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  • Gabethebrave455
    Acquired taste
    This podcast is raw but very knowledgeable. It’s like listening to your well informed drunk uncle.
  • happygeauxsox34
    Wrestling soup
    It’s a show
  • Baller3:16
    Can these guys anymore retarted??
  • michaelredding1029
    I’m guessing they like wwe
    I hope they like wwe because they just talk trash about aew, why even watch wrestling. Only made it through 1/2 a episode
  • Sam Kindall
    Funny, agree with themOn most points but we get you hate Sasha Banks
    I I agree with them for the most part but skip every time they rant about Sasha Banks. It’s like guys we get you don’t like her. It’s beating a lhorse that died a year and a half ago. Also edit the show better guys. Sometimes ads interrupt segments mid conversation.
  • Luke Dhuyvetter
    You know what I mean?
    If you want to get really drunk, take a drink every time "You know what I mean?" is said. Other than that, it is a really good podcast. Well informed/knowledgeable hosts.
  • Mc2121m
    Have fallen
    If negative five stars were an option. This show would get it. They have fallen off. It fells like there phoning it in.
  • BigDscotty
    This show is unlistenable
  • The man called farooq
    Needs work
    Alot of Mish interrupted Joe because he saw something dumb in the chat,with some of Joe using his same hip hop black accent for all of the black wrestlers,with a touch of random lies from Mish.
  • JohnJHeimerScmidt
    Love the show
    One of the best wrestling (non wrestler) podcast
  • Charlieparkersixtyniner
    Crusty old homophobes ruin what might otherwise be interesting content.
    Listened to the endeavor episode, it was interesting, relevant and considered. tried the next episode and had to turn it off.
  • Don7percent
    Wrestling Soup is Refreshing!
    It’s refreshing not to hear the tribalism, but actually hear objective breakdowns of current pro wrestling! I don’t always agree with the takes Misch, Joey, and Kevin have, but can appreciate their opinions. (I know, how shocking lol) Keep up the outstanding work Boys!
  • jodiejoe23
    Best podcast that talks about wrestling
    I look forward to this every week easily my favorite podcast I literally LOL when I listen to soup.
  • cotysimp
    Negative and Whiney
    I enjoyed this show somewhat about a year ago. The more I listen to it I can’t get over Joe Numbas constant whining. He is always whining. Constantly. And the Castle guy is constantly putting himself over because he got a text message once from Killer Kross. It’s just gotten annoying to listen to. Very predictable show.
  • Pretty fun application
    So bad.
    Audio .
  • Go go white sox
    Mish and Kev rule!!
    I can listen to Kev and Mish talk all day no doubt best wrestling conversation around but when that whiny know it all Numbass is on it’s it’s absolutely awful he’s like a spoiled brat constantly complaining because his way is the best way. Still giving 5 stars cause the shows I listen to without the spoiled whiny brat are awesome. Keep up the awesome work Mish and Kev
  • Patkuhn
    Wrestling Soup is doing God’s work
    In short, Mish and Joe provide numerous hours a week of audio gold by comedically skewering what is quite frankly the worst era of professional wrestling in its lengthy history. If Abraham Lincoln was in fact both an early wrestling champion and alive today, he would tip his stovepipe hat and thank the hosts of Wrestling Soup for liberating us from this god awful weekly programming. God Bless this mess.
  • GHeroSUCKS
    Average these days
    Used to be really good. Joeys negativity really brings the shows down, especially as the years have gone on. Enjoy the show more when it’s Mish and KC
  • Mark to Majestic
    Constant Complaining
    Not sure if it’s a gimmick or they’re just bitter or negative but it’s like listening to a Gilbert version of Jim Cornette. There’s giving critique and then there’s this show; where any negatives on a show (which every show will have) are given the highest possible attention and most spotlight and any possible positives are usually glossed over with minimal focus. It’s like they have an axe to grind or maybe they aren’t actually “fans” of wrestling who are being forced to review shows. There’s an audience for every podcast, and I’m sure there are probably many for this show…. But I’m not one of them. I subscribed/followed a while ago when I agreed that a lot of wrestling was being poorly executed. However, after seeing a healthy mix of the professional wrestling I originally loved to watch return with a mix of new ideas and still hearing the same old cliche negative comments I’ve realized this show isn’t for me. Check them out; maybe you enjoy listening to a couple of guys nit pick everything to death. I’d rather go find a more balanced show from people who aren’t as jaded, cynical, or bitter about professional wrestling and the great (but not perfect) fan service we’ve been getting lately.
  • Logan 10th planet El Paso
    Wrestling soup
    I much rather listen to you guys and kc and dt cause u guys are the only level headed guys who their opinions… vs the other icw dorks YouTube podcasters
  • Jcb83az
    Bigfoot and fat gatter get er done
  • dstrohmeng
    For the love of God...
    it’s pronounced “Ree-uh” Ripley, not “Ray-uh”. You hear the commentators say it a hundred times on every Raw.
  • kentertaining
    Eight year fan
    This is my most favorite podcast. A podcast that just happens to sometimes talk about wresting instead of being a wresting podcast. The hosts are from drastic different backgrounds and present fantastic and direct viewpoints to their topics. They are blunt and to the point but are honest and back up everything they say while being interesting and entertaining.
  • 2ndcitysaint
    The two star reviews are on point
    Been listening for the last 6-7 years. Joey and John are the most humorous parts when they are able to work together. Unfortunately, that third voice has been in a bad way and wish that would change since he is a huge component to the show. Ultimately, the show is starting to fade into the occasional listen pile and I’m afraid it’s going the way of the Don Tony show. The man behind the production of the podcast is in bad shape and is weighing down the show to the point of being parody. The majority of insight from the host is made up on the spot and while also inventing sources for news. Thank god people in chat actually call him on it or make corrections to stop what would ultimately be false narratives on the events that he didn’t care to read about. This is someone who has some weird tint to reality with shades of sexism and biased from hardships outside the show. This show was great once and Joe does his best. However, I’m done and I hope the host can get help to improve his overall outlook on things outside of wrestling because he’s a talented person who just needs to improve his ability to take alternative perspectives.
  • Rodga Ebert
    It’s a podcast. Nothing original
    If you skip through enough of an episode with the +30 sec button, you may land on something entertaining. If not it’s a quick listen.
  • NateDawgHQ
    Sometimes they veer a little too far off the wrestling topics for me. All in all a great show. A high recommendation.
  • Norristhekat
    Get off it
    I used to love this show. I couldn’t wait until a new episode came up. Now I feel like I’m being talked down to by Mish and Joey. Mish is constantly on his high horse. It’s sad. This show used to be funny, now both Joey and Mish have gotten lazy. Draper is still a bright spot though. Remember when they used to talk about wrestling??
  • DonkDonkDan
    Audio Issues for miles.
    This show comes out ever Thursday or maybe it is Friday or maybe by Saturday or maybe not at all. But you can be sure by the time it does come out the audio will be clean and clear. Nope not a chance the audio gets worse every week. This show goes from I can’t hear Joey to a screaming John Draper to Mish sounding like he is underwater with the bass turned all the way up. FFS can someone teach Mish how to pronounce words correctly! I miss the days when this show was funny and light. It is the classic example of when trying to turn your hobby into a money making job. The passion is gone and it shows in every aspect. This show would be so much better if it was just John Draper and Joey Numbas. Mish comes across as a depressed middle aged guy who looks forward to the day when he can become old man yelling at clouds. Please bring back the fun shows you used to do. Sometimes they talk about wrestling too. But who cares about that. 2 stars
  • Soupnation
    I stand with TINK!
    What was once a funny and entertaining podcast , it is now a shell of its former self. Technical issues,shorter episodes, Mish and Joey are phoning it in at this point. I know your life is a mess with Natalie kicking you out Anthony,but get your podcast together bro and stop smoking 200 packs an episode and eating online...
  • falsehubris
    I love listening to these guys. It’s like hanging out with friends but I don’t have to say a thing. Half the time they’re talking about stuff I have no clue about. Still fun. There’s also a mini universe of associated characters who pop up from time to time.
  • tobysquare
    Best podcast !!
    My favorite podcast love listening to wresting soup anything and everything they talk about !!
  • Cwitte23
    Great show!
    I love this show. One of my favorite podcasts.
  • fuentes2010
    Love this show
    The best wrestling podcast around.
  • Buy Button Not Working?
    Might not be for everyone, but I love it
    I discovered this podcast in 2015 after coming across some clips on a YouTube channel. I gave the show a chance and am honestly really happy I did. I understand the show might not appeal to all wrestling fans, but the show is really much more than just a weekly rundown of WWE and AEW. You get a great combo of the hosts’ takes on current events, music, movies, social media, relationships, etc. Mish, Joey and Jon each bring unique personalities and insight to the topics. I don’t agree with all of their opinions, but I’m not looking for someone to regurgitate my own opinions back to me for two hours. Give the show a chance, and if you enjoy it, consider joining their Patreon. Their Patreon content gives a pretty good value for the dollars. Not all content makers can honestly claim that.
  • Unhappy92837
    Great show, but know what you’re getting
    When I first started listening to Wrestling Soup in 2015 I hated it, I thought both hosts were negative all the time, I thought they had terrible opinions, and they occasionally said some really messed up things. I kept listening because a 2.5 hour podcast was a blessing, but also because the two hosts had great chemistry, were funny more often than offensive (although sometimes both) and often backed up their opinions and defended them solidly. If you’re looking for a play by play objective analysis of wrestling and the industry, then that’s not what you’ll find here. Wrestling Soup isn’t a wrestling podcast. It’s “a podcast about two guys who happen to talk about wrestling.” And maybe that’s part of where they got the name from? Because soup is a mixture of things while having it’s base. So in addition to the ‘base’ of wrestling, you’ll also get a mixture of current events, social media as it relates to wrestling, their personal lives, etc., and this is where the magic of Wrestling Soup is, it’s perspective. Neither host professes to be a “big name” in the industry, and neither tries to present their opinions as more “valid.” Listening to Wrestling Soup is like listening to a couple of your friends talk about wrestling. And if you’re lucky enough to be able to listen live, then you can interact with them while they’re on the show, and that’s always awesome. So you’re going to get off the cuff conversation, you’re going to get crass humor, you’re going to get shows where they analyze the current week in wrestling in extreme detail, and then you’ll get shows where they review pornos of wrestlers. You have Anthony “Missionary” Thomas, a well read, blue collar guy I’d describe as generally optimistic, with a radio background. And then Joey Numbas, whose opinions are informed by the time he’s spent in the industry working as a referee. He’s generally seen as the negative one, but he’s probably more jaded due to his background. They also have incredible chemistry with one another, although these aren’t the only qualities these 2 bring to the table. So give the show a chance, but know what you’re getting when you listen. Authenticity, above all. (They also have a Patreon and have done approximately 90 episodes as of now during the Covid-19 lockdown to help people at home pass the time, so they really care about their fans and they offer a ton a content for the price.)
  • Selly6411
    Love this show
    These guys are hilarious. Whether it’s a wrestling take or just a funny tangent about pop culture, these guys bring the funny at all times. Mish and Joey bring their unique takes to wrestling and the unique personalities of the business. Been listening for a long time, and don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Keep up the great work guys!
  • Mike Aaron
    Fantastic show 4.999999 stars
    Love the show. Been listening for ages. The addition of Jon was a great thing too. Love when Kevin Castle sits in, but steer clear of when Don Tony comes on. He has made his own show unlistenable, and when he’s popped up on their feed I have to skip the show. that’s why they get the .0000001 star removed.
  • Al Cornejo
    Just the cure we needed for COVID but not literally
    I started listening to these guys back in 2013/2014 and I’ve never stopped, I’ve become a Patreon and pretty friendly with Frank and Gus who a have never made me feel like they were any better than me. Whether it’s a 2 man show or 3 the laughs just keep coming, I may not always agree completely with what’s said on the show but I totally understand their stand since they put out for everyone to hear. If you want an entertaining, honest and funny show than this is it. I only wish I could Meltzer this and give 6 🌟 ... Wrestling Soup Mother Efferss
  • NoMutantAllowed989
    Funny show
    Don East gave me a crazy dear on this podcast, absolutely free! I listen every week for the last 4 years.
  • MisterSnuz
    Best Wrestling Show
    Best wrestling show in existence.
  • Britusz
    Most honest wrestling show
    I’ve been listening to these guys for about 5 years now. These guys love wrestling but call it out on their bs when needed. WSMF
  • JimiVarner.com
    Warning! You will be addicted to this podcast
    Still love these guys! Best show on the internet today! 7 years listening ..I've been listening to Joey & Missionary for well over a year now. Amazing insight, content, prospective, and humor from both of them as well as their callers. Never a bad episode, amazing energy, and the example all aspiring podcasters should listen to.
  • JohnnyUtha45
    Best wrestling podcast period
    Best wrestling/talk podcast out today. Lots of humor, insight and news. Definitely give these guys a listen
  • shw76
    Frank and Gus
    These guys are awesome support them on Patreon
  • danny13188
    Really negative
    These guys are so negative towards wrestling. The only good wrestling is Joey’s promotion. I wish they would have some positive feed back.
  • MoreBullShit
    Mixed bag
    Sometimes they are sharp and on point, other times grossly ignorant with single sided views, or just plain dismissive of different modes of thinking/lifestyle. Comes off insecure often, but occasionally funny.
  • NWABobbyMac
    Never miss
    Whether it is a two man booth, three man or Kev Castle stops by the show never disappoints to entertain.
  • Hey There Boo
    Audio level issues
    Holy hell guys. Fun podcast but get your audio levels right. Last episode took a couple weeks to post and is almost unlistenable due to Joey sounds like he’s under a blanket and other dude (not Mish) practically screaming through the episode and peaking in the red.
  • Chazzthonian
    I miss the old format
    I’ve been listening for around 8 years, since mid 2012. This was my favorite podcast for the longest time, up until 2017-2018ish this show went downhill. Episodes used to be 2-2.5 hours long and you always got the full show on a weekly basis. Now they cut parts out of the show for patron, which defeats the purpose of donating to a show. You get an 1.5 hour show with LOTS of advertisements for the show to be cut off mid-conversation with “that’s it for the free portion” line. I wish this show would go back to the way it was before, patron and getting money from fans ruined everything.
  • JStall60
    Fantastic podcast
    Easily one of my favorite podcasts. Absolutely hilarious.
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