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Are you ready to get in the ring with the realest pro wrestling talk on the planet? Join Dave LaGreca and his rotating cast of co-hosts that features WWE Hall of Famers Bully Ray and Mark Henry, ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer, AEW star Thunder Rosa, and 2x World Heavyweight Champion Nic Nemeth for knowledgeable pro wrestling talk, entertaining debates, and interviews with the biggest names in the game. From the WWE to AEW to the independent scene and beyond, Busted Open brings you daily pro wrestling content like no one else in the world!

New episodes drop seven days a week, with a special edition of “The Master’s Class” every Monday morning, where the experts take you deep inside industry topics as only they can.

Hear live episodes of Busted Open daily from 9a-12p ET on SiriusXM Fight Nation, channel 156. It may pay their bills, but the real winners are the Busted Open fans.

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  • BlocSeekr
    Show me a bigger mark in the industry than Dave
    Defining moment? Bruh, they could book Rhea Ripley to face young bucks and JB in a handicap match and casual audiences would eat it up with no issue. These are Tony’s stars! They aren’t big enough to job for Dante Chan on NXT LVL Up. But you can’t badmouth or you get no guests right? Weak. This is an even weaker take than you crying about the Rock. Worse than your brother which is wild.
  • orlickg
    Great show just wish they would cover the outside of the big 2 better
    I really only listen to the podcast and not the full show on Sirius. They do a great job of covering AEW and WWE and a bit of TNA on the podcast. It would be great if they would do an indy/global spotlight every now and then. As a fan I always loved learning about the shows or feds I just didn’t have access to. All the hate for Bubba is just what he wants, and guess what you would never say it to his face, and he is right most of the time.
  • Russ2692
    Best wrestling podcast
    I just started listening couple weeks ago and im so addicted listening too this podcast, i look forward too each week hearing what everyone thoughts are on AEW each an every week. Never fails always delivers each and every week two thumbs up.
  • ReviewDude007
    Has the intelligence of a clump of smegma, and smells like a moldy pair of tightie whities, just like his pathetic father. And he’s obese. 😂
  • Mg10077
    Where was I all this time ?
    I'm so glad I started listening to this show. It's so good and entertaining.
  • sugar_yassplease
    I’m a huge women’s wrestling fan and BUSTED OPEN definitely keeps me updated with everything WRASSLIN 🙂 From the different views from a fan, to the most respected veteran wrestlers point of view, this podcast gives it all and I’m here for it!
  • Setht32
    Criticism of the Rock
    Busted Open is the biggest buzzkill when it comes to wrestling podcasting lol The amount of criticism towards the Rock is incredible. We get a heel Rock and yall are still complaining and nitpicking. Just listened to the two clowns on Saturday, calling the Rock rusty??? He cooked Salt Lake City. You’re the worst type of wrestling fans and critics!
  • Vin E.
    Movies. Rock > Dave
    Dave’s taste in movies is horrible!
  • petescousin12
    Would be 5 star if not for Legreca
    Listening to this podcast is such a delight. EXCEPT when Dave Legreca is on. All he does is scream to get his point across. Constantly screaming over his co-hosts. Do you honestly think people want to hear that? Relax a little bit.
  • Tayworld02
    April Fools
    It could be another swerve. The Monday before Wrestlemania is April Fools Day. Keep that in mind.
  • Kynduvme
    I know, that was a cheap pop but I wanted to let you know how great the show is. Thanks for keeping it fresh and making pro wrestling more interesting. These shows have a way of enhancing the overall experience of being a wrestling fan. Tommy, Bully, LaGreca and the crew (even labarr and sexual chocolate, and there's others who's names escape me) are my dream team pro wrestling pod crew (minus notsam. - great to hear him on the show the other day) Keep it up, we will too. Rock on gentlemen, rock the F#<¥ on!
  • Jpmoore$$
    Love the show but…..
    Love the show, don’t always agree with everyone’s thoughts on the business but the one problem I have consistently with the show is THUNDER ROSA, I am fully aware that English is a second language for her and I applaud her for the effort, god knows I couldn’t speak Spanish nearly as well as she speaks English but sometimes her segments are tough to get thru … Keep up the good work guys!!!
  • Mark Out Matt
    Busted Open is THE BEST!
    Three words. BEST. PODCAST. EVER. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Strongar
    Can’t hold a candle to Busted Open
    Best wrestling podcast out there, bar none! No other wrestling podcast can hold a candle to this podcast! The Busted Open podcast are in the league of their own! Simply the best! Keep up the great work!
  • killvash
    Great show - occasionally terrible uploads
    I love this show. It’s great for laughs, info, time killing, etc. Despite that, one of it’s biggest flaws is whoever is in charge of editing/uploading episodes. I’m thankful it’s free, but not oblivious to laziness or crap work. There’s been episodes where the opening segment has repeated, so you get the same segment twice. There’s awful cuts mid-chat sometimes with sudden ads casted over. The most recent NXT New Yr Evil episode is ridiculously short AND interrupts Tommy in the 2nd segment. It’s more ads than chat. That stuff.. x_x just blah. If I wasn’t a wrestling nerd, that’d put this at 2 stars.
  • Jnyy30285
    Busted open is a game changer!
    I have to admit that I am fairly new to the Busted open podcast. I have been listening for about 4-5 months. I have been an avid wrestling fan for most of my life (38 years). I have heard quite a few podcast and have a degree in multimedia Journalism, and I have to say the way the Busted open podcast is presented is great. The hosts have a great knowledge and experience when it comes to breaking down matches, and give their honest unbiased feedback on how they feel about each promotion. They ask hard hitting questions, and give great insight to the Wrestling business. I look forward to listening to the podcast everyday. They have inspired me to want to write about wrestling and maybe join the wrestling media field. Thank you so much Busted Open and to all that are involved with the show. Sincerely your biggest fan JD
  • VinTLMT
    True insight of Wrestling
    What a great group that talks about wrestling, they give the good and the bad of each. What’s really nice is that they care for eachother and all of wrestling.
    Great show
    But!!! We need gabbi back to replace thunder Rosa! Most of the time Dave has to finish her sentences because she doesn’t know what she’s talking about half the time!
  • lalove92
    Guys, the audio can be unbearable. Dave is so overmodulated. I enjoy the takes 75% of the time, but if you’re coming in with bad audio, I’m more apt to turn it off.
  • Metal chic 4 life!!!
    The best!
    Thank ful for Busted Open snd the Busted Open Nation, and for Tommy, Thunder,Mickey,Bully,Dave,Denise,Mark! BOAD! 4 life!
  • Alfadawg5
    See title.
  • Chasenificent
    Great, with a small critique
    I’ve been listen to B.O.R. For a few years now and really love the insight from the vets and Dave. This show gives the fans lots to consider in the wrestling world. My only criticism is the cadence of speaking from Denise Salcedo. I listen to X-pac 360 when Denise was on there. Her speech was slower and more tolerable on that show than here at BOR. she speaks way too fast and sounds too much like the fan we know she is. It’s a little cringe. She is saved by being paired with the legends. I like her insight from the fan side, but listening to her at times is painful.
  • JLU4Life
    I can’t take Bully anymore. Nothing worse than a belligerent moron who thinks he knows more than everyone else for a shoot.
  • Wrestling4Lif3
    Beat thing to listen to
    I love listening to it when I’m on the bus and I can catch up on what I’ve missed from WWE and AEW.
  • Hspanikgrl
    Love Busted Open Podcast
    I love listening to Busted Open, Busted Open After Dark, and Busted Open Master Classes. This helps me as Mom so I can listen anytime 24/7 and catching up with Dave, Tommy, Uncle Bully, Thunder Rosa, and Mickie James. Thank you!
  • BigDscotty
    This show is just plain not good…sorry. LaGreca has zero thoughts of his own. Bully loooooovee WWE and clearly does not like AEW. Which is fine but Jesus every episode is the same nonsense.
  • Operagirl41
    Love this show!
    I listen to the show everyday on my way to and from work. It reminds me of many great memories of hanging out with my friends talking wrestling, but with the expert analysis and insight of legends. Thank you for keeping me up to date on my favorite sport and for reminding me of the many great memories I’ve made over the years.
  • stankkazz
    Busted open
    Just love the show I listen to it at work everyday and just laugh about ask the conversations y’all have thank you and keep it going #bustednation
  • Pauly in Vegas
    Busted Open 4 Life!
    The absolute best in professional wrestling radio!
  • BODEEZY11289
    Busted Open 24/7
  • Mongrovian Mike
    Love It!
    Busted Oen 24/7!!!!
  • Pvatta
    Number 1
    Through honest candid opinions y’all have become my favorite wrestling podcast to listen to. I don’t always agree but I respect the realness. Congratulations.
  • Captain82432688
    Forget the dirt sheets, forget anyone else’s podcast. Busted Open is what all wrestling fans need. Legit the only reason I have Sirius XM
    Best wrestling show and podcast.
    Great show. I’ve been listening to the live show for years and catch the podcast when I can’t listen for the full time. Great cast of characters.
  • larryl39
    Y’all need to get that girl off the show
  • ffsgjitcbyfbji
    Pros on the show
    All are great. And im a fan of Mark Henry the wrestler. But wish he was not on this show. Thunder has grown so much since she started. Mark is just not good at this podcast thing. Auto 30 second fast forward when he starts talking sadly. Bubba is the best. Dont always agree but at least he makes sense and explains things so we get it.
  • JR Sil
    Always a fun listen
    I enjoy listening on my way to work but I do have to say Dave’s borderline obsession with Cody gets to be a bit much sometimes.
  • Rhea Rip
    Tremendous Insight
    Excellent well thought out analysis 🏅🏅
    A Daily Staple
    I enjoy listening to Busted Open! It’s a must listen for any wrestling fan. It has changed the way I look at wrestling and analyze storylines. Bully is Great and passionate! Tommy is a Genius. I love the upbeat attitude of Mickie. Mark represents well and shows a human side. Thunder is Awesome. Denise is a great addition. Dave you are the founder and the glue that keeps this together! Great job
  • Viking1961!
    Causing me to love wrestling again
  • Robert0912
    WWE! Hire Bully!!!!!!
    It’s obvious the WWE doesn’t listen to this podcast. We know this to be true because if they did listen they would be paying Bully $10M/year to run creative.
  • Harperfan
    A true Masters class
    This is by far the best wrestling podcast IMO. The knowledge shown by everyone involved is amazing. Bully Ray is absolutely awesome. I find myself agreeing with him 95% of the time. He is one of the absolute best minds in the business. This is a great podcast for any true wrestling fan.
  • CEJKK23
    My only issue is why get rid of Gabby and bring in Denise? I feel like I’m being spoken to by a 1st grade teacher that doesn’t get wrestling.
  • Johnny Boston 1
    Absolutely perfect
    I have never wrote a review but these guys deserve it! They are bringing my passion for wrestling back! Gotta love Lagreca's passion! Thanks guys!
  • Jo ZAbn
    Saturday show
    I can’t believe how annoying the Saturday show is now. I miss Ryan Mckinnell. This new lady’s voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard. If they are going to have her cohost, could it be once a month? Please tell Mark Henry that there is a difference between want & won’t.
  • @kac443
    You guys got rid of gabby for a loud mouth who held BRUH for no reason
  • Bcastic
    Best wrestling pod cast
    A show with some personality been on it for years and years and did I say years keep up the great work
  • gsr852
    Awful in so many ways, but no big surprise
    I believe the premise of The Masters Class, is that the content is new, and separate from the content heard on the Busted Open satellite radio show. I am listening to audio pulled directly from the radio show. I appreciate listening to the perspectives of the wrestlers and former wrestlers, but with all due respect, while it’s Dave LaGreca’s creation, I am not interested in what he has to say or the way he says it. Trying to listen to the satellite radio show is challenging enough when Mr. LaGreca is on (the Saturday show, and the days he is off the show are bright spots) so how about at least leaving it to the professionals on The Masters Class podcast.
  • Dr.X007
    Only watched for Mickie, Kia, & Gail
    Stop enabling toxic wrestling personalities, period.
  • Steven w Blank
    Top notch
    Top tier wrestling podcast
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