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Baseline Intelligence is a podcast dedicated to providing a broad array of insights and perspectives for both highly competitive and recreational tennis players. In addition to comprehensive discussions related to proper technique, helpful practice, training and strategy recommendations, this podcast explores the dimensions of important mental training, and the application and interpretation of meaningful tennis analytics. Just as important, this podcast aims to be a fun, entertaining and informative listen that includes candid interviews with top ATP and WTA players, up-and-coming tour players, top NCAA men’s and women’s tennis coaches, and other leading voices in the world of tennis.

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  • Egg of Chaos
    My favorite tennis podcast
    This podcast is not about tennis news or results from ongoing competitions. It’s about sharing experiences from players and coaches. It’s a true gold mine. This podcast is the really the best of it’s kind. It truly makes you a better tennis player without hitting a tennis ball. Thanks Jonathan for your awesome work.
  • Please don't buy me
    Gold in every episode 🎉
    I’m so glad I found this podcast. I’ve known many of these coaches for years and I am still learning from all their nuggets of wisdom. The host asks great questions and most importantly lets his guests talk. I can’t recommend this resource enough for high performance coaching. You will be a better player and coach just by listening. Thanks for sharing.
  • tcray10✌️
    Great Podcast!
    Baseline intelligence is an amazing podcast for a great game. I listen to this and stretch every night and it definitely improves my game. Both mentally and physically this podcast helps my game.
  • JCas16
    Great content!
    I really enjoy the variety of guests on the show. They all offer unique knowledge of the game & are able to keep it real for adult rec players like myself. I often replay episodes so I can absorb the info. I have even grabbed my racquet from my bag while listening so I could shadow swing along with the coaching!
  • Dr. Two Legs
    Great tennis pod!
    Jonathan is humble, articulate, constantly learning, and well connected in the world of tennis. His podcasts offer something for everyone, from professional coaches to 3.5 ranked amateurs. He has definitely helped me “get better without even picking up a racquet”!
  • dontask22
    Hands down best tennis podcast
    Where should I start? Purely amazing on every level, I wish I had this when I was younger. The good thing is the next Gen is good hands with Coaches/mentors like Jonathan. This podcast is for all levels of tennis from beginners to Pros, follow the channel if you want to make your journey easier.
  • 12345555555555555555555!
    The Best Doubles Tennis Podcast
    This Podcast helps me every time I play. All the guests can verbalize tips that have helped their game and make such sense. From a the Height of my shots from the baseline, to not worrying about the alley and at the net helping your serving oartner with the threat of the poach. Plus the insightful interviews.
  • Minnesota 10s
    Great tips!
    Really enjoy the show and love hearing what pros suggest for us 4.0 amateurs to improve.
  • Pstlten
    Listen up!
    If I could only listen to one podcast on tennis this would be it! Guests are great and you can feel the energy from the host. Great way to get info on strategy, technique, and happenings in the sport.
  • Tricycling5Star
    The Most Practical Tennis Pod Out There
    I listen to many tennis instructional podcasts always trying to find an edge - especially mentally. Jonathan’s guests and his laser focused questions generate practical advice that club players can incorporate to get better results the same day they hear it. My win/loss record has improved dramatically since I subscribed, without technical changes. Aggressive shots to conservative locations! Thanks Stokes, looking forward to learning more in ’24.
  • Taavi456!
    Tiina’s Takes
    I played # 1 singles at Harvard and am playing USTA age group tourneys now. I have had multiple top 5 national rankings. I love your very useable points about many matters. Your guests and mostly interesting. It’s great you focus both on singles and dubs. would wish for a little more about the 4.0-5.0 serve. Where to stand for various serves and how best to “see” what’s coming at you. Plus when you serve a certain serve, what are most likely responses. You are an awesome host. You do your research and really work at this. Here’s to a national championship for me this year and more great pods for you in 2024!
  • NB342
    Time well spent
    Content is very useful and nicely timed. Some other podcasts in this genre have lots of useless and redundant host chatter. Jonathan is a conversant, clear communicator and also a great interviewer.
  • BlakeJ
    Learn about tennis from a fantastic coach
    I’m very happy to have found this podcast after first encountering Jonathan Stokke’s content on Instagram. There is a lot of insight here on singles and doubles strategy, as well as technique tips. A love how some consistent themes emerge from conversations with many different players and coaches, e.g. don’t worry about getting passed down the line in the doubles alley. Some of the content reinforces things I already knew, but I also encountered new concepts here that I had never heard elsewhere, such as changing your swing path depending on whether the ball is rising or falling when you hit it. Great stuff!
  • 1inEveryCrowd
    If you like tennis, you'll love this podcast!
    I'm a recreational player trying to improve my game and found Jonathan Stokke’s videos on Instagram with all kinds of helpful pointers and drills. Those videos led me to his podcast (The Pod!) which is so great! His career arc has put him in touch with tennis greats from current top players to coaching elites. The stories are amazing and entertaining, Jonathan's questions and insights are fun and informative, and he always squeezes practical advice from guests that applies to 3.5/4.0 level players. Give it a listen-you’ll burn through the library quickly like I did and soon be impatiently waiting for the next drop. Thanks, Jonathan, for a great show!
  • вιвσвкѕиʝω
    Favorite tennis podcast
    Find Stokke’s tips on the podcast and his IG very helpful. Great interviews with players and coaches.
  • Coach Steve CTP
    I look forward to every episode!
    Hands down the best tennis information presented. I’m a tennis coach and mentor. The information that Jonathan presents ieach and every episode is so valuable to learn and pass on to my students. He brings today’s tennis trends and energizes you with the information he and his guests provide. Thank you for making me a better tennis mentor. I look forward to learning and improving in 2024!
  • jtlapidus
    The GOAT Tennis Pod
    Jonathan is a tremendous podcast host. He really gets the people going. I highly recommend this pod for those interested in upleveling their tennis game. I have jumped many levels from Coach Jonathan!
  • Brand_muffin
    This podcast is improving my game!
    4.0 women’s club player here. This podcast and the tennis advice I’ve gotten has already changed my game! I’ve shared it with my team so we’re ready for our season. I love tennis and I love this podcast.
  • KronstadtMoment
    Best Tennis Podcast for any player
    Stokke keeps tennis simple. You won't go wrong by using his tips or approches to playing the game. His podcast is the best I've found for anyone who loves tennis and wants to be competitive at any level.
  • 62WAHOO
    Best Tennis Pod Period
    The quality of the guests, instruction, tactics coupled with the instagram channel are 2nd to none. The season recaps are a treat! Wished it can out weekly!
  • realgasmnocult6969
    Love All of this pod!
    Unique, Insightful, Informative. Game, Set, Match!
  • 257tennis
    Best tennis podcast for people who want to improve
    I’m so glad I found this podcast! Jonathan is a clear and effective communicator and has the best tips for all levels- especially the club doubles player. I love that he incorporates interviews with the top pros and also gives examples from his teaching. It’s all about improvement and learning. His IG content is super helpful too.
  • jss649
    Excellent technical podcast for tennis!
    Jonathan brings high tennis IQ to the average player. Highly recommended for anyone looking to improve their game.
  • CG153
    Best tennis podcast available
    Baseline Intelligence is a great tennis podcast because it hits all the points an avid tennis player is interested in. A wide variety of guests - current players, past players, coaches, fitness trainers - that cover a ton of ground without being overwhelming. From personal anecdotes to actionable tips, Jonathan guides the conversation in such a way that you get a bit of everything from each episode. He always recaps the main points and closes with a question of how the rec level (4.0) player can improve their game. I’ve been able to implement strategy and technique advice from the pod and my game has been better for it! Also highly entertaining to hear behind the scenes stories from the guests. This pod has it all and is a can’t miss for anyone who loves the game of tennis.
  • Ck137137
    A Podcast For Tennis Players and Fans
    Coach Stokke has done phenomenal work with this podcast. He has had guests ranging from players to coaches to a full back from the Miami Dolphins! Each guest brings a fresh perspective and Stokke does a great job of interviewing them and fostering a great conversation. Truly a must listen if you are in to tennis at all.
  • Dr Robbie Griggs
    Informative and Entertaining
    Great podcast for tennis fans and enthusiasts of all ages and levels!
  • Laura Hope 33
    Best tennis podcast
    I listen to several tennis podcasts, and this one’s my favorite. Succinct, informative, great guests, great tips.
  • tennisgirl911
    Excellent podcast for club players
    Loving this podcast! I like the takeaways at the end and tips for avid club players. Jonathan is a great interviewer and I also appreciate the length of each episode; not too long and not too short. Great tennis content!
  • adf3z
    A goldmine of tennis intel!
    I found this pod after seeing Jonathan’s content on Instagram and I have been binging it ever since. He gets a great variety of guests, serves up varied and smart questions, and the answers are so helpful and useful that I feel like I need to start keeping a notebook of them. Also love how he toplines the key takeaways at the end. Thanks for doing this, Jonathan!
  • Catherine79927
    The podcast hosts great guests with varying perspectives and experience - pro-coaches, college coaches, pro-tennis players, mental coaches, fitness coaches, etc. I always learn something to incorporate into my game after listening to an episode. Also, I love Jonathan’s hosting style - it feels like listening to two friends talking and sharing insights.
  • coot55
    Great interviews and tennis teaching
    Interviews of players and coaches are great! Jonathan also does a great job teaching and leading discussions to bring out great content for avid club level players.
  • NiehusD
    Jonathan runs a great Podcast and offers insightful thoughts, along with terrific guests each time. Well done!
  • JackJSitt27
    Real insights to the game!
    The only place to get these kinds of insights to the game. Great for amateurs who take the game seriously.
  • LiberalBallers?
    Extremely insightful pod!
    I was recently recommended this podcast after I had a poor result and a friend had a great result in a tournament - he credited the podcast with really boosting his mental game. Jonathan brings on extremely accomplished and knowledgeable coaches, performance psychologists, and players, and facilitates really wonderful conversations. I’ve learned far more than I expected and am excited to continue diving into episodes. Highly recommend!
  • Walking & talking
    Shelby Rogers
    The interview with Shelby Rogers was a series of life lessons. Really. What an incredible young woman. I’ve watched her playing tennis for years but would never have guessed that she was so thoughtful. She’ll be a really good commentator when she eventually retires.
  • Andrew James AVL
    Great podcast!
    Huge fan of the show and the presentation of tips, insights, and player stories/perspectives. Would recommend for anyone looking to be a student of the game! The show’s instagram content also helps with putting new strategies and game styles into action.
  • Jfos 197656
    Best Tennis Podcast
    I have tried to find a good tennis podcast and came across this one and my search ended. I love the topics they go over and the guests. It’s very informational and it feels like you are apart of the conversation. Something that really sets this podcast apart is he will ask the listeners what they want to hear and he delivers. Some people ask but don’t actually care about the answers, Jonathan does and it shows. As a fellow tennis coach I love hearing other perspectives and ideas on the game. Any good coach is willing to keep learning from others because the game is constantly changing. Jonathan kills it every time!!
  • Kidquick07x
    5 Star peak behind the curtain
    This is a phenomenal podcast. Every episode has at least 4 golden insights (frequently more). The questions posed by the host are thought provoking and he gives plenty of room for the guests to answer. I don’t think there is a single episode in which a guest doesn’t respond with “That’s a great question!” If you made a drinking game out of it, you’d catch a little buzz just about every episode. My most surprising takeaway is that whether it’s the juniors, the country club set, high level college or the pros, feeling nervous/managing nerves is universal. So as I toe the line getting ready to serve for the set/match and the butterflies in my stomach start flying, I can reassure myself that internally I’m no different than Lindsay Davenport or any other tennis player. Enjoy!!!
  • Great🌻
    My go to tennis podcast
    Such a good podcast! Great mix of players and coaches. Jonathan does a great job and asks great questions. I’m a 4.0 and this pod has helped my game a lot.
  • charlie is listening
    Best tennis podcast, please do more!
    This show delivers on everything I want: experts weighing in on tennis’ big questions in entertaining fashion while helping me (free of charge I might add) become a better, smarter player. Jonathan Stokke’s amazing!
  • Azhao95
    Best podcast for recreational and serious tennis players
    Baseline intelligence is amazing for tennis players (and fans) of all levels. The guests he invites onto the show are world class pros, coaches and experts that share incredible insights.
  • 10STyGa
    Top-Tier Tennis Pod!
    Stokke really knows his stuff and is excellent at turning points into succinct and ingestible notes. Highly recommend!
  • Eslashe
    Great insights and stories. Just too quiet!
    I’m still giving 5 stars because the insights and stories provided by the host and his guests are informative and delightful. But, this podcast also happens to be about 50% quieter than every other podcast in my feed. Not sure what that’s about, but I consistently have to max out my headphone volume when I normally listen anywhere between 40 and 60% volume for any other podcast. Other than that, please keep it up! So happy this was recommended to me.
  • SmizzMoJones
    Best tennis podcast!
    Incredible podcast full of insights and fun conversation. Jonathan’s interview style is laidback, unpretentious and smart, and he brings out the most in his guests, many of whom need no introductions. This podcast is so enjoyable for anyone enthusiastic about the game.
  • nmcsd resident
    Great podcast. Excellent discussions. Even from a former competitive tennis player, hearing the approach from the coaches/players is fascinating. Keep it up
  • CoachPoole
    Well Done!!!
    Great podcast for both Coaches & Players much like Jonathan’s online player development content. Asking all the right questions to help find the nuggets from some of the top minds in our game. Thanks!
  • Heidi from the farm
    Great content!
    Recently started listening to Baseline intelligence and I am hooked. Every episode offers key takeaways and lessons that I can immediately take to the court. So glad someone turned me on to this!
  • Torps3993
    Functional content
    9 times out of ten I’m trying to am now using something I learned from this podcast. So so helpful! Keep up the great work! Also, we need more Pegula podcasts! Love her energy!
  • Stephen 208
    Back-to-back shows…such goodness
    I’ve been listening to this podcast nonstop during my commute. No other tennis podcast has the quality of guests (including current and past top players)and the collective insight into strategy and mindset between Jonathan and his guests is so helpful. I truly am becoming a better player without even hitting a ball.
  • Heiiiiiiman
    Very insightful
    This podcast is tremendously helpful. Jonathan does an excellent job of asking great questions and steering the conversation well. I have binge listened all week.
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