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Fed up with the talking heads? Matt gives you a no-holds-barred take on today’s cultural, religious, and political issues. Monday thru Friday.

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  • Millipix
    Great show
    I listen like everyday in addition to with Morning/Daily Wire and Allie Beth’s Relatable podcast. He’s super funny, intelligent and has a very great way of shining light on the woke ideology of todays time. I just wish most of the content wasn’t so much on LGBTQ(it seems so),as there are a number of other pressings issues he could expound on in addition. Love it regardless!
  • mamas boy 2678
    Greyson Moore
    I am 13. I love Matt Walsh. Simply amazing person.
  • lori 😎♥️
    Love your cancel segments!!!! Michael needs to watch SG1 we are not alone 👽😎♥️ Just so you know you and Ben has been Canceled up here in Albany NY WGY 810am and 103.1 fm started 6/1/23 UNBELIEVABLE ♥️🙏🇺🇸 please keep Fighting 😎♥️ Updated I started listening to Rush over 30 years ago to this station I would leave 3 Radio s on for the Ratings 😂. I informed the station that I have options with podcasts!!!
  • Bullseye223
    King of Conservatives
    Matt has become the best in the business
  • 2hrsofbathroombreaksaday
    More garbage
  • Uneeknickname
    Culture watchman
    Thank you, Matt, for shining a light in the darkness. Can you make a deal with Blaze to show your movie there which is also available in free Pluto?
  • AbeFro
    Typical out of touch Jackass
    This guy gives men a bad name particularly if you have any “right” leaning persuasion.
  • gregf12
    Great Podcast
    Keep up the amazing work Matt — your courage is needed more now than ever!!! Thank you for all you do!!!
  • anillustrator
    $100.00 pact
    Early in learning about personal finances, my husband and I agreed to a $100 pact. Anything we want over $100 needs to be discussed and compared to current obligations and needs. We never fight about money and we have been married for 52+ years!
  • raeast
    A**hole segment
    Totally stupid. And the sound effects are more stupid. What has happened to you?????
  • Jon cockington
    self hating homosexual
    Matt is clearly a self hating homosexual, why else would he focus so much on hating on them?
  • IDSgt56
    Am I the A-Hole?
    Yes. If you are parking on the sidewalk, you are the A-Hole. It is unsafe. It is illegal. It is disrespectful. You are not special. The rules apply to you too. You are the A-Hole.
  • Raa2006
    Tell it like it is
    Honesty, blunt and truth telling. He unapologetically calls people out. Thank you!
  • Thorium9000
    Great for falling asleep to
    Doesn’t have much to say worth hearing, especially compared to rest of the Daily Stormer
  • dubs1397
    Saving America
    This man has done more to save sanity (and America) than probably anyone in my lifetime. Keep up the fine work, Matt!
  • Animalindy
    MAID - Soylent Green. Just a matter of time.
    MAID sure reminds me a lot of Soylent Green, with Charlton Heston. Spoiler Alert! The world is overpopulated, and food is scarce for the masses. People can opt to go to a company to peacefully die and unbeknownst to the population, be turned into the generic food rations given to everyone. Thank you Matt, your show is diverting and informative.
  • GodBlessThe80s
    Bigotry, racism and theocracy on full display.
    Don’t let anyone try convincing you this show, or Matt, is in any way objective or fair.
  • FJB!!🇺🇸🇺🇸
    Matt Walsh is amazing!
    He gets right to the point and throws out all the lefties crap! Amazing show!
  • AnthonyVPGH
    Insightful and entertaining
    This show is both insightful and entertaining, regardless of whether you align with Mr. Walsh’s political views. Although, if you on the left would believe this, but he calls out both sides of the political aisle for hypocrisy.
  • NealinATL
    Class Act
    Love this guy. Super smart and he never disappoints in any of his programs.
  • Benshapirolover
    I am runner up for transphobe of the year
  • Joe56984
    Matt Walsh is a sane voice in an insane world
    I really enjoy Matt’s daily dose of sanity in an otherwise insane world. He uses a touch a humor, sarcasm, and wit to discuss cultural and political issues. He’s a logical and intelligent communicator, I highly recommend giving his show a listen.
  • Big Sincho
    Boomer doom
    Your piece on boomers was interesting. Fact is that college educated boomers are the ones that have failed both their children and the country. Very few in my generation served in the military . College was the big push. Those of us who are blue collar and veterans lived hand to mouth, worked long hours, and still found time for church and children. College has been a poison to the country, elitist professors fill kids with entitled thoughts and to think poorly of the blue collar, Christian middle and lower classes, yet they are incapable of doing anything that takes true problem solving skills and sticktoitiveness. No pity for them or their college bred idiocy. Show me a smart college kid with true skills, I’ve yet to see one in my 50 years as a blue collar. They need to quit crying and voting the way their professors tell them and get life experience first. As it stands they are all just immature, unreasonable, and entitled children who need to grow up before they run their mouths. I digress. Great show Matt, keep up the good work on the trans/abortionist issues. Those people are true scum. Guess their ideas came from higher education crowd in the colleges. Who would pay thousands to be indoctrinated with that garbage? Intelligent people?
  • Hihohohohohfhfy
  • katie, Hospitality consultant
    Bullseye is on Target
    Thanks for the show today highlighting Target’s overt grooming of our children. My husband and I walked in there the other day, spotted the overwhelming display of rainbow paraphernalia and the grooming slogans on all of the young girls clothing. We don’t even have girls, and we abruptly turned around and walked out of the store. Never again.
  • KLash38123
    Matt Walsh
    Great solid conservative. Uses reason, wit, and facts while taking on opposing views. Truly needed in this desperate time our nation is facing. We’ll worth the listion
  • Dheidmdksoemdneu
    Don’t always agree but...
    Your views on abortion are Neanderthal-esque, HOWEVER thank you for constantly warning us about the Left’s obsession with transgender people and the horrific mutilations of children, disguised as “gender affirming care.” I’m old enough to remember when that was called sex change operations, and people had to dress and live as the opposite sex for at least a year before a doctor would operate on them.
  • MikeHersh
    Ignorant, Hateful Nonsense
    Matt Walsh doesn’t know much, but he knows how to rile up other ignorant, hateful people to threaten, attack, and kill innocent people. Please remove before more people get hurt and killed.
  • Nrvsrec
    Best transphobe going
    Love Ben’s takes and his stance against the woke mob
  • keeeamadams
    What a joke
    Matt Walsh is a disgrace to humanity.
  • Buchanan J. Amsterdam
    Better and Better
    I miss Limbaugh’s show terribly. Matt’s show helps, a lot. Takes way too many days off, loses his rhythm.
  • SwannGal
    Common Sense, Psychology, and Humor
    Keep up the good work! You actually use your God given brain using common sense. You had me dying with your take on self checkout tipping, lol
  • review18273682
    Matt is an amazing father and human and catholic. As someone who just came into the church I applaud him. He stands for the truth and doesn’t listen to the crazy woke left SBG for life. We love you sweet daddy
  • sebastian stan is really hot
    sbg frfr
    as a 15 year old, i get quite a bit of heat over the fact that the daily wire content consumes 80 percent of everything i watch/listen to, and matt takes a good 50 percent overall. his common sense is so refreshing and a lot of times it keeps me sane. especially at school. your doing good work matt, keep it up please!
  • Allena.delacruz
    Going to a mostly liberal college, I feel so strongly out of place sometimes. I listen to The Matt Walsh Show to get my daily dose of truth. It’s become a daily ritual!
  • Fluorite_Draws
    Liberals stay mad
    I love Matt Walsh ever since I started watching Brett Cooper she introduced Matt Walsh and I began watching and listening to him too. I think it’s funny liberals on here are calling Mr.Walsh a bigot when he’s just speaking the truth. You are being the bigot if you cannot see how your perspective may be wrong and constantly bashing on us conservatives. So liberals if you think writing dumb hate comments will stop us from speaking the truth then stay mad.
  • Love radio.
    Your views on reparations and slavery, you really need to keep to yourself. If your family suffered injustice, then you go get it from the people get it to them stay out of our business. You bum
  • Co. Armagh
  • hackasaurus
  • LukeisFlash
    Great job Matt
    Thanks Matt for helping influence me in the right ways. I may only be 13, but I can really relate to what you’re discussing. I am a Christian and I’ll be praying for you and your work. Thanks so much!
  • NateDogg1081
    Why does my phone get hot when I listen to your show? It makes me think the government is listening in or doing something to my phone. Do they put your listeners on a watch list or something? Again, my phone will be working fine, but when I put your podcast on it gets warm. Like it’s being overworked for some reason (maybe people doing experiments or spying). Very odd. I wonder if others have experienced this.
  • qwertyuiop123456889
    5 stars
    Great show better man
  • firebird006
    Thank you!
    I have enjoyed this podcast! But…….bikes can be more than a toy. I know someone who is going to college and does not have a car, but he does have a bike. (Though that argument in the video is ridiculous)
  • Nickname5382936
    You contradicted yourself about the media. “You don’t very often hear a golden retriever maul a child”. ITS THE MEDIA!!!! Go to: “fuzupf”YouTube account You will find literally hundreds of “other dog attacks” Open your mind, My wife was the same way as this listener you were responding to.
  • edenlea1992
    Righteous in Him
    I found your podcast recently and absolutely can’t tear my attention away! Matt, you are so eloquent, such brilliant teaching, you have helped me get the ablity to speak with authority to the woke woke. I’m a child of God lby grace. You sound like a believer also. God bless you✝️
  • heytieb
    I love listening to Matt!
    Get a great dose of in-your-face reality by listening to Matt Walsh. I love how he tells it like it is, with no F’s about your feelings! He’s my favorite down to earth kind of guy.
  • CPTDave
    I deeply appreciate somebody in media who is a brave and relentless leader truth-teller. This guy and his kind are the future of news and media. Bravo, Matt, keep up the fire!!
  • Jttimesfox
    Dry dry dry humor
    Love it. This podcast is very important
  • Hornedfrog76
    No nonsense
    Matt Walsh is an absolute handful of a human being who has an unrelenting style and a necessary message for today’s generation. This guy’s presence at a university speaker’s engagement or a school board meeting is both newsworthy and compelling. Pull up a chair and have a listen and you might just walk away with a new perspective. Matt, thank you for your unwavering persistence in fighting the good fight!!
  • peid
    Excellent podcast if you are interested in truth/reality.
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