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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.

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  • SShinobuS
    Just another culture warrior
    If you need another person to tell you that it’s ticktock and trans people that are ruining this country rather than economic policy and corporate politicians, then this guy will do. You probably got a good thing going and just thinking about opening that can of worms gives you the heebie jeebies, you still have to get that brick pizza oven built. I get it. So what if politicians of both stripes are worthless and approach the job more like grifters than public servants, so what if corporations are purchasing 20% of the housing stock, let’s keep those prices rising baby! Listen to this guy and you don’t have to worry about that at all!
  • Sporty beast
    Someone gotta get Matt his walrus Sweet baby gang for life!!!
  • shark 101
    Excellent podcast
    Matt tells it like it is, none of that nonsensical woke liberal propaganda that has no place in a normal society. Keep exposing these loser liberals for exactly what they are 👍🏻
  • Daniel Dimes
    Sweet Daddy Walsh is my king
    I’ve been listening to the show for a while and as a loyal member of the sweet baby gang I can say that Friday is my favorite day of the week now!
  • Klward
    Common Sense
    Matt makes commonsensical remarks about everyday, off-the-wall issues facing people today. While some groups of people try forcing their agenda on the rest of us, Matt breaks down their foolishness in simple, non-threatening ways.
  • theatrain117
    Started at the bottom now you’re not.
    Matt. I started listening to DW 2 years ago. You were my least favorite for some reason. Now I listen to your show daily and the other guys occasionally. Thank you for your work.
  • the_running_dad
    Matt telling it like it is.
    Sweet baby gang for life
  • DavidD7963
    Stop marketing the destruction of our country
    I like most of what you say except the attitude and I'm tired of all the marketing of products and pushing catholicism. Good bye
  • Asher mulvihill
    This is my favorite show I am 13 I live on a farm and have MAGA republican friends and am christian so this Aligns with my views and beliefs I wish he talked about what was happening in schools more because my friends that do go to public schools and didn’t see this now do and I can pass on the info #SBG for life
  • nashvillehk
    Get out
    Get out of Nashville.
  • alwaysright64
    Makes sense
    Thank goodness for this guy. Speaking up on such ridiculous matters
  • Ellimace
    Matt, Biden’s poo filled pants!!
    Had me making horrible faces because I was trying not to laugh out loud. One of your best.
  • JustinPickerel
    Common sense fresh air!
    Mocking the absurd is what we need in a world that has normalized it.
  • Cecil7200
    Matt Walsh is a modern day warrior
    Thank you Matt for all your time and effort exposing the many evils in our society. You are a righteous voice for truth.
  • janfromlasvegas
    Keep going Matt!
    You are incredible and I love your podcast . Finally a voice of reason who is not scared to bring up these topics . I shared your podcast about The Little Mermaid with so many people . I listen to you while working out and you are the only podcaster that makes me laugh out loud .
  • LiberalNoMore
    Thank you Matt, I used to be a liberal and I just have to say you made me view the current political and social status completely different. You a real one, man.
  • RandomPerson444444
    I'm sorry Mr. Walsh you're canceled
    Dear, Matt Walsh Today I will have to cancel you. You lack liberal common sense, the capacity to believe their truth, and publicly disagree with Biden. Due to this and the fact I can not download the latest episode. You and your walrus are today canceled Ps. love the show. Pss. Glad you finally embarrassed Ben into giving you your walrus.
  • GrandmaKayc
    Cancel this podcast
    This podcast has nothing but disinformation. Take this off Apple Podcasts
  • Nate@$
    Hates Dogs
    Stopped listening to this podcast because the guy hates dogs. I just can’t trust a guy that hates dogs .. weird. I know that’s unfair but if the podcast was good enough I may have overlooked that fact, but it’s not.
  • Graybeard57
    A warrior for our children
    Fearless and annoyingly logical.
  • please fix it1334
    Video on apple podcast?
    This podcast is great and Matt is an amazing commentator but if daily wire could figure out how to make the podcast a video podcast version or just add it that would be great because as of now you can’t see what YouTube sees or other places on video so video on apple podcast would be great
  • Catherinethebaker
    Love your show
    Matt I have been a long time listener, but today you made me feel especially validated. I too run into bikers on back country roads and always say that they are so selfish putting themselves and others in harms way. Made my day to hear that segment.
  • @JTiB
    Apple. This dude is advocating bombing hospitals
    Screw this dude
  • vizcxfghhvc
    I laughed, I cried, better than ET better than gremlins.
  • casey177346
    Fantastic podcast
    Matt Walsh is my favourite DW podcast, even over Michael Knowles. SBG 4 lyfe!
  • 🧙🏿💮
  • f_ckpeople
    Episode 511
    They sent 15 federal agents to the NASCAR garage because they desperately wanted it to be true.
    Love the show
    Best podcast out there
  • Lukas Youngblood
    Very good podcast.
    I’m a very heavy-leaning conservative. Matt Walsh is my favorite political commentator and while of course I don’t agree on all of the bases he does, that doesn’t mean I don’t like this. I’m very glad it’s here and that Matt Walsh isn’t afraid to speak the truth and not back down.
  • Owen Calderwood
    To the point
    Matt has no fear, he put his neck through the guillotine, this man is amazing and I am ashamed to say I was born in such an insane generation.
    V good
    Good 🤌🏻
  • WilloCosta
    Devastating and informative
    Matt’s passion for truth, reality, and logic, is refreshingly informative. Love his sense of dry humor. It gives me peace and inner joy knowing that I am not going nuts in this bizarro world. The truth shall set you free!
  • Natalie Spagetti face
    Humorous, truthful, and relevant
    I’m a teenager who just entered high school. I listen to Matt’s podcast everyday. Matt is one of the rare public figures who cares about the truth. I laugh out loud at the dry, sarcastic humor, and I learn a lot from what Matt has to say, (which isn’t hard since a lot of it should be common sense). I applaud you Matt for being so brave and being a leader in this corrupted world. This is a brilliant podcast. I hope more in my generation will stand up for truth. #SBG4LIFE
  • john doe 1 2
    Many of the things said on the podcast are appalling and quite absurd. Also question; if something is derived from communism, is it automatically bad? What even is communism?
  • atjsaj
    Where do these adults come from? Parents, they are not and can never claim .
  • Manofmanygames
    My favorite podcast
    Can’t get enough of that dry humor and brutal honesty! Matt has a way of making the things that bother you make sense.
  • jimothy curry
  • Fantom Ninja
    Bro the left
    I’m just your average dude and even I think the left is crazy
  • Jokimbo
    Burn the trolls
    Matt is fantastic. I listen to him daily. His sense of humor and brutal honesty is unmatched. But I gotta say, my favorite part of this review thing is reading all the one star reviews: What a bunch of pathetic, one-note trolls. Though they are surely entertaining.
  • cobblerpot montgomery
    Inspires bomb threats to hospitals
    Doesn’t even get his facts straight.
  • ReptileGirl01
    Not the worst thing I have heard…
    It’s alright.
  • Dra78m
    Theocratic Fascist Dictator Walsh is awesome
    Hilarious!! I love this show! I came to DW for Knowles but stayed for Walsh! Truth is hard to stand up for these days and Walsh does it wonderfully and with hilarious commentary to go along with it! Plus, he's Catholic. God Bless you and your family! Thank you DW
  • Prettygirlrock_1973
    Love the Podcast
    Truly! The highlight/laugh of my day. Don’t EVER change 💕
  • JayPadhi
    Great during Overwatch!
    Matt Walsh is a great podcast listen during my Overwatch nightly sessions, very easy, informative, and entertaining listening! I also listen to Dennis Prager during Overwatch - each session lasts about an hour, perfect timing for Matt Walsh & Dennis Prager at 2x speed apiece. Thank you Matt Walsh and keep it up!
  • Ed the Younger
    The Walrus is Paul Shapiro knows that. Paul
  • 4turtle82
    Amazing show. His honesty is so refreshing.
  • JakeandEvasmom
    Don’t lose your socks
    Pin your socks together with a large safety pin. Works like a charm
  • Shirl_19
    Listen daily
    Love this podcast! Matt’s dry sense of humor is the best. Also, get this man his walrus!!
  • LeftWingDestroyed
    Love the show, great content. You should collaborate with Ben Shapiro and do a reaction to woke tik toks and an Am I The A**hole collab.
  • RichardRaphael
    Empty Talk
    Empty talk from empty vessel equals zero.
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