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Since 1984 every wrestling promoter has tried to beat Vince McMahon and the World Wrestling Federation unsuccessfully… except one, Eric Bischoff. From a “C-Team Announcer” to the President of WCW, Eric did it all! The nWo, Monday Night Nitro, and most importantly beating Vince not once, but 83 times in a row! Hear all about it on 83 Weeks with Eric Bischoff and Conrad Thompson!

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  • Ultra Magnus_35
    Feels like the ads are wearing nWo shirts and running wild on their newer episodes. Sad, after listening since day one that they have increased so many ads. Not entertaining anymore
  • wwegirl89
    Sherri Martel
    I just listened to your podcast about Sherri she was one of my favorite mangers in wwe and wcw and she was one of the best I miss her a lot my cousin David was friends with her love your podcast about Sherri.
  • JSorensem
    The Best
    This is one of the most Important podcasts someone should listen to from the nostalgia to the Settings of The Records Straight from a Legendary Perspective and Factual Standpoint not A Fictional opinionist Named Useful Idiot to Strictly Business all around outstanding 10 stars of Factual Facts Y’all are the best!!!!
  • realamerican73080
    Come on now
    Big fan and normally impressed by every episode. But let's not label episodes like " NWO Wolfpac " and talk about Sami Zayn for an hour and a half. I listen to this show to hear insight in when wrestling was good. Not about the current state of affairs in todays snooze fest.
  • Tim Mucci
    Amazing podcast !
    I’m a huge fan of the behind the scene aspect of wrestling. I re watch WWE documentaries all the time. Specifically the Monday night wars and the rise and fall of wcw. So getting to listen to Eric talk about that time in wrestling history is amazing and captivates me every episode. I highly recommend listening to this very informal and very entertaining podcast. 5 stars easy.
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
    Eric has been looking a little disheveled as of late. He’s easily gained 60 pounds in the last six months!
  • Dw power
    WWE Sale ?
    I love how Eric Bischoff stay away from factual assumption, like he knows what WWE will do. But gave a educational perspective of how a business operates in a sale, concerning WWE. Enjoy pt 1 &2👍🏽
  • fnfjrigg
    Eric blames tbs for everything.
  • BooBoo McGoo
    Sometimes entertaining, but mostly boring
    Sometimes its a fun nostalgic listen, but often too deep of a dive into the business aspect of wrestling. Also there’s been a bit of an anti-woke, anti-Biden, “hey kids get off my lawn” old cranky man vibe lately, i’m out.
  • Dixon15
    Never miss an episode
    Even the Lucha Libre episode. Love how Eric takes an honest look at the past and is willing to admit when he’s wrong.
  • Lili>Leukimia
    Great show. Thanks guys!
  • CDiFr
    Best REAL Wrestling Podcast
    EB, since day one of this pod has been the best. Eric not only talks about what happened inside the ring and backstage but also the business aspect of it all. And there’s many wrestling fans, including Conrad sometimes, who can’t grasp or handle the truth about certain events. And Eric is always 100% correct when criticizing AEW and WWE. Spot on commentary.
  • Chaos daddy
    Love this pod
    This is one of may favorite pods. Love how they touch on current stuff at beginning before getting into the meat of the program. Always something interesting.
  • BottleRocket_
    Love Eric, Conrad not so much.
    I love listening to Eric, but Conrad is ignorant, arrogant, and insufferable. He constantly shows his bias while accusing Eric of doing the same as a means of deflection. He’s a ridiculous child and he ruins the shows he’s on.
  • robthemany2
    Unsure about what the show is.
    I’ve grown to learn a lot from Eric about biz and life. But imo ever since the flat ppv Conrad seems to have left the podcast. And the episodes are mostly material prerecorded and release in the past and we have not had a podcast about wcw ppv in awhile. To me it just seems like maybe there are no new topics left and we will just rerun strictly biz until the contract runs out. The sad part is you can pull stuff from the episodes they are releasing but one wonders where are we with the show.
  • FrankTheTank101
    To many ads
    Great show but way yo many ads …. 21 mins into a podcast and I already skipped 15-18 mins of ads no thanks
  • TopherJames5
    Mediocre at Best
    This show was somewhat enjoyable when Conrad used to host, but between Eric being a gigantic liar and loser, and Paul having the charisma of herpes, this show is unlistenable now.
  • knahl81
    More Casio Kid
    That’s the review. More Casio Kid. A lot of fun with the latest episode. Eric was on.
  • Buhbuhjay36
    WCW Guy
    Being a WCW guy, I really enjoy hearing those stories. Mixing in some TNA and WWE stuff keeps it entertaining. Listening to Easy E and Conrad “argue” over a point that one misunderstood is hilarious. Keep up the great work.
  • Doomsday77777777777777777
    Conrad crybaby
    Conrad comes off as a crybaby AEW fanboy who hates to hear the truth and facts from Eric... Conrad AEW is terrible get over it already. Your crying is ruining the show
  • HeelDylan
    Lies by a lying liar
    Don’t encourage this. Helped run 2 companies out of business. Desperately clings to relevance while telling lies and half truths.
  • It's @xmannyx
    Too many untimed ADS
    I like listening to Eric talk about the business. Unfortunately Connie wants everyone to sign up for ADS free show. He places his ads at the worst possible time. Then some ad spots take like 5 minutes. I mainly support this show because of Eric
  • Sam the Met
    Great listen and so many memories
    Eric and Conrad are two legends in wrestling. The podcast is so insightful and brings back so many memories of great times. You have to listen each week to hear these stories and some thoughts on present day. Eric needs to be praised for everything he’s done.
  • ApeironD
    I can’t do it anymore
    I used to listen to a few of Conrad’s podcasts every single week, but more and more ads came as time went on. I understand this is free but it’s excessive when it feels like there’s ads of varying lengths every 3-7 minutes. I’m not exaggerating, the ads are that frequent now. I can fast forward, but if I’m walking, the last time I want to do is take my phone out every 5 minutes to do that. Best I can do is listen to the really old episodes which are entertaining and don’t have anywhere near as many ads
  • asshat605
    The ads
    Jesus Christ the ads...2 mins of show for 7 mins of ads
  • lepparrrr
    where’s Conrad….
    I was an avid listener to call of Conrad’s podcasts but SHEEEEESH WHERE ARE YA PAL?!?! Just cancel the podcasts if you can’t do them anymore bro. We don’t wanna hear Paul for hours and hours he sounds like a terrible commercial
  • Grubco1049
    Conrad: Here is something good that happened during your time in WCW. Tell me about it. Eric: (rambles on for 10 minutes) Conrad: Here is something bad that happened during your time in WCW. Tell me about it. Eric: I don’t remember.
  • Mattyjigs
    I like the show but…
    As mentioned several times before, the amount of ads are a complete turnoff. I get why ads are necessary but it’s overkill. Also the “let’s track it”, I have the network… if I wanted to listen to the actual show I’d watch it. I’m here to listen to Eric.
  • ShawnJohn22
    Great but…
    Take it easy on the commercials!! It’s abusive how many there are.
  • Shortsout
    Do you own or rent your podcast?
    Of course you do! You to can ruin your interviews and ratings by pimping Geico every 2 minutes. Fans complain? Too bad! Great show ruined with constant advertisements.
  • kyle kpk
    Love hearing old stories from all your podcast
    Been a wrestling fan since the early 90’s and I listen to all your podcast,you and Eric ,Jr,Bruce,Jeff,Kurt and all the rest are doing a great job with all these stories bringing back old memories keep up the great work
  • DJ Reviews 17262182818
    Enough Meltzer rants!
    Decent podcast but the constant Meltzer rants drag down the quality of every show. Anyone can go on YouTube and hear Eric and Dave speak in a familiar tone in the 90s.
  • RobB97
    Waste of time
    Every episode consists of: 45% Eric whining about what Dave Meltzer wrote 20% Eric clearing his throat 35% ads interrupting sentences (or ads interrupting ads)
  • Its El Lando
    Can’t Miss
    The best podcast for insights into the business of wrestling I’ve ever listened to. Always hilarious to hear Conrad hold Bischoffs feet to the fire as well.
  • Rexcranium
    83 Weeks
    Best way to start Monday’s off is listening to 83 Weeks. Eric & Conrad are great!
  • Jfjfhgu
    Where’s Conrad?
    I understand you are a busy guy and Paul’s a good dude but when you aren’t available, just don’t put out a show. No one wants to listen to Howard Stern if there’s no Howard. The best part about your podcasts is your back and forth with Eric, Bruce, etc.
  • Free $25!!
    Thanks Guys
    Great to hear Eric’s voice and Conrad you’re a great interviewer. Eric going nuts about the orange on the plate at Denny’s was hysterical. But thanks guys reminds me of being a kid and fond memories. Keep up the good work!
  • Chad-E
    5 STAR! 83 Weeks is Awesome!
    I’m 42 years old and been a wrestling fan the majority of my life. I’ve been a listener of 83 Weeks for a month or so and I absolutely love it…! Takes me back to the “good Ol’ days” of when professional Wrestling was so great. Conrad and Eric have good chemistry and so entertaining. I highly recommend this podcast. Eric gets fired up at times which is favorite… LOL! You’ll love it! Chad Earnest
  • Thunderbolt688
    Feet to the Fire
    Only 2 episodes down and I love how Conrad holds his feet to the fire. I hope that continues. Love to hear the old stores.
  • ProperKROE
    I’m here too…
    Satisfy Eric’s ego!
  • Bigdinwi
    Best of the best
    Between Bruce and Eric my weeks are complete. Bruce has been slacking lately but Eric more then makes up for it.
  • JT298929
    My perception has changed!
    As a mid to late 90’s wrestling fan, I used to think Eric Bischoff was self centered and arrogant. When I saw that he had a podcast, and it’s called 83 weeks, I thought he was trying to stay relevant despite being a washed up has been. To remind people “I beat WWE for 83 weeks” almost 20 years ago seemed shallow. After getting excited about wrestling again due to AEW, I started listening to 83 weeks. Man, was I wrong. The fact that I disliked Bischoff so much was due to his excellent ability to be a heel and play a role flawless. I now enjoy and look forward to Eric’s podcast to learn so much about an era of wrestling that I love as well as the television industry in general.
  • Jonallen9977
    Money mark
    Fat money mark who bought his way into the industry, attempts to speak like “the boys” (unearned), constantly talks about himself/family/wealth. Thompson finishes the actual subjects’ sentences and is a braggadocious hillbilly. Oh, and there’s no podcast in existence with as many commercials as his. Greed, sloth, gross. Between these things, his crush on Dave Meltzer and Jim Cornette, and his desperate wannabe attempt to be what he’s not, I’d steer clear. What wrestling relic will he poach and exploit next? If you actually pay for these shows on Patreon , I’m laughing at you. 0/10
  • Culbyculbertson
    Blown away by first episode with Conrad! Next level podcasting! Way to go boys!!
  • BlackJackRob21
    Best inside wrestling podcast around!
    You learn what happened when, and you learn why it happened. Best podcast week to week!
  • Andre FDSM
    5***** podcast!
    Great stuff by one of the greatest minds in wrestling Eric Bischoff and the podfather Himself Conrad Thompson
  • cdavis8547
    Great podcast
    Great job guys, keep it up
  • Jns213
    The Geico ads are killing every show, Conrad.
  • Morrisonscott38
    Bruce beating Easy E how? Conspiracy it is! Great show
  • M Huber
    Bischoff is a dude
    This wasn’t always my favorite podcast in the Conrad family. However, Eric Bischoff’s commitment to sharing the nitty gritty details on the business of professional wrestling has captivated me. I look forward to this show the most every week. I would highly recommend it to any wrestling fan who loves the business.
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