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The Hodgetwins known for their political humor from social media discuss current political events in the greatest country ever created. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/hodgetwins/support

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  • hisbkfbofjeo
    Where y’all at?
    What the heck happened ?? I miss you guys !!!
  • YourHandsUntied
    Funny takes on the news.
    Idk what happened to y’all on here but I miss you guys! Loved the witty remarks on the news. Going to have to start watching on YouTube I guess.
  • S. DiMarco
    You guys make my day! You make me laugh constantly!
  • DoubleR 110
    Fricken hilarious and true
    Anyone who doesn’t like these guys are just offended libs
  • thedeadpools
    I really like your comedic view on politics; however, is the podcast over on iTunes? I would like it to come back please.
  • Amdyfyn
    I just discovered your show. It’s outstanding!
  • Hdaisy2020
    You two are hilarious as hell😂
    I love listening to these two talk abt random or just funny things people think abt! I would call it sharing argues and shower thoughts 😂
  • Dwolfe88
    Proud member of LGBTQ+K community
    The LGBTQ+K community is nothing to joke about y'all! Crackin jokes about this community is just low, and won't slow us down. So Lets Get Biden To Quit + Kamala too. Let's Go Brandon! #FJB PS: The 1 star ratings are from the same p_ssies that want to compete and fight against females yet they don’t want to get rid of the frank and beans. Gfy
  • Tybur95
    You lost several people
    I was real surprised to hear you defend the terrorists as well as call everything Israel is doing a war crime? Just. Wow. Especially shty to hear it from you guys
  • f_ckpeople
    Up your recording volume. I can't hear you at full volume on the motorcycle. You're at least three clicks lower volume than every other podcast I listen to other than 2 cops 1 donut!
  • Hefewise
    Wasted time and brain cells.
    These fools have no clue what they’re talking about. Move on and find something worth your time.
  • Jory25
    Hodge twins rule!
    Welcome to the anti-lib GUN SHOW 😁 These guys are f’in hillarious!!! My only beef is I always have to turn up the volume like 2-3 notches. Not sure what’s up with the audio but please fix it guys! Much love!
  • WARlluminati
    Hilarious and happy to support their move to Mug Club as well. All the low ratings are from the weaaaakk
  • Edwin X Michael
    These guys are idiots.
    I actually got a little dumber after listening to a few of their bits.
  • Sebringchad
    Often funny
    FYI Cummins makes the highly rated diesel engine in the Ram 2500 truck giveaway, not the transmission. That is made by Stellantis, which owns the Ram brand, or by Aisin depending on how it is optioned.
  • Big Sincho
    You guys remind me of the guys in the corps. Irreverent and freaking funny. Everything is grist. BOOM!
  • mikeyyy:)
    You guys are hilarious! Please keep up the good work
  • thefirepanda
    Boarded a sinking ship
    When they decided to associate with the grifter Steven crowder, I decided to walk away from them. Wish them all the best but I cannot support that man in anyway.
  • Zed_55
    Koo Koo for Coaco Puffs.
    Hilariously stupid imitation of a Black version of Steve Bannon and Alex Jones but less “Woke”. And less sensible? If you worship the cult authoritarianism desire for a “strongman” dictator in the USA this is your jam. They love an American oligarchy over our democratic republic thanks to republicans passing “Citizens United”.
  • Shawn Gmoney
    Dam good show
    A dam good show
  • gmann750
    this guys are hilarious, laughing at how stupid wokeness is
  • AZJasonswifey
    Never laughed so hard
    These two are probably about the funniest I’ve ever heard. It makes it even better that I agree with their politics 100%. I can honestly say I would listen even if I didn’t agree. I’ve caught up on all the new videos so now I’m starting to listen to the really old ones. 😂Keep it up !
  • Wizskins021
    I may disagree with their politics, but the twins are hilarious. They are down to earth smart black men that have a different point of view. Society has killed this aspect of life. We may all have different opinions on certain things, however, that what makes this country great. Despite the disagreement we can still co exist.
  • Patriot2322
    Bible does talk about lesbians
    Romans 1:26 (ESV) For this reason God gave them up to dishonorable passions. For their women exchanged natural relations for those that are contrary to nature; and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error.
  • Monkeyface7
    I have so much respect for Black Americans flipping the table on white people for money it's so funny. These dudes are legends.
  • donydatno
    The best Podcast ever!!!
    bro dogs y’all have the best podcast ever look forward to every one that comes out love y’all 🤙🏼🤙🏼
  • Skywalker37
    I was watching every episode of your show on Rumble and it suddenly stopped. Have you decided to steer away from Rumble? I hope not because I don’t watch the liberal youtube and listening on Apple podcast just isn’t the same as watching your show. Concerned listener.
  • Mandyesque
    Just listen to the show
    The twins are amazing at quickly getting to the heart of political/social currents while simultaneously cracking jokes and teasing each other. I felt compelled to write this review today bc I just listened to today’s show and in exactly 6 minutes, they not only addressed the issue of the day (which is the left’s attempt to help Biden out of his current quagmire by suggesting that the classified docs he stole and stashed may have been planted by Republicans), but they also summed up everything the Republican voters and politicians did wrong prior to the midterms. And they made jokes. All in 6 minutes.
  • jtonofrey
    Love the show!!
    You guys make new light hearted with the comedy. Where are the full episodes at?
  • Vic man 52
    Lots of fun
    These guys and fabulous and very entertaining
  • caputlac
    The first episode I heard that was transphobic I thought… maybe it’s a fluke. Then the very next episode was more transphobic. It’s toxic and harmful. I’m disappointed.
  • Sizemore24
    Who cares what that commie thinks or does.
  • duxfn94
    always funny
    They never fail to make me laugh
  • Sinse7
    These guys…
    When I am having a bad day it never fails…. New Hodge twin episode. 😂
  • kanaka44
    Hilarious fun
    I sometimes have to pull the car over from laughing so hard at their banter. You guys crack me up! Wish the shows were a bit longer.
  • 75lamc
    The filth kills it
    I love these guys! But the nasty talk absolutely ruins it for me. It’s so juvenile and tacky. Guys please stick w what makes you enjoyable and quit the unnecessary filth talk. Please! 🙏🏼❤️
  • *pappy
    Awesome listening experience!! Love laughing about things that tick me off. It gets a little heavy at times so I love listening to the Twins!
  • KennyHodge
    Yeahhh, no.
    I prefer the Lucas Brothers. You know, actual comedians.
  • ivkne
    These guys are awesome love there show and humor!!!! NEED MORE!!!!! YEAHHHHH
  • Twincoconuts
    Love the twins. Y’all make me busy a gut! Havy09 and kcheree.... Yer problem is quite obvious... Mic drop.. Boom!
  • lovebug1972
    Reply to the toddlers
    My question where is child protection services that’s child neglect. This is wrong. I’ve lived a lot seen a lot. And if a child will do what is the parents expect just to get approval it is sad what parents will put the children through. From pushing your son into sports or medicine or being a lawyer the kid is gonna try to please. Til they ( grow balls) and stand up for them selves so many children are going to pay for this. It’s horrible and hard to think of the pain there people (who caught the stupid)(rob Carson) is causing to our future American children.
  • phineas koplin
    Daaaaaaamn gooood showww
    Amazing, hilarious, and patriotic
  • th3nvs
    These guys & Little Joes Corner
    Are my daily starters. Their short & to the point. The hodge bros are hilarious and it’s more of a comedy angle while still having a point. I mean the left is literally given these guys content so it’s nice to hear somebody rip into that stuff. I gotta goto a show sometime, they need to do shows in Florida.
  • DAR
    At times a bit much but a pretty fun show
    Short, over the top, irrational, random, and many times hilarious. Enjoyable that people talk about the news in a loose fashion. Not perfect guys in any case, nor are you or I. Can be funny and or annoying when they get off topic. Want to call out “kcheree” for saying very rude and scathing comments about these guys. I like that these guys because they don’t act like intellectual high society shmucks or perfect Christian saints. kcheree I dislike your comments, you are human, I’m human and these guys are human. How about you focus upon your own issues, rather then being rude and lashing out against others because you don’t agree with them. Regardless 4 stars cause I very rarely give anything 5 stars or even 1 star.
  • JoshuaFeeney
    I highly recommend
  • white man cant dance
    Great Americans
    These guys are some of the best out there. The comedy is on point . So las the information they give.
  • Robbie@69
    These Fellas are awesomeness!!
    I just found these guys Sat 8-1-21. 20ep deep an can’t get enough. These guys think an feel the way most conservatives think with a twist. I’ve had a smile the whole time listening an laugh frequently. Keep it up y’all your great!!!! I guess this didn’t send when I wrote it a year ago. This episode killed me. You guys are freaking awesome. I want to come see y’all I just hope your show is longer than your pod casts. Which are to short.
  • Z dome
    You guys are great. You make political talk fun to listen to. Ive been walking around my job with head phones on before the customers get here. Laughing so hard people look at me like I’m crazy
  • hapachick77
    I love these guys
  • sh see jf ok do G do
    I love listening to y’all
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