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On Jim Cornette’s Drive-Thru, The Great Brian Last turns the tables and hosts the show, with Jim in the expert’s seat answering a multitude of questions on an array of topics, all sent in by the listeners in the Cult of Cornette! The Drive-Thru also features big event reviews, fan-submitted songs and a variety of frivolity!


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  • Saulito from Puerto Rico
    These guys will literally make you laugh out loud
    Truly appreciate the amount of content Jim Cornette and Brian Last put out each week. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve spit out my soda laughing when they go at it or when they react to Dave Meltzer’s absurdity. I hated Jim as a kid growing up in the 90s watching him in the WWE, but have such an appreciation for his work and his gift of gab as an adult. Truly appreciate you guys! Best wrestling podcast, period!
  • Consumer04312
    In Nineteen Dickety-Two
    My two favorite old men who yell at clouds
  • Mateogentino
    Ok Show
    Brian loves mocking Hulk Hogan and Christianity.
  • 1904 Tito
    These guys are crazy
    I’ve been a wrestling fanatic for over 40 years and I’ve never liked JC at all, but ever since his interviews on dark side of the ring he’s kinda grown on me, now listening to his podcast I’m hooked!! Keep the drive thru open 24/7 my dude it’s probably my new favorite podcast
  • larryl39
    Brian last
    U are such a mark and clown wat grown man says he doesn’t like someone but continues to try to talk like them. Nobody is hear for u so shut up and let Jim talk. U seem like a bitter wannabe wrestler who didn’t make it. U mook
  • onekoolguy
    can't just have one...
    potato chips for my ears
  • TheLDG
    5 stars
    Just for the Diddy Daddy banter
  • AngelXSantana
    Brian last is a Vince Russo fan with no pic of him because Vince Russo will expose him if he see a pic of him enough said
  • Delta Destroyer Sawyer
    Long time fan
    I’ve been a long time fan of Cornette in wrestling and when he began a podcast I was hooked. Throughout the Radley days to MSL towards the end of MLW Radio’s partnership. Now with Brian Last who’s name tells me he’ll be here until this show eventually ends. Been happy with each show and they usually take me a couple days to get through which I appreciate.
  • Vin E.
    Oh no! Can we have Brian Solomon back!?
  • Bblaze24
    Best show out there
    This and The Experience are the only shows that I actually can’t wait to air every single week.
  • Sean Smack
    What a shame
    This was at one time a really good podcast. I was a huge 80’s wrestling fan and loved the NWA. Jim is a great wrestling historian and if he stuck to that I would’ve continue to subscribe. I’m also a Democrat and Jim is doing his best to make me a Republican. All the show is anymore is Jim ranting about today’s wrestling and politics. I’m not sure what one he knows less about but his ignorance is impressive. The funny thing is he makes fun of women being out of shape. He’s literally married to an unkept shrub
  • Mantlerose
    changing the format
    I miss when Jim would answer random questions sent by anyone about wrestling of any time but especially its history. Right now it’s locked into Brian picking questing from the Cult of Cornette Facebook group & most of it is wasted on modern wrestling instead of Cornette’s mind of wrestling history. Still a good show but now it’s like a late night show to me where I fall asleep after the opening monologue.
  • wrestleingfan420
    The best!!
    Best podcast on the air!! Next to the experience!!
  • Joeby55
    Used to be good. If you like modern wrestling it’s good. They used to talk a lot about the old days that’s awesome but now just new stuff mostly then 5 minute adds for the multiple sponsors they have. And hours of complaining about getting beat out of money by a bad business deal. I could listen to Jim talk about the old days forever. Brian on the other hand is super annoying and ruined the show for me. Dude is straight up leaching off Jim unfortunately costing him at least me listening anymore
  • nonpoint44
    Love it
    More watch alongside ..I enjoy Jim’s thoughts
  • Anthony NorCal
    Commercials are Hilarious
    All, This podcast is great and the commercials are absolutely hilarious!! Check this podcast out!! Thanks for the entertainment!! Anthony Nor Cal
  • uggggghhtimesabikkion
    Been here since 2014
    The best wrestling podcast here.
  • vic mackey07
    Cornette is so good
    #2 greatest manager in wrestling history, Cornette agrees Heenan is #1. He gives his honest opinion every week. He is not sucking up looking for a job, that's why we love him.
  • androtaz69
    Kenny Olivier and the Cucamonga kids
    This show might even be better than the main one. I don’t know. Listen to them both twice
  • BKomminsk
    I usually want to hear about wrestling…
    …but listening to the Colin Thomson saga has been a guilty pleasure. I wish Jim and Brian didn’t have to deal with this. Selfishly though, for my personal entertainment, I love it. I hope you guys drill this dude into the dirt. Keep it up, Boys!
  • JayBobalou
    Now that’s sum good ole story tellin!!!!
    Grew up on Memphis Wrastlin, also for the great state of Kentucky. Gets me through the boring work day. Keep it up Corney!!!!!
  • Steve4:20
    Jim is a riot! His story about how wrestling should be, is not only correct, but is true.
  • Jpmoore$$
    JC is a wrestling connoisseur!!
    Professional Wrestling according to Jim Cornette is captivating, compelling and the most accurately describes the pros and cons of todays wrestling in such a witty, intelligent way that it’s hard not to binge listen to his diatribes!! I wish His liberal political views were kept to himself, his listeners are here to hear his views/opinions on Wrestling not Politics!! Thanks Brian and Jim but stick to what brought you to the Dance!!
  • Throckmorton79
    Awesome show
    Even starting to like the Last Brian I thought I’d ever like.
  • MisterHellJ
    45 minutes on Benny Hinn, seriously!? Cmon man, JFC, I’m taking away a star. This podcast is turning into the AEW of podcasts. Be better.
  • Corny’s Corner
    Best in the world!!
    If you don’t get hooked with one episode , then you are not a true Wrestling fan .
  • Na Alii Halolo
    Great Podcast
    Every week we get to relive memories of the great territory days with Jim and TGBL. Corny has an incredible mind and attention to detail, which makes for a very entertaining podcast. I am in sales and when I hit the road, I binge listen to Corny;s podcast. The only drawback is his uninformed rants about Trump and conservatives. His arguments are ignorant and uninformed. He sounds like a total mark of the liberal media. But that is why we have fast forward.
  • Tom smooth
    Legendary status
    The greatest wrestling podcast duo of all time
  • Monster's Ink
    The one podcast I listen to.
    I was never big into podcasts but after coming across Jim Cornette’s YouTube channel, I checked out the Experience and The Drive-Thru. I am LOVING it! Cornette is a walking library of wrestling knowledge and he’s hilarious. I’m here for all of it!
  • @Joe Negron
    Real life
    I have the best podcast ever , I and my ( partner) talk and talk about how awesome AEW is , for for all you guys wondering if I Joe Negron get lockjaw , the answer is no , ( obviously ) Please send me $$ I really need it Smart wrestling fan .com
  • Shoreline71
    Snorting Opiate Gummies
    If BL isn’t somewhere sleeping during the show, he’s high on pills and pot or he’s talking about pills or pot or he’s angry talking about how bad everybody is, except for the ones of a certain religion or he’s screaming about a bad podcast that until like yesterday, had no episodes in a year. But I guess when you hitch your wagon to Corny’s success, why even try? And he loves to block people, so much he’ll accidentally block a sweet tweeter! Watch…
  • Dan from Davison,Mi
    Brian Last
    Can you time stamp past all the political stuff like I tune in to hear WRESTLING conversations. The politics stuff is just a broken record no matter which side of the offense your on! Just keep it simple wrestling and funny stories about cars falling out of heaven out of Jim’s fence Great job as always
  • tbone malone22
    We love Corny
    Keeps me sane in an insane world.
  • Machine2Music
    All Hail
    The Best
  • MrMauck
    Love some Corny!
    I couldn’t stand you growing up watching wrestling. Seems like you did your job well. All these years later you’re one of my favorite people to listen to. Your passion about the business is rare. I appreciate all the stories and your time.
  • T-boleone
    What a birthday gift
    Perfect way to start my birthday with Jim and Brian. Thanks guys
  • SankaMikuru
    International listeners love corny
    Corny and his co host speaks very clearly and helps people not that fluent in English understand and enjoy the show very well. In addition, corny’s reviews are a better alternative to actually watching the wrestling programs on television/streaming.
  • Thebadguy127
    Proud cult member here!
    I love Corny. He’s smart, funny, interesting and he has forgotten more about the wrestling business than anyone currently running a national promotion will ever know.
  • RichR2Masotti-ThursdayThe12th
    The Drive Thru
    Love it! Such a fun and informative listen. My favorite show right now. Thank you!
  • the1nONLYrealWILDER
    Better than watching Wrestling
    Brain Last and Jim Cornette are the greatest podcasting team in my humble opinion. Originally, Bruce Prichard and Conrad was my number. Jim and Brian blast right through it. I don’t always agree with their criticism in wrestling BUT, they bring very good valid points if you can get between the verbal smashing of Jim modern wrestling. Great work and continued success for you both.
  • Rich S in NY
    Corny postal workers support u
  • Ferb55
    Must listen
    Used to watch wrestling and then casually listen to Jim and Brian. Now I just watch wrestling so I can enjoy their show. Laugh out loud every episode.
  • kingofkings501
    Wrestling, Politics and Comedy!
    Jim Cornette tells it like it is and doesn’t care who likes it. His wrestling insight is second to none. His wit cannot be matched. His commercial pitches makes a person wish TV commercials were as good. And his Co-Host try’s his level best to keep Corny in Check! But FAILS epically. JC is must listen pod entertainment
  • Cory370
    In my opinion
    It’s great but I don’t like all the politics talk. Only other opinion that is bad they can’t or don’t stay on a schedule of releasing new content. Weeks it be Wednesday then Thursday and I’m guessing now Friday
  • bwoods202
    Greatest Wrestling Podcast
    This show is truly the greatest wrestling podcast available. Incredible insights and just all around wrestling knowledge and takes.
  • Iwillbeyourhuckleberry
    I don’t understand
    I love Jim and the podcasts but i don’t understand the complete hatred for anyone who isn’t a leftist . I’m a religious conservative and I love the show
  • AudioConsumer
    Cornette brings the Heat!
    This is a great podcast. I prefer THE JIM CORNETTE EXPERIENCE because it’s normally more focused on a topic, but the Drive-Thru is a big pile of goodness, and any wrestling fan will love it! Essential brain food. If you aren’t a wrestling historian, and only just getting into it, you will learn the most with Jim Cornette! Download, listen and enjoy!!
  • ProfHardknocks
    I love it!
    I grew up a fan of Cornette as I always liked bad guys (because good guys are pandering milksops). He has great commentary on professional wrestling, current events and politics, and lots of random stuff.
  • Felonious Punlk
    Very nice
    Very nice...very evil
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