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If you've always wanted to know what the real story was behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard will finally give you the real answer. A terrific storyteller, Bruce has done and seen it all and now he's going to share it all with you so sit back and be ready for a wild ride! Join Bruce and his partner in crime, Conrad Thompson as they take you through the WWF's expansion in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early 90s for the WWF, the GWF, the Monday Night War, the 2000s in WWE and TNA and so much more! Jump in Brother Love's DeLorean and go back in time as Bruce and Conrad pull back the curtain and take you inside some of wrestling's most outrageous, controversial and fascinating moments. Exclusively on Westwood One Podcast Network, Fridays at 12pm Eastern.

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  • USA11111111
    Going through the motions
    Show used to be great, now they are just going through the motions to make $ off advertisements. -Kevin
  • EvanLVersion1
    Something to rave about!
    LOVE. THIS. SHOW. My friend has been telling me to check it out for quite sometime. I decided to give it a shot last week and I’ve already listened to about 15-20 episodes. I learn something new in each one. If you’re a wrestling fan and you’ve not heard any of this, you’re just wrong.
  • DoubleAUB
    Eh, pass.
    Used to be great, but it's gone downhill over the years with the addition of more commercials and Bruce going back to work to the WWE. Half of the episodes now are done over a cheap telephone with a bad connection and Bruce is usually barely able to think about the topic at hand. TBH they should probably just cancel this one and replace it with someone who has more time for it. Bruce is clearly overworked. This used to be a great one. Even the ads were hilarious when they were done on the spot and Bruce was able to chime in with a witty comment, now Conrad just prerecords them and drops them in every 10 minutes or so, and there's about 5x as many as there was in the early days. STWW had a good run, but it's about time to put this old racehorse out to pasture.
  • Quality > Quantity
    Qubits > Lego
    Thanks for mentioning Qubits Toy USAF Veteran owned Made in N.C. Better than Lego, you’re right!
  • It's @xmannyx
    Best Podcast ever
    I have been listening to this Podcast ever since the Mega Powers episode. Don’t care what “wrestling journalists” say about Bruce Prichard but he is one entertaining story teller. I’m glad that Conrad Thompson has gone from this the Ric Flair Podcast to Something to Wrestle with to the other 4 podcast he currently has but nothing compares to this one. Also with all the extra podcast Conrad’s work has slipped compared to 2017.
  • Saltriverjohnny
    Still good, but not as good......
    Since going back to the WWE, it appears Bruce is more guarded with his comments. Trying to defend Polka Dot Dusty or Katie Vick is a lost cause, but he pushes that rock uphill still. Even the disagreements with Conrad are tame now. I still listen, but not as anxious to see a new episode in my feed as I once was.
  • tjohnsonjr87
    It has its days
    I have to agree before Bruce went back to WWE he said what he wanted but even then he would always not be totally honest. He holds back you can tell he is really tired and he is holding on to this show as a fallback.
  • GarglingBulldog
    Best days are behind it
    Before Bruce went back to WWE this podcast was hilarious. Bruce wasn’t afraid to say what was on his mind, do his impressions, be funny. Now it’s clear he’s just phoning it in for the $$$. Conrad is great, tries his best to put on a good show. Even needles Bruce a bit about how the show could be funny again if Bruce gets fired....One positive though is that they cover a wide range of topics...even if Bruce is a WWF/WWE apologist and that Vince and Co can do no wrong.
  • spanneru2
    Bruce Pritchard
    One of the first wrestling podcasts I ever listened to , still in my top two , I just wished Bruce had more time these days His impressions just add to the show along with his stories , his impression of macho man ringing rick rude is one of the funniest stories ever
  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    It’s a free show..
    But the ads are almost overwhelming at this point. Long time listener
  • Where's Moody
    The show use to be amazing until the million ads. Bruce doesn’t seem to be into it anymore and a podcast from a cell phone was when I knew the show jumped the shark for me.
  • GlassPrison03
    Thank You
    The most entertaining Podcast that I’ve found. As a kid from the 80s and 90s, there’s so much content here about a business that was such an influential part of my early years.
  • Paperproducts
    Bruce Prichard, detriment to the wrestling business
    Listening to Bruce Prichard speak and seeing his current influence on the product, he's lucky to have rode the coattails of so many for so long in this industry. It's a shame this podcast re-legitimized him enough to get him a job back with WWE, where he produces a subpar product that seems more focused on taking out his petty differences on all-time legends. He's a smarmy, arrogant, blowhard and the wrestling business will be for the better when he's no longer a part of it.
  • Space n stuff
    Love it
    Growing up I hated Brother Love with a passion lol I never would have guessed that in my 40’s I would think Bruce Prichard is the funniest and most knowledgeable person in the Business!! I LOVEEEE YOUuuuuuu
  • dnelson10
    Too many ads
    These shows are borderline unlistenable because of the ads, including the ads about getting the shows ad free (lol). Old shows were much better.
  • Tuck Time
    Too many ads
    Loved this show. Especially falling asleep to it at night. Now I try to listen and when I’m about to fall asleep I’ll hear Conrad whispering about Blue Chew penis ads. An ad every 10 minutes it seems. Takes away from how good the show used to be
  • therealsteve55
    Too many ads!
    5 stars because I still love them and I’m loyal. However, show has lost some shine with Bruce so busy now. Too many ads though, it’s gotten out of hand . Very 10 min now it seems.
  • Sstcamaro1
    Used to love this podcast, but the new format is annoying. Thankful Bruce is making time, with his new responsibilities and time constraints.
  • Artagoth-
    Insane amount of ads. Used to be my favorite podcast
  • LongSufferingGamecock
    No longer fun
    Show has gone downhill. The host of this show is annoying and arrogant and has way too many ads. It’s no longer fun to listen to.
  • Andres serrano
    Awesome podcast, been listening for 3 years
    I don’t know what’s wrong with the people who recently rated this podcast 1 star, maybe they’re use to hearing Bruce and Conrad after all these years and they want something different, or I don’t know, but this podcast is as good and informative as it always been! Great story telling, good topic coverage and funny moments. And the fact that Bruce only gets on average 4 hours of sleep while working with WWE and still able to pump out these podcasts is something else. Keep doing what you’re doing guys! 5 stars!
  • Schadenfriendly
    Resting on Laurels
    Gracious, has this show lost its way. Scheduling is erratic, and Bruce’s defensive and WWE apologist tendencies are all that are left. No more stories, no preparation, just Bruce phoning it in. Deleting.
  • Castorpher
    The pod has way too many ads now. I used to love it, but I’m over it.
  • KatieM1980
    Pod used to be great its blah now Conrad is super annoying to me now
  • Chad is a bad nickname
    Poor Quality and Full of Ads
    The topics are almost always good choices but the past few weeks have developed a decline in quality. Whether it’s the audio fading out due to a bad connection or long random pauses and talking over each other due to awful editing, it’s getting harder to enjoy. Plus having nonstop ads really gets in the way. Of course you need to earn a living, but too much is too much.
  • Sean of the deli
    What happened when Bruce started phoning it in ???
    This show is lacking in audio quality lately more than one episode is unlistenable the topics for the most part seem to be constant rehash of previous topics. The first two years were ground breaking discussions of storylines characters behind the scene stories.... now it’s endless plugs ads and a slightly new spin on old well covered topics Sorry Bruce but when Tony is putting out a funnier and fresher podcast maybe it’s time to just focus on your wwe job and hang up the mike Long time listener guys the show is going down hill fast Just put this show out of its misery I’m unsubscribing too bland repetitive uninteresting Conrad just give JR’s squeaky chair a show it would be more interesting than bruce literally phoning it in while you sell dick pills and mortgages
  • 👉👉👌👉👌👉👉👌👉👌
    Decline in Quality
    They should've ended the podcast when Bruce went back to WWE. I'm much more disappointed with these bland and repetitive shows than I would have been if he stopped. He needs to call it quits until he actually wants to do this podcast. Don't make excuses to your fans, do right by them and shoot this old dog dead instead of watching it limp along. Pathetic.
  • hhhrob
    Great pod
  • Frankie Union
    Doesn’t feel the same
    I used to love this show but there’s something missing, Bruce isn’t the same.. he seems like he has to much on his mind and it’s not a knock on him but he doesn’t really seem as passionate and doesn’t really do his impressions anymore.To top it off, Conrad with the ads every 5 minutes doesn’t help.. they used to make ads entertaining with least do what rogan does and front load the episode with the ads so you don’t interrupt the convo and take us out of it every few minutes.
  • Flexxx Luther
    Bruce and Yung Connie
    The best combo since Kane and X-Pac. Don’t watch wrestling much these days but loved it growing up and I can’t get enough of this podcast imma listen to every single one. These two are hilarious together!
  • I hate the Wilpons
    Must listen
    Best wrestling podcast around
  • welshjshawn85
    Great podcast
  • ringmav
    It used to be better
    But now its not. Bruce is just not in it anymore and feels like they just wing it. Time to turn to Arn’s and Contad’s podcast now.
  • Kenneth Duncan
    Too many ads
    I know y’all are trying to make money off ads, but every 5 minutes? C’mon! Listened to every podcast Conrad did throughout the week but it’s becoming nothing more than mortgage and dick pill promos.
  • lkinky138
    Jeff hardy to AEW! With new entrance music...
  • CharlieCaster
    It was good until Prichard went running back to Vince McMahon’s nutsack
  • Bartman#1
    The best.
    Love the show! Download it the minute it’s up!
  • Chris Scanlan
    Lost show
    Pod lost it’s way. Not the same. Way too many ads. Bruce is bland now
  • Staticjx69
    Used to be my favorite
    While I still enjoy this podcast it has quickly become my least favorite of all the Conrad podcasts. It seems there’s been less of the fantastic impressions and the awesome back and forth disagreements have become very tame. I realize that Bruce heading back to WWE must keep him very busy as well as I’m sure he must use discretion when talking about and doing impressions of the boss. That being said it’s become a WWE safe place at this point. I get a much bigger laugh out of Tony and Conrad and find that JR, Eric and Arn are just way more interesting as they don’t have to tippy toe around WWE topics.
  • Footwork-Hype
    Too many ads
    Too many ads, very disjointed. Content is not as good as it use to be to justify subscribing to the ad free show.
  • IamFitmiss
    Eh... Not the same
    What once was now just bland. Too safe. IDK, it just isn't there anymore. the edge is gone.
  • abuck95nochange
    Best wrestling podcast ever
  • Rlacey11
    Podcast was groundbreaking now it’s boring and repetitive, obviously Bruce can’t say anything bad about WWE so it’s basically the same, everything wwe does is great, anything anyone else has done was bad. We’ve heard all this before.
  • r8ter316
    Ads Galore
    Too many Ads distracting from an excellent show.
  • N+I+C+K37128
    Used to be good
    It was a much better show, with honest opinions, before he went back to WWE. Now it’s just justification of bad ideas from the past.
  • Stingfan4life
    Love the show!!
    Love the job Conrad and Bruce do! The impressions are my favorite. I do the Cornette, the Vince, Dusty or Jerry Jarrett almost daily.
  • dickfro
    Greatest Podcast EVER
    Conrad and Bruce put on the best show. They have such incredible insight into the pro wrestling world. Every episode has something to offer, even if it’s a time in wrestling that I wasn’t following. Thanks guys!!💪🏻
  • E60271
    Some guy jones
    Conrad u r the best of all time but I swear u do a “judgement day 2005” with somebody every week?
  • ZacharyRyan1090
    Only podcast I never miss
    I’ve tried listening to a couple different podcasts but nothing keeps my attention or keeps me coming back like Bruce and Conrad. It’s the best wrestling podcast in my opinion I love these guys insight and the way the interact with each other !!!!
  • Jeremiah B. Frog
    Ad city, ad ad city
    Waaaaay too many ads - Ads every 5 minutes or so, it’s awful - Super disruptive and annoying AF - So in response to people complaining about how many ads there are Conrad put in MORE ads for a paid ad free show - F my life 😰
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