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Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.

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  • Joe45330098
  • Dolly1395
    Former VP Biden says:
    If you ain’t listening to Crowder, you ain’t black. ⚓️ ~Ahoy~ ⚓️
  • Raygnar23
    All sources available ..
    The humor in the show keeps my blood pressure down. I haven’t found a right side prospective that’s more fairly offered than Crowders. Almost like he’s willing to have someone convince him, if they gave sincere argument and answers. Like a normal human. Hearing common sense is refreshing.
  • P Hestet
    Very informative.
  • Alanray10818
    Gerald A is the man
    Every now and then, Gerald is funny on his own!
  • Criminal 89
    Five stars
    👍 2A 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • The Ox 20
    The Ox 20
    The guys are always hilarious never want to miss their show.
  • Olisarra
    Delightfully hilarious
    Facts, sources, ACTUAL research and effort put into what they say, and comedy - so important! Love the show very much. They’ve kept my spirits up! 🇺🇸
  • Sangaso
    Language Barriers
    Isn’t it amazing how different languages use slang terms from America and people actually believe that those languages that are THOUSANDS of years old are stealing from the American language? How pathetic.
  • djtdhydvjdr
    Funny and reliable podcast
    Great podcast for those who want the hard-hitting truth and want some comedy as well🤣 I laugh out loud a lot while I listen to these
  • jamessnevets
    Most excellent.
    The brutal honesty in the content of every episode of this show is exactly what the citizens of the United States of America need.
  • rocky washington ut
    I have a wife and 6 kids.
    My pronouns are honey and dad.
  • goodwithknives
    The truth always comes out…
  • Pr1nce45
    Love y’all
    Love these guys! They’re super funny and as an avid podcast listener, they’re my absolute favorite podcast!
    Love this!
    Crowder-1 keep libtards-0
  • cgcoregon
    Prayers to you all
    Praise God for Joe Louis!
  • QH242
    Absolutely love these guys
    Love the fact they offer references and are absolutely hilarious 🤙👏🙏
  • sdddsfsddxx
    Don’t forget your audio listeners
    When facebook and twitter and youtube finally ban you for good And rumble is shutdown by big tech. All you’ll have is mug club and your faithful audio listeners. Don't take us for granite! Anyways love the show!.
  • Johnscholl
    Just wonderful
    Great comedy with news
  • One Freedom Fighter
    Always some good laughs
    These guys would undoubtedly be a blast to just hang out with. I love that they taunt cancel culture daily and they are so politically incorrect. Never a podcast where I don’t have a great laugh. Best source to get hot button news story discussion.
  • App KO!
    Do you think Joe Biden has the American flag or the Chinese flag on his diaper?
  • Shyb69
    Short and sweet
    This is stupid.
  • llama360
    Finally a fresh funny podcast
    Not PC. Not Woke. Not pretentious. 100% hilarious. Talented cast and crew and keep the stereotype satire coming. Thank you also for coining the phrase “former Vice President JB”, now I use it frequently. Stay strong Crowder crew
  • not a robot. i am a persun.
    The show slaps
    This show is the best
  • mearsmom7
    The one and only
    Louder with Crowder is a great podcast! Super funny, super informative, and has a way of making me smile even while talking about depressing topics. The guys do great voice impressions and keep the comedy going while still bringing the facts! Love it!
  • jerupiter
    Would watch with children if Crowder (and Dave) didn’t swear so much, but otherwise it’s great!!!!
  • Bchiarot
    Best podcast ever!
    I absolutely love the frank truth combined with humor that has me rolling on the floor. My one criticism is the attitude toward the homeless. As one who serves in an outreach toward the unsheltered, my attitude has completely changed toward so many who are homeless because of trauma and life’s circumstances and are not addicts. They’re children of God who deserve respect and compassion.
  • velliott67
    Listening the last few days and I can’t stop laughing! Thank you !!
  • The amazing hamburger man
    Amazing funny show that addresses real issues.
    Great show please keep it up.
  • hopper2001
    Missed point
    While jumping the counter and stealing from the pharmacy make sure you present your Good Rx card and double or triple your stolen goods lol
  • cjaybrad
    I discovered Steven Crowder a couple months ago and I’ve listened to him non stop almost since then, not only hilarious but a very wise and intelligent person #fightlikehell
  • menwä
    Amazing podcast!
    This is a amazing podcast! I hope they keep up the great work well into the future keeping all the amazing laughs
  • Dcardoso44
    New Mug Club Member
    It’s just a great podcast and deserves my support. I typically listened on Apple Podcasts but now use the Blaze app. Adrienne in customer service was a highlight when she followed up with me immediately after I asked about the mug. (There wasn’t an issue, I was just impatient I guess. 🤦‍♂️) Highly recommend joining if you haven’t already! Update…..I’m not renewing my subscription until there is more of a commitment to their listeners. Keep justifying how you produce content and how hard it is. I’m listening. The problem is you don’t understand how important your voice is. You can’t take a month off a year. You just can’t. It’s a problem. Don’t tell me I don’t understand your work ethic either. Youre just full time as far as I’m concerned. Nothing more.
  • f_ckpeople
    You don’t itch chicken pox, you scratch an itch!😉
  • venice Joe
    Conservatives, like Germans, can’t do comedy
    Wow is this guy horrible. Nothing worse than people who think they’re funny but just aren’t.
  • I. C. Kleerly
    Apple podcasts
    Why are there no new episodes being uploaded?
  • Cobiaman22
    Why no more podcast ????????
    great show!!!!
  • sh see jf ok do G do
    Best podcast
    I recommend this because it’s funny but crowder you need to try to post more
  • meggz19
    best podcast
    my favorite podcast!!
  • Neil Shorey
    Big fan
    Happy False Flag Day! Keep up the good work.
  • Rush + L
    Love it!
    Pretty sure all the bad reviews are just liberals that are angry when someone on the right actually states their opinion. So tired of the left trying to silence conservatives. Thank you Crowder for giving us someone to listen to!
  • tkmarsh
    Great show
    Crowder is the most hilarious podcast hosts I have ever heard. This podcast is great and very well informed, I love how he has all he sources below
  • M.Jj.
    Entertainment with notes of politics
    Love this show! In a day of objective true and humor that is no longer subjective this show is a breath of fresh air! Probably have been listening for 3-4 years!
  • Wanda Grande
    Misinformed and unprofessional
  • JAPC
    Maybe not
    I find it telling I do not see ANY of my reviews posted. What a forking sham u r.
  • Mikdudedo
    I listened to them and thought they sounded like clowns
    Absolutely awesome!!!
  • gmann750
    Love the impressions Crowder! One of the few outlets where people can actually say what they think.
  • Sarah Funaro
    My favorite podcast
    I appreciate how well informed they all are and that fact that they are honest and truthful. What really sets this podcast apart is the fact that you’re getting the whole truth but in a way that is hilarious, which is desperately needed when the events in this world are so depressing.
  • seriouly??
    Banned on YouTube
    This show is amazing and funny. Shame that in todays world you can not have a different point of view. Half this planet has taken the blue pill. So nuts. Wake up people.
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