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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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  • Angela Mager
    Great takes and fun to listen to
    Always entertaining and speaks from experience. He doesn’t have favorite politicians because he knows they can’t be trusted. Very personable and interesting to listen to.
  • Northern Arizona Bob
    30,000 Chinese Solders
    30,000 Chinese young men have illegally entered the U.S. San Diego Sector since 10-1-2023, which is equivalent to a U.S. military Corps, which is made up of 20,000 to 50,000 soldiers, equivalent of two or more divisions.
  • ardyerdad
    Dan the Man
    Dan is an excellent host and I tune in for his keen insights related to emerging news stories. He does get really excited but that’s just him! He’s a REAL person.
  • SandySue10m
    Love love your show
    Dan I don’t listen to your podcast anymore because of your cussing, but when I have time and that is most days I listen to your radio show because I love your opinions and your way of presenting them. I more than think you are mad at Kyle. Please rethink that. You are both coming to the same conclusions but send through your life experiences. Please have a meal with him have a drink and then remember hat you do agree on and treasure your friendship. He is still in battle mode and so are you. You are made of similar stuff. We need friends, he should never have Named you in his disagreement. He needs humility. Please forgive him. Both of you fill my days with joy and hope and information. I’m not choosing between you. I envy your friendships loll don’t cancel each other. In this case you are both right. You are seeing it in differently from your job perspective. Sandy
  • rmpm1132
    Stop drinking milk.
    Dan, The milk that you drink is directly affecting your joints and is destroying your gut. 100%.Cut it ASAP. Keep up the good work. Patrick.
  • ry//5
    America last, Israel first podcast.
  • Sunshine Moonshine
    Stop the weekend updates!!!!
    Dan talks way too much about himself now and takes up too much time of the podcast talking about himself and beating topics TO DEATH instead of staying on topic and giving the facts. Way too much yelling like the listeners disagree with him. TONE IT DOWN. You sound and act like an amateur. Dan should’ve been growing over the years and becoming more polished and professional but instead he’s devolving. Unsubscribe
    Another Lame Con Inc Show
    Bongino has lost his edge. He’s become the GenX version of the Boomer Hanity. Hanity had a longer run than Bongino will simply because there was less competition in the 1990’s & 2000’s. Very sad. I had high hopes for Bongino. I thought he was really going to make a difference. Now he’s just another Con Inc hack raking in the $$$. Enjoy your 30 pieces of silver and temporary popularity. Time for this once loyal listener to sign off.
  • Rockportlady
    I love this show!! Makes very serious issues entertaining yet educational. Thought provoking and super fun!! Do Dan Go!! Double Barrel @Thumbs Up”
  • Cguess23
    Best show
    Love this show and love how Dan says it exactly how it think it! Best show and look forward to it everyday!
  • IDSgt56
    PLEASE STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    PLEASE, stop snapping your fingers. I don’t know why you decided to start doing this, but PLEASE STOP. I can listen to you swear throughout the podcast. It’s an indication of how passionate you are. But, as soon as you start snapping your fingers, I lose your point instantly. It’s that distracting.
  • Ryankeithmoore
    Best show out there, hands down, across all media, all topics, all genre Everyday, no matter what, I will not miss a show
  • Gallaghers from Philadelphia
    Need more of this…
    Great Sunday recap!Great interviews!Thanks Dan thanks all who participated! Gallagher’s in Philadelphia
  • hackasaurus
  • mahill7
    Dan Bongino
    The most informative, funny, and fact based podcast out there. He always brings the receipts to back up what he’s talking about. I feel more knowledgeable about political issues than before I became a listener. He loves this country and never blows smoke up your skirt. I highly recommend this podcast for anyone who wants to be up on current affairs.
  • shtypinko
    Been following your journey (podcast) since the beginning.The republican “party” is no more. We cannot just keep kicking the can down the road. I thought we should stand up Dan!? MTG I right.
  • JP The Souless Ginger
    Love my little bro Dan!!! Me and the hubby watch every evening!
  • Mrsteevee
    Snapshots & Sound bites!
    Wow! My eyes have been opened. Dan explains everything with proof! That’s why I love this podcast. Anyone can have a theory but when you back it up with facts. Keep up the great work! We need you
  • p0pprypr
    May 8th podcast
    Funniest & most truthful rendition of government AND the judiciary system in quite a while!!
  • Janice Fahy
    The GOP should totally get its abortion
    Policy from, I kid you not, Danny B. No really, it’s a winner of an issue for Republicans if only they would listen to Danny B! Honestly, I think the GOP should encourage more of its testes-less male minions in podcast land to talk about abortion long and loud! Don’t stop ever! Watching Republican politicians eat electoral dirt all across the fruited plains is the healing America truly needs after Dobbs.
  • House Mafia
    Good could be better
    Absolutely laced with profanity throughout. This detracts from his generally insightful analysis of the political scene. Also has a bad habit of turning on listeners who disagree, with the dismissive “if you don’t like it, go find another show!” El Rushbo would never speak like that to his audience. He’d say even if you don’t agree now, stick around and I’ll win you over.
  • groovy squirrel
    Slimy fascist grifter
    “They’ll be coming for you” —The Offspring
  • cbumsyead
    Love this show
    Quickly has become one of my favorites; especially seeing the ads increase, I’m glad bongino is keeping the ads to a fair amount as to not ruin the user experience. I’ve also seen some reviews about excessive cursing, never had a problem with it really
  • ViktorGee
    Pray For America/Israel
    Hear Your disgust with these Libtard/AmericaIsrael haters!! We have to pray harder, starting with me! My Wife and Two Daughters agree with much of what the left stands for. My Girls need Jesus. And I know You are not our Religious Leader, but I have an unspoken request. Thank You Dan! You are one of my Heroes!!!!! Hope You have a great weekend. May God Bless You and Yours!!! Victor G Crockett retired Army SFC. Special Forces(Winter Haven, Fl) 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇮🇱🙏🙏🙏
  • poopoosanicknick
    I don’t miss a show
    DBS is the only one I don’t skip, even a day.. trust is earned. More than ever he’s earned mine. Dan, God bless and keep the crew, you and yours.
  • Big Sincho
    Say it like it is Dan!
    Sometimes there aren’t words strong enough to express a guy’s disgust. Those who can’t understand this were probably never in the military. People who are upset by simple words are mealy mouthed and spineless like Mike Johnson. Their offense to vernacular shows a weakness. Its about content, quit crying about language and start thinking. I would never count on them in a pinch. We live in offensive times, get over yourselves.
  • Gundood
    A Real American
    We love Dan’s honesty and love for the real American people. I do not agree with some of the expletives Dan uses because those words never helped me to be more like Jesus. But in times like this, the passion that Dan has is far more important and ALL OF US must push aside those differences and work together. Put on the full armor of God. Thank you, Dan, for your boldness & honesty. May God bless your efforts to save this great country.
  • ginmar426
    Great Show, Excessive Foul Language
    Dan, you have a great show. I get information from you that I don’t hear anywhere else. At the same time, your excessive foul language gets to be too much. It isn’t necessary to prove how angry you are. You always say this show is for us, the listeners, and you ask us our opinion, but then when we give a slight criticism you tell us to go listen to another show because you aren’t changing, and this show isn’t for us. The language, and the inability to accept and use the constructive criticism to make your show better, is a sign of immaturity. I know adults use bad language, it is the excessiveness that is a problem. I think you are better person than that. It’s not becoming of you, or your (and my) Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
  • 81960
    Dan Bongino epitomizes passion for this nation. It’s time for the rest of us to ignite the same passion and grow a set before it’s too late
  • RepubPhillyDoc
    Wonderful Show
    What a morally righteous show today. Loved it. Thank you.
  • Apple bottom jeans girl
    Honest and straight forward
    I love the way Dan is passionate about our country, honest, and straight forward with the facts. We need more Patriots like Dan Bongino.
  • DemoDick Marcinko
    What’s Dan talking about today?
    Dan’s really mad about the protestors but who’s he complaining about?
  • LeJeune72
    April 30 show
    Love the Bongino podcast!!! Today’s edition is outf######standing! USMC veteran, 1971-77, Retired University Professor and Administrator, Southern major universities, 1984-2022
  • 11/3/2020
    Needed this show!!
    4/30/24 Fantastic show! Don’t worry about language, if Joe Rogan has super popular show and he swears all the time, no need to worry about it!! Thanks for reminder to NOT GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS! We’re so programmed to shut up,sit down and keep the peace— meanwhile the nut jobs are just walking in, stepping on everything and taking over! Time for us to assert our rights!!!!! I get it, don’t act like the nut jobs but we can’t let this happen to our country! What will be leaving for our kids?!?! Think about it…
  • Scortch
    Nothing but profanity now.
    Not sure why Dan feels the need for all the profanity. For many years he did not use profanity. He claims that the times justify. Sad. Not sure how he justifies the profanity and his dedication to Catholicism. Making the Wife and kids proud. Rush was able to get his message across without profanity. Guess Dan is not capable
  • Ajobean
    Way to eat the E explicit warning…
    Your daughters will speak just like you.
  • rosconot
    Dan Bongino Always Brings the Receipts!
    Thank you Dan for always being the guy who is long on America. That guy will always win the hearts of the people who live and work in the real America. There is no deeper love for Country then in the hearts of us who believe in what America stands for in a day when our own government is trying to tear it down and erase what was so hard won by brave people who gave and still give everything to secure it. Standing up for the right will never fail to overcome. God bless you Dan and your crew for having the guts to standup to tell the truth and show it. I appreciate you and am grateful.
  • StoningFan
    A shameless grifter
    Dan seems content making his living manipulated the mentally vulnerable with laughable conspiracies and ridiculously disingenuous arguments.
  • Peter 7777777
    The best news in the world
    Dan Bongino tells like it is and happy to be a p one listener
  • Kooka7!
    Howard Stern
    I watched the interview with Joe Biden. What a joke. Howard Stern actually endorses Joe Biden? What do you think of that interview?
  • itthetrue
    It the true
    Like I told you it the true
  • Tank Jockey 5
    I Get It
    Dan, I probably agree with 99.9999% of what you say. Hearing that you and others come up with the same “conspiracy theories” or rather not conspiracy theories helps me to know I’m on the right path in my strategic thinking. But knowing that doesn’t make the heaviness of the content easy to hear the depth of depravity and evil our country faces from domestic enemies of the state. I know you are beyond frustrated which is evident how your cussing has correlated with it. I just can’t handle both the heaviness of our country’s status along with the profuse cussing. I wish you the best, but I’ll be bowing out and praying more for our country’s repentance and resurrection from spiritual death. All the best, Jdc
  • Janeswt
    Transaction Trump.
    Hey Dano, if you heard the latest? A Trump fundraiser with the log cabin Republicans. Trump capitulate to the alphabet mafia if he get a few more votes. Stay tuned for the next transaction.
  • Wallace Hunt Camp
    The Evil
    Dan, We were warned of days like we are experiencing in Romans 1: 28-32. And I’m quoting from Gods word “ Furthermore just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, so God gave them over to a depraved mind, so that they do what ought not to be done. “. Verses 29 thru 32 tells the rest of the story. Evil like we are seeing now adays can only come from one source and that’s Satan, who controls the depraved mind. Buckle up folks we haven’t seen anything yet unfortunately.
  • Suozie
    Dan, thank you for wisdom, honesty and integrity!! You give me hope!
  • Bob_W.
    Hey groovy squirrel
    Get a life, Dan is not reading your tantrums. Also, we’re waiting? Waiting for what, tough guy? You don’t have any friends you wanna be antifa f’’’’t.
  • pap121319
    Katie Couric
    Katie Couric was on the Today Show on 9/11/01. As we watched the 2nd plane bank and go into the Tower she stated, “We must have a terrible air traffic control problem today.” Tom Brokaw looked at her like she was a ditz (which we now know she is). NBC pulled her after the next commercial and let Tom take it solo. She did come back on an hour later to report of a plane crash in Pennsylvania, which according to her was not related to anything else going on. She was pulled the rest of the day. I quit watching the Today Show after that and will not watch or listen to anything with her. She calls us anti-intellectuals when she doesn’t have 2 brain cells to rub together. I am old but there are a few things that I remember as though they were yesterday, the day JFK was killed, the day RFK was killed, the day Pope John Paul II was shot, the day Reagan was shot and 9/11. My mother died at 88 and besides these 5, she remembered Pearl Harbor and exactly where she was when it happened. The government has lied to us for at least 60 years that I can remember. I can’t remember the 1950’s much, I was too young.
  • cct4au
    A must listen
    Dan is the best!!
  • I'm Done 2021
    I’ve felt the show has been going downhill for about a year, and Dan talks too much about himself while saying no one likes to hear it. The final straw was letting Joe Armacost go with almost no explanation. The show sure isn’t what it used to be, and I’ve unfollowed and stopped listening.
  • News_Critic
    Used to like your show, but
    You are way too OVERLY dramatic now. Been listening to your podcast since 2015, but you've become unwatchable now. You come across as not authentic. You don't speak in complete sentences either & many words you speak are incomplete. You cut half of the last word(s) off when you speak. PLS start being the real Dan that you were back in 2015. Do better. STOP ALL THE CUSSING, DAN!!!! Nasty sounding!!!
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