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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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  • Jte0707
    I have much more respect for Dan and everything he does. I remember knocking him for not mentioning Meeee pillowwwss symposium. However if I had to choose any stance for ANYone to take right now it would be the SHOT!!! If only every1 could do this all at ONCE!! Keep “walking the walk” Everyone VOTE!!!! :D You’re doing more than you know! That’s why your making the roooounds \m/><\m/
  • drmamajoy
    Convictions matter
    It’s easy to say you believe in something. His actions seem to follow his words. That’s important to me.
  • msw5569
    True America
    Love your podcast Dan don’t ever stop getting the true out!! Also you see what the Navy is doing to their SEALS and families. Can you please report on this and get it out to the public?
  • Alayah Dornheim
    Dan has the guts and the fortitude!
    Love this guy!! I listen daily to his pod cast and I will continue to !!
  • OldBeatleFan
    Thank you for encouraging us
    Great to hear clear news. Only way for informed decisions!
  • Don5458
    Stay Strong
    Stay strong Dan! Praying for you and thanks for informing America
  • Queen Bee62
    Thank you!
    Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. It took a lot of courage!
  • Sunshine Moonshine
    Dan, let’s talk…….
    I’ve been listening since the beginning. Please stop with the Saturday Bongino Brief. Hate it. Stop yelling and most importantly, stop spending so much time calling people losers and other names. We know they’re losers and we get the point the first time you say it. You don’t have to repeat it 19 times in a row. It’s juvenile. Not to mention, you’re wasting time on the podcast where you can be talking about real topics. The name calling is beginning to sound like “filler” for the hour. It also makes you sound like an amateur.
  • bjornss4
    Thank you
    Thank you for laying it down and standing for those that don’t have voices
  • Brandon 1984
    Always honest about where he stands. Humble in admitting when he is not right. Man of integrate and action. You have inspired many. God bless you sir!!
  • Rider1914
    Thanks Dan for telling the truth!!!!!
    Since rush has left us you’re doing a great service!!!
  • poopoosanicknick
    Always 5 stars
    Dan I looked for a pic of your family after a year of hearing about your beautiful wife and kids. They are everything you claim and more. You all deserve your supportive loving family. So glad to be a fan of yours and Paulas. Thanks for standing up to your own personal mandate at work. Extremely telling of who you strive to be every day.
    Mr. Bongino, Sir. Your principals got you where you are today. You will gain MORE by standing by your principals. I was fired from United Airlines, after 31 years for refusing the vaccine. “ I will walk out on my feet. Before I will work on my knees”. I have no regrets! Signed by “Not a Coward!” T. D.
  • joeslummer
    This guy is vaccinated!! He doesn't believe anything he says, guys.
  • Belly jellybean
    Dan…The call it like it is Guy!
    Thank you Dan for always telling it like it is. Some times the truth is hard to hear but we all need to listen It will save our country!
  • Bongino from the Bronx
    Love Dano
    Being from the east coast originaly, Dan reminds me of so many of my Italian friends and folks from the big cities. I listen to a half dozen conservative podcasts and Dan has a distinct economic orientation to his which I really enjoy. Anyone who messes with him face to face must be suicidal!
  • 208jewels
    The iron triangle 10/16/21
    Best 14 minutes!
  • peach884
    Great show
    Very good information! Thank you!
  • Awayagain
    Nails it. Every time.
    Dan has an very good record of nailing the facts down, sniffing out the truth, and passing it all on to those that are willing to listen. The only people he truly offends are the ones that refuse to open their minds and think critically. Keep offending, Dan! There WILL be conversions, and that’s what we need.
  • aim_kiss
    Thanks for providing the facts
    I appreciate this podcast and Dan for being one of the few people remaining to offer facts and solutions when possible. We need to know about the lefts lies and total abandonment of the average American citizen just trying to survive and provide a decent life for our kids, no matter how hard it is to believe their lies, corruption, or absolute and total disdain for us. We can’t just stand by and listen to podcasts and watch Fox News anymore, hoping that will somehow bring forth change. it’s time to unite, fight back as dirty as they do, and rise above these fools. Take our country back. 🇺🇸
  • Billsto
    Total Sellout
    Just a hack now.
  • Agurley11
    Truth teller
    I listen to or watch on Rumble Dan’s podcast everyday. He’s a Truth teller and doesn’t sugarcoat it. He was well ahead on the Spygate story and his books on it are well done
  • Gallaghers from Philadelphia
    Frustrating?...sure but...
    Thanks Dan and family,Joe,Guy,and staff for enduring your frustrations and continuing to focus on the Truth! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
  • WendyS35
    Great podcast!
    Dan is a passionate patriot that loves this great country & has great insight into today’s issues.
  • CurVexas
    Pure Propaganda
    This show is dangerous propaganda posing as news. The host is doing material damage to this country with every episode with his extreme positions and disinformation.
  • Garstmom
    Thank you!
    Thank you for being so honest, and “let’s go Brandon”!
  • brit071413
    I absolutely love Dan Bongino! I’m not a big fan of fox (sellouts IMO) but I love this guy. I love how passionate he is when he delivers on his speeches. Also, don’t be sorry for your advertising..... it makes the show FREE, people need to chill out. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Keep up the great work!
  • mwilson9381
    Daily TO DO- listen to Dan Bongino!!!
    Thank you for your humor, honesty, solidarity and resolve to this great country!! I’m so glad to know you are here in the trenches with us!! Fight onnn!
  • Tb13655
    The greatest show on Earth
    Dan has the greatest shows and I look forward to them daily. When I cannot hear the whole show I listen on the podcast. Dropped all WSPD shows which were worthless. Thanks Dan …you surpassed Rush. I listed to Rush since 1988.
  • TheDabbingEnder
    Not right about southwest
    My father is a pilot for southwest, their is pushback for the vaccine, but the real reason that flights are being canceled is because Southwest is trying to get back on a pre covid schedule, when they are understaffed. Pilots have a 70% chance of an overnight being changed during the trip, and that is messing up the rest schedule. Pilots are getting fatigued, and they can’t fly. Thus creating a crisis of understaffed crews. Your not gonna read this, but please don’t just run with this. Ted Cruz pledged no republican support to bail southwest if need be, if you don’t do that, guess what happens to my dads job? Or all the other pilots who are conservatives and support you?
  • horsewispererererererfamm
    One of the most popular hosts right here. I give our country 50 more years.
  • hiopine
    Good honest show
    Great view points and insight.
  • prunch
    Spray for me
    Dan Bongino’s head rattles around like a spray paint can.
  • gensjeksbebdu
    You make me laugh when all I wanna do is cry. Keep up the fight 🙏🏻
  • ZosiaSar
    Mr. Bongino is not a journalist, he’s more of an entertainer.
  • Prmustang
    Thank you Dan
    Been with ur podcast from the time you filled in for Mark Levin, my go to daily drive of 35min in manufacturing in Michigan, spread ur word around for years , Thank you for your hard work , Please when Trump gets elected , become the head of the FBI and drop a hammer
  • Shelery, RN
    Love love love Dan Bongino
    I started watch Dan on screw tube as he puts it, lol. He is one of the most important conservative voices out there IMO. He not only gives the “real news”, but breaks everything down so you can really get what’s going on. My day is just not complete without listening to him!
  • Iluvink
    Thank you
    For talking about the REAL issues. I appreciate it.
  • Be a better fan!
    Bongino is Gold
    With an ever increasingly insane world Dan is a voice of reason and common sense. Common sense has become uncommon. Dan is a true American Patriot and a must listen.
  • MBraun1969
    How do we do this
    First I want to say thank you Dan for what you do, may God continue to bless you, your family, your staff, and business partners. I am a lower class, “deplorable” - who refuses to shop at Walmart except for my prescriptions, and I have to use the ‘clinic for the uninsured’ to deal with my heart issues. I have a new PA, positions assistant and she really pushed the vaccine on me. I wanted to say well I don’t trust it yet because of the the PCR test doesn’t actually distinguish between covid and the flu, I’m not anti-VAX but I don’t know what to do right now. I just want more evidence if you want to get the vaccine great go ahead and get it but I’m not convinced yet and I don’t know how to tell my doctor that especially since I am uninsured and going through this program. I’m really concerned about the inflammation in the heart, liver, and lungs and I just wanna wait and I don’t know what to do, when I’m being pushed so hard. How do I fix this, what do I say?
  • Chris kueb
    Can’t download your podcast.
    This is been going on for a week. Please look into this. It’s happening on other podcasts I listen to too.
  • tony4279
    How would hunter kick the big guy his 10% if there’s digital currency? Can’t happen
  • gruvinak
    Great podcast, I listen everyday!
    But I’ve started listening on Spotify since Apple decided to dip their toes into politics and joined up with big tech to take down free speech. Remember Parler?
  • adam from pa
    Fauci s wife heads the NIH Christine Grady fda answers to NIHFauci is not a dr he’s an advisor
  • Randel N
    Only through Christ
    The only way people will have no wants, desires, or needs is through Christ Jesus our Lord and Savior. Love this podcast!! Thank you for all the info you put out!
  • Loveoneanother89
    Dan, you should record Joes 50’s game show voice. So when he is out or any audio issues, you can still play it!!!!!
  • armyguy8183
    Love this show
    Thank you for all the information you put out there I listen too your show daily on my way home from work. Love the show.
  • Criminal 89
    The American Flag doesn’t need redesigning. Everyone has fought for that flag, White, Black, Brown, tall, short, fat, skinny, men, women, rich, and poor. Enough with the stupid 1A 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • kook239
    Dan is the man
    Voted for him in sw Florida when he got into the race late.. too bad people didn’t get to see what a great rep he would have been Tough and smart A liberal’s worst nightmare Great show.. been trying to find a replacement for rush .. Ben Shapiro and Dan Bongino have filled the void
  • Lilbud@1
    Love the your show
    Keep up the great work and God bless you and your family and your service. My son served in the Marine in the Iraq war. What those 3 general’s did pulling out and those 13 Troops lost their lives because of them the have blood on their hands even Biden I will not call Biden my president
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