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Since 1984 every wrestling promoter has tried to beat Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation unsuccessfully… except one, Eric Bischoff. From a “C-Team Announcer” to the President of WCW, Eric did it all! The nWo, Monday Night Nitro, and most importantly beating Vince not once, but 83 times in a row! Hear all about it on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson!

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  • @Joe Negron
    Oh it’s true
    I have the best podcast ever , I and my ( partner) talk and talk about how awesome AEW is , for for all you guys wondering if I Joe Negron get lockjaw , the answer is no , ( obviously ) Please send me $$ I really need it Smart wrestling fan .com
  • simmonsa0126
    Informative and Entertaining
    Conrad and Eric will ALWAYS take you “DEEP into the weeds” of the business of Pro Wrestling!! They not only inform you of the “Ins and Outs” of the business past; they give their takes on the current happenings as well!!! Always entertaining and enlightening myself with fresh perspective!!! This and Tony Schiavone’s podcast (What Happened When) are my two favorites!!! Thank You Conrad and Eric!!! May this last FOREVER!!
  • AFan2621
    Too many ads
    You have way too many ads as long as 45 seconds to 2 minutes...PER AD! No one cares
  • wcwrulz
    83 weeks love it!
    Easy E and Conrad just kill it every week. Love the show and the entertainment. If u loved wrestling in the mid to late 90’s this is the podcast for you.
  • mixjock
    Great show great content
    Each week Eric and Conrad provide hours of not only entertainment but a behind the scenes and honest look at the world of sports entertainment. Eric is willing to admit his bad ideas, poke fun at himself and give his side of what really happened in his long wrestling career. Must listen.
  • LordShoe1
    I was wrong about Eric
    Allll the books I’ve read on wrestling make Eric sound like an absolute idiot. I’m glad to see that isn’t the case at ALL - he has been super misrepresented in most books by people with skewed opinions. Eric rules and the podcast is fascinating stuff!
  • Gageman1728
    Great Show
    Love this podcast. I enjoy hearing the wrestling business from Eric’s point of view. Very few people can give us insight from that level
  • Podasuer
    Best one yet
    This past weeks episode about Verne was the best one yet! Loved it. Didn’t know much about Verne before listening to this episode. Keep up the great work
  • NorthDakotaprowresltingfool
    The best podcast period!
    This show has become my all time favorite podcast. It deliveries every single week. I’m a fan of a lot of Conrad’s podcasts but this has become the one I don’t miss. I love Eric’s insight on everything! I also really appreciate the AWA material. There isn’t much out there on it and it’s awesome to hear about his time with the company. Listening every week from frigid North Dakota. CC
  • ArtDannyCaro
    Love it
    The back and forth talk about wrestling is great and the long format may be intimidating at first but you breeze through it easily. And above all I love hearing Bischoff’s blood boiling and tearing down Meltzer on every episode. Great stuff!
  • Latino Heat 2000
    One of the best wrestling podcast
    Can go on long winded rants at times, but has interesting insight as the President of WCW. Stands out from other wrestling podcast, because of it goes deeper into the financial aspects of the industry and shows they can and have factored into the creative. Whether your a fan of his or not, Eric does not hold back his opinions, so it’s always fairly entertaining listen.
  • BeerDude89
    At Times Great,Other Times Meh
    When the guys get into something and Bischoff feels like discussing it,the show is great. Far too often he either “forgets” or just gets so caught up in his obsession with Dave Meltzer that it goes off the rails. Also,as reads are a solid 5 minutes-plus and that’s frustrating.
  • jimmyolsen
    Love this podcast!
    This is my favorite of all of Conrad’s podcasts! Great insight on the business side of wrestling.
  • Matt Costigan
    Updated review: love hearing the business side of wrestling from Eric. He is quick to call himself and others out when it’s deserved
  • brobster
    David Arquette Episode
    Thanks for covering this and calling it out for what it was...garbage. Russo stated ‘‘it got people talking’’ well, I stopped watching all wrestling for over 15 years because of it. I always felt like I was in on the joke in wrestling; after this day I realized the joke was on me.
  • Big Juan Studd
    If you love all commercials and no content then all of Conrads podcasts are for you! Why would I pay $9 to hear the shows as free? It would just be dead air for 5 minutes and be over. I’d rather keep my $9 for toilet paper when there’s another shortage, at least I’ll get something out of it.
  • BA sportz Nick
    Eric act getting tired
    This used to be a top notch podcast but the constant focus on Dave Meltzer get old. I have never missed an episode but I’ll no longer be listening due to that.
  • CM Punk Fanatic
    83 weeks
    If this was the Tokyo dome, I’d give you a million stars. Love the show. Love how Eric gets fired up lol
  • Aaron yox
    One of the best few true Wrestling podcast Eric Biscoff gives his own words what exactly happen In WCW In very great detail from the fake dirt sheets known as Dave meltzer and I agree 100% everything Eric Biscoff says if most of you are annoyed by ads you can always press the skip button people honestly love how people are talking trash about Eric when half of them are coming not from the 80s generation or never heard of wcw or know Eric’s career
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
    Liver lips
    Eric has liver lips!
  • JarradR
    Eric plays politics....
    Good insight but Eric seems to act like he didn’t know any of the legal stuff or who came up with what... unless it’s his idea. I don’t but for a second that he wasn’t briefed or asked about legal battles with WWF(WWE). I think it’s BS honestly, he thinks we are idiots.
  • DinoDefino
    Skip button
    Thank god for the 30 second skip button on my iPhone. Knowing Conrad he’s probably trying to find way to disable that function. Way too many commercials and Add free shows seems like a ripoff for 29.99 a month
  • Connor2104
    Good but lots of commercials
    Should call this 83 ads. I haven’t finished a podcast in weeks since I have to skip so much.
  • Jimmy Rock Street
    This podcast is a great example of when you ask someone what the time is, and they tell you how to make the watch! I love it!
  • Yo it's me!!! :)
    Yrf CFF Des
  • Brian Vett
    Great but so many ads
    Love listening and have since the beginning. I get to remain free there has to be ads, but each one getting dragged out to be almost 3-5 minutes each and at least 5-8 per episode you have almost 30 minutes plus of advertising. In fact you have to get thru 5 minutes at the beginning to get to any content. It seems all this podcast is now is a two hour ad for free shows that they want you to join.
  • Haskins89
    Love Bischoff and Thompson. Such a great podcast
  • wowthiswasbad
    Too many ads
    Literally an ad every 3 minutes. It’s insanity.
  • i fill the power
    Good stuff
    Big fan of any of conrads pods esp love 83 weeks and everything on afs
  • Hondu123
    Eric is the best. Enjoy his no BS way he gets his point of view out. As well when he answers the questions. Tells the critics exactly what he thinks of them.
  • GC1200
    Great content
    I absolutely love this show I can listen to Eric go on and on and on and on about the great times at wcw and how things went back then and all the stories associated with things and situations . Like the time Ric Flair got into an altercation at WWE and not knowing what it’s about! Working punches? Lol wow just great stuff!!
  • ThatNicknameIsTaken1357
    Hours of Eric complaining about Dave Meltzer, and not in an interesting way. It’s a bore.
  • GarglingBulldog
    I like listening to Eric’s podcast. He does “go into the weeds” quite often and his answers are very long-winded and stray off topic. And yes he forgets A LOT of info, is apologetic to Hogan and company. He does take blame for some of the things he’s responsible for though... Now what is starting to get annoying (besides ads) is the Meltzer bashing. I don’t necessarily agree with Meltzer one way or another but Eric just won’t let it go. I don’t need to hear 20+ minute diatribes on why Meltzer is scum. Move on Eric.
  • Thebadguy127
    Listening to Bischoff is like listening to paint dry!
  • spanneru2
    83 weeks
    Eric can go long on these shows sometimes and frankly the longer the better , he gives a completely different look at the business from somebody who actually ran a company back in the 90’s Great podcast 👍👍
  • Lawrence ReNo JR.
    Lawrence ReNo JR.
    It’s so awesome too hear these stories! From all the podcast wrestling outlets love it! The Monday night wars were awesome! Thank you.
  • Mr. BigStick
    Love the show. Could listen to Eric bury Dave Meltzer all day long(and I’m WON subscriber). Lot of ads these days but can’t complain. Love the nostalgia.
  • LongSufferingGamecock
    Not good.
    The show is nothing but a Dave Meltzer bash fest by Bischoff, and that gets annoying real quick. Plus, Eric takes forever to answer a simple question. And the ads are becoming ridiculous. Way too many.
  • AB2279
    Must-listen for wrestling fans
    Eric Bischoff, for all his long rants, is a master of story-telling and entertaining. I am a huge fan of his ability to mix humor, business, and context into an entertaining presentation. And if you can’t stand The Wrestling Observer like me, you’ll enjoy Eric’s burials of the terrible reporting the WON propagates.
  • RicFlairFan
    Business first.
    83 Weeks is a great nostalgic wrestling podcast but that’s not why you should listen. 83 Weeks is a FANTASTIC business, leadership, and workplace podcast. Eric is a must listen guru about how to conduct yourself and how to be successful in whatever profession you find yourself in.
  • cams a commie
    Eric is a liar
    Love the podcast because it proves Eric is a hypocrite when he can’t remember anything but calls everyone else a liar.
  • Gatchaman1976
    Tough to get through
    TONS of babbling by Bischoff on this show. You know Conrad is zoning out during these insanely long diatribe of answers but Eric. Plus the Ads are insane. Half the show is ads?! Thank goodness for that 30 sec skip button.
  • Rlacey11
    “He’s definitely wrong but I don’t remember the truth so it’s ok!”
  • appleiphoneholder(:
    Good Podcast
    Conrad and Eric are a great tandem, fun podcast, Informative and a good listen. Great rappaport between these two, I’m not a huge fan of twitter so I don’t communicate with the show via their twitter but great podcast.
  • Golfer_guy_76
    Love hearing these stories from Eric!
    Eric and Conrad really know how to tell a story! Getting to hear Eric share his wrestling knowledge and relive his WCW days. You can feel Conrad’s love of wrestling. Happy Eric gets to tell his story!!
  • welshjshawn85
    Great podcast! Some about Eric that I never really like until now
  • Shannibal Lecter
    The Meltzer bitterness is killing the show
    I get that Eric doesn’t like Dave Meltzer, (whom I don’t care about one way or the other) but the show has mostly become him complaining with the same lines over and over again on every episode. That’s so much of the show now. It’s so repetitive.
  • Triston-C
    Eric has a sharp-strong mind for for Pro Wrestling. He is truly a learning tree to the business. Listening to the 83 weeks podcast is great.
  • Joeybundles
    Eric talks tooo much lol
    Just rambles lol ima give it a 5 star tho but Eric relax
  • CMascolo99
    Another great Episode
    I love these. Great reminiscing about 90s wrestling. When Eric get fired up about the dirt sheets I laugh my ass off. Love that Conrad said “I get to talk too” 😂😂😂 make it a t-shirt. Keep in up fellas #travelingcoach56
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