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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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  • dgw2511
    Let’s be honest
    Dan tells it like it is. I like his perspective from where he came from, the secret service and being a cop. We need common sense.
  • spiritcacher
    Michael g
    Pay attention America...
  • Toby The Golden Bear
    Breaks it down like no other
    Great content with only one critique, tone it down. Everyday and every minute you shout. We get the passion but, I think you can make your point so much better if you were calm.
  • Brandyann615
    Verbal garbage for morons.
    Mostly this show is garbage with some 100% pure fiction mixed in. Probably appeals to the lowest common denominator.
  • mushuboots
    Dan the Man
    Recently turned on to his short clips on Facebook. Had to subscribe here. Dan is like the only person with a political brain in the world!!! Love him xoxo
  • TeamAmby
    I take a shot every-time you say Paula.
  • tacticalsmoke
    Trump won
    Dan is the man
  • sottafull
    Thank you
    I’m just an old woman. Tow. But I pray for you Dan Knowing you are a gift from God to the ones like me that have watched our country be trashed and torn apart. Hang in there please. You are important. Smart, and faithful. Even handsome. Love you Jan
  • Wilrod23
    5 stars
    Well organized and delivered. A bit emotional at times, but I like that! A good listen for everyone whether you agree or not because Dan provides backup info and references you can look up for yourself.
  • Shopper Jan
    Love your humor!
    Great take on the world today. You are really funny.
  • Honeynco76
    Thank you!
    The best show ever! Thank you for saying it like it is and supporting our country. ❤️🤍💙
  • Labfatty
    I have been listening for a few months and look forward to his information. Keep up the great work.
  • Inez@72
    Giving Thanks
    Dan I want to thank you for giving the real Americans the truth. We would not know what Is going on without you.....God Bless you and your family. Always, Kathy Blythe
  • Me and Bob
    Great perspective
    I appreciate your perspective and we need your voice more than ever.
  • SweetApp!
    Love Dan (in the political way ;))
    I had never heard of Dan until months ago and now I’m so glad I did.
  • undying here
    Haven’t missed an episode in 1,000 days
    That’s it. That’s the review.
  • Jane audas
    Love him
    Good information! Love him love him! We need strong fighters against tyranny
  • tha badger
    real patriot
    thank you for your service to America
  • jaaaacccckkkkk
    In regard to 2/18/21 program. “No “! No. I can’t believe you have folded.
  • Garrett Majka
    DanB is funny, charismatic and serious when tackling the daily news going around the country. He DEEPLY cares about this country, like any American should, and devotes himself to getting the facts and his opinions out to his audience. He is constantly disclosing his bias and opinions when they are present and will always tell the truth as it is. He shows videos and articles that amplify his viewpoint and furthermore prove his excellence in political media. He is the best there is and I am only upset that I didn’t start listening to DanB sooner than I did. One of the GOATs of Conservative Poscasts🐐
  • BobDobbs305
    Let sheeple hate: Dan is great!
    Dan has his opinion but does not. Exclude the facts. What a great American! He is NOT my uncle but I wish he was.
  • Criminal 89
    All the news you need
    Dan gives you the tools you need to hold the left accountable. *The System is Rigged* 1A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Wedalu
    Best source of information and News I feel is accurate and up to date love for all the Dan Bongino Show and Best Crew 💗🙏🇺🇸🦮💥
  • ShannahElaine
    Bongino for President!
    If you’re not listening to Bongino, what are you doing?! Well spoken, trustworthy, and best place to get the facts, thank you for all you do!
  • Second Variety
    Bongo yells a lot about freedom of speech yet reports to Apple and takes down any reviews that exposes him as the rabid cult ridden Trumpist he is. My reviews were removed not for containing untruths or cuss words but because Bongo only thrives on reviews from misguided Republican QAnonners who misuse the word Patriot by calling him one. His podcast needs listeners a chance to flag it as Report a Concern to Apple since he is one of the loudest voices that helped to spread The Big Lie about the election Trump still has delusions he won.
    Dan is always a star.
    Thanks for your podcasts. I await the truth from you. Keep going and glad you are recovering quickly. God bless.
  • KateriLeigh
    🎶🎶I wanna be like Dan Bongino🎶🎶
    Like Ben Shapiro if he were a top. Like Ben Shapiro only he can get a woman wet.
  • julie Ullio
    Dan Bongino show
    Dan is on top of the latest news. I trust in him to give me the facts. He’s a true patriot!!
  • AshleyHiott
    Great perspective
    Have enjoyed listening to Dan for years.
  • ssrog
    Dan Bongino
    One of the best conservative podcast I’ve ever heard. Keep up the good work Dan and prayers on your full recovery one cancer patient to another.
  • Conservative Patriot 94
    Must listen to podcast!
    If you want to hear the truth about the left’s deep state schemes and big tech tyranny.. this is a must listen to podcast!! Dan breaks down the news of the day in an easy to understand and entertaining fashion.
  • DianeNedob
    Great show!
    Love listening. Thank you for your honesty and truth.
  • JTM1014
    One of the last truth tellers we have left! I wish he’d run for 2024, but he never will, unfortunately! Keep it up Bongino!
  • Thebigbonus
    To: Liberal Snowflakes
    I see negative reviews on here from Liberal MORONS that don’t need to listen to the show. This podcast is not for YOU, you liberal Leftist pansies! You cancel couture idiots. Even the opening says a “show that’s not immune to the Facts”! Facts! Not made up fake news! It’s for Libertarians and Republicans, OR anyone with a real brain. I urge anyone on the right seeing this, to go on ALL Liberal Podcasts and rate them the lowest rating. Keep on Dan! Great Job!
  • tracytruthseeker❤️
    All the shows!!
    Always amazing!!! Much love to you and your family!!!!
  • Dhmak
    Best News Podcast Available
    Mr. Bongino provides multiple perspectives or arguments for political issues. He uses humor, sarcasm, and passion to explain his opinions. I listen to his podcasts while driving over the road and cell signal is sparse. Having served in the military for 21 years, his respect for first responders and our military is unmatched. Thank you for being an advocate and a voice for the conservative movement.
  • AMWheelock87
    Dan is insightful and thought provoking
    This podcast is a must listen every day. Dan is really informative and thought provoking. I enjoy listening to this and appreciate Sans honesty and courage
  • Scirocco Chameleon
    Gina Carano
    How about we go one step further and send the money we were spending on Disney to Gina Carano?
  • RIXKRU23
    Uncle Dan
    Low lying fruit for non thinkers. Nah. Dude blocked me on Facebook. He keeps saying he’s not my Uncle. He is.
  • Wannabe speedreader
    Excellent show!
    Dan, you reviewed a bill in FL allowing daily fines of $100,000 per day for deplatforming a political candidate, and used Matt Gaetz as a hypothetical example. A better example would be Lara Loomer, a conservative Congressional candidate who was banned by every mainstream social platform and still managed to win the in-person vote, losing by the absentee vote just like Trump did. Love your show - keep it up!
  • JS from OK
    Love Dan
    Lot of truth others are afraid to tell!
  • Qqqqqqqdayome
    This is not really a review but more of a concern. I can’t find an email for you so I nerd to contact you this way about an issue. I keep getting these responses to some of my responses on post that are on Fakebook, supposedly from you, stating “you win” and directing me to your web site. Once there it states I win x amount of dollars (thousands) then that I sign up request my email and a password then it ask for address and a credit card. Like I’m going to give my information. I thank you for the money but if you can’t send a check I don’t need it. Lol Just wanted you to know. DJ
  • SlimCed
    Dan keeps it real
    I love how Dan takes hard to the left every episode. A TRUE Patriot! Download, listen and learn from Dan! Great podcast! Keep that FIRE!
  • Di McC
    My conservative voice HERO
    A must listen to podcast that u can watch on Dan & Crew do NOT put up stories until HE and his TEAM FACT CHECK them for accuracy. One of his big sayings is “Wait a day and the Narrative usually changes.” I can’t tell u how many times that’s been true. U may not hear him talk about the “Breaking” Story of the day because TOMORROW it’s usually walked bk. And that’s one thing Dan will do but prefers to have the “receipts “ first. Highly recommend. I have been with him from the beginning.
  • JacketyBoy
    Dominion Lawsuit against SidneyPowell Lin Wood Lou Dobbs
    I have heard NOTHING on the details except from MSMFraudNews on the Dominion Smartmatic subject, Dan! Please - let’s talk. My attorney is a PRO at misspelling as is my Federal appointed Judge in 2014! A court reporter in 2003 - etc. There are many more I can provide you ... but point is, here in Ohio they 100% dismiss misspellings
  • tullytully123
    Not good!
    Terrible for podcasts. Terrible for America!
  • ThorLCLFMC
    Informative and Exciting
    News and FACTS given with the excitement and humor that news should be given. Always stayed with facts and when not, he stated that it is his opinion or states it his own theory...but facts are used for both sides of the argument, not just a one sided agenda push like MSM
  • jobseeker2
    Just a great listen. Thoughtful and interesting I like host calmness and optimism
  • a good girlll
    Dan is keeping America great!
  • Whodatrunning
    Just a lot of hot air
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