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‘My World’ with Jeff Jarrett takes listeners on a journey through Jarrett’s illustrious Hall of Fame career as an in-the ring, main-event professional wrestler, to a promoter and company owner. Along with co-host Conrad Thompson, wrestling’s self-proclaimed “King of the Mountain” will look back at his life in the sports entertainment business that has seen him collect over-80 championships in promotions across the world and his foray into company ownership with the creation of NWA Total Nonstop Action (now known as Impact Wrestling) and Global Force Wrestling. No one in the wrestling business has experienced the trials and tribulations, along with redemptions and longevity quite like Jarrett. And for the first time ever, listeners will be able to hear “The Chosen One” open up about all of the matches, moments and controversies that would often lead him to ask crowds, “Ain’t I great?”

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  • xxiceman83xx
    Asylum years
    I’m watching the old NWA-TNA in the asylum years and im trying to figure they storyline behind Jeff Jarrett and Brain Lawler.
  • Brian Vett
    Ads, poor quality, and some wrestling talk
    As per usual, it’s an hour of talking and an hour of ads just like all the other Conrad podcasts. They really are trying to annoy you into paying for ad free shows. Even worse, the audio lately has gotten so bad it’s like watching old Skype calls prior to Covid.
  • KYoldtimer
    Classic Memphis wrestling
    A great show, but I particularly love the episodes featuring Memphis wrestling and the territory days!
  • EndlessPlane
    Ads With A Little Wrestling Talk
    Basically a very long commercial with small bits of wrestling here and there.
  • sitw444life
    Love J-A-Double R-E-Double T
    Always loved Jarrett, weather it’s Memphis, the great double J Run, his WCW stuff, I really loved his dont piss me off run in 98-99, and of course TNA legend. The pod took me a while to get into, with the ads and chemistry building, but it built. Jeff is a great storyteller and always excited. So that makes it a fun interesting listen you can always take away something from.
  • earl$34
    Jarrett is a Carny
    Jarrett really knows how to work the universe! That wasn’t a shoot on Max Caster it was a work to get ratings and people interested in Dynamite. I do enjoy the business of wrestling and Impact deep dives. What a great tribute to Don West!
  • mtb102284
    The best wrestling podcast...Period
    I hated Jeff Jarrett in the 90's. I hated him in TNA. But his perspective is totally unique. Performer and Promoter. Whereas Something to Wrestle with was from the promoter angle. Jeff has it all. Always entertaining. Conad has a lot of podcasts but this is the one I listen to.
  • Morrisonscott38
    Best show in milan and coloraedo
    Can we get a real pic of the foot? How boutget big jarretton or more talk of new stuff. Not better than skiavonnes coffee hourWHW but a good second. Ipdate edit theyre great just talking no huge build. Best just talking no script. Flair last match awesome( i missed it)
  • RichardRoss101
    Ain’t he great!
    As much as I likeConrad… I love Paul and Jeff together. Great podcast every week
  • Iceo54
    No more formats like Episode 66
    I like the format of the show. Jeff is a great storyteller. However, I extremely disliked Episode 66 as it was a round table of people I’m not aware of nor care about. I hope the show never does a garbage episode like this in the future. 30 minutes of silence would have been better.
  • Bitter brother
    Always interesting and illuminating
    I like this podcast more and more each week. Jeff is sort of the Forrest Gump of wrestling but whipsmart in his insights and isn’t afraid to look at himself.
  • T-boleone
    With out a doubt the best episode. I listened to it twice. If you weren’t pumped for flairs last match before what you and Conrad have done I AM ORDERING THE PPV ON THE RIC FLAIR EPISODE ALONE . JJ you are now one of my all time favorites before your podcast I didnt think as much of you as I do now. Your knowledge and love for wrestling is second to none As a wrestler a promoter an owner you have insights no other has. Thank you for everything you do. Tip of the cap to you good sir
  • mgene155
    Great podcast
    Wasn’t a Jarrett fan growing up, but love this podcast. NWO 2000 was always intriguing to me.
  • Tommypit
    Unexpectedly Satisfying
    Jeff offers views from every angle possible. Promoter, wrestler, the son of a promoter, businessman, etc. Jeff and Conrad banter back and forth and when the heat is real….the heat is REAL!!! Listen to the Stone Cold and Ric Flair episodes. That heat is unmistakably real. I highly recommend this podcast to any real fans.
  • NorthDakotaprowresltingfool
    Great podcast!
    Somehow I just discovered this, or better yet gave it a chance. Wasn’t a huge JJ fan growing up watching wrestling, however this podcast is excellent. I love the old stories about his early days breaking into the business. The World Class stuff the Superclash episode was outstanding. I’ve been going through the archive and catching up and will be listening every week from now on. Great job once again Conrad for giving us more content to consume. Never thought I’d say this but JJ I’m a huge fan!!
  • Thrillhills3
    Paul B is channel changer jones
    When Paul B fills in as host he is the human fast forward button. Remove download, mark as played, hope Conrad is back next week.
  • @JamesT
    Great Show 100%
    I love how many different hats Jeff has worn through his career and the perspective that it gives him. Totally a 4 Horsemen.
  • dude7842689
    Unless you’re a fan of TNA, The show isn’t good
    Jeff Jarrett was a midcarder at best. I guess if you’re a fan of his the podcast is good. But he has nothing of value to talk about and his podcast is boring
  • Steve franklin
    All the ads
    Show is great, Jeff is great, conman’s ads are taking over this show like all his others. Makes it very difficult to listen to.
  • Dizzle559
    only wanted to hear about the hold up and owen
    Yawn... he is still a human fast forward button, I unsubscribed after the Owen Hart episode. Bash at the beach ruined jeff imo
  • drronn
    Huge Fan
    Jeff Jarrett was always one of my favorite wrestlers and now I’m an even bigger fan. Absolutely love this podcast. To hear the back stories on the matches and the people involved is a great trip down memory lane. I’ve gained even more respect for the wrestlers and the creative process involved in these stories. Thank you Jeff and Conrad for all you do. I look forward to every episode. PS Jeff was a Horseman. Yes I said it.
  • Brian The Flying Squirrel
    Too many ads!
    You're listening to Ad World with Jeff Jarrett! The stories are interesting. My complaint is not the show containing ads, but how they interrupt the flow of the podcast. These ads make me want to avoid the sponsor. Thank goodness I have a fast forward button.
  • Gman Myrte Beach
    Superb Conrad and Jeff
    I also wasn’t a huge fan of Jeff Jarrett. Nothing against him, but just that era of comic book wwf. That said, I have a newfound respect for Jeff. Conrad is perfect, as always, but he brings out the best in Jeff. Jeff’s stories about indy wrestling in late 80s early 90s are top notch. Jeff’s dad was always a favorite of mine, and this podcast unveils how much his family really gave to the business when it needed it most. The wrestling world needs more Jerry and Jeff Jarrett’s in the future to keep wrestling and competition alive. Career well spent Jeff. Thank you.
  • @levihasarrived
    Always loved Double J!
    Not a perfect podcast, but I love it. As a Tennessee native, I relate to a lot of where Jeff is coming from. He comes across as super jittery and eager to promote the show, which is mildly endearing mildly carny, but his recall is fantastic, he seems down-to-earth, and he’s just a funny dude. He gets easily flustered and has a habit of saying “again” too much, to the point where you ask yourself, “again? When did he say that initially?” Lol. I love it. Highly recommend. #TitanUp
  • Mike Parker35
    I love Double J, master of the malaprop and the mangled mixed-metaphor.
  • Mcoursey
    Stop with all the TNA
    31 actual episodes and 14 of them on TNA. A brand that was never alive enough to be killed. The years before the WWF would be far more interesting but you never talk about it.
  • Annoyed and bored
    Love it
    When I was a kid I couldn’t stand Jeff.. this show has made me love him. I got choked up listening to the Owen episode. This is a great look inside the business from an unreal Wrestling mind. Love it.
  • Dshook30
    Drinking game
    If you took a drink every time Mr Stroke said the word “again,” you’d die of cirrhosis of the liver in 35 minutes. Ugh.
  • tahinak
    Best podcast
    Being from Tennessee I grew up with Memphis wrestling so have always been a fan of Jeff but listening to him and Conrad together especially the Austin 3:16 episode this is my favorite podcast! Look forward to each new episode
  • Chad-E
    Change of heart
    Big wrestling fan all my life, but can’t say I was a big Jeff Jarrett fan even though I respected his work. I’ve had a change of heart… this podcast is awesome! Refreshing my memory on what all Jeff has done in professional wrestling is simply remarkable. You guys should check this out! 5 stars 100%!!
  • ChuckDukeBlue
    Best Podcast in the World
    I’ve been a Jeff Jarrett fan since his first run in WWE during the “New Generation.” I can’t get enough of Jeff’s knack for telling stories. I look forward to the My World Podcast every week. Thank you Jeff.
  • Chad is a bad nickname
    If you remove all the times Jarret says “and again” and “look”, each episode would be about 6 minutes long.
  • Rocky monk jr
    Ain’t he great!
    Only thing that would make this better is if Conrad took a Double J guitar shot!
  • Wiseguys08
    Skeptic turned Fan
    Was skeptical at first to add another podcast to my rotation. Accidentally had an episode download and haven’t stopped listening since. Double Js take on the business and my time as a fan is different and keeps me wondering what will be said next.
  • Rexcranium
    My World
    My favorite new podcast to listen too. Every Tuesday I look forward to listening to My World. Conrad & Jeff are great!
  • Steve091684
    Love the show
    I’ve had the privilege to meet and talk to Jeff multiple times through Tried-N-True Pro out of Clarksville, TN and random shows here and there. Love hearing stories about the business and his stories are no different. Keep up the great work, the both of you.
  • Dogg76
    Love the show but…
    Whoever is editing the show needs to do better. Back to back segments all the time lately. Still love the show and will continue to support it.
  • TooSweet4285
    Conrad does it again
    Top notch, really love Jeff Jarrett. Got to meet him a few times and he’s the same on the podcast as he was in person. Loads of stories and honesty from a legend. Loving how Conrad weaves the fan perspective in there and some of the gossip to get to the heart of the matters presented. This beats a lot of the shoot interviews done by other places and podcasts.
  • Buhbuhjay36
    Hey, I admit it.
    I can admit when I’m wrong, and I was wrong about Double J. I always thawt he was annoying and overrated. He’s actually a very interesting man with an interesting life. Can’t wait to hear more of his life stories and road stories.
  • RobB97
    Much better than I expected
    I was never a fan of Jeff Jarrett in the 90s/00s and thought he was completely uninteresting. However listening to My World has given me a brand new appreciation of him. He has been everywhere and done literally everything in wrestling, both as a worker and as company leadership. He has given deep insight into the business from every side, and it turns out he is actually a funny guy. Check it out
  • MachoMadness85
    The Door Is Wide Open
    Good Ol Double J is wide open. Conrad ask the right questions and Jeff opens the door wide open. It is amazing to hear the stories involving TNA. I am super happy that this podcast was introduced to me! Jeff is so easy to listen to, 100%!
  • Joeby55
    More Conrad ads
    Love Jeff Jarrett I wish I could find wrestling podcasts without “ads with Conrad” idk how this dude got involved with all the great classic guys but he knows nothing about wrestling and basically reads from the wrestling observer and gets the wrestlers take on what he remembers.
  • gw4075
    Worst podcast
    They moved Arn for this ? Jeff Is his father son his dad was know of screwing his wrestler over and putting the money in his pocket Jeff when Conrad asks him a question he Stutters trying to look for a answer to make him look good. I believe very little of what he says Conrad normally. Does a good job picking wrestler or a guy who knows all the answers You get the feeling there very little truth in his answers. Darn shame this guy makes money for stretching the truth. Don’t waste your time Jeff talks to hear himself talk.
  • USA11111111
    New Favorite Podcast
    Jeff clearly cares about his fans! I haven’t watched wrestling since 2000, but I can’t turn Conrad’s podcasts off. This is my new favorite podcast. Thanks again Conrad. Great work Jeff!
  • rick allen 25
    New to podcasting
    I just recently got into podcasting and have listened to some other wrestling ones and this is the best I have listened to. Didn’t really like or hate Jeff as a fan but his story telling so far has been great. The Owen episode got me right in the feelers. Conrad as the other host is fantastic. Conrad’s direct and sometimes hard hitting questions are great. Keep up the good work guys!
  • Maiio J
    Great Insight!
    Awesome podcast.
  • Numberoneeagle🦅🦅
    Can’t wait to hear Jeff’s story behind the story on getting and working with Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, Super Eric, L.A.X, The blueprint Matt Morgan, My boy Jim Cornette😂 I Love the TNA talk, was part of my childhood so much appreciation. 🤙🏻🤙🏻
  • Rockwat878
    The Show that you to Sleep 💤
    The host quarterbacks the show and Jeff Keep fumble the ball with no emotion when he is ask a question bout any topic.If this about his life after the wwe and the start of tna should there be more meat on the bone.
  • Romanticdude64
    Great from the start!
    I had hoped for a couple of years since Conrad "The Podfather" Thompson begar assemblying his group of podcasts that Jeff Jarrett would be a featured podcaster. I grew up watching Memphis Wresting from the 70s on, and have followed Jarrett's career from the beginning. He's well spoken, intellligent, funny and humble and has stories from every avenue of the wrestling business. His wrestling character could be irritating but his podcasts should make everyone a fan of him. Keep up the great work Conrad and Jeff!!
  • WillviciousMyrtleBeach
    How long until this turns into “dave meltzer said this….’
    Can’t stand Conrad.
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