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Trust in the media is at an all-time low. And there’s a reason—endless virtue signaling and manufactured outrage. Finally, there’s an alternative. Morning Wire is presented by Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief, John Bickley, and co-host Georgia Howe. Get daily coverage of the latest developments in politics, culture, education, sports, and more. Wake up with Morning Wire and get the facts first on the news you need to know.

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  • W Stotz
    This is an excellent and concise podcast I highly recommend it
  • katie, Hospitality consultant
    Check your copy for grammar!
    One of the most frustrating aspects of main stream media is the butchering of the English language. This morning’s podcast disappointed in that somebody did not check the copy for proper conjugation. “Depression rates” and “has” do not match. You can do better!
  • The GM of 76011
    Best News Brief Podcast
    This is, without a doubt, the best briefing on the most important stories going on in the US. They provide succinct, accurate information in a easy to listen to format. Love this show!!
  • Emilydeon
    Very Balanced
    Great place for bias free news! The length is great and I like the evening update too.
  • sam731c
    It’s nice to hear just the facts and not a political agenda.
  • Megann Lock
    Loved the exposé on Bill Gates’ synthetic meats
    Love that they cover the big topics and give you objective info in just 15 mins
  • Mtayl03
    I know all at DW love their burgers but coronary artery disease is by far the # killer in the west. I think the climate argument for veganism is silly but ya’ll do yourselves a disservice trying to argue that meat heavy diets are healthier.
  • not woke college student
    I support and agree
    As it says at the end of the show, I support your mission and agree with what you’re doing, so I am writing a five star review for an amazing show. Keep it up, Daily Wire.
  • Jeffery hebert
    Excellent well balanced show
    Really appreciate the morning insights in a well balanced non-political manor.
  • thankful 'n glad
    John Bickley
    I would appreciate more interviews by him. I like Georgia H., but she seems to get too much air time lately.
  • Ronner00
    Great show
    They hit the highlights with enough information to let me know what is happening and if I want to follow up for more details. Great for the morning commute.
  • DMW9283
    15 minutes or less to get the facts
    Love this news show. They handle all the big news stories and get it out in 15 minutes. Perfect for a short drive and I’m ready to move on. Love IT!!
  • Sunshine in phx
    Great News Updates
    I love this podcast It delivers a perfect amount of news and facts that are found nowhere in MSM
  • Joehorrocks
    Best news around!
    I love, love, love this daily news report! It’s the only way to truly know what is going on in the world and US. Thank you for reporting twice a day and even on weekends! I wish everyone would listen to Daily Wire!
    Morning Ritual
    I listen to this pod everyday on my way to work and afternoon update on the way home. Best way to stay up to date with news.
  • southerntopstitch
    Best news podcast
    This is my favorite news source and podcast. It’s the perfect length, high quality, and they include just the right amount of information. It leaves me feeling informed and most importantly, not bogged down by listening to too much bad news.
  • palonet1
    Great journalism
    I’d wish the show lasted more so they can include other 2 notes of the daily importance for the public square daily talking
  • lylesrob
    Starts my day!
    I listen every day getting ready to go to work. Love this podcast!
    Toxic hypocrisy. We don’t need these vestigial dinosaurs. Hey guess what? Santa Claus isn’t real. No one is judging you from the sky. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE to your fellow humans NOT imaginary figures. YOU toxic, retarded people are destroying society and the planet so you can touch each other in “houses of worship “ most repressed, toxic, hypocritical people I’ve ever seen. Pathetic.
  • DaJoyK
    TOO much chit chat. TOO slow.
    I was hoping for a replacement to the other podcast. However this still has a couple serious tweaks needed. I want a friendly run through of the news. Not 1/3 chit chat and long hellos and long thanks yous, that’s the entire point of this being short and to the point. It should. It take 3mins to get to the news! 30 seconds maybe. 5 would be better. I know what I’m listening to stop telling me the title.
    Love you guys. Here’s a suggestion
    I listen to the morning wire on my walks. The reporting is clear, concise, and free of ad hominems or other layers of false communication that can confuse an issue. I appreciate that you stay away from giving your own opinion, you ask reasonable questions, and you let experts talk. One suggestion: I would love to see the data you quote. For example, if you quote a statistic or a scientific study it would be so helpful if you would put it in the podcast description. Forgot to add: As a parent I am immensely thankful when you add disclaimers for sexual or violent news.
  • Fifes Garage
    Perfect daily briefing!
    This is the perfect daily briefing with just the right amount of details. Love it.
  • SuperGlideFX-E
    More, Please
  • cruelpersonisme
    Excellent balanced news with an upbeat tempo. I only wish the program was longer
  • Crush817
    Love it
    Great news show. I listen every day
  • LousyNotes
    Love it
    Down to business news headlines. Detail enough to form your own opinion EVEN IF you think it has a conservative slant. They provide DATA and information.
  • CPTDave
    Morning Routine
    This news show has become a crucial part of my morning routine. I don’t start my day without it!
  • ReeStorey
    David Markus is great
    Enjoy his reports!!
  • Juju12072003
    Very informative
    Straight up does it’s job beautifully. Tells you everything you need to in just 15 minutes. Keep up the good work!
  • Cloud Watching
    A daily short feed of important news
    Thank you
  • MaggieGs
    Listener since day 1
    Like the afternoon updates, but I really wish you would nix the background music while reporting.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz7777
    Sounds like a college production.
    Content is just okay. I don’t care who the producer is. Just read the commercial. I don’t need the thanks and my pleasure banter either. It’s your job not a favor.
  • N/a CNY
    Leaning more right lately
    I used to feel like this was a very non biased news source but lately all that is talked about it anti-trans laws, Christian political views, and anti critical race theory. Bring back non biased national and world news. Always purposefully misgendering transgender people as well.
  • sjane22
    Stay up to date and informed!
    Love the packaging and size of this podcast to keep me up to date on current events. I will say this IS right leaning, I listen to NPR’s Up First (left leaning) in addition to Morning Wire every morning while walking my dog and between the two feel up to date and informed!
  • sophi❤️❤️👗👡🦄🦋
    Love it!!
    Excellent way to quickly get the important news without taking hours to do so!
  • 6sillykids4me
    I love this show
    BUT please turn down the background music a notch or two!
  • Tamal7765
    True and accurate News
    What investigative journalism should be about on all platforms!
  • kylogin
    Keep up the great reporting
    I love being able to get the news early in the morning…and without the drama. By the way, whoever talked about the debt was WRONG!!! Way off!!!
  • Max&me1
    Thank you for speaking TRUTH.
  • becka leck
    I’m tryin
    David Markus’ stunted speech is so hard to listen to. I love daily wire but this is not fun to listen to. The reporters are so robotic and I’ve heard “Hmmmm” used by reporters like 5 x on today’s episode alone.
  • An Authenticated User
    Pithy and informative
    Morning Wire gets me useful information about the main events of the day without wasting time on fluff. I appreciate its brevity, clarity, and relevance.
  • justkaty
    Right of center
    It advertises “balanced” news coverage. It’s only balanced if you pair it with a more left-leaning program. True balance may not exist.
  • TLM@@@@@@
    Common sense
    Thank you for your common-sense,respectful approach to the happenings around us. So refreshing and helpful in today’s world.
  • H6894LX
    Biased trash that should offend any thinking person
    I listened to an episode and grew increasingly alarmed the more that I listened. As a highly educated listener with a doctorate in the study of ideology and rhetoric, I was patiently waiting to be presented with an opposing view of the subject, so that I could consider and weigh both sides and form my own opinion. That never happened. The podcast is clearly peddling a specific right-wing narrative disguised as journalism. I don’t know why I had ever followed this podcast but I unfollowed with swiftness! It should be offensive to any thinking person.
  • jkbrks
    Are you never embarrassed?
    It is embarrassing to listen to the idiot!
  • MacMcAndrew
    Constantly Great
    Bright, Concise and Articulate. Respect for the listeners Intelligence . Outstanding reporting much appreciated!!!
  • momofbeauty
    Quick and informative
    You get a quick sinopsis of the happenings. Thanks!
  • Clamshell614
    Love the show
    However….some of these voices sound too young. It’s distracting when you’re news is being read by an 8 yr old.
  • victor orbain
    Why haven’t we heard anything about Clarence Thomas?
  • little tim267
    The expert you interviewed today about the BRCS countries sounds like an America apologist. Don’t bring him on again.
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