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Steven Crowder brings you news, entertainment and politics with the most politically incorrect show on the web. Guests, rants, sketches, your calls ... it's whatever.

Watch the VIDEO version of this podcast here: http://www.louderwithcrowder.com/mugclub

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  • wheelsmccormick
    Hey guys
    Hey porn addicts…If you are watching porn you’re probably gay!!!!
  • Hjlaurman
    Class Act
    Literally this man is a piece of garbage. Verbally abusive to his ex wife, suing ex costars for speaking up about verbal abuse in the workplace. This guy just spews nastiness. I used to listen religiously until I found out he was a narcissistic D bag.
  • App KO!
    If Crowder team reads
    Please investigate if AOC can eat an apple through a chain link fence I must know the truth You all do great work on important matters
  • AndrewS63673
    Stop the sip
    I skip every intro until I get past the sip, it’s the most annoying sound in the world
  • Bducky88
    Wheres Jared?
    Used to love this show, then one by one the people i liked left the show. Not gay jared, sven computer, dave landau, etc. Will not listen again until he quits suing former co stars. What a piece of garbage.
  • Lauren Mable
    Liar and a jerk to DW
    He’s a sociopath a narcissist and a manipulator
  • jabreece
    Love this show and even more on Rumble/Locals
    I listened to this show mainly on apple till there was a big gap. I was told about Rumble being another way to listen free then I eventually joined the paywall for locals. I don’t mind paying for content that I can believe in. Support the good work they do by continuing to listen and share, leave a review and contribute in a membership if so desired. The membership gets extra content and allows them to get more content that they would not otherwise have the ability to get. Either way I would suggest listening to the free content and make your own decision.
  • Mandoog006
    Masterclass in ruining your own career. There’s no limit to the amount of rakes this clown can step on. Change my mind.
  • Joe the grave digger
    Love the show!!!
    I love this show and look forward to Thursdays!!! Quick question what happened to Dave Landau? Missing his comedic commentary.
  • Michelle Rae Frost
    News and current events
    News with humor. And honesty. You won’t see this on TV at six o’clock because they are saying what we are all thinking. They refuse to be censored anymore and that’s what we need.
  • Maga Supporter!
    Great Work!
    Hilarious, but so true. Entertaining and informative. So many people need to hear this. Love this podcast, keep it up.
  • groovy squirrel
    Perfect example of….
    …yet another seditious buffoon with a mental cleft palate. Yawn.
  • T3-53
    The comedian we deserve
    Enjoy him until the communists take him out Gerald’s torn knee Club baby club
  • Nomadsadventures
    Normal World
    Normal World is much better this this show. I was a long time listener to LWC but as with so many others, he lost me.
  • Fetterman is a fraud
    Keep fighting the good fight for freedom!!!
  • Irocsbdunks209
    Keep it up. Love the show.
  • Fartsniffer86
    The parody songs!!
    “Nobodies free now” needs to be available for purchase
  • archive_60
    Trump Worship
    Could the name “Trump” possibly show up more in the title of each episode? What will you do when that whole thing is over…who will be your new god?
  • Th7♥️
    Fighting for US
    MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE SHOW! Keep up the amazing work you guys do! MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN💙🇺🇸❤️
  • WarKingRoy
    Great how!
    Entertaining and very Informative. They make you laugh at the stupidity they point out. Cast and guests have a great cohesive charisma.
  • Kingchewie
    Amazing shows
    Great shows this week! Job well done
  • i like hockey not golf
    Used to be good
    Listened for a long time. Used to be good. Then he decides he’s gods gift to humanity… turns out he yells at his wife and keeps the more funny members of his cast behind a mute button so he can appear to be the humorous one.
  • whatshertits
    Great podcast… love listening to you at work
  • Schmity48
    No the Same Anymore
    I started regularly listening in 2021. It’s just not the same or as funny without Dave Landau. It just feels like the whole crew is always compelled to laugh at Crowder jokes to be employed.
  • Aslanro
    Love this show
    Absolutely love this show keep up the work this is a great podcast love listening to all of you.
  • Anti-stupidity..
    Some people’s children…
    I just wanted to comment groovy squirrel’s comment here, does truth scare you?, is reality like the monster under your bed you’re scared of??…they say, “ignorance is bliss..” but in this case ignorance is just that..ignorance. How is Narnia there bro? I’ll come visit when I need a break from reality…
  • canon lemon
    “Shut it down please “ 😭
    You know you speaking facts when they want you silenced. Thank you for giving us the truth when others won’t. And his Trump impression is the best
  • Casey hill
    Great show
    Always amazing
  • Kristina Moreno
    Huge fan but help!
    Love you guys and listen daily but the swooshing sound per your graphics over podcast is really distracting. Please please address!
  • d3u1d1e
    Super videos
  • Dance mom Lover💙😜😃😋
    The truth will set them free ! Love the show so funny but I miss Dave
  • therebbe
    Very dishonest
    Cmon bro The biggest price of trash grifter in all of media Shut it down Clean slate?? Ya right
  • Jim Crutch
    Funny and factual!
    Love the show so much, I joined Mug Club.
  • shaggy fur face
    I don’t trust you
    Clean Slate? What a long-winded diversion. The guy just wants to delete all his old posts, but won’t say why he really wants to. So, he just pretends that deleting his old posts is “sticking it to the algorithm”… whatever dude. Clearing your history means you are just covering your butt for some reason. I just don’t trust you, esp. after you tried to trash DW in an effort to grandstand.
  • Tfletch900
    Love it!
    I love all Crowders stuff. The “Black & White On The Gray Issues” is such a great premise. Everyone in America should hear these episodes!
  • Siglo XVIII
    Fun Commentary and Accurate Reporting!
    Have enjoyed this program for years and the verifiable information makes it trustworthy.
  • Lagor123
    Self appointed theologians
    Gerald is claiming pope Francis allows same sex COUPLES to be blessed when the document itself says that that is not the case. The self appointed Protestant sola scriptura theologian didn’t even read the document that the Vatican put out, and now he’s pontificating. This show claims to love sourcing their information but spreads garbage often. Still funny.
  • Don 🫣
    Sad 😞
    No show yesterday on apple 🍎 podcast ¡
  • Whumpus Wamballs
    Scummy Man Making Mediocre Content
    I highly recommend the YouTube video about crowder made by jaubry. Really summarized his whole situation quite well. Don’t bother with this content. Just listen to the Daily Wire stuff and you’ll be better off.
  • CarlosCampins
    Keep creating great content #youtubesucks
  • King Finrod Felagund
    Love your work!
    As a person who is just able to listen to you on audio, I really love the effort you take to get news and facts out to all platforms!
  • Nebenoob
    My morning laughs!
    We screwed up. I always get a good laugh on my way to work. Thank you for the show.
  • octopus-beta
    LWC all day.
    We screwed up… Americans need to get their heads out of their collective rumps.
  • dean`
    Doing Gods work
    The humor is so important. It breaks up the tension and stress that is heaped upon us on an hourly basis.
  • Ellimace
    This shows is always good
    Love this show. Funny irreverent humor but accurate.
  • 1976Cc😇
    Dan Bongino show
    I loved the dual show. I tuned in for Dan but stayed for Crowder. I’m a new fan. Please do more shows like this.
  • HaRDHouSeiNC
    Awesome and Funny
    Awesome show Awesome mug Get a leftist tears tumbler too!!
  • Battle Ship is Awesome
    I am Mug Club!
    Love the show, it just keeps getting better and better. Keep it going and make an entire network or talent.
  • Thejkperson
    Flew off the handle
    Used to be cool but can’t seem to keep it together the past three years
  • ETag89
    Debate livestreams are frustrating
    Love the show overall. However, the debate livestreams are some of the most frustrating audio I’ve ever listened to. They talk over some of the most important moments of every single debate that they cover. Most of the time just by yelling random things and playing sound effects. It’s entertaining but I have gotten in the habit of listening to the actual debate in its entirety before listening to their livestream episode. Even with already watching the debate, I still find myself annoyed when they are shouting over important moments. Like I said, overall I love the show but I wish they would do less talking on the debate livestreams.
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