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Join Dave LaGreca and his rotating co-host chair that features two WWE Hall of Famers in Bully Ray and Mark Henry and ECW Legend Tommy Dreamer for the best pro wrestling talk out there. From the WWE and AEW to the independent scene and beyond, Busted Open covers pro-wrestling like no one else in the world! Listen to the full show Monday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern on SiriusXM Fight Nation channel 156 or On Demand anytime on the SiriusXM app.

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  • nikki5228
    Very fun podcast
    After a rough day at work, it’s nice to tune in and start laughing! This is very informative, funny, and gives wrestling the extra depth it deserves!
  • Green52fan
    Busted open
    Best wrestling podcast out there today.
  • Vin E.
    Give Gabby LaSpisa a raise! Her work on Busted Open is awesome!
  • bigdezee42
    Love the show but……
    Please extend the show on Apple Podcast (PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEE)!!!
  • Blakpoppa
    High Horse
    Love the show but Dave needs to get off his high horse and just be the host. Nobody cares about your personal opinions
  • IG@The_DadCast
    Love love love the show but
    when Dave screams because it’s still real to him dammit I have to turn my volume to a 3 rather than a 10 because he whines so loud.
  • L a greca
    Should have named the Monday episode Cody’s Im”PEC”cable performance
  • Cincinnati Hugo
    Audio is very frustrating
    I don’t know if this is something that the engineer of the show controls or somebody else in post edit, but sometimes the show’s audio makes it unlistenable. One person’s audio volume is fine, then another person is like a whisper, then the third person about blows out my eardrum. I drive for a living. Podcasts get me thru MANY, hours and hundreds of miles a day. This isn’t a cheap shot, I love Busted Open, but NONE of the other wrestling podcasts (like Conrad’s) has this problem. Thank you.
  • Oscar818U
    Bring back bully on Thursdays!!
    I love this show I listen every morning I even subscribed to SiriusXM to get the full show. But can we please get Tommy off Thursday nothing against him but he’s just so boring. Really wish it was Dave and Bully Mon-Fri
  • Tessex
    Came back for the Zac Amico episode
    Stopped listening after they canned tommy, came back to hear zac amico roast, R.A.P. BAY BAY
  • Deezo989
    Love the show Saturday show is horrible
    Love bully any show he’s on is the best tommy is just boring but the host on Saturday is terrible loves aew so much and it’s extremely noticeable completely opinionated especially doing weekly winner like we get it you love aew and don’t like WWE but don’t mark out every week try and judge on even playing field .. should really replace the Saturday show with hall of fame and pain mark and bully are a great duo my opinion
  • olerafa
    Simply the best
    Busted Open is the one podcast I have to — not just want to — listen to every day. Countless times I have watched wrestling and thought, "I can't wait to hear what Dave, Bully, Mark, Dreamer and Ryan have to say about this." Insightful commentary. Always sincere. And lots of fun.
  • Boyboyboybouboy
    Fire Bully Ray
    His insensitive remarks about alcoholism was atrocious. A suspension is at least called for. Not listening until then.
  • Setht32
    AEW Biased
    Too AEW Biased especially from Dave Lagreca.
  • watson749
    Truly the best wrestling podcast
    I’ve been listening for o the show for awhile now and I gotta say it’s the highlight of my day when it comes out love listening to the guys I loved watching on tv and then add the Amazing Dave Lagreca simply the best podcast there is thank you busted open for being here
  • patreonappsucks
    The AEW show
    If you want hear midcard wrestlers who never had a good match in their career critique and act like they know something this show is for you. Bully killed ROH and TNA when he was champion. Now he’s on contracting himself. Henry is a bore. Dave wants to be Khans girlfriend so bad. Terrible show.
  • Jorelthefhostofkrypton
    Dreamer is back. Get over it Grow a set and either listen to the podcast or turn it off. You people act like Tommy murdered some one. People say things they regret later. It’s ok. Move on.
  • The 902
    Bully Ray is a World Class Moron
    The dude is such a try-hard. His quest for good “hEaT” has made him have go-away heat with me. He was the guy I used to listen for, but he’s become a parody. I’m done with Busted Open.
  • kjigg
    Can’t miss
    Bully, Tommy, Marc and LeGreca (sp?) I’ve enjoyed literally almost episode I’ve listened too. I wish I found it sooner!!!
  • Michaelrb056
    Quick Question 🤔
    Are we supposed to just act like Tommy Dreamer didnt make those comments ❓Come on guys im glad he is back but we cant just act like it didn’t happen❗️💯……plz speak on it because I want to hear from him and if he had learn why what he said isnt ok❗️
  • JonnyFNbenson
    Cancel Culture Blows
    We Want Tommy
  • Angel X Santana
    I love it without dave
  • konveraesss
    This podcast is brutally honest showing the amount of what they think and what they used to do in the squared circle and the say what’s on there mind it is probably the Honest truth
  • Jt_Swift
    0 Stars
    I cannot condone a podcast that would fire Tommy Dreamer, REGARDLESS of what he said. It’s America, we use to have freedom of speech… he has his own opinions and he expressed them, I do disagree with what TD said but it’s his right. I am now unsubscribing and it ducks, I enjoyed this show for the most part.
  • Loganmeyer23
    Mark Henry bad takes - best for business?
    I tend to disagree with all of Mark Henry’s takes, however it almost makes it more listenable?
  • ThurmStarrZ
    Dreamer out? No one is here to listen to Dave LaGreca.
    You guys cancel Tommy from the show because of pressure from others. But I don’t have any problem with what he said honestly I don’t think that makes him a sympathizer to a predator. Darkside of the ring did a lot of creative editing on that show. And Tommy said what he said but you have to understand that editing can shape a narrative. If you didn’t have all of these legends on the show nobody would listen. Dave don’t be a MARK!
  • D.Wells
    Best Pod Yesterday! Sooo good! 👌🏼
    Def my fav wrestling pod - especially bully Rays insights on Vince and wwe. Yesterday 9-21 was best episode in along while! 👍🏽
  • Jeremiah88223
    Cancel culture.
    Looks like you’re going to take part in cancelling tommy. 1 star until he’s back.
  • oldschoolgamer2
    Best there is
    So much fun to listen to the stories, the real life interactions, and just everything else. As a guy who started watching in the early 80’s, got three magazines a month delivered, and just fell in love with the business in general, I can’t get enough of this stuff. You guys are the best. Thank you.
  • J_Scho_81
    Length of Podcast
    Did they recently shorten the length of the podcasts? I feel like they are only in the 30 minute or so range now. I get they would rather you by Sirius but I work when the show is live. The master class is a nice addition.
  • Sam Banks
    Episode 782. This Mic Isn’t Hot … It’s scorching.
    Long time listener of the Sirius show and podcast version, but I’m almost at my breaking point with the show. I’m all for people having their own opinions, and while this show is designed to be an outlet for the hosts and fans to voice their pleasure or displeasure with the pro wrestling product of the day, it becomes extremely frustrating at times hearing how poorly Dave LaGreca and Bully Ray treat some callers who disagree with their opinions. On episode 782 a man called in to disagree with Bully’s opinion on the table spots in the Christian Cage vs Kenny Omega match at AEW’s All Out pay-per view in 2021, and if I’m a first time listener of the Busted Open product hearing how terrible Dave and Bully treated this long time listener I’m probably never going to bother listening to the program again. It was very off putting. Be better you guys, you shouldn’t treat your listeners like garbage, they’re literally the only reason your show is still on the air. -Sam Banks @sambanks22
  • Korwatch
    Wish it was longer
    Love the show a lot but they put on 3 hours or whatever everyday and we only get 30 minutes of it?
  • BinOBA
    Really love the show but the app crashes a lot.
    That means I lose where I was on the show and I have to search for it. Don’t have the time or patience for it. Just started happening recently. Wont re subscribe to Sirius if it continues.
  • jboyle0995
    Pro Wrestling Fans Should all listen to this podcast
    Short form, easy to fit in any day, and a NEW EPISODE every day. This is how I keep up with all that is happening in the pro wrestling world. The insight & unbiased opinions from the Pro Wrestling Legends. There is no matching Busted Open, so happy it exists, especially since I’m not a radio listener.
  • twistmyfate
    This is a well rounded and quality show.
    I’m so happy to find such an in-depth wrestling podcast that is inclusive of the entirety of professional wrestling and not exclusively WWE centric. The hosts are wrestling icons that apply honest critiques both positive and negative without bias or favoritism to any single promotion. Plus, Bully Ray is probably the only person in the world that can insult you with a compliment and before you can even recognize you’ve been insulted he’s presented a solid argument and the only thing you can say in return is “thank you”.
  • TooColdTyler-O
    Full Show
    I only wish there was somewhere I could listen to the full show without subscribing to Sirius.
    A perfect as one can get…
    Unlike the vast majority of pro wrestling podcasts, Busted Open has the perfect mix of INFORMED opinion, news & highlights, and special guests. The recent addition of the “Masters Class” is a masterpiece.
  • metalhead12
    Love these guys
    Busted open is apart of my everyday life. They bring so much knowledge and depth to the pro wrestling business. Their interaction with each other is so funny and so genuine. Keep up the great work guys.
  • RichardRoss101
    Stop Screaming Dave!
    I’ve loved this show for years now but I can’t go on day after day with Dave screaming into the mic out of “passion”. Sadly I’m done
  • Hessiebessie05
    Can’t live without busted open
    Busted open is a huge part of my day. It helps the work day go quicker. I find myself watching or not watching things based on there reviews. I wish the master class was longer. But I understand it is hard to get everyone together for a long period of time.
  • DarlingPinky
    high flying liar
    jimmy snuka apologizers
  • christo2575
    What happened to the hour shows?
    They used to run an hour long now we’re only getting 30 minutes of content?
  • jgrfan18
    My Go To Road Trip Podcast
    I let these pile up over a few weeks and spend nearly every second of my weekend travels catching up. There is a great blend of analysis, inside jokes, constructive criticism, but no matter the topic, these folks love the business and it’s a fun and engaging perspective consistently. They seem to care about their “busted open nation” and have a cool variety of guests that help me get emotionally invested in tv storylines when you get to see these talents take part on the show...
  • masterkinglordgod
    A wrestling fan.
    Mark great, tommy great, bully great and Dave not so much.
  • its me Eddie B
    Masters Class
    Man I Love this masters class each week!! I look forward to the boys opening up more each time ! Keep up the great work fellas!!
  • Mongrovian Mike
    Love It!
    Sunday Morning coffee and Masterclass is my new Tradition🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼
  • staticpulze80
    Solid Show
    Great Show have been listening for about 2 yrs. You asked the Question are Young People watching. As for a 40 yr man with a 8 yr son I can say Yes . He loves AEW and some WWE . He is a Solid fan of Wrestling proud to say that . Keep up the Great Work ! Sincerely “432”
  • Jeff Miller1
    Masters Class
    Just excellent… I admired each of you guys. As wrestlers you gave soo much!! THANK YOU
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  • MED1435
    Usually a good listen if...
    you can put up with Dave’s shrieking. It seems to be slightly dependent on his co-host and he does a lot less screaming with Mark and Tommy than he does with Bully and the show is therefore more tolerable for me on those days. I enjoy Bully’s insights though. Maybe some people enjoy the ranting but I definitely do not.
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