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Are you ready to get in the ring with the realest pro wrestling talk on the planet? Join Dave LaGreca and former champions Bully Ray, Mark Henry, Mickie James, Tommy Dreamer, and Thunder Rosa seven days a week as they break down the latest in-ring action and backstage drama across WWE, AEW, New Japan, and beyond. The biggest names, the boldest takes, and the best fans in the business.

New episodes of daily “Busted Open” talk drop Monday afternoons through Saturday, with a special edition of “The Master’s Class” every Sunday morning where the experts will take you deep inside industry topics as only they can.

Hear live episodes of Busted Open daily at 9 AM ET on SiriusXM Fight Nation, channel 156. It may pay their bills, but the real winners are the Busted Open fans.

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  • JR Sil
    Always a fun listen
    I enjoy listening on my way to work but I do have to say Dave’s borderline obsession with Cody gets to be a bit much sometimes.
  • Rhea Rip
    Tremendous Insight
    Excellent well thought out analysis 🏅🏅
    A Daily Staple
    I enjoy listening to Busted Open! It’s a must listen for any wrestling fan. It has changed the way I look at wrestling and analyze storylines. Bully is Great and passionate! Tommy is a Genius. I love the upbeat attitude of Mickie. Mark represents well and shows a human side. Thunder is Awesome. Denise is a great addition. Dave you are the founder and the glue that keeps this together! Great job
  • Viking1961!
    Causing me to love wrestling again
  • Tayworld02
    WWE is Dead Again
    I totally agree with Bully’s take on last night’s Raw. It was a snooze fest. Although I think he answered his question with Bad Bunny going over. Bad Bunny is an entertainer & Vince loves entertainers. He 🤢 at the mention of the word wrestling.
  • thunderisacrybaby
    Whine and cry a little more
    U know how I can tell Dave and bully are liberals… from how much they whine and cry all the time
  • Robert0912
    WWE! Hire Bully!!!!!!
    It’s obvious the WWE doesn’t listen to this podcast. We know this to be true because if they did listen they would be paying Bully $10M/year to run creative.
  • Harperfan
    A true Masters class
    This is by far the best wrestling podcast IMO. The knowledge shown by everyone involved is amazing. Bully Ray is absolutely awesome. I find myself agreeing with him 95% of the time. He is one of the absolute best minds in the business. This is a great podcast for any true wrestling fan.
  • CEJKK23
    My only issue is why get rid of Gabby and bring in Denise? I feel like I’m being spoken to by a 1st grade teacher that doesn’t get wrestling.
  • Johnny Boston 1
    Absolutely perfect
    I have never wrote a review but these guys deserve it! They are bringing my passion for wrestling back! Gotta love Lagreca's passion! Thanks guys!
  • Jo ZAbn
    Saturday show
    I can’t believe how annoying the Saturday show is now. I miss Ryan Mckinnell. This new lady’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. If they are going to have her cohost, could it be once a month? Please tell Mark Henry that there is a difference between want & won’t.
  • @kac443
    You guys got rid of gabby for a loud mouth who held BRUH for no reason
  • Bcastic
    Best wrestling pod cast
    A show with some personality been on it for years and years and did I say years keep up the great work
  • gsr852
    Awful in so many ways, but no big surprise
    I believe the premise of The Masters Class, is that the content is new, and separate from the content heard on the Busted Open satellite radio show. I am listening to audio pulled directly from the radio show. I appreciate listening to the perspectives of the wrestlers and former wrestlers, but with all due respect, while it’s Dave LaGreca’s creation, I am not interested in what he has to say or the way he says it. Trying to listen to the satellite radio show is challenging enough when Mr. LaGreca is on (the Saturday show, and the days he is off the show are bright spots) so how about at least leaving it to the professionals on The Masters Class podcast.
  • Dr.X007
    Only watched for Mickie, Kia, & Gail
    Stop enabling toxic wrestling personalities, period.
  • Steven w Blank
    Top notch
    Top tier wrestling podcast
  • JonnyFNbenson
    Perhaps some cheese with your wine.
    LeGreca is a whiner but other than that it’s perfect.
  • SullBoy
    Fading podcast
    Used to enjoy listening to these guys chop it up. Now it routinely sounds like they assume the audience are brain dead idiots who don’t understand storytelling, payoffs, feuds, etc. The people listening to this podcast are hardcore wrestling fans, don’t treat us like casuals
  • ftmyersj23
    Credibility shot
    Show was awesome and had credibly with all podcasters. Now we have a fan with a high pitched voice talking about spongebob.. all good runs must come to an end I guess. Bubba, mark, tommy, Mickey… and a fan who loves SpongeBob and thunder Rosa, who nobody likes. Dave, who did you owe the favor to?
  • Thisappasksfor5starstouseitLOL
    Masters class
    I love the masters class so much. Especially this weeks (1/15/23), Mark had an amazing story. I learn so much. 🔥
  • shadowofdatk
    Great app and show…
    However the show is way to short on the podcast app. I wish they would have the whole show on Apple podcast but Sirius owns the rights I believe.
  • dustin jack67
    Needs to be longer
    Needs to be longer
  • Omad420
    Love the show
    Wish it was longer on Apple Podcasts
  • mince vicmahon
    Great show
    Great show -writing for engagement
  • Metal chic 4 life!!!
    The pinnacle
    The pinnacle of pro wrestling podcast. Listen everyday.
  • Ol' Evil Eye
    I love the show, but
    I have to deduct two stars for putting the sap of all saps on. He’s not a real wrestling personality; and he’s a bully on YouTube. Got to take stars for putting him on.. This show should be reserved for actual wrestling personalities.
  • Dartmonster
    Wow great interview
    You guys are the best wrestling show out there awesome NWA interview !!!
  • Andrew Sigers
    Dreamer and Bully killing the territory
    Bully and Dreamer got to the point of being so smug that they make it impossible to listen to.
  • nikki5228
    Very fun podcast
    After a rough day at work, it’s nice to tune in and start laughing! This is very informative, funny, and gives wrestling the extra depth it deserves!
  • Green52fan
    Busted open
    Best wrestling podcast out there today.
  • Vin E.
    Give Gabby LaSpisa a raise! Her work on Busted Open is awesome!
  • bigdezee42
    Love the show but……
    Please extend the show on Apple Podcast (PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEE)!!!
  • Blakpoppa
    High Horse
    Love the show but Dave needs to get off his high horse and just be the host. Nobody cares about your personal opinions
  • IG@The_DadCast
    Love love love the show but
    when Dave screams because it’s still real to him dammit I have to turn my volume to a 3 rather than a 10 because he whines so loud.
  • L a greca
    Should have named the Monday episode Cody’s Im”PEC”cable performance
  • Cincinnati Hugo
    Audio is very frustrating
    I don’t know if this is something that the engineer of the show controls or somebody else in post edit, but sometimes the show’s audio makes it unlistenable. One person’s audio volume is fine, then another person is like a whisper, then the third person about blows out my eardrum. I drive for a living. Podcasts get me thru MANY, hours and hundreds of miles a day. This isn’t a cheap shot, I love Busted Open, but NONE of the other wrestling podcasts (like Conrad’s) has this problem. Thank you.
  • Oscar818U
    Bring back bully on Thursdays!!
    I love this show I listen every morning I even subscribed to SiriusXM to get the full show. But can we please get Tommy off Thursday nothing against him but he’s just so boring. Really wish it was Dave and Bully Mon-Fri
  • Tessex
    Came back for the Zac Amico episode
    Stopped listening after they canned tommy, came back to hear zac amico roast, R.A.P. BAY BAY
  • Deezo989
    Love the show Saturday show is horrible
    Love bully any show he’s on is the best tommy is just boring but the host on Saturday is terrible loves aew so much and it’s extremely noticeable completely opinionated especially doing weekly winner like we get it you love aew and don’t like WWE but don’t mark out every week try and judge on even playing field .. should really replace the Saturday show with hall of fame and pain mark and bully are a great duo my opinion
  • olerafa
    Simply the best
    Busted Open is the one podcast I have to — not just want to — listen to every day. Countless times I have watched wrestling and thought, "I can't wait to hear what Dave, Bully, Mark, Dreamer and Ryan have to say about this." Insightful commentary. Always sincere. And lots of fun.
  • Boyboyboybouboy
    Fire Bully Ray
    His insensitive remarks about alcoholism was atrocious. A suspension is at least called for. Not listening until then.
  • watson749
    Truly the best wrestling podcast
    I’ve been listening for o the show for awhile now and I gotta say it’s the highlight of my day when it comes out love listening to the guys I loved watching on tv and then add the Amazing Dave Lagreca simply the best podcast there is thank you busted open for being here
  • patreonappsucks
    The AEW show
    If you want hear midcard wrestlers who never had a good match in their career critique and act like they know something this show is for you. Bully killed ROH and TNA when he was champion. Now he’s on contracting himself. Henry is a bore. Dave wants to be Khans girlfriend so bad. Terrible show.
  • Jorelthefhostofkrypton
    Dreamer is back. Get over it Grow a set and either listen to the podcast or turn it off. You people act like Tommy murdered some one. People say things they regret later. It’s ok. Move on.
  • The 902
    Bully Ray is a World Class Moron
    The dude is such a try-hard. His quest for good “hEaT” has made him have go-away heat with me. He was the guy I used to listen for, but he’s become a parody. I’m done with Busted Open.
  • kjigg
    Can’t miss
    Bully, Tommy, Marc and LeGreca (sp?) I’ve enjoyed literally almost episode I’ve listened too. I wish I found it sooner!!!
  • Michaelrb056
    Quick Question 🤔
    Are we supposed to just act like Tommy Dreamer didnt make those comments ❓Come on guys im glad he is back but we cant just act like it didn’t happen❗️💯……plz speak on it because I want to hear from him and if he had learn why what he said isnt ok❗️
  • Angel X Santana
    I love it without dave
  • konveraesss
    This podcast is brutally honest showing the amount of what they think and what they used to do in the squared circle and the say what’s on there mind it is probably the Honest truth
  • Loganmeyer23
    Mark Henry bad takes - best for business?
    I tend to disagree with all of Mark Henry’s takes, however it almost makes it more listenable?
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