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Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there’s a reason—endless virtue signaling and manufactured outrage. Finally, there’s an alternative. Morning Wire is presented by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief, John Bickley, and co-host Georgia Howe. Get daily coverage of the latest developments in politics, culture, education, sports, and more. Wake up with Morning Wire and get the facts first on the news you need to know.

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Recent Reviews
  • mtnmama58
    Favorite news podcast EVER.
    I recommend The Morning Wire to everyone. It’s short and to the point, and easy to share.
  • Jeremy0007
    A morning must!
    I listen to several daily news podcast to get a balanced look at the latest and find this podcast provides fair treatment to the story without being overtly biased.
  • BladeWatcher
    Most excellent summary today; comprehensive and succinct, covering articles of much interest to me. Overall, a praiseworthy statement of today’s woke/cancel culture.
  • tested negatize for TDS
    What news should be.
    Succinct, contextual, and balanced.
  • oh_habba
    Great way to start the day
    I love the brief format. Gives me a basic rundown of what I need to know. Great way to start my day.
  • Emma Wright :)
    Facts and what we need to know in 15 minutes, perfect for me while driving to work
  • 11/20/1978
    Love the Morning Wire!
    I love the accurate news and information.
  • Cassidy Kuppin
    Nice to have real reporters these days
  • jgkmd
    Straight news!
    Topics from the headlines.
  • Ang0430
    Easily Stay Informed
    No fuss, accurate, unbiased reporting! 15 mins ea. morning provides me w/ the news knowledge needed as I head out the door.
  • elizwc
    I love this podcast…it’s short, factual, and enjoyable to listen to. Thanks!
  • b2ltaylor
    Best way to start my day
    Truly a godsend. Thanks! Essential.
  • BriChristineHill
    A Must In Your Podcast Library!
    My go to for news on American politics, culture and education.
  • Rab2.0
    I wish it was longer
    I start my day every morning with Morning Wire. The news is concise and thorough. I only wish it was longer.
  • Elderk23
    Great Podcast
    Great podcast for a balanced look at the news of the day.
  • jsrRalph
    Daily wire
  • MikeM2017
    Best Morning Podcast
    Perfect recap of top stories of the day with straight to the point answers and all given within 15 mins every morning.
  • thebeast6447744343246997433
    Solid show
    Don’t have to be conservative or really right wing to benifit from this show it’s quick and to the point
  • soulascribe
    Superior to NPR
    I’ve switched from NPR for my morning commute. High-quality, engaging and balanced.
  • YoungIntelligence
    Facts Reported
    Great questions asked and then straight answers given.
  • SSW_bestyearyet
    Balanced, easy listening
    Great format, quality reporting and refreshingly balanced.
  • JKingWorking
    A quick, fair handed overview of the news
    This podcast does what you want from a news podcast. It’s a quick listen that gives a good summary of the important stories of the day. I appreciate the fair handed approach to the stories taking time to share multiple sides to each story.
  • Sehpwa01
    Misleading reporting on Chappelle
    The report on Chappelle is misleading. The reporter did not listen carefully to his words. She missed the entire point of his work - for what? I believe gender is an objective matter, but that just wasn't the point of his show. Megan Basham is a lazy reporter, who does cheap work
  • Tko62
    Perfect way to start the day
    Perfect length - Starting to listen every day.
  • Stormtread
    Better than NPR
    It used to be that NPR was an enjoyable news show. Straight Facts, but not in recent years. This is back to the actual facts, Morning Wire is straight to the point and better than NPR.
  • WoodMorger
    Part of My Morning Routine
    Truly enjoy listening to this podcast in the morning after reading the WSJ! Well scripted and excellent delivery of key news items. Highly recommend!
  • Hessharper
    Finally! Actual News
    It’s so great to have news again in the morning- I had given up on any media outlet actually able to do straight news.
  • 51aimee
    Like the information no bias. Wish it was not a question and answer format. Have reporter speak the news without question interruptions.
  • maddawg2159
    Actual News
    If you want facts and olde fashion Who, What, When , Where, Why, this is the place.
  • trist67
    Concise, intelligent and high quality
    Love this program! A short, tight and concise news program featuring intelligent reporting in a short form format. Add to that the high quality production value of the show, mirroring an NPR-like style, and you’ve got a great news program that is trustworthy and stylish. Outstanding!
  • Snootzyms
    Just right
    Just the right amount of news in the morning.
  • Tx1998
    Great way to get the headlines
    Nice to listen to each morning to get the latest headlines.
  • Whiskey22B
    The perfectly seasoned, bite sized news segment is a perfect addition to a well-rounded breakfast. Expansive enough to make informed decisions, streamlined enough to fit right in to the morning momentum
  • jspashen
    Ah just some news
    Great morning news without someone trying to shove their opinions down your throat. Very refreshing.
  • GregSawyerJr
    Short, Sweet, To the Point, Great Format
    I really enjoy listening to this. It’s short, sweet, to the point, and they play enjoyable music in the transitions that keeps it from being stale and boring. Great job!
  • HenryIChoosU
    Very informative, unbiased, concise
    Great information given in chunks of comprehensible length. Important information given. Amount of ads is, 1 being none and 10 being a lot, 6.5. Pretty much no bias, motto is true, just the facts. Easy to digest in the span of ‘wake up and get going.’
  • Red-Pilled2021
    Everything I want, nothing I don’t. THIS is what news should be.
  • Vote Klavan
    Morning news solution
    A perfect length for my work commute in the morning. Informative and concise. Highly recommended.
  • Ct86
    Excellent and concise
    It’s such an easy way to get 15 minutes of not just US news but world news too. I appreciate it!
  • ChelsfromOK
    Short, Sweet, and Informative
    Really appreciate how fast the episodes are which makes it perfect for getting ready for work and the world in the AM. Some may complain that it’s scripted but I don’t think it takes away from the information and I feel it’s getting less cheesy and more conversational which I appreciate. I also like that we get to know more reporters at DW that aren’t as in the spot light as others.
  • Katie Nelson's iTunes
    Morning news alternative to MSM
    I love having this concise news program that informs on current events free of the mainstream media’s monocultural leftist slant. We’re only free as long as multiple viewpoints are allowed to be expressed, and this is another viewpoint.
  • IBPTgirl
    Trustworthy, concise news back by Daily Wire! Good job!
  • LisaNCinhurry
    School boards and free speech
    This FBI investigation into free speech and peaceful citizens attending meetings is a giant step toward Communism. Thank you for the info
  • eric1dat
    New as news should be
    This is my new morning go to as I get ready for the day. I love the quick concise format. It’s good to have a news program that is just that a news program. Well done!!
  • Roc40
    Great daily news source
    Quick and to the point. I like that it’s usually less than 15 min and give you the news without the biased spin
  • Wolverine down South
    Great way to start the day
    Best 15 minute news podcast. Big news stories in digestible segments. Done in the NPR style but just the facts, no editorializing.
  • K. McCartney
    Finally an open and honest news source without unnecessary fluff.
    It’s biased right. But they’re open about that and then move on to reporting facts and truth. No need to try and read in to narrative. They do a great job getting to the point and getting you on with your day. I’ve loved making this a big part of my morning routine.
  • ¡¡@$&%#€¥€~!!
    NPR Replacement
    FINALLY!! UNEMOTIONAL NEWS! Such an amazing morning news show. This is NPR without the Blatant propaganda/bias. So needed!
  • FedTraveler84
    Best way to hear a 24/7 news cycle
    that only has 15 minutes of news
  • tnkmoon
    Facts based and non-emotional news
    This is a solid, fact based news program that covers hot topics that focus on key issues that are relevant and timely.
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