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He’s a former Secret Service Agent, former NYPD officer, and New York Times best-selling author. Join Dan Bongino each weekday as he tackles the hottest political issues, debunking both liberal and Republican establishment rhetoric.

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  • nonpoint44
    5 stars but thumbs down
    I like Dan even though he’s an auburn fan haha
  • txzh6
    Don’t get dead
    Need to stock more t shirts! All sold out! Need for Christmas! Love you & your show.
  • Gmakoch
    Best news you’ll be staying here🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊
  • BakFTL
    Dan the best!!
    Love Dan.
  • GiGi72878
    Daily Go-To Podcast
    Grounded, well-sourced news-of-the-day for normal people.
  • titansfan37087
    You speak the truth and facts
  • sandblaster73
    Hey Dan! The meatloaf!
  • Jjssascjs
    He speaks the truth about mainstream media.
  • Free Patriot Tim
    Police State
    I got my DVD Friday. Woohoo! I watched Police State last night. Buying a copy for my mom for Christmas. You made and Dinesh made my shopping list short. -FreePatriotTim-
  • white dog 2016
    You’re my of favorite podcast I thank you for all you on what do and your smart and tell the truth give good advice Thank you 😊
  • Sailing Gypsy
    WHO Pandemic Treaty
    Love your show Dan. But, please, talk about camps, if you haven’t already, check into the WHO Pandemic Treaty… takes affect May 2024!
  • orangechewie
    Speaker of truth
    Love, love , love the podcast. I wish I could leave NYS ( CNY) but my grandsons ( the joy of my life) are here.
  • Nessiebv
    Can’t get enough of this show! I watch it on Rumble and listen to it again on Apple. Thanks for what you sacrifice to make this information available. It’s like my mind exploded learning how corrupt our Government, News, and Media are. Thank God for you and your entire staff.
  • fnfjrigg
    Mossing facts
    Very one sided. . Bingo bongo
  • 2DogMom -WA
    11/20/23 show
    Hate weekend update. All about you and of no interest to me. Fast forward time!
  • JR402424
    Kinda going downhill
    Used to love this podcast but lately it’s been a bit much with the negative energy and some repetition. Also the profanity means I cannot listen to it with the kids in the car, which was how I listened, so I rarely bother finding the time anymore .
  • Cornhlio989
    Bongino is the GOAT
    Dan Bongino is the best! Always brings receipts and speaks his heart and mind. Only podcast I never miss
  • >:-(!
    Dan - LWC Crossover Episode
    3 stars only due to the podcast didn’t include the whole crossover.
    Hey Dan, couldn’t agree with you more. New York, New England, upper Mid-west, Colorado, New Mexico, the Left coast…can’t live with them, refuse to be governed (Marxist) by them, time for the sane States to secede from those States like New York et al. As you said, they are lost. We can’t save them! But we can save ourselves! Sic Semper Tryannis!
  • E ray vision
    Newsom cleans up for China
    Dan, that’s the whole purpose of the meeting in San Francisco with China, Biden is setting up the election to get Newsom elected with the help of China. Let the propaganda machine start!
  • thumper 93436
    Awesome podcast –timely thought provoking
    This is a great podcast, knowledgeable, timely, passionate. My only criticism is that he fails to recognize that the opposition in the next presidential election is not Joe Biden. Biden is a flack catching garbage can . The Democrats will nominate another candidate and shed the Joe Biden corruption as old news what Bongino should be focused on, is the semi permanent and camps army of beltway attorneys, such as Louis Freeh who act as the fixers for every form of corrupt foreign and domestic freeloading criminal. One only needs to read a collection of Hunter Biden emails to understand that many of the agencies are simply puppets . Play ball with LouieAnd he will protect you against your bosses and you can rest easy knowing there’s $1 million a year job in one of the beltway law firms waiting for you highly recommend accessing the Marco Polo collection of Hunter Biden emails. They come with a search engine which allows you to find names, topics, dates. There’s wonderful revelation.
  • JDeLano
    I trust Dan Bongino to tell it like it is without trying to be PC. Plus, he’s funny!
  • BensAPerv
    Boring and whiny
    Just bc you have a take, doesn’t mean you’re entertaining. Whining is also not entertainment, it’s pathetic.
  • PandaPandakeeper
    What is happening to Bongino?
    I've been following Dan since he started running for the US House. Always liked him. I used to record his show on FOX News and watch it when I would get home after driving my truck for a week or so. I've been listening to his podcasts for years. Even bought his book “The Gift of Failure” and listened to it while driving the truck (great book!) Something happened in the last month or so. His behavior on air seems strange to me. I'm sure there's a reason for it but I don't know why he suddenly seems so angry or why he feels it necessary to go to war with DeSantis supporters. I may check back in in a few months and give it another try. I really do hope he and his family are okay!
  • Werria
    Outstanding !
    Most informative show going !
  • 1234Ethan1234
    Still Trump Blind
    Dan refuses to acknowledge that a lot of conservatives are sick of Trump.
  • AlexfromCali
    I felt compelled to drop a review today after years of listening. I really appreciate Bongino take on law enforcement and takes on tactical situations as I’m a current federal security officer the pointers I’ve learned herein and moreover the pointers that those who don’t know or are hard to grasp Bongino lays it out perfectly! I.E. Deadly funnels and the super human strength bad guys are known for… awesome job!
  • TxAggie69
    Great show BUT..
    Mr. Bongino has one of the best podcasts around BUT don’t depend on him to come up with the great candidate picks. For example: a few days ago he was basically certain that Pres. Trump would pick Iowa governor Kim Reynolds to be his VP running mate. Well, yesterday she endorsed DeSantis to be the next POTUS at a big DeSantis rally attended by the few dozen Iowa voters who might actually vote for him. Go figure.
  • Mazych99
    Absolutely Love Unhinged Bongino
    I have been listening to this show for years and loved his appearance at TPUSA Student Action Summit. However, I tune in every Friday just to hear “IT’S FRIDAAAYYYY, YEAH” and the truth! Please keep on the fight team!
  • KingAbbottsucks
    Still doesn’t get it.
    I tried to listen again but your failure to acknowledge Trump’s flip flops while accusing everyone else of the art. Poison jab double downs, suddenly attacking his greatest victory in the judges that overturned Roe just to attack DeSantis. Well at least he’s better the O’Biden right?
  • IanAqua
    Daily Listener
    Been a daily listener since 2017.
  • Dominic Freschi
    Dan Bongino Podcast
    Dan Bongino gives us the real truth about America and why the democrats hate America and it’s values. This daily podcast is a must listen.
  • porkskinhanging
    Love Dan! Listen to him each day.
    I look forward to listening to Dan every day. He tells it the way it is and doesn’t sugar coat anything. If you want to know the honest truth about this country and nightmare we are currently living through, tune in. I pray he will shed the light to millions of people to help turn this country around. He is hope!
  • They call me, "Tim..."
    A point of disagreement
    Dan, you say often that immigrants are breaking the laws when I step across that border… You’re right , but they have been invited by this administration, who in total is actually breaking the law,! The lawbreakers are in this administration, are endangering and responsible for the death and dismay of these immigrants because in fact the cartels and Mexican government has taken over our immigration policy and enforcement. Immigrants only doing what they’ve been encouraged to do, so I think we’re putting the blame in the wrong people and criminal hearings plus impeachment hearings should commence immediately! Why are they waiting on Biden’s Corruption with foreigners only to impeach?Clearly, he has been breaking our immigration law, not just his alone to enforce, law that required the entirety of the federal government to pass not just the office and cabinet of the president. Let’s go Brandon!
  • Party Store
    Fear based paranoid baloney
    Grifting with stereotypes, ignorance and zero compassion, driving division. Talking out of both sides of mouth. Projection.
  • Tiggerjlo74
    Best political podcast!
    Always an informative podcast! I listen daily. Love hearing you on Megyn Kelly’s show too. Glad you finally crossed the explicit rating, and are portraying your true self!
  • Janeswt
    Build a wall and make Mexico pay for it
    Have you heard the latest Dano? Trump‘s campaign promise of building the wall and making Mexico pay for it was a lie. And he says anyone believed him is a loser. Such a stellar candidate.
  • brooksville jack
    A great shot reality when you need one!
    Dan and the crew brings us a dose of hard core of “ the way it really is “ 5 days a week. The clip of the All American guy letting the fools pulling down posters it might healthy not to do that. Keep it up Dan #1
  • Doodle jumplove32
    Bongino Podcast must listen to
    Best show around. Great information.
  • crazy mimi64
    Police State
    Dan, my family watched Police State over the weekend. Due to your and Dinesh and Kyle’s reporting on Pod Casts I was not too shocked by what I saw but my husband who doesn’t get to listen as much as I do sure was! Keep up the great work we need you all!
  • phishinguy
    Fan of Dan!
    Dan grew on me and I enjoy his insight and research. I listen to many podcasts and dans resources are among the best!
  • JJBB4444
    Another boring white dude with conspiracy theories
    Another straight, White male spouting alt-right conspiracy theories
  • Sirbuildsalot
    Waking up
    Dan after watching our college campus side with the barbarians, will you stop saying that the left are good people with bad ideas!!!!!! They are not good people.
  • ritamcgee
    Not only does Dan drop F bombs whenever he can, he also goes out of his way to feature videos that do so. Detracts from the point. So does all the ranting. I’m done.
  • MIKE DUNN 64
    The chat interrupts the show.
    I’ve been a staunch listener for at least 6 yrs and have always waited with baited breath for the podcast to come on religiously every morning here in California at 8:00 a.m. prompt, now it comes on at all different times much later in the day. So that was annoying enough but now this chat thing has so disrupted the flow of the show that it’s becoming hard to anticipate when the show appears. Way too much of the show is devoted to the (CHAT) and just completely disrupts the flow of the show and how much more content is being pushed aside to constantly acknowledge the (Chat). Major disruption to the content you use to bring to us in the past. Hopefully you take this criticism in the way it was meant Dan. Less (Chat),more info. That’s what you’re best at. And since Joe moved to Florida, something’s wrong with his mic, it doesn’t sound right either. Please fix. Thanks guys
  • atjsaj
    New listener
    Dan is the best. He knows of what he speaks. He’s been there/done that. A little salty at times but he’s passionate and tells it like it is. Great listen!
  • $9l
    Happy to see all the success
    Please stop ask what the audience wants to here. Love how you took the gloves off. We are in a really fight for this country now time to pussyfoot around.
  • Dave Schlarb
    Dan Bongino is the Best
    Rush is proud to have you in his time slot!
  • Shepherd2001
    Why the Language?
    Hey Dan! Huge fan of you and the show, but the recent rise in foul language has caused me to increasingly tune out. Passion is awesome, but so is control. I have kids around (gotta outpopulate the “enemy” right?), and I don’t want them exposed to this language. If you return, so will I. God bless!
  • Rockthumper
    A Must Listen
    One of the best conservative podcasts out there. Love the passion and information. A highly entertaining show. Dan Bongino puts todays geopolitical perspective out there in a way in a way I love listening to.
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