, conduct interviews with conservation experts from around the globe, and discuss recent conservation news.

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  • Afarmer67
    Best podcast ever!
    I Really enjoy listening to this podcast get to learn about different animals their evolution and behavior, while also get amazing tips how to work towards conservation and saving the animals and our environment! Thank you Chris and Angie for all that you all do!
  • MarkChicagoIL
    Twenty minutes in and I haven’t learned much about saltwater crocs. I have learned that the hosts want to go to Australia.
  • Hazel 🩰
    Really fascinating to listen to!❤️
    I’m 12 years old, and I like listening to this podcast, especially the marine animal episodes. Can you do an episode just about animal stats? Or can you cover greenland sharks if you haven’t already maybe? 🦅🦈🐧🐢🐆🐈🦚🦦🐿🐊🐋🐝
  • mootdog
    Super podcast to wind down with
    Forever a fan. Love this show
  • hddigiejkkrigjfrkgirjgofigkg
    This podcast is so amazing!
    Hey, You guys’s podcast always brings a smile to my face. i’m in high school and want to go into animal work, so this podcast is high on my list. it’s so fun to tune in and listen about a new amazing creature every week. keep up the good work!
  • Burbet
    Answers questions you have (or didn’t have) about Creatures that you know (or didn’t know!)
    It has taken me too long to find this amazing podcast and how I have SO many to catch up on! Brian and Angie (congratulations on the PhD (that’s how far behind I am!) deliver every single episode with facts, conservation status, person anecdotes, maternal RNA (you haven’t lost me yet Brian!), evolution, enthusiasm and information about what organizations are doing good work that are worth of attention. When I was a kid, we had a plastic box in our living room which was filled with square cards each one focused on photographs, maps, and facts about a creature. I would spend hours just pouring over these cars and dreaming of what it would be like to meet them. And now we have Wikipedia and this podcast! If you are an animal lover and lifetime learner, you will love this show. Brian and Angie, thank you for making time in your lives to share your knowledge with your listeners - you are inspiring me to find ways to make a difference through conservation! ~Beth
  • WenKatBoo
    I love this podcast. I started listening to it while I was out walking my dog while immensely pregnant and I really enjoyed it! Now I listen to it while walking my dog and baby and I love it! It sets me in a good mood and I love how funny Chris and Angie are with their dry humor. So many fun facts! I would highly recommend .
  • AlaskaPuffin
    I need more than 2 thumbs 👍🏻
    This is an AWESOME PODCAST - for knowledge, for insight, for empathy with all the incredible lifeforms we (should learn how to better) share this Earth with.
  • WustlerJr
    March Reptile Madness 2024
    I know it’s a bit early but remember when I said I was going to make a reptile bracket? Well I chose 16 Reptiles for March Reptile Madness 2024 (huh, it doesn’t have that ring to it but whatever) I’m suggesting these 16 for you guys to choose from and make “teams” out of them (like last year team Angie and Team Chris) You don’t have to use all of them but if you did that would be great!😁 Green Anaconda Burmese Python Black Mamba King Cobra Nile Croc Gharial Amazon Caiman American Alligator Galapagos Tortoise Alligator Snapping Turtle Leatherback Sea Turtle Gila Monster Blue Tongued Skink Galapagos Iguana Tokay Gecko Jackson’s Chameleon I love the podcast so keep up the amazing work!
  • Phannette
    Great Podcast
    I found this podcast while looking for a mountain gorilla podcasts. Glad I did. I’ve gone through several of the episodes. Not sure if I can say my favorite episode. It’s so interesting to learn about all aspects of different animals.
  • Jrs4800
    Love this podcast
    I hope to one day hear an episode on sea slugs they are really cool I think it would be a very interesting episode
  • A Fan, Not of the Host
    EASY TOP 5!
    I live for nature podcasts. Thank you for producing a steady and constant stream of evocative, powerful, and engaging episodes that arrest my soul and remind me to be a better human every day. Shout out to this podcast for keeping me grounded and accountable. I leave the podcast feeling better and my humanity restored with each episode. What would I do and who would I be wo these enriching podcasts.
  • pls-fix-share-to-story
    I love it! Educational and endearing.
    I am a veterinary student interested in conservation medicine and I love listening to this podcast. I’ve learned so many fun and surprising facts and it helps me learn about species I haven't encountered before! It’s also so wholesome and funny—it’s sort of like sports commentators talking to each other when someone does some impressive play only they’re talking about whale physiology or something nerdy like that. As an animal nerd I absolutely love it!!!
  • Dodgergrl1
    Just found this podcast, it is soooo very good, informative and entertaining. This is now my favorite animal related podcast
  • Branden0110
    I love all the different animals they cover. Every episode seems fresh and exciting!!!
  • ItzLordFarquaad
    Animal education at it’s FINEST!
    Hi! My name is AJ. I discovered your podcast November of last year and ever since I’ve been binging your episodes while I’m at work driving. I love when either you, Chris or Angie asks a question to the other and I instantly say the answer but Chris/or Angie gets the question wrong. (Hint: I knew what the Haast Eagle and HellPigs were) It’s definitely a great feeling even though I know y’all are much smarter than me lol. Anyways, You two have rekindled my passion for animals and I will continue follow all the great work and success you’ve accomplished. Keep up the phenomenal work!❤️
  • Scarletminded
    Pallas’ Cats!
    I am lucky to volunteer at a local zoo that has two Pallas’ Cats. I first thought Olaf just had a bad attitude with whisker twitches, but the other one has the same level of grumpy. The zoo is also open in winter, so foofballs! They also tend to be more active when less people are in the zoo off season. I will go this weekend to watch them! Thanks for having this podcast. I really wanted to know why they twitch their whiskers when seeing a human. I adore these lovable curmudgeons! Animals after my own heart! I will be listening to your podcast from now on. Great introduction.
  • GuitarGirl36
    Amazing!! I love this Podcast!
    I am a college student and Dr. Adkin has been my professor several times. She is incredible and this podcast is just as amazing as she is! I have learned so much from this podcast!
  • jules121212
    So informative
    I am a high school teacher that LOVES the information that you are putting out there. Thank you so much. I talk about the things l learn from you every week. ❤️❤️
  • lxni27
    Epic & Educational!
    I love this podcast. I listen to it every night when I’m trying to go to sleep… Often I end up staying up later to listen more or have to turn it off because it’s too entertaining to sleep. I highly suggest this podcast for all animal lovers!
  • Gino40
    Life Changing and Inspiring
    I have now been listening to this podcast for over 3 years now and a review is long overdue. Some background, I began listening when I worked at a golf course observing red tailed hawks and coyotes and was in school for animal science. I started from episode 1 and was hooked from then on. I then received my first hoofstock internship at the accredited facility I visited most as a kid, later hired, transferred departments, and am now a lead at 23. I can confidently say listening to Chris and Angie along the way has kept me motivated in more ways than I could imagine. They are so incredibly passionate about what they do, with a ton of experience behind them to share stories as they go. They clearly make this podcast for something bigger than themselves, to fight the good fight and raise awareness and amaze listeners with everything from history of the species to physiology and courtship. Both of them do such amazing and extensive research to ensure us listeners are getting to know everything we can about whatever species is in conversation. I’m hooked for every second of every episode. I highly recommend this podcast to anyone who has an interest in animals, conservation, science, or even just some great conversation between two amazing people. And I thank YOU guys, Chris and Angie, for giving me something to look forward to all these years (and counting). And giving me a set of role models to look up to as I progress in my career. If I could rate this every star in space, I would. Some of my favorite episodes: •35 Bactrian Camel •122 African Elephant •164 Cheetah •155 Bonobos •213 American Alligator •287 Bull Sharks •296 Green Anaconda •300 Asian Elephants
  • anneiswright
    Each episode is so well researched and educational. I learn so many new facts that I can’t wait to share with my friends and family after each episode. All Creatures podcast is a well rounded show that cares so much about the animals they talk about! Love it love it love it!
  • Rhino5151
    Kentucky Rhino
    Fun to listen to, diverse topics, great guests. Love the back and forth between the hosts, very natural. I work as a naturaalist and I encourage my staff to listen to the great information they can get from listening about the native US speecies they cover.
  • KrieLemonLover
    Great Pod to Learn about Animals
    I just started listening to this podcast and its great. The Salmon episode blew my socks off and I don’t particularly even care about salmon. If you want to learn about a specific animal, but are too lazy to look the information yourself, then this is a great pod to listen to.
  • jaybee maldard
    Great Podcast!
    As a senior biology major in undergrad, I am always looking for ways to engage with the material I have learned in class, in real life. How cool is it that I can follow along with this team of scientists that really go into the details that make each of these animals so unique?! This podcast brings me so much joy and it is so cool to show off what I’ve learned to my family and friends about these creatures! I hope they will continue to produce episodes for many years… at least until I finish all of my schooling!!
  • Mermaid91!
    Great podcast! It is overflowing with information about animals and the work chemistry between Angie and Chris is very enjoyable. P.S. I love when Chris refers to locations in New Zealand in relation to Lord of the Rings, Hobbiton is on my bucket list.
  • lrose20
    Fascinating and educational, this podcast has taught me so much about animals I didn’t know anything about
  • Gabe.M.W
    I love this pod. It’s the only one I listen to regularly. Chris and Angie are very good at delivering great podcasts every week. Although I don’t agree with the theory of evolution it’s still interesting to learn about their opinions.
  • jillgeltner
    Love this podcast!
    What a fun and informative podcast! Love hearing about Rainbow’s adventures in the neighborhood. Who knew Crows were so smart. The info about different animals and how cool they are is fantastic. Thanks for taking the time to teach us all.
  • jodicd
    Great podcast
    Chris and Angie are educational and entertaining. I learn about a variety of species. They always focus on conservation which is so important. I try and listen every night. I love that they started a kid version too.
  • MapleBagel
    Best Podcast!
    This is a amazing podcast, as well as beind educational, it is fun to listen to and it will make you want to fight for the animals they will cover. It is a must listen! I personaly think they should cover the ribbon seal or star nosed mole.
  • CarloMacDonald
    Absolutely outstanding
    There is no other animal related podcast that puts the heart and soul in every episode than this one. The way they speak about every creature they cover it’s like an hour long love letter every week. I cannot recommend this more.
  • Mamahawk7
    Good info! Good friendship!
    Love the info and really enjoy the camaraderie you two have, you work well together to share info in a thorough way. Keep going! Looking forward to listening to all of the past episodes, and new critters coming up!
  • Bcr1980
    This is the best podcast ever!😃😮😃😀😄
    I love your podcast absolutely the best podcast out there a lot more people should know about this. I think the next animal you should do is the northern haired-nosed wombat there is only 60 left! You should get the book ALMOST GONE by Steve Jenkins it is the best! I keep surprising my mom and dad about cool animals. My favorite is the pangolins and pikas.
  • InboardHalo4002
    All Creatures
    I love animals and am so glad I found this podcast! Chris and Angie are awesome and so genuinely enthusiastic. They make the science accessible and have so much interesting information on these amazing creatures. If I can suggest an animal, I would like for you to cover horseshoe crabs sometime please.
  • Ghhdtinge
    I love this podcast!
    I am a biologist for the state of Georgia and self professed field guide geek and absolutely love this podcast. The hosts really give a detailed summary of their subject. It is the perfect podcast for my morning commute. I get a ton of useful information from this podcast and cannot wait to listen to all of them. Keep them coming.
  • wombatkaleigh
    Our planet.
    This podcast is all about change for our world and our animals. Inspires me every time I listen to an episode! Both very knowledgeable and you can tell they love what they do. By far my favorite podcast to listen to. Thank you guys and keep it up! I would really love to hear a wombat episode! Australian animals by far are my favorite.
  • nursegrainer
    Great Podcast!
    I have listened to the last two episodes and love it from Savannah, GA!! Keep it going!! Such wonderful information about wildlife! Animal suggestion for a future episode: Secretarybird Thank you
  • Colinnnnnn1
    Fantastic and Informative!
    I recently discovered this podcast and as a recent wildlife biology graduate it quickly became one of my favorites! Chris and Angie do an excellent job of putting conservation information out there in a fun and accessible way. I always find myself bringing up facts from the episodes to anyone who will listen and hopefully getting other people into conservation, and this podcast is a great place to start!
  • skd akrbanf andnshelfbwkfbajr
    These podcasts are great for sleepless nights or (at least in my case) if your doing a mindless school assignment. I think a fun podcast could be the environment that humans created, mainly cities, showing it’s affect it has on animals, what animals thrive, and how animals physiology changes or how there behavior changes, I think that would be very interesting! Love y’all!
  • Diane Stone
    Great Podcast
    I love this podcast. I have been listening to it for over two years now and it is both a great companion on long drives and for sleepless nights. I enjoy moving through my world knowing more about the animals I share it with. I think favorite episode might be the conversation about the wild dogs/painted dogs.
  • 🦜🐢🐧
    A Diamond in the Rough
    I find this podcast from Corbin Maxy and I can’t stop listening and I love all the episodes there is not one I don’t like just please for the love of god KEEP DOING PODCASTS ps. Plz do one on mountain gorillas they are my passion and plan for life thx
  • JaLoStone
    Love it!
    I’m currently working towards a degree in wildlife biology so I am OBSESSED with this podcast! And, as a bonus, I get to give my family all kinds of random facts on different animals we see at the zoo lol. Thanks for this great podcast Chris and Angie!
  • TacoNoles94
    Love the podcast! I listen to them at work. We need more ocean and shark podcasts! Don’t think y’all have covered the hammerhead or the mako
  • ZookeeperRandi
    Subscribe to this podcast now! It’s great for anyone who loves animals even if you’re an expert! As a zookeeper I love listening to other families of animals that I don’t work with to help broaden my knowledge.
  • Stef w/an F
    If you’re curious
    I love listening to these two give animal facts! I love learning and love the natural world. This podcast is gold. Listen to one and you’ll be hooked. :) I hope y’all get Bear back on as I feel he’s got a lot to share and teach us 💜🧡💛
  • Katie1643
    My favorite pod by far!
    Angie and Chris always deliver! This podcast is so fun and educational for the scientist and lay person alike. It always inspires me to keep fighting the good fight. Thanks for all you do!!
  • Christian Furness
    The BEST animal podcast around
    I’m currently a biology major looking to go into conservation and Angie and Chris are the perfect people to be the voice for our endangered species. They state the reasons for why people should care and still educate you at a high yet intriguing level that you would not expect to receive for FREE! I absolutely love them and recommend them to anybody looking to learn more about the animals of this world that are in need!
  • Maddie 110700
    Love it!
    I’ve always loved animals and this podcast makes me love them even more! I was super surprised to learn that Chris worked with wildlife rehab of Greenville. I’m taking their basic rehab class this weekend. I can’t wait to get more involved with wildlife.
  • EmmaE1626
    Absolutely amazing!
    I’m an Environmental Science major who wants to go into wildlife biology, and this is the most wonderful and educational podcast I have ever come across! I look forward to listening and learning about a new animal everyday, and Chris and Angie always make me smile. I truly look up to them, and their incredible amount of knowledge about these creatures is so admirable. You can tell they put a ton of effort and research into each episode. I can’t recommend this podcast enough!!
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