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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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  • milk toasty fun
    Thanks Dan.
    Great in depth analysis and use of resources when presenting his case on the many political topics that he covers.
  • Criminal 89
    One of the best
    Patriot 1A 2A🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • Slynycat29
    Racist & Bigot
    Lowest common denominator & should b wearing cement shoes for spewing hate & lies. A disgrace to the badge.
  • shy 9898
    Love the show!
    Dan! Love ur show! FYI... I see Wednesday’s show with President Trump on apple podcast! Already listened to it... great job! Trump2024⬆️
  • Jeff914914
    Best podcast on the planet
    I’ve been listening to Dan for three years now I never Miss a show. He was spot on on Russia gate. Keep up the great work Dan and good luck on terrestrial radio
  • Buck hunter 58
    Great Job Dan B. And the team
    Facts, truth and details = honesty and integrity - you nail it every day Dan
  • DougAJ99
    So much energy and so much power behind his voice. I would think Rush would be proud.
  • Gallaghers from Philadelphia
    Our FBI ..?
    Dan,great show on the Yvanovich CYA!But we still need to have a show on the FBI.Where are the “good “FBI agents we keep hearing about?!?With your background in law enforcement maybe you can shed some light on why they are allowing their Agency to continue to use them to trash the reputation that they have worked so hard to create?Are their pensions the sole reason why they turn a blind eye to the illegal actions of their superiors?!Help,Dan! Thanks Gallagher in Philadelphia
  • x3 laurennnn81
    Thank you!!
    Love you Dan. Thanks for speaking the truth and motivating us to do the same. So much respect for you
  • Suozie
    Dan, thank you for wisdom, honesty and integrity!! You give me hope! And thank you to all the law enforcement! You guys/ladies are not perfect, you are human and will make mistakes, but your good out weighs the bad by far!
  • HeatherW00ds
    Rumble first!
    If I’m not able to watch on Rumble, I have to listen here. Hate supporting a censoring platform, but I can’t miss my Bongino Report!
  • sean5150
    Thin Blue Line
    Thank you for standing up for our rights and freedoms, for speaking the truth! It’s nice to be able to listen to someone who isn’t afraid to speak the truth. Thank you for shedding some light on what it’s like being a Police Officer. I’ve been with my department for almost 18 years. I’ve met some amazing people who do stand in the way of danger every day. The public might not like us all the time, buy we still get up every day, kiss our wives and children goodbye, and wonder if today is the day that I don’t get to come home. Those of you reading this who are a brother or sister know exactly what I’m saying. Keep up the good work Mr. Bongino, thank you for your service and thank you to ALL my brothers and sisters who “walk the line” every day.
  • hygheedss
    Wow. Best ever. Kidding, Dan is a nut case. Almost like he is playing on the Rights fear and snowflakeishness.
  • Freddie bag of donuts
    American Patriot
    Nobody better at breaking down false narratives of the fake news. Part of my everyday. 75 million strong!!
  • 77CHEZ
    Love you
    Thank you thank you for all you do and say ! God bless you and god bless America.
  • PotomacPodBoy
    Trump interview
    Nice get!
  • hotactioneddy
    Low energy. No effort.
    At least Shapiro gives you a bigger vocabulary when he’s spewing this garbage. Bambino takes the stupidity to a whole new level.
  • bad pf
    Yuri Bezmenov was right.
  • Average girl; avid reader
    BEST Show Ever!!
    Dan Bongino explains politics in a simple, easy to understand, and hard to disprove manner.
  • fred_s5
    President Trump
    Will somebody they can talk to this man and he trust tell him to quit back in his rhino Republicans and start looking for people who are out there that want to stand for the republic the flag and the man who supported God bless America God help us if he doesn’t get behind good solid Republicans. Fred Stover
  • mattymojo66
    Dan is the man, you want facts with no fluff, this is the show for you
  • mfl781
    Look forward to this enlightening podcast every day. Nice to know the truth about what is going on.
  • VLevan
    Love Dan Bongino! Truth speaker
    Can always count on his podcast for the TRUTH!
  • Blashphmemer
    Bongino clearly has a bias, but he doesn’t hide it and he comes with the receipts! Definitely a good source for conservative content
  • Hsjensjdjen
    Stands for the USA
    Love Dan’s brutal honesty! Apple should be ashamed to sensor Dan Bongino’s show Wednesday with President Trump!
  • crm@kes6nse
    Dan it’s a shame that Apple won’t have your interview with President Trump available. I am glad that you have another platform to combat this censorship .
  • Old, No Filter
    Episodes missing
    It has been increasingly hard to find each day’s episode. Now all are missing except for today. I’m furious. Thank goodness for Rumble. We will always find a way to listen, Dan.
  • apple_butter
    Dan Bongino is great, but Apple hates free speech
    This is a terrific podcast. But as a platform, apple wants us all to be Democrats, and that’s just not going to happen.
  • Genn-viva
    Episode 1510
    This is the only episode available on Apple podcasts, when I use the more episode drop down nothing there!
  • Kewlhiker
    Apple Is Censoring!
    Your interview with Donald Trump is not available. I watched on rumble.
  • BobD92
    Stopped getting new podcasts on Apple. Started yesterday.
  • lisaerx
    My favorite podcast
    I look forward to hearing Dan’s opinions on current events. It reminds me that I’m not alone in the fight for our America. I spent years not paying attention to politics. I was busy going about my life, kids , work etc... but then Donald Trump won and I’ve been hooked. I believe that once you’ve “seen it”, you can’t “unsee” it. Thank you for speaking the truth!!
  • Gunk chicago
    Great interview with 45
    Dan great interview with 45. If the left try’s to censor us we know we are over the target and they are scared. I’m glad you and the other conservatives are on multiple platforms
  • AW1.0
    Missing episode
    What happened with Wednesday episode? 4/28. It doesn’t seem to load.
  • Da gameboy89
    Hello friend:) Read this Dan!
    I pray u develop testicular cancer and have your balls cut like a sick bull on the farm..
  • boche chill
    Best podcast ever!!!
    Best podcast ever!!
  • Nw Jenna
    President TRUMP!!!
    It was terrific to hear President Trump on your podcast, what a compliment to you also! You are awesome and thank you for being our voice🇺🇸
  • 13amaboy
    Dan is the man
    Listen every day. Without Rush you gotta have a hero behind the mic. He definitely is a fighter and that’s what we need.
  • mjonre
    No Second Amendment means Tyranny.
    Thank you Dan for addressing this point blank and with the humor you are so good at. The Second Amendment is what is keeping us away from fun blown tyranny right now. You know they would love for us to have a Tyranny much like China’s and the Nazi’s. I have seen the flavors of these in what they are doing and their rhetoric. We are in trouble , but it is not hopeless. I am with you, we are way, way not done. In fact we are only just beginning and people need to take their vitamins and eat they Wheaties. We are in for a fight and we must be ready to fight on multiple fronts. We have to speak out and confront this idiocy at every chance. They want us silent, so we must get loud. Thank you for all you do. I really enjoy your shows, it brings humors to this humorless America we are now in. Thank you.
  • VilkingBadAss
    Trouble w/Playing or Downloading
    Dan, Call me paranoid but almost everyday that I go to listen to your new podcast it reads “unavailable” or something like that. Is a technical issue or other sort of “problem”. Keep up the great work!
  • Nicccox72
    Thank You‼️‼️‼️
    Keep this up.. Speak louder .. we need more of you the honest the brave‼️‼️‼️
  • 308Sharpshooter
    For a guy who insists his audience is so astute, he repeats and repeats and repeats as if he’s addressing toddlers or morons, With junior high school level taunts
  • LibertyRagRdr
    Ref Episode 1507
    Great episode Dan, relieved someone is asking the question “do they really not know or are they pretending to not know?” Please investigate/start the conversation of “Who” is driving the disinformation and America Last Agenda and “Why?” No one else w/ a microphone seems willing to do it or can’t figure it out.
  • toesmcgie
    Only thing that ha gotten me through 2020 and now Biden presidency! Thank you for all your truth and the work you do! God bless you and your family! Stay safe 🙏🏼🙏🏼
  • lowcarbmomma
    We NEED Men!
    Thank you, Dan, for talking about this. I’m thankful for the MEN in my life who know how important their example is to the young men they are raising and mentoring. My husband shows our son how to treat a woman, and our daughter how she should be treated by a man, by the way he loves their mother. He’s a great provider, hard worker, and God-fearing leader in our home. Thank you for all you do to bring the truth.
  • infaithus
    Shoot a warning shot/Look, Squirrel!
    Dan, I’ve got it! The officer should have shot the tire on the left, vehicle would shift and girl with knife would have missed completely! 🙄😐 Cudos to the officer for saving that girl! Love and Prayers, 🇺🇸
  • Bob Leong
    Facts and a subject matter expert...
    Go figure when the narrative gets blown up because of the facts and a subject matter expert ‘splains it.
  • K374758
    Best show ever today!
    Listened daily for almost a year but today's show 4/23 was AMAZING. I was laughing so hard at all of your "alternate options" for the Columbus PD today with me ear buds that people around my desk thought I was losing my mind.
  • dancing paris😉🤣
    Love the rush Limbaugh bell ❤️
    Thanks Dan
  • Lanetrain11
    Great show
    Really great show good content and I just want to say Dan BonGino is the Derek Jeter/Lou Gehrig of the podcast world
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