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On Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, The Great Brian Last turns the tables and hosts the show, with Jim in the expert’s seat answering a multitude of questions on an array of topics, all sent in by the listeners in the Cult of Cornette! The Drive-Thru also features big event reviews, fan-submitted songs and a variety of frivolity!


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  • MisterHellJ
    Potato 45, population: soup.
    Hey there, I’m just checking in to say, I love you both, truly, madly, deeply, well, maybe not so deeply as I am rather short in stature, I’m no George the animal Steele. Well, until next time, one’s in the sky for San Pellegrino.
  • tbone malone22
    We love Corny
    Keeps me sane in an insane world.
  • Machine2Music
    All Hail
    The Best
  • MrMauck
    Love some Corny!
    I couldn’t stand you growing up watching wrestling. Seems like you did your job well. All these years later you’re one of my favorite people to listen to. Your passion about the business is rare. I appreciate all the stories and your time.
  • T-boleone
    What a birthday gift
    Perfect way to start my birthday with Jim and Brian. Thanks guys
  • SankaMikuru
    International listeners love corny
    Corny and his co host speaks very clearly and helps people not that fluent in English understand and enjoy the show very well. In addition, corny’s reviews are a better alternative to actually watching the wrestling programs on television/streaming.
  • Thebadguy127
    Proud cult member here!
    I love Corny. He’s smart, funny, interesting and he has forgotten more about the wrestling business than anyone currently running a national promotion will ever know.
  • RichR2Masotti-ThursdayThe12th
    The Drive Thru
    Love it! Such a fun and informative listen. My favorite show right now. Thank you!
  • the1nONLYrealWILDER
    Better than watching Wrestling
    Brain Last and Jim Cornette are the greatest podcasting team in my humble opinion. Originally, Bruce Prichard and Conrad was my number. Jim and Brian blast right through it. I don’t always agree with their criticism in wrestling BUT, they bring very good valid points if you can get between the verbal smashing of Jim modern wrestling. Great work and continued success for you both.
  • Rich S in NY
    Corny postal workers support u
  • Ferb55
    Must listen
    Used to watch wrestling and then casually listen to Jim and Brian. Now I just watch wrestling so I can enjoy their show. Laugh out loud every episode.
  • kingofkings501
    Wrestling, Politics and Comedy!
    Jim Cornette tells it like it is and doesn’t care who likes it. His wrestling insight is second to none. His wit cannot be matched. His commercial pitches makes a person wish TV commercials were as good. And his Co-Host try’s his level best to keep Corny in Check! But FAILS epically. JC is must listen pod entertainment
  • Cory370
    In my opinion
    It’s great but I don’t like all the politics talk. Only other opinion that is bad they can’t or don’t stay on a schedule of releasing new content. Weeks it be Wednesday then Thursday and I’m guessing now Friday
  • bwoods202
    Greatest Wrestling Podcast
    This show is truly the greatest wrestling podcast available. Incredible insights and just all around wrestling knowledge and takes.
  • Iwillbeyourhuckleberry
    I don’t understand
    I love Jim and the podcasts but i don’t understand the complete hatred for anyone who isn’t a leftist . I’m a religious conservative and I love the show
  • AudioConsumer
    Cornette brings the Heat!
    This is a great podcast. I prefer THE JIM CORNETTE EXPERIENCE because it’s normally more focused on a topic, but the Drive-Thru is a big pile of goodness, and any wrestling fan will love it! Essential brain food. If you aren’t a wrestling historian, and only just getting into it, you will learn the most with Jim Cornette! Download, listen and enjoy!!
  • Dan from Davison,Mi
    Brian Last
    You can’t miss shows anymore!!! Lou is nice but to mellow A real “Russo” of a episode
  • fxckyoubxtxh
    I love it!
    I grew up a fan of Cornette as I always liked bad guys (because good guys are pandering milksops). He has great commentary on professional wrestling, current events and politics, and lots of random stuff.
  • Felonious Punlk
    Very nice
    Very nice...very evil
  • middle aged blk man
    Awesome podcast love Jim and Brian
  • EndlessPlane
    You take the good and you take the bad
    Cornet is a wrestling genius but politically he’s as blind as the people he accuses. How a man as smart as Corny can get sucked into the lie of politics is beyond me. Just goes to show you that even a genius can be manipulated and schemed.
  • Lil Dik Larrey
    Goat Tier
    THe most polarizing podcast the buisness
  • tommywins1
    Too much politics!
    Why watch stupid 24 news, when you can listen to a podcast that’s supposed to be about wrestling that spends 30 minutes talking about politics! No thank you! There are plenty other podcasts!
  • JessieIsaiah
    Only complaint
    I hate when Brian tries to dismiss someone who was ACTUALLY INVOLVED in wrestling. Dude you were a FAN BOY who didn’t talk to any girls which made you resort to being a literal “mark” wrestling fan. Brian’s pretty annoying, probably the most annoying laugh on podcast.
  • ramredsurfer
    Jim has been my favorite personality since I first saw him on TBS back in the late 80’s. He was managing the Midnight Express and was feuding with the Rock ‘n Roll Express and always talked about mama Cornette. My least favorite time was when he went to the WWF :( McMahon had no idea of his genius! I feel he is the best booker in the game!!! Best story lines, both short term and long term builds! Then this podcast and the stories oh my goodness the stories!!!! Only thing I could do without is his political views.
  • Bigtom79
    Greatest wrestling podcast PERIOD
    Love this show. People at work must think I’m nuts if they walk by while I’m listening and catch me laughing. Mr. Cornette and Mr. Last do a great job. When Jim gets Brian laughing like crazy I can’t help but laugh. It’s also not hard to agree with almost everything Cornette says. 👍🏻👍🏻
  • stonehopper1067
    I Heard a Wendy’s Commercial Play During the Show
    That must make Jim happy knowing one of his favorite burger places is paying to advertise on his show.
  • msra7371
    Favorite pod
    This is my favorite weekly listen
  • Hbilly_03
    Political Rants
    Love his views on wrasslin His views on politics are border line hate speech I skip through those rants and really enjoy everything else.
  • JimmyTango99
    More bloated than Yokozuna’s midsection
    Used to love the show, but now it’s basically just one big infomercial.
  • turtle nugg
    Royal Rumble
    I was watching the event and notice how I, universe was more excited during the women’s rumble then men’s. The last 10 minutes of the men’s rumble was great before then I rather have a drink. How would you fix the men’s rumble? Do think they would Micky James at wrestle mania with the impact title I think that would be best for business. What’s your thoughts on micky james showing up with the title lasting as long as she did?
  • Trevor Traylor
    Brian should not be the co host.
    I love the podcast, but Brian is the worst. He seems like he is just a miserable human being.
  • The Hen 88
    Corny rocks
    Jim and Brian do a great job on this podcast. They give there view on wrestling. I have to say Jim is probably the best at calling what he see’s. Cause wrestling how and days is sloppy weak and lazy booking. I listen to this podcast at work and it makes 12 hrs seem like 8hrs.
  • Neily J
    Jim is so funny and knowledgeable and Brian is second to a nun!!! Great show!!!! I love both these guys!!!!! Best show on Jim’s Green Earth!!! Love, Neily J Shochet
  • RealMrStats
    I never leave reviews but honestly, I stopped watching wrestling in 2010 and since the pandemic I’ve been listening to Jim and Brian talk about the state of wrestling and as they gave their critiques, it garnered my interest in the sport again. I’ve learned sooo much about the wrestling business, whether it be the inside knowledge, general information or the history, it has been a pleasure to be able to get back into the world of wrestling and that is in thanks to the both of them. Great podcast.
    Two people, one idiot, one half donkey
    Brian Last has lazy commentary, he sounds very unintelligent. It’s obvious that Brian has zero exposure to higher education. Jim is equally illiterate when it comes to business and certain realities of today…. But he has actual experience and first had experience being in wrestling… unlike Brian.
  • dude7842689
    Just Awful
    This show is straight garbage. It has no structure. It’s just two people being very negative about wrestling to prove that they’re the smartest guys in the room. Brian Last is nothing more than Jim’s yes man. If you hate wrestling, this is the podcast for you
  • Triple G 1976
    I used to hate him now I can’t get enough ❤️
    Ahhhhh good ol Jim Cornette. As a kid/teen/young man, you used to infuriate me. Through the 80’s, 90’s and even later on I would turn the channel or mute the tv. I couldn’t stand you one bit. Now in my 40’s I have finally come to appreciate you for the performer you are. You played it so well that even though I knew it was “choreographed” you affected me like a real human living enemy of mine lol. Today I appreciate you and I can NOT get enough of your podcasts and YouTube clips. Now I am finally going back through decades of your work to finally see what I missed all those dumb years of mine. Thank you for doing what you did and continue to do for the greatest business in the world!! Thank you, F you, bye!! Ps. A bank addicted drug robber may be the greatest line ever!!!
  • Coronal Steve
    Great show
    Honestly Jim hates me being conservative but I take good jokes love the program very informative always liked his character in wrestling which seems to be his real self which is cool. Love the ads the songs they have fun with those. Keep it up Jim and Brian love you guys
  • Papabear1314
    Simply the best
    Better than all the rest.
  • MontegoXKurosawa
    And they go on FOREVER
  • yutgfssdyuhdr
    Not good
    Going down hill fast
  • Pdub8334
    Fix your schedule
    Could be a 5 star podcast but no one can seem to figure out a way to put the podcast out in time. If you read this review understand that if you also do a one star review they might actually fix the problem. Reviews can be updated. Jim even said as a sad excuse “the podcast is free” to say we shouldn’t complain, but that is NOT the case.They have more sponsors and Patreon ads then any podcast, and they make their money off of US! F*** that! Money should be a lot shorter when you lose enough listeners and have a 1 star rating that Dave Meltzer couldn’t even get higher. Saturday and Tuesday. It’s not hard. Vacations are fine. Otherwise TUESDAY AND SATURDAY. Thanks.
  • TooSweet4285
    Good podcast
    I love Jim Cornette’s honesty and stories. But I have to respectfully listen to my boy in small doses because of all the repetitive cursing. This is a funny, opinionated, and diverse podcast because Brian and Jim talk all sorts of topics outside of wrestling too.
  • Cashmoney 57839
    Tells the truth and classic stories when wrestling was wrestling. I have never watched AEW but listing to Jim saves me from bad wrestling. I listen and laugh and look forward to his podcasts weekly. If you like an old man’s review of modern wrestling and all the foolishness they are doing this is the podcast for you.
    Funny and informative
    I look forward to Jim and his southern humor and knowledge of wrestling is second to none! Grew up a Jim Cornett fan ! I could do without the political stuff !
  • MP777888
    Corny says it like it is!!!
    Without a doubt, one of the best wrestling podcasts around. Along with the experience.
  • AFan2621
    Best Podcast Duo!
    Love hearing Jim tell stories and go in-depth on EVERY question we ask and I love it. One of my favorite things is him going into such detail and bringing out his book/schedule on every time he worked and where how much he/they got paid. Love it. If your a new fan, old fan, used to be a fan of wrestling, or just want to learn about wrestling this is the #1 place for FACTS! #ImAJimCornetteGuy
  • Sal e graz
    Must listen for wrestling fans
  • Kayray704
    A barrel of laughs and knowledge.
    Highly recommend any wrestling fan, past or present, tune in every week to listen to this brilliant podcast.
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