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If you've always wanted to know what the real story was behind some of wrestling's biggest moments, Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard will finally give you the real answer. A terrific storyteller, Bruce has done and seen it all and now he's going to share it all with you so sit back and be ready for a wild ride! Join Bruce and his partner in crime, Conrad Thompson as they take you through the WWF's expansion in the 80s, Houston Wrestling, the challenging early 90s for the WWF, the GWF, the Monday Night War, the 2000s in WWE and TNA and so much more! Jump in Brother Love's DeLorean and go back in time as Bruce and Conrad pull back the curtain and take you inside some of wrestling's most outrageous, controversial and fascinating moments. New episodes each Friday at 12pm Eastern.

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  • ian yancey
    The Bears
    The Territory Show was SOOOOO good, and then the bit with the bears had me DEAD!! You guys make my week, being a lifelong wrestling fan, this is THE show!! Thx Bruce and Conrad.
  • Domo Arigaro 12180
    Lack of truth
    Bruce is full of fibs.
  • YUsucksobad
    Bruce sounds like Joe Biden on A sedative.
    Bruce is always semi-annoying anyway, but he’s been so hopped-up (I assume) on painkillers these days that he’s borderline incoherent, and it’s legitimately insufferable. I’ll check back in a few months to see if he’s actually willing to provide a professional podcast.
  • Shorty8008
    A Must Listen
    A must listen for any WWF/E fan from the mid 80s to early 2000’s. Some very funny moments and great insight into the behind the scenes of WWF. Even topics that don’t sound interesting are made interesting.
  • Slim Shively
    Tatanka Episode
    I have liked this show overall - it has given me countless hours of entertainment and laughs…but Jesus, you guys should be ashamed of yourselves about this Tatanka episode. Brutal. Just brutal.
  • Shark1971shark
    It’s Over
    This podcast used to be great but with constant ads to force you to buy the ad free show which is still no better. If anyone wants real info and entertainment with wrestling listen to Corny’s two shows. Way better than anything here. Conrad is the worst!!!!
  • Rick Dreiberg
    Too many ads!
    Lord, there are like 4 minutes of ads for every 6 minutes of show.
  • wackasackkkk
    Bruce the Comedian
    Bruce should have a show where he just does impersonations of wrestlers and other legends. His impersonation of Jerry Jarrett and Stu Hart have me in tears while im at work, ive been going back and listening to the older podcasts. By far my favorite podcast, keep them coming guys🍻
  • troglobrody
    Tatanka episode
    I got about half way through this episode and couldn’t listen anymore. Bruce just sounds at times like he is half assing the topic and talks about whatever he wants or rambles about things that are only funny to him. A digression here and there for a few moments is fine, but I’m not giving up my time if Bruce doesn’t care enough to stick to the script and discuss what we came to hear.
  • Kim fat un
    Muzzle Conrad please!!!
    I love this show, it is my favorite show on my podcast app and on YouTube, only thing I don’t care for is how Conrad Thompson is always interrupting Bruce, he literally ask Bruce a question and before he can answer or finish answering him he is already talking over him. Bruce is the show and Bruce is the real star of the show so why would you not let him talk more, keep up the great work Bruce and tell Tater I said du huh he know what you mean.
  • happygeauxsox34
    Just Bad
    Everything that this podcast has turned into is garbage. AFS has obviously turned into quantity over quality.
  • somtegura
    Liar’s Corner
    Bruce Prichard cannot tell the truth to save his life. He is a pathological liar.
  • tfazz51 4
    Nice show
  • W ky guy
    Something to Wrestle
    As a fan of professional wrestling since the 1970’s, I find Something to Wrestle with…… Bruce Prichard the most entertaining podcast I’ve ever heard, period. Bruce and Conrad are entertaining, and I learn something new about my favorite topic each time I listen. The nostalgia is great and presented with humor, from Bruce’s perspective that only he can deliver. No rumors and innuendo here!
  • AndyTx699
    Love the podcast
    I have spent many hours listening and enjoying this podcast. It’s a must listen too. 5 stars
  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    The ad placement seems to have leveled off, making for a better product. I thought Conrad was going heel for a while. This pod (among others) is Perfect for lapsed wrestling fans who can’t get enough of old school stories about “the good ole days” of wrestling.
  • Hawkis
    Love it
    Grown up watching wrestling it is great to go back
  • JeffK74!
    Something to Wrestle With
    Bruce is surprisingly funny, but also has amazing knowledge of the pro wrestling business. Conrad is similarly likable, and his research is exhaustive on every topic covered. If you’re a long time WWE or pro wrestling fan, I don’t see how you could not enjoy this show!
  • Hair of the Dog! 2
    Why have Bruce?
    Bruce says “I don’t know” to most of Conrad’s questions or comments! He literally adds nothing to the commentary. His attitude is like he doesn’t even want to be there? I won’t be listening anymore!
  • NastyJames
    Years of Entertainment
    I heard Bruce Prichard on Stone Cold’s podcast all the way back in either late 2016 or early 2017, it’s been too long to remember. He plugged his new-ish podcast, and considering I was working nights as a housekeeper, I needed more content, so I gave it a try. Something to Wrestle quickly became my favorite podcast, and something I looked forward to each and every week. The wealth of stories Bruce had, as well as his *usually* good natured spats with Conrad, were can’t miss listening. Soon it was my go to for road trips, doing the dishes, etc. I’ve learned so many things about my favorite wrestlers, and learned so much about the business from this podcast. As much as Bruce wants to share, anyway! So why not 5 stars? Before I say anything negative, BLESS Conrad and Bruce both for continuing to put out this show as often as reasonably possible. When you consider that Conrad is now the undisputed “Podfather” and Bruce is working for one of the most successful companies (not just wrestling company) in the world, it’s really remarkable that this show has continued. The magic is waning, unfortunately. Conrad sounds rushed, or disinterested, quite a bit. Bruce has always had some “cranky” streaks, but his energy has understandably changed over the past few years as well. Go listen to a recent show, and then the Radicalz or Brian Pillman episode to see what I mean. In fact, DO go listen to those episodes. Listen to them all. It was my favorite podcast, and it’s still a fine one. Bruce, Conrad, if either of you read this: Thank you. You two were unknowingly there as I went from a housekeeper to a Sterile Processing Lead. You were the soundtrack to many road trips. You’ve given me so many laughs and even a few tears! You guys rock, don’t let that magic slip.
  • Rich S in NY
    Great tag team
    Bruce and conrad flair
  • dude7842689
    So many great stories from the golden era of wrestling.
    This podcast answers all the questions for fans of the golden era of wrestling in the 1980s and 90s. It’s by far the best podcast that Conrad Thompson does.
  • Spoonability
    Brother love ran the show 😲
    Hated that boring character when I was 13. Quit watching big time wrestling after WM V because ya didn't get chics in high school if ya did. Truely enjoy listening to Bruce lay it down and sick of "roll tide" (at episode 64).
  • DevanteJ24
    Not A Rib
    Both compliment each other very well, I love the nostalgic stories & behind-the-scene perspective Bruce provides. Looking forward to more great episodes.
  • sitw444life
    Still has charm
    This is still the best chemistry in Connies Arsenal, yes the ads, yes the missing weeks, yes the megasodes, I know I know but when they’re on they are still on. It’ll never be what it used to be but to me it’s still better than a majority of adfreeshows other pods. I say the top 3 right now is Foley is Pod, STW, and My World.
  • DarrenJ78
    Something to wrestle
    Even without Bruce still very very enjoyable
  • Ninasacc
    Perfect Companion Piece
    Something to Wrestle With is like the perfect companion piece to the WWE network. I step away from each episode wanting to revisit the matches and moments discussed in this insightful podcast. Even topics I was less familiar with have interested me. ******Update 11/2021 The ads are out of control with content at a level that no longer warrants it. I appreciate the effort in keeping the show consistent — However I wonder if less episodes with more dedicated time could be a solution? Unfortunately it is just no longer a 5-star listen for me after being a must-listen for so long. :-(
  • wwechamps say no
    Times have changed
    Use to be a five star show. Great conversations about wrestling and stories. Now Bruce is afraid to say anything, defends a man who abused power to sleep with woman, and almost never does a show. Add in half the show is ads for another guy who raped a woman on a plane.
  • Oneraidernation
    Great Show
    I’ve listened since episode 15. Huge fan of hearing old wrestling stories. Paul Bromwell really isn’t that bad. He’s growing on me
  • brianjets
    Awesome stories of wrestling past
  • MCQN
    Something to Advertise with occasional 5 min segues of Wrestling.
    Content is great, unfortunately there are so many commercials, you’ll be listening to an ad read for most of your listening experience. I don’t blame them for trying to make money, but they crossed into a parody of an infomercial. They clearly stopped caring about the listeners. I will go out of my way to not support any advertisers of this show due to the egregious breaks.
  • MCRUE78
    Not worth it at all
    In the beginning it was great. They said the show wouldn’t change when Bruce went back to wwe . But they watered it down so much it’s too soaked to be any good again. That’s what happens when your Vince’s “Yes man”. Wonder what’s going to happen to Bruce and Kevin Dunn since HHH and Stephanie are in charge now . Everyone knows that HHH and Stephanie don’t like Bruce and Kevin Dunn at all . Something To wrestle is complete garbage now . 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮
  • Bryce Goddard
    Not trying to be “that guy” but come on Conrad, its pretty telling that this podcast had a perfect five stars in June when I followed after years of success and a month after he goes back to WWE you’re at 4.6, I’m fine with the ads but enough with the megasodes. If he’s done just be forth coming about it.
  • Drewtheduck
    Love this show
    Bruce’s availability hit or miss on recent episodes but 300 + episodes from the past are highly entertaining. My favorite podcast.
  • DLux karate
    Use to be great
    Months go by until they have new show use to be great now just mega shows
  • Oscar818U
  • Mkwarrior92
    Just Cancel This Show Already!
    Foley Is POD is a blessing in disguise, Why don’t you replace this show with the vastly superior “Foley Is POD”? I strongly believe “Something To Wrestle” has run its course and if Bruce doesn’t want to make an effort then just end the show. Rehashing old content with “Megasodes” isn’t worth my time to listen when you have vastly superior shows like “83 Weeks”, WHW Monday and The “Kurt Angle” Show.
  • caligamer1976
    Reruns, reruns, reruns
    Got tired of waiting for new shows so I had to unfollow.
  • WillviciousMyrtleBeach
    ‘Megasode’ every episode is full of f’ng adds.
  • Brew Crew 8
    Love It !!!!!!
    I went back and started from the beginning and I’m hooked. I love the stories and the impressions and the way that Bruce is just “real” with his explanation of what really happened. I’m glad I found this and I’m not going anywhere.
  • McMahon's Minion
    Rehashing old stuff
    Does Bruce even have the time to do new episodes ?
  • Tomastherite
    New episode?
    My god boys how about some new content???
  • newyorkface
    Great Content - Too Many Ads
    The ads. My goodness, the ads.
  • Mr_k1530
    Latest episode
    So did I miss something or was there a cut or edit in the past week’s episode. I was listening and it just cut to elevator music that sounded like “we’re going to make it after all.”
  • cdw02
    Great podcast
    Best of the best! I enjoy listening to and look forward to each weeks broadcast. The Pat Patterson episode is the funniest of em all. This is my favorite of all the wrestling podcasts. Those complaining that Conrad or Bruce aren’t producing new content have never worked a 80hr work week. Bruce and Conrad rock!
  • Connor2104
    Stop it
    I’m just going to check monthly or so to see if there’s something new instead of having weekly dumps of “remix,” episodes, “megasodes,” (3 previous podcasts or more in one download), or podcasts that have nothing to do with Bruce. Stop it.
  • Svadhyaya
    No Longer A Thing
    Conrad is so incredibly greedy. He ruined this podcast with his greed, just like he ruins everything else he touches. A bad podcast & a worse individual.
  • justondrums
    Bruce is a legend!
    I've been a wrestling fan all of my life. I'm a 90s kid and grew up right in the middle of the attitude era, which to me is the best era of wrestling. Bruce obviously has insight that few others have and his stories are always entertaining. I find myself getting lost in this podcast. He's also hilarious and his impressions are spot on. Definitely worth subscribing to if you like wrestling at all. Conrad does a fantastic job as well. Thanks Bruce and Connie for what you do and giving us fans an awesome show
  • JQ1907
    It was great, now it’s very good
    I genuinely enjoy listening to this podcast, only knock id say is I don’t like how they’ll post a “new episode” even though it’s a recycled episode, I’ve listened to an episode more then once so that’s not a problem but don’t repost it as a new one, other than that Bruce’s impressions alone are worth a listen.
  • Richards80
    Love the show
    Former boss introduced me, been hooked ever since! Grew up watching the moments discuss on the show and love reliving a lot of it. Hearing Bruce’s insight on the times I remembered as a young fan drew me in, but the hilarity of Bruce, well.. being Bruce is what kept me listening since 2016. I know Bruce is a busy guy and love being able to hear fresh content when he’s not working 22 hours a day for WWE. Yeah I know, it’s really 23.
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