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Tennis #11

Baseline Intelligence is a podcast dedicated to providing a broad array of insights and perspectives for both highly competitive and recreational tennis players. In addition to comprehensive discussions related to proper technique, helpful practice, training and strategy recommendations, this podcast explores the dimensions of important mental training, and the application and interpretation of meaningful tennis analytics. Just as important, this podcast aims to be a fun, entertaining and informative listen that includes candid interviews with top ATP and WTA players, up-and-coming tour players, top NCAA men’s and women’s tennis coaches, and other leading voices in the world of tennis.

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  • 111bex
    Covers such a wide variety of pertinent development topics in tennis including mental, philosophy, and techniques! Great guests that provide fantastic insights.
  • Harp Performance Tennis Inc.
    Good show!
    Well done. An excellent tennis podcast. Great talking points with industry professionals!
  • whut_the
    Excellent tennis podcast
    Really great guests, tooics, and Stokke is a fantastic host.
  • WalkinToAkron
    My favorite tennis podcast.
    The best.
  • charlie is listening
    Best tennis podcast, please do more!
    I got back into tennis a few months ago and have the bug bad. I searched through a lot of podcasts for expert advice and found this via Tennis Files (another great tennis podcast). Jonathan Stokke is the real deal, so are his guests, and each podcast is dense with high-impact tips and yet a lightness of conversation that makes listening to 45 minutes effortless. A model discourse not just for athletes and sports enthusiasts, but for any thinking person. I could go on, but will just say this show delivers on everything I want: experts weighing in on tennis’ big questions in entertaining fashion while helping me (free of charge I might add) become a better, smarter player. Thanks for all you do!
  • girl from berdoo
    Focused discussions keep me in
    Just started listening Love that your questions and conversations focused, and instructional rather than open ended and meandering
  • SERVE1091
    Insightful and entertaining!
    The host asks good questions and brings on guests that are interesting and accomplished in the world of tennis. I have learned a lot listening to this podcast so far!
  • Delmar jack
    Good podcast. Wish it can be more down to earth though
    It’s among the better podcast out there. The host asks good questions. But questions are more centered for high level players and not so much for club level players. What’s the population at pro and high level junior compared to players who are 3.0 - 4.5? I’d think it’s probably 1:10000. I wish the host can visit local tennis courts at park or visit some 3.0 USTA matches to get some ideas and can ask more “down to earth “ questions in the future episodes.
  • Horseluver367
    Best new tennis podcast
    The podcast is well produced with good tips and interesting conversations. Also love his Instagram videos.
  • dubs nut
    Great listen
    Interesting insights on doubles play.
  • Cdgreen10s
    Great tennis insight
    Great insight from Coach Stokke - a leading player development coach in the US
    Great stuff
    Great interview lots to take away from this, very good leading questions as well as very honest answers, easy to connect to, love the hard middle
  • ......,.,??
    Awesome podcast
    Great content from people at the top of the game
  • Kelley2285
    Great podcast!
    I enjoyed your first podcast and look forward to more to come! You will learn a lot listening to Stokke!
  • brosssssss123
    Best tennis podcast out there
    Great insight and entertaining, guests are some of the best players and coaches in the world
  • Tennis 2022
    Excellent Podcast
    Informative and helpful. Excellent podcast.
  • Maddy Zampardo
    Very informative
    It was really insightful to listen to the way Jessie Pegula spoke about her tennis game as well as tennis in general. I thought the stat you shared about her jumping 40 spots in the rankings because she won 1% more points during that time frame was very inspiring.
  • Dr Tom V
    Learn from the Best!
    Easy to follow dialogue even for the novice player!
  • Scd242424
    Smart and simple
    I love this podcast for two reasons: 1. It emphasizes the cerebral approach to tennis, which can really be applied to all athletics. 2. Competing at a high level can feel like you are mentally living in the fast lane, but Baseline Intelligence focuses on the importance of slowing down your mind and keeping everything simple. Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • E7296
    Immediate improvement
    I learned so much from this podcast! I listened to it and saw immediate improvement in my game because of the valuable insights. Not only was this podcast informational but also engaging and entertaining. The candid interviews give a glimpse of the real world of tennis.
  • PD1160
    Full of insight!
    Jonathan’s guests are super interesting and he does a great job of unearthing fun stories and insight from some of the top coaches and players in the world. I’ve learned so much and this podcast has certainly made me a better athlete.
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